SAP ABAP Application Component RE-FX (Flexible Real Estate Management)
Basic Data
Application Component ALN0000031  
Application Component ID RE-FX  
Short Description   Flexible Real Estate Management  
First Release Date 20010910 
First Release   620 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
RE-FX-AJ Rent Adjustment  ALN0000032 
RE-FX-AR Real Estate Search  ALN0000033 
RE-FX-BD Basic Data  ALN0000034 
RE-FX-BP Business Partner  ALN0000035 
RE-FX-CF Conditions and Cashflow  EE60000001 
RE-FX-CN Real Estate Contract  ALN0000036 
RE-FX-CO Real Estate Controlling  ALN0000037 
RE-FX-CP Correspondence  ALN0000038 
RE-FX-GI Graphic Interface  AER0000073 
RE-FX-IS Information System  ALN0000039 
RE-FX-IT Input Tax Treatment  ALN0000040 
RE-FX-LC Real Estate Localization  PEN0000001 
RE-FX-LC-AT Real Estate Localization Austria  PEN0000003 
RE-FX-LC-CH Real Estate Localization Switzerland  PEN0000002 
RE-FX-LC-CZ Real Estate Localization Czech Republic  /CEERE/EE50000033 
RE-FX-LC-ES Real Estate Localization Spain  EEI1000011 
RE-FX-LC-FR Real Estate Localization France  EE60000021 
RE-FX-LC-HU Real Estate Localization Hungary  EE50000031 
RE-FX-LC-IN Real Estate Localization India  EE50000041 
RE-FX-LC-IT Real Estate Localization Italy  PEN0000004 
RE-FX-LC-JP Real Estate Localization Japan  EE50000092 
RE-FX-LC-NL Real Estate Localization Netherlands  EE50000034 
RE-FX-LC-PT Real Estate Localization Portugal  E360000041 
RE-FX-LC-SK Real Estate Slovakia  EE50000091 
RE-FX-LM Land Use Management  AEN0000002 
RE-FX-MI Migration  ALN0000041 
RE-FX-MM Third Party Management/COA  AEN0000001 
RE-FX-OR Offer and Rental Request  AEN0000003 
RE-FX-RA Rental Accounting  ALN0000042 
RE-FX-RS Room Reservations and Seating Arrangements  AER0000072 
RE-FX-SC Service Charge Settlement  ALN0000043 
RE-FX-SR Sales-Based Rent and Settlement  ALN0000044 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
RE Real Estate Enterprise Add-On 
RE_BF RE: Basic Functions 
RE_BF_CR RE: Class Registry 
RE_BF_CT RE: Class Templates (Templates for Generator) 
RE_BF_RS RE: Repository Interface 
RE_CA RE: Cross Application (Cross-Application Functions) 
RE_CA_AP RE: Application Components (Application-Related Objects) 
RE_CA_AR RE: Data Archiving 
RE_CA_BC RE: Base (Technical Objects - Library) 
RE_CA_BT RE: Business Data Toolset (Cross-Application BDT Objects) 
RE_CA_CT RE: Currency Translation 
RE_CA_CU RE: Customizing (IMG) and Area Menu 
RE_CA_EC RE: Currency Conversion 
RE_CA_PR RE: Process 
RE_CA_QY RE: Query Framework (Reports) 
RE_CA_RG RE: Registry 
RE_CA_RS RE: Resubmission 
RE_CA_SFWS_CRE_MISC_UI1 RE: Cross-Applic. Functions - Enhancement of Corporate RE 
RE_CA_SFWS_CRE_MISC_UI2 RE: Cross-Application Functions - EhP4 (Irreversible) 
RE_CA_SFWS_SC RE: Cross-Application Functions - EhP2 Enhancement 
