SAP ABAP IMG Activity PBCS_0190 (Define Job Index Key)
EA-HRGXX (Software Component) Sub component EA-HRGXX of EA-HR
   PA-PM-PB (Application Component) Position Budgeting and Control
     PAOC_FPM_FTE_CUSTOMIZING (Package) Position Management: Customizing FTEs
IMG Activity
ID PBCS_0190 Define Job Index Key  
Transaction Code S_ALN_01002348   (empty) 
Created on 20031022    
Customizing Attributes PBCS_0190   Define Job Index Key 
Customizing Activity PBCS_0190   Define Job Index Key 
Document Class SIMG   Hypertext: Object Class - Class to which a document belongs.
Document Name PBCS_0190    


The job title enables the exact assignment of descriptions to elements of the personnel budget plan (persons, positions or budget structure elements) in the public services. This means that a processor in the finance ministry can be assigned to the job title tax inspector and a processor in the police can have the job title of detective chief inspector.

The correct job title is derived from a combination of the pay scale evaluation of a person, position or budget structure element and organizational dimensions. If the existing organizational dimensions personnel area/sub-area and employee group/sub-group are not suitable for deriving the job title, define main groups and sub-groups.

A decision tree is used to determine the valid job title key. The tree evaluates the pay scale evaluation and the organizational dimensions. The decision tree is called using a BAdI in which you can define whether the decision tree should be evaluated using a feature or a validation. You can also add your own fields to the decision tree using the BAdI.

In this IMG activity, you define an alphanumeric job title. It is also possible to define gender-specific descriptions for the job title. The neutral description is used for positions and budget structure elements. In cases where only the neutral description is used, it is used for all persons too.

If the job title description changes after some time, define the new description for the job title key and limit the entry to the date required.


Standard settings

SAP does not deliver any standard settings.



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ASAP Roadmap ID 204   Establish Functions and Processes 
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SIMG PBCS_0190 0 ALN0000241 Position Budgeting and Control 
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