SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index P, page 4
IMG Activity - P
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 PAY_DE_PS_BMA S_AHR_61015469 Code Wage Types for Overtime Valuation Base 
2 PAY_DE_PS_BML S_AHR_61015470 Set Up 'Overtime' Wage Types 
3 PAY_DE_PS_FAMZ_11 S_AC0_52000629 Exception for Individual Salary Groups re: Comparison Calculation for FamZ 
4 PAY_DE_PS_FZ01 S_PH0_48000304 Set Up Automatic Default Settings 
5 PAY_DE_PS_FZ02 S_PH0_48000306 Store Default Values 
6 PAY_DE_PS_FZ03 S_PH0_48000308 Store Competitor Employer 
7 PAY_DE_PS_FZ04 S_PH0_48000310 Store Reasons for Entitlement to Child Component 
8 PAY_DE_PS_FZ05 S_PH0_48000311 Store Reasons for Entitlement to Child Increase Amount 
9 PAY_DE_PS_FZ06 S_PH0_48000313 Create Model Action (Child) for Public Sector 
10 PAY_DE_PS_FZ10 S_PH0_48000390 Note: Indirect Valuation of Family-Related Bonus and Cost-of-Living Allow. 
11 PAY_DE_PS_FZ11 S_PH0_48000442 Assign Level Model for Cost-of-Living Bonus to Pay Scales 
12 PAY_DE_PS_FZ12 S_L7D_24000404 Assign Cost-of-Living Allowance for Guaranteed Payment Children in TVoeD 
13 PAY_DE_PS_FZ13 S_L7D_24001624 Check Assignment of Cost-of-Living Allowance Classes to Pay Scales 
14 PAY_DE_PS_FZ14 S_L7D_24001625 Assign Vested Payment Classes to Pay Scales 
15 PAY_DE_PS_FZ15 S_L7D_24001626 Maintain Vested Payment Amnts from Cost-of-Living Allow./Fam-Related Bonus 
16 PAY_DE_PS_FZ_07 S_PH0_48000318 Assign Pay Scale Classes/Family-Related Bonus Classes to Pay Scales 
17 PAY_DE_PS_FZ_08 S_PH0_48000319 Valuate Single, Spousal, and Child Components 
18 PAY_DE_PS_FZ_09 S_PH0_48000332 Set Up Wage Types for Family-Related Bonus and Cost-of-Living Allowance 
19 PAY_DE_PS_HWT1 S_L7D_24000366 Infotype: Activity with Higher Rate of Pay 
20 PAY_DE_PS_HWT2 S_L7D_24000367 Define Decision Values 
21 PAY_DE_PS_HWT3 S_L7D_24000368 Assign Decision Values 
22 PAY_DE_PS_HWT4 S_L7D_24000370 Specify Basis for Activity with Higher Pay Rate 
23 PAY_DE_PS_HWT5 S_L7D_24000372 Create Dynamic Action 
24 PAY_DE_PS_HWT6 S_L7D_24000371 Assign Base Wage Types 
25 PAY_DE_PS_HWT7 S_L7D_24000369 Set Up Bonus Wage Types 
26 PAY_DE_PS_KG01 S_PH0_48000305 Store Reasons for Child Allowance Entitlement 
27 PAY_DE_PS_KG02 S_PH0_48000307 Store Children Entitled to Child Allowance 
28 PAY_DE_PS_KG03 S_PH0_48000312 Set Up Automatic Default Settings 
29 PAY_DE_PS_KG05 S_PH0_48000314 Legal Changes: Check Periods 
30 PAY_DE_PS_KG06 S_PH0_48000315 Check Child Allowance Amounts 
31 PAY_DE_PS_KG07 S_PH0_48000316 Check Child Allowance Amounts for Children Abroad 
32 PAY_DE_PS_KG08 S_PH0_48000317 Define Countries of Residence for Foreign and Domestic Child Allowance 
33 PAY_DE_PS_KG09 S_PH0_48000329 Check Child Allowance Amount for Challenged Adult Child 
34 PAY_DE_PS_PA_FM01 S_PH0_48000392 Note: Screen Control 
35 PAY_DE_PS_PA_FZ01 S_PH0_48000393 Note: Screen Control 
36 PAY_DE_RC_100 S_L9C_94000367 Define Reporting Personnel Area 
37 PAY_DE_RC_200 S_L9C_94000369 Assign Reporting Personnel Area Directly 
38 PAY_DE_RC_300 S_L9C_94000370 Enter Data on Reporting Personnel Area 
39 PAY_DE_RC_400 S_L9C_94000371 Configure Addresses 
40 PAY_DE_RI_81 S_AHR_61019335 Assign Expenditure Types to Wage Types 
41 PAY_DE_RI_82 S_AHR_61019336 Define Posting Collector 
42 PAY_DE_RI_90 S_PL0_09000111 BAdI: Control Posting of Payroll Results 
43 PAY_DE_SC_100 S_PH9_46000846 Maintain standard texts 
44 PAY_DE_ST_013 S_L6B_69000525 Archive Employment Tax Notification 
45 PAY_DE_SV_000 S_L9C_94000333 Maintain Wage Type List for Determining Annual Income 
46 PAY_DE_SV_001 S_L9C_94000334 Define Validity of Wage Type List 
47 PAY_DE_SV_100 S_L6B_69000240 Change Health Insurance Contribution Rates Manually 
48 PAY_DE_SV_110 S_L6B_69000242 Change HI Contribution Rates with Contribution Rate File 
49 PAY_DE_TM_0100 S_AHR_61018986 Define Absence Quota Types and Indicate Leave 
50 PAY_DK_CC_006 S_AHR_61019387 Set up Substitute Cost Centers 
51 PAY_DK_CP_005 S_AHR_61019381 Set up Fixed Cost Postings 
52 PAY_DK_PO_001 S_AHR_61019355 Maintain Posting Date for Payroll Periods 
53 PAY_DK_PO_002 S_AHR_61019356 Create Posting Variants 
54 PAY_DK_PO_004 S_AHR_61019360 Posting to Company Code Clearing Accounts 
55 PAY_DK_RE_003 S_AHR_61019358 Posting to Company Code Clearing Accounts 
56 PAY_DUE_FRV_T50BA S_L7D_24002383 Check authorized transfer formats and classes 
57 PAY_DUE_FR_B2ACHEC S_L7D_24002389 Check options 
58 PAY_DUE_FR_V_T50BB S_L7D_24002384 Check standard transfer format 
59 PAY_DUE_FR_V_T50BD S_L7D_24002385 Check B2A status 
60 PAY_DUE_FR_V_T50BF S_L7D_24002386 Check processing for the various statuses B2ARE>SEE HERE 
61 PAY_DUE_FR_V_T50BG S_L7D_24002387 Check manual status modification 
62 PAY_DUE_FR_V_T50BK S_L7D_24002388 Maintain constants used in B2A process 
