SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index F, page 3
IMG Activity - F
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 FM_BL_ORGANISATION S_PLN_06000211 Information on Budgetary Ledger 
2 FM_BL_VC_FM2BLACT S_PEN_05000135 Activate Transfer 
3 FM_BL_VC_FM2BLTRFL S_PEN_05000137 Define Details for FI Update 
4 FM_BL_V_BLACCCLASS S_PLN_06000227 Classify BL Accounts 
5 FM_BL_V_FMBLBASIC S_PLN_06000210 Activate Variant for Budgetary Ledger 
6 FM_CCOVR_CONTROL S_ALN_01002325 BAdI: Control of Reassignment 
7 FM_EC_VC_FMEUF_CER S_AEN_10000475 Define Certification Procedure 
8 FM_EF_GROUP S_AEN_10000035 BAdI: Activate Grouping Function in Earmarked Funds 
9 FM_EF_GROUP_NUMBER S_AEN_10000036 Define Number Ranges for Groupings 
10 FM_REQUEST_FLLW_DOC S_AEN_10000425 BAdI: Check and Post Documents Subsequently 
11 FM_REQUEST_FLLW_SPAI S_AEN_10000907 BAdI: Activate Posting of Subsequent Documents 
12 FM_VC_FMAVC_RBE_FIL S_AEN_10000298 Commitment/Actual Values: Define Filter for Revenue-Based Expenditures 
13 FM_V_FMAVC_RBE_SET S_AEN_10000300 Assign Revenue-Based Expenditure Settings to Availability Control Ledger 
14 FNB_NL_ADM_70 S_L7D_24000645  
15 FNINL_PRODUCT_ATTR S_AEN_10000467 Determine Attributes for Installment Loan (360) 
16 FNINL_PRODUCT_ATTR_D S_AEN_10000468 Display Attributes for Installment Loan (360) 
17 FNLOS_PRODUCT_ATTR S_AEN_10000916 Determine Product Attributes 
18 FNLOS_PRODUCT_ATTR_D S_AEN_10000917 Display Product Attributes 
19 FNSARACUST S_PLN_16000046 Document Data Archiving 
20 FN_CL_PRODUCT_ATTR S_PLN_06000276 Determine Attributes for Consumer Loans (340) 
21 FN_CL_PRODUCT_ATTR_D S_PLN_06000281 Display Attributes for Consumer Loans (340) 
22 FN_DERI_COMPANY_CODE S_AEN_10000829 Define Derivation Rules for Company Code 
23 FN_DERI_CONDITION S_AEN_10000831 Define Derivation Rules for Condition Table 
24 FN_DERI_ORIGINATOR S_AEN_10000562 Define Derivation Rules for Loan Originator 
25 FN_DERI_PRODUCT S_AEN_10000830 Define Derivation Rules for Product 
26 FN_DERI_SALES_ORG S_AEN_10000918 Define Derivation Rules for Organization Unit 
27 FN_PRODUCT_KEYP_WORK S_PLN_06000274 Define Prefix 
28 FOAP_CUST01 S_XXB_26000001 Activate Assignment of Open Credits and Payments 
29 FOAP_CUST02 S_XXB_26000002 Activate Database Indexes 
30 FOAP_CUST03 S_XXB_26000003 Define Payment Advice Types 
31 FOART1 S_P00_07000156 Test Concordance Search 
32 FOBERCOR S_ACR_23000043 Nummernkreis Berichtigungsobjekt 
33 FOBO02 S_ACR_23000105 Feldgruppen 
34 FOBO03 S_ACR_23000106 Sichten 
35 FOBO04 S_ACR_23000107 Abschnitte 
36 FOBO05 S_ACR_23000108 Bilder 
37 FOBO10 S_ACR_23000158 Feldstatus 
38 FOIX S_ALR_87008605 Maintain Number Ranges 
39 FOJV S_ALR_87008553 Set Preassignments for Contract Type 
40 FONDSTYP S_ALR_87004221 Define Fund Types 
41 FOPC_AFTER_SIGNOFF S_SE3_50000221 Copy Cases to New Timeframe After Sign-Off 
42 FOPC_AIS_CO_REPORT S_SE3_50000274 Display Usage of AIS Reports in Controls 
43 FOPC_CI_CASE_FLDATTR S_SE3_50000239 BAdI: Properties of Custom Fields for a Case 
44 FOPC_CI_CASE_PRINT S_SE3_50000238 BAdI: Format of Custom Fields in Print Reports 
45 FOPC_CONSIST_CHECK S_QE6_02000014 Consistency Check on Validity Periods 
46 FOPC_CUST_PERS_RESP S_S27_10000002 Enter Role for Determining Responsible Person for an Object 
47 FOPC_DOCUMENTS_COPY S_QE6_02000016 Copy Documents After Carryforward into New Timeframe 
48 FOPC_REPORT_WEIGHT S_QE6_02000007 BAdI: Weighting of a Report Line During Aggregation 
49 FORMS179_ENH_SPOT S_PRN_53000024 Notes on Implementation 
50 FORMULARE_DE S_ALR_87007384 Define Correspondence Activities 
51 FORMULARE_FX S_ALR_87007808 Define Correspondence Activities 
52 FORMULARE_GH S_ALR_87007811 Define Correspondence Activities 
