SAP ABAP IMG Activity PBS_AU_INC_001 (Specify Eligibility Grouping)
SAP_HRCAU (Software Component) Sub component SAP_HRCAU of SAP_HR
   PY-AU-PS (Application Component) Public Sector
     P13CP1 (Package) HR-AU-PS: Customizing for Public Sector Australia
IMG Activity
ID PBS_AU_INC_001 Specify Eligibility Grouping  
Transaction Code S_KI4_29000221   IMG activity: PBS_AU_INC_001 
Created on 20000117    
Customizing Attributes PBS_AU_INC_001   Specify Eligibility Grouping 
Customizing Activity PBS_AU_INC_001   Specify Eligibility Grouping 
Document Class SIMG   Hypertext: Object Class - Class to which a document belongs.
Document Name PBS_AU_INC_001    

In this step, you can define the flexible decision criteria for increments by using feature 13VAL. The return value is the key for table Eligibility Criteria for Increment.



Define Eligibility Criteria for Increment

Standard settings

Sample entries are already assigned in the standard system.



Define eligibility for employee group and employee subgroup combination.
If necessary, define new entries according to your own needs.

Further notes

Please see the feature documentation for detailed information.

Business Attributes
ASAP Roadmap ID 204   Establish Functions and Processes 
Mandatory / Optional 1   Mandatory activity 
Critical / Non-Critical 1   Critical 
Country-Dependency I   Valid for countries specified 
Customizing Attributes Country Key Country Name
PBS_AU_INC_001 AU Australia
Assigned Application Components
Documentation Object Class Documentation Object Name Current line number Application Component Application Component Name
SIMG PBS_AU_INC_001 0 I510000023 Public Sector 
Maintenance Objects
Maintenance object type C   Customizing Object 
Assigned objects
Customizing Object Object Type Transaction Code Sub-object Do not Summarize Skip Subset Dialog Box Description for multiple selections
PMKC L - Logical transport object PE00 13VAL 00 Define Eligibility Grouping 
Last changed by/on SAP  20000117 
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