SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index P, page 8
IMG Activity - P
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 PBS_AU_PAY_PIF_005 S_PCO_36000351 Specify Infotype/Subtype for work email 
2 PBS_AU_PAY_PIF_006 S_PCO_36000352 Specify Infotype/Subtype for home email 
3 PBS_AU_PAY_PIF_007 S_L7D_24000254 Maintain Decisions for Employment Type 
4 PBS_AU_PAY_SA_001 S_KI4_29000191 Specify Superable Salary Component 
5 PBS_AU_PAY_SA_010 S_KI4_29000190 Specify Minimum Number of Months of Higher Duty for SA 
6 PBS_AU_PAY_SA_020 S_KI4_29000189 Specify Minimum Number of Months of Membership for SA 
7 PBS_AU_PAY_SA_030 S_KI4_29000198 Specify Percentage of Periods of Penalty Received for SA 
8 PBS_AU_PAY_SA_035 S_KI4_55000254 Specify Minimum Number of Months of Allowance for SA 
9 PBS_AU_PAY_SA_040 S_KI4_29000197 Configuration of Superable Salary Calculation 
10 PBS_AU_TER_001 S_KI4_29000203 Assign Redundancy Model to Payment Type & Payment Formula 
11 PBS_AU_TER_010 S_KI4_29000204 Assign Payment Rule Group to Payment Formula 
12 PBS_AU_TER_020   Setup Leave Loading for Termination 
13 PBS_AU_TER_AD_001 S_KI4_55000621 Check assignment of wage types to wage type group 
14 PBS_AU_TER_AD_010 S_KI4_55000625 Copy Wage Types for Additional Adjustment 
15 PBS_AU_TER_BS_001 S_KI4_29000207 Define Termination & Redundancy Model 
16 PBS_AU_TER_BS_010 S_KI4_29000210 Specify Decision for Termination & Redundancy Model 
17 PBS_AU_TER_BS_015 S_KI4_55000622 Copy Wage Types for Leave Payment 
18 PBS_AU_TER_BS_016 S_KI4_55000623 Copy Wage Types for Termination Payment 
19 PBS_AU_TER_BS_020 S_KI4_29000211 Define Payment Type for Terminations & Redundancies 
20 PBS_AU_TER_BS_030 S_KI4_29000199 Define Payment Formula for Terminations & Redundancies 
21 PBS_AU_TER_BS_040 S_KI4_29000200 Define Payment Rule Group for Terminations & Redundancies 
22 PBS_AU_TER_BS_050   Setup Period to Count HDA into Salary for Termination Payment 
23 PBS_AU_TER_CP_001   Setup Wage Types for Cheque Payment 
24 PBS_AU_TER_CP_010 S_KI4_55000624 Copy Wage Types for Cheque Payment 
25 PBS_AU_TER_ETP_001 S_KI4_55000626 Assign wage types for ETP Payment 
26 PBS_AU_TER_ETP_010 S_KI4_55000627 Specify Layout and Printer 
27 PBS_AU_TER_LP_001 S_KI4_29000226 Define Flexible Payment Rule for Leave 
28 PBS_AU_TER_LP_010 S_KI4_29000220 Specify Decision for Flexible Payment Rule for Leave 
29 PBS_AU_TER_LP_020 S_KI4_29000214 Define Attributes for Calculation of Flexible Rules (13RIL) 
30 PBS_AU_TER_LP_030 S_KI4_29000216 Define Details of Flexible Payment Rule for Leave 
31 PBS_AU_TER_LS_001   Setup Wage Types for Lump Sums Generation 
32 PBS_AU_TER_LS_010   Specify Lump Sum D Base Amount 
33 PBS_AU_TER_LS_020   Specify Lump Sum D for Each Year of Service 
34 PBS_AU_TER_LS_030   Specify Threshold for Post 83 Component Lump Sum 
35 PBS_AU_TER_SM_001 S_KI4_55000293 Specify Wage Types to Display after Termination Simulation 
36 PBS_AU_TER_SM_010 S_KI4_55000294 Specify Decision for Leave Projection Variant during Termination Simulation 
37 PBS_AU_TER_SM_020 S_KI4_55000295 Specify Decision for Payroll Schema for Termination Simulation 
38 PBS_AU_TER_TP_001 S_KI4_29000213 Define Flexible Payment Rule for Termination 
39 PBS_AU_TER_TP_010 S_KI4_29000223 Specify Decision for Flexible Payment Rule for Termination 
40 PBS_AU_TER_TP_020 S_KI4_29000222 Define Attributes for Calculation of Flexible Rules (13RIP) 
41 PBS_AU_TER_TP_030 S_KI4_29000224 Define Details of Flexible Payment Rule for Termination 
42 PBS_AU_TIM_AC_001 S_KI4_29000180 Define Anniversary Date 
43 PBS_AU_TIM_AC_011 S_PL0_09000179 Define Rules for Quota Selection for Public Sector Australia 
44 PBS_AU_TIM_AC_015 S_KI4_55000630 Define Reduction Rules 
45 PBS_AU_TIM_AC_020 S_KI4_29000188 Define Flexible Accrual Transfer Rule 
46 PBS_AU_TIM_AC_030 S_KI4_29000187 Specify Decision for Flexible Accrual Transfer Rule 
47 PBS_AU_TIM_AC_040 S_KI4_29000186 Specify Accrual Transfer Frequency Rule 
48 PBS_AU_TIM_AC_050 S_KI4_29000185 Specify Calculation Rule for Transfer Frequency 
49 PBS_AU_TIM_AC_060 S_KI4_29000184 Define Impact Characteristics of LWOP & Unauthorized Leave 
50 PBS_AU_TIM_AC_070 S_PL0_09000180 Define Impact of Organizational & Work Schedule Change 
51 PBS_AU_TIM_AC_080 S_L6B_69000346 Define Rules for Reducing Quota Entitlements 
52 PBS_AU_TIM_LA_001 S_KI4_29000195 Define Nature of Leave 
53 PBS_AU_TIM_LA_010 S_KI4_29000194 Create Master Leave Code & its Characteristics 
54 PBS_AU_TIM_LA_020 S_KI4_29000183 Define PS Specific Characteristic for Absence Types 
55 PBS_AU_TIM_LA_030 S_KI4_29000182 Map Business Rules between PS Infotype 0573 and 2001 
