SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index P, page 9
IMG Activity - P
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 PLM_AUDIT_OBJECT_A S_S7B_68000074 Definition of an Object for Investigation (Audit,...) 
2 PLM_AUDIT_QUEST_CONT S_ABA_72000234 Controlling Procedure for Audit Questions 
3 PLM_AUDIT_QUEST_COPY S_ABA_72000235 Assignment of Question Lists to Audit 
4 PLM_AUDIT_QUN_UPDATE S_ABA_72000211 Create, Change, and Delete Question Lists 
5 PLM_AUDIT_SAP_BW S_ABA_72000225 BW Connection for Audit Management 
6 PLM_AUDIT_SAP_DOC S_ABA_72000226 Encapsulation of Document Connection 
7 PLM_AUDIT_SAP_TXT S_ABA_72000227 Decoupling of Long Text Processing 
8 PLM_AUDIT_SEARCHHELP S_ABA_72000224 Enhancement for Search Helps 
9 PLM_AUDIT_SIGNATURE S_ABA_72000228 Provide Signature for Audit 
10 PLM_AUDIT_STATUS S_ABA_72000213 Status Management for Audit Components 
11 PLM_AUDIT_STRUCTURE S_S7B_68000068 BAdI: Structural View for Investigations (Audit, FMEA...) 
12 PLM_AUDIT_STRUCTUREC S_S7B_68000067 Definition of Structure Types 
13 PLM_AUDIT_TEXT_ID S_ABA_72000229 Definition of Text Types for Each Audit Component 
14 PLM_AUDIT_TYPE S_S7B_68000073 BAdI for Functional Enhancement of Investigation Type (Audit Type,...) 
15 PLM_AUDIT_XML S_ABA_72000230 XML Generation 
16 PLM_AUO_CUSTOM_F S_L1B_76000004 Customer-Defined Fields for Audit 
17 PLM_AUP_CUSTOM_F S_L1B_76000003 Customer-Defined Fields for Audit Plan 
18 PLM_CATALOG_IF S_AL0_96000858 BAdI: Catalog Connection 
19 PLM_COR_CUSTOM_F S_L1B_76000007 Customer-Defined Fields for Corrective Action/Preventive Action 
20 PLM_EXPO_ADDOBJECTSI S_PEN_05000357 BAdI: Instantiate Additional Classes to Call Event Handler 
21 PLM_FMEA_AUTH_CHECK S_AER_95000221 Authorization Assignment in FMEA Processing 
22 PLM_FMEA_C_OBJARCH S_PRN_53000036 Data Objects: Define Residence Time 
23 PLM_FMEA_QUEST_COPY S_AER_95000218 BAdI: Assign Question Lists to an Investigation (Audit, FMEA,...) 
24 PLM_FMEA_SALV_DISP S_E36_82000255 FMEA: Adjustment of Monitor & Lists 
25 PLM_FMEA_SIGNATURE S_AER_95000424 Provide Signature for FMEA 
26 PLM_FMEA_STATUS S_AER_95000222 Status Management for Components in FMEA Processing 
27 PLM_PS_MYCPROJECTS S_AXA_22000044 My cProjects: Selection of My Projects Instead of Favorites 
28 PLM_PS_MYCPROJECTS_N S_AXA_22000045 My cProjects: Selection of My Projects Instead of Favorites 
29 PLM_PS_RFCDEST_2 S_AEN_10000794 Define RFC Destination for cProjects System 
30 PLM_PS_RFCDEST_C S_AXA_22000043 Change RFC Destination for cProjects System 
31 PLM_PS_RFCDEST_C_1 S_AEN_10000792 Define RFC Destination for cProjects 
32 PLM_QUN_CUSTOM_F S_L1B_76000006 Customer-Defined Fields for Question List 
33 PL_INTERNALINVOICE_1 S_EAC_24000347 Assign Number Range to Company Code for Internal Invoices 
34 PL_INTINVTAXCODE_1 S_EAC_24000348 Assign Tax Codes to Company Code 
35 PL_PACKINST_DET_BADI S_AL0_96000762 BAdI for Packing Instruction Determination Using Customer's Own Fields 
36 PL_PACKINST_DIALOG S_AL0_96000761 Business Add-In for Customer-Specific Subscreen in Packing Instruction 
37 PL_PACK_INSTR_BADI S_AL0_96000760 Business Add-In for Enhancements to Packing Instruction Function 
38 PL_PRESEL_HU_DLVRY S_KA5_12001478 Pre-Assignment of HUs to Deliveries in the Shipment 
39 PL_RECHNLEGVOR S_AEN_10000901 Assign Accounting Principles to Company Code 
40 PMEX_GET_WCCP S_EBS_44000524 Extractor for Work Center Capacity 
41 PMPS_ADCOMPV S_KA5_12000485 Define Field Values for PM/PS Reference Element 
42 POBJ_001   Set Up User 
43 POBJ_002   Set Up Levels 
44 POBJ_003   Set Up Cases 
45 POBJ_004   Assign Case Types and Classes to Users 
46 POBJ_005   Define Anchor for Customer Nodes in Record Model 
47 POC_CHANGE_DOCUMENT S_BFI_75000016 Set Up Change Document 
48 POC_EVENT_EXTRACTION S_BFI_75000015 BAdI: Event Extraction 
49 POC_EXD_DATASOURCE S_BT6_28000075 BAdI: Extend Datasources for BW Extraction 
50 POC_EXT_DATA_OPD S_BT6_28000076 BAdI: Extend Datasources for Operational Reporting 
51 POC_FED_INTEG_CODE S_BT6_28000034 Check Integration Point Type Code 
52 POC_FED_LOG_SYST S_BT6_28000036 Define Logical Systems for Federation 
53 POC_INSTR_BOR S_BT6_28000029 Maintain Business Object Repository Instrumentation 
54 POC_INSTR_CHECK_BOR S_BT6_28000066 Check Process Monitoring Events for Bus. Object Repository 
55 POC_INSTR_MAP_EVT_TA S_BT6_28000072 BAdI: Mapping of Business Object Repository Events to Tasks 
