SAP ABAP IMG Activity PBC_FTE_1410 (Define Error Category)
EA-HRGXX (Software Component) Sub component EA-HRGXX of EA-HR
   PA-PM-PB (Application Component) Position Budgeting and Control
     PAOC_FPM_FTE (Package) Position Management: Full-Time Equivalents
IMG Activity
ID PBC_FTE_1410 Define Error Category  
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Created on 20031120    
Customizing Attributes PBC_FTE_0010   General Settings 
Customizing Activity PBC_FTE_1410   Define Error Category 
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Document Name PBC_FTE_1410    


Staff assignment rules map the relationship between a position to be filled and the person to fill it from the point of view of the pay scale valuation. As these relationships can be different, there are a number of IMG activities in Position Budgeting and Control that you use to define entries for staff assignment rules.

If you want to categorize infringements of rules, you have to work with error categories. If the error categories delivered by SAP are not sufficient, you can define you own in this IMG activity.

The system shows infringements of staff assignment rules in different views of the component Organizational Management (change organization and staff assignment) and in the reports Check Staff Assigment Rules and Enhanced Checks for Public Services. If you work with error categories, the infringements appear in the corresponding column, otherwise they appear in the column "not categorized".

To assign infringements of rules or corresponding messages to a particular category, you can assign an error category to an error code when you create the code. Using error codes has the advantage that it is enough to define the error code as a return value in the implementation. This ensures that a particular infringement of rules always causes the same error message to be issued. Alternatively, you can define the error category in the implementation for the BAdI for the staff assignment rules check. You can find more information on error codes in the Documentation of the IMG activity Define Error Code.


To map staff assignment rules that the system can check, you have to implement the Business Add-In (BAdI) for the check of the staff assignment rules where a position is filled by a person. You can find more information under BAdI: Staff Assignment Rules Check.

Standard settings

The following categories are standard:

Category    Meaning

A    Other classification

E    Appropriately staffed

F    Incorrectly staffed

U    lower classification

N    Not staffed

X    Not categorized


To define your own category:

  1. Choose a code of a maximum of 8 characters starting with Y or Z.
  2. Enter a description.
  3. To ensure that these categories appear in the check report and the corresponding views of Organizational Management (change organization and staff assignments):
    1. Define a column for them in the IMG activity Define Own Column and copy the column PBC_ASSCTG_A.
    2. Assign the new column to the existing columns groups HRFPM_CHK_OCC (for view staff assignment analysis) and PBC_CHK_OV_EXT (for reports Check Staff Assignment Rules) and HRFPM_CHK_OV_AL (view Enhanced Checks for Public Services. To do this, switch to the IMG activity Adjust Existing Column Group.
    3. Then you have to create an append structure that has a field with a name identical to the column key for the report Check Staff Assignment Rules in the structure HRFPM_S_FIN_CHK_ALV_ERR_CATG. Define this field with reference to the data type HRFPM_FTE_TEXT.


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ASAP Roadmap ID 204   Establish Functions and Processes 
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Critical / Non-Critical 2   Non-critical 
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