63 PAY_DUE_FR_V_T5961 S_L7D_24002382 Create area 
64 PAY_DUE_SH_T5F99S S_L7D_24002390 Check process type 
65 PAY_ES_99S00_DAQVIEW S_L7D_24002152 Display field origin 
66 PAY_ES_ABS01 S_L4H_49002943 Set processing of unpaid leave days 
67 PAY_ES_ART01 S_L7D_24000941 Change CAC type view 
68 PAY_ES_ART02 S_L7D_24000942 Define contribution limits for full remunerations 
69 PAY_ES_ART03 S_L7D_24000943 Define contribution groups 
70 PAY_ES_ART04 S_L7D_24000944 Define contribution limits for non-industrial risks 
71 PAY_ES_ART05 S_L7D_24000945 Payroll results containers 
72 PAY_ES_ART06 S_L7D_24001027 Configure wage type processing 
73 PAY_ES_ART07 S_L7D_24001078 Time-dependent features of CACs 
74 PAY_ES_ART08 S_L7D_24002276 Maintain data for Artists 
75 PAY_ES_ATRASOS S_AL0_96000357 Configure arrears 
76 PAY_ES_BARRNOM S_PH0_48000467 Determine criteria for new work relationship 
77 PAY_ES_BOMBEROS S_L7D_24002171 Check aditional contribution payment for firefighters 
78 PAY_ES_CRT201 S_L4H_49002731 Assign options to statuses 
79 PAY_ES_DAQ_A_F_SECT S_L7D_24002149 Assign fields to section 
80 PAY_ES_DAQ_CONDT S_L7D_24002151 Structure conditions 
81 PAY_ES_DAQ_CONDTI S_L7D_24002150 Specify conditions 
82 PAY_ES_DAQ_FIDAQ S_L7D_24002145 Specify fields and assign origin 
83 PAY_ES_DAQ_FORM S_L7D_24002141 Define forms 
84 PAY_ES_DAQ_OVERVIEW S_L7D_24002140 DAQ: Overview 
85 PAY_ES_DAQ_SECTN S_L7D_24002148 Define form sections 
86 PAY_ES_DAQ_SOUGR S_L7D_24002147 Structure form groups 
87 PAY_ES_DAQ_SOUGRI S_L7D_24002146 Specify field groups 
88 PAY_ES_DAQ_SOUWT S_L7D_24002143 Check wage type assignment to existing wage type groups 
89 PAY_ES_DAQ_SOUWTX S_L7D_24002144 Add customer-specific assignment to existing wage types 
90 PAY_ES_DAQ_SOUWT_A S_L7D_24002142 Specify wage type groupings 
91 PAY_ES_DT_000 S_PH9_46000062 Transfer payroll accounts 
92 PAY_ES_DT_PROD S_PH0_48000555 Steps to follow for production start up 
93 PAY_ES_ERE01 S_L7D_24002921 Determine regulatory base 
94 PAY_ES_ERE_BASES S_L7D_24000281 Determine contribution bases 
95 PAY_ES_ERE_CALEN S_L7D_24000282 Create ERE calendars 
96 PAY_ES_ERE_EXPED S_L7D_24000280 Configure ERE files 
97 PAY_ES_ERE_FORMS S_XC0_18000044 Manage forms for ERE 
98 PAY_ES_ESS_PAYSLIP S_L6B_69000116 BAdI: Remuneration statement only accessible through ESS 
99 PAY_ES_EVHAC01 S_L4H_49003052 Display field Current results 
100 PAY_ES_EVHAC_EC296 S_L7D_24001968 Convert keys for form 296 
101 PAY_ES_EVHAC_T5EI5 S_PH0_48000081 Set valid wage types for Internal Revenue evaluations 
102 PAY_ES_FINI_FORMS S_XC0_18000091 Manage final payment calculation forms 
103 PAY_ES_FOR05 S_L4H_49001390 Define master data for FORCEM 
104 PAY_ES_FOR06 S_L4H_49001627 Check amounts for unemployment compensation 
105 PAY_ES_HAC_FORMS S_XC0_18000045 Manage tax office forms 
106 PAY_ES_HPPAY00_ESS_P S_L6B_69000115 Make remuneration statement form (ESS) available in PDF format 
107 PAY_ES_INDM S_L7D_24002923 Define date for compensation for unjustified dismissal 
108 PAY_ES_INEM_FORMS S_XC0_18000043 Manage forms for INEM (employment office) 
109 PAY_ES_INEM_T5E35 S_L7D_24000035 INEM postal codes and towns 
110 PAY_ES_IPREM S_L7D_24002254 Check IPREM values 
111 PAY_ES_IRPF01 S_L7D_24002827 Specify reduction due to extension of work activity 
112 PAY_ES_IRPF02 S_L4H_49003044 Define number of family members 
113 PAY_ES_NGL001 S_L4H_49001985 Specifying the moment for activating segment 
114 PAY_ES_NGL002 S_L4H_49001986 Including the segment as another Controlling object 
115 PAY_ES_NGL003 S_L4H_49001988 Deactivating delimitation to one FM area 
116 PAY_ES_NGL004 S_L4H_49001989 Defining the distribution class 
117 PAY_ES_NGL005 S_L4H_49001991 Activating wage type grouping for cost distribution 
118 PAY_ES_NGL006 S_L4H_49001992 Activating cost distribution using function XC0DI 
119 PAY_ES_NGL007 S_L4H_49002000 Adjusting account assignment types for symbolic accounts 
120 PAY_ES_NGL008 S_L4H_49001997 Specifying the moment for posting payments 
121 PAY_ES_NGL009 S_L4H_49001998 Enter bank clearing account for HR payments 
122 PAY_ES_NGL011 S_L4H_49002001 Entering allowed values for FM/GM fixed account assignment 
123 PAY_ES_NGL012 S_L4H_49002002 Setting the fixed account assignment grouping for FM/GM 
124 PAY_ES_NGL013 S_L4H_49001993 Maintaining wage types f. retroactive accounting inflow principle 
125 PAY_ES_NGL014 S_L4H_49001990 Note for relevance 
126 PAY_ES_NGL015 S_L4H_49001984 Possible solutions in the new general ledger accounting frame 
127 PAY_ES_NGL016 S_L4H_49001987 Maintaining feature for object selection 
128 PAY_ES_NGL017 S_L4H_49001999 Entering wage types for payment posting 
129 PAY_ES_NGL105 S_L4H_49001994 Activating cost distribution through function XLIDI 
130 PAY_ES_NGL106 S_L4H_49001995 Distribution of debt wage types and input stream principle 
