SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index P, page 10
IMG Activity - P
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 PSM_MM_LPN_ACT S_AEN_10001009 Activate Long Procurement Numbering 
2 PSM_MM_MAA_FINALAA S_EB5_05000440 Define Final Account Assignment Reasons 
3 PSM_MM_RCODE S_AEN_10001011 Create Reason Codes 
4 PSM_MM_REASON_CODE S_AEN_10001015 Create Reason for Change 
5 PSM_MM_REST_SUBCON S_AEN_10001016 Activate Restricted Subcontracting Function 
6 PSM_TR_FMBS_BOHISDEL S_AEN_10000705 Delete Change Log for Budget Addresses 
7 PSM_TR_FMBS_POHISDEL S_AEN_10000706 Delete Change Log for Posting Addresses 
8 PSM_VC_FMBL_REGU S_AEN_10000873 Define Settings for Year-end Balance for BL Accounts 
9 PSM_VC_FMBL_REGU_ORG S_AEN_10000874 Prerequisites for Maintaining Spanish Budgetary Ledger 
10 PSM_VC_FMEUFDOCGR2 S_P8K_45000005 Define Document Group 
11 PSM_VC_FMEUF_TAX2 S_P8K_45000012 Define Tax Handling 
12 PSM_VC_FM_ADVANCE_CA S_AEN_10000598 Define Additional Lines for Advance Payment (Spain) 
13 PSM_VV_FMISPS_6 S_ALN_01002052 Deactivate Account Assignment Elements in Controlling 
14 PSM_VV_FM_CCF_SETTIN S_ALN_01001594 Define Basic Settings for Commitment Carryforward 
15 PSM_V_COMB_DOCS S_ALN_01002403 Define Predecessors for Combined Documents 
16 PSM_V_EUR_T100C S_AER_95000144 Message Control by User 
17 PSM_V_EUR_T100C2 S_P7U_18000009 Message Control by User 
18 PSM_V_FM01BS S_ALN_01001949 Define Revenue Account Assignment as a Posting Object 
19 PSM_V_FMBS_CDACT S_AEN_10000704 Activate Change Log for Budget Structure 
20 PSM_V_FMEUFFCAT2 S_P8K_45000010 Define Financing Category 
21 PSM_V_FMEUFPERF2 S_P8K_45000011 Define Key Figures 
22 PSM_V_FMEUFRCODE2 S_P8K_45000009 Define Regional Code 
23 PSM_V_FMPBETMA S_ALN_01002025 Activate Multi-Year Budget Execution 
24 PSM_V_FMPSTCOMB S_AEN_10000730 Assign Statistical Budget for Budgeting Process 
25 PSM_V_FMSTATYPEDEF S_AEN_10000729 Define Budget Type for Statistical Budget 
26 PSM_V_IFMPDCUST S_PLN_06000089 Payment Directives 
27 PSREP_CPRO_PROJSCEN S_AX8_68000330 Define Project Scenario 
28 PSRV_PATTERN_PATBO S_BSD_38000009 Maintain business object 
29 PSRV_PATTERN_PATBOID S_BSD_38000010 Maintain business object identification 
30 PSRV_PATTERN_PATESIF S_BSD_38000007 Maintain fields in services 
31 PSRV_PATTERN_PATFLDN S_BSD_38000006 Maintain mandatory field and format checks for services 
32 PSRV_PATTERN_PATMAND S_BSD_38000008 Maintain mandatory fields 
33 PSRV_PATTERN_PATNAME S_BSD_38000005 Maintain service names 
34 PSS_LAUNCHPAD S_AEN_10000803 Change URL Parameter 
35 PSWBSLINK S_PNI_32000007 Maintain Project Types for Link from RE-SCM to PS 
36 PSWBSLINKS S_KA5_12000561 Maintain Project Types for Link from RE-SCM to PS 
37 PS_CUST_BUTTON_ALV S_EE6_85000119 BAdI: Additional Pushbuttons for Overviews 
38 PS_PARTNERSCHEMA S_KA5_12000076 Defining partner determination procedure and -functions 
39 PS_RESB_GR_OPT S_EBJ_98000250 BAdI: Optimization for GR and PO for Reservations 
40 PTA_NPO S_PAD_19000127 Maintain Personnel Transition Allowance (PTA) 
41 PTDART_TAX_DATA S_E4A_94000177 Enter Data for Tax Codes 
42 PTFMLA021 S_EH1_67000010 Create Number Range Intervals 
43 PTFMLA_001 S_EH1_67000003 Create FMLA Reasons 
44 PTFMLA_002 S_EH1_67000009 Use Absences for FMLA 
45 PTFMLA_003 S_EH1_67000004 Define FMLA Rules 
46 PTFMLA_004 S_EH1_67000008 Define Validity of FMLA Rules for Employees 
47 PTFMLA_005 S_EH1_67000005 Define Validity of Rules for Determining Week Converter for Employees 
48 PTFMLA_010 S_EH1_67000006 Assign Absence Types to FMLA Reasons 
49 PTFMLA_012 S_EH1_67000007 Define Rules for Determining the Weekly Working Time 
50 PTFMLA_022 S_EH1_67000011 Define Profile Settings for FMLA Workbench 
51 PTFMLA_023 S_EH1_67000012 Assign Profiles to Employees 
52 PTFMLA_024 S_EH1_67000013 Assign Variant for Time Evaluation 
53 PTFMLA_BADI S_L6B_69000407 BAdI: Administration of FMLA Requests 
54 PTR_001 S_ALN_01001768 Make Settings for Property Tax Report 
55 PTR_002 S_ALN_01001771 Add-In: Depreciation Rates 
56 PTR_003 S_ALN_01001772 Add-In: Custom Layouts 
57 PTR_004 S_ALN_01001773 Add-In: Additional Asset Master Data 
58 PTR_005 S_ALN_01001778 Add-In: Additional Evaluations 
59 PTR_007 S_AER_95000484 Define Declaration Key 
60 PTR_008 S_AER_95000495 Enter City-Code-Dependent Data 
61 PTR_009 S_AER_95000497 Assign Declaration Key to Company Code 
62 PTR_010 S_AER_95000498 Assign Declaration Key to Company Code and City Code 
63 PTR_011 S_PRN_53000349 Enter Additional Depreciation Rates 
64 PTR_012 S_PRN_53000350 Enter Special Depreciation Rates 
65 PTR_013 S_PRN_53000403 Enter Migration Status 
66 PTR_14 S_EE5_50000361 Round off Taxable Amounts for Tax Office 
67 PTSAFT_MATACCNT S_EBS_44000358 Define Material Numbers Based on G/L Accounts 
68 PTSAFT_MATPRE S_EBS_44000359 Assign Prefix to Material Numbers 
69 PT_BLP_USER S_L4H_49001906 BAdI: Enhance Business Logic for Time Data 
70 PT_GUI_TMW_TDE_NM S_ALN_01002570 BAdI: Fill Customer Fields 
71 PT_ROLES S_PH0_48000541 Time Management Roles 
72 PT_TMW_BASIC_D001 S_PH0_48000060 Define Time Transfer Types 
