SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index P, page 5
IMG Activity - P
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 PAY_GB_ASHE11 S_L7D_24001396 Set Wage type for Shift Premium Calculation 
2 PAY_GB_ASHE12 S_L7D_24001397 Set Wage Type for Bonus Calculation - Performance Based 
3 PAY_GB_ASHE13 S_L7D_24001398 Set Wage Type for Bonus Calculation - Periodical Payments 
4 PAY_GB_ASHE14 S_L7D_24001399 Set Wage Type for Other Pay Calculation 
5 PAY_GB_ASHE15 S_L7D_24001400 Set Wage type for Hourly Rate Calculation 
6 PAY_GB_ASHE16 S_L7D_24001401 Set Wage Type for Pensionable Pay Calculation 
7 PAY_GB_ASHE17 S_L7D_24001402 Set Wage Type for Employee's Pension Contribution Calculation 
8 PAY_GB_ASHE18 S_L7D_24001403 Set Wage Type for Employer's Pension Contribution Calculation 
9 PAY_GB_ASHE2 S_L7D_24001366 Determine Whether the Employee is Hourly Paid 
10 PAY_GB_ASHE3 S_L7D_24001367 Determine Whether Unpaid or Multiple Unpaid Counting Class for Absence 
11 PAY_GB_ASHE4 S_L7D_24001368 Determine Whether Unpaid or Multiple Unpaid Counting Class for Training 
12 PAY_GB_ASHE5 S_L7D_24001369 Determine Whether from Northern Ireland 
13 PAY_GB_ASHE6 S_L7D_24001370 Maintain Pension Type 
14 PAY_GB_ASHE7 S_L7D_24001371 Maintain Collective Agreement Type 
15 PAY_GB_ASHE8 S_L7D_24001375 BAdI: ASHE Returns 
16 PAY_GB_ASHE9 S_L7D_24001391 Set Wage type for Basic Pay Calculation 
17 PAY_GB_BEN_03 S_L9C_94000143 Define Compensation Models 
18 PAY_GB_BEN_04 S_L9C_94000144 Assign Wage Types to Compensation Models 
19 PAY_GB_DT_000 S_PH9_46000418 Legacy Data Transfer 
20 PAY_GB_GL_302 S_L7D_24001575 Possible Solutions in New General Ledger 
21 PAY_GB_GL_303 S_L7D_24001576 Determine Time for Activating Segments 
22 PAY_GB_GL_304 S_L7D_24001577 Use Segment as Additional Controlling Object 
23 PAY_GB_GL_305 S_L7D_24001578 Maintain Feature for Object Selection 
24 PAY_GB_GL_306 S_L7D_24001579 Deactivate Restriction on a Financial Management Area 
25 PAY_GB_GL_307 S_L7D_24001580 Define Type of Distribution 
26 PAY_GB_GL_308 S_L7D_24001581 Note on Relevancy 
27 PAY_GB_GL_313 S_L7D_24001586 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
28 PAY_GB_GL_314 S_L7D_24001587 Enter Wage Types for Posting Payments 
29 PAY_GB_GL_315 S_L7D_24001588 Adjust Account Assignment Types for Symbolic Accounts 
30 PAY_GB_GL_316 S_L7D_24001589 Create Permissible Values for Standard Accounting FM/GM 
31 PAY_GB_GL_317 S_L7D_24001590 Set Grouping Standard Accounting for FM/GM 
32 PAY_GB_GL_319 S_L7D_24001592 Determine Time for Posting Payments 
33 PAY_GB_LGPS1 S_L7D_24001439 Maintain Rates and Bands for Protected Pension Scheme 
34 PAY_GB_LGPS10 S_L7D_24001448 BAdI: Maintain Re-assessment Dates 
35 PAY_GB_LGPS11 S_L7D_24001449 BAdI: Override IT08 Wage Type Values 
36 PAY_GB_LGPS12 S_L7D_24001450 BAdI: Override IT14 Wage Type Values 
37 PAY_GB_LGPS13 S_L7D_24001451 BAdI: Override IT52 Wage type Values 
38 PAY_GB_LGPS14 S_L7D_24001452 BAdI: Override Part time Employee's Pensionable Pay Factoring 
39 PAY_GB_LGPS15 S_L7D_24001453 BAdI: Override Employee's TTO Factor 
40 PAY_GB_LGPS16 S_L7D_24001454 BAdI: Override Pensionable Ad Hoc Payments 
41 PAY_GB_LGPS17 S_L7D_24001460 BAdI: Override Pensionable Pay on a Specific Date 
42 PAY_GB_LGPS2 S_L7D_24001440 Maintain Rates and Bands for Unprotected Pension Schemes 
43 PAY_GB_LGPS3 S_EG4_04000020 Define LGPS Protection 
44 PAY_GB_LGPS4 S_L7D_24001442 Maintain Wage Types for Pensionable Payments 
45 PAY_GB_LGPS5 S_L7D_24001443 Maintain Wage Types for Part Timer Processing 
46 PAY_GB_LGPS6 S_L7D_24001444 Maintain Wage Types for TT Only Processing 
47 PAY_GB_LGPS7 S_L7D_24001445 Maintain Wage Types for PT and TT Only Processing 
48 PAY_GB_LGPS8 S_L7D_24001446 Maintain Wage Types for TT Only Paid Weeks Calculation 
49 PAY_GB_LGPS9 S_L7D_24001447 Maintain Wage Types for Pensionable Ad hoc Paymt Calculation 
50 PAY_GB_OCCU_ABS S_L7D_24000620 Define Part Day Absence Evaluation Rounding 
51 PAY_GB_PENS_01 S_L7D_24000613 Specify Type of Pensionable Pay 
52 PAY_GB_RI_81 S_PH9_46000406 Assign Wage Type Output Types 
53 PAY_GB_RI_82 S_PH9_46000407 Define Posting Collector 
54 PAY_GENERAL S_EBS_44000339 General Information for Payment Customizing 
55 PAY_HK_BN_001 S_AHR_61019284 Create Benefits Wage Types 
56 PAY_HK_BN_002 S_AHR_61019285 Set Up Current Benefit Area 
57 PAY_HK_BN_003 S_AHR_61019286 Assign Wage Types for Benefit Plans 
58 PAY_HK_BN_004 S_AHR_61019287 Assign Wage Types to Claim Plans 
59 PAY_HK_BN_005 S_PH0_48000242 Create Claims Wage Types 
60 PAY_HK_DT_000 S_PH9_46000108 Transfer Legacy Data 
61 PAY_HK_DT_001 S_AHR_61019026 Check Payroll Periods 
62 PAY_HK_DT_002 S_AHR_61019027 Check Wage Types 