131 PAY_ES_NGL107 S_L4H_49001996 Distribution connected with debt wage type costs 
132 PAY_ES_PM_CREATE S_PH9_46000064 Create process model 
133 PAY_ES_PPAES S_PH0_48000530 Set applied percentage for imputed income 
134 PAY_ES_PP_PP07 S_L4H_49001743 Specify deduction limits (employees < 50 years) 
135 PAY_ES_PP_PP08 S_L4H_49001744 Specify deduction limits (employees > 50 years) 
136 PAY_ES_PP_PP09 S_L4H_49001768 Specify deduction limits (challenged employees) 
137 PAY_ES_PP_PP10 S_L4H_49001769 Specify deduction age limit 
138 PAY_ES_RET01 S_L4H_49001629 Define withholding basis 
139 PAY_ES_RI_81 S_PH9_46000410 Assign expenditure types to wage types 
140 PAY_ES_RI_82 S_PH9_46000411 Define posting line collector 
141 PAY_ES_SEGS01 S_L4H_49001757 Define payer of the first day of relapse IA/ID 
142 PAY_ES_SEGS02 S_L7D_24002873 Separation of retroactive accounting differences with ERE in RPCTC0E0 
143 PAY_ES_SEGS03 S_L4H_49002599 Define pay scale code format 
144 PAY_ES_SEGS04 S_L4H_49002764 Define working day type for daily regulatory base 
145 PAY_ES_SEGS05 S_L4H_49002765 BAdI: Modification of Social Insurance data for payroll 
146 PAY_ES_SEGS06 S_L4H_49002955 Process data for FAN files 
147 PAY_ES_SEGS07 S_L4H_49003059 Check incentivized group for withdrawal of bonuses 
148 PAY_ES_SEGS08 S_L4H_49003460 Define contribution of overtime in part-time contracts 
149 PAY_ES_SEGS09 S_L4H_49003474 Activate adjustment in contribution basis 
150 PAY_ES_SEGS10 S_L4H_49003477 Find out contribution percentaje on full day 
151 PAY_ES_SEGS_REDOND01 S_L4H_49003175 Check base rounding of IA/ID contingencies 
152 PAY_ES_SEGS_REDOND02 S_L4H_49003453 Check rounding of hours worked in part-time contracts 
153 PAY_ES_SPEE01 S_L4H_49001780 Define employee national occupations 
154 PAY_ES_SPHEX S_PH0_48000515 Set assessment basis for overtime average 
155 PAY_ES_SS_AFI S_L7D_24001865 BAdI: Control proposed data for infotype 0799 
156 PAY_ES_T5EU3 S_PL0_09000019 Define interpretations of legal changes 
157 PAY_ES_TCIBO S_PH0_48000527 Inhibit allowances/reductions 
158 PAY_ES_TC_FORM S_AHR_61019065 Manage social insurance forms 
159 PAY_ES_TOCPD S_PH0_48000471 Configure adjustment of IA/ID limits for daily-paid employees 
160 PAY_ES_TX_1 S_AHR_61016422 Define employment tax (IRPF) section 
161 PAY_ES_XEDTINTERNET S_L6B_69000114 Make remuneration statement available on Internet 
162 PAY_F1_HPAATTR_002 S_L7D_24000355 Maintain Reserve Type for FICO Posting 
163 PAY_FI_AB_301 S_FID_08000055 Refine Absences 
164 PAY_FI_AB_304 S_FID_08000056 Refine Enhancements for Absences 
165 PAY_FI_BCEMP_001 S_L7D_24000563 Determine Blue-Collar Monthly Employee 
166 PAY_FI_BCS_001 S_L7D_24001722 Maintain Statistical Data at Employer ID Level 
167 PAY_FI_BCS_003 S_L7D_24001724 Maintain the Contract Type (I) 
168 PAY_FI_BCS_004 S_L7D_24001726 Maintain the Cost of Living Zone 
169 PAY_FI_BCS_005 S_L7D_24001727 Identify Blue Collar Monthly/ Hourly Employees 
170 PAY_FI_BCS_006 S_L7D_24001720 Maintain the Statistical ID 
171 PAY_FI_BCS_007 S_L7D_24001721 Maintain Statistical ID and the Data Fields 
172 PAY_FI_BCS_008 S_L7D_24001725 Maintain the Contract Type (II) 
173 PAY_FI_BCS_009 S_L7D_24001723 Assign Wage types to Cumulation Wage types 
174 PAY_FI_DT_000 S_FID_08000001 Legacy Data Transfer 
175 PAY_FI_DT_001 S_FID_08000002 Payroll Periods 
176 PAY_FI_DT_002 S_FID_08000003 Wage Types 
177 PAY_FI_HPAACCR_001   Configure the Rules for HPA Calculations 
178 PAY_FI_HPAACCR_002 S_L7D_24000354 Identify Blue Collar Employees 
179 PAY_FI_HPAACCR_003 S_L7D_24000357 BAdI: Maintain Value of Final Accrual Amount for HPA Report 
180 PAY_FI_HPAATTR_001 S_L7D_24000356 Maintain Attributes for Reserves Posting to Financials 
181 PAY_FI_HPQTA_001 S_L7D_24000358 BAdI: Maintain Value of Accrued Quota for HPA Report 
182 PAY_FI_KELA_001 S_L7D_24000611 Assign Wage Types to Cumulation Wage Types 
183 PAY_FI_KELA_002 S_L7D_24000612 Maintain Reporting Periods for Bi-weekly Employees 
184 PAY_FI_LABCOST_001 S_L7D_24000609 Determine Line of Business 
185 PAY_FI_LABCOST_002 S_L7D_24000610 Assign Wage Types to Cumulation Wage Types 
186 PAY_FI_RI_81 S_FID_08000160 Assign Expenditure Types to Wage Types 
187 PAY_FI_RI_82 S_FID_08000161 Define Posting Collector 
188 PAY_FI_TR_002 S_L7D_24001513 Maintain Termination Reason Code 
189 PAY_FI_TVR_3534 S_L7D_24001635 Maintain the Priority Level of the TVR 
190 PAY_FI_TVR_999 S_L7D_24001634 Maintain the Priority level of the TVR 
191 PAY_FI_VACSTAT_0001 S_L7D_24000681 Maintain Employee Grouping for Vacation Statement 
192 PAY_FI_VACSTAT_0002 S_L7D_24000682 Assign Info Relevant for Display in Vacation Statement 
193 PAY_FI_WCMS_001 S_L7D_24001342 Maintain the Statistical ID 
194 PAY_FI_WCMS_002 S_L7D_24001343 Maintain Statistical ID and the Data Fields 