73 PT_TMW_BASIC_D002 S_PH0_48000061 Define Groups for Processing Instructions 
74 PT_TMW_BASIC_D003 S_PH0_48000062 Define Evaluation Process for Processing Instructions 
75 PT_TMW_BAS_DEF_001 S_PH0_48000258 Check Default Values for Substitution Types 
76 PT_TMW_ESEL_GR S_PH0_48000342 Define Groupings 
77 PT_TMW_ESEL_SI S_PH0_48000413 Define Selection IDs 
78 PT_TMW_SCRA_D_2001 S_PH0_48000068 Specify Detail Screens for Absences Infotype (2001) 
79 PT_TMW_SCRA_D_2002 S_PH0_48000069 Specify Detail Screens for Attendances Infotype (2002) 
80 PT_TMW_SCRA_D_2003 S_PH0_48000070 Specify Detail Screens for Substitutions Infotype (2003) 
81 PT_TMW_SCRA_D_2004 S_PH0_48000071 Specify Detail Screens for Availability Infotype (2004) 
82 PT_TMW_SCRA_D_2007 S_PH0_48000072 Specify Detail Screens for Attendance Quotas Infotype (2007) 
83 PT_TMW_SCRA_D_2010 S_PH0_48000073 Specify Detail Screens for Employee Remuneration Info Infotype (2010) 
84 PT_TMW_SCRA_D_2011 S_PH0_48000074 Specify Detail Screens for Time Events Infotype (2011) 
85 PT_TMW_SCRA_D_2012 S_PH0_48000075 Specify Detail Screens for Time Transfer Specifications Infotype (2012) 
86 PT_TMW_SCRA_D_TAZP S_PH0_48000076 Specify Detail Screens for Personal Work Schedule 
87 PT_TMW_SCRA_D_TT S_PH0_48000236 Modify Texts for Tabs 
88 PT_TMW_SCRA_EL_001 S_PH0_48000063 Define Employee List Display 
89 PT_TMW_SCRA_M_001 S_PH0_48000220 Define Menu Functions 
90 PT_TMW_SCRA_RC_001 S_PH0_48000064 Define Table for Time Data 
91 PT_TMW_SCRA_RC_002 S_PH0_48000065 Define Table for Time Events 
92 PT_TMW_SCRA_RC_003 S_PH0_48000199 Add Tabs in Time Data Maintenance Screen Area 
93 PT_TMW_SCRA_RC_004 S_PH0_48000201 Define Layout for Dominants and Processing Instructions 
94 PT_TMW_SCRA_RC_101 S_PH0_48000197 Define Table for Time Data 
95 PT_TMW_SCRA_RC_103 S_PH0_48000202 Add Tabs in Time Data Maintenance Screen Area 
96 PT_TMW_SCRA_RC_104 S_PLN_16000125 Define Time Data Sources 
97 PT_TMW_SCRA_RC_105 S_PLN_16000144 Define Layout of Dominants 
98 PT_TMW_SCRA_RC_106 S_PLN_16000145 Display Information with Clock Times 
99 PT_TMW_SCRA_RC_107 S_PLN_16000146 Define Appearance of Calendar 
100 PT_TMW_SCRA_RC_201 S_PH0_48000198 Define Table for Time Data 
101 PT_TMW_SCRA_RC_203 S_PH0_48000203 Add Tabs in Time Data Maintenance Screen Area 
102 PT_TMW_SCRA_RC_301 S_ALN_01002565 Define Table for Time Data 
103 PT_TMW_SCRA_RC_302 S_ALN_01002566 Create Tabstrips 
104 PT_TMW_SCRA_RC_303 S_ALN_01002567 Add Tabs in Time Data Maintenance Screen Area 
105 PT_TMW_SCRA_RC_304 S_ALN_01002569 Create Customer Fields 
106 PT_TMW_SCRA_T_001 S_PH0_48000066 Define Task Selection 
107 PT_TMW_SCRA_T_002 S_PH0_48000230 Define Views for Tasks 
108 PT_TMW_SCRA_UE_01 S_PH0_48000299 Use Customer Enhancement to Fill Fields 
109 PT_WFMCORE S_AX8_68000386 Integration with the Workforce Management Core 
110 PT_XX_100 S_AHR_61018803 Define External Application for Integration with Personnel Time Management 
111 PT_XX_HRPDC_001 S_AHR_61018813 Enhancement for Link to Time Recording Systems (HR-PDC) 
112 PT_XX_TMW_001 S_PH9_46000937 Define IDs for Each Time Data Type 
113 PT_XX_TMW_BADIKAL_80 S_PLN_16000248 BAdI: Fill Default Values in TMW Calendar 
114 PT_XX_TMW_BASIC_M001 S_PLN_16000129 Set Up Message Processing Without Entry of Time Data 
115 PT_XX_TMW_KAL_80 S_PLN_16000247 Choose Calendar 
116 PT_XX_TMW_PARA S_PH0_48000218 Create Parameter Transactions 
117 PT_XX_TMW_PRO S_PH9_46001124 Check and Complete Profiles 
118 PT_XX_TMW_PRO_001 S_PH0_48000257 Create Profiles and Assign Field Selections 
119 PT_XX_TMW_PRO_002 S_PH0_48000259 Assign Field Selections to Profiles 
120 PT_XX_TMW_PRO_003 S_PH0_48000260 Assign Layout Selections to Profiles 
121 PT_XX_TMW_PRO_004 S_PH0_48000261 Assign Field Selections to Profiles 
122 PT_XX_TMW_PRO_005 S_PH0_48000262 Assign Field Selections to Profiles 
123 PT_XX_TMW_PRO_006 S_PH0_48000263 Assign Employee Selection to Profiles 
124 PT_XX_TMW_PRO_CHK S_PH0_48000293 Assign Groups of Processing Instructions to Profiles 
125 PT_XX_TMW_PRO_TEC S_PH0_48000264 Check Degree of Detail for Time Data Maintenance Screen Area 
126 PT_XX_TMW_PR_CHK S_PH9_46000998 Specify Info for Day 
127 PT_XX_TMW_PR_SH_02 S_PH9_46000972 Specify Use of IDs for a Subset 
128 PT_XX_TMW_PR_SH_03 S_PH9_46001019 Specify Definition Sets and IDs 
129 PT_XX_TMW_PR_SH_04 S_PH9_46001021 Define Subsets and IDs 
130 PT_XX_TMW_PR_SH_90 S_PLN_16000053 Define Colors of Time Data IDs 
131 PT_XX_TMW_PR_SH_91 S_PLN_16000123 Assign Display of Time Data ID List to Profiles 
132 PT_XX_TMW_PR_SH_92 S_PLN_16000246 Check Display of Time Data ID List 
133 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_EL_I S_PH9_46000954 Define Field Selection 
134 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_HD_I S_PH9_46000955 Define Field Selection for Header Data 
135 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_HD_I01 S_PH9_46000973 Define Display Objects for HR Master Data 
136 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_HD_I02 S_PH9_46000974 Define Display Objects for Time & Labor/Assign Reporting Types 