56 PBS_AU_TIM_LA_040 S_KI4_29000181 Define Parallel Deduction Sequence of Quota Types 
57 PBS_AU_TIM_LA_050   Define Output fields in Infotype 0573 Popup 
58 PBS_AU_TIM_LA_060 S_KI4_55000614 Specify Decision for Time Management Variant for Infotype 0573 Simulation 
59 PBS_AU_TIM_LA_070 S_PL0_09000178 Assign Simulation Quota Type for Leave Booking 
60 PBS_AU_TIM_LA_080 S_L6B_69000345 Define threshold for consecutive SLMC in Parallel Deductions 
61 PBS_AU_TIM_LP_001   Define Quota Types for Leave Provision 
62 PBS_AU_TIM_LP_010   Specify Wage Types for Leave Provision 
63 PBS_AU_TIM_LP_020   Specify Wage Types for Daily/Hourly Rate 
64 PBS_AU_TIM_LP_030   Specify LSL Probability Factor 
65 PBS_AU_TIM_LP_040   Specify Escalation Rate 
66 PBS_AU_TIM_LP_050   Specify Inflation Rate 
67 PBS_AU_TIM_LP_060   Specify Nominal Bond Rate 
68 PBS_AU_TIM_LP_070 S_KI4_55000629 Adjust Schemas for Daily/Hourly Rate Wage Types 
69 PBS_AU_TIM_LS_001 S_KI4_55000291 Define Rules for Calculating LSL Payment for PT Absence Quota 
70 PBS_AU_TIM_LS_010 S_KI4_55000292 Specify LWOP NTCS for LSL PT Average Calculation 
71 PBS_AU_TIM_PS_001 S_KI4_29000196 Set Parameters for Prior Service and Leave Management 
72 PBS_AU_TIM_PS_010 S_KI4_55000616 Specifiy Decision for quota type selection rule group 
73 PBS_AU_TRM_001 S_PL0_86000160 Adjust Schema for terminations 
74 PBS_AU_TRM_002 S_PL0_86000161 Specify LWOP threshold value for calculation of LOS for service > 10 years 
75 PBS_AU_TRM_003 S_PL0_86000162 Specify conversion of LSL unused(component B) in hours to days 
76 PBS_NO_ABS_100 S_EH1_67000091 Create Wage Type Catalog 
77 PBS_NO_ABS_200 S_EH1_67000092 Change Wage Type Texts 
78 PBS_NO_ABS_300 S_EH1_67000093 Rule to Maintain Wage Types for Long and Short Term Absences 
79 PBS_NO_ADD_100 S_EH1_67000079 Create Wage Type Catalog 
80 PBS_NO_ADD_200 S_EH1_67000080 Change Wage Type Texts 
81 PBS_NO_ADD_400 S_EH1_67000082 Define Additional Position Reasons 
82 PBS_NO_ADD_500 S_EH1_67000083 Assign Wage Types to Additional Position Codes 
83 PBS_NO_ADD_600 S_EH1_67000084 Feature to Assign Additional Position Reason Code 
84 PBS_NO_ADD_700 S_L6B_69000845 Define Types of Additional Position 
85 PBS_NO_BAS_100 S_EH1_67000071 Define Element for Norway Public Sector 
86 PBS_NO_BAS_200 S_EH1_67000072 Define Category for Norway Public Sector 
87 PBS_NO_BAS_300 S_EH1_67000073 Assign Element to Category with Values 
88 PBS_NO_BAS_350 S_EH1_67000096 Define Date Type for Seniority 
89 PBS_NO_BAS_400 S_EH1_67000074 Define Pay Scale Level Reclassification Based on Seniority 
90 PBS_NO_BAS_500 S_EH1_67000075 Assign Amounts to Pay Scale Groups 
91 PBS_NO_BAS_600 S_EH1_67000076 Create Wage Type Catalog 
92 PBS_NO_BAS_700 S_EH1_67000077 Change Wage Type Texts 
93 PBS_NO_BAS_750 S_EH1_67000102 Maintain Default Retirement Age 
94 PBS_NO_BAS_800 S_EH1_67000101 User Exit: Calculate New Pay Scale Level Due to Change in Seniority 
95 PBS_NO_PAY_100 S_EH1_67000085 Maintain the 'Reas. for Action' for Transfer to or from Another Pub Sec Co. 
96 PBS_NO_PAY_200 S_EH1_67000086 Maintain Number of Working Hours in a Year 
97 PBS_NO_PAY_300 S_EH1_67000087 Maintain Number of Working Hours in a Week 
98 PBS_NO_PAY_400 S_EH1_67000088 Maintain Number of Working Days in a Year 
99 PBS_NO_PEN_100 S_EH1_67000089 Feature to Maintain Customer Specific Pension Wage Type 
100 PBS_NO_PEN_200 S_EH1_67000090 Maintain Percentage of Pension Contribution 
101 PBS_NO_REP_PSR_001 S_L7D_24000648 Maintain Action Type and Reason for Payscale Reclassification 
102 PBS_NO_REP_SPK_100 S_EH1_67000097 Define Process Identifier 
103 PBS_NO_REP_SPK_200 S_EH1_67000098 Assign Process Code to Process Identifier 
104 PBS_NO_REP_SPK_300 S_EH1_67000099 Map Company Absence Types with Legal Leave Codes 
105 PBS_NO_REP_SPK_400 S_EH1_67000100 Map TMA Codes to Employee Group and Subgroup 
106 PBS_NO_REP_SPK_500 S_L7D_24000276 BAdI: Modify Output of SPK Report for Norway 
107 PBS_NO_REP_SST_100 S_AC0_52000095 Define Process Identifier 
108 PBS_NO_REP_SST_200 S_AC0_52000096 Assign Process Code to Process Identifier 
109 PBS_NO_REP_SST_300 S_AC0_52000097 Map Company Absence Types with Legal Leave Codes 
110 PBS_NO_REP_SST_400 S_AC0_52000098 Map TMA Codes to Employee Group and Subgroup 
111 PBS_NO_REP_SST_500 S_AC0_52000099 Define Etatskode 
112 PBS_NO_REP_SST_600 S_AC0_52000100 Assign Tjenestestedskode to the Etatskode 
113 PBS_NO_REP_SST_700 S_AC0_52000101 Assign a Combination of Etatskode and Tjenestestedskode to a Bedrift Number 
114 PBS_NO_REP_UTI_100 S_AC0_52000102 Maintain Entries for Updation of Table T510 