63 PAY_HK_NGL_001 S_L7D_24002590 Possible Solutions in New General Ledger 
64 PAY_HK_NGL_002 S_L7D_24002591 Determine Time for Activating Segments 
65 PAY_HK_NGL_003 S_L7D_24002592 Use Segment as Additional Controlling Object 
66 PAY_HK_NGL_004 S_L7D_24002593 Maintain Feature for Object Selection 
67 PAY_HK_NGL_005 S_L7D_24002594 Deactivate Restriction on a Financial Management Area 
68 PAY_HK_NGL_006 S_L7D_24002595 Define Type of Distribution 
69 PAY_HK_NGL_007 S_L7D_24002596 Note on Relevancy 
70 PAY_HK_NGL_008 S_L7D_24002597 Activate Cost Distribution via Function XLIDI 
71 PAY_HK_NGL_009 S_L7D_24002598 Distribution of Liability Wage Types and Inflow Principle 
72 PAY_HK_NGL_010 S_L7D_24002599 Expense-Related Distribution of Liability Wage Types 
73 PAY_HK_NGL_011 S_L7D_24002600 Determine Time for Posting Payments 
74 PAY_HK_NGL_012 S_L7D_24002601 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
75 PAY_HK_NGL_013 S_L7D_24002602 Enter Wage Types for Posting Payments 
76 PAY_HK_NGL_014 S_L7D_24002603 Adjust Account Assignment Types for Symbolic Accounts 
77 PAY_HK_NGL_015 S_L7D_24002604 Create Permissible Values for Standard Accounting FM/GM 
78 PAY_HK_NGL_016 S_L7D_24002605 Set Grouping Standard Accounting for FM/GM 
79 PAY_HK_RI_81 S_PH9_46000070 Assign Wage Type Output Types 
80 PAY_HK_RI_82 S_PH9_46000071 Define Posting Collector 
81 PAY_HK_SMW_001 S_L4H_49001827 Set Statuary Minimum Wage per Hour Constant 
82 PAY_HK_SMW_002 S_L4H_49001828 Specify Generation of Rest Day Payment 
83 PAY_HK_SMW_003 S_L4H_49001829 Specify Actual Working Hours and Minimum Wage 
84 PAY_HK_SMW_004 S_L4H_49001830 Wages Payable before SMW Effective 
85 PAY_HK_SMW_005 S_L4H_49001831 Summarize SMW Wage Types 
86 PAY_HK_SMW_006 S_L4H_49001832 Minimum Wage Check 
87 PAY_HK_SMW_007 S_L4H_49001833 Split SMW Difference 
88 PAY_HK_SMW_008 S_L4H_49001834 SMW Difference Payment 
89 PAY_HR0600_DAQVIEW S_L6D_84000995  
90 PAY_HR12B_DAQVIEW S_L6B_69001310 Display Field Source 
91 PAY_HR99S00_DAQVIEW S_L7D_24000031 Display Field Source 
92 PAY_HRAR00_DAQVIEW S_L7D_24000538 Display field origin 
93 PAY_HRPAYFR_ASSEDICA S_L4H_49000568 BAdI: Modify employer statement for French Employment Center 
94 PAY_HRPAYFR_ELECTION S_L7D_24002511 BAdI: Voters and those eligible as staff officers, C.E. representatives 
95 PAY_ID_BN_001 S_AHR_61019081 Create Benefits Wage Types 
96 PAY_ID_BN_002 S_AHR_61019082 Set Up Current Benefit Area 
97 PAY_ID_BN_003 S_AHR_61019083 Assign Wage Types for Benefit Plans 
98 PAY_ID_BN_004 S_AHR_61019084 Assign Wage Types to Claim Plans 
99 PAY_ID_BN_005 S_PH0_48000243 Create Claims Wage Types 
100 PAY_ID_DT_000 S_PH9_46000106 Transfer Legacy Data 
101 PAY_ID_DT_001 S_AHR_61019034 Check Payroll Periods 
102 PAY_ID_DT_002 S_AHR_61019035 Check Wage Types 
103 PAY_ID_GOV_002 S_L7D_24002208 Determine Eligibility for Industry Specific Govt. Subsidy 
104 PAY_ID_PM_001 S_PL0_09000402 Activate Event Type Linkeage for Workflow Events 
105 PAY_ID_PM_002 S_PL0_09000403 Define Counterevents for Background- and Workflow Events 
106 PAY_ID_RI_81 S_PH9_46000068 Assign Wage Type Output Types 
107 PAY_ID_RI_82 S_PH9_46000069 Define Posting Collector 
108 PAY_ID_RI_83 S_PL0_09000098 BAdI: Controlling the Posting of Payroll Results 
109 PAY_ID_TAX1 S_L7D_24001291 Set Taxable Income Rounding Frequency 
110 PAY_ID_TAX2 S_L7D_24001472 Set Projection Factor Criteria for Terminated Employees 
111 PAY_IE_AB_301 S_PH9_46000581 Refine Absences 
112 PAY_IE_AB_304 S_PH9_46000582 Refine Enhancements for Absences 
113 PAY_IE_DT_000 S_PH9_46000315 Legacy Data Transfer 
114 PAY_IE_PS_PRD S_L7D_24002473 Activate Pension Related Deductions (PRD) 
115 PAY_IE_RI_81 S_PH9_46000326 Assign Wage Type Output Types 
116 PAY_IE_RI_82 S_PH9_46000327 Define Posting Collector 
117 PAY_IN_16_100 S_SL0_21000060 Maintain the Addresss to be Printed on Form No. 16AA 
118 PAY_IN_16_200 S_L7D_24000666 Maintain Form 24Q e-File Submission Acknowledgement Number 
119 PAY_IN_217_100 S_L6B_69000109 Maintain Minimum Salary of Employees for 217 (2A) Printing 
120 PAY_IN_217_200 S_L6B_69000113 Add-In: Percentage Share Held by Employee 
121 PAY_IN_ARR_100 S_L6B_69000133 Maintain Tax Limit and Tax Rate for Arrears Payment 
122 PAY_IN_ARR_200 S_L6B_69000134 Maintain Schema for Tax on Arrears 
123 PAY_IN_BASIC_100 S_L7D_24000585 Enable Multiple Form 16 
124 PAY_IN_BASIC_101 S_L7D_24000659 Enable Multiple Form 16 
125 PAY_IN_BAS_100 S_HRM_42000013 Define Pay Scale Groupings for Allowances 
126 PAY_IN_BAS_110 S_HRM_42000014 Assign Pay Scale Groupings for Allowances 
127 PAY_IN_BAS_150 S_HRM_42000015 Assign Basic Wage Types to Grouping for Allowances 
128 PAY_IN_BAS_200   Define Basic Codes 