195 PAY_FI_WCMS_003 S_L7D_24001344 Maintain Statistical Data at Employer ID Level 
196 PAY_FI_WCMS_004 S_L7D_24001345 Assign Wage types to Cumulation Wage types 
197 PAY_FI_WCMS_005 S_L7D_24001346 Maintain the Contract Type (I) 
198 PAY_FI_WCMS_006 S_L7D_24001347 Maintain the Contract Type (II) 
199 PAY_FI_WCMS_007 S_L7D_24001348 Maintain the Cost of Living Zone and Ground for Compensation 
200 PAY_FI_WCMS_008 S_L7D_24001349 Maintain Period at Work Related Bonuses 
201 PAY_FI_WCMS_009 S_L7D_24001350 Identify White Collar Monthly Employee 
202 PAY_FR-N4DS_OVERVIEW S_L4H_49002013 Data Acquisition: summary 
203 PAY_FRN4DA_596A_5F99 S_L4H_49002015 Define forms 
204 PAY_FRN4DS5F99FV_A_F S_L4H_49002016 Define wage type groups 
205 PAY_FRN4DS_5F99FF_A S_L4H_49002019 Specify fields and assign source 
206 PAY_FRN4DS_5F99FW_AW S_L4H_49002017 Check wage type assignment to wage type groups 
207 PAY_FRN4DS_5F99FX_A S_L4H_49002018 Add customer assignments to existing wage type groups 
208 PAY_FRN4DS_FAAS4511K S_L4H_49002503 Define contractual schedule for workplace 
209 PAY_FRN4DS_V_T5F99FD S_L4H_49002025 Assign fields to form 
210 PAY_FRN4DS_V_T5F99FS S_L4H_49002023 Define form sections 
211 PAY_FRNV_T5FPBS4B_I S_L4H_49002492 Off-Scale 
212 PAY_FR_248377TNMFRCA S_L4H_49001898 Define cost components classification in category 2483 
213 PAY_FR_2483DECL_596M S_L4H_49001253 Maintain communication data linked to roles 
214 PAY_FR_2483DECL_PRES S_L4H_49001250 Declaration 2483: Presentation 
215 PAY_FR_2483_536C S_L4H_49001255  
216 PAY_FR_2483_T5F1P S_L4H_49001857 Define activity code of declaration 2483 
217 PAY_FR_2483_T5F99FC S_L4H_49001260 Set conditions and maintain nature of employment contract 
218 PAY_FR_2483_T5F99FW S_L4H_49001259 Set up payroll wage types to fill frames of declaration 2483 
219 PAY_FR_2483_TNMFR_LR S_L4H_49001254 Define statutory TNM typologies as attributable 2483 or non-attrib. 2483 
220 PAY_FR_2483_TNMFR_PC S_L4H_49001256 Link classification of TNM plan categories to 2483 categories 
221 PAY_FR_2483_TNMFR_TE S_L4H_49001257 Link TNM training groups to socio-professional categories 
222 PAY_FR_2483_TNMFR_TY S_L4H_49001258 Define classification of TNM training types in categories of type 2483 
223 PAY_FR_2483_V_T596NV S_L4H_49001252 Assign roles to places of work 
224 PAY_FR_2483_V_T5F5Q S_L4H_49001261 Set up numeric data in the declaration 2483 frames 
225 PAY_FR_4DS_T5F99FDFR S_L4H_49002793 Option for identifying a Cancel/Replace declaration 
226 PAY_FR_AB_301 S_PH9_46000645 Refine Absences 
227 PAY_FR_AB_304 S_PH9_46000646 Exit: Define Deduction Period 
228 PAY_FR_AB_305 S_AL0_96000270 Define Criteria Groups 
229 PAY_FR_AB_306 S_AL0_96000271 Assign Criteria to Criteria Groups 
230 PAY_FR_AB_307 S_AL0_96000272 Assign Criteria Groups to Absences 
231 PAY_FR_AB_308 S_AL0_96000269 BAdI: Process Specific Criteria 
232 PAY_FR_AB_309 S_AL0_96000818 BAdI: Define Grace Period 
233 PAY_FR_AED_FAAS1 S_L4H_49002632 Define dismissal reason code 
234 PAY_FR_AED_FLUX S_L4H_49002638 AED: EDI Mode Forward flow 
235 PAY_FR_AED_NADCR S_L4H_49002807 Options to generate a Cancel/Replace declaration (AED) 
236 PAY_FR_AED_T536D S_L4H_49002639 Define address type 
237 PAY_FR_AED_T596NV S_L4H_49002636 Configure roles for electronic employer statement 
238 PAY_FR_AED_T5F99S S_L4H_49002824 Check process type 
239 PAY_FR_AED_V_T596M S_L4H_49002637 Maintain data linked to roles 
240 PAY_FR_ASI_5F99FOADM S_L4H_49001398 Map addresses to codes specific to sickness statement > 6 months 
241 PAY_FR_ASI_B2ACHECK S_L4H_49001356 Control options 
242 PAY_FR_ASI_FABS1 S_L4H_49001332 Define absence reasons 
243 PAY_FR_ASI_FORM S_L4H_49001334 Define form 
244 PAY_FR_ASI_FTDS2 S_L4H_49001331 Define employer address 
245 PAY_FR_ASI_PRESTCIVI S_L4H_49001399 Form of address: presentation 
246 PAY_FR_ASI_ROLES_STD S_L4H_49001401 Roles in ASI 
247 PAY_FR_ASI_SECTIONS S_L4H_49001336 Define form sections 
248 PAY_FR_ASI_SRCE_ZONE S_L4H_49001335 Define fields and assign source to fields 
249 PAY_FR_ASI_T536D S_L4H_49001339 Define address types and communication data 
250 PAY_FR_ASI_T596NV S_L4H_49001341 Assign roles to places of work 
251 PAY_FR_ASI_T5F2F S_L4H_49001333 Define payroll wage types 
252 PAY_FR_ASI_T5F99FD S_L4H_49001337 Assign fields to sections of form 
253 PAY_FR_ASI_T5F99FOAD S_L4H_49001344 Do you use this table? 
254 PAY_FR_ASI_T5F99FOAM S_L4H_49001343 Mark form of address for employees for EDI 
255 PAY_FR_ASI_T5F99S S_L4H_49001345 Check process type 
256 PAY_FR_ASI_T5F99S0 S_L4H_49001477 Check process type 
257 PAY_FR_ASI_T5F99ST_R S_L4H_49001346 Check final status 
258 PAY_FR_ASI_VIEWER S_L4H_49001338 Display field origin 
259 PAY_FR_ASI_VT5F99STR S_L4H_49001478 Check final status 
260 PAY_FR_ASI_V_T50BA S_L4H_49001350 Check authorized transfer classes and formats 