53 FORTSCHREIBUNG S_KP6_83000011 Update Types 
54 FORTSCHREIBUNGSARTEN S_KP6_83000005 Define Update Types and Assign Usages 
55 FORT_BUCH S_PEN_05000313 Assign Update Types for Manual Posting 
56 FORWARDVOLATILITY S_AEN_10000434 Assign Underlyings to Product Type 
57 FOR_DERIVATIVES S_KFM_86000176 Assign Flow Types for Hedge Accounting 
58 FOTI04 S_P00_07000154 Tenant Information Views 
59 FOT_IMG_BC S_AC0_52000125 Set Up Exchange Infrastructure (XI) 
60 FOT_IMG_ELSTER S_AC0_52000124 Set Up Encryption for ELSTER 
61 FOT_IMG_RFC S_AC0_52000126 Set Up RFC Connection 
62 FOT_RFC S_EB5_05000445 Set Up RFC Connection 
63 FOT_RFD S_EB5_05000441 BAdI: VAT Refund 
64 FOT_RFD_CTRY S_EB5_05000442 BAdI: Country-Dependent VAT Refund 
65 FOT_V_FOTETAXC S_AC0_52000122 Make Settings for Electronic Communication with Authorities 
66 FOT_V_FOTETAXPC S_AC0_52000123 Define Parameters for Electronic Communication with Authorities 
67 FOX0_MX_DST_ACTIVATE S_BPL_83000053 Check and Activate Explosion Profiles 
68 FOX0_MX_DST_CHECK S_BPL_83000069 Check Object Relationships 
69 FOX0_MX_DST_VALIDITY S_BPL_83000070 Define Validity Identifiers 
70 FPB_BUA_KPI_001 S_PLN_62000255 Key Figure Monitor: Overview 
71 FPB_BUA_MON_001 S_PLN_62000253 Edit Administration Rules for Cost Center Variances 
72 FPB_BUA_PERS_001 S_PLN_62000249 Personalization Framework: Overview 
73 FPB_BUA_PERS_002 S_PLN_62000251 Personalization Data: Collective Processing 
74 FPB_BUA_PERS_003 S_PLN_62000252 Fill Personalization Data from Authorizations (Cost Centers) 
75 FPB_BUA_PERS_004 S_PLN_62000250 Personalization Data: Individual Processing 
76 FPB_BUA_PERS_PC S_PEN_05000302 Fill Personalization Data from Authorizations (Profit Center) 
77 FPB_CMPERS_AUTHORITY S_PLN_62000204 BAdI: Authorization Check for Objects 
78 FPB_FILL_PERS_PC S_PEN_05000203 Fill Personalization Data from Authorizations (Profit Center) 
79 FPB_HOMEPAGE_TEXTS S_PLN_62000317 Edit Overview Pages 
80 FPB_ISR_001 S_PLN_62000231 Internal Service Request: Overview 
81 FPB_ISR_002 S_PLN_62000254 Internal Service Request: Overview 
82 FPB_LAUNCHPAD S_AEN_10000793 Change URL Parameter 
83 FPB_LAUNCHPAD_BADI S_PEN_05000340 Create Customer-Specific Enhancements for the Report LaunchPad 
84 FPB_LAUNCHPAD_PSS S_PEN_05000337 Change URL Parameter 
85 FPB_LP_001 S_PLN_62000257 Set Up LaunchPad 
86 FPB_LP_002 S_PLN_62000258 Compile Planning Activities 
87 FPB_LP_003 S_AEN_10000040 Set Up LaunchPad 
88 FPB_LP_BADI_01 S_PLN_62000263 BAdI: Control of Selection 
89 FPB_LP_BUY_REP_CUST S_PCO_36000437 Set Up Launchpad 
90 FPB_LP_MT_REP_CUST S_AEN_10000753 Compile Report List 
91 FPB_LP_PM_REP_CUST S_PCO_36000339 Set Up Launchpad for Plant Manager 
92 FPB_LP_PSS_REP_CUST S_AEN_10000812 Compile Report List 
93 FPB_LP_PS_REP_CUST S_PEN_05000185 Create Report List for Production Scheduler 
94 FPB_LP_QI_REP_CUST S_AEN_10000764 Compile Report List 
95 FPB_MAINTAIN_HIER S_EAC_24000056 Create Personalization Hierarchy 
96 FPB_MAN_EQUIP_001 S_ALN_01002601 Edit Views 
97 FPB_MAN_EQUIP_002 S_ALN_01002616 Specify RFC Connection to HCM System 
98 FPB_MAN_EQUIP_003 S_PLN_62000235 Prepare Cost Determination 
99 FPB_MAN_EQUIP_004 S_PLN_62000248 Execute Cost Determination 
100 FPB_MAN_INTRO S_PLN_62000190 Introduction 
101 FPB_MAN_PERS_001 S_ALN_01002603 Personalization: Overview 
102 FPB_MAN_PERS_002 S_ALN_01002604 Personalization Data: Collective Processing 
103 FPB_MAN_PERS_003 S_ALN_01002590 Fill Personalization Data from Authorizations (Cost Centers) 
104 FPB_MAN_PERS_004 S_PLN_62000230 Personalization Data: Individual Processing 
105 FPB_MAN_PERS_005 S_PLN_62000315 Transfer Old Personalization Data 
106 FPB_MAN_PLAN_001 S_PLN_62000232 Planning: Overview 
107 FPB_MON_001 S_ALN_01002591 Edit Administration Rules for Cost Center Variances 
