SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index P, page 3
IMG Activity - P
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 PAY_BR_RE_006 S_AHR_61012636 Number of days for severance pay 
2 PAY_BR_RI096 S_PL0_09000122 Control payroll results posting 
3 PAY_BR_RI_81 S_AHR_61019266 Assign expenditure types to wage types 
4 PAY_BR_RI_82 S_AHR_61019267 Define posting collector 
5 PAY_BR_RT003 S_AL0_96000663 Configure remuneration statement 
6 PAY_BR_RT019 S_L9C_94000975 Take labor debits into account 
7 PAY_BR_RT020 S_L9C_94000976 Update interest and corrections 
8 PAY_BR_RTER1_010 S_L6B_69000341 Customize wage types that should be processed by the report 
9 PAY_BR_RT_000 S_AHR_61018988 Determine processing type 
10 PAY_BR_RT_001 S_AHR_61019043 Copy wage types 
11 PAY_BR_RT_002 S_AHR_61019037 Copy wage types 
12 PAY_BR_RT_010 S_L9C_94000977 Update data relevant for retroactive accounting 
13 PAY_BR_SE_000 S_L6B_69000447 Retroactive accounting for education allowance 
14 PAY_BR_SF_000 S_L6B_69000446 Retroactive accounting for child allowance 
15 PAY_BR_SI_000 S_L6B_69000445 Retroactive accounting for unions 
16 PAY_BR_SI_003 S_AHR_61011800 Commercial month or month days for union dues calculation 
17 PAY_BR_SM_001 S_AHR_61019048 Maternity pay: commercial month or days of month (calendar) 
18 PAY_BR_SREP01 S_L4H_49001521 Define relationship for daily work schedule code 
19 PAY_BR_SREP02 S_L4H_49001552 Register REP number 
20 PAY_BR_SREP03 S_L4H_49001532 Define absence code 
21 PAY_BR_TERC001 S_L9C_94000936 Specify SIB percentage for third-party contribution 
22 PAY_BR_TERC002 S_L9C_94000937 Update combinations of third-party agreements 
23 PAY_BR_TERC003 S_L9C_94000938 Update sequential number of entities 
24 PAY_BR_TERC004 S_L9C_94000939 Specify third-party payment discount 
25 PAY_BR__PL_002 S_AHR_61016890 Minimum number of working days in a month for proportional PRS calculation 
26 PAY_CA_CE_000 S_PLN_16000102 Distribution of Person-Related Wage Types 
27 PAY_CA_CE_001 S_PLN_16000103 Set Up Distribution Basis for Wage Types 
28 PAY_CA_CE_002 S_PLN_16000104 Set Up Distribution Rules for Wage Types 
29 PAY_CA_CE_004 S_PLN_16000105 Assign Distribution Rule and Target Wage Type to a Source Wage Type 
30 PAY_CA_CE_005 S_ALN_01002080 Transfer Wage Types from Personnel Assignments to the Person Level 
31 PAY_CA_CE_006 S_ALN_01002081 Define Person Wage Types 
32 PAY_CA_CE_007 S_ALN_01002082 Assign Person Wage Type to a Personnel Assignment Wage Type 
33 PAY_CA_CP_000 S_AL0_96000814 Compensation Management Integration 
34 PAY_CA_CP_001 S_AL0_96000791 Create wage type catalog for awards 
35 PAY_CA_CP_002 S_AL0_96000792 Check wage type texts 
36 PAY_CA_CP_003 S_AL0_96000793 Assign wage types to the amount types for awards 
37 PAY_CA_CP_004 S_AL0_96000778 Activate long term incentives schema 
38 PAY_CA_OC_100 S_L6B_69000671 Set up different variants for payment replacement 
39 PAY_CA_PM_001 S_PL0_09000384 Activate event type linkage for workflow events 
40 PAY_CA_PM_002 S_PL0_09000385 Define counter events for background and workflow events 
41 PAY_CA_RI_81 S_PL0_09000068 Assign Expenditure Types to Wage Types 
42 PAY_CA_RI_82 S_AL0_96000635 Define Posting Collector 
43 PAY_CA_ROE1 S_L7D_24000751 Maintain number range for ROE evaluation run 
44 PAY_CA_RS1 S_L7D_24001477 BAdI: Set Variant for Tax form Reprint (Transaction HRESSCA_TFR) 
45 PAY_CA_TAX_001 S_L6B_69000632 Maintain effective date for splits in employee tax wage types 
46 PAY_CH_ASM_01 S_L4H_49003040 Adapt Forms 
47 PAY_CH_BA2AMANAGER_1 S_L7D_24002368 Communication with Authorities - Overview 
48 PAY_CH_BA2AMANAGER_2 S_L7D_24002369 Set Up Authorizations 
49 PAY_CH_BA2AMANAGER_3 S_L7D_24002370 Configure Number Range 
50 PAY_CH_BADI_ISL_QSTC S_L7D_24002336 BAdI : Override File for Withholding Tax Accounting/Statement ISEL 
51 PAY_CH_BADI_KUA S_L7D_24002265 BAdI: Override Reduced Hours Payroll 
52 PAY_CH_BADI_KUA_MODI S_L7D_24002269 BAdI: Override Reduced Hours Payroll 
53 PAY_CH_BFS_01 S_L4H_49001722 BAdI: Definition of Capacity Utilization Level 
54 PAY_CH_BFS_02 S_L4H_49001723 BAdI: Definition of Cross-Border Employee 
55 PAY_CH_BFS_03 S_L4H_49001724 BAdI: Exclusion of Persons from Statistics 
56 PAY_CH_BF_000 S_L4H_49001306 Additional Canton Contributions for Vocational Training Fund 
57 PAY_CH_DAQ_A_C_SECT S_L7D_24002367 Assign Fields to a Section 
58 PAY_CH_DAQ_FORM S_L7D_24002365 Define Form 
59 PAY_CH_DAQ_OVERVIEW S_L7D_24002364 DAQ: Overview 
60 PAY_CH_DAQ_SECTN S_L7D_24002366 Define Form Sections 
61 PAY_CH_ELM_0000 S_L7D_24001378 Communication with Authorities - Overview 
62 PAY_CH_ELM_0010 S_L7D_24002311 Set Up Authorizations 
63 PAY_CH_ELM_0020 S_L7D_24002312 Configure Number Range 
64 PAY_CH_ELM_0100 S_L7D_24001379 Uniform Wage Notification Procedure (ELM) - Overview 
