SAP ABAP Application Component RE-FX-BD (Basic Data)
Basic Data
Application Component ALN0000034  
Application Component ID RE-FX-BD  
Short Description   Basic Data  
First Release Date 20010910 
First Release   620 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
RE_BD RE: Basis Data (Master Data) 
RE_BD_AO RE: Arch. Object (Master Data of Architectural Object) 
RE_BD_BE RE: Business Entity (Master Data) 
RE_BD_BU RE: Building (Master Data) 
RE_BD_CA RE: Cross Application Master Data 
RE_BD_CI RE: Correction Items 
RE_BD_CT RE: Fixtures and Fittings Characteristics 
RE_BD_CU RE: Corporate Use 
RE_BD_GI RE: Graphical Interface (GIS, CAD) 
RE_BD_LC RE: Location Structure 
RE_BD_MS RE: Measurement 
RE_BD_OA RE: Object Assignment 
RE_BD_OC RE: Occupancy (Occupancy History and Vacancy Reason) 
RE_BD_PM RE: PM Integration 
RE_BD_PR RE: Property Master Data 
RE_BD_RO RE: Rental Object Master Data 
RE_BD_SFWS_UI2 RE: Master Data - EhP2 Enhancements (DDIC) 
RE_DS_BD RE: Dev. Support - Master Data 
RE_EX_AA RE: Asset Accounting 
RE_EX_PM RE: Plant Maintenance 
RE_EX_PS RE: Project System (Interface to Project System) 
RE_EX_ST RE: Set (Set of Real Estate Objects) 
RE_UT_BD RE: Unit-Tests for Basis Data 
Software Component EA-FIN  EA-FIN 
SAP Release Created in   110