129 PAY_IN_BAS_300   Assign Basic Codes for Allowance Groups 
130 PAY_IN_BAS_400   Assign Basic Slabs to Pay Scale Groupings for Allowance 
131 PAY_IN_BAS_500   Maintain Appraisal Criteria for Basic Salary 
132 PAY_IN_BAS_600   Maintain Increment Criteria for Basic Salary 
133 PAY_IN_BON_100   User Exit: Determine Income Tax Rate on Bonus Paid through Off Cycle 
134 PAY_IN_BON_200 S_L6B_69000110 Maintain Bonus Payment Limits as per POBA 
135 PAY_IN_BON_300 S_L6B_69000111 Maintain Salary Limits for Bonus Computations as per POBA 
136 PAY_IN_BTAX_100 S_HRM_42000026 Define Tax Slabs 
137 PAY_IN_BTAX_200 S_HRM_42000027 Assign Tax Slab Rates 
138 PAY_IN_BTAX_300 S_HRM_42000028 Define Personnel Area and Subarea Groupings for Tax 
139 PAY_IN_BTAX_400 S_HRM_42000029 Assign Tax Groupings for Personnel Areas and Subareas 
140 PAY_IN_BTAX_500 S_L6B_69000147 Maintain Feature to Return Employer IncomeTax Related Data 
141 PAY_IN_BTAX_504 S_L7D_24002614 Maintain Tax Rate for Employees without PAN 
142 PAY_IN_BTAX_505 S_L7D_24002638 Maintain the Qualifying Age for Senior Citizens 
143 PAY_IN_BTAX_506 S_L7D_24002639 Maintain the Qualifying Age for Very Senior Citizens 
144 PAY_IN_BTAX_600 S_L7D_24002449 Maintain PAN Check to Define Tax Rate 
145 PAY_IN_CAR_100 S_HRM_42000024 Define Vehicle Details 
146 PAY_IN_CAR_200 S_HRM_42000025 Assign Type and Age of Car for Car Schemes 
147 PAY_IN_CAR_250 S_HRM_42000040 Maintain the Perqusite Values for a Driver 
148 PAY_IN_CAR_300 S_HRM_42000038 Define Perquisite Value of Vehicles for Taxation 
149 PAY_IN_CAR_400 S_HRM_42000039 Assign Eligibility for Own Your Car Scheme (OYCS) 
150 PAY_IN_CAR_500 S_HRM_42000041 Define Amounts and Numbers for Car Schemes 
151 PAY_IN_CAR_600 S_HRM_42000042 Assign Eligibility Criteria for Conveyance Allowance 
152 PAY_IN_CAR_650 S_PCO_36000247 Maintain Rate of Perquisite for COCS 
153 PAY_IN_CAR_700   Define Conveyance Types 
154 PAY_IN_CAR_800 S_L6B_69000148 BAdI: Perquisite and Exemption Processing 
155 PAY_IN_CLM_030   Create Subscreens in Claims Disbursement Module 
156 PAY_IN_CLM_040   Modify Structure to Capture Additional Claims Information 
157 PAY_IN_CLM_050   User Exit: Save and Print Claims additional information 
158 PAY_IN_CLM_060   Determine Subscreen Number for Claims Info 
159 PAY_IN_CLM_100   Maintain Salary Year and Period End Treatment of RAP 
160 PAY_IN_CLM_200   User Exit: Determine Carry Foward Dates 
161 PAY_IN_CLM_300 S_L6B_69000150 Add-In: Save and Retrieve Claims Data 
162 PAY_IN_CLM_400 S_L6B_69000151 User Exit: Determine Eligibility for Claims 
163 PAY_IN_DA_100 S_HRM_42000019 Define Consumer Price Indices 
164 PAY_IN_DA_200 S_HRM_42000020 Assign Current and Reference Values for Consumer Price Indices 
165 PAY_IN_DA_300 S_HRM_42000021 Maintain Basic Slab Details for Dearness Allowance 
166 PAY_IN_DA_400 S_HRM_42000022 Maintain Dearness Allowance Rules for Allowance Groupings 
167 PAY_IN_DA_500   Maintain Dearness Allowance Consumer Price Index Slab Details 
168 PAY_IN_EPF_100 S_HRM_42000043 Define Trust Details for Provident Fund 
169 PAY_IN_EPF_200 S_HRM_42000044 Assign PF Groupings for Personnel Areas and Subareas 
170 PAY_IN_EPF_2000 S_L7D_24001857 BAdI: Calculate Non Contributory Days for Annual PF/Pension Report 
171 PAY_IN_EPF_300 S_HRM_42000045 Assign Contribution Categories for PF Groupings 
172 PAY_IN_EPF_3000 S_L7D_24001881 BAdI: Calculate Previous Employment Days for Annual Pension Report 
173 PAY_IN_EPF_400 S_HRM_42000046 Assign Statutory Rates for Provident Fund 
174 PAY_IN_EPF_500 S_HRM_42000047 Assign Company Rates for Provident Fund 
175 PAY_IN_EPF_600 S_HRM_42000048 Define PF Trust Validity Period 
176 PAY_IN_EPF_700   Maintain Contribution Details for Provident Fund 
177 PAY_IN_EPF_800   Define Contribution type for Statutory rates for Provident Fund 
178 PAY_IN_EPF_850 S_L6B_69000149 User Exit: Override Employer Pension Basis 
179 PAY_IN_EPF_900   User Exit: Computation of PF by Gross Carry Forward Method 
180 PAY_IN_EPF_950 S_PL0_09000189 BAdI: March Data Upload for Annual PF/Pension Report 
181 PAY_IN_EPF_956 S_L7D_24002474 BAdI: Calculate VPF Contribution 
182 PAY_IN_EPF_957 S_L7D_24002530 BAdI: PF and EDLI computation 
183 PAY_IN_EPF_975 S_L7D_24000539 Define Message Type for Display in PF Calculation 
184 PAY_IN_ESI_050 S_HRM_42000051 Maintain ESI Eligibility Limit 
185 PAY_IN_ESI_070 S_L6B_69000076 Maintain Number of Working Days in a Month 
186 PAY_IN_ESI_100 S_EHR_44000004 Define Personnel Area and Subarea Groupings for ESI 
187 PAY_IN_ESI_200 S_EHR_44000005 Assign ESI Groupings for Personnel Area and Subarea 
188 PAY_IN_ESI_300 S_EHR_44000006 Maintain Contribution Rates for ESI 