65 PAY_CH_ELM_0200 S_L7D_24001380 Control Data Extraction 
66 PAY_CH_ELM_0300 S_L7D_24001381 Utility Program to Automatically Create Institution IDs 
67 PAY_CH_ELM_0400 S_L7D_24001382 Change Value Table for Enterprises 
68 PAY_CH_ELM_0450 S_L7D_24001389 Change Addresses for Enterprise 
69 PAY_CH_ELM_0500 S_L7D_24001384 Change Internal Institution ID 
70 PAY_CH_ELM_0600 S_L7D_24001385 Change Payroll Unit Grouping for Enterprise 
71 PAY_CH_ELM_0700 S_L7D_24001386 Store Personnel Subarea Extras for ELM 
72 PAY_CH_ELM_0800 S_L7D_24001387 Change Constants 
73 PAY_CH_ELM_0900 S_L7D_24001388 Supplement Insurance Category 
74 PAY_CH_ELM_1000 S_L7D_24001520 Convert Marital Status Key 
75 PAY_CH_ELM_1100 S_L7D_24001647 Convert Residence Status 
76 PAY_CH_ELM_1200 S_L7D_24001882 Assign Family Equalization Funds to Cantons 
77 PAY_CH_ELM_2100 S_L7D_24002313 BAdI: Override Personal Data and Workplace Information 
78 PAY_CH_ELM_2200 S_L7D_24002314 BAdI: Override Sending, Signing, and Signature Check 
79 PAY_CH_ELM_BFS000 S_L7D_24002303 BFS/Statistics Using ELM - Overview 
80 PAY_CH_ELM_BFS010 S_L7D_24002302 Assign Wage Types (ELM) 
81 PAY_CH_ELM_BFS020 S_L7D_24002304 Edit Training (ELM) 
82 PAY_CH_ELM_BFS030 S_L7D_24002305 Edit Professional Status (ELM) 
83 PAY_CH_ELM_BFS040 S_L7D_24002306 Edit Activity (ELM) 
84 PAY_CH_ELM_BFS050 S_L7D_24002307 Edit Wages System (ELM) 
85 PAY_CH_ESS_PAYSLIP S_PL0_09000459 BAdI: Remuneration Statement Only Accessible in Internet 
86 PAY_CH_ESS_PDF S_PL0_09000458 Provide Remuneration Statement as PDF in Internet 
87 PAY_CH_FAK_0000 S_L4H_49001557 Specify Relationship of Recipient to Child 
88 PAY_CH_FAK_0010 S_L4H_49001558 Specify Date Type for "Death" 
89 PAY_CH_FAK_0020 S_L4H_49001559 Specify Employer Data 
90 PAY_CH_FAK_0030 S_L4H_49001583 Specify Validity for Subapplication FAMZ 
91 PAY_CH_FAK_040 S_L4H_49001610 Copy Wage Types for Family-Related Bonus Register 
92 PAY_CH_FEATURE_CHCAP S_L7D_24002333 Maintain Socio-Professional Categories 
93 PAY_CH_FEAT_CHFWP S_L4H_49001117 Maintain Address Keys for Workplace Addresses 
94 PAY_CH_FMZ_010 S_L4H_49002845 Define Family Characteristics 
95 PAY_CH_IKJA_1000 S_L7D_24002422 BAdI: Override Issue for IF Annual Payroll 
96 PAY_CH_LAW2_010 S_L4H_49002354 Adapt Logical Forms 
97 PAY_CH_LAW2_020 S_L4H_49002358 Overview 
98 PAY_CH_LAW2_030 S_L4H_49002838 Overview 
99 PAY_CH_LAW2_040 S_L4H_49002839 Change Value Table for Enterprises 
100 PAY_CH_LAW2_050 S_L4H_49002840 Change Addresses for Enterprise 
101 PAY_CH_LO_001 S_L6B_69000440 BAdI: Reporting for Company Loans 
102 PAY_CH_LSE_000 S_L4H_49003091 BFS - Survey of Structure and Level of Wages (LSE) Revision 2012 - Overview 
103 PAY_CH_LSE_001 S_L4H_49003078 Edit Wage Calculation Basis 
104 PAY_CH_LSE_002 S_L4H_49003079 Edit Contract Type 
105 PAY_CH_LSE_003 S_L4H_49003080 Edit Degree 
106 PAY_CH_LSE_004 S_L4H_49003086 Check Wage Type Assignment 
107 PAY_CH_LSE_005 S_L4H_49003092 Define Statistics 
108 PAY_CH_LSE_006 S_L4H_49003093 Complete Occupational Title 
109 PAY_CH_N_GL_000_N S_L4H_49001841 Possible Solutions in New General Ledger 
110 PAY_CH_N_GL_002_N S_L4H_49001842 Determine Time for Activating Segments 
111 PAY_CH_N_GL_003_N S_L4H_49001843 Use Segment as Additional Controlling Object 
112 PAY_CH_N_GL_004_N S_L4H_49001844 Maintain Feature for Object Selection 
113 PAY_CH_N_GL_005_N S_L4H_49001845 Deactivate Restriction on a Financial Management Area 
114 PAY_CH_N_GL_010_N S_L4H_49001846 Define Type of Distribution 
115 PAY_CH_N_GL_020_N S_L4H_49001847 Note on Relevancy 
116 PAY_CH_N_GL_021_N S_L4H_49001848 Activate Cost Distribution via Function XLIDI 
117 PAY_CH_N_GL_022_N S_L4H_49001849 Distribution of Liability Wage Types and Inflow Principle 
118 PAY_CH_N_GL_023_N S_L4H_49001850 Resource-Related Distribution of Liability Wage Types 
119 PAY_CH_N_GL_030_N S_L4H_49001851 Determine Time for Posting Payments 
120 PAY_CH_N_GL_031_N S_L4H_49001852 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
121 PAY_CH_N_GL_032_N S_L4H_49001853 Enter Wage Types for Posting Payments 
122 PAY_CH_N_GL_040_N S_L4H_49001854 Adjust Account Assignment Types for Symbolic Accounts 
123 PAY_CH_N_GL_041_N S_L4H_49001855 Create Permissible Values for Standard Accounting FM/GM 
124 PAY_CH_N_GL_042_N S_L4H_49001856 Set Grouping Standard Accounting for FM/GM 
125 PAY_CH_N_GL_050_N S_L4H_49001944 Maintain Wage Types for Distributing Retro.Accntng With Inflow Principle 
126 PAY_CH_PLZ S_L4H_49001577 Import Municipality Codes 
127 PAY_CH_PM_010 S_PL0_09000468 Create Process Model 
128 PAY_CH_PM_020 S_PL0_09000473 Activate Event Linkages for Workflow Events 
129 PAY_CH_PM_030 S_PL0_09000470 Determine Counterevents for Background and Workflow Events 
130 PAY_CH_QSTBS_01 S_L4H_49001730 Determine Address Type for Employee Address 
131 PAY_CH_QSTVD_000 S_L4H_49001508 Assign Cumulation Wage Types for Withholding Tax Vaud 