261 PAY_FR_ASI_V_T50BB S_L4H_49001351 Check standard transfer format 
262 PAY_FR_ASI_V_T50BD S_L4H_49001352 Check B2A status 
263 PAY_FR_ASI_V_T50BF S_L4H_49001353 Check processing for different B2A statuses 
264 PAY_FR_ASI_V_T50BG S_L4H_49001354 Check manual status modification 
265 PAY_FR_ASI_V_T50BK S_L4H_49001355 Maintain constants used in B2A process 
266 PAY_FR_ASI_V_T5961 S_L4H_49001349 Create area 
267 PAY_FR_ASI_V_T596M S_L4H_49001340 Maintain communication data linked to roles 
268 PAY_FR_ASI_V_T5F99FO S_L4H_49001342 Enter required Forms of address for EDI 
269 PAY_FR_ASI_V_T5F99ST S_L4H_49001347 Check statuses for a process 
270 PAY_FR_ASI_V_T5F99SV S_L4H_49001348 Check status of document 
271 PAY_FR_ASSI_FDDR1 S_L4H_49001396 Set up employer address 
272 PAY_FR_ASSI_FTDS2 S_L4H_49001397 Set up sender address 
273 PAY_FR_ATT6MOIS_ASI6 S_L4H_49001325 Maintain sending reference of sender structure 
274 PAY_FR_ATTESTAT_EDI S_L4H_49001442 EDI statements: presentation 
275 PAY_FR_ATTESTSAL6MON S_L4H_49001324 Wage statement in event of work interruption lasting over 6 months 
276 PAY_FR_ATTSAL6_BADI S_L4H_49001321 BAdI: Change wage statement (ASI) 
277 PAY_FR_ATTSALMAL6MS S_L7D_24002465 Wage statement in event of work interruption lasting over 6 months 
278 PAY_FR_AT_FADDR S_L4H_49002804 Set up the Work Healthcare Service data 
279 PAY_FR_BRC_ALLORG S_L7D_24002172 Recapitulation slip for contributions, all agencies 
280 PAY_FR_BRC_URSSAF S_L7D_24002173 Recapitulation slip for URSSAF contributions 
281 PAY_FR_CW_0001 S_AHR_61012244 ASSEDIC Statement for Casual Labor (Entertainment Sector) 
282 PAY_FR_CW_0002 S_AHR_61012245 Casual Labour Employment Certificate (Entertainment Sector) 
283 PAY_FR_CW_0003 S_AC0_52000033 BAdI: field specific supply of the casual labor ASSEDIC statement 
284 PAY_FR_CW_001 S_AHR_61012243 ASSEDIC Statement for Casual Labor (Entertainment Sector) 
285 PAY_FR_DADSU_5F99STR S_L7D_24002326 Check final status 
286 PAY_FR_DADSU_B2ACHEC S_L7D_24002324 Control options 
287 PAY_FR_DADSU_B2A_PRE S_L7D_24002316 DADS-U in B2A and Status Handler: presentation 
288 PAY_FR_DADSU_CONTRAS S_L7D_24001946 Insurance policy maintenance: Presentation 
289 PAY_FR_DADSU_CORRECT S_L7D_24002280 BAdI: corrective DADS-U 
290 PAY_FR_DADSU_INTRO S_L7D_24001943 Insurance company contributions: Presentation 
291 PAY_FR_DADSU_T50BD S_L7D_24002320 Check B2A status 
292 PAY_FR_DADSU_T50BG S_L7D_24002322 Check manual status modification 
293 PAY_FR_DADSU_T50BK S_L7D_24002323 Maintain constants used in B2A process 
294 PAY_FR_DADSU_T54OC S_L7D_24001961 Assign funds to recipient agencies 
295 PAY_FR_DADSU_T5F1B S_L7D_24001956 Assign contribution modifiers to contributions 
296 PAY_FR_DADSU_T5F1BAR S_L7D_24001955 Assign basis type and contract to contributor group 
297 PAY_FR_DADSU_T5F1BAS S_L7D_24001950 Maintain insurance policies modifier 
298 PAY_FR_DADSU_T5F1BC S_L7D_24002279 Assign object list to basic type codes 
299 PAY_FR_DADSU_T5F1BD S_L7D_24002278 Define object list for basic types according to declaration 
300 PAY_FR_DADSU_T5F1BM S_L7D_24001953 Assign object list to basic type codes 
301 PAY_FR_DADSU_T5F1BN S_L7D_24001951 Create basic type code 
302 PAY_FR_DADSU_T5F1BS S_L7D_24001952 Define object list for basic types according to declaration 
303 PAY_FR_DADSU_T5F1C3 S_L7D_24001948 Check rate modifier 
304 PAY_FR_DADSU_T5F1O S_L7D_24001954 Create contribution modifier 
305 PAY_FR_DADSU_T5F7A S_L7D_24001949 Maintain contributor group modifier 
306 PAY_FR_DADSU_T5F7B S_L7D_24001947 Create contracts modifier 
307 PAY_FR_DADSU_T5F99ST S_L7D_24002327 Check statuses for a process 
308 PAY_FR_DADSU_T5F99SV S_L7D_24002328 Check the program and class for RPDHDL9SV1 maintenance 
309 PAY_FR_DADSU_V_T50BA S_L7D_24002318 Check authorized transfer classes and formats 
310 PAY_FR_DADSU_V_T50BB S_L7D_24002319 Check standard transfer format 
311 PAY_FR_DADSU_V_T5961 S_L7D_24002317 Create area 
312 PAY_FR_DADSU_V_T5F4L S_L7D_24002281 Assign supplementary PCS indicator to qualification 
313 PAY_FR_DADS_51_BAS S_L7D_24002395 Hold insurance policy modifier 
314 PAY_FR_DASU_T5F99S S_L4H_49001074 Check process type 
315 PAY_FR_DOETH_BADI_DO S_L7D_24002447 BAdI: Adjust headcount of liable employees and beneficiaries 
316 PAY_FR_DT_000 S_PH9_46000623 Legacy Data Transfer 
317 PAY_FR_DT_001 S_PH9_46000625 Payroll Periods 
318 PAY_FR_DT_002 S_PH9_46000626 Wage Types 
319 PAY_FR_DUCS_FGRCT S_L7D_24001963 Define contributor groups 
320 PAY_FR_DUCS_IRC_5F1A S_L7D_24001960 Define funds 
321 PAY_FR_DUCS_IRC_5F40 S_L7D_24001959 Define recipient agencies 
322 PAY_FR_DUCS_T536D S_L7D_24002887 Define address type 
323 PAY_FR_DUCS_T5F4N S_L7D_24001962 Define risk lines 
324 PAY_FR_DUCS_T5F4UD S_L7D_24001965 Maintain declared units 