56 POC_INSTR_MAP_PREV S_BT6_28000060 Map Previous Objects from Business Object Repository Payload 
57 POC_INSTR_MAP_PRE_BO S_BFI_75000009 BAdI: Map Previous Business Object 
58 POC_INSTR_NAV_BOR S_BT6_28000087 Set Up Navigation to Remote BOR Objects in Process Monitor 
59 POC_INSTR_NAV_REMBOR S_BFI_75000002 Set Up Navigation to Remote BOR Objects in Process Monitor 
60 POC_INSTR_PRE_BO_DET S_BT6_28000073 BAdI: Previous Business Object Determination 
61 POC_JOB_RSWFEVTPOQUE S_BT6_28000077 Schedule Business Object Repository Event Processing 
62 POC_MAIN_ACTIVE S_BT6_28000037 Activate Process Logging 
63 POC_MAIN_BA_EVENT S_BT6_28000014 BAdI: Enrichment of Task Event Data 
64 POC_MAIN_BA_LOG S_BT6_28000015 BAdI: Enrichment of Task Log Data 
65 POC_MAIN_BA_TIME_LIM S_BT6_28000040 Maintain Maximum Allowed Time Delay 
66 POC_MAIN_FACLAY_CONT S_BT6_28000031 Maintain Objects in Facade Layer 
67 POC_MAIN_KPI_CALC S_BFI_75000007 BAdI: Rule-Based Key Performance Indicator Calculations 
68 POC_MAIN_KPI_DEF S_BT6_28000032 Define Key Performance Indicators 
69 POC_MAIN_MASTER_REG S_BT6_28000039 Set Up Process Registry 
70 POC_MAIN_PROC_DEF S_BT6_28000033 Create and Maintain Process Definition 
71 POC_MAIN_PROC_STAT S_BFI_75000006 BAdI: User-Defined Process Status for a Process Instance 
72 POC_MAIN_TASK S_BFI_75000003 BAdI: Enhance/Split Tasks 
73 POC_MAIN_TASK_BIND S_BFI_75000005 BAdI: Rule Based Binding of Task to a Process Activity 
74 POC_MAIN_THR_CALC S_BFI_75000008 BAdI: Rule-Based Threshold Determination 
75 POC_MAIN_TRACE S_BT6_28000038 Activate Process Tracing 
76 POC_MODEL_ACT_BO_LOG S_BT6_28000035 Activate Business Object Type Log 
77 POC_MODEL_BUS_AREA S_BT6_28000067 Maintain Business Area 
78 POC_MODEL_PROC_DEFIN S_BT6_28000016 BAdI: Enrichment of Process Definition Data 
79 POC_NO_MODEL_AUTH S_BFI_75000010 Deactivate Model Authorization Checks 
80 POC_PROV_ACTODP S_BT6_28000083 Activate Operational Data Provider Models 
81 POI_PARAMETERS S_P99_41000225 Data transfer parameters for POI 
82 PORG_V S_PCO_36000004 Define Organizational Priorities 
83 PORTFOL S_KK4_13000326 Define Portfolio 
84 PORTFOLIO S_ALR_87007928 Define Portfolio 
85 PORT_MAN_ANNIV_001 S_AX7_68000121 Create Additional Fields 
86 PORT_MAN_APPR_001 S_AX7_68000149 Specify Assignment of iView Instance to Appropriation Request Type 
87 PORT_MAN_ATTA_001 S_AX7_68000117 Convert Availability Status to Attendance Status 
88 PORT_MAN_BIRTH_001 S_AX7_68000115 Create Additional Fields 
89 PORT_MAN_CCMO_001 S_AX7_68000125 Create Rules for Critical Line Items 
90 PORT_MAN_CCMO_002 S_AX7_68000124 Create Rules for Critical Variances 
91 PORT_MAN_CCMO_003 S_AX7_68000123 Create Extracts for Critical Line Items 
92 PORT_MAN_CCMO_004 S_AX7_68000122 Create Extracts for Critical Postings 
93 PORT_MAN_CM_WFL_001 S_AX8_68000343 Set Up Workflow for Compensation Adjustments 
94 PORT_MAN_COLUMN_001 S_AX7_68000129 Define Views of the Organizational Structure 
95 PORT_MAN_COLUMN_002 S_AX7_68000131 Define Display of Object Types 
96 PORT_MAN_COLUMN_003 S_AX7_68000133 Group Views of Organizational Structure 
97 PORT_MAN_COLUMN_004 S_AX7_68000135 Define Columns 
98 PORT_MAN_COLUMN_005 S_AX7_68000136 Redefine Column Headers 
99 PORT_MAN_COLUMN_006 S_AX7_68000137 Define Column Groups 
100 PORT_MAN_COLUMN_007 S_AX7_68000128 Define Hierarchical Column Groups 
101 PORT_MAN_COLUMN_008 S_AX7_68000120 Define Coherence Relationships 
102 PORT_MAN_COLUMN_009 S_AX7_68000119 Define Navigation Objects 
103 PORT_MAN_COLUMN_010 S_AX7_68000118 Restrict Number of Navigation Objects 
104 PORT_MAN_COLUMN_011 S_AX7_68000139 Take Table Settings from Column Framework 
105 PORT_MAN_COLUMN_111 S_AXB_19000007 Define Columns 
106 PORT_MAN_COLUMN_NEW S_AXA_22000108 Define Columns 
107 PORT_MAN_EMPRO_001 S_AX7_68000116 Adjust Periods and Wage Types 
108 PORT_MAN_EMPRO_002 S_AX7_68000144 Filter Absence Records 
109 PORT_MAN_EMPRO_003 S_AX7_68000262 Define Wage Types for Annual Salary 
110 PORT_MAN_EMPRO_004 S_AX7_68000263 Adjust Periods for Annual Salary 
111 PORT_MAN_EREC_FORMS S_PLN_62000379 Group Form Types 
112 PORT_MAN_EREC_L_NAME S_PLN_62000410 Assign E-Recruiting System Name 
113 PORT_MAN_EREC_MGRGRP S_PLN_62000401 Define Manager Groupings 
114 PORT_MAN_EREC_RF_SET S_PLN_62000408 Define Attributes for Request Scenarios 
115 PORT_MAN_EREC_RQFORM S_PLN_62000407 Define Form Types for Staff Requisitions 