108 FPB_MON_002 S_ALN_01002592 Edit Administration Rules for Cost Center Line Items 
109 FPB_MON_003 S_ALN_01002593 Execute Evaluation for Critical Cost Center Variances 
110 FPB_MON_004 S_ALN_01002594 Execute Evaluation for Cost Center Line Items 
111 FPB_MON_005 S_ALN_01002595 Edit Administration Rules for Order Variances 
112 FPB_MON_006 S_ALN_01002596 Edit Administration Rules for Order Line Items 
113 FPB_MON_007 S_ALN_01002597 Delete Cost Center Line Items from Display Set 
114 FPB_MON_008 S_ALN_01002598 Execute Evaluation for Critical Order Variances 
115 FPB_MON_009 S_ALN_01002599 Execute Evaluation for Order Line Items 
116 FPB_MON_010 S_ALN_01002600 Delete Order Line Items from Display Set 
117 FPB_MON_011 S_PLN_62000267 Edit Administration Rules for Profit Center Variances 
118 FPB_MON_012 S_PLN_62000268 Edit Administration Rules for Profit Center Line Items 
119 FPB_MON_013 S_PLN_62000269 Execute Evaluation for Critical Profit Center Variances 
120 FPB_MON_014 S_PLN_62000270 Execute Evaluation for Profit Center Line Items 
121 FPB_MON_015 S_PLN_62000271 Delete Profit Center Line Items from Display Set 
122 FPB_MON_016 S_PEN_05000144 Display Rules for Profit Center Variances per User 
123 FPB_MON_017 S_PEN_05000145 Display Rules for Profit Center Line Items per User 
124 FPB_MON_018 S_PEN_05000146 Display Rules for Order Variances per User 
125 FPB_MON_019 S_PEN_05000147 Display Rules for Order Line Items per User 
126 FPB_MON_020 S_PEN_05000148 Display Rules for Cost Center Variances per User 
127 FPB_MON_021 S_PEN_05000149 Display Rules for Cost Center Line Items per User 
128 FPB_MON_022 S_PEN_05000158 Edit Administration Rules for Profit Center Variances 
129 FPB_MON_023 S_PEN_05000159 Edit Administration Rules for Profit Center Line Items 
130 FPB_MON_024 S_PEN_05000160 Execute Evaluation for Critical Profit Center Variances 
131 FPB_MON_025 S_PEN_05000161 Execute Evaluation for Profit Center Line Items 
132 FPB_MON_026 S_PEN_05000162 Delete Profit Center Line Items from Display Set 
133 FPB_MON_027 S_PEN_05000163 Display Rules for Profit Center Variances per User 
134 FPB_MON_028 S_PEN_05000164 Display Rules for Profit Center Line Items per User 
135 FPB_MON_029 S_PEN_05000165 Edit Administration Rules for Cost Center Variances 
136 FPB_MON_030 S_PEN_05000166 Edit Administration Rules for Cost Center Line Items 
137 FPB_MON_031 S_PEN_05000167 Execute Evaluation for Critical Cost Center Variances 
138 FPB_MON_032 S_PEN_05000168 Execute Evaluation for Cost Center Line Items 
139 FPB_MON_033 S_PEN_05000169 Delete Cost Center Line Items from Display Set 
140 FPB_MON_034 S_PEN_05000170 Display Rules for Cost Center Variances per User 
141 FPB_MON_035 S_PEN_05000171 Display Rules for Cost Center Line Items per User 
142 FPB_PERS_AUTH S_ABA_72000265 BAdI: Personalization - Authorization Checks 
143 FPB_PERS_AUTHORITY S_PEN_05000103 BAdI: Personalization: Authorization Checks 
144 FPB_PERS_COL S_ABA_72000263 Personalization Data: Collective Processing 
145 FPB_PERS_CONV S_ABA_72000268 BAdI: Personalization - Conversion of Data Formats 
146 FPB_PERS_CONVERT S_PEN_05000175 BAdI: Personalization: Conversion of Data Formats 
147 FPB_PERS_DELETE S_ABA_72000271 Delete Personalization Data 
148 FPB_PERS_DIALOG S_ABA_72000270 Edit Personalization Dialog 
149 FPB_PERS_EXIST S_ABA_72000266 BAdI: Personalization - Existence Check 
150 FPB_PERS_EXISTENCE S_PEN_05000173 BAdI. Personalization: Existence Checks 
151 FPB_PERS_HIER S_ABA_72000269 Edit Personalization Hierarchy 
152 FPB_PERS_IND S_ABA_72000264 Personalization Data: Single Processing 
153 FPB_PERS_ORGA S_ABA_72000273 Reorganize Personalization Data 
154 FPB_PERS_RESOL S_ABA_72000267 BAdI: Personalization - Resolve Intervals and Groups 