115 PBS_PTSP_TSN_01 S_AC0_52000452 Education and Training Time Statement for Student Nurses 
116 PBS_PTSP_TSN_02 S_AC0_52000453 Activate Application 
117 PBS_PTSP_TSN_03 S_AC0_52000454 Define Examination Schemes 
118 PBS_PTSP_TSN_04 S_AC0_52000455 Create Branches of Study 
119 PBS_PTSP_TSN_05 S_AC0_52000456 Flag Education and Training Infotype (0022) as Relevant for Recalculation 
120 PBS_PTSP_TSN_06 S_AC0_52000457 Specify Time Types for Collecting Training Times 
121 PBS_PTSP_TSN_07 S_AC0_52000458 Adjust Processing of Time Evaluation 
122 PBS_PTSP_TSN_08 S_AC0_52000459 Specify Layout of Education and Training Time Statement 
123 PBS_SG_APP_001 S_PH9_46001077 Set Screen for PB10 
124 PBS_SG_APP_010 S_PH9_46001076 Define Appointment Type 
125 PBS_SG_APP_020 S_PH9_46001075 Specify Tenure of Office 
126 PBS_SG_APP_030 S_PH9_46001074 Define SAPscript Forms for LA (HR_SGPLA) 
127 PBS_SG_BLA_001 S_L9C_94001158 Define Category 
128 PBS_SG_BLA_002 S_L9C_94001159 Define Exit Mode 
129 PBS_SG_BLA_003 S_L9C_94001160 Assign Blacklist Statuses 
130 PBS_SG_BLA_004 S_L9C_94001161 Define Reason 
131 PBS_SG_BLA_005 S_L9C_94001218 Define Statuses 
132 PBS_SG_BN_001 S_AL0_96000124 Specify Eligibility for Bonus 
133 PBS_SG_BN_002 S_AL0_96000130 Specify Details for Notice Period 
134 PBS_SG_BN_003 S_AL0_96000131 Specify Employee is Full Time/Part Time 
135 PBS_SG_BN_004 S_AL0_96000132 Specify Marital Status for Employee 
136 PBS_SG_BN_005 S_AL0_96000133 Specify Eligibility for Ex-employee 
137 PBS_SG_BN_006 S_AL0_96000134 Specify the Action type for Personal Action Rehiring 
138 PBS_SG_DIS_001 S_L9C_94001151 Define Disciplinary Act 
139 PBS_SG_DIS_002 S_L9C_94001152 Define Offence Grouping 
140 PBS_SG_DIS_003 S_L9C_94001153 Define Offence Codes 
141 PBS_SG_DIS_004 S_L9C_94001154 Define Outcome Grouping 
142 PBS_SG_DIS_005 S_L9C_94001155 Define Outcome Codes 
143 PBS_SG_DIS_006 S_L9C_94001156 Define Type of Representation 
144 PBS_SG_DIS_007 S_L9C_94001157 Define Interdiction Type 
145 PBS_SG_DIS_01_001 S_L9C_94001150 Specify disciplinary act 
146 PBS_SG_EFB_AA_001 S_PH9_46001048 Define Monthly Salary Scale 
147 PBS_SG_EFB_AA_010 S_PH9_46001047 Define Annual Wage Adjustment for Basic Component 
148 PBS_SG_EFB_AA_020 S_PH9_46001046 Define Annual Wage Adjustment for MVC Component 
149 PBS_SG_EFB_BS_001 S_PH9_46001057 Define Scheme Code of Services 
150 PBS_SG_EFB_BS_010 S_PH9_46001062 Define Salary Code 
151 PBS_SG_EFB_BS_020 S_PH9_46001067 Assign Salary Code to Scheme Code 
152 PBS_SG_EFB_BS_030 S_PH9_46001066 Define Basic Component 
153 PBS_SG_EFB_BS_040 S_PH9_46001065 Define Pay Scale Type 
154 PBS_SG_EFB_BS_050 S_PH9_46001064 Assign Scheme Code to Pay Scale Type 
155 PBS_SG_EFB_BS_060 S_PH9_46001063 Define Pay Scale Area 
156 PBS_SG_EFB_BS_070 S_PH9_46001056 Assign Division to Pay Scale Area 
157 PBS_SG_EFB_BS_080 S_PH9_46001049 Define Guidelines for Salary Components 
158 PBS_SG_EFB_NA_001 S_PH9_46001045 Define Eligibility Grouping for NPVP/NPVP(SR) Adjustment 
159 PBS_SG_EFB_NA_010 S_PH9_46001050 Specify Decision for Eligibility Grouping for NPVP Adj 
160 PBS_SG_EFB_NA_015 S_PL0_09000367 Specify Decision for Eligibility Grouping for NPVP(SR) Adj 
161 PBS_SG_EFB_NA_020 S_PH9_46001055 Define NPVP/NPVP(SR) Adjustment Details 
162 PBS_SG_ERA_001 S_AL0_96000127 Define Standard Divisional Ratio 
163 PBS_SG_ERA_002 S_AL0_96000128 Maintain Priority of Deductions & Curresponding Wage types 
164 PBS_SG_ERA_003 S_AL0_96000129 Specify Action Type 
165 PBS_SG_GNP_001 S_AL0_96000063 Maintain GNP Code 
166 PBS_SG_GNP_002 S_AL0_96000139 Maintain Old and New Salary Points 
167 PBS_SG_GNP_003 S_AL0_96000140 Maintain Golden Numbers 
168 PBS_SG_PAD_DEB_001 S_L9C_94001166 Define Type of Business Firm 
169 PBS_SG_PAD_DEB_002 S_L9C_94001167 Assign Submission Status 
170 PBS_SG_PAD_DEB_003 S_L9C_94001168 Assign Verification Status 
171 PBS_SG_PAD_DEB_004 S_L9C_94001169 Assign Approval Status 
172 PBS_SG_PAD_DEC_001 S_L9C_94001145 Define Statuses 
173 PBS_SG_PAD_DEL_001 S_L9C_94001146 Define Type of Property 
174 PBS_SG_PAD_DEL_002 S_L9C_94001147 Assign Submission Status 
175 PBS_SG_PAD_DEL_003 S_L9C_94001148 Assign Verification Status 
176 PBS_SG_PAD_DEL_004 S_L9C_94001149 Assign Approval Status 
177 PBS_SG_PAD_DEN_001 S_L9C_94001170 Assign Submission Status 
178 PBS_SG_PAD_DEN_002 S_L9C_94001171 Assign Verification Status 
179 PBS_SG_PAD_DEN_003 S_L9C_94001172 Assign Approval Status 
180 PBS_SG_PAD_DES_001 S_L9C_94001162 Define Type of Company 
181 PBS_SG_PAD_DES_002 S_L9C_94001163 Assign Submission Status 
182 PBS_SG_PAD_DES_003 S_L9C_94001164 Assign Verification Status 