116 PORT_MAN_EREC_START S_PLN_62000409 Assign Start Mode 
117 PORT_MAN_ETP_001 S_AX7_68000127 Specify Number Range Intervals for Easy Task Planning 
118 PORT_MAN_ETP_002 S_AX7_68000126 Delete Tasks 
119 PORT_MAN_ILMO_001 S_AX7_68000168 Create Rules for Critical Variances 
120 PORT_MAN_ILMO_002 S_AX7_68000169 Create Extracts for Critical Postings 
121 PORT_MAN_IOMO_001 S_AX7_68000164 Create Rules for Critical Line Items 
122 PORT_MAN_IOMO_002 S_AX7_68000165 Create Rules for Critical Variances 
123 PORT_MAN_IOMO_003 S_AX7_68000166 Create Extracts for Critical Line Items 
124 PORT_MAN_IOMO_004 S_AX7_68000167 Create Extracts for Critical Postings 
125 PORT_MAN_ISR_001 S_AX8_68000168 Maintain Additional Data for Scenarios for Internal Service Request 
126 PORT_MAN_OADP_000 S_AXC_91000018 Object and Data Provider: Overview 
127 PORT_MAN_OADP_001 S_AXC_91000008 Transfer Existing Customizing Settings 
128 PORT_MAN_OADP_100 S_AXC_91000009 Define Rules for Object Selection 
129 PORT_MAN_OADP_110 S_AXC_91000010 BAdI: OADP: Exclude Managers 
130 PORT_MAN_OADP_120 S_AXC_91000011 BAdI: OADP: Modification of Navigation Objects 
131 PORT_MAN_OADP_130 S_AXC_91000012 Group Parameters for Object Search 
132 PORT_MAN_OADP_140 S_AXC_91000013 Define Object Selections 
133 PORT_MAN_OADP_200 S_AXC_91000014 Define Data Views 
134 PORT_MAN_OADP_210 S_AXC_91000015 Group Data Views 
135 PORT_MAN_OADP_220 S_AXC_91000036 Define Columns 
136 PORT_MAN_OADP_230 S_AXC_91000037 Define Column Groups 
137 PORT_MAN_OADP_240 S_AXC_91000039 Define Hierarchical Column Groups 
138 PORT_MAN_OADP_250 S_AXC_91000040 Redefine Column Headers 
139 PORT_MAN_OADP_260 S_AXC_91000038 Define Coherence Relationships 
140 PORT_MAN_OADP_300 S_AXC_91000016 Define Organizational Structure Views 
141 PORT_MAN_OADP_310 S_AXC_91000017 Group Organizational Structure Views 
142 PORT_MAN_OADP_400 S_PCO_36000431 BAdI: Determine RFC Connection for Object 
143 PORT_MAN_PCR_000 S_P7H_77000034 Recommendation: Implement Processes to Change Employee Data 
144 PORT_MAN_PCR_001 S_AX8_68000156 Define Employee Groupings 
145 PORT_MAN_PCR_002 S_AX8_68000157 Define Change Request Types 
146 PORT_MAN_PCR_003 S_AX8_68000160 Define Reasons for Special Payment 
147 PORT_MAN_PCR_004 S_AX8_68000158 Group Change Request Scenarios 
148 PORT_MAN_PCR_005 S_AX8_68000161 Assign Wage Types to Special Payment Reasons 
149 PORT_MAN_PCR_006 S_AX8_68000159 Define Scenario Attributes 
150 PORT_MAN_PCR_WFL_001 S_AX8_68000341 Set Up Workflows for Personnel Change Requests 
151 PORT_MAN_PERS_001 S_AX7_68000138 Personalization Framework: Overview 
152 PORT_MAN_PERS_002 S_AX7_68000130 Maintain User Personalization Data 
153 PORT_MAN_PERS_003 S_AX7_68000132 Maintain Cost Center Accounting Personalization Data 
154 PORT_MAN_PERS_004 S_AX7_68000134 Maintain Profit Center Accounting Personalization Data 
155 PORT_MAN_PERS_005 S_AX7_68000143 Maintain Personalization Data for Trip Approvals 
156 PORT_MAN_PERS_006 S_AX7_68000170 Personalization Data - Collective Maintenance 
157 PORT_MAN_QOTA_001 S_AX7_68000141 Set Up ALE Scenario HR - AC 
158 PORT_MAN_QUOTA_001 S_AX7_68000140 Set Up ALE Scenario AC - HR 
159 PORT_MAN_RC_WFL_001 S_AX8_68000342 Set Up Workflows for Recruitment Scenario 
160 PORT_MAN_RECRUIT_001 S_AX8_68000165 Create Values for Applicant Ranking 
161 PORT_MAN_RECRUIT_002 S_AX8_68000166 Define Assignment Status Display 
162 POSITIONSLISTENVARIA S_ALR_87008543 Define Item List Variants 
163 POST_ACTION_ACL S_KA5_12001398 Add-In: Automatic Actions When Saving Logbook Objects 
164 POWL_COCKPIT_L S_L1B_76000020 Cockpit for POWL Administration (as of SAP NetWeaver 7.02) 
165 PPC_CONFIRMATION S_KA5_12001282 BAdI: Provide Backflush Data in DB Table Form 
166 PPC_RESERV_DISTRIB S_KA5_12001283 BAdI: Distribution of Post-Processing Records in Other Systems 
167 PPFVAPPL S_BTD_53000201 Maintain PPF Settings 
168 PPH_MDPSX_DBSYS_OPT S_EX1_23000047 Optimization for Reading Supply and Demand 
169 PPMRP_V_TEXTID S_EBJ_98000359 Assign Text IDs for App Notes 
170 PPM_BOBJ_BCV S_X1D_36000063 Map Query Views to MIME Files 
171 PPM_CF_MSP_SERV_INT S_X1D_36000011 Integration with Microsoft Project Server 
172 PPM_CM_P_FLOW_INITIA S_X1D_36000019 Changing the Process Flow for Initiatives 
173 PPM_CM_P_FLOW_ITEM S_X1D_36000017 Change the Process Flow for Items 