132 PAY_CH_QSTVD_0010 S_L4H_49001509 Assign Residence Status to Key for XML File 
133 PAY_CH_QSTVD_0030 S_L4H_49001511 Assign Withholding Tax Scale to Scale Code for XML File 
134 PAY_CH_QSTVD_0040 S_L4H_49001512 Specify Date Type for "Death" Event 
135 PAY_CH_QSTVD_0050 S_L4H_49001513 Assign Number of Children to Withholding Tax Scale 
136 PAY_CH_QSTVD_0060 S_L4H_49001514 Adjust Feature for Type of Activity 
137 PAY_CH_QST_010 S_L4H_49002360 Create Additional Cumulation Wage Types 
138 PAY_CH_RI81 S_PH0_48000092 Assign Expenditure Types to Wage Types 
139 PAY_CH_RI_82 S_PH0_48000093 Define Posting Collector 
140 PAY_CH_T5C2P_STREET S_L7D_24002332 Enter Street Types and Street Binder Types for Address 
141 PAY_CH_VVT536C S_L4H_49001118 Define Workplace Addresses 
142 PAY_CN_GL_101 S_L7D_24001971 Possible Solutions in New General Ledger 
143 PAY_CN_GL_102 S_L7D_24001972 Determine Time for Activating Segments 
144 PAY_CN_GL_103 S_L7D_24001973 Use Segment as Additional Controlling Object 
145 PAY_CN_GL_104 S_L7D_24001974 Maintain Feature for Object Selection 
146 PAY_CN_GL_105 S_L7D_24001975 Deactivate Restriction on a Financial Management Area 
147 PAY_CN_GL_106 S_L7D_24001976 Define Type of Distribution 
148 PAY_CN_GL_107 S_L7D_24001977 Note on Relevancy 
149 PAY_CN_GL_108 S_L7D_24001978 Activate Cost Distribution via Function XLIDI 
150 PAY_CN_GL_109 S_L7D_24001979 Distribution of Liability Wage Types and Inflow Principle 
151 PAY_CN_GL_110 S_L7D_24001980 Resource-Related Distribution of Liability Wage Types 
152 PAY_CN_GL_111 S_L7D_24001981 Determine Time for Posting Payments 
153 PAY_CN_GL_112 S_L7D_24001982 Set Grouping Standard Accounting for FM/GM 
154 PAY_CN_GL_113 S_L7D_24001983 Enter Wage Types for Posting Payments 
155 PAY_CN_GL_114 S_L7D_24001984 Adjust Account Assignment Types for Symbolic Accounts 
156 PAY_CN_GL_115 S_L7D_24001985 Create Permissible Values for Standard Accounting FM/GM 
157 PAY_CN_GL_117 S_L7D_24001986 Set Grouping Standard Accounting for FM/GM 
158 PAY_CN_RI_81 S_KPH_31000555 Assign Expenditure Types to Wage Types 
159 PAY_CN_RI_82 S_KPH_31000556 Define Posting Collector 
160 PAY_DADSU_CP_T5F1BAP S_L7D_24002277 Hold pension contract modifier 
161 PAY_DADSU_PREV_5F1BC S_L7D_24002287 Assign object list to basic type codes 
162 PAY_DADSU_PREV_5F1BN S_L7D_24002299 Create basic type code 
163 PAY_DADSU_S45_PRES S_L7D_24002282 Structure 45: presentation 
164 PAY_DADSU_T50BF_BFC S_L7D_24002321 Check processing for different B2A statuses 
165 PAY_DADSU_T5F1BAP S_L7D_24002288 Hold insurance contracts modifier 
166 PAY_DADSU_T5F9A S_L7D_24002284 Maintain contract reference 
167 PAY_DADSU_V_T5F1BD S_L7D_24002285 Define object list for basic types according to declaration 
168 PAY_DE_AT_010 S_PH9_46000001 Set Up Semiretirement Models 
169 PAY_DE_AT_020 S_PH9_46000112 Specify Deviating Assessment Bases for SR Model 
170 PAY_DE_AT_030 S_PH9_46000538 Set Up Phases for Semiretirement Employment 
171 PAY_DE_AT_040 S_PH9_46000600 Include Wage Types in Notional Part-Time Net Amount 
172 PAY_DE_AT_050 S_PH9_46000603 Maintain Default Values for Semiretirement Infotype 
173 PAY_DE_AT_060 S_PH9_46000604 Define Lower and Upper Limit for Supplementary Percentage Rates 
174 PAY_DE_AT_070 S_PH9_46000784 Integrate Fictitious Run Control into Payroll Schema 
175 PAY_DE_AT_080 S_PH9_46000805 Activate Fictitious Payroll Run Without Fictitious Run Control 
176 PAY_DE_AT_110 S_PH9_46000810 Create Wage Type Catalog 
177 PAY_DE_AT_120 S_PH9_46000811 Check Wage Type Text 
178 PAY_DE_AT_200 S_PH9_46000812 Create Special Rules 
179 PAY_DE_AT_210 S_L4H_49002323 Check Entries for Value Credit According to Labor Legislation 
180 PAY_DE_AT_215 S_L4H_49002963 Dynamically Modify Value Credit According to Labor Legislation 
181 PAY_DE_AT_220 S_L4H_49002324 Assign Wage Types to Cumulation Wage Types for Value Credit 
182 PAY_DE_AVMG_000 S_AL0_96000368 German Pension Reform - General Information 
183 PAY_DE_AVMG_100 S_AL0_96000369 Create Wage Type Catalog 
184 PAY_DE_AVMG_110 S_AL0_96000371 Assign Wage Types to 'German Pension Reform' Wage Type Group 
185 PAY_DE_AVMG_200 S_AL0_96000372 Set Up Conversion Wage Type Group 
186 PAY_DE_AVMG_210 S_AL0_96000373 Set Up Modules 
187 PAY_DE_AVMG_215 S_AL0_96000375 Split Statement Wage Types into Tax-Exempt/Flat-Rate/Subject to Tax 
188 PAY_DE_AVMG_220 S_AL0_96000374 Set Up Contract Models 
189 PAY_DE_AVMG_230 S_AL0_96000376 Set Up Processing Routines 
190 PAY_DE_AVMG_240 S_AL0_96000377 Set Up Payee Key 
191 PAY_DE_AVMG_250 S_AL0_96000378 Set Up Investment Institutions 
192 PAY_DE_AVMG_260 S_AL0_96000379 Create Default Values for Contract Models 
193 PAY_DE_AVMG_300 S_AC0_52000536 General Information 
194 PAY_DE_AVMG_310 S_AC0_52000537 Identify Recipient for Collective Bank Transfer 
195 PAY_DE_AVMG_320 S_AC0_52000538 Specify Sender of Collective Bank Transfers 