183 PBS_SG_PAD_DES_004 S_L9C_94001165 Assign Approval Status 
184 PBS_SG_PAD_HDB_001 S_L9C_94001143 Define Statuses 
185 PBS_SG_PAD_HDB_002 S_L9C_94001144 Assign HDB Concession Status 
186 PBS_SG_PAD_MC_001 S_PH9_46001108 Define Clearance Category 
187 PBS_SG_PAD_MC_010 S_PH9_46001106 Describe Status of Clearance 
188 PBS_SG_PAD_NS_001 S_PH9_46001116 Define type of National Service & Unit Code 
189 PBS_SG_PAD_NS_005 S_PH0_48000352 Define National Service Types 
190 PBS_SG_PAD_NS_010 S_PH9_46001120 Define National Service Status 
191 PBS_SG_PAD_NS_020 S_PH9_46001119 Define Rank Code 
192 PBS_SG_PAD_NS_030 S_PH9_46001098 Define Vocation Code 
193 PBS_SG_PAD_NS_040 S_PH9_46001095 Define Commendation Code 
194 PBS_SG_PAD_NS_050 S_PH9_46001094 Define Performance Rating 
195 PBS_SG_PAD_NS_060 S_PH9_46001093 Define Conduct Rating 
196 PBS_SG_PAD_NS_070 S_PH9_46001091 Define Mobilisation Code 
197 PBS_SG_PAD_VS_001 S_PH9_46001102 Create Types of Voluntary Services/ECA 
198 PBS_SG_PAD_VS_010 S_PH9_46001101 Define Position Held in Voluntary Services/ECA 
199 PBS_SG_PAD_VS_020 S_PH9_46001100 Create Representation Code 
200 PBS_SG_PAY_BS_001 S_PH9_46001054 Specify Environment of Employer's CPF & Medisave Ref No 
201 PBS_SG_PAY_BS_010 S_PH9_46001053 Maintain Employer's CPF & Medisave Ref No 
202 PBS_SG_PAY_SF_001 S_PH9_46001052 Maintain Feature for Infotype 0186 
203 PBS_SG_PAY_SF_010 S_PH9_46001051 Maintain Screen Attributes for Infotype 0186 
204 PBS_SG_PAY_SF_020 S_PH9_46001084 Maintain Contribution Rates (Pensionable SG Citizens) 
205 PBS_SG_PAY_SF_030 S_PH9_46001083 Maintain Contribution Rates (Pensionable PRs) 
206 PBS_SG_PAY_SF_040 S_PH9_46001082 Maintain Contribution Rates (Non Pensionable SG Citizens) 
207 PBS_SG_PAY_SF_050 S_PH9_46001081 Maintain Contribution Rates (Non Pensionable PRs) 
208 PBS_SG_PAY_SF_060 S_PH9_46001080 Maintain Contribution Rates 
209 PBS_SG_PAY_SF_070 S_PH9_46001085 Maintain Salary Limit of Medisave for Ordinary Wage 
210 PBS_SG_PAY_SF_080 S_PH9_46001090 Maintain Salary Limit of Medisave for Additional Wage 
211 PBS_SG_PAY_SF_090 S_PH9_46001089 Maintain Cont Limit of Medisave for Addn Wage(Per Annum) 
212 PBS_SG_PAY_SF_100 S_PH9_46001088 Set Rounding Parameters for Function SGCPF in Schema SG01 
213 PBS_SG_PAY_SF_110 S_PH9_46001087 Set Parameters for Function MEDIS in Schema RMED 
214 PBS_SG_PEN_001 S_L9C_94001068 Define Superannuation Scheme 
215 PBS_SG_PEN_010 S_L9C_94001069 Define Superannuation Scheme Payment Option 
216 PBS_SG_PEN_020 S_L9C_94001070 Define Superannuation Scheme Option Component Code 
217 PBS_SG_PEN_030 S_L9C_94001071 Define Superannuation Option 
218 PBS_SG_PEN_035 S_L9C_94001424 Assignment of Superannuation Option to Superannuation Scheme 
219 PBS_SG_PEN_040 S_L9C_94001072 Define Eligibility Grouping for Superannuation Scheme 
220 PBS_SG_PEN_050 S_L9C_94001073 Specify Eligibility Grouping for Superannuation Scheme 
221 PBS_SG_PEN_060 S_L9C_94001074 Assign Options, Components and Valuation Model to Eligibility Grouping 
222 PBS_SG_PEN_070 S_L9C_94001274 Determine Variant for Payroll Accounting Singapore 
223 PBS_SG_PEN_080 S_L9C_94001275 Determine Rounding Parameter for CPF Refund Calculation 
224 PBS_SG_PEN_082 S_AC0_52000533 Specify Exemption for CPF Rounding 
225 PBS_SG_PEN_085 S_L9C_94001280 Define Interest Rate Eligibility Grouping 
226 PBS_SG_PEN_090 S_L9C_94001276 Determine Interest Rate Eligibility Grouping 
227 PBS_SG_PEN_100 S_L9C_94001277 Maintain Interest Rates 
228 PBS_SG_PEN_110 S_L9C_94001278 Maintain Exit Modules for Pension Calculations 
229 PBS_SG_PEN_120 S_L9C_94001279 Maintain Absence Types for Pension 
230 PBS_SG_PEN_130 S_L9C_94001425 Determine Age Limit of Retirement for CPF Payment 
231 PBS_SG_PEN_140 S_L9C_94001426 Define Pensions Act 
232 PBS_SG_PEN_150 S_L9C_94001427 Define Approval of Retirement 
233 PBS_SG_PEN_160 S_PL0_86000053 Specify Selection Rule for period of Full Time National Service 
234 PBS_SG_PEN_170 S_L6D_84000015 Determine Minimum Age for CPF Refund Calculation 
235 PBS_SG_PEN_200 S_L9C_94001428 Define Formula Module for Generic APE Calculation 
236 PBS_SG_PEN_210 S_L9C_94001429 Determine Formula Module for Generic APE Calculation 
237 PBS_SG_PEN_220 S_L9C_94001430 Define Formula Module for Average APE Calculation 
238 PBS_SG_PEN_230 S_L9C_94001431 Determine Formula Module for Average APE Calculation 
239 PBS_SG_PEN_240 S_L9C_94001432 Determine Date For Retrieval of Frozen Salary 
240 PBS_SG_PEN_250 S_L9C_94001440 Assign Base Wage Type Valuation for APE Calculation 
241 PBS_SG_PEN_300 S_L9C_94001433 Determine Task for Compulsory Retirement Date 