174 PPM_FIN_CUST S_X1D_36000061 Make Project-Type-Specific Settings for Accounting Integration 
175 PPPI_MD_111 S_ALR_87006117 Set Authorizations 
176 PPPI_MD_112 S_ALR_87006113 Define profiles 
177 PPPI_MD_211 S_ALR_87005990 Configure Modification Parameters 
178 PPPI_MD_212 S_ALR_87005985 Define Default Values 
179 PPPI_MD_2121 S_ALR_87006268 Define Status Profiles 
180 PPPI_MD_2211 S_ALR_87005981 Define BOM Usages 
181 PPPI_MD_2212 S_ALR_87005977 Define Default Values for the Item Status 
182 PPPI_MD_2213 S_ALR_87005969 Define Copy Default for Item Status 
183 PPPI_MD_222 S_ALR_87005963 Define Allowed Material Types for BOM Header 
184 PPPI_MD_223 S_ALR_87005996 Define BOM Status 
185 PPPI_MD_224 S_ALR_87006039 Define Laboratory/Design Office 
186 PPPI_MD_225 S_ALR_87006036 Configure History Requirement for BOMs 
187 PPPI_MD_231 S_ALR_87006032 Define Item Categories 
188 PPPI_MD_232 S_ALR_87006009 Define Object Types 
189 PPPI_MD_233 S_ALR_87006005 Define Allowed Material Types for BOM Items 
190 PPPI_MD_234 S_ALR_87006002 Define Variable-Size Item Formulas 
191 PPPI_MD_235 S_ALR_87006084 Define Spare Part Indicators 
192 PPPI_MD_236 S_ALR_87006161 Define Material Provision Indicators 
193 PPPI_MD_237 S_ALR_87006155 Explosion Types 
194 PPPI_MD_2381 S_ALR_87006150 Define Distribution Keys 
195 PPPI_MD_2382 S_ALR_87006144 Define Relevancy to Sales 
196 PPPI_MD_2383 S_ALR_87006139 Define Relevancy to Costing 
197 PPPI_MD_241 S_ALR_87006136 Define Order of Priority for BOM Usages 
198 PPPI_MD_242 S_ALR_87006166 Define Applications 
199 PPPI_MD_243 S_ALR_87006192 Define Alternative Determination for Multiple BOMs 
200 PPPI_MD_2441 S_ALR_87006189 Define Alternative Determination for Inventory Management 
201 PPPI_MD_2442 S_ALR_87006185 Define Alternative Determination for Production 
202 PPPI_MD_2443 S_ALR_87006180 Define Alternative Determination for MRP 
203 PPPI_MD_2444 S_ALR_87006176 Define Alternative Determination for Costing 
204 PPPI_MD_2445 S_ALR_87006170 Define Alternative Determination for Sales and Distribution 
205 PPPI_MD_2446 S_ALR_87006106 Define Alternative Determination for Plant Maintenance 
206 PPPI_MD_250 S_ALR_87006102 Define User-Specific Settings 
207 PPPI_MD_2611 S_ALR_87006098 Maintain Transfer Structure 
208 PPPI_MD_2612 S_ALR_87006092 Perform Data Transfer BOM 
209 PPPI_MD_2613 S_ALR_87006095 Process Transfer File 
210 PPPI_MD_312 S_ALR_87006275 Define Resource Category (Work Center Category) 
211 PPPI_MD_313 S_ALR_87006255 Define Task List Usage 
212 PPPI_MD_3141 S_ALR_87006251 Define Parameters 
213 PPPI_MD_3142 S_ALR_87006246 Define Standard Value Key 
214 PPPI_MD_315 S_ALR_87006312 Determine Person Responsible 
215 PPPI_MD_316 S_ALR_87006288 Define Transition Matrix 
216 PPPI_MD_317 S_ALR_87006295 Define Default Resource (Deafult Work Center) 
217 PPPI_MD_318 S_ALR_87006261 Define Field Selection 
218 PPPI_MD_319 S_ALR_87006308 Define Supply Areas 
219 PPPI_MD_320 S_ALR_87006302 Define Subsystems 
220 PPPI_MD_321 S_ALR_87006282 Define Control Keys 
221 PPPI_MD_323 S_ALR_87006243 Define Setup Type 
222 PPPI_MD_3242 S_ALR_87006215 Define Wage Group 
223 PPPI_MD_325 S_ALR_87006212 Define Suitability 
224 PPPI_MD_331 S_ALR_87006208 Define Capacity Categories 
225 PPPI_MD_332 S_ALR_87006204 Determine Capacity Planner 
226 PPPI_MD_3332 S_ALR_87006202 Define Shift Sequence 
227 PPPI_MD_3333 S_ALR_87006198 Define Period Pattern Key 
228 PPPI_MD_3334 S_ALR_87006239 Define Version of Available Capacity 
229 PPPI_MD_334 S_ALR_87006236 Define Key for Performance Efficiency Rate 
230 PPPI_MD_3351 S_ALR_87006232 Define Formula Parameters for Resources (Work Centers) 
231 PPPI_MD_3352 S_ALR_87006227 Define Formulas for Resources (Work Centers) 
232 PPPI_MD_3371 S_ALR_87006222 Define Function 
233 PPPI_MD_3372 S_ALR_87006219 Define Strategy 
234 PPPI_MD_3373 S_ALR_87006317 Define Distribution 
235 PPPI_MD_338 S_ALR_87006370 Define Default Capacity 
236 PPPI_MD_341 S_ALR_87006374 Define Key for Performance Efficiency Rate 
237 PPPI_MD_3421 S_ALR_87006365 Define Formula Parameters for Resources (Work Centers) 
238 PPPI_MD_3422 S_ALR_87006321 Define Formulas for Resources (Work Centers) 
239 PPPI_MD_351 S_ALR_87006325 Set up Screen Sequence for Resources (Work Centers) 
240 PPPI_MD_361 S_ALR_87006329 Define Graphics Profile 
241 PPPI_MD_370 S_ALR_87006334 Define Matchcodes for Resources (Work Centers) 
242 PPPI_MD_411 S_ALR_87006057 Define Number Ranges for Master Recipes 