325 PAY_FR_DUCS_T5F4UM S_L7D_24001964 Define declared units 
326 PAY_FR_DUCS_T5F5Q S_L7D_24001970 Manage advance payment or deductible codes 
327 PAY_FR_DUCS_T5FAW S_L7D_24001966 Relate contributions 
328 PAY_FR_DUE_5F99F0 S_L7D_24002378 Define form 
329 PAY_FR_DUE_5F99FF S_L7D_24002379 Specify fields and assign source 
330 PAY_FR_DUE_5F99FS S_L7D_24002380 Define form sections 
331 PAY_FR_DUE_BADI_DUE S_L7D_24002394 BAdI: change structures of single hiring declaration 
332 PAY_FR_DUE_FADDR S_L4H_49002803 Set up Healthcare Service/Work Healthcare Service indicator 
333 PAY_FR_DUE_T5F1A S_L4H_49003239 Recodify URSSAF organization 
334 PAY_FR_DUE_T5F99ST S_L7D_24002392 Check statuses for a process 
335 PAY_FR_DUE_T5F99ST_ S_L7D_24002391 Check final status 
336 PAY_FR_DUE_T5F99SV S_L7D_24002393 Check the program and class for RPDHDL9SV1 maintenance 
337 PAY_FR_DUE_VIEWER99S S_L7D_24002381 Display field origin 
338 PAY_FR_EDIV5F99FODAM S_L7D_24002022 Mark form of address for EDI participants 
339 PAY_FR_EDI_5F99FODAM S_L7D_24002021 Mark form of address for EDI participants 
340 PAY_FR_EDI_CIVILIT_P S_L7D_24002018 Form of address: presentation 
341 PAY_FR_EDI_DAQ-VIEWE S_L7D_24002017 Display field origin 
342 PAY_FR_EDI_DAQ_FORM S_L7D_24002013 Define forms 
343 PAY_FR_EDI_DAQ_SECT S_L7D_24002015 Define sections 
344 PAY_FR_EDI_DAQ_SOURC S_L4H_49000620 Define fields and assign source to fields 
345 PAY_FR_EDI_DAQ_SRCE S_L4H_49001444 Define fields and assign source to fields 
346 PAY_FR_EDI_IJSS_DAQ S_L4H_49001443 Define forms 
347 PAY_FR_EDI_IJSS_SECT S_L4H_49001445 Define sections 
348 PAY_FR_EDI_PRESENTAT S_L7D_24002012 Presentation 
349 PAY_FR_EDI_ROLECONTC S_L4H_49000618 Roles and contact persons: presentation 
350 PAY_FR_EDI_T536D S_L7D_24002024 Define address type 
351 PAY_FR_EDI_T5F99FD S_L7D_24002016 Assign fields to sections 
352 PAY_FR_EDI_T5F99FOA S_L7D_24002019 Enter required Forms of address for EDI 
353 PAY_FR_EDI_T5F99FOAM S_L7D_24002020 Mark form of address for employees for EDI 
354 PAY_FR_EDI_V_T536C S_L7D_24002025 Define address key and communication data 
355 PAY_FR_EDI_V_T596M S_L7D_24002027 Maintain data linked to roles 
356 PAY_FR_EDI_V_T596NV S_L7D_24002026 Assign roles to places of work 
357 PAY_FR_ESS_PAYSLIP S_L6B_69000016 BAdI: ESS Remuneration Statement Only 
358 PAY_FR_ESS_PDF S_L6B_69000015 Remuneration Statement in PDF Format (ESS) 
359 PAY_FR_FEAT_FTRKT S_L7D_24002200 Set up bank details for subrogation 
360 PAY_FR_FEAT_RPLASAF3 S_L7D_24002198 Set up absences for the AT and occupational illness statement 
361 PAY_FR_FEAT_RPLASMF3 S_L4H_49000891 Set up absences for IJSS statements 
362 PAY_FR_IJSS5F99FODAM S_L4H_49001453 Recodify form of address for EDI participants 
363 PAY_FR_IJSSS_B2ACHEC S_L4H_49001466 Check settings 
364 PAY_FR_IJSSS_OVERVIE S_L4H_49001454 Roles and contact persons: presentation 
365 PAY_FR_IJSSS_T50BA S_L4H_49001460 Check authorized transfer formats and classes 
366 PAY_FR_IJSSS_T50BB S_L4H_49001461 Check standard transfer format 
367 PAY_FR_IJSSS_T50BD S_L4H_49001462 Check B2A status 
368 PAY_FR_IJSSS_T50BG S_L4H_49001464 Check manual status modification 
369 PAY_FR_IJSSS_T50BK S_L4H_49001465 Maintain constants used in B2A process 
370 PAY_FR_IJSSS_T536C S_L4H_49001456 Define address key and communication data 
371 PAY_FR_IJSSS_T536D S_L4H_49001455 Define address type 
372 PAY_FR_IJSSS_T5961 S_L4H_49001459 Create area 
373 PAY_FR_IJSSS_T596M S_L4H_49001458 Maintain data linked to roles 
374 PAY_FR_IJSSS_T596NV S_L4H_49001457 Assign roles to places of work 
375 PAY_FR_IJSSS_V_T50BF S_L4H_49001463 Check processing for different B2A statuses 
376 PAY_FR_IJSSV_T5F99S0 S_L4H_49001473 Check process type 
377 PAY_FR_IJSSV_T5F99ST S_L4H_49001474 Check statuses for a process 
378 PAY_FR_IJSS_CDCIVIL S_L4H_49001449 Enter required forms of address for EDI 
379 PAY_FR_IJSS_LEGAL_OV S_L4H_49001377 Configuration of IJSS statements for EDI 
380 PAY_FR_IJSS_ORIGZONE S_L4H_49001447 Display field origin 
381 PAY_FR_IJSS_QUALITE S_L4H_49001448 Form of address: presentation 
382 PAY_FR_IJSS_SECTIONS S_L4H_49001446 Assign fields to sections 
383 PAY_FR_IJSS_T5F99FOA S_L4H_49001452 Recodify employee forms of address for EDI 
384 PAY_FR_IJS_V_T5F99SV S_L4H_49001476 View document status 
385 PAY_FR_IJV_T5F99ST_R S_L4H_49001475 Check final status 
386 PAY_FR_IJ_T5F99ST_R S_L4H_49001468 Check final status 
387 PAY_FR_IJ_V_T5F99S0 S_L4H_49001467 Check process type 
388 PAY_FR_LO_001 S_L6B_69000441 BAdI: loan evaluations 
389 PAY_FR_N4DSV_T5F99FG S_L4H_49002022 Define source of field groups 
390 PAY_FR_N4DSX07_F4DS9 S_L4H_49002874 Define employee cat. indicator for standardized deduction of Prof. Expenses 
391 PAY_FR_N4DS_5F1C_C S_L4H_49002470 Set parameters for industrial accident (IA) contributions 