189 PAY_IN_ESI_400 S_HRM_42000052 BAdI: Ignore ESI Refund during Retrospective Payroll Run 
190 PAY_IN_ESI_500 S_L7D_24002885 BAdI - Fetch ESI Monthly Return Details 
191 PAY_IN_EXM_050 S_L6B_69000306 Maintain Schema for Exemption on Medical Reimbursement/Insurance 
192 PAY_IN_EXM_100 S_L6B_69000307 Maintain Schema for Exemption on Child Education and Hostel Allowances 
193 PAY_IN_EXM_200 S_L6B_69000308 Define Other Allowance or Reimbursement Subtype for Exemption 
194 PAY_IN_EXM_300 S_L6B_69000309 Maintain Schema for Exemption on Other Allowances and Reimbursements 
195 PAY_IN_EXM_400 S_L7D_24000460 Assign NE Tax Exemp. Eligibility for Pers. Area and Subarea 
196 PAY_IN_EXM_450 S_L7D_24000459 Maintain NE Tax Exemption for Employees 
197 PAY_IN_EXM_500 S_L7D_24000461 Maintain Ee Community Eligibility for NE Tax Exemp. 
198 PAY_IN_FBP1 S_L7D_24001310 Set Update and Retrieve Enhancement Functionality for SP 
199 PAY_IN_FBP2 S_L7D_24001311 Set Method of Remainder Calculation 
200 PAY_IN_FORM16_1 S_L7D_24002518 BAdI: Determine Employee Designation 
201 PAY_IN_FORM24_300 S_L7D_24000665 Maintain Number of Days for Expiry of TemSe File 
202 PAY_IN_GL_401 S_L7D_24002822 Activate Cost Distribution via Function XLIDI 
203 PAY_IN_GL_402 S_L7D_24002823 Distribution of Liability Wage Types and Inflow Principle 
204 PAY_IN_GL_403 S_L7D_24002824 Expense-Related Distribution of Liability Wage Types 
205 PAY_IN_GL_900 S_L7D_24001405 Possible Solutions in New General ledger 
206 PAY_IN_GL_902 S_L7D_24001407 Determine Time for Activating Segments 
207 PAY_IN_GL_903 S_L7D_24001408 Use Segment as Additional Controlling Object 
208 PAY_IN_GL_904 S_L7D_24001409 Maintain Feature for Object Selection 
209 PAY_IN_GL_905 S_L7D_24001410 Deactivate Restriction on a Financial Management Area 
210 PAY_IN_GL_906 S_L7D_24001411 Define Type of Distribution 
211 PAY_IN_GL_907 S_L7D_24001412 Note on Relevancy 
212 PAY_IN_GL_908 S_L7D_24001413 Maintain Wage Type Grouping for Cost Distribution 
213 PAY_IN_GL_909 S_L7D_24001414 Activate Cost Distribution Using Function XCODI 
214 PAY_IN_GL_910 S_L7D_24001415 Maintain Relevant Wage Types for Retroactive Accounting Differences 
215 PAY_IN_GL_911 S_L7D_24001416 Determine Time for Posting Payments 
216 PAY_IN_GL_912 S_L7D_24001417 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
217 PAY_IN_GL_913 S_L7D_24001418 Enter Wage Types for Posting Payments 
218 PAY_IN_GL_914 S_L7D_24001419 Adjust Account Assignment Types for Symbolic Accounts 
219 PAY_IN_GL_915 S_L7D_24001420 Create Permissible Values for Standard Accounting FM/GM 
220 PAY_IN_GL_916 S_L7D_24001421 Set Grouping Standard Accounting for FM/GM 
221 PAY_IN_GRA_105   Maintain Gratuity Trust ID 
222 PAY_IN_GRA_108   Maintain Gratuity Contrib. Freq. and Related Wage Types 
223 PAY_IN_GRA_110 S_EHR_44000002 Define Contribution Rates for Gratuity 
224 PAY_IN_GRA_150   Maintain the Eligibility Years for Gratuity 
225 PAY_IN_GRA_300   Check for Gratuity Contribution 
226 PAY_IN_GRA_400   Maintain Wagetypes to be Passed During Retro Runs 
227 PAY_IN_HFS_100 S_HRM_42000023 Maintain block of years for Long Term Reimbursements 
228 PAY_IN_HRA_110 S_HRM_42000002 Maintain Exemption for HRA in Metro Cities 
229 PAY_IN_HSG_050 S_AL0_96000770 Maintain the Processing Options for CLA 
230 PAY_IN_HSG_070   User Exit: Determine Perk Value for Housing 
231 PAY_IN_HSG_080   User Exit: Screen Validations for Housing Infotype 
232 PAY_IN_HSG_100 S_HRM_42000049 Maintain Fair Rental Value and Basis for Metro Cities 
233 PAY_IN_HSG_200 S_HRM_42000050 Maintain FRV and Basis for Non-Metro Cities 
234 PAY_IN_HSG_500   Define Accomodation Types 
235 PAY_IN_LGCY_000 S_PL0_09000183 Legacy Data Transfer 
236 PAY_IN_LGCY_001 S_PL0_09000181 Define Periods for Import 
237 PAY_IN_LGCY_002 S_PL0_09000182 Define Pay Elements for Import 
238 PAY_IN_LON_100   Define Value Dates for Payroll Area 
239 PAY_IN_LON_105 S_L6B_69000496 Customer Pay Types: Overview 
240 PAY_IN_LON_110   Control Allocation of Loans 
241 PAY_IN_LON_120   Adjust Screen Control 
242 PAY_IN_LON_130 S_L6B_69000137 Maintain Loans Grouping 
243 PAY_IN_LON_140 S_L6B_69000138 Maintain Salary Components 
244 PAY_IN_LON_144 S_L6B_69000139 Maintain Maximum Number of Loans Allowed 
245 PAY_IN_LON_148 S_L6B_69000140 Maintain Maximum amount for loans outstanding 
246 PAY_IN_LON_150 S_L6B_69000141 Maintain Loans Eligibility Checks and Limits 
247 PAY_IN_LON_160 S_L6B_69000142 Maintain Loans Disbursement Schedule 
248 PAY_IN_LON_170 S_L6B_69000143 Maintain the Description for the Event Codes Tranche 
249 PAY_IN_LON_180 S_L6B_69000145 BAdI: Loans Eligibility 
250 PAY_IN_LON_196 S_L6B_69000144 Maintain Penal Amount Percentage for Special Repayment 