243 PPPI_MD_412 S_ALR_87006054 Define General Control Parameters 
244 PPPI_MD_413 S_ALR_87006051 Define Profiles with Default Values 
245 PPPI_MD_414 S_ALR_87006044 Determine System Message Features 
246 PPPI_MD_421 S_ALR_87006047 Assign Material Types 
247 PPPI_MD_422 S_ALR_87006041 Define Recipe Status 
248 PPPI_MD_423 S_ALR_87006061 Define Recipe Usages 
249 PPPI_MD_424 S_ALR_87006082 Define Planner Groups 
250 PPPI_MD_431 S_ALR_87006077 Define Control Keys 
251 PPPI_MD_433 S_ALR_87006070 Define User-Defined Fields 
252 PPPI_MD_434 S_ALR_87006064 Define Relevancy to Costing 
253 PPPI_MD_435 S_ALR_87006068 Define Overview Variants for Scheduling 
254 PPPI_MD_436 S_ALR_87006073 Define Setup Groups and Setup Group Categories 
255 PPPI_MD_440 S_ALR_87006127 Define Priority Sequence for Automatic Recipe Selection 
256 PPPI_MD_450 S_ALR_87006125 Define Overview Variant for Where-Used List/Mass Replacement 
257 PPPI_MD_460 S_ALR_87006119 Develop Enhancements for Master Recipes 
258 PPPI_MD_471 S_ALR_87006088 Define Control Keys for Production Resources/Tools 
259 PPPI_MD_472-1 S_ALR_87006109 Define Formula Parameters 
260 PPPI_MD_472-2 S_ALR_87006132 Define Formulas 
261 PPPI_MD_511 S_ALR_87006338 Define PRT Authorization Groups 
262 PPPI_MD_512 S_ALR_87006342 Define PRT Status 
263 PPPI_MD_513 S_ALR_87006348 Define Task List Usages 
264 PPPI_MD_514 S_ALR_87006353 Define PRT Group Keys 
265 PPPI_MD_515 S_ALR_87006361 Define Overview Variant for Where-Used List/Mass Replacement 
266 PPPI_PC_100 S_ALR_87005962 Define Number Range for Production Campaigns 
267 PPPI_PD_1000 S_P99_41000227 xxx 
268 PPPI_PD_220 S_ALR_87006817 Define archives 
269 PPPI_PD_221 S_ALR_87009581 Check Forms 
270 PPPI_PD_222 S_ALR_87009582 Check Print and Analysis Programs 
271 PPPI_PD_223 S_ALR_87009583 Define Document Profiles 
272 PPPI_PD_224 S_ALR_87009584 Define Deviation Profiles 
273 PPPI_PD_230 S_ALR_87006819 Define Links to Content Servers 
274 PPPI_PD_231 S_P99_41000108 Define Path for Temporary Storage of Documents 
275 PPPI_PD_240 S_ALR_87009569 Define User Status Profile 
276 PPPI_PD_241 S_P00_07000266 Define Authorization Keys for User Statuses 
277 PPPI_PD_251 S_ALR_87006826 Define Authorization Groups 
278 PPPI_PD_252 S_ALR_87006824 Define Individual Signatures 
279 PPPI_PD_253 S_ALR_87006822 Define Signature Strategies 
280 PPPI_PD_254 S_ALR_87006821 Define Material-Specific Overall Profile 
281 PPPI_PD_255 S_ALR_87006837 Maintain Basic Settings for Digital Signature 
282 PPPI_PD_260 S_ALR_87099928 Define Background Jobs for Processing 
283 PPPI_PD_270 S_ALR_87009570 Define Status Selection Profile 
284 PPPI_PD_280 S_P00_07000055 Specify Signature Method for Approval Using Simple Signature 
285 PPPI_PD_300 S_ALR_87006828 Develop Enhancements for Order Records 
286 PPPI_PD_410 S_ALR_87006830 Set Authorizations 
287 PPPI_PD_420 S_ALR_87006829 Define profiles 
288 PPPI_PD_510 S_P99_41000256 Create Formula Parameters 
289 PPPI_PD_520 S_P99_41000257 Assign Movement Types to Parameters 
290 PPPI_PD_530 S_P99_41000258 Create Formulas 
291 PPPI_PF_100 S_ALR_87007313 Define Planning Tool 
292 PPPI_PF_210 S_ALR_87007324 Define Start Parameters for Windows NT 
293 PPPI_PF_220 S_ALR_87007319 Define Start Parameters for UNIX 
294 PPPI_PF_300 S_ALR_87007307 Determine Jobs for Download/Upload 
295 PPPI_PO_112 S_ALR_87007572 Define Messages 
296 PPPI_PO_113 S_ALR_87007567 Define Error Search 
297 PPPI_PO_121 S_ALR_87007373 Set Authorizations 
298 PPPI_PO_122 S_ALR_87007363 Define Profiles 
299 PPPI_PO_211 S_ALR_87007561 Define Order Types 
300 PPPI_PO_212 S_ALR_87008811 Define Order Type-Dependent Parameters 
301 PPPI_PO_2141 S_ALR_87007541 Define Number Ranges for Orders 
302 PPPI_PO_2142 S_ALR_87007593 Define Number Ranges for Confirmations 
303 PPPI_PO_2143 S_ALR_87007589 Define Number Ranges for Reservations 
304 PPPI_PO_2144 S_ALR_87007585 Define Number Ranges for Operations 
305 PPPI_PO_2145 S_ALR_87007581 Define Number Ranges for Capacity Requirements 
306 PPPI_PO_215 S_ALR_87007577 Define Status Profiles 
307 PPPI_PO_216 S_ALR_87007511 Define Status Selection Profiles 
308 PPPI_PO_217 S_ALR_87007536 Define Authorization Keys for User Status Profiles 
309 PPPI_PO_221 S_ALR_87007506 Define Control Keys 
310 PPPI_PO_2242 S_ALR_87007490 Define Wage Group 
311 PPPI_PO_225 S_ALR_87007484 Define Suitability 