196 PAY_DE_B2A_000 S_PL0_09000129 Communication with Authorities - Overview 
197 PAY_DE_B2A_100 S_PL0_09000130 Set Up Constants 
198 PAY_DE_B2A_200 S_PL0_09000131 Configure Encryption 
199 PAY_DE_B2A_300 S_PL0_09000133 Set Up E-Mail Gateway 
200 PAY_DE_B2A_400 S_PL0_09000134 Set Up Authorizations 
201 PAY_DE_B2A_500 S_PL0_09000301 Check Settings 
202 PAY_DE_B2A_600 S_L6B_69000535 Configure Number Range 
203 PAY_DE_B2A_AAG_100 S_L4H_49001665 Overview - Settings for Automatic Reimbursement Process 
204 PAY_DE_B2A_AAG_200 S_L4H_49001666 Reimbursement ER Expenses: Activate Notional Run Work Incapacity 
205 PAY_DE_B2A_AAG_300 S_L4H_49001667 Assign Wage Types to Cumulation Wage Types for Reimbursement of ER Expenses 
206 PAY_DE_B2A_BD_000 S_L4H_49001699 Business Data Maintenance - Overview - 
207 PAY_DE_B2A_BD_001 S_L4H_49001700 Define Reporting Personnel Area 
208 PAY_DE_B2A_BD_002 S_L4H_49001701 Assign Reporting Personnel Area Directly 
209 PAY_DE_B2A_BD_003 S_L4H_49001702 Maintain Sender Communication Data 
210 PAY_DE_B2A_BD_004 S_L4H_49001703 Maintain Administrator's Communication Data 
211 PAY_DE_B2A_BD_005 S_L4H_49001704 Enter Data on Reporting Personnel Area 
212 PAY_DE_B2A_BD_006 S_L4H_49001712 Maintain Sender Short Address 
213 PAY_DE_B2A_BNA_110 S_PL0_09000140 Specify Payroll Office 
214 PAY_DE_B2A_BNA_111 S_L4H_49003049 Use Subapplication to Specify Payroll Office 
215 PAY_DE_B2A_BNA_115 S_PL0_09000141 Specify Sender 
216 PAY_DE_B2A_BNA_120 S_PL0_09000142 Maintain Sender Communication Data 
217 PAY_DE_B2A_BNA_130 S_PL0_09000143 Assign Administrator and Type of Data Transfer 
218 PAY_DE_B2A_BNA_210 S_PL0_09000144 Read Company Numbers 
219 PAY_DE_B2A_BNA_220 S_PL0_09000145 Check File Number 
220 PAY_DE_B2A_BNA_300 S_L6B_69000061 Set Up Constants 
221 PAY_DE_B2A_BNZ_110 S_PL0_09000146 Specify Payroll Office 
222 PAY_DE_B2A_BNZ_115 S_PL0_09000147 Specify Sender 
223 PAY_DE_B2A_BNZ_120 S_PL0_09000148 Maintain Sender Communication Data 
224 PAY_DE_B2A_BNZ_130 S_PL0_09000149 Assign Administrator and Type of Data Transfer 
225 PAY_DE_B2A_BNZ_210 S_PL0_09000150 Read Company Numbers 
226 PAY_DE_B2A_BNZ_220 S_PL0_09000151 Check File Number 
227 PAY_DE_B2A_BNZ_300 S_L6B_69000062 Set Up Constants 
228 PAY_DE_B2A_BV_100 S_L7D_24001854 Overview - Settings for PPO Reporting 
229 PAY_DE_B2A_BV_110 S_L7D_24002078 Import PPO File for Professionals Pension Schemes 
230 PAY_DE_B2A_DSA_000 S_L7D_24002098 Overview: Settings for DEUEV Immediate Notifications 
231 PAY_DE_B2A_DSA_100 S_L7D_24002099 Identify Companies Liable for Immediate Notifications 
232 PAY_DE_B2A_DSA_200 S_L7D_24002100 Assign Administrator 
233 PAY_DE_B2A_DSA_300 S_L7D_24002101 Check File Number 
234 PAY_DE_B2A_DUA_110 S_PL0_09000135 Indicate Sender 
235 PAY_DE_B2A_DUA_120 S_PL0_09000136 Maintain Sender Communication Data 
236 PAY_DE_B2A_DUA_130 S_PL0_09000137 Assign Administrator and Type of Data Transfer 
237 PAY_DE_B2A_DUA_210 S_PL0_09000138 Import Company Number 
238 PAY_DE_B2A_DUA_220 S_PL0_09000139 Check File Number 
239 PAY_DE_B2A_DUA_300 S_L6B_69000064 Set Up Constants 
240 PAY_DE_B2A_EEL_000 S_L4H_49001951 Settings for Notification Procedure EEL - Overview - 
241 PAY_DE_B2A_EEL_010 S_L4H_49001954 Define Reporting Personnel Area 
242 PAY_DE_B2A_EEL_020 S_L4H_49001955 Assign Reporting Personnel Area Directly 
243 PAY_DE_B2A_EEL_030 S_L4H_49001956 Maintain Sender Communication Data 
244 PAY_DE_B2A_EEL_040 S_L4H_49001957 Maintain Communication Data of Administrator 
245 PAY_DE_B2A_EEL_050 S_L4H_49001960 Enter Data on Reporting Personnel Area 
246 PAY_DE_B2A_EEL_060 S_L4H_49001959 Check File Number 
247 PAY_DE_B2A_EEL_070 S_L4H_49001958 Set Up Communication Server 
248 PAY_DE_B2A_ELENA_000 S_L4H_49001102 Settings for ELENA - Overview - 
249 PAY_DE_B2A_ELENA_010 S_L4H_49001103 Define Reporting Personnel Area 
250 PAY_DE_B2A_ELENA_020 S_L4H_49001104 Assign Reporting Personnel Area Directly 
251 PAY_DE_B2A_ELENA_030 S_L4H_49001105 Maintain Sender Communication Data 
252 PAY_DE_B2A_ELENA_040 S_L4H_49001106 Maintain Administrator's Communication Data 
253 PAY_DE_B2A_ELENA_050 S_L4H_49001107 Enter Data on Reporting Personnel Area 
254 PAY_DE_B2A_ELENA_060 S_L4H_49001108 Check File Number for ELENA 
255 PAY_DE_B2A_ELENA_070 S_L4H_49001109 Set Up Communication Server 
256 PAY_DE_B2A_ELENA_080 S_L4H_49001110 Test Communication Server 
257 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_000 S_PL0_86000089 Data Exchange with Financial Administration - Overview 
258 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_100 S_PL0_86000090 Technical Basics for Communication 
259 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_110 S_PL0_86000092 Set Up Encryption for ELSTER 
260 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_120 S_PL0_86000093 Set Up Connections 