251 PAY_IN_LON_198 S_L6B_69000146 BAdI: Penal Interest Amount 
252 PAY_IN_LON_200   Maintain Deduction Details Under Section 24 
253 PAY_IN_LON_250 S_PL0_86000087 Automate Addition of Principal Repayment Amount to Sec 88 
254 PAY_IN_LON_300 S_L6B_69000310 Maintain Rule for Interest Rate Advantage Taxation 
255 PAY_IN_LTA_110 S_HRM_42000016 Maintain Minimum Eligibility Period for Leave Travel Allowance 
256 PAY_IN_LTA_120 S_HRM_42000017 Maintain Leave Travel Allowance Begin and End Dates 
257 PAY_IN_LTA_130 S_HRM_42000018 Maintain Number of Journeys Exempted for LTA 
258 PAY_IN_LWF_100 S_HRM_42000001 Define Personnel Area and Subarea Groupings for LWF 
259 PAY_IN_LWF_200 S_HRM_42000032 Assign Universal Contribution Groupings for Universal Contribution Types 
260 PAY_IN_LWF_300 S_HRM_42000033 Maintain Contribution Rates for Labour Welfare Fund 
261 PAY_IN_LWF_400 S_L6B_69000102 User Exit: Determine Personnel Subarea Grp for ESI 
262 PAY_IN_LWF_500 S_L7D_24000422 Assign State for Universal Contribution Grouping 
263 PAY_IN_LWF_600 S_L7D_24000423 Assign Slab Code and Other Parameters for Each State of a Univ. Type 
264 PAY_IN_LWF_700 S_L7D_24000424 Assign Contribution Value for Each Slab 
265 PAY_IN_LWF_800 S_L7D_24001364 Maintain the Position of an employee for the Labour Welfare Fund 
266 PAY_IN_MNP_100 S_L6B_69000106 Maintain Value for Determination of Minimum Wage 
267 PAY_IN_MNP_200 S_L6B_69000107 BAdI: Minimum Net Pay Value 
268 PAY_IN_OCYC_050   Check entry permissibility for Infotype (0267) 
269 PAY_IN_OCYC_100   Specify default values for wage types 
270 PAY_IN_OCYC_200   Specify Default Values for Payroll Results 
271 PAY_IN_OCYC_300   Specify Default Values for Payment Methods 
272 PAY_IN_ODD_100   Maintain Details for One Day Salary Deduction 
273 PAY_IN_PM_001 S_PL0_09000390 Activate Event Type Linkeage for Workflow Events 
274 PAY_IN_PM_002 S_PL0_09000391 Define Counterevents for Background- and Workflow Events 
275 PAY_IN_PTAX_1100 S_L7D_24002786 BAdI: Overwrite Professional Tax details 
276 PAY_IN_PTX_100 S_HRM_42000034 Define Professional Tax Grouping Details 
277 PAY_IN_PTX_1000 S_L7D_24000451 BAdI: Calculate Professional Tax Deduction Amount 
278 PAY_IN_PTX_200 S_HRM_42000035 Assign PTax Groupings for Personnel Areas and Subareas 
279 PAY_IN_PTX_300 S_HRM_42000036 Assign Amounts for Professional Tax Deduction 
280 PAY_IN_PTX_400 S_HRM_42000037 Maintain Method and Form Layout for PTax Groupings 
281 PAY_IN_PTX_600   Special Treatment of Professional Tax Paid 
282 PAY_IN_PTX_800 S_L6B_69000103 User Exit: Determine Personnel Subarea Grp for Professional Tax 
283 PAY_IN_PTX_900 S_L7D_24000450 BAdI: Determine Basis for Professional Tax 
284 PAY_IN_RAP_010 S_HRM_42000057 Assign Wage Type Model for Pay Scale Grouping for Allowances 
285 PAY_IN_RAP_100 S_HRM_42000053 Maintain Default Wage Types for Basic Pay 
286 PAY_IN_RAP_300 S_HRM_42000056 Maintain Wage Type Characteristics 
287 PAY_IN_RAP_400 S_HRM_42000054 Maintain Pay Scale Groups and Levels 
288 PAY_IN_RAP_500 S_HRM_42000055 Maintain Valuation of Base Wage Types 
289 PAY_IN_RAP_600 S_HRM_42000058 Maintain Allowance Rules for Pay Scale Groupings 
290 PAY_IN_RAP_700 S_HRM_42000059 Maintain Allowance Rules based on Slabs 
291 PAY_IN_RAP_800 S_HRM_42000061 Maintain Extra Eligibility Criteria for RAPs 
292 PAY_IN_RAP_900   Calculate Eligibility for RAPs 
293 PAY_IN_RAR_100   Maintain Rule to form Differences from Previous Results 
294 PAY_IN_RAR_200   Maintain Rule to form Differences with Actual Amounts 
295 PAY_IN_RAR_300   Maintain Rule to Bring Forward Difference Amounts 
296 PAY_IN_RI_81 S_PL0_09000103 Assign Expenditure Types to Wage Types 
297 PAY_IN_RI_82 S_PL0_09000104 Define Posting Collector 
298 PAY_IN_RI_83 S_PL0_09000105 BAdI: Controlling the Posting of Payroll Results 
299 PAY_IN_ROR_100 S_L6B_69000505 Maintain Details for Recovery of Rounded Off Amounts 
300 PAY_IN_SAN_205   Maintain Superannuation Trust ID 
301 PAY_IN_SAN_208   Maintain Superannuation Contrib. Freq and Rel. Wage Types 
302 PAY_IN_SAN_210 S_EHR_44000003 Define Contribution Rates for Superannuation 
303 PAY_IN_SAN_220 S_HRM_42000060 Maintain Eligibility Details for Superannuation 
304 PAY_IN_SAN_300   Check for Superannuation Contributions 
305 PAY_IN_SAN_400   Maintain Wagetypes to be passed During Retro Runs 
306 PAY_IN_SEC88_100 S_AC0_52000069 Maintain Income Limit for Section 88D Rebate 
307 PAY_IN_SEC89_200 S_PL0_09000304 Rule to Maintain Legacy Data for Section 89(1) Relief Calculation 
308 PAY_IN_SEC89_300 S_PL0_09000306 Rule to Capture Section 89(1) Relief Computed Outside SAP Payroll 