242 PBS_SG_PEN_310 S_L9C_94001434 Determine Minimum Pension Drawing Age 
243 PBS_SG_PEN_320 S_L9C_94001435 Determine Eligibility for Discount of Gratuity 
244 PBS_SG_PEN_400 S_L9C_94001436 Define Extern Program for Printing Pension Paper 
245 PBS_SG_PEN_410 S_L9C_94001437 Define Extern Program for Printing Death Paper 
246 PBS_SG_PEN_420 S_L9C_94001438 Define Extern Program for Printing CPF Refund Report 
247 PBS_SG_PEN_430 S_L9C_94001439 Define Extern Program for Printing CPF Payment Report 
248 PBS_SG_SSS_EV_001 S_PH9_46001072 Set Evaluators' ID 
249 PBS_SG_SSS_EV_010 S_PH9_46001071 Specify Evaluator's Authority & Weighting 
250 PBS_SG_SSS_EV_020 S_PH9_46001070 Define Evaluation Status 
251 PBS_SG_SSS_EV_030 S_PH9_46001069 Define Evaluation Criterias for Staff Suggestion 
252 PBS_SG_SSS_EV_040 S_PH9_46001068 Set Weightings for Evaluation Criterias 
253 PBS_SG_SSS_EV_050 S_PH9_46001073 Define Ranking Categories for Staff Suggestion 
254 PBS_SG_SSS_EV_060 S_PH9_46001078 Specify Ranking Points for each Ranking Category 
255 PBS_SG_SSS_SE_001 S_PH9_46001086 Define Staff Suggestion Category 
256 PBS_SG_SSS_SE_010 S_PH9_46001079 Specify Reason for Change 
257 PBS_SG_TIM_BS_001 S_PH9_46001103 Create Leave Scheme 
258 PBS_SG_TIM_BS_010 S_PH9_46001104 Create Division Types 
259 PBS_SG_TIM_BS_020 S_PH9_46001105 Define Range for Frozen Salary 
260 PBS_SG_TIM_BS_030 S_PH9_46001107 Set Leave Year 
261 PBS_SG_TIM_CR_DR_001 S_PH9_46001059 Specify Start of Deduction for a Leave Type 
262 PBS_SG_TIM_CR_DR_010 S_PH9_46001058 Set Latest Deduction Date for a Leave Type 
263 PBS_SG_TIM_CR_PR_001 S_PH9_46001113 Define Maximum Number of Absences without Proration 
264 PBS_SG_TIM_CR_PR_010 S_PH9_46001118 Define Proration Functions 
265 PBS_SG_TIM_CR_PR_020 S_PH9_46001061 Define Proration of Leave Entitlement 
266 PBS_SG_TIM_CR_PR_030 S_PH9_46001060 Define Proration of Quota Types 
267 PBS_SG_TIM_EN_001 S_PH9_46001092 Set Group Identifier for Leave Entitlement 
268 PBS_SG_TIM_EN_010 S_PH9_46001096 Specify Decision for Group Identifier for Leave Entitlement 
269 PBS_SG_TIM_EN_020 S_PH9_46001097 Define Leave Entitlement 
270 PBS_SG_TIM_EN_030 S_PH9_46001099 Set Group for Leave Quota 
271 PBS_SG_TIM_EN_040 S_PH9_46001109 Specify Decision for Group for Leave Quota 
272 PBS_SG_TIM_EN_050 S_PH9_46001117 Define Leave Quota 
273 PBS_SG_TIM_EN_060 S_PH9_46001123 Set Group for Leave Allowance 
274 PBS_SG_TIM_EN_070 S_PH9_46001122 Specify Decision for Group for Leave Allowance 
275 PBS_SG_TIM_EN_080 S_PH9_46001121 Define Leave Allowance & Daily Rte of Make Up Vacation Leave 
276 PBS_SG_TIM_EN_090 S_PH9_46001110 Specify Methods for Reducing Total Leave Entitlement 
277 PBS_SG_TIM_EN_100 S_PH9_46001111 Process Remaining Leave 
278 PBS_SG_TIM_EN_110 S_PH9_46001112 Rounding Amount of Leave Computed (SG Public Sector) 
279 PBS_SG_TIM_EN_120 S_PH9_46001114 Generating Leave Record when Entitlement is Zero 
280 PBS_SG_TIM_EN_130 S_PH9_46001115 Set Limits for Leave Entitlement 
281 PBS_SG_TIM_EN_140 S_PL0_86000187 Specify Decision to determine Leave/quota Compensation Start Date 
282 PC28_SI_ROUNDRULE S_L7D_24002528 BAdI: Customer-Specific Rounding Rule 
283 PC28_SUI_ROUNDRULE S_L7D_24002749 BAdI: Customer-Specific Rounding Rule 
284 PC420001 S_L7D_24000359 Notes on Implementation 
285 PCO_RFC_DEST S_YI3_39000019 Define RFC Destination for PCo 
286 PCO_SAPODA S_YI3_39000027 Settings for Replacement of SAP ODA 
287 PCP_00_WIZ S_AHR_61019022 Wizard 
288 PCP_BADI S_ALR_87099941 Business Add-In for User-Defined Messages 
289 PCUI_ESSMSS_001 S_PAB_09000006 Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS) 
290 PCUI_ESSMSS_002 S_AEN_10000474 Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS) 
291 PCUI_ESS_000 S_FAD_62000059 Introduction 
292 PCUI_ESS_BEN_BADI_01 S_FAD_62000022 Implement Customer Enhancement for Estimating Contributions 
293 PCUI_ESS_BEN_BADI_02 S_FAD_62000023 Implement Customer Enhancement for Filling the Costs and Remarks Columns 
294 PCUI_ESS_BEN_PARA_01 S_FAD_62000017 Set Up ESS Parameters 
295 PCUI_ESS_BEN_URLS_01 S_FAD_62000018 Define URLs 
296 PCUI_ESS_BEN_URLS_02 S_FAD_62000019 Assign URLs to Benefit Plan Types 
297 PCUI_ESS_BEN_URLS_03 S_FAD_62000020 Assign URLs to Benefit Plans 
298 PCUI_ESS_BEN_URLS_04 S_FAD_62000021 Assign URLs to Investments 
299 PCUI_ESS_BEN_W2 S_P7H_34000002 Edit Address Data 
300 PCUI_ESS_CATS_001 S_FAD_62000063 Set Up Data Entry Profiles 
301 PCUI_ESS_CATS_003 S_FAD_62000065 Select Allowed Absence Types 
302 PCUI_ESS_CATS_004 S_FAD_62000066 Define Field Selection 
303 PCUI_ESS_CATS_101 S_AEN_10000289 Define Approval Views 