312 PPPI_PO_226 S_ALR_87007533 Define User-Defined Fields 
313 PPPI_PO_227 S_ALR_87007498 Define Setup Groups and Setup Group Categories 
314 PPPI_PO_231 S_ALR_87007529 Define Item Categories 
315 PPPI_PO_232 S_ALR_87007522 Define Variable-Size Item Formulas 
316 PPPI_PO_260 S_ALR_87007516 Define Production Scheduler 
317 PPPI_PO_270 S_ALR_87007617 Define Matchcode 
318 PPPI_PO_311 S_ALR_87007630 Define User Selection 
319 PPPI_PO_312 S_ALR_87007597 Select Automatically 
320 PPPI_PO_313 S_ALR_87007601 Define Default Values 
321 PPPI_PO_321 S_ALR_87007611 Define Priorities for BOM Usages 
322 PPPI_PO_322 S_ALR_87007614 Define Applications 
323 PPPI_PO_323 S_ALR_87007609 Define Alternative Determination for Multiple BOMs 
324 PPPI_PO_324 S_ALR_87007607 Define Alternative Determination for Production 
325 PPPI_PO_327 S_ALR_87007623 Define Number Ranges 
326 PPPI_PO_328 S_ALR_87007620 Define Quota Arrangement Usage 
327 PPPI_PO_33012 S_ALR_87006983 Define Process Order Condition Tables 
328 PPPI_PO_33013 S_ALR_87006900 Define Process Order Strategy Types 
329 PPPI_PO_33014 S_ALR_87006889 Define Process Order Access Sequences 
330 PPPI_PO_33015 S_ALR_87006860 Define Process Order Search Procedure 
331 PPPI_PO_331 S_ALR_87007626 Define Checking Rule 
332 PPPI_PO_332 S_ALR_87007281 Define Scope of Check 
333 PPPI_PO_333 S_ALR_87007277 Define Checking Control 
334 PPPI_PO_334 S_ALR_87007275 Define Checking Rule for Backorder Processing 
335 PPPI_PO_335 S_ALR_87007604 Define Checking Group 
336 PPPI_PO_338 S_ALR_87100184 Stock and Batch Determination for Goods Movement 
337 PPPI_PO_341 S_ALR_87007272 Specify Scheduling Type 
338 PPPI_PO_342 S_ALR_87007284 Define Time Units 
339 PPPI_PO_343 S_ALR_87007301 Define Scheduling Margin Key 
340 PPPI_PO_3441 S_ALR_87007298 Define Parameters 
341 PPPI_PO_3442 S_ALR_87007294 Define Standard Value Keys 
342 PPPI_PO_347 S_ALR_87007291 Record Deviations 
343 PPPI_PO_348 S_ALR_87007268 Specify Scheduling Parameters 
344 PPPI_PO_349 S_ALR_87007287 Define Reduction Strategies 
345 PPPI_PO_351 S_ALR_87007251 Define Capacity Categories 
346 PPPI_PO_352 S_ALR_87007249 Determine Capacity Planner 
347 PPPI_PO_354 S_ALR_87007247 Define Key for Performance Efficiency Rate 
348 PPPI_PO_355 S_ALR_87007245 Define Shift Sequence 
349 PPPI_PO_3561 S_ALR_87007243 Define Formula Parameters 
350 PPPI_PO_3562 S_ALR_87007253 Define Formulas 
351 PPPI_PO_360 S_ALR_87007520 Define Production Scheduling Profiles 
352 PPPI_PO_371 S_ALR_87007265 Define Confirmation Parameters 
353 PPPI_PO_372 S_ALR_87007255 Define Reasons for Variances 
354 PPPI_PO_373 S_ALR_87007305 Define Field Selection for Confirmation 
355 PPPI_PO_374 S_ALR_87007432 Define List Layout 
356 PPPI_PO_376 S_ALR_87007259 Define Time for Confirmation Processes 
357 PPPI_PO_377 S_ALR_87007257 Define Paralleling Type for Confirmation Processes 
358 PPPI_PO_378 S_ALR_87007262 Define Parameters for Collective Confirmation 
359 PPPI_PO_379 S_PL0_86000058 Define Single Screen Entry 
360 PPPI_PO_383 S_ALR_87007425 Define Print Control 
361 PPPI_PO_390 S_ALR_87007416 Schedule Background Jobs 
362 PPPI_PO_410 S_ALR_87007407 Define Valuation of Goods Received 
363 PPPI_PO_420 S_ALR_87007402 Determine Movement Types 
364 PPPI_PO_425 S_ALR_87007438 Define Account Assignment Category & Document Type for Requisitions 
365 PPPI_PO_431 S_ALR_87007480 Define Costing Types 
366 PPPI_PO_432 S_ALR_87007471 Define Valuation Variants 
367 PPPI_PO_433 S_ALR_87007462 Define Costing Variants 
368 PPPI_PO_434 S_ALR_87007454 Define Overhead Groups 
369 PPPI_PO_435 S_ALR_87007447 Define Overhead Rates 
370 PPPI_PO_436 S_ALR_87007347 Define Origin Groups 
371 PPPI_PO_440 S_ALR_87007337 Define Settlements 
372 PPPI_PO_521 S_ALR_87007329 Determine Screen Sequence 
373 PPPI_PO_620 S_ALR_87007320 Define Filter Criteria for Components 
374 PPPI_PO_630 S_ALR_87007312 Define Sort Criteria for Components 
375 PPPI_PO_720 S_ALR_87006832 Define archives 
376 PPPI_PO_730 S_ALR_87006835 Define Status Selection Profiles 
377 PPPI_PO_740 S_ALR_87006833 Define Links to Content Servers 
378 PPPI_PO_810 S_ALR_87007355 Define Profiles for ALV-Layout-Based Object Overview 
379 PPPI_PO_815 S_ALR_87007395 Define Profiles for Picking Lists 
380 PPPI_PO_820 S_ALR_87007388 Define Profiles for Missing Parts Information System 
381 PPPI_PO_910 S_ALR_87007380 Define System Message Attributes 