309 PAY_IN_SEC89_400 S_L6B_69000470 Maintain Constant for Computation of Negative Value of Wage Type /650 
310 PAY_IN_SEC89_500 S_PL0_86000088 Configure Cross Financial Year Retro for March 
311 PAY_IN_SEC_80   Configure Wagetypes for Section 80 
312 PAY_IN_SEC_801 S_EHR_44000011 Define Subsections 
313 PAY_IN_SEC_802 S_EHR_44000012 Assign Subsection Limit 
314 PAY_IN_SEC_803 S_EHR_44000013 Assign Subdivision Limits 
315 PAY_IN_SEC_88   Configure Wagetypes for Section 88 
316 PAY_IN_SEC_881 S_EHR_44000014 Define Investment Category Limit 
317 PAY_IN_SEC_882 S_EHR_44000015 Assign Investment Item 
318 PAY_IN_SEC_883 S_EHR_44000016 Set Item Limits 
319 PAY_IN_SEC_89 S_PL0_09000285 Maintain Sec89(1) Switch at Implementation Level 
320 PAY_IN_SPL_100 S_L7D_24000473 Enable Split Payroll Run 
321 PAY_IN_TAXR_100   Maintain Tax Rules as per Customer Specification 
322 PAY_IN_TAXR_200   Maintain Rule for Voluntary Tax Deduction 
323 PAY_IN_TAXR_300 S_L7D_24000342 Maintain Rule to Create Wage Type /12N 
324 PAY_IN_TAXR_400 S_L7D_24000343 Maintain Rule to Store Latest Nominal Salary 
325 PAY_IN_TAXR_401 S_L7D_24001282 Configure Nominal Wage Types for Customer Specific Exemptions 
326 PAY_IN_TAX_101 S_L7D_24000341 Configure Annual Taxable Income Projection Method 
327 PAY_IN_TAX_400 S_AC0_52000183 Maintain Tax Rate for Short Term Capital Gains (Listed Securities) 
328 PAY_IN_TAX_500   User Exit: Determine Personnel Sub Area Grouping for Tax 
329 PAY_IN_TAX_600 S_PL0_09000190 BAdI: Tax Date and Bank Details for Form 16 
330 PAY_IN_TAX_700 S_L6B_69000508 BAdI: Tax on Non Monetary Perk Paid by Employer for Form 16 Reporting 
331 PAY_IN_TAX_804 S_EHR_44000017 Define Subdivisions 
332 PAY_IN_TDS_001 S_L7D_24000606 Maintain Rule for TDS on Irregular Payments in Regular Run 
333 PAY_IN_TER_100   Set Up Personnel Actions 
334 PAY_IN_TER_150 S_PCO_36000263 Define Action Type for Termination 
335 PAY_IN_TER_200   Create reasons for Personnel Actions 
336 PAY_IN_TER_300 S_AL0_96000745 Define Infogroups 
337 PAY_IN_TER_400 S_AL0_96000598 Determine Periods of Notice 
338 PAY_IN_TER_500   Determine Deadline Type 
339 PAY_IN_TER_600   Maintain Calculation Factor for Retiral Benefits 
340 PAY_IN_TER_700   Calculation method for Notice Pay 
341 PAY_IN_TER_800 S_L7D_24000549 BAdI: Calc. Methods for Superannuation, Gratuity and Leave Encashment 
342 PAY_IN_TPD_100 S_PL0_09000191 Define Membership/Deduction Types 
343 PAY_IN_TPD_200 S_PL0_09000192 Check entry permissibility for Membership Fees Infotype (0057) 
344 PAY_IN_TRAP_100 S_HRM_42000030 Define Tax Codes 
345 PAY_IN_TRAP_200 S_HRM_42000031 Assign Tax Code Limits to Wage Types 
346 PAY_IN_TRAP_300   User Exit: Define User Rules for Section 80 and 88 
347 PAY_ITA_IR_82 S_L6B_69000537 Define posting collector 
348 PAY_ITA_RI_81 S_L6B_69000536 Assign expenditure types to wage types 
349 PAY_ITA_RI_82 S_L6B_69000538 Define posting collector 
350 PAY_IT_AB_300 S_L6B_69000828 Define detailed absences (< 1 day) 
351 PAY_IT_DAQVIEW S_L7D_24002361 Display field origin 
352 PAY_IT_DAQ_5F99FCND S_L7D_24002354 Define field value as a condition 
353 PAY_IT_DAQ_A_F_SECT S_L7D_24002358 Assign fields to a section 
354 PAY_IT_DAQ_CONDT S_L7D_24002360 Set up conditions 
355 PAY_IT_DAQ_CONDTI S_L7D_24002359 Indicate conditions 
356 PAY_IT_DAQ_FIDAQ S_L7D_24002353 Indicate fields and assign the origin 
357 PAY_IT_DAQ_FORM S_L7D_24002349 Define form 
358 PAY_IT_DAQ_OVERVIEW S_L7D_24002348 DAQ: Overview 
359 PAY_IT_DAQ_SECTN S_L7D_24002357 Define form sections 
360 PAY_IT_DAQ_SOUGR S_L7D_24002356 Install field groups 
361 PAY_IT_DAQ_SOUGRI S_L7D_24002355 Define field groups 
362 PAY_IT_DAQ_SOUWT S_L7D_24002351 Check wage type assignment to existing wage type groups 
363 PAY_IT_DAQ_SOUWTX S_L7D_24002352 Add customized assignments to existing wage type groups 
364 PAY_IT_DAQ_SOUWT_A S_L7D_24002350 Indicate wage type groupings 
365 PAY_IT_DL025 S_L6B_69000549 Definire interest calculation method 
366 PAY_IT_DL030 S_L6B_69000552 Update loan types 
367 PAY_IT_DL033 S_L6B_69000551 Adjust screen control 
368 PAY_IT_DL035 S_L6B_69000555 Check loan allocation 
369 PAY_IT_DL036 S_L6B_69000553 Set customer-specific payment types 
370 PAY_IT_DL037 S_L6B_69000554 Program processing logic for payment types 
371 PAY_IT_ESS_PAYSLIP S_L6B_69000058 BAdI: statement of wages only accessible via ESS 
372 PAY_IT_HPPAY00_ESS_P S_L6B_69000042 Default statement of wages form (ESS)in PDF 
373 PAY_IT_LO_001 S_L6B_69000459  
374 PAY_JP_RI_80 S_PL0_09000312 Integration of HR Funds and Position Management 
375 PAY_JP_RI_81 S_PH0_48000100 Assign Wage Type Output Types 
376 PAY_JP_RI_82 S_PH0_48000101 Define Posting Collector 
377 PAY_KR_BEN_03 S_KPH_31000472 Define Compensation Models 