261 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_130 S_PL0_86000094 Set Up RFC Connection 
262 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_140 S_PL0_86000095 Maintain Constants 
263 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_150 S_PL0_86000096 Create Number Range for Processing Data Ticket 
264 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_200 S_PL0_86000091 Complete Total Wage Types 
265 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_210 S_PL0_86000112 Define Subapplication for Additional Data 
266 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_220 S_PL0_86000113 Enter Additional Employment Tax Data 
267 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_230 S_PL0_86000114 Merge Employment Tax-Related Places of Work 
268 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_240 S_PL0_86000115 Summarize Data Providers 
269 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_250 S_PL0_86000117 Maintain Communication Data 
270 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_260 S_PL0_86000119 Assign Administrator 
271 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_270 S_PL0_86000120 Check Tax Number 
272 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_280 S_PL0_86000121 BAdI: Determine Employee's Special Address 
273 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_290 S_PL0_86000129 Archive Employment Tax Statements 
274 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_300 S_PL0_86000122 Read Numbers for Official Municipality Keys 
275 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_310 S_PL0_86000123 Assign Numbers for Official Municipality Keys to Employee 
276 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_320 S_PL0_86000130 Define Start Date 
277 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_410 S_PL0_86000131 Test Encryption 
278 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_420 S_PL0_86000132 Test Connection to Business Connector 
279 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_430 S_PL0_86000133 Check Customizing and Mater Data 
280 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_440 S_PL0_86000166 Test Process 
281 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_450 S_PL0_86000167 Test Process 
282 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_460 S_AC0_52000426 Merge Employment Tax-Related Places of Work 
283 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_470 S_AC0_52000427 Summarize Places of Work for Employee Association Bremen 
284 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_480 S_AC0_52000438 Summarize Places of Work for Employee Association Saarland 
285 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_490 S_AC0_52000431 Summarize Data Providers 
286 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_500 S_AC0_52000433 Assign Administrator 
287 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_510 S_AC0_52000432 Maintain Communication Data 
288 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_520 S_AC0_52000434 Maintain Tax-Relevant Business Features 
289 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_530 S_AC0_52000435 Specify Registration Period per Payroll Area 
290 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_540 S_AC0_52000436 Test Process 
291 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_550 S_AC0_52000437 Check Customizing and Mater Data 
292 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_560 S_L7D_24000221 Change Registration Period to Calendar Year, Quarter Year, or Never 
293 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_570 S_L7D_24001866 BAdI: Determine Employer's Special Address 
294 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_580 S_L7D_24001867 BAdI: Determine Statement Periods 
295 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_590 S_L7D_24001868 BAdI: Compare Tax Data Employment Tax Statement 
296 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_600 S_L7D_24001869 BAdI: Compare Additional Data Employment Tax Statement 
297 PAY_DE_B2A_FIN_610 S_L4H_49002496 Technical Basics 
298 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_000 S_PCO_36000307 Data Exchange with Social Insurance Agencies 
299 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_005 S_L4H_49001416 Virus Scan of Incoming Social Insurance Data 
300 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_010 S_PCO_36000341 Overview - Communication with PKCS#7 
301 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_020 S_PCO_36000422 Change Standard Format to PKCS#7 
302 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_100 S_PL0_09000302 Set Up PEM Encryption 
303 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_110 S_PCO_36000441 Maintain Constants for PEM 
304 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_200 S_PL0_09000311 Read Company Numbers 