304 PCUI_ESS_CATS_102 S_AEN_10000291 Define Field Selection for Individual Approval View 
305 PCUI_ESS_CATS_103 S_AEN_10000292 Define Field Selection for Detail View 
306 PCUI_ESS_CATS_104 S_AEN_10000293 Define Profiles and Assign to Views 
307 PCUI_ESS_CATS_105 S_AEN_10000294 BAdI: Refine Settings for Approval 
308 PCUI_ESS_CATS_106 S_AEN_10000295 Select Employees for Approval 
309 PCUI_ESS_CATS_107 S_AEN_10000354 Create Rule Groups 
310 PCUI_ESS_COBC S_P7H_77000011 Edit Form for Code of Business Conduct 
311 PCUI_ESS_GEN_0001 S_PLN_62000051 Edit Overview Pages 
312 PCUI_ESS_GEN_HRF1 S_PLN_62000192 Salary statement was created using the HR Forms Workplace 
313 PCUI_ESS_HRF1 S_PLN_62000193 Salary statement was created using the HR Forms Workplace 
314 PCUI_ESS_HRF2 S_PLN_62000194 Salary statement was created using the HR Forms Editor 
315 PCUI_ESS_LRQ_080 S_PLN_62000259 Define Layout of Team Calendar 
316 PCUI_ESS_LRQ_085 S_PLN_62000260 Select Employees 
317 PCUI_ESS_MD_01 S_AEN_10000311 Edit Categories for Predefined Addresses 
318 PCUI_ESS_MD_02 S_AEN_10000312 Edit Predefined Addresses 
319 PCUI_ESS_MD_03 S_AEN_10000347 BAdI: Edit Predefined Addresses at Runtime 
320 PCUI_ESS_MSS_PT_ABS S_XEN_65000035 Specify Absences to Be Displayed 
321 PCUI_ESS_PAPADE_000 S_FAD_62000069 Basic Settings for ESS Semiretirement Simulation 
322 PCUI_ESS_PAPADE_100 S_FAD_62000071 Overview of ESS Company Pension Scheme Value of Entitlements 
323 PCUI_ESS_PAPADE_PY01 S_PLN_62000458 Enter HR form name 
324 PCUI_ESS_PAPADE_PY02 S_P3H_97000001 Enter Variant for Payroll Program 
325 PCUI_ESS_PAPD_001 S_FAD_62000030 Make Settings for Skills Profile Service 
326 PCUI_ESS_PA_WIS_0010 S_AEN_10000084 Make Settings for Who's Who Service 
327 PCUI_ESS_PERSINFO S_PLN_62000319 Define Active Subtypes and Application Case 
328 PCUI_ESS_PERSINFO_BD S_P7H_34000001 Change Default Start Date 
329 PCUI_ESS_PERSINFO_CS S_P7H_77000027 Reuse Country-Specific Applications 
330 PCUI_ESS_PT_LRQ_010 S_FAD_62000009 Leave Request: Overview 
331 PCUI_ESS_PT_LRQ_020 S_FAD_62000010 Define Return Values 
332 PCUI_ESS_PT_LRQ_030 S_FAD_62000011 Create Rule Groups 
333 PCUI_ESS_PT_LRQ_032 S_AEN_10000452 Define Processing Processes for Each Rule Group 
334 PCUI_ESS_PT_LRQ_040 S_FAD_62000012 Specify How Leave Is Displayed and Default Values 
335 PCUI_ESS_PT_LRQ_050 S_FAD_62000013 Specify Processing Processes for Types of Leave 
336 PCUI_ESS_PT_LRQ_051 S_P7H_77000003 Specify Color Display of Absences 
337 PCUI_ESS_PT_LRQ_055 S_AEN_10000316 Define Field Selection 
338 PCUI_ESS_PT_LRQ_060 S_FAD_62000014 Specify Display of Absence Quotas 
339 PCUI_ESS_PT_LRQ_065 S_PLN_62000236 Specify Display of Attendance Quotas 
340 PCUI_ESS_PT_LRQ_070 S_FAD_62000015 Configure Output of Messages 
341 PCUI_ESS_PT_LRQ_075 S_PLN_62000169 Write Notification Texts 
342 PCUI_ESS_PT_LRQ_080 S_FAD_62000016 BAdI: Control Processing of Leave Requests 
343 PCUI_ESS_PT_LRQ_082 S_SLN_44000027 Define Report Variants and Background Processing 
344 PCUI_ESS_PT_LRQ_083 S_SLN_44000029 Write Notification Texts 
345 PCUI_ESS_PT_LRQ_091 S_XEN_65000002 Workflow: Define Method to Execute Universal Worklist Item 
346 PCUI_ESS_PT_TQT_010 S_PEN_05000395 Specify Calculation of Remaining Leave 
347 PCUI_ESS_PT_TQT_011 S_XEN_65000037 Define Variant for Time Evaluation 
348 PCUI_ESS_PY_001 S_FAD_62000038 Enter HR Form Name 
349 PCUI_ESS_PY_002 S_FAD_62000077 Set Up Process Model for Mass Printing 
350 PCUI_ESS_PY_100 S_PLN_62000195 Edit Feature HRFOR 
351 PCUI_ESS_PY_101 S_PLN_62000197 Set Up Process Model for Mass Printing 
352 PCUI_ESS_PY_REM S_FAD_62000037 BAdI: Define Settings 
353 PCUI_ESS_PY_REM_100 S_PLN_62000196 BAdI: Define Settings 
354 PCUI_ESS_TIMCOR_001 S_PLN_62000016 Create Rule Groups 
355 PCUI_ESS_TIMCOR_002 S_PLN_62000019 Define Periods for Clock-In/Out Corrections 
356 PCUI_ESS_TIMCOR_003 S_PLN_62000020 Define Processing Processes 
357 PCUI_ESS_TIMCOR_004 S_PLN_62000021 Define Messages to Be Displayed 
358 PCUI_ESS_TIMCOR_005 S_PLN_62000022 Check Time Balances to Be Displayed 
359 PCUI_ESS_TIMCOR_006 S_PLN_62000023 BAdI: Control Processing Processes for Time Management Web Applications 
360 PCUI_ESS_TIMCOR_007 S_PLN_62000024 Configure Calendar 
361 PCUI_ESS_TIMCOR_008 S_PLN_62000039 Write Notification Texts 
362 PCUI_ESS_TIMCOR_009 S_PLN_62000137 Define Report Variants and Background Processing 
363 PCUI_ESS_TIMCOR_010 S_PLN_62000278 BAdI: Control Clock-In/Out Corrections 
364 PCUI_ESS_TIMCOR_011 S_AEN_10000363 Specify Minimum Interval Between Time Events 