137 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_HD_I03 S_PH9_46000975 Define Display Objects for Time Accounts/Assign Reporting Quota Types 
138 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_HD_I04 S_PH9_46000976 Define Layout for Employee Data 
139 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_HD_I05 S_PH9_46000977 Assign Display Objects to Employee Data Layout 
140 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_HD_I06 S_PH9_46000978 Add Layout to Employee Data Screen Area 
141 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_HD_I07 S_PH0_48000204 Define Reporting Time Types 
142 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_KUM2 S_PH0_48000414 Define Reporting Quota Types 
143 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_TE_D01 S_PH9_46000964 Define Field Selection for Absences Infotype (2001) 
144 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_TE_D02 S_PH9_46000965 Define Field Selection for Attendances Infotype (2002) 
145 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_TE_D03 S_PH9_46000966 Define Field Selection for Substitutions Infotype (2003) 
146 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_TE_D04 S_PH9_46000967 Define Field Selection for Availability Infotype (2004) 
147 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_TE_D07 S_PH9_46000968 Define Field Selection for Attendance Quotas Infotype (2007) 
148 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_TE_D10 S_PH9_46000969 Define Field Selection for Employee Remuneration Info Infotype (2010) 
149 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_TE_D11 S_PH9_46000970 Define Field Selection for Time Events Infotype (2011) 
150 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_TE_D12 S_PH9_46000971 Define Field Selection for Time Transfer Specifications Infotype (2012) 
151 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_TE_M_I S_PH9_46000962 Time Data: Define Field Selection for Multi-Day View 
152 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_TE_M_J S_PH9_46000963 Time Events: Define Field Selection for Multi-Day View 
153 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_TE_S_I S_PH9_46000956 Time Data: Define Field Selection for One-Day View 
154 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_TE_S_J S_PH9_46000957 Time Events: Define Field Selection for One-Day View 
155 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_WL_AR S_PH9_46000960 Define Message Functional Areas 
156 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_WL_I S_PH9_46000958 Create Groups of Display Objects 
157 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_WL_M S_PH9_46000961 Assign Message Types to Message Functional Areas 
158 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_WL_P S_PH0_48000292 Assign Processing Methods to Message Function Areas and Message Types 
159 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_WL_P1 S_PH0_48000291 Assign Groups of Display Objects to Processing Methods 
160 PT_XX_TMW_SCR_WL_PR S_PH9_46000959 Define Processing Method 
161 PU00 S_PAD_19000097 Delete Data Associated With a Temporary Personnel Number 
162 PURGPM_V S_PCO_36000008 Assign Order Priorities 
163 PURGSD_V S_PCO_36000007 Assign Delivery Priorities 
164 PURG_V S_PCO_36000003 Define and Assign Requirement Urgencies 
165 PUR_SE_PO_INTERFACE_ S_E4A_94000299 BAdI: Selection of Outbound Enterprise Services for Purchase Orders 
166 PYDEPS_TARIF_000 S_L7D_24001728 Set Up Subagreements - Overview 
167 PYDEPS_TARIF_010 S_L7D_24001666 Create Rate Type 
168 PYDEPS_TARIF_020 S_L7D_24001667 Assign Internal Pay Scale Type 
169 PYDEPS_TARIF_030 S_L7D_24001668 Create Pay Scale Groups 
170 PYDEPS_TARIF_040 S_L7D_24001669 Edit Default Value for Pay Scale Area / Type 
171 PYDEPS_TARIF_050 S_L7D_24001671 Assign Pay Scale Working Time 
172 PYDEPS_TARIF_060 S_L7D_24001672 BAdI: Override Pay Scale Weekly Working Time from T510i 
173 PYDEPS_TARIF_070 S_L7D_24001673 Assign Pay Scale to a Payroll Periodicity 
174 PYDEPS_TARIF_080 S_L7D_24001674 Edit Parameters for Pay Seniority and Step Determination 
175 PYDEPS_TARIF_090 S_EG4_04000314 Define Classification of Compensation/Salary Groups 
176 PYDEPS_TARIF_100 S_L7D_24001676 Assign Pay Seniority Model 
177 PYDEPS_TARIF_110 S_L7D_24001735 Set Up Contribution 
178 PYDEPS_TARIF_120 S_L7D_24001736 Set Up Vacation Bonus 
179 PYDEPS_TARIF_130 S_L7D_24001737 Define Period Calculation 
180 PYDEPS_TARIF_140 S_L7D_24001738 Process Switch for Period Calculation 
181 PYDEPS_TARIF_150 S_L7D_24001739 Assign Function Models 
182 PYDEPS_TARIF_170 S_L7D_24001740 Maintain Organizational Key Function Models 
183 PYDEPS_TARIF_180 S_L7D_24001670 Assign a Currency to Pay Scale 
184 PYDEPS_TARIF_190 S_L7D_24001741 Edit Default Wage Types for Basic Pay 
185 PYDEPS_TARIF_200 S_L7D_24001742 Process LGMST Planned Remuneration Specification Feature 
186 PYDEPS_TARIF_210 S_L7D_24001743 Define Decision Values 
187 PYDEPS_TARIF_220 S_L7D_24001744 Specify Basis for Activity with Higher Pay Rate 
188 PYDEPS_TARIF_230 S_L7D_24001745 Assign Decision Values 