378 PAY_KR_BEN_04 S_KPH_31000473 Assign Wage Types to Compensation Models 
379 PAY_KR_DT_000 S_KPH_31000470 Legacy Data Transfer 
380 PAY_KR_DT_001 S_KPH_31000469 Payroll Periods 
381 PAY_KR_DT_002 S_KPH_31000471 Wage Types 
382 PAY_KR_RI_81 S_KPH_31000570 Assign Expenditure Types to Wage Types 
383 PAY_KR_RI_82 S_KPH_31000571 Define Posting Collector 
384 PAY_LA_PD001 S_AL0_96000669 Maintain dismissal protection properties 
385 PAY_L_RI_81 S_PH9_46000692 Assign wage type output types 
386 PAY_L_RI_82 S_PH9_46000693 Define posting collector 
387 PAY_L_RI_83 S_PL0_09000099 BAdI: Controlling the Posting of Payroll Results 
388 PAY_MAPPING_TOOL_5FA S_L7D_24002329 Define and map the Application Date Type to Date Type 
389 PAY_ML_BANKID_001 S_L7D_24002548 Configure Bank Client Code 
390 PAY_MX_99S00_DAQVIEW S_L7D_24000305 Display field origin 
391 PAY_MX_ACUM0930 S_L9C_94000251 Describe cumulation for Federal Taxpayer Register 
392 PAY_MX_ACUM0932 S_L9C_94000252 Determine initialization of wage type in the event of leaving 
393 PAY_MX_AV_2 S_L9C_94000176 Practical example of averages for Mexico 
394 PAY_MX_BEN010 S_L9C_94000438 Limit contributions for benefits 
395 PAY_MX_BEN110 S_L9C_94000124 Maintain average personal savings fund balance 
396 PAY_MX_BEN120 S_L9C_94000125 Maintain savings fund interest factor 
397 PAY_MX_BEN130 S_L9C_94000126 Maintain remuneration basis and savings fund contribution limit 
398 PAY_MX_BEN140 S_L9C_94000127 Maintain remuneration basis and food vouchers contribution limit 
399 PAY_MX_BEN150 S_AL0_96000065 Maintain calculation of INFONAVIT deductions basis 
400 PAY_MX_BEN160 S_L6B_69000462 Maintian inclusion of employees in food voucher list 
401 PAY_MX_DAQ_A_F_SECT S_L7D_24000302 Assign fields to section 
402 PAY_MX_DAQ_CONDT S_L7D_24000304 Structure conditions 
403 PAY_MX_DAQ_CONDTI S_L7D_24000303 Specify conditions 
404 PAY_MX_DAQ_FIDAQ S_L7D_24000297 Specify fields and assign origin 
405 PAY_MX_DAQ_FORM S_L7D_24000293 Define forms 
406 PAY_MX_DAQ_OVERVIEW S_L7D_24000292 DAQ: Overview 
407 PAY_MX_DAQ_SECTN S_L7D_24000301 Define form sections 
408 PAY_MX_DAQ_SOUGR S_L7D_24000300 Structure form groups 
409 PAY_MX_DAQ_SOUGRI S_L7D_24000299 Specify field groups 
410 PAY_MX_DAQ_SOUWT S_L7D_24000295 Check wage type assignment to existing wage type groups 
411 PAY_MX_DAQ_SOUWTX S_L7D_24000296 Add customer-specific assignment to existing wage types 
412 PAY_MX_DAQ_SOUWT_A S_L7D_24000294 Specify wage type groupings 
413 PAY_MX_DL023 S_L6B_69000409 Check payroll parameters 
414 PAY_MX_DL025 S_L6B_69000410 Specify interest calculation method 
415 PAY_MX_DL030 S_L6B_69000418 Maintain loan classes 
416 PAY_MX_DL033 S_L6B_69000417 Adjust image control 
417 PAY_MX_DL034 S_L6B_69000437 Customer's own payment types: General items 
418 PAY_MX_DL035 S_L6B_69000421 Control loan commitment 
419 PAY_MX_DL036 S_L6B_69000419 Install specific customer payment types 
420 PAY_MX_DL037 S_L6B_69000420 Program payment types processing logic 
421 PAY_MX_DTFA_000 S_L9C_94000012 Savings Fund 
422 PAY_MX_DTPTU_000 S_L9C_94000013 Profit sharing 
423 PAY_MX_DTSS_000 S_L9C_94000011 Social Insurance 
424 PAY_MX_DTTX_000 S_L9C_94000010 Taxes 
425 PAY_MX_ESS_PAYSLIP S_L6B_69000005 BAdI: Remuneration statement only accessible through ESS 
426 PAY_MX_FAD010 S_L9C_94000134 Define cumulation for savings fund and food vouchers 
427 PAY_MX_FO_009 S_L7D_24002911 Configure district validation in infotype Addresses (0006) 
428 PAY_MX_FO_010 S_L7D_24002912 Update districts for infotype Addresses (0006) 
429 PAY_MX_HPPAY00_ESS_P S_L6B_69000004 Make remuneration statement form (ESS) available in PDF format 
430 PAY_MX_IM141 S_L9C_94000172 Determine variant for tax art. 86 RLISR income tax regulation 
431 PAY_MX_IM142 S_L6B_69000160 Check maximum income for annual declaration 
432 PAY_MX_IM182 S_AL0_96000355 Define wage types for Wages and Salaries' Declaration 
433 PAY_MX_IM183 S_L6B_69000703 Define wage types for annual Remuneration according to wage levels report 
434 PAY_MX_IM184 S_L7D_24002910 Verify exemption limit for Oaxaca State 
435 PAY_MX_IM310 S_L9C_94000114 Maintain calculation of monthly salary for taxes 
436 PAY_MX_IM320 S_L9C_94000115 Maintain cumulation basis for federal tax 
437 PAY_MX_IM330 S_L9C_94000116 Maintain calculation of interest rate according to the market 
438 PAY_MX_IM340 S_L9C_94000117 Maintain exemptions of taxable income 
439 PAY_MX_IM350 S_L9C_94000118 Maintain periodicity factors for taxes 
440 PAY_MX_IM360 S_L9C_94000119 Maintain credit on salary and marginal tax (obsolete) 
441 PAY_MX_IM370 S_L9C_94000120 Maintain method and/or tax calculation per employee 
442 PAY_MX_IM380 S_L9C_94000121 Maintain tax calculation method 