382 PPPI_PO_921 S_ALR_87099779 Develop Enhancements for Process Orders 
383 PPPI_PO_922 S_ALR_87099721 Enhancement for Selection Criteria for Batch Determination 
384 PPPI_PO_923 S_ALR_87099722 Enhancement for Order Selection for External Relationships 
385 PPPI_PO_924 S_ALR_87099720 Enhancement for Setting of Deletion Flag/ Deletion Indicator 
386 PP_CO62 S_E36_82000155 Delete Process Messages 
387 PP_OM_HEADER_MAT S_E4A_94000253 BAdI: Determine Header Material of Purchase Requisition 
388 PP_OM_HEADER_MAT_N S_E4A_94000296 BAdI: Determine Header Material of Purchase Requisition 
389 PP_XSTEPS_1 S_E36_82000109 Define RFC_Destination for Control Instructions 
390 PP_XSTEPS_11 S_E36_82000121 Assign Characteristics to Manufacturing Parameters 
391 PP_XSTEPS_12 S_E36_82000122 Assign Characteristics to Manufacturing Data Calculation Formulas 
392 PP_XSTEPS_13 S_E36_82000123 Transport Long Texts of Manufacturing Instruction Categories 
393 PP_XSTEPS_14 S_E36_82000124 Define Manufacturing Instruction Categories with Wizard 
394 PP_XSTEPS_15 S_E36_82000125 Define Manufacturing Cockpit 
395 PP_XSTEPS_16 S_E36_82000126 BAdI: Selection of Confirmations 
396 PP_XSTEPS_17 S_E36_82000127 Define Characteristics for Manufacturing Instructions 
397 PP_XSTEPS_2 S_E36_82000110 Define and Set Up Control Instruction Destinations 
398 PP_XSTEPS_3 S_E36_82000111 Define Selection Variants for Work Instructions 
399 PP_XSTEPS_4 S_E36_82000112 Define Characteristic Groups for Confirmations 
400 PP_XSTEPS_5 S_E36_82000114 Define Characteristics for Confirmations 
401 PP_XSTEPS_6 S_E36_82000115 Define and Set Confirmation Types 
402 PP_XSTEPS_7 S_E36_82000116 Define Characteristic Groups for Manufacturing Instructions 
403 PP_XSTEPS_8 S_E36_82000117 Define Manufacturing Instruction Types (General) 
404 PP_XSTEPS_9 S_E36_82000119 Define Manufacturing Instruction Types with Characteristic Heading 
405 PRC_CUSTOM_SCREEN_BA S_EBJ_98000347 BAdI: Exchange Detail Area 
406 PREPAYMENT_TEST S_ALN_01002099 Activate Prepayment 
407 PREQ_V S_PCO_36000005 Define Requirement Priorities 
408 PRGN_CUST_KEYS S_BCE_68001822 Set Customizing Switch in Table PRGN_CUST 
409 PRICING_AUTHORITY_CH S_E4A_94000144 Authorization Check for Pricing Conditions in the Sales Document 
410 PRILOC_V S_PCO_36000006 Assign Plants and Storage Locations 
411 PRINT_RFID_TAG S_EAC_24000055 BAdI: Printing of RFID Label for Kanban 
412 PRIO_V S_PCO_36000001 Define Prioritizations 
413 PRM_QTY_ALLOCATION S_B75_08000021 BAdI: Enhancement for Assignment of Sales Quantity and Sales to PMR Events 
414 PROCESS SHEET S_ALR_87008395 Operational Method Sheet 
415 PROC_EXTRAPOINTS S_EE6_85000201 Customizing for Including Extra Points in Total No. of Points Calculation 
416 PRODUCT MAPPING S_AEC_66000438 Product Mapping 
417 PRODUCTTAXMAPPING S_AEC_66000057 Assignment of Product Tax Data for the Customer R/3 to CRM 
418 PRODUCT_ARCHIVE S_PAB_37000018 Archiving: Usage Check, Archive Additional Data 
419 PRODUCT_GTIN_CONVERT S_AEC_66000568 Define Conversion Rules for GTIN 
420 PRODUCT_SET S_A4C_68001101 Define Consistency Check (Save) 
421 PRODUKTARTEN_DE S_ALR_87007487 Define Product Types 
422 PRODUKTARTEN_FX S_ALR_87007875 Define Product Types 
423 PRODUKTARTEN_GH S_ALR_87007867 Define Product Types 
424 PRODUKTEINSTELLUNGEN S_ALR_87007823 Maintain Product-Specific Evaluation Type 
425 PROD_PRO_BUKRS S_ALR_87004708 Company Code-Dependent Settings for Product Type 
426 PROD_TAX_ORIGIN S_AEC_66000354 Maintain Tax Origin 
427 PROD_TAX_TARIFF_CODE S_AEC_66000356 Maintain Tax Tariff Code 
428 PROD_TXBILTY_TYPE S_AEC_66000352 Define Product Taxability 
429 PROFGEN_GENE_TEXT_2 S_BJA_09000008 Workplace Component Systems 
430 PROFGEN_GENE_TEXT_3 S_BJA_09000010 Workplace country versions 
431 PROFGEN_GENE_TEXT_4 S_BJA_09000011 Workplace industry sectors 
432 PROFGEN_GENE_TEXT_5 S_BJA_09000012 Adjust SAP Roles to System Settings 
433 PROFGEN_IMG_TEXT_3 S_BJA_09000009 Workplace Component Systems 
434 PROFGEN_IMG_TEXT_4 S_BIE_59000247 Enter Comparison Values for the Role Attribute "Application Component" 
435 PROF_GEN_AUTH S_BCE_68000266 Authorizations Required 
436 PROF_GEN_AUTH_OFF S_BCE_68000261 Switch off authorization checks globally (optional) 
437 PROF_GEN_PAR S_BCE_68000374 Activate Profile Generator 
438 PROF_GEN_PFCG S_BCE_68000373 Maintain roles 
439 PROF_GEN_RHAUTUP1 S_BCE_68000272 Update Profile Validities in User Master Record 