189 PYDEPS_TARIF_240 S_L7D_24001746 Assign Cost-of-Living Allowance Classes and Career 
190 PYDEPS_TARIF_250 S_L7D_24001747 Process Cost-of-Living Allowance Components 
191 PYDEPS_TARIF_260 S_L7D_24001750 Assign Pay Scale to Internal Pay Scale Group 
192 PYDEPS_TARIF_270 S_L7D_24001732 Define Reassignment to Wage Level Key 
193 PYDEPS_TARIF_280 S_L7D_24001734 Define Pay Scale Reclassifications 
194 PYDEPS_TARIF_290 S_L7D_24001748 Assign Vested Payment Classes to Pay Scales 
195 PYDEPS_TARIF_300 S_L7D_24001729 Maintain Pay Scale Area 
196 PYDEPS_TARIF_310 S_L7D_24001730 Maintain Step Determination Higher and Lower Grouping 
197 PYDEPS_TARIF_320 S_L7D_24001733 Define Variable Key for Step Increase 
198 PYDEPS_TARIF_330 S_L7D_24001749 Maintain Vested Payments Cost-of-Living Allowance/Family-Related Bonus 
199 PYDEPS_TARIF_340 S_L7D_24001751 Maintain Assignment: Pay Scale Type Old/New 
200 PYDEPS_TARIF_350 S_L7D_24001752 Maintain Structure Equalization 
201 PYDEPS_TARIF_360 S_L7D_24001731 Adjust Pay Scale Types for Employees in Training/Education 
202 PYDEPS_TARIF_370 S_L4H_49001504 Maintain PS Group Determination for Higher Grouping and Lower Grouping 
203 PYDEPS_TARIF_400 S_L4H_49003148 Activate Pay Scale Level Determination 
204 PYDEPS_TARIF_410 S_L4H_49003149 Define Pay Scale Reclassifications 
205 PYDEPS_TARIF_420 S_L4H_49003150 BAdI: Determine Pay Scale Level Start 
206 PYDEPS_TARIF_430 S_L4H_49003151 BAdI: Adjust Reclassification Date 
207 PYDEPS_TARIF_440 S_L4H_49003152 BAdI: Adjust Basic Pay Data Records 
208 PYDEPS_TARIF_450 S_L4H_49003154 BAdI: Process Customer-Specific Additional Information 
209 PYDEPS_TARIF_460 S_L4H_49003222 Check Absence Categories for Pay Scale Level Increase 
210 PYDEPS_TARIF_470 S_L4H_49003223 BAdI: Processing of Absences According to Absence Category 
211 PYDEPS_TARIF_480 S_L4H_49003224 Assign Absence Types to Absence Categories 
212 PYGB_PAE_EDL_01 S_L4H_49003164 Update Date Sent 
213 PYGB_PAE_EDL_02 S_L4H_49003165 Mass Opt-In 
214 PYGB_PAE_EDL_03 S_L4H_49003166 Mass Opt-Out 
215 PYGB_PAE_MD_00 S_L4H_49003168 Hide Pensions Reform infotype (3297) screen fields 
216 PYGB_PAE_MD_01 S_L4H_49003167 Adjust Pensions Reform infotype (3297) settings 
217 PYGB_PAE_MD_03 S_L4H_49003169 Check Pensions Reform infotype (3297) settings 
218 PYGB_PAE_NER_PG_01 S_L4H_49003124 Maintain Change-Over Date (Feature GBCHG) 
219 PYGB_PAE_NER_PG_02 S_L4H_49003125 Maintain Pension Wage Types (T5G31) 
220 PYGB_PAE_OPTIN_01 S_L4H_49003126 Maintain Opt-In for Jobholders Only (Feature GBAE7) 
221 PYGB_PAE_OPTIN_02 S_L4H_49003127 Maintain BADI HR_GB_PAE_BADI 
222 PYGB_PAE_PENSREF01 S_L4H_49003114 Maintain Pension Schemes (T5G30) 
223 PYGB_PAE_PENSREF02 S_L4H_49003115 Maintain Default Auto-Enrolment Scheme (Feature GBAE3) 
224 PYGB_PAE_PENSREF03 S_L4H_49003116 Maintain BADI HR_GB_PAE_BADI 
225 PYGB_PAE_PENSREF04 S_L4H_49003117 Maintain Opt-In for Jobholders Only (Feature GBAE7) 
226 PYGB_PAE_PENSREF05 S_L4H_49003118 Maintain BADI HR_GB_PAE_BADI 
227 PYGB_PAE_PENSREF07 S_L7D_24002958 Maintain BADI HR_GB_PAE_BADI (SLA dates) 
228 PYGB_PAE_PENSSCHEMES S_L4H_49003113 Pension Schemes Overview 
229 PYGB_PAE_POSTP_00 S_L4H_49003130 Postponement Overview 
230 PYGB_PAE_POSTP_EJ_01 S_L4H_49003135 Maintain Postponement at Attaining EJH Status (Feature GBAE4) 
231 PYGB_PAE_POSTP_EJ_02 S_L4H_49003136 Maintain BADI HR_GB_PAE_BADI 
232 PYGB_PAE_POSTP_HI_00 S_L4H_49003133 Maintain Postponement at Hiring (Feature GBAE2) 
233 PYGB_PAE_POSTP_HI_01 S_L4H_49003134 Maintain BADI HR_GB_PAE_BADI 
234 PYGB_PAE_POSTP_ST_00 S_L4H_49003131 Maintain Postponement at Staging (Feature GBAE1) 
235 PYGB_PAE_POSTP_ST_01 S_L4H_49003132 Maintain BADI HR_GB_PAE_BADI 
236 PYGB_PAE_POSTP_TP_01 S_L4H_49003137 Maintain Transitional Period for DB/Hybrid Schemes (Feature GBAE5) 
237 PYGB_PAE_POSTP_TP_02 S_L4H_49003138 Activate Transitional Period (V_T5GPBS_ALL) 
238 PYGB_PAE_POSTP_TP_03 S_L4H_49003139 Maintain BADI HR_GB_PAE_BADI 
239 PYGB_PAE_QE_/117_03 S_L4H_49003140 Maintain Wage Types that cumulate into Qualifying Earnings 
240 PYGB_PAE_QE_CONT_01 S_L4H_49003142 Overwrite standard derivation Contractual Qualifying Earnings 
241 PYGB_PAE_QE_GENC_01 S_L4H_49003141 Generate Cumulative 
242 PYGB_PAE_QE_OVERVIEW S_L4H_49003147 Qualifying Earnings Overview 
243 PYGB_PAE_QE_SIM_01 S_L4H_49003143 Determine Variant for Simulated Qualifying Earnings (Feature PM004) 
244 PYGB_PAE_QE_SPRP_00 S_L4H_49003171 Supplementary Pay Reference Periods & Pay Dates Overview 
245 PYGB_PAE_QE_SPRP_01 S_L4H_49003146 Activate Supplementary Pay Reference Periods (T5GPBS_ALL) 
246 PYGB_PAE_QE_SPRP_02 S_L4H_49003144 Maintain Supplementary Pay Reference Periods (Feature GBAE6) 
247 PYGB_PAE_QE_SPRP_03 S_L4H_49003145 Maintain BADI HR_GB_PAE_BADI 
248 PYGB_PAE_SN_01 S_L4H_49003156 Maintain BADI HR_GB_PAE_BADI 
249 PYGB_PAE_SN_02 S_L4H_49003157 Maintain Electronic Communication (Feature GBELC) 
250 PYGB_PAE_SN_03 S_L4H_49003158 Run Post-Payroll Report 
251 PYGB_PAE_SN_04 S_L4H_49003159 Run Pre-Payroll Report 
252 PYGB_PAE_SN_05 S_L4H_49003160 Testing Phase based on Today's Date 