392 PAY_FR_N4DS_5F1P_F1E S_L4H_49002504 Check extension indicator of compulsory basic Social Insurance plan 
393 PAY_FR_N4DS_5F99DM S_L4H_49002473 Recode date categories 
394 PAY_FR_N4DS_5FPBS1AF S_L4H_49002521 Maintain public sector employer indicators 
395 PAY_FR_N4DS_5FPBS4CB S_L4H_49002520 Recode NNE Corps indicators 
396 PAY_FR_N4DS_ACTIVITY S_L4H_49002517 Maintain activity period 
397 PAY_FR_N4DS_ANCIENTE S_L4H_49002485 Recode employee employment periods in the company 
398 PAY_FR_N4DS_BADICUST S_L4H_49002522 BAdI: change N4DS 
399 PAY_FR_N4DS_BS4C_G_B S_L4H_49002378  
400 PAY_FR_N4DS_CORPS_GR S_L4H_49002493 Populate official indicators for civil servant corps and grade of agent 
401 PAY_FR_N4DS_DAQOVERV S_L4H_49002014 Data Acquisition: summary 
402 PAY_FR_N4DS_F4DS1 S_L4H_49002482 Wage payment periodicity indicator 
403 PAY_FR_N4DS_F4DS2 S_L4H_49002483 Recode method of exercising work 
404 PAY_FR_N4DS_F4DS3 S_L4H_49002516 Maintain employee activity's liability for unemployment insurance 
405 PAY_FR_N4DS_F4DS4 S_L4H_49002479 Recode Public employer liability indicator 
406 PAY_FR_N4DS_F4DS5 S_L4H_49002480 Recode public sector membership indicator 
407 PAY_FR_N4DS_F4DS6 S_L4H_49002481 Recode legal status indicator 
408 PAY_FR_N4DS_F4DS7 S_L4H_49002478 Define origin of part-time work rate 
409 PAY_FR_N4DS_F4DS8 S_L4H_49002631 Define employee's contractual working time 
410 PAY_FR_N4DS_FDAD3 S_L4H_49002260 Reencode employee's company status 
411 PAY_FR_N4DS_FDAD5 S_L4H_49002262 Recode collective agreement category status indicator 
412 PAY_FR_N4DS_FDADB S_L4H_49002257 Recodify collective agreement indicator 
413 PAY_FR_N4DS_FTDS2 S_L4H_49001970 Define company's head office 
414 PAY_FR_N4DS_FTDS3 S_L4H_49001971 Define Sender Company 
415 PAY_FR_N4DS_FTDS5 S_L4H_49002539 Maintain professional expenses 
416 PAY_FR_N4DS_N445B S_HRI_55000137 Option to calculate a S45.G05.15.001.001- Total period gross wage 
417 PAY_FR_N4DS_N4NPP S_L4H_49003041 Option to define the number of parallel processes 
418 PAY_FR_N4DS_N4PPS S_L4H_49003042 Option to define the size of packages 
419 PAY_FR_N4DS_NAMDN S_L4H_49003121 Option to define the maximum number of AED Canc./Rep. declarations 
420 PAY_FR_N4DS_OVERVIEW S_L4H_49001953 N4DS: presentation 
421 PAY_FR_N4DS_PBS1PBS0 S_L4H_49002379  
422 PAY_FR_N4DS_PS_IMPLE S_L4H_49002464 Implementation specific to Public Sector 
423 PAY_FR_N4DS_SNUM_N4D S_L4H_49001967 Maintain sending reference of sender structure 
424 PAY_FR_N4DS_STRUS45 S_L4H_49002484 Structure S45: Presentation 
425 PAY_FR_N4DS_T551Q1AT S_L4H_49001974 Create attributes for IA contributions 
426 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5F1A S_L4H_49001980 Recode pension and retirement agencies 
427 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5F1BAP S_L4H_49002488 Maintain pension contract modifier 
428 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5F1BAR S_L4H_49002501 Assign basis type and contract to contribution group 
429 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5F1BC S_L4H_49002498 Assign object list to basic type indicators 
430 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5F1BD S_L4H_49002499 Define object list for basic types according to declaration 
431 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5F1BN S_L4H_49002497 Define nature of contribution basis type indicators 
432 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5F1C3 S_L4H_49001975 Maintain modifier for floating rate contributions 
433 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5F1O S_L4H_49002500 Define the contribution attribute modifiers 
434 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5F1P S_L4H_49001968 Fill company/institution data 
435 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5F1R S_L4H_49001981 Set suppl./special plans or engineer., constr. & operations paid leave fund 
436 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5F1S S_L4H_49001973 Define tax liability on salaries 
437 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5F30_B S_L4H_49002475 Determine inactivity period/special situations 
438 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5F4LI_L S_L4H_49002261 Assign supplementary PCS indicator to qualification 
439 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5F7B S_L4H_49002506 Create contract modifier 
440 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5F8A S_L4H_49002487 Maintain contributor group modifier for contract 
441 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5F99FAM S_L4H_49002472 Recode marital status 
442 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5F9A S_L4H_49002507 Maintain contract reference 
443 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5FDA2 S_L4H_49003178 Define the period start reason indicators 