155 FPB_PERS_RESOLVE S_PEN_05000174 BAdI: Personalization: Resolution of Intervals and Groups 
156 FPB_PERS_SHOW S_ABA_72000272 Display Personalization Data 
157 FPB_SNI_001 S_PLN_62000256 Set Hierarchy 
158 FPB_SNI_002 S_PEN_05000352 BAdI: Change Hierachy Nodes 
159 FPB_SNI_003 S_PEN_05000353 BAdI: Change Manager in the Hierarchy 
160 FPCLV_ACC_PARA S_PR0_40000532 Define Parameters for the Posting 
161 FPCR_ACTIVATE S_PR0_40000523 Activate Application 
162 FPCR_CMG_CUST S_PR0_40000524 Make Settings for Case Management 
163 FPCR_NUMBERRANGE S_PR0_40000528 Define Number Range Intervals for Accountant 
164 FPCR_V_ACC S_PR0_40000527 Define Entries for Accountant 
165 FPCR_V_ACC_GSBER S_PR0_40000530 Assign Accountant to Business Area 
166 FPCR_V_RDCREASON S_PR0_40000526 Define Reason for Reduction 
167 FPCR_V_USER_ACC S_PR0_40000529 Assign User to Accountant 
168 FPCR_V_WAIT_REASON S_PR0_40000525 Define Wait Reason 
169 FPDP_ACTIVATE S_PR0_40000540 Activate Application 
170 FPDP_CALC_DP_VALUES S_PR0_40000542 BAdI: Default Values for Vendor Down Payment Clearing 
171 FPDP_DP_CHECK S_E4A_94000094 BAdI: Check of Down Payment Totals 
172 FPDP_MESSAGE S_PR0_40000541 Change Message Control 
173 FPIA_BADI_DEFINITION S_XEK_42000006 Notes on Implementation 
174 FPIA_BDI_CHECK S_XEK_42000007 BAdI: Check of IoA Data 
175 FPIA_BDI_COPY_PAYMNT S_XEK_42000008 BAdI: Copying of Payment Terms from FI 
176 FPIA_BDI_COPY_PY_FI S_XEK_42000009 BAdI: Copying of Payment Terms from FI 
177 FPIA_BDI_COPY_PY_MM S_XEK_42000010 BAdI: Copying of Payment Terms from MM 
178 FPIA_BDI_FIELD_STATU S_XEK_42000011 BAdI: Change of Field Status Control Information 
179 FPIA_BDI_GET_DEF_INT S_XEK_42000012 BAdI: Determination of Default Interest Indicator 
180 FPIA_INT_VZSKZ S_XEK_42000014 Assign Succesive Interest Indicators 
181 FPIA_IOA_ACTIV S_EB5_05000516 Activate Interest on Arrears Function 
182 FPIA_SET_VAL_C S_XEK_42000005 Set Update of Validation Date 
183 FPIA_TRANSFER S_XEK_42000013 BAdI: Rule Execution 
184 FPIA_V_ACTIONS S_XEK_42000001 Define Actions for Mass Update 
185 FPIA_V_FSTAT_C S_XEK_42000003 Define Field Status Control for IoA Data 
186 FPIA_V_GROUP_C S_XEK_42000002 Define User Groups for IoA Processing 
187 FPIA_V_REASON S_XEK_42000004 Define Suspension Reasons 
188 FPIN_V_ADMIN S_PR0_40000543 Define Administrator 
189 FPIN_V_PEN_INTEREST S_PR0_40000544 Make Settings for Penalty Interest (France) 
190 FPIN_V_REASON S_PR0_40000545 Define Interruption Reasons 
191 FPM_XX_0002 S_AHR_61012469 Change Screen Modifications for Specific Pay Scale Fields 
192 FPM_XX_0003 S_AHR_61012497 Assign Funds Origin to Personnel Groupings 
193 FPM_XX_0004 S_AHR_61016459 Define Distribution Keys for Default Values 
194 FPM_XX_0005 S_AHR_61012685 Specify Which Groupings Are Involved in Integration 
195 FPM_XX_0007 S_AHR_61014419 Define Groupings for Determining Funds Origin 
196 FPM_XX_0008 S_AHR_61014421 Specify Which Groupings Are Involved in Integration 
197 FPM_XX_0009 S_AHR_61016444 Define Employee Groupings for Determining Commitment Items 
198 FPM_XX_001 S_AHR_61011975 Maintain Hierarchy of Budget Structure Element Types 
199 FPM_XX_0010 S_AHR_61016445 Assign to Employee Groupings for Determining Commitment Items 
200 FPM_XX_0011 S_AHR_61016446 Define Default Values for Commitment Items 
201 FPM_XX_0012 S_AHR_61016460 Define Distribution of Default Value in Distribution Key 
202 FPM_XX_0013 S_AHR_61016678 Define Distribution Keys for Default Values 
203 FPM_XX_0014 S_AHR_61016804 Define Default Values for Allowances 
204 FPM_XX_0015 S_PH9_46000155 Define System Reactions for Consistency Check 
205 FPM_XX_0017 S_PH9_46000797 Maintain Standard Text for E-mail 
206 FPM_XX_0018 S_PH9_46000798 Define Mail Attributes 