253 PYGB_PAE_SN_06 S_L4H_49003161 Maintain Smartforms 
254 PYGB_PAE_SN_07 S_L4H_49003162 Maintain BADI HR_GB_PAE_BADI 
255 PYGB_PAE_SN_08 S_L4H_49003163 Define Auto Enrollment Forms (V_T5G_AEFORMS) 
256 PYGB_PAE_SN_OVERVIEW S_L4H_49003155 Sending Notifications Overview 
257 PYGB_PAE_STAGING_01 S_L4H_49003128 Maintain Solution Change-Over Date (Feature GBCHG) 
258 PYGB_PAE_STAGING_02 S_L4H_49003129 Staging Report 
259 PYGB_PAE_T511K S_L4H_49003111 Check Legislative Thresholds 
260 PYGB_PAE_TABLEDD_01 S_L4H_49003119 Maintain Change-Over Date (Feature GBCHG) 
261 PYGB_PAE_TUPE_01 S_L4H_49003170 Maintain TUPE Organisations 
262 PYGB_PAE_WPBP_PG_00 S_L4H_49003122 WPBP splits in Pensionable Gross Overview 
263 PYGB_PAE_WPBP_PG_01 S_L4H_49003120 Creation of additional WPBP splits 
264 PYGB_PAE_WPBP_PG_02 S_L4H_49003123 Maintain Change-Over Date (Feature GBCHG) 
265 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BADI_10 S_P7H_77000211 BAdI: Determine Approver and Approver Group 
266 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BADI_20 S_P7H_77000212 BAdI: Define Additional Checks for Advanced Claims 
267 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BADI_30 S_P7H_77000213 BAdI: Modify Dependent Details 
268 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BADI_40 S_P7H_77000214 BAdI: Split Payment Infotype Records 
269 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BADI_50 S_P7H_77000215 BAdI: Fill Request Data 
270 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BADI_60 S_P7H_77000216 BAdI: Maintain Employees Eligibility 
271 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BADI_70 S_P7H_77000230 BAdI: Perform Additional Database Update for Advanced Claims 
272 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BADI_80 S_P7H_77000231 BAdI: Define, Modify Eligibility Criteria of Reimbursement Type 
273 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BADI_90 S_P7H_77000232 BAdI: Filter Employee Specific Reimbursement Type 
274 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BADI_91 S_P7H_77000233 BAdI: Maintain Visibility Control and Selection Values 
275 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BADI_92 S_P7H_77000234 BAdI: Determine Process Completion Date 
276 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BADI_93 S_P7H_77000252 BAdI: Process Attachments 
277 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BS_100 S_P7H_77000190 Define Fields and its Attributes at Header Level 
278 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BS_101 S_P7H_77000191 Define Values for Fields at Header Level 
279 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BS_102 S_P7H_77000192 Define Fields and its Attributes at Multiple Line Level 
280 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BS_103 S_P7H_77000193 Define Values for Fields at Multiple Line Level 
281 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BS_104 S_P7H_77000194 Define Privileges Group 
282 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BS_105 S_P7H_77000198 Define Approver Group 
283 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BS_106 S_P7H_77000199 Map Privileges Groups to Approver Groups 
284 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BS_107 S_P7H_77000204 Define PDF File Format for a Request Type 
285 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BS_108 S_P7H_77000205 Maintain Mail Configuration 
286 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BS_109 S_P7H_77000200 Maintain Declaration Text Document 
287 PYIN_ESS_CLM_BS_110 S_P7H_77000235 Assign Approver to Approver Group 
288 PYIN_ESS_CLM_DSC_01 S_P7H_77000206 Maintain Reasons 
289 PYIN_ESS_CLM_DSC_02 S_P7H_77000207 Database View to Fetch Values 
290 PYIN_ESS_CLM_DSC_03 S_P7H_77000208 Maintain the Status Flow Validation 
291 PYIN_ESS_CLM_DSC_04 S_P7H_77000220 Maintain Generic Application Definition 
292 PYIN_ESS_CLM_DSC_05 S_P7H_77000221 Maintain Generic Application Types 
293 PYIN_ESS_CLM_DSC_06 S_P7H_77000222 Generic Application Screen Rendering Fields 
294 PYIN_ESS_CLM_DSC_07 S_P7H_77000223 Standard Field Properties 
295 PYIN_ESS_CLM_DSC_08 S_P7H_77000224 Maintain Attributes for Application Type 
296 PYIN_ESS_CLM_DSC_09 S_P7H_77000225 Maintain Header Level Customizing Fields 
297 PYIN_ESS_CLM_DSC_10 S_P7H_77000226 Value Set for Header Custom Fileds 
298 PYIN_ESS_CLM_DSC_11 S_P7H_77000227 Maintain Multiple Line Level Customizing Fields 
299 PYIN_ESS_CLM_DSC_12 S_P7H_77000228 Value Set for Multiple Line Custom Fileds 
300 PYIN_ESS_CLM_DSC_13 S_P7H_77000229 Generic Application: Configure Mails 
301 PYIN_ESS_CLM_FE_10 S_P7H_77000217 Define the Search Criteria for Off-Cycle Payment Date 
302 PYIN_ESS_CLM_FE_20 S_P7H_77000218 Define the Date Type for Regular Payment 
303 PYIN_ESS_CLM_FE_30 S_P7H_77000219 Maintain Generic and LTC Specific Settings 
304 PYIN_ESS_CLM_LTC_100 S_P7H_77000195 Define LTC Schemes and their Attributes 
305 PYIN_ESS_CLM_LTC_101 S_P7H_77000196 Map Allowance Groups to LTC Schemes 
306 PYIN_ESS_CLM_RTS_100 S_P7H_77000187 Maintain Attributes of Reimbursement Types 