RE_CA_SFWS_SC_EHP4 RE: Cross-Application Functions - EhP4 Enhancement 
RE_CA_SFWS_SC_EHP5 RE: Cross-Application Functions - Enhancement EhP5e 
RE_CA_SFWS_SC_PS_EHP3 RE: Cross-Appl. Functions: Enhanced PSM Integration (EhP3) 
RE_CA_SFWS_UI1_EHP4 RE: Cross-Applic. Functions - Enhancement EhP4 (Reversible) 
RE_CA_SFWS_UI2 RE: Cross-Application Functions - EhP2 Enhancement (DDIC) 
RE_CA_SFWS_UI2_EHP4 RE: Cross-Application Functions - EhP4 (DDIC) 
RE_CA_SFWS_UI2_PS_EHP3 RE: Cross-Appl. Functions: Enhanced PSM Integration (DDIC) 
RE_CA_SH RE: Search Help 
RE_CA_TEST_CASES RE: Test Case Template 
RE_CA_TEST_CASES_EN RE: Test Case Template 
RE_CA_WB RE: Workbench (Object Manager) 
RE_CA_XC RE: Country Specifics 
RE_CD_SFWS_UI2_GEN_CI_2 RE: Conditions and Cash Flow - Enhancements EhP4 (DDIC) 
RE_DB RE: Database Access 
RE_DS RE: Development Support (Delivered Analysis/Correct.Programs 
RE_DS_NT RE: Dev. Support - Notes 
RE_DS_TF RE: Dev. Support - Technical Tools 
RE_EX RE: External Interfaces 
RE_EX_AI RE: Audit Information 
RE_EX_CA RE: Cross Application 
RE_EX_SFWS_SC RE: Interfaces to Other Applications - EhP2 Enhancement 
RE_EX_SFWS_UI2 RE: Interfaces to Other Applications - EhP2 Enh. (DDIC) 
RE_IT_TC RE: Input Tax Correction 
RE_LD RE: Logical Database 
RE_LD_LD RE: Logical Databases 
RE_MC RE: Mass Change 
RE_MC_CA RE: Cross-Application Mass Change 
RE_MC_OA RE: Mass Change of Organizational Assignment 
RE_MI_HO RE: Migration WEG (Data Dictionary only) 
RE_MI_LU RE: Migration LUM (Data Dictionary only) 
RE_TM RE: Terms 
RE_UT RE: Unit-Tests 
RE_UT_CA RE: Unit-Tests for Cross Application 
RE_UT_EX RE: Unit-Tests for External Interfaces 
RE_UT_UT RE: Utilities for Unit-Tests 
RE_XC RE: Country-Specific Extensions 
RE_XC_AJ RE: XC - Adjustment of Conditions 
RE_XC_AJ_AT RE: XC - Adjustment for Austria 
RE_XC_AJ_CH RE: XC - Adjustment Switzerland (Country-Specific) 
RE_XC_CA RE: XC - Cross-Application 
RE_XC_CA_AP RE: XC - Application Components (Applic.-Related Objects) 
RE_XC_CP RE: XC - Country-Specific Correspondence 
RE_XC_CP_AT RE: XC - Correspondence Austria 
RE_XC_CP_CH RE: XC - Correspondence Switzerland 
RE_XC_CP_IT RE: XC - Correspondence Italy (Korrespondenz Italien) 
RE_XC_MM RE: XC - Mandate Management 
RE_XC_MM_AT RE: XC - Mandate Management - Austria 
RE_XC_RA RE: XC - Rental Accounting 
RE_XC_RA_CH RE: XC - Rental Accounting CH (Switzerland) 
RE_XC_RA_IT RE: XC - Localisation of Flexible Real Estate for Italy 
RE_XC_RA_MS RE: XC - Main Rent Statement Austria AT 
RE_XC_SC RE: XC - Service Charge Settlement 
RE_XC_SC_CH RE: XC - External Service Charge Settlement CH 
RE_XC_SC_FC RE: XC - Fuel Consumption 
RE_XI RE: Exchange Infrastructure 
RE_XX RE: Obsolete Objects (Do Not Delete!!!) 
Software Component EA-FIN  EA-FIN 
SAP Release Created in   110