305 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_300 S_PCO_36000308 Set Up PKCS#7 Encryption 
306 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_400 S_PCO_36000309 Maintain Logical File Paths 
307 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_500 S_PCO_36000310 Create and Manage PKCS#7 Certificate 
308 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_510 S_PCO_36000355 Assign File Name for PKCS#7 Certificate 
309 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_600 S_PCO_36000311 Set Up E-Mail Outbox 
310 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_605 S_L7D_24001707 Set Up E-Mail Inbox 
311 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_610 S_PCO_36000440 Maintain Constants for PKCS#7 
312 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_620 S_L4H_49001519 Communication Server GKV 
313 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_630 S_L4H_49001520 Transfer via HTTP 
314 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_640 S_L4H_49001561 Transfer via HTTPS 
315 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_650 S_L4H_49002333 Communication Server DSRV (Immediate Notifications) 
316 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_700 S_PCO_36000312 Test Encryption 
317 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_800 S_PCO_36000313 Test E-Mail 
318 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_900 S_PCO_36000314 Read Customizing (GKV) 
319 PAY_DE_B2A_KK_910 S_L4H_49001560 Read Customizing (ELENA) (Obsolete) 
320 PAY_DE_B2A_RBM_000 S_L7D_24001843 Data Exchange with the ZfA (Pension Receipt Notifications) - Overview 
321 PAY_DE_B2A_RBM_010 S_L7D_24001863 Enter Master Data for Pension Organizations 
322 PAY_DE_B2A_RBM_020 S_L7D_24001862 Assign Relevant Payroll Wage Types to Cumulation Wage Types 
323 PAY_DE_B2A_RBM_030 S_L7D_24001861 Check Cost Center Assignment 
324 PAY_DE_B2A_RBM_040 S_L7D_24001860 Determine Relevant Payroll Results 
325 PAY_DE_B2A_RBM_051 S_L4H_49001678 Change Key Date MeFin Release S06 
326 PAY_DE_B2A_RBM_052 S_L4H_49002541 Change Key Data MeFin Release S08 
327 PAY_DE_B2A_RBM_110 S_L7D_24001844 Set Up Connections 
328 PAY_DE_B2A_RBM_120 S_L7D_24001845 Set Up RFC Connection 
329 PAY_DE_B2A_RBM_130 S_L7D_24001846 Maintain Constants 
330 PAY_DE_B2A_RBM_140 S_L7D_24001847 Maintain WebSphere MQ Data 
331 PAY_DE_B2A_RBM_210 S_L7D_24001848 Test Connections to MQ Server 
332 PAY_DE_B2A_RBM_220 S_L7D_24001849 Test Customizing 
333 PAY_DE_B2A_RBM_310 S_L7D_24001850 Define Outgoing Data Provider 
334 PAY_DE_B2A_RBM_320 S_L7D_24001851 Define Incoming Data Provider 
335 PAY_DE_B2A_VBA_100 S_PL0_09000251 Define Sender for E-Mail Procedure (Reporting Personnel Area) 
336 PAY_DE_B2A_VBA_110 S_PL0_09000152 Determination of Personnel Area Reporting 
337 PAY_DE_B2A_VBA_120 S_PL0_09000153 Maintain Sender Communication Data 
338 PAY_DE_B2A_VBA_130 S_PL0_09000154 Assign Administrator 
339 PAY_DE_B2A_VBA_210 S_PL0_09000155 Read Company Numbers 
340 PAY_DE_B2A_VBA_220 S_PL0_09000156 Check File Number 
341 PAY_DE_B2A_VBA_300 S_L6B_69000063 Set Up Constants 
342 PAY_DE_B2A_ZFA_000 S_L7D_24001295 Data Exchange with ZfA - Overview 
343 PAY_DE_B2A_ZFA_110 S_L7D_24001296 Set Up Connections 
344 PAY_DE_B2A_ZFA_120 S_L7D_24001297 Set Up RFC Connection 
345 PAY_DE_B2A_ZFA_130 S_L7D_24001298 Maintain Constants 
346 PAY_DE_B2A_ZFA_140 S_L7D_24001301 Maintain WebSphere MQ Data 
347 PAY_DE_B2A_ZFA_210 S_L7D_24001299 Test Connections to MQ Server 
348 PAY_DE_B2A_ZFA_220 S_L7D_24001300 Test Customizing 
349 PAY_DE_B2A_ZFA_310 S_L7D_24001302 Define Outgoing Data Provider 
350 PAY_DE_B2A_ZFA_320 S_L7D_24001303 Define Incoming Data Provider 
351 PAY_DE_B2A_ZVN_100 S_L4H_49000008 Overview - Settings for Automatic Paying Office Procedure 
352 PAY_DE_BG_110 S_L9C_94000348 Define Wage Types to Be Evaluated 
353 PAY_DE_BG_120 S_L9C_94000349 Flag Absences As Accident at Work or on Way to/from Work 
354 PAY_DE_BG_130 S_L9C_94000350 Determination of Personnel Area Reporting 
355 PAY_DE_BG_140 S_L9C_94000351 Create Auxiliary Company Assignments for Construction Pay Payroll Results 
356 PAY_DE_BL_000 S_L4H_49002341 Specify Settings in Time Management 
357 PAY_DE_BL_010 S_L4H_49002342 Specify Conversion of Leave Types to Quota Types 
358 PAY_DE_BL_020 S_L4H_49002343 Delimit Short Indicator for Leave 
359 PAY_DE_BL_030 S_L4H_49002344 Specify Validity Period for IT2006 
360 PAY_DE_BL_040 S_L4H_49002345 Create Entry for Customer-Specific Class 
361 PAY_DE_BL_050 S_L4H_49002346 Create Attributes for Absence Quota Types for IT2006 
362 PAY_DE_BL_055 S_L7D_24002935 Assign Attributes to Absence Quota Types for IT 2006 
363 PAY_DE_BL_060 S_L4H_49002347 Edit Absence Quota Types Groups for IT2006 
364 PAY_DE_BL_070 S_L4H_49002348 Edit Leave Regulations for IT 2006 