365 PCUI_ESS_TIMCOR_013 S_AEN_10000844 Define Field Selection 
366 PCUI_ESS_TIMCOR_015 S_AEN_10000389 Define Variant for Time Evaluation 
367 PCUI_ESS_TIMCOR_016 S_PEN_05000403 Specify Absences To Be Displayed 
368 PCUI_ESS_TIMCOR_017 S_PEN_05000402 Specify Display of Partial-Day Absences 
369 PCUI_ESS_TIMCOR_23 S_XEN_65000005 Workflow: Define Tasks for Universal Worklist 
370 PCUI_ESS_TMSTMT_001 S_FAD_62000070 BAdI: Make Settings for Time Statement 
371 PCUI_ESS_TMSTMT_003 S_FAD_62000074 Enter Name of HR Form for Time Statement 
372 PCUI_ESS_TRV_EDIT_UI S_PLN_62000069 Enter Texts for Web Dynpro Interface 
373 PCUI_ESS_TRV_EXT_PRO S_P3H_97000025 Define Access Parameters for External Content Providers 
374 PCUI_ESS_TRV_FLD_SEL S_PLN_62000068 Schema and Single Field Control for Web Dynpro 
375 PCUI_ESS_TRV_GEO_ADR S_AEN_10000210 Assign Relevant Address Fields for Geocoding 
376 PCUI_ESS_TRV_GEO_ASS S_AEN_10000209 Assign Geocoding Program to Countries 
377 PCUI_ESS_TRV_GEO_REG S_AEN_10000108 Register Geocoding Program for Travel Management in System 
378 PCUI_ESS_TRV_GEO_RES S_AEN_10000208 Register Geocoding Program in the System 
379 PCUI_ESS_TRV_IGS S_AEN_10000211 Define URL for Accessing Internet Graphics Service (IGS) 
380 PCUI_GRT_001 S_P7H_77000035 Assign Application ID to ABAP Class 
381 PCUI_GRT_002 S_P7H_77000036 Set Form Height and Width 
382 PCUI_HPF_000 S_FAD_62000039 Homepage Framework (Overview) 
383 PCUI_HPF_010 S_FAD_62000040 Define Headers 
384 PCUI_HPF_020 S_FAD_62000042 Define Area Group Pages 
385 PCUI_HPF_030 S_FAD_62000043 Define Areas 
386 PCUI_HPF_040 S_FAD_62000044 Assign Areas to Area Group Pages 
387 PCUI_HPF_050 S_FAD_62000045 Define Subareas 
388 PCUI_HPF_060 S_FAD_62000046 Assign Subareas to Areas 
389 PCUI_HPF_063 S_FAD_62000052 Define Server for Resources 
390 PCUI_HPF_065 S_FAD_62000051 Define Resources 
391 PCUI_HPF_070 S_FAD_62000047 Define Services 
392 PCUI_HPF_080 S_FAD_62000048 Define Country-Specific Services 
393 PCUI_HPF_090 S_FAD_62000049 Assign Services to Subareas 
394 PCUI_HPF_100 S_FAD_62000050 Define Service Groups 
395 PCUI_HPF_105 S_XEN_65000079 Define Links for Confirmation Page 
396 PCUI_HPF_106 S_S7B_68000051 Define links on confirmation page 
397 PCUI_MSS_PT_ARQAPP S_P7H_77000001 Set Up Approval of Leave Requests 
398 PCUI_MSS_PT_ATT_001 S_XEN_65000029 Select Employees 
399 PC_PREV_PER_YR S_AL0_96000437 Configure Price Change in Previous Period/Previous Year 
400 PDF-BASED-FORMS_01 S_BSD_38000015 Activate PDF-Based Forms 
401 PDR S_ALN_01000612 Document Distribution 
402 PD_ITF_001 S_Y7A_80000011 Create Infotype 
403 PD_ITF_002 S_Y7A_80000012 Assign Check Class 
404 PD_ITF_003 S_Y7A_80000013 SAP: Define Field Properties 
405 PD_ITF_004 S_Y7A_80000014 Customer: Define Field Properties 
406 PD_ITF_005 S_Y7A_80000015 BAdI: Business Logic Enhancements of Standard Infotypes 
407 PE01 S_PAD_19000095 Include Check Function UPAAP in Time Schema 
408 PEAGE_T7UN_ATTRIBS S_PAD_19000105 Preset Elibility Age 
409 PEG 01 S_KA5_12001299 Add-In: Check Whether Goods Movement Allowed 
410 PEG 12 S_KA5_12001208 Add-In: Pegging of Surplus 
411 PERIODISCH S_P99_41000115 Notes on Required Periodic Procedures 
412 PE_T77CDOC_CUST S_PL0_86000191 Activate Change Documents 
413 PFAIM_FILL_FLOW_TYPE S_KFM_86000128 Maintain Business Add-In for Updating PA Flow Type 
414 PFCG S_ALR_87008637 Maintain Authorizations 
415 PFCG_RM S_KK4_13000339 Maintain Authorizations with Profile Generator 
416 PFLEGE_BENUTZER_TRGF S_ALR_87007883 Define Users for Transactional RFC 
417 PFM_VC_T009 S_X1D_36000066 Maintain Fiscal Year Variant 
418 PFO S_E36_82000241 Introduction to Portfolio Assignment 
419 PFTC S_BCE_68002148 Activate Workflow 
420 PGRURG_V S_PCO_36000002 Define Requirement Urgency Groups 
421 PHIN_V_CF S_E36_82000043 Define Properties for Customer-Specific Fields in Include CI_PHINT 
422 PHIN_V_MPT_EXT S_E36_82000108 Make Customer-Specific Settings for Additional Measuring Points 
423 PHIN_V_PI_PROF S_E36_82000035 Define Takeover Profile 
424 PHIN_V_PO_PROF S_E36_82000036 Define Handover Profile 
425 PHONETISCHE_SUCHE_GP S_ALR_87009545 Set Phonetic Search 
426 PHONETISCHE_SUCHE_RE S_ALR_87007535 Phonetic Search 
427 PIM_CUSTOMIZING S_BFI_75000057 Define Parameter Values for PIM API 
428 PINC_PI_TRF S_ALN_01002262 Define Generation of Futures Account Position Indicator 
429 PINC_PI_TRL S_ALN_01002261 Define Generation of Subledger Position Indicator 
430 PINC_PI_TRS S_ALN_01002256 Define Generation of Securities Account Position Indicator 
431 PIQC_DB_ALIAS_C S_EBJ_98000402 Define Customer-Specific Aliases 