443 PAY_MX_IM381 S_L9C_94000173 Maintain days monthly ratio art. 86 RLISR income tax regulation 
444 PAY_MX_IM382 S_L6B_69000458 Maintain alternative cost centre, deferred tax adjustment 
445 PAY_MX_IM383 S_L6B_69000495 Maintain subsidy proprtion for Deductions Declaration 
446 PAY_MX_INFON010 S_L9C_94000135 Determine basic salary for INFONAVIT deduction 
447 PAY_MX_LO_001 S_L6B_69000423 BAdI: Evaluations for company loans 
448 PAY_MX_OC_001 S_L7D_24002508 Determine wage type list for reversing payment 
449 PAY_MX_OC_002 S_L7D_24002509 Define reasons for invalid checks 
450 PAY_MX_OC_003 S_L7D_24002507 Prerequisites for reversing payments 
451 PAY_MX_OHAXRI092 S_PL0_09000110 BAdI: Payroll results posting control 
452 PAY_MX_PA128 S_L6B_69000662 Determine the conversion of legal debt from 99.99% to 100% 
453 PAY_MX_PE414 S_L9C_94000133 Change minimum seniority for seniority premium 
454 PAY_MX_PE441 S_L9C_94000174 Define cumulation in alternative valuation basis 
455 PAY_MX_PE442 S_L9C_94000175 Change rules for calculation of alternative basis for severance pay 
456 PAY_MX_PE443 S_L9C_94000472 Define own valuation basis 
457 PAY_MX_PE510 S_L9C_94000106 Maintain wage for calculation of annual bonus 
458 PAY_MX_PE520 S_AL0_96000209 Maintain annual bonus days for incomplete seniority year 
459 PAY_MX_PE710 S_L9C_94000107 Maintain days worked and income basis for profit sharing 
460 PAY_MX_PE720 S_AL0_96000207 Maintain alternative cost center for profit sharing 
461 PAY_MX_PE800 S_L9C_94000132 Check payroll constants 
462 PAY_MX_PMCREATE S_AHR_61019102 Create process model 
463 PAY_MX_PRV010 S_L9C_94000136 Determine basic wage for provisions 
464 PAY_MX_PRV020 S_AL0_96000219 Determine modifier for leave quotas 
465 PAY_MX_RI81 S_PH9_46000396 Assign expenses type to wage types 
466 PAY_MX_RI_82 S_PH0_48000208 Define posting collector 
467 PAY_MX_SS0530 S_L9C_94000253 Classify wage types for daily wage calculation 
468 PAY_MX_SS130 S_L6B_69000481 Chack number of absence days not relevant for contributions 
469 PAY_MX_SS320 S_L9C_94000130 Check payroll constants for occupational risk 
470 PAY_MX_SS800 S_L9C_94000131 Change days for variable part of integrated daily wage 
471 PAY_MX_SS810 S_L9C_94000110 Maintain contribution days 
472 PAY_MX_SS820 S_L9C_94000111 Maintain fixed and variable payment exemptions 
473 PAY_MX_SS830 S_L9C_94000112 Maintain basic wage and days of leave premium and annual bonus 
474 PAY_MX_SS840 S_L9C_94000113 Maintain absence, worked, incapacities and profit share days 
475 PAY_MX_SS850 S_L6B_69000112 Maintain daily wage for calculating employer contributions 
476 PAY_MX_SS870 S_L7D_24002918 Define calculation of fixed SDI for reduced hours 
477 PAY_MX_TE1 S_L7D_24000093 Check compensation types 
478 PAY_MX_TE2 S_L7D_24000094 Define termination types 
479 PAY_MX_TE3 S_L7D_24000095 Define employee groups for termination 
480 PAY_MX_TE4 S_L7D_24000096 Check compensation processing 
481 PAY_MX_TE5 S_L7D_24000097 Assign time quota compensation types to work termination classes 
482 PAY_MX_TERM_000 S_L9C_94000271 Define work termination classes 
483 PAY_MX_TERM_010 S_L9C_94000272 Define types of payment to be made for work termination 
484 PAY_MX_TERM_020 S_L9C_94000273 Assign payment types to work termination classes 
485 PAY_MX_TERM_022 S_L9C_94000275 Create wage types for work termination payments 
486 PAY_MX_TERM_030 S_L9C_94000274 Assign time quota compensation types to work termination classes 
487 PAY_MX_TERM_031 S_AL0_96000614 BAdI: Determine number of quota days to be settled 
488 PAY_MX_TERM_040 S_L9C_94000352 Define wage type processing for work termination payment calculation 
489 PAY_MX_TERM_042 S_L9C_94000356 Assign valuation basis to work termination wage types 
490 PAY_MX_TERM_051 S_L9C_94000474 Define cumulation based on valuation model 
491 PAY_MX_TERM_060 S_L9C_94000461 Define alternative payments for work termination 
492 PAY_MX_TERM_071 S_L9C_94000462 Determine accuracy of factor for termination 
493 PAY_MX_TERM_072 S_L9C_94000463 Determine minimum seniority in days 
494 PAY_MX_TERM_073 S_L9C_94000464 Determine days to pay for severance pay 
495 PAY_MX_TERM_074 S_L9C_94000465 Determine minimum number of years for seniority premium 
496 PAY_MX_TERM_075 S_L9C_94000466 Determine days per year of service for seniority premium 
497 PAY_MX_TERM_076 S_L9C_94000467 Determine days for relocation premium 
498 PAY_MX_TERM_077 S_L9C_94000468 Determine number of minimum wages for basic salary seniority premium 
499 PAY_MX_TERM_080 S_AL0_96000615 BAdI: Define severance payments display 
500 PAY_MX_TERM_081 S_AL0_96000616 BAdI: Adjust infotypes for termination