307 PYIN_ESS_CLM_RTS_101 S_P7H_77000188 Maintain Payment Related Information for Reimbursement Type 
308 PYIN_ESS_CLM_RTS_102 S_P7H_77000189 Maintain Attributes of Request Types 
309 PYIN_ESS_CLM_RTS_103 S_P7H_77000201 Map Payment Mode of Request to Subtype of Loan Payments Infotype 
310 PYIN_ESS_CLM_RTS_400 S_P7H_77000202 Maintain Off-Cycle Dates for Reimbursement Types 
311 PYIN_ESS_CLM_RTS_500 S_P7H_77000203 Maintain Visibility Related Attribute of Dependent Details 
312 PYIN_ESS_LE_BS_100 S_P7H_77000126 Map Wage types of Additional Off-Cycle Payments Infotype to Leave Types 
313 PYIN_ESS_LE_BS_200 S_P7H_77000141 BAdI : Determine Infotype Updation Date 
314 PYIN_ESS_LE_BS_300 S_P7H_77000142 BAdI : Determine Approver 
315 PYIN_ESS_LE_BS_400 S_P7H_77000152 Define Number Range for Reference Number 
316 PYIN_ESS_LE_BS_500 S_P7H_77000153 BAdI: Define Additional Checks for Leave Encashment 
317 PYIN_ESS_LE_RTS_100 S_P7H_77000155 Maintain Off-Cycle Dates for Reimbursement Types 
318 PYIN_ESS_LE_RTS_200 S_P7H_77000156 BAdI: Maintain Off -Cycle Dates for Reimbursement Types 
319 PYIN_ESS_LOAN_AS_100 S_P7H_77000118 Define Approvers Levels 
320 PYIN_ESS_LOAN_AS_200 S_P7H_77000119 Define Approver Level Privileges 
321 PYIN_ESS_LOAN_AS_300 S_P7H_77000120 BAdI : Determine Approver 
322 PYIN_ESS_LOAN_BS_100 S_P7H_77000117 Define Work Flow 
323 PYIN_ESS_LOAN_BS_200 S_P7H_77000143 Define Function Module Based on Country Grouping 
324 PYIN_ESS_LOAN_BS_300 S_P7H_77000154 Define Number Range for Reference Number 
325 PYIN_ESS_LOAN_LS_100 S_P7H_77000121 Define Loan Types and Conditions 
326 PYIN_ESS_LOAN_LS_200 S_P7H_77000122 Define Loan Payment Types 
327 PYIN_ESS_LOAN_LS_300 S_P7H_77000123 Map Loan Types to Approvers 
328 PYIN_ESS_LOAN_LS_400 S_P7H_77000124 BAdI: Maintain Eligibility Checks for Loans 
329 PYIN_ESS_LOAN_LS_500 S_P7H_77000125 BAdI: Define Additional Checks for Loans 
330 PYIN_ESS_LOAN_LS_600 S_P7H_77000146 Define Loan Repayment Types 
331 PYPS_IN_BS_100 S_P7H_77000041 Define Reservation Type 
332 PYPS_IN_BS_200 S_P7H_77000042 Define and Assign Reservation Categories for Reservation Types 
333 PYPS_IN_BS_300 S_P7H_77000043 Define Recruitment and Promotion Types 
334 PYPS_IN_BS_400 S_P7H_77000044 Map Reservation Category to Ethnic Origin 
335 PYPS_IN_BS_500 S_P7H_77000045 Map Reservation Category to Challenge Group 
336 PYPS_IN_BS_600 S_P7H_77000046 Map Ex-Serviceman Status to a Military Status 
337 PYPS_IN_BS_700 S_P7H_77000054 Define Groups 
338 PYPS_IN_BS_800 S_P7H_77000075 Map Action Types to Standard Action Types 
339 PYPS_IN_BS_900 S_P7H_77000151 BAdI: Determine Evalution Path 
340 PYPS_IN_CBS_100 S_P7H_77000091 Maintain Field Attributes 
341 PYPS_IN_CBS_200 S_P7H_77000092 Map Approver Groups to Reimbursement Types 
342 PYPS_IN_CBS_300 S_P7H_77000093 Define Approver Groups and Substitute Approvers 
343 PYPS_IN_CBS_400 S_P7H_77000094 Define Approver Privileges 
344 PYPS_IN_CBS_500 S_P7H_77000095 Map Payment Mode of Request to Subtype of Loan Payments Infotype 
345 PYPS_IN_CBS_600 S_P7H_77000096 BAdI: Read Organizational Data of Employee 
346 PYPS_IN_CBS_700 S_P7H_77000107 BAdI: Define Approvers 
347 PYPS_IN_CBS_800 S_P7H_77000132 Define Number Range for Reference Number 
348 PYPS_IN_CL_BS_100 S_P7H_77000144 Map Form and Program to Subtype for Corrs. Letter Infotype 
349 PYPS_IN_CL_BS_200 S_P7H_77000145 BAdI: Determine Form and Program Name 
350 PYPS_IN_CL_BS_300 S_P7H_77000147 BAdI: Maintain Additional Data 
351 PYPS_IN_CL_BS_400 S_P7H_77000148 BAdI: Determine Recepients of Correspondence Letter 
352 PYPS_IN_DA_100 S_P7H_77000178 Define Proceeding Levels 
353 PYPS_IN_DA_1000 S_P7H_77000197 Define Roles of Committee Members 
354 PYPS_IN_DA_200 S_P7H_77000179 Define Offence Group 
355 PYPS_IN_DA_2000 S_P7H_77000209 BAdI: Maintain System Generated Case Number 
356 PYPS_IN_DA_300 S_P7H_77000180 Define Offence Codes and Map them to Offence Group 
357 PYPS_IN_DA_3000 S_P7H_77000210 BAdI: Maintain Committee Member Details 
358 PYPS_IN_DA_400 S_P7H_77000181 Define Outcome Group 
359 PYPS_IN_DA_500 S_P7H_77000182 Define Outcome Codes and Map them to Outcome Group 
360 PYPS_IN_DA_600 S_P7H_77000183 Define Disciplinary Action Code 
361 PYPS_IN_DA_700 S_P7H_77000184 Define Source Code 
362 PYPS_IN_DA_800 S_P7H_77000185 Define Disciplinary Action Letter 
363 PYPS_IN_DA_900 S_P7H_77000186 Define Disciplinary Action Status 
364 PYPS_IN_IN_BS_100 S_P7H_77000135 Define Wage Types for Basic Pay Calculation 
365 PYPS_IN_IN_BS_200 S_P7H_77000137 BAdI: Calculate Loss of Payment Period 
366 PYPS_IN_IN_BS_300 S_P7H_77000138 BAdI: Define Increment Rate for Employees With Less Than One Year Service 
367 PYPS_IN_IN_BS_400 S_P7H_77000139 BAdI: Define Eligibility of Employees for Stagnation Increment 
368 PYPS_IN_IN_BS_500 S_P7H_77000140 BAdI: Determine Confirmation Status of an Employee 
369 PYPS_IN_RPS_100 S_P7H_77000049 Define Remarks for Roster Points 
370 PYPS_IN_RPS_200 S_P7H_77000050 Define De-Reservation Reasons of Roster Points 
371 PYPS_IN_RS_100 S_P7H_77000047 Define Time Independent Attributes of Model Roster 