365 PAY_DE_BL_080 S_L4H_49002350 Edit Assignments to Leave Regulations for IT 2006 
366 PAY_DE_BL_090 S_L4H_49002351 Adjustments for Conversion to IT 2006 
367 PAY_DE_BVVAVMG_100 S_AL0_96000426 Maintain Modules 
368 PAY_DE_BVVAVMG_110 S_AL0_96000427 Maintain Contract Model 
369 PAY_DE_BVVAVMG_120 S_AL0_96000428 Maintain Payee Key 
370 PAY_DE_BVVAVMG_130 S_AL0_96000429 Maintain Investment Institutions 
371 PAY_DE_BVVAVMG_140 S_AL0_96000430 Maintain Default Values for Contract Models 
372 PAY_DE_BW_110 S_AHR_61011950 Set Up Authorizations 
373 PAY_DE_BW_120 S_AHR_61011951 Assign First Signatory 
374 PAY_DE_BW_130 S_AHR_61011952 Assign Second Signatory 
375 PAY_DE_BW_140 S_AHR_61011953 Define Sender (Personnel Area Reporting) 
376 PAY_DE_BW_145 S_AL0_96000144 Merge Reporting Personnel Area 
377 PAY_DE_BW_150 S_AHR_61011954 Flag Unpaid Absences for Statements 
378 PAY_DE_BW_160 S_AHR_61011955 Set Up Wage Type Bases 
379 PAY_DE_BW_165 S_PH9_46000848 Convert Evaluation Classes to Wage Type Bases 
380 PAY_DE_BW_170 S_AHR_61012507 Flag Absences for Statements 
381 PAY_DE_BW_180 S_PH9_46000080 Set Up Functional Areas 
382 PAY_DE_BW_185 S_PH9_46000289 Archiving 
383 PAY_DE_BW_190 S_PH9_46000290 Special Features 
384 PAY_DE_BW_210 S_AHR_61011956 Scope of Functions 
385 PAY_DE_BW_220 S_AHR_61011957 Statement Conversion < 4.6: Wage Types 
386 PAY_DE_BW_230 S_AHR_61011958 Set Up Statement Parameters 
387 PAY_DE_BW_235 S_AL0_96000145 Define Company-Specific Data 
388 PAY_DE_BW_240 S_AHR_61011959 Maintain Standard Texts 
389 PAY_DE_BW_250 S_PH0_48000253 Assign Standard Texts to Forms 
390 PAY_DE_BW_260 S_AL0_96000364 Specify Archiving of Forms 
391 PAY_DE_BW_270 S_AL0_96000148 Compare Statement Wage Types to SAP Clients 
392 PAY_DE_BW_310 S_AHR_61011960 Statement Conversion < 4.6A 
393 PAY_DE_BW_320 S_AHR_61011961 Copy Statement 
394 PAY_DE_BW_330 S_AHR_61011962 Set Up Statement Parameters 
395 PAY_DE_BW_340 S_AHR_61011963 Set Up SAPscript Form 
396 PAY_DE_BW_350 S_AHR_61011964 Maintain Standard Texts 
397 PAY_DE_BW_360 S_PH9_46000081 Set Up Statement Functions 
398 PAY_DE_BW_370 S_PH0_48000237 Set Up Statement Tables 
399 PAY_DE_BW_380 S_PH0_48000254 Assign Standard Texts to Forms 
400 PAY_DE_BW_390 S_AL0_96000365 Specify Archiving of Forms 
401 PAY_DE_CP_000 S_AL0_96000821 Integration to Compensation Management 
402 PAY_DE_CP_001 S_AL0_96000830 Create Wage Type Catalog for Awards 
403 PAY_DE_CP_002 S_AL0_96000831 Check Wage Type Texts 
404 PAY_DE_CP_003 S_AL0_96000832 Assign Wage Types to the Amount Types for Awards 
405 PAY_DE_CP_004 S_AL0_96000833 Activate Function XLTI in the Personnel Calculation Schema 
406 PAY_DE_DT_000 S_PH9_46000512 Payroll Account Transfer 
407 PAY_DE_DT_200 S_PH9_46000513 Special Features: Germany 
408 PAY_DE_EEL_000 S_L4H_49001938 Notification Procedure for Compensation Benefits (EEL) - Overview - 
409 PAY_DE_EEL_010 S_L4H_49001939 Identify Unpaid Absences 
410 PAY_DE_EEL_020 S_L4H_49001940 Assign Submission Reason to Absences 
411 PAY_DE_EEL_030 S_L4H_49001945 Set Up Wage Type Bases 
412 PAY_DE_EEL_040 S_L4H_49001947 Edit Statement Wage Types 
413 PAY_DE_EEL_050 S_L4H_49001949 Specify Reduction Method for Remuneration for Last Workday 
414 PAY_DE_EEL_060 S_L4H_49001950 Set Up Statement Functions 
415 PAY_DE_EHAK_100 S_L9C_94000391 Define Reporting Personnel Area 
416 PAY_DE_EHAK_200 S_L9C_94000392 Maintain Output Wage Types 
417 PAY_DE_EHAK_300 S_L9C_94000393 Specification of External Data 
418 PAY_DE_EHGL_000 S_AL0_96000472 Introduction 
419 PAY_DE_EHGL_100 S_AL0_96000342 Personnel Area Reporting 
420 PAY_DE_EHGL_200 S_AL0_96000343 Maintain Output Wage Types 
421 PAY_DE_EHGL_300 S_AL0_96000424 Assign Benefits Group 
422 PAY_DE_EHGL_400 S_AL0_96000425 Assign Collective Agreement Numbers 
423 PAY_DE_EHVE_000 S_L7D_24000489 General 
424 PAY_DE_EHVE_100 S_L7D_24000490 Group Pay Scale Indicators 
425 PAY_DE_EHVE_200 S_L7D_24000491 Assign Benefits Groups 
426 PAY_DE_EHVE_300 S_L7D_24000492 Define Wage Types 
427 PAY_DE_EHVE_400 S_L7D_24000493 Specify Reporting Companies 
428 PAY_DE_EHVE_500 S_L7D_24000494 Additional Data for Reporting Company 
429 PAY_DE_EHVE_600 S_L7D_24000495 Determine XML Sender 
430 PAY_DE_EHVE_700 S_L7D_24000501 Special Cases 
431 PAY_DE_EHVS_000 S_L7D_24000482 Introduction 
432 PAY_DE_EHVS_100 S_L7D_24000483 Personnel Area Reporting 
433 PAY_DE_EHVS_200 S_L7D_24000485 Maintain Cumulation Wage Types 
434 PAY_DE_EHVS_300 S_L7D_24000486 Assign Benefits Group 
435 PAY_DE_EHVS_400 S_L7D_24000487 Assign Collective Agreement Numbers 
436 PAY_DE_EHVS_500 S_L7D_24000484 Enter Additional Data for Reporting Company 
437 PAY_DE_EHVS_600 S_L7D_24000488 Employment Percentage for Semiretirement 
438 PAY_DE_ELENA_000 S_L4H_49001119 ELENA - Overview - 
439 PAY_DE_ELENA_010 S_L4H_49001120 Assign Absences to ELENA Indicator 
