SAP ABAP IMG Activity PAY_VE_IND_020 (Define valuation and calculation rules)
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ID PAY_VE_IND_020 Define valuation and calculation rules  
Transaction Code S_L9C_94000292   (empty) 
Created on 20001006    
Customizing Attributes PAY_VE_IND_020   Define valuation and calculation rules 
Customizing Activity PAY_VE_IND_020   Define valuation and calculation rules 
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Document Name PAY_VE_IND_020    

In this section, the user describes the rules to calculate compensations. These rules depend on the employees' group, on the reason for termination of working relations and on the type of compensation.


Before carrying out this activity, the user can:

  1. Describe the employees' group:

    If you want to create your own employees' groups, follow the instructions detailed in section Venezuelan payroll -> Termination of Working Relations -> Compensations -> General settings -> Employee grouping Describe employee grouping to calculate compensations.

  2. Create reasons for termination of working relations:

    The reason for termination is a subtype of infotype Termination of Working Relations (0645). If you want to create a new subtype, follow the instructions detailed in Venezuelan payroll -> Termination of Working Relations -> >Describe leave reason.

  3. Create types of compensation:

    The types of compensation are identified with compensation codes. If you want to create your own compensation codes, follow the instructions detailed in section Venezuelan payroll -> Compensations -> General settings -> Describe compensation codes.


Before creating new types of termination of working relation and/or new types of compensation, check whether SAP proposed entries satisfy your company needs.


To carry out this activity:

  1. Select an employee grouping, a reason for termination and a compensation code in the combination that corresponds the calculation of a compensation payment.
  2. For this combination, set:
    a) If necessary, the termination code used to associate the causes for termination of SAP standard labour relations with the ones established by the Venezuelan law.
    b) the wage type used as basis for the calculation of the corresponding compensation. It is not necessary if the valuation of the compensation is carried out with basis such as /0XX and configured in view V_512W_B. In case there were basis in both views (V_T7VE90 y V_512W_B), the system will carry out the calculation with the one indicated in this activity (V_T7VE90).
    The user should indicate a percentage to be applied on the wage type previously mentioned.
    c)if necessary, the secondary compensation code (used to influence the primary compensation code) and its corresponding processing.
  3. Save your entries.


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ASAP Roadmap ID 204   Establish Functions and Processes 
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PAY_VE_IND_020 VE Venezuela
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