372 PYPS_IN_RS_200 S_P7H_77000048 Map Time Independent Model Roster ID to Time Dependent Roster ID 
373 PYPS_IN_RS_300 S_P7H_77000055 Maintain Reservation Categories for L-Shaped Rosters 
374 PYPS_IN_RS_700 S_P7H_77000103 Map Reimbursement Type to Wage Type of Additional Payment Infotype 
375 PYPS_IN_RTS_100 S_P7H_77000097 Maintain Attributes of Reimbursement Types 
376 PYPS_IN_RTS_110 S_P7H_77000108 BAdI: Maintain Reimbursement Types 
377 PYPS_IN_RTS_120 S_P7H_77000109 BAdI: Maintain Eligibility of Employees to Create Advance Requests 
378 PYPS_IN_RTS_130 S_P7H_77000110 BAdI: Maintain Eligibility of Employees to Delete Requests 
379 PYPS_IN_RTS_140 S_P7H_77000111 BAdI: Define Groups for Reimbursement Types 
380 PYPS_IN_RTS_150 S_P7H_77000112 BAdI: Define Time Periods for Reimbursement Types 
381 PYPS_IN_RTS_160 S_P7H_77000113 BAdI: Define Payment Modes of Reimbursement Types 
382 PYPS_IN_RTS_170 S_P7H_77000114 BAdI: Maintain Off -Cycle Dates for Reimbursement Types 
383 PYPS_IN_RTS_180 S_P7H_77000115 BAdI: Map Subtypes of Loans Infotype to Reimbursement Types 
384 PYPS_IN_RTS_190 S_P7H_77000116 BAdI: Map Wage Types of Additional Payment Infotype to Reimbursement Types 
385 PYPS_IN_RTS_200 S_P7H_77000098 Define Groups for Reimbursement Types 
386 PYPS_IN_RTS_300 S_P7H_77000099 Define Payment Mode of Reimbursement Types 
387 PYPS_IN_RTS_400 S_P7H_77000100 Define Time Periods for Reimbursement Type Groups 
388 PYPS_IN_RTS_500 S_P7H_77000101 Map Subtypes of Loans Infotype to Reimbursement Types 
389 PYPS_IN_RTS_600 S_P7H_77000102 Map Subtypes of Exemptions Infotype to Reimbursement Types 
390 PYPS_IN_RTS_700 S_P7H_77000105 Map Wage Types of Additional Payments Infotype to Reimbursement Types 
391 PYPS_IN_RTS_800 S_P7H_77000104 Map Wage Type of Additional Off-Cycle Payments Inftyp to Reimbursement Type 
392 PYPS_IN_RTS_900 S_P7H_77000106 Maintain Off-Cycle Dates for Reimbursement Types 
393 PY_4DS_T5FITCORRGRP1 S_L4H_49002991 Maintenace of subtype screen 
394 PY_4D_T5FITCORRGRP1C S_L4H_49002992 Preset the subtype screen: fields and actions 
395 PY_99_FTF_001 S_L4H_49003071 Define Print Form Types 
396 PY_99_FTF_002 S_L7D_24002948 Define Form Group 
397 PY_99_FTF_003 S_L7D_24002949 Maintain Standard Form Type for Form Group 
398 PY_99_FTF_004 S_L7D_24002950 Define Customer Form Type for Form Group 
399 PY_99_FTF_005 S_L7D_24002951 Define Logical Form Name for Form Group 
400 PY_99_FTF_006 S_L7D_24002952 Maintain Standard System Form Names for Logical Forms 
401 PY_99_FTF_007 S_L7D_24002953 Define Customer System Form Names and Variants for Logical Forms 
402 PY_AEDV01X07_FAED1 S_L4H_49003230 Preconfigure subgroup S48.G55.20 (AED) 
403 PY_AU_APSED_001 S_L7D_24002045 Maintain the tenure of an employee 
404 PY_AU_APS_01 S_L4H_49003183 Assign wage types to APS Cumulation WTs 
405 PY_AU_CST_001 S_L7D_24001650 Maintain the Absence Type Codes for Carer Leave 
406 PY_AU_DTPS_001 S_L7D_24002275 Generate DTP Statement 
407 PY_AU_LSL_001 S_L7D_24001934 Calculate Average Hours for Victorian Long service leave 
408 PY_AU_PER_02 S_L4H_49003184 BAdI: Filter Employees 
409 PY_AU_PER_03 S_L4H_49003185 BAdI: Modify Data 
410 PY_CA_NGL_300 S_L7D_24002174 Possible Solutions in New General Ledger 
411 PY_CA_NGL_301 S_L7D_24002175 Determine Time for Activating Segments 
412 PY_CA_NGL_302 S_L7D_24002176 Use Segment as Additional Controlling Object 
413 PY_CA_NGL_303 S_L7D_24002177 Maintain Feature for Object Selection 
414 PY_CA_NGL_304 S_L7D_24002178 Deactivate Restriction on a Financial Management Area 
415 PY_CA_NGL_305 S_L7D_24002179 Define Type of Distribution 
416 PY_CA_NGL_306 S_L7D_24002180 Note on Relevancy 
417 PY_CA_NGL_307 S_L7D_24002183 Activate Cost Distribution via Function XLIDI 
418 PY_CA_NGL_308 S_L7D_24002184 Distribution of Liability Wage Types and Inflow Principle 
419 PY_CA_NGL_309 S_L7D_24002185 Expense-Related Distribution of Liability Wage Types 
420 PY_CA_NGL_310 S_L7D_24002187 Determine Time for Posting Payments 
421 PY_CA_NGL_311 S_L7D_24002188 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
422 PY_CA_NGL_312 S_L7D_24002189 Enter Wage Types for Posting Payments 
423 PY_CA_NGL_313 S_L7D_24002190 Adjust Account Assignment Types for Symbolic Accounts 
424 PY_CA_NGL_314 S_L7D_24002191 Create Permissible Values for Standard Accounting FM/GM 
425 PY_CA_NGL_315 S_L7D_24002192 Set Grouping Standard Accounting for FM/GM 
426 PY_CH_LAW2E S_L4H_49001815 BAdI: Suppression of Comment "1 of n Wage Statements" 
427 PY_CH_QSTVD_0020 S_L4H_49001510 Assign Family Status for Events in EMP-ACI 
428 PY_FI_ATS_001 S_L4H_49002415 Maintain Age Limit for Base of Health Insurance Contribution 
429 PY_FI_DT_001 S_L7D_24002257 Define Date Types for Retroactive Company Code Change Handling 
430 PY_FI_HPA_001 S_L7D_24002880 Determine Standard Absence Quota 
431 PY_FI_HPA_002 S_L7D_24002881 Determine standard absence type for future absences 
432 PY_FI_HPA_003 S_L7D_24002882 Maintain Employee Type for HPA 
433 PY_FI_IDENT_001 S_L7D_24002002 BAdI: Identify the part timer employees 
434 PY_FI_IDENT_002 S_L7D_24002003 BAdI: Identify the split in type of employee 
