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ID PAY_US_TIPS_420 Create Wage Type Catalog  
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Created on 19990125    
Customizing Attributes PAY_US_1_2   Payroll USA, mandatory, not critical 
Customizing Activity OH11   Wage type copier 
Document Class SIMG   Hypertext: Object Class - Class to which a document belongs.
Document Name OHAUSTIPS420    

The standard SAP system contains model wage types. These wage types will meet many of your company's requirements. In this step, you can copy the model SAP wage types.

These copied wage types are the wage types that you will continue to use and which you will adapt to meet your specific requirements.

All the model wage types begin with a letter. Your own wage types, i.e. the copied wage types, must begin with a number. In this step, you will only be able to copy wage types that are used for Tip processing.


Please note that when you copy the model wage types, their characteristics with regard to their behavior in dialog and in payroll will also be copied. In the following steps, you can check and, if necessary, adapt the dialog characteristics of your wage types.


  • SAP recommends that you carry out a test run before you create your own wage types. This will allow you to check whether you have entered all the wage types that you wanted to copy and whether you have copied these wage types into the correct wage type area.
  • Often wage types belonging to a particular type of wage type (for example, bonus, basic pay, averages) behave identically in dialog as they do in payroll accounting. SAP therefore recommends that you copy one wage type from every wage type category as 'prototype' giving this all the specifications. Then, you can use this prototype as a template for all your other wage types with the same characteristics and coding. By following the above procedure, you can reduce the workload with regard to entering coding for every one of these wage types separately.

    Please note that the procedure described above requires a detailed knowledge of the SAP Human Resources system and/or the SAP payroll system. Before you set up protypes you should consider how these are going to be used and processed in your system.


Use the predefined area for your own copied wage types (i.e. all wage types that start with a number). Never copy wage types into the SAP model wage type area (i.e. all wage types that start with a letter or a symbol).


To create your own wage types, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose the Copy function on the Wage Type Maintenance dialog box.
  2. Select the SAP model wage type, taken from the Tip processing wage type group, that you would like to copy and enter the name of the copied wage type in the CWType field, and a description and short text for the copied wage type in the Wage type text and ShText fields.
  3. Select the field Test run, if you want to carry out a test run.
  4. Choose Execute.

    If you carry out a test run, a list will be produced that contains all the wage types to be copied and the copied wage types to be created. The remaining steps are not applicable.

  5. On the subsequent list, check whether all the wage types to be copied have been entered and check whether they are copied into the correct wage type group. If this is correct, choose Copy wage types.

    If you do not want to copy all of the wage types contained on the list, deselect all the wage types that you do not want to use.

  6. Only the chosen wage types will be copied. A list will be generated logging the changes made to certain tables.

Further notes

If you are intending to implement the Payroll Accounting component, you should familiarize yourself with the functionalities offered by Payroll Accounting. In certain circumstances, you could be setting up wage types that already exist in payroll accounting.

Please make sure that the wage types you have copied in this step have been copied into all the wage type groups and in the tables that contain the model wage type. You can use the log to check this.

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ASAP Roadmap ID 203   Establish Master Data 
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