207 FPM_XX_0019 S_PH9_46000872 Import Logo for Initial Screen 
208 FPM_XX_0020 S_PH9_46000819 Define Standard Texts for E-mail Connection 
209 FPM_XX_0021 S_PH9_46000873 Maintain Initial Screen Logo 
210 FPM_XX_0022 S_PH9_46000979 Maintain Logo for Reporting 
211 FPM_XX_0023 S_PH9_46000980 Import Logo and Background Picture for Reporting 
212 FPM_XX_0024 S_PH9_46000982 Maintain Background Picture for Reporting 
213 FPM_XX_0025 S_AHR_61019186 Activate Generation of Outgoing Funds 
214 FPM_XX_0026 S_AHR_61019187 Activate Matching of Funds Management Documents 
215 FPM_XX_0027 S_AHR_61019188 Activate the Display of FM Documents 
216 FPM_XX_004 S_AHR_61012248 Screen Modification for Specific Pay Scale Classification Fields 
217 FPN_EXTDOC_IT S_KK4_74002794 Define Number Ranges 
218 FPRLVC_DEFINITION S_PR0_40000284 Define Applications 
219 FPRLVC_LEVELS S_PR0_40000279 Define Approval Levels 
220 FPRLV_ACTIONS S_PR0_40000282 Define Actions 
221 FPRLV_APPLIC_ACT S_PR0_40000278 Activate Application 
222 FPRLV_CLEAR_DI S_PR0_40000280 Disable Clearing and Reversal for Approval Levels 
223 FPRLV_DOC_DI S_PR0_40000281 Disable Document Changes for Approval Levels 
224 FPRLV_TABS S_PR0_40000283 Define Tabs 
225 FPRL_ACTION_EXECUTE S_PR0_40000285 BAdI: Action Execution 
226 FPRL_ACTIVATE S_PR0_40000287 Activate Payment Release List 
227 FPRL_APPLIC_BADI S_PR0_40000286 BAdI: Payment Release List Applications 
228 FPSV_BLOCK S_EB5_05000456 Define Payment and Dunning Block for Each Payment Service Provider 
229 FPS_IMPORT_PAYSP_FIL S_EB5_05000457 BAdI: Import Settlement Files for Each Payment Service Provider 
230 FP_BADI_BAPIS S_P7U_18000007 BAdI: BAPI 0038 - Customer Enhancement for Funded Program 
231 FQI15 S_KK4_08000750 Define Main and Subtransactions for Temporary Collections 
232 FQVI01 S_KK4_08000658 Define default values for posting collection transactions 
233 FQVI02 S_KK4_08000659 Define default values for posting third-party collections 
234 FQVI03 S_KK4_08000660 Define default values for postings on account for agencies 
235 FQVI04 S_KK4_08000661 Define default values for postings on account for customers 
236 FQVI05 S_KK4_08000662 Define deafult values for posting deposits, differences and withdrawals 
237 FQVI06 S_KK4_08000663 Define specifications for transfer posting coinsurance shares 
238 FQVI07 S_KK4_08000664 Define Clarification Code for External Agencies 
239 FQVI08 S_KK4_08000665 Define posting specs in temporary collections for internal agencies 
240 FQVI09 S_KK4_08000756 Define Clarification Code for Temporary Collections 
241 FQVI11 S_KK4_08000711 Define Default Values for Transfer Posting Third-Party Commission 
242 FQVI12 S_KK4_08000719 Define Payment Methods for Agency Payment Run 
243 FQVI14 S_KK4_08000749 Define Main and Subtransactions for Postings 
244 FQVI15 S_KK4_08000752 Define Main and Subtransactions for Temporary Collections 
245 FQVI16 S_KK4_08000751 Define Document Types 
246 FQVI17 S_KK4_08000753 Define Main and Subtransactions for Payments on Account 
247 FQVI18 S_KK4_08000754 Define Clarification Code for Payments on Account 
248 FQVI19   Define Specifications for Reversal 
249 FQVI21   Define Main and Subtransactions for Shares in Insurance 
250 FQVI22   Define Payment Lock Reason for Comm. Postings to Subordinate Org. Units 
251 FQVI23 S_P7I_08000899 Make Settings for Faxbroker 
252 FQVI24 S_P7I_08000904 Define Main- and Subtransactions for Enhanced Temporary Collections 
253 FQVI25 S_P7I_08000905 Make Settings for Creating Depot Contracts in Enh. Temporary Collections 
254 FQVI_A1_A3 S_KK4_08000755 Settings for Agency Categories A1 and A2 
255 FQWF S_KK4_74002652 fefqef 
256 FREIGABE KRITERIEN S_ALR_87100721 Define Release Criteria 