435 PY_FI_KELA_01 S_L7D_24002821 BAdI: Enhancements for Finnish KELA Report 
436 PY_FI_NGL_300 S_L7D_24002805 Possible Solutions in New General Ledger 
437 PY_FI_NGL_301 S_L7D_24002806 Determine Time for Activating Segments 
438 PY_FI_NGL_302 S_L7D_24002807 Use Segment as Additional Controlling Object 
439 PY_FI_NGL_303 S_L7D_24002808 Maintain Feature for Object Selection 
440 PY_FI_NGL_304 S_L7D_24002809 Deactivate Restriction on a Financial Management Area 
441 PY_FI_NGL_305 S_L7D_24002810 Define Type of Distribution 
442 PY_FI_NGL_306 S_L7D_24002811 Note on Relevancy 
443 PY_FI_NGL_307 S_L7D_24002812 Activate Cost Distribution via Function XLIDI 
444 PY_FI_NGL_308 S_L7D_24002813 Distribution of Liability Wage Types and Inflow Principle 
445 PY_FI_NGL_309 S_L7D_24002814 Expense-Related Distribution of Liability Wage Types 
446 PY_FI_NGL_310 S_L7D_24002815 Determine Time for Posting Payments 
447 PY_FI_NGL_311 S_L7D_24002816 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
448 PY_FI_NGL_312 S_L7D_24002817 Enter Wage Types for Posting Payments 
449 PY_FI_NGL_313 S_L7D_24002818 Adjust Account Assignment Types for Symbolic Accounts 
450 PY_FI_NGL_314 S_L7D_24002819 Create Permissible Values for Standard Accounting FM/GM 
451 PY_FI_NGL_315 S_L7D_24002820 Set Grouping Standard Accounting for FM/GM 
452 PY_FI_PS_001 S_L7D_24001709 Maintain the Contract type of the Employee 
453 PY_FI_PS_002 S_L7D_24001710 Maintain the payment period for shift compensations 
454 PY_FI_STR_001 S_L7D_24002373 Determine Respondent ID for White Collar Statistics 
455 PY_FI_TUN_001 S_L7D_24002194 Maintain Feature to Determine Trade Union of Employee 
456 PY_FI_TUR_CALC S_L4H_49002986 Determine Trade Union Calculation 
457 PY_FI_TVR_001 S_L7D_24002193 Maintain Feature to Determine TVR of an Employee 
458 PY_FI_WCBC_001 S_L7D_24002479 BAdI: White and Blue collar Statistics Report (HR_PAFI_STATS_BADI) 
459 PY_FR_AED_5F99ST_R S_L4H_49002825 Check final status 
460 PY_FR_AED_61_V01X07 S_HRI_55000060 Presentation of the Cancel declaration (type 61) (V01X07) 
461 PY_FR_AED_B2ASTATHAN S_L4H_49002819 AED: Presentation of forward/return AED flow 
462 PY_FR_AED_V_T5F99DM S_L4H_49002823 Recodify start date of employement contract (AED) 
463 PY_FR_AED_V_T5F99ST S_L4H_49002826 Check statuses for each process 
464 PY_FR_AED_V_T5F99SV S_L4H_49002827 Check 
465 PY_FR_ANI_LSECT S_L4H_49003533 Options for the contracts subject to the law on Securing employment 
466 PY_FR_DUE_ENTRY S_HRI_55000207 Manage the employee's date of hire 
467 PY_FR_DUE_V_T5F30 S_HRI_55000208 Determine special action type and category of reasons 
468 PY_FR_N4DS_5FPBS03_A S_L4H_49002424 Define employment population indicator 
469 PY_FR_N4DS_5FPBS0S1P S_L4H_49002433 Recode RAFP employer 
470 PY_FR_N4DS_5FPBS4B_I S_L4H_49002426 Populate official indicators for off-scale groups 
471 PY_FR_N4DS_5FPBS4CG0 S_L4H_49002429 Recode Corps indicator 
472 PY_FR_N4DS_5FPBS4CGB S_L4H_49002430 Define Grade indicator, Employment and Public Sector object list 
473 PY_FR_N4DS_B2ACHECK S_L4H_49002390 Check settings 
474 PY_FR_N4DS_N4CDI S_L4H_49003023 Option to generate AED decl. if temp. contr. followed by perm. contr. 
475 PY_FR_N4DS_N4DOC S_L4H_49002422 Read data in infotypes instead of in FMD table 
476 PY_FR_N4DS_N4WPE S_L4H_49002577 Data reading in infotype versus reading in WPE table 
477 PY_FR_N4DS_S4CO_S4G0 S_L4H_49002377  
478 PY_FR_N4DS_T5FPBS0S S_L4H_49002428 Recode public sector employer 
479 PY_FR_N4DS_T5FPBS4BI S_L4H_49002380  
480 PY_FR_N4DS_V_5F99FC1 S_L4H_49002547 Define condition at wage type group level 
481 PY_FR_N4DS_V_T50BA S_L4H_49002383 Check authorized transfer formats and classes 
482 PY_FR_N4DS_V_T50BB S_L4H_49002386 Check standard transfer format 
483 PY_FR_N4DS_V_T50BBF S_L4H_49002387 Check processing for different B2A statuses 
484 PY_FR_N4DS_V_T50BD S_L4H_49002385 Check B2A status 
485 PY_FR_N4DS_V_T50BG S_L4H_49002388 Check manual status modification 
486 PY_FR_N4DS_V_T50BK S_L4H_49002389 Maintain constants used in B2A process 
487 PY_FR_N4DS_V_T5F4G S_L4H_49003057 Define the required data for the Labour Court elections 
488 PY_FR_N4DS_V_T5FPER S_L4H_49002816 Maintain Periodicity of Bonuses and Allowances 
489 PY_FR_RPCTRANS_T5F9A S_HRI_55000251 Reuse contract reference 
490 PY_FR_T5F99S S_L4H_49003068 Check process type 
491 PY_FR_TB_V_T5F99S0 S_L4H_49001469 Check process type 
492 PY_FR_TB_V_T5F99ST_R S_L7D_24002470 Check final status 
493 PY_FR_V_530_E S_HRI_55000001 Payroll splits to be taken into consideration in the Measures 
494 PY_FR_V_T5F99ST S_L4H_49003070 Check the status for each process 
495 PY_FR_V_T5F99ST_R S_L4H_49003069 Check final status 
496 PY_GB_GBELC_01 S_L7D_24002527 Determine E-mail ID of Employees 
497 PY_GB_GL_401 S_L7D_24001770 Activate Cost Distribution via Function XLIDI 
498 PY_GB_GL_402 S_L7D_24001771 Distribution of Liability Wage Types and Inflow Principle 
499 PY_GB_GL_403 S_L7D_24001772 Expense-Related Distribution of Liability Wage Types 
500 PY_GB_HESA_001 S_L7D_24002068 Identify HESA Grade