444 PAY_FR_N4DS_T5FN4DSC S_L4H_49001966 Define class for processing declaration's Type, Periodicity & Cost element 
445 PAY_FR_N4DS_V_5F1P_B S_L4H_49001969 Associate domain/sub-domaine to DADS-U modifier - Required? 
446 PAY_FR_N4DS_V_5F41_A S_L4H_49002474 Add view V_5f41_A 
447 PAY_FR_N4DS_V_T5F1AF S_L4H_49001979 Maintain the official organization indicators 
448 PAY_FR_N4DS_V_T5F1C1 S_L4H_49001976 Assign percentages and/or floating rate contributions attributes 
449 PAY_FR_N4DS_V_T5F30 S_L4H_49002247 Determine special action type and category of reasons 
450 PAY_FR_N4DS_V_T5F41 S_L4H_49001982 Set 1st and 2nd category invalidity 
451 PAY_FR_N4DS_V_T5F42 S_L4H_49001978 Define population indicator, entitlement indic. and name of work contract 
452 PAY_FR_N4DS_V_T5F5Q S_L4H_49001977 Provide data on places of work 
453 PAY_FR_N4DS_V_T5F9A S_L4H_49002486 Maintain VT5F9A contract reference used? 
454 PAY_FR_N4DS_V_T5FDA1 S_L4H_49002248 Set absence types 
455 PAY_FR_N4DS__T5F1S S_L4H_49001972 Required? 
456 PAY_FR_NDS_QUALI513S S_L4H_49002515 Maintain Nature of employment 
457 PAY_FR_NEW_ADRESSES S_L4H_49002495 Maintain addresses 
458 PAY_FR_NV_5FPBS4G_B S_L4H_49002491 Define Employment indicator 
459 PAY_FR_NV_T5FPBS4C0 S_L4H_49002489 Recode corps and grade indicators 
460 PAY_FR_N_V_5FPBS4G_B S_L4H_49002490 Recode grade 
461 PAY_FR_PART_5F1P_03B S_L7D_24001993 Select Special Employment Groups 
462 PAY_FR_PART_5F1P_E S_L7D_24001995 Define Profit Sharing Modifier 
463 PAY_FR_PART_BADI_PAR S_L7D_24002001 BAdI: Modify profit sharing data (RPUPARF0) 
464 PAY_FR_PART_T5F3A S_L7D_24001996 Enter release reasons 
465 PAY_FR_PART_V_5F3B_2 S_L7D_24001998 Define capitalization periods and interest rates 
466 PAY_FR_PART_V_T558A S_L7D_24002000 Modify profit sharing calculation base 
467 PAY_FR_PART_V_T5F3B S_L7D_24001997 Define profit sharing distribution data 
468 PAY_FR_PART_V_T5F3C S_L4H_49000597 Define Profit Sharing Contributions 
469 PAY_FR_PART_V_T5F42 S_L7D_24001994 Exclude/Exempt Contract Types 
470 PAY_FR_REIN_T5F99VD S_L7D_24002420 Maintain effective date of social and fiscal reintegration calculation 
471 PAY_FR_RI_81 S_PH9_46000631 Assign Expense Categories to Wage Types 
472 PAY_FR_RI_82 S_PH9_46000632 Define Collective Posting 
473 PAY_FR_SP_T5FPBS1W S_L4H_49002476 Configure detailed indicator of temporary assignment position 
474 PAY_FR_STRU45_T5F8A S_L4H_49001032 Maintain contributor group modifier for pension contracts 
475 PAY_FR_STRU45_T5F99A S_L7D_24002283 Reset flag for employee employment periods in the company 
476 PAY_FR_T5F99FCD S_L4H_49003012 Maintain the code lists 
477 PAY_FR_TB_V_T5F99ST S_L4H_49001471 Check statuses for a process 
478 PAY_FR_TB_V_T5F99SV S_L4H_49001472 View document status 
479 PAY_FR_TOOLSV_T50BD S_L4H_49000626 Check B2A status 
480 PAY_FR_TOOLSV_T50BG S_L7D_24002033 Check manual status modification 
481 PAY_FR_TOOLSV_T50BK S_L7D_24002034 Maintain constants used in B2A process 
482 PAY_FR_TOOLSV_T5F99S S_L4H_49000632 Check process type 
483 PAY_FR_TOOLS_B2ACHEC S_L7D_24002035 Control options 
484 PAY_FR_TOOLS_METHODS S_L4H_49000627 Check processing for different B2A statuses 
485 PAY_FR_TOOLS_V_T50BA S_L4H_49000630 Check authorized transfer classes and formats 
486 PAY_FR_TOOLS_V_T50BB S_L4H_49000625 Check standard transfer format 
487 PAY_FR_TOOLS_V_T5961 S_L4H_49000624 Create area 
488 PAY_FR_TOOLV_T5F99ST S_L4H_49000634 Check statuses for a process 
489 PAY_FR_TOOLV_T5F99SV S_L4H_49000635 Check the program and class for RPDHDL9SV1 maintenance 
490 PAY_FR_TOOV_T5F99ST_ S_L7D_24002037 Check final status 
491 PAY_FR_V_5F1P_J S_L4H_49002269 Personnel subareas' region code 
492 PAY_FR_V_T5F1G2 S_L4H_49002847 Associate contribution bases of different organisms 
493 PAY_FR_V_T77TNMFR_FC S_L4H_49001671 Classify financing categories 
494 PAY_GB_AB_300 S_L6B_69000647 Define Absences for Refinement 
495 PAY_GB_AB_301 S_PH9_46000443 Create Rule Group for Absence Refinement 
496 PAY_GB_AB_304 S_PH9_46000444 Define Rules for Refining Absences 
497 PAY_GB_AB_305 S_L6B_69000648 Prepare Production Startup for the Refinement of Absences 
498 PAY_GB_AB_306 S_L6B_69000649 BAdI: Enhancements for Payroll Function XNAB 
499 PAY_GB_ASHE1 S_L7D_24001365 Determine Whether the Employee is Permanent 
500 PAY_GB_ASHE10 S_L7D_24001395 Set Wage Type for Overtime Calculation