257 FREIGABE WORKFLOW S_ALR_87100722 Activate Workflow Template for Release for Posting 
258 FREIGABEPARAMETER_GP S_ALR_87009536 Maintain and Activate Release Parameters 
259 FRE_ARTHIER_BADI_001 S_XEN_65000063 BAdI: Modify Article Hierachy Data Before Sending to F&R 
260 FRE_ARTIC_BADI_0001 S_P7D_67000003 BAdI: Manage Handling of Structured Articles in Order Outbound 
261 FRE_ART_BADI_001 S_XEN_65000064 BAdI: Modify Article Hierachy Data Before Sending to F&R 
262 FRE_CON_BADI_001 S_EAC_24000039 BAdI: Modify Contract Data before Transmission to SAP F&R 
263 FRE_MCH_BADI_001 S_XC0_18000023 BAdI: Modify Merchandise Category Hierarchy Data before Transm. 
264 FRE_MCH_BADI_002 S_XC0_18000024 BAdI: Modify Product ID (e.g. Merch. Categ. ID, Hierarchy-Node ID) 
265 FRE_MCH_BADI_004 S_XC0_18000028 BAdI: F&R CON R3 - Changes Location Data directly before Outbound 
266 FRE_MD_BADI_001 S_XC0_18000025 BAdI: Modify Values and Weight. Profiles for DIF Occurrences for Promotions 
267 FRE_MD_BADI_002 S_XC0_18000026 BAdI: Modify DIF Occurrences before Transmission to F&R 
268 FRE_MD_BADI_003 S_XC0_18000027 BAdI: Modify Location Group Data before Transm. to F&R 
269 FRE_MD_BADI_004 S_XC0_18000029 BAdI: Modify Location Data before Transmission to F&R 
270 FRE_MD_BADI_005 S_XC0_18000030 BAdI: Modify Product Data before Transmission to F&R 
271 FRE_MD_BADI_006 S_XC0_18000031 BAdI: Modify Procurement Cycles before Transmission to F&R 
272 FRE_MD_BADI_007 S_XC0_18000032 BAdI: Modify Supply Network Objects before Transmission to F&R 
273 FRE_MD_BADI_008 S_EAC_24000024 BAdI: Modify purchasing organization asignment befor Transm. to F&R 
274 FRE_MD_BADI_009 S_EAC_24000025 BAdI: Modify purchasing organization before Transm. to F&R 
275 FRE_MD_CHK_CHANGE_CO S_E4A_94000098 BAdI: Modify Modify Data before comparison in Check Report 
276 FRE_OCC_BADI_001 S_EAC_24000035 BAdI: Modify DIF Occurrences for No. of Supplied Plants 
277 FRE_ORD_BADI_001 S_XC0_18000033 BAdI: Modify Order Inbound Data Before Posting 
278 FRE_PLIFZ_BADI_001 S_XEN_65000065 BAdI: Adapt Transportation Chains 
279 FRE_PLIFZ_BADI_002 S_XEN_65000066 BAdI: Change Delivering Site Assignment 
280 FRE_PO_OUT_BADI_0001 S_P7D_67000077 BAdI: Modify Order Outbound Data before Transmission to F&R 
281 FRE_RPR_BADI_001 S_XC0_18000034 BAdI: Modify Rounding Profiles and Rounding Rules before Transm. 
282 FRE_SET_BADI_001 S_XC0_18000035 BAdI: Modify Layout Module Data before Transmission to F&R 
283 FRE_SET_BADI_002 S_XC0_18000037 BAdI: Modify Release Profiles and Assignments before Transm. 
284 FRE_SET_BADI_015 S_XC0_18000307 BAdI: Document Type Determination - ERP Order Inbound 
285 FRE_SET_BADI_016 S_XC0_18000308 BAdI: Promotion Determination - ERP Order Inbound 
286 FRE_SUBST_BADI_001 S_EAC_24000037 BAdI: Change Switch Information before Transmission to F&R 
287 FRE_SUPPORT_TOOLS001 S_EB5_05000373 BAdI: Modify Master Data before comparison - FRE_CHECK_LOC_PROD 
288 FRE_SUPPORT_TOOLS002 S_EB5_05000374 BAdI: Modify purchase order data / order proposal data before comparison 
289 FRE_SUPPORT_TOOLS003 S_EB5_05000375 BAdI: Modify SAP F&R Order Proposal Data before Comparison 
290 FRE_SUPPORT_TOOLS004 S_EB5_05000376 BAdI: Modify lane data before comparison - FRE_CHECK_SUPPLY_NET 
291 FRE_SUPPORT_TOOLS005 S_EB5_05000377 BAdI: Modify Master Data before comparison - FRE_CHECK_LAYOUT_MOD 
292 FRE_TS_BADI_0001 S_P7D_67000078 BAdI: Modify Time Series Data before Transmission to F&R 
293 FRE_UOM_BADI_001 S_XC0_18000036 BAdI: Modify Unit of Measure Group Data before Transm. to F&R 
294 FRML_CALC_ADD_IO_COL S_XBK_47000064 BAdI: Filling User-Defined Fields in the Input and Output View 
295 FRML_CALC_ADD_OOP S_XBK_47000065 BAdI: Filling User-Defined Fields in the Ingredients View 