440 PAY_DE_ELENA_020 S_L4H_49001121 Maintain Taxable and Tax-Exempt Payments Acc. to ELENA Indicator 
441 PAY_DE_ELENA_030 S_L4H_49001123 Define Cumulation Wage Types for Taxable Other Payments 
442 PAY_DE_ELENA_040 S_L4H_49001124 Define Cumulation Wage Types for Tax-Exempt Payments 
443 PAY_DE_ELENA_050 S_L4H_49001125 Assign Wage Types to Cumulation Wage Types (Subapplication ELSE) 
444 PAY_DE_ELENA_060 S_L4H_49001126 Assign Wage Types to Cumulation Wage Types (Subapplication ELSB) 
445 PAY_DE_ELENA_070 S_L4H_49001122 Define Date Type 
446 PAY_DE_ELENA_080 S_L4H_49001128 Check Agreed Working Times 
447 PAY_DE_ELENA_090 S_L4H_49001129 Check Grouping of Employee Subgroup 
448 PAY_DE_ELENA_100 S_L4H_49001130 BAdI: Determining the Expected Education/Training End in ELENA Procedure 
449 PAY_DE_ELENA_110 S_L4H_49001131 BAdI: Determining the Weekly Working Time 
450 PAY_DE_ELENA_120 S_L4H_49001132 BAdI: Determining the Regular Working Time of Comparable Full-Time Employee 
451 PAY_DE_ELENA_130 S_L4H_49001133 BAdI: Determination of Entry into Retirement 
452 PAY_DE_ELENA_140 S_L4H_49001134 BAdI: Determining Public Sector Employee Status 
453 PAY_DE_ELENA_150 S_L4H_49001127 Split Payments into Taxable and Tax-Exempt Shares 
454 PAY_DE_ELENA_160 S_L4H_49001135 Assign Reporting Personnel Area Directly 
455 PAY_DE_ELENA_170 S_L4H_49001136 Define Reporting Personnel Area 
456 PAY_DE_ELENA_180 S_L4H_49001137 Maintain Employer's Communication Data 
457 PAY_DE_ELENA_190 S_L4H_49001138 Maintain Administrator's Communication Data 
458 PAY_DE_ELENA_200 S_L4H_49001139 Enter Data on Reporting Personnel Area 
459 PAY_DE_ELENA_210 S_L4H_49001149 Create Total Gross Amount (Statement of Earnings Directive - EBeschR) 
460 PAY_DE_ELENA_220 S_L4H_49001150 Check Employer Address 
461 PAY_DE_ELENA_230 S_L4H_49001151 Check Old Employer Address 
462 PAY_DE_ELENA_240 S_L4H_49001269 Maintain Feature for Entry into Retirement and for Terminations 
463 PAY_DE_ELENA_250 S_L4H_49001284 Maintain Feature for Start of Employment Relationship 
464 PAY_DE_ELENA_260 S_L4H_49001389 BAdI: Determination of Different Place of Employment 
465 PAY_DE_ELENA_270 S_L4H_49001402 Edit Default Values for Data Module DBKE (Notice/Dismissal) 
466 PAY_DE_ELENA_280 S_L4H_49001434 BAdI: Default Values for Infotype 0700 
467 PAY_DE_ELENA_290 S_L4H_49001576 BAdI: Generation of Termination Notifications 
468 PAY_DE_ESS_PAYSLIP S_PL0_09000429 BAdI: Remuneration Statement Only Accessible in Internet 
469 PAY_DE_ESS_PDF S_PL0_09000428 Provide Remuneration Statement as PDF in Internet 
470 PAY_DE_FO_001 S_PLN_16000400 Select Tool for Processing Form 
471 PAY_DE_FO_002 S_PLN_16000402 Edit Forms Using Forms Workplace 
472 PAY_DE_FO_003 S_PLN_16000403 BAdI: Create Enhancements for Forms Workplace 
473 PAY_DE_FO_004 S_PLN_16000401 Adjust Selection Screen of Payroll Driver 
474 PAY_DE_FO_005 S_PLN_62000416 Maintain Switch Wage Types 
475 PAY_DE_FO_006 S_PLN_62000419 Implement Function for Switch Wage Types in Schema 
476 PAY_DE_FS_010 S_PH9_46000085 Maintain Fictitious Run Controls 
477 PAY_DE_FS_020 S_PH9_46000086 Maintain Fictitious Runs 
478 PAY_DE_FS_030 S_PH9_46000087 Assign Fictitious Runs to Fictitious Run Controls 
479 PAY_DE_FS_040 S_PH9_46000606 Define Assignment of Results-/Target Wage Type for Fictitious Run 
480 PAY_DE_FS_050 S_PH9_46000773 Distribution of Wage Types After End of All Fictitious Payroll Runs 
481 PAY_DE_FS_060 S_PH9_46000919 Distribute Wage Types 
482 PAY_DE_FS_070 S_L9C_94000404 Copy Existing Wage Type Distribution 
483 PAY_DE_LO_001 S_L6B_69000426 BAdI: Reporting for Company Loans 
484 PAY_DE_PDF_100 S_L7D_24002330 Specify Output Category for Form Groups 
485 PAY_DE_PDF_200 S_L7D_24002331 Setting: System Name for Forms 
486 PAY_DE_PM_000 S_PL0_09000425 Create Process Model 
487 PAY_DE_PM_001 S_PL0_09000423 Activate Event Linkages for Workflow Events 
488 PAY_DE_PM_002 S_PL0_09000424 Determine Counterevents for Background and Workflow Events 
489 PAY_DE_PM_020 S_PL0_09000469 Activate Event Linkages for Workflow Events 
490 PAY_DE_PS_AZV S_L9C_94000046 Check Absence Type RWT Day 
491 PAY_DE_PS_AZV2 S_L9C_94000047 Define Absence Quota for RWT Day 
492 PAY_DE_PS_AZV3 S_L9C_94000048 Setting for Generating Quota for RWT Day 
493 PAY_DE_PS_AZV4 S_L9C_94000050 Settings for the Collision with RWT Day 
494 PAY_DE_PS_AZV5 S_L9C_94000051 Set Up Substitution Type 'Work on RWT Day' 
495 PAY_DE_PS_AZV6 S_L9C_94000052 Set Up Dynamic Action for 'Illness on RWT Day' 
496 PAY_DE_PS_AZV7 S_L9C_94000053 Set Up Dynamic Action for 'Work on RWT Day' 
497 PAY_DE_PS_AZV8 S_L9C_94000060 Quota Deduction by RWT Day 
498 PAY_DE_PS_AZ_01 S_L4H_49002855 Adjustment Allowance for Changes to Public Service Regulations - Overview - 
499 PAY_DE_PS_AZ_02 S_L4H_49002856 Copy Wage Types for Adjustment Allowance 
500 PAY_DE_PS_AZ_03 S_L4H_49002858 Assign Wage Types to Cumulation Wage Types