440 PROF_GEN_SSM1 S_BCE_68000375 Generate enterprise menu 
441 PROF_GEN_SU25 S_BCE_68000259 Work on SAP Check Indicators and Field Values 
442 PROJECTDEF_UPDATE S_ALR_87100756 Business Add-In: Project Definition (BUS2001) 
443 PROJ_SETT_INITIATIVE S_PTD_51000089 Project Settings for Initiatives 
444 PRORA_T7UN_ATTRIBS S_PAD_19000119 Proration of school year 
445 PRO_MAPPING S_AEC_66000440 Product ID 
446 PRP_STAFF_ORG_UNITS S_CP4_60000029 Staffing Org Units (JMA Confirm) 
447 PRS_DEF_CATEGORIES S_E38_98000113 Define Categories 
448 PRS_DEF_PRC_CTRL S_E38_98000114 Define Process Control 
449 PRS_DEF_USAGE S_E38_98000112 Define Usages 
450 PRS_SEL_CHAR_DIP S_E38_98000116 Select Characteristics from Dynamic Item Processing 
451 PRS_SETUP_METRICS S_E38_98000115 Set-up Metrics 
452 PRTXGRP S_AEC_66000487 Product Tax Group 
453 PRTXTYPE S_AEC_66000488 Product Taxability Type 
454 PRT_IND_INBOX S_BTD_53000102 Define Tasks and Actions 
455 PRUFUNG_DE S_ALR_87009314 Check Account Determination 
456 PRUFUNG_FX S_ALR_87009311 Check 
457 PR_NUMMERNKREIS_DE S_ALR_87007464 Define Number Range for OTC Options Underlying 
458 PSHLP_COPY_CONSTRAIN S_EE6_85000096 BAdI: Change of Constraints Copied from PM/CS Orders 
459 PSHLP_COPY_DURATION S_EE6_85000097 BAdI: Change of Duration Copied from PM/CS Orders 
460 PSHLP_LOG_ADMIN S_E4E_66000075 Define Notification Threshold 
461 PSHLP_LOG_DELESET S_E4E_66000076 Set Automatic Deletion of Messages 
462 PSHLP_MD_DATASET S_E4E_66000074 Define Data Selection Profiles 
463 PSMAT_IPPE S_AC0_52000884 Define Reference Points for the Integration of the Project System with iPPE 
464 PSMFG_PREC_DOCTYPE S_P7U_18000010 Specify Document Types for Year-End Closing 
465 PSM_BL_FMTB_LINK S_PEN_05000007 Carry Forward Budget/Actual to Budgetary Ledger 
466 PSM_CE_TAB_FMEUFACT S_AEN_10000494 Maintain Account Assignment Elements 
467 PSM_CE_TAB_FMEUFACT2 S_P8K_45000003 Maintain Account Assignment Objects 
468 PSM_CE_VC_FMEUF_FST S_AEN_10000476 Define Type of Financing Source 
469 PSM_CE_VC_FMEUF_FST2 S_P8K_45000007 Define Type of Financing Source 
470 PSM_CE_VC_FMEUF_INT S_AEN_10000477 Define Intervention 
471 PSM_CE_VC_FMEUF_INT2 S_P8K_45000018 Define Intervention 
472 PSM_CE_VC_FMEUF_LEV S_AEN_10000478 Define Levels 
473 PSM_CE_VC_FMEUF_LEV2 S_P8K_45000008 Define Levels 
474 PSM_EC_ROLE_MANAGER S_P8K_45000022 Set up Launchpad for the Expenditure Certification Role 
475 PSM_EC_ROLE_RUNS S_P8K_45000114 Set up Launchpad for the Certification Run Role 
476 PSM_EC_VC_FMEUF_CER S_AEN_10000479 Define Certification Procedure 
477 PSM_EC_VC_FMEUF_CER2 S_P8K_45000004 Define Certification Procedure 
478 PSM_EC_V_FMEUFTSL2 S_P8K_45000006 Define Time Slice and Sample 
479 PSM_FMBAS_DERIVATION S_AEN_10000992 BAdI: Activate CO-PA Enhancements 
480 PSM_FMCE_COVER_GROUP S_AEN_10000876 BAdI: Enhance Cover Groups/Cover Rules 
481 PSM_FMKAFF_CTRL S_PLN_62000490 Set Checks for CO Plan Version 
482 PSM_FMKF_HANDLER S_AEN_10000982 BAdI: Enhance BCS Key Figures 
483 PSM_FMRB_RIB S_AEN_10000880 BAdI: Check for New or Changed RIB Rules 
484 PSM_FMRPKFCHECK S_PLN_06000216 Compare Key Figures 
485 PSM_FMSHERLOCKSTATUS S_PLN_06000277 Define Processing Status 
486 PSM_FMTX_HVM S_ALN_01001356 BAdI: Process Text Variables in Budget Memos 
487 PSM_FM_AUTH_OLD S_ALN_01002433 BAdI: Partially Activate Old Activities 
488 PSM_FM_BGACODERIVE S_ALN_01002203 BAdI: Derive CO Account Assignment for Correction Documents 
489 PSM_FM_CCF_APPROVAL S_PLN_62000228 BAdI: Document Budget Carryforward for Approval Procedure 
490 PSM_FM_FMPPCONTROL S_AER_95000534 Partial Payment per G/L Account Assignments 
491 PSM_FM_FYC_DERIVE S_ALN_01002026 BAdI: Enhanced Functions for Derivation Strategy 
492 PSM_FM_GUIREQ S_ALN_01001570 BAdI: Change GUI Status of Requests 
493 PSM_FM_MD_SUB_TYPE S_ALN_01001448 BAdI: Check Subdivision ID 
494 PSM_FM_MD_SUB_VALUES S_ALN_01001447 BAdI: Check Substrings 
495 PSM_FM_REQUEST_GL_AC S_ALN_01002173 BAdI: Enhance Derivation of G/L Account 
496 PSM_FM_V_PSO55 S_AEN_10000145 Permit Negative Postings 
497 PSM_FM_WOROLCF S_PLN_62000015 Role Definition: Approval Procedure for Commitment Carryforward 
498 PSM_MM_ACT_EPROC S_AEN_10001017 Activate Functions for Government Procurement 
499 PSM_MM_ACT_SUBC S_PEN_05000126 Activate Restricted Subcontracting 
500 PSM_MM_GM_EMF S_AEN_10001007 Create Document Categories and Types