296 FRML_CALC_DERIVED_NU S_E36_82000032 BAdI: Calculation of Derived Nutrients 
297 FRML_CMP_VALUES_CALC S_P7E_63000010 BAdI: Conversion of Composition to Permitted Unit 
298 FRML_EXPLOSION_CHECK S_XBI_19000056 BAdI: Check When Setting the Standard Explosion Indicator 
299 FRML_FORMULA_DIALOG S_ALN_01001620 BAdI: Protection of Output Substances from Changes 
300 FRML_NTR_CMP_CHECK S_XBK_47000069 BAdI: Check Nutrient Composition in Property Tree 
301 FR_TNM_2483_77TNM_S0 S_HRI_55000059 Set calculation of line c in frame F 
302 FSBPCC_TAXC2C_V S_SI3_21000042 Assign Tax Compliance Types to Countries/Regions 
303 FSBPCC_TAXCRSN_V S_SI3_21000043 Define Reasons for Tax Compliance Status 
304 FSBPCC_TAXC_V S_SI3_21000041 Define Tax Compliance Types 
305 FSBPR_ESAMAP_FUNCT_A S_FPD_93000001 BAdI: Mapping of Department Number for Contact Person 
306 FSBPR_ESAMAP_FUNCT_T S_FPD_93000002 BAdI: Mapping of Contact Person Function 
307 FSBPR_ESAMAP_POWATT_ S_FPD_93000003 BAdI: Mapping of Partner's Power of Attorney 
308 FSBPR_ESAMAP_REL_CAT S_FPD_93000004 BAdI: Mapping for Relationship Categories Version 1 
309 FSBPR_ESAMAP_VIP_REA S_FPD_93000005 BAdI: Mapping of VIP Partner Indicator 
310 FSBPV_PRX_CACHE S_FSD_70000023 Define Buffer Size 
311 FSBPV_PRX_CPATH S_FSD_70000024 Define Access Mode 
312 FSBP_ARCH_RFC_DATA S_PLN_62000527 BAdI: Read RFC Destination 
313 FSBP_ARCH_ROLE_RESID S_PLN_62000550 Define Residence Time for Business Partners to Be Archived 
314 FSBP_CC_B_CASE_CHANG S_FPD_79000183 BAdI: Changes to Data Cleansing Cases 
315 FSBP_CC_B_CUSTOMER_F S_FPD_79000145 BAdI: Filling of Customer-Specific Fields 
316 FSBP_CC_B_MERGE_BP_D S_FPD_79000147 BAdI: Rules for Merging of Business Partner Data 
317 FSBP_CC_B_PROCESS_EN S_FPD_79000151 BAdI: Processing of Customer Enhancements 
318 FSBP_CC_B_PROPOSE_BP S_FPD_79000143 BAdI: Rules for Default Values of Business Partner Status 
319 FSBP_CC_B_READINESS_ S_FPD_79000146 BAdI: Rules for Readiness Checks 
320 FSBP_CC_B_RELEASE_TO S_FPD_79000148 BAdI: Rules for Release-Relevance 
321 FSBP_CC_WORKFLOW_AT_ S_FPD_79000144 BAdI: Notification Workflow for Case Creation 
322 FSBP_ESAMAP_ACADEMIC S_KO5_61000308 BAdI: Mapping of Academic Title 
323 FSBP_ESAMAP_ADDRESS S_KO5_61000364 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Address Data 
324 FSBP_ESAMAP_ADDRREPR S_KO5_61000309 BAdI: Mapping of International Address Versions 
325 FSBP_ESAMAP_ADDR_USG S_FND_43000009 BAdI: Mapping of Address Usage 
326 FSBP_ESAMAP_AFFILCMP S_B17_86000001 BAdI: Mapping of Grouping Characteristic 
327 FSBP_ESAMAP_AFFILGRP S_B17_86000002 BAdI: Mapping of Trading Partner Number 
328 FSBP_ESAMAP_AUTHORIS S_FSD_70000026 BAdI: Mapping for Authorization Groups 
329 FSBP_ESAMAP_BALSHDIS S_B17_86000003 BAdI: Mapping of Balance Sheet Display 
330 FSBP_ESAMAP_BANKDETA S_KO5_61000365 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Bank Details 
331 FSBP_ESAMAP_BPCA_TYP S_FPD_93000006 BAdI: Mapping for Business Process Type Code 
332 FSBP_ESAMAP_BPID S_KO5_61000310 BAdI: Mapping of Business Partner ID 
333 FSBP_ESAMAP_BUSINESS S_FSD_70000027 BAdI: Mapping for Business System IDs 
334 FSBP_ESAMAP_COMMEDIU S_KO5_61000311 BAdI: Mapping for Communication Medium 
335 FSBP_ESAMAP_COMMON S_KO5_61000363 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to General Data 
336 FSBP_ESAMAP_COMMUNIC S_KO5_61000366 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Communication Data 
337 FSBP_ESAMAP_CREDITRA S_KO5_61000367 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Ratings 
338 FSBP_ESAMAP_CREDITS1 S_FSD_70000030 BAdI: Mapping for Credit Standing Codes 
339 FSBP_ESAMAP_CREDITST S_KO5_61000368 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Credit Standing Data 