432 PIQC_DB_ALIAS_S S_EBJ_98000401 Display Standard Table Aliases 
433 PIQC_FIELD_LST_C S_EBJ_98000406 Define Customer-Specific Fields 
434 PIQC_FIELD_LST_S S_EBJ_98000405 Display Standard Fields 
435 PIQC_FIELD_TXT_C S_EBJ_98000407 Define Labels of Result Fields 
436 PIQC_PREP_FLD_C S_EBJ_98000411 Define Customer-Specific Sources 
437 PIQC_PREP_KEY_C S_EBJ_98000398 Define Customer-Specific Sources 
438 PIQC_TABMETADT_C S_EBJ_98000404 Define Customer-Specific Table Metadata 
439 PIQC_TABMETADT_S S_EBJ_98000403 Display Standard Table Metadata 
440 PIQ_ALIAS_C_VC S_EBJ_98000396 Define Customer-Specific Metadata 
441 PIQ_COM_SRCS S_EBJ_98000425 Define Sources for Pricing Communication Structures 
442 PIQ_FIELDS S_EBJ_98000423 Define Fields 
443 PIQ_GB_501 S_KK4_82000213 Test activity 
444 PIQ_PREP_FLD_S_V S_EBJ_98000415 Display Standard Sources 
445 PIQ_TABLE_ACCESS S_EBJ_98000424 Define Table Access 
446 PIQ_TABLE_MAP S_EBJ_98000422 Define Table Mapping 
447 PK_CALC_TIME S_ALI_97000051 BAdI: Scheduling Summarized JIT Calls 
448 PK_CALL_INTERFACE S_KA5_12001383 BAdI: Displaying User-Specific Data When Creating Kanbans/SumJCs 
449 PK_CCY_SELECTION S_KA5_12001384 BAdI: Defining User-Specific Select. Screens f. Maintaining Control Cycles 
450 PK_MCKANB_FILL S_EAC_24000041 BAdI: Enhancement of Communication Structure MCKANB 
451 PK_REVERSAL S_KA5_12001385 BAdI: Canceling Kanbans 
452 PLANTMGR_REF_AUTH_OB S_P6D_40000061 Assign KPIs to Users 
453 PLANTMGR_REF_AUTH_OJ S_PCO_36000371 Assign KPIs to Users 
454 PLANT_CONNECTIVITY S_YI3_39000018 Plant Connectivity 
455 PLMC_AUDIT_A_CLASS S_AEC_66000412 Audit Usage 
456 PLMC_AUDIT_A_GRADE S_AEC_66000413 Rating 
457 PLMC_AUDIT_A_OBJECT S_AEC_66000410 Audit Object 
458 PLMC_AUDIT_A_PRIO S_AEC_66000415 Priorities 
459 PLMC_AUDIT_A_TRIGGER S_AEC_66000414 Audit Trigger 
460 PLMC_AUDIT_A_TYPE S_AEC_66000409 Audit Type 
461 PLMC_AUDIT_A_VALUATE S_AEC_66000411 Audit Valuation 
462 PLMC_AUDIT_C_AUTH S_AEC_66000408 Authorization Groups 
463 PLMC_AUDIT_C_OBJECT S_AEC_66000406 Audit Components: Properties, Forms 
464 PLMC_AUDIT_C_ROLES S_AEC_66000407 Partner Functions 
465 PLMC_AUDIT_EXIT_AUTH S_AEC_66000421 Authorization Enhancements 
466 PLMC_AUDIT_EXIT_ELSE S_AEC_66000422 Other Enhancements 
467 PLMC_AUDIT_MSP S_AEC_66000633 Microsoft Project Interface 
468 PLMC_AUDIT_Q_TIER S_AEC_66000404 Structure of List of Questions 
469 PLMC_AUDIT_Q_VALUATE S_AEC_66000405 Valuation Specifications 
470 PLMC_AUDIT_SYS S_AEC_66000437 Field Selection 
471 PLMC_AUDIT_SYST_EXT S_AEC_66000535 Functional Enhancements 
472 PLMC_AUDIT_SYST_NUM S_AEC_66000626 Coding Mask 
473 PLMC_AUDIT_SYST_STAT S_AEC_66000635 Status Profile for User Status 
474 PLMC_AUDIT_TEXT_ID S_S7B_68000066 Text Management 
475 PLMC_FMEA_A_TYPE S_AER_95000217 FMEA Types 
476 PLMC_FMEA_OBJECT S_E36_82000245 Data Objects: Properties, Forms 
477 PLMC_FMEA_Q_TIER S_AER_95000216 List Structure 
478 PLMC_FMEA_SYS S_PRN_53000258 Field Selection 
479 PLMC_FMEA_SYST_NUM S_AER_95000219 Coding Mask 
480 PLM_AUDIT_ACTION_TYP S_S7B_68000072 BAdI for Definition of Action Types 
481 PLM_AUDIT_ACT_LINK S_ABA_72000201 Linkage of Objects with the Corrective Action 
482 PLM_AUDIT_ACT_TYPES S_S7B_68000071 Define Action Types 
483 PLM_AUDIT_ALV_GRID S_ABA_72000231 ALV Functions 
484 PLM_AUDIT_APPEARANCE S_ABA_72000215 Define Display of Audit Components 
485 PLM_AUDIT_ATTRIBUTES S_ABA_72000216 Edit Attributes of Audit Components 
486 PLM_AUDIT_AUO_UPDATE S_ABA_72000208 Create, Change, and Delete Audit 
487 PLM_AUDIT_AUP_UPDATE S_ABA_72000209 Create, Change, and Delete Audit Plan 
488 PLM_AUDIT_AUTH_CHECK S_ABA_72000212 Activities in Audit Processing 
489 PLM_AUDIT_BATCH_JOBS S_ABA_72000232 Scheduling of Background Jobs 
490 PLM_AUDIT_CALCULATE S_ABA_72000219 Valuation of Audit (Key Figure Calculation) 
491 PLM_AUDIT_CALCULAT_A S_S7B_68000075 BAdI: Calculation/Valuation of an Investigation (Audit, FMEA...) 
492 PLM_AUDIT_COR_UPDATE S_ABA_72000210 Create, Change, and Delete Actions 
493 PLM_AUDIT_C_OBJARCH S_ABA_72000236 Audit Components: Define Residence Time 
494 PLM_AUDIT_GOS S_ABA_72000214 Generic Object Services for Audit Components 
495 PLM_AUDIT_HELP_LINKS S_ABA_72000220 Maintenance of Help Links 
496 PLM_AUDIT_IDENTIFIER S_ABA_72000217 Identification of Audit Components (Number Assignment) 
497 PLM_AUDIT_LAST_GET S_ABA_72000233 Display Flexibilization of "Last Associated Audit" 
498 PLM_AUDIT_LISTITYP S_S7B_68000070 BAdI for Definition of List Item Types 
499 PLM_AUDIT_LISTITYP_C S_S7B_68000069 Define List Item Types 
500 PLM_AUDIT_OBJECT S_ABA_72000218 Definition and Structure of an Audit Object