340 FSBP_ESAMAP_CREDIT_R S_FSD_70000038 BAdI: Mapping for Rating Procedure and Rating 
341 FSBP_ESAMAP_CUSTGRCD S_B17_86000004 BAdI: Mapping of Business Partner Type 
342 FSBP_ESAMAP_CUST_UND S_KO5_61000312 BAdI: Mapping for Undesired Customer - Reason 
343 FSBP_ESAMAP_DATA_ORI S_KO5_61000313 BAdI: Mapping of Data Origin 
344 FSBP_ESAMAP_EMPLOGRP S_B17_86000005 BAdI: Mapping of Employee Group 
345 FSBP_ESAMAP_EMPLOYID S_B17_86000006 BAdI: Mapping of Personnel Number 
346 FSBP_ESAMAP_FINANCIA S_KO5_61000380 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Balance Sheet Data 
347 FSBP_ESAMAP_FORMOFAD S_KO5_61000314 BAdI: Mapping of Business Partner Form of Address 
348 FSBP_ESAMAP_GROUP S_KO5_61000369 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Group Data 
349 FSBP_ESAMAP_IDENTIFI S_KO5_61000370 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Identification Numbers 
350 FSBP_ESAMAP_IDENTIFY S_FSD_70000028 BAdI: Mapping for Identifying Elements 
351 FSBP_ESAMAP_INDCLASS S_KO5_61000315 BAdI: Mapping of Industry System 
352 FSBP_ESAMAP_INDSECTO S_KO5_61000316 BAdI: Mapping of Industry 
353 FSBP_ESAMAP_INDUSTRY S_KO5_61000371 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Industry Data 
354 FSBP_ESAMAP_LEGALENT S_KO5_61000317 BAdI: Mapping of Legal Entity 
355 FSBP_ESAMAP_LEGALFOR S_KO5_61000318 BAdI: Mapping of Legal Form 
356 FSBP_ESAMAP_LOCAT_ID S_B17_86000007 BAdI: Mapping of International Location Number 
357 FSBP_ESAMAP_MARITALP S_KO5_61000320 BAdI: Mapping of Marital Status 
358 FSBP_ESAMAP_MARITAL_ S_KO5_61000319 BAdI: Mapping of Marital Property Regime 
359 FSBP_ESAMAP_MINRESRV S_B17_86000015 BAdI: Mapping of Minimum Reserve Requirement of Credit Institute 
360 FSBP_ESAMAP_NAMESUPP S_KO5_61000321 BAdI: Mapping of Title of Nobility 
361 FSBP_ESAMAP_NAME_PRE S_KO5_61000322 BAdI: Mapping of Name Prefixes 1/2 
362 FSBP_ESAMAP_NONDELIV S_KO5_61000323 BAdI: Mapping of Reasons for Nondelivery of Post 
363 FSBP_ESAMAP_OCCUPAT2 S_KO5_61000373 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Employment Data 
364 FSBP_ESAMAP_OCCUPATI S_KO5_61000324 BAdI: Mapping of Occupation 
365 FSBP_ESAMAP_OCCUPATS S_KO5_61000325 BAdI: Mapping of Employment Status 
366 FSBP_ESAMAP_ORGANISA S_KO5_61000374 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Organizational Data 
367 FSBP_ESAMAP_PARTNER_ S_KO5_61000326 BAdI: Mapping of Partner Group Type 
368 FSBP_ESAMAP_PAYMENTC S_KO5_61000375 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Payment Card Data 
369 FSBP_ESAMAP_PAYMNTCR S_KO5_61000327 BAdI: Mapping of Payment Card Type 
370 FSBP_ESAMAP_PERSON S_KO5_61000376 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Personal Data 
371 FSBP_ESAMAP_PERSONNA S_KO5_61000328 BAdI: Mapping of Name Format for a Person 
372 FSBP_ESAMAP_POBOXDEL S_B17_86000008 BAdI: Mapping of Type of Delivery Service 
373 FSBP_ESAMAP_PRTYIDEN S_KO5_61000329 BAdI: Mapping of Identification Type 
374 FSBP_ESAMAP_RATINGRE S_KO5_61000330 BAdI: Mapping of Rating 
375 FSBP_ESAMAP_RATINGTR S_KO5_61000331 BAdI: Mapping of Rating Trend 
376 FSBP_ESAMAP_REASON_C S_FSD_70000029 BAdI: Mapping for Tax Groups 
377 FSBP_ESAMAP_REGCITY S_KO5_61000332 BAdI: Mapping for City of Regional Structure 
378 FSBP_ESAMAP_REGDISTR S_KO5_61000333 BAdI: Mapping for District of Regional Structure 
379 FSBP_ESAMAP_REGELEMG S_KO5_61000334 BAdI: Mapping for Groupings of Regional Structure 
380 FSBP_ESAMAP_REGION S_KO5_61000335 BAdI: Mapping of Region 
381 FSBP_ESAMAP_REGSTREE S_KO5_61000336 BAdI: Mapping for Street Name of Regional Structure 
382 FSBP_ESAMAP_RELATIO2 S_KO5_61000381 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Relationships 
383 FSBP_ESAMAP_RELATION S_KO5_61000337 BAdI: Mapping for Relationship Categories 
384 FSBP_ESAMAP_ROLE S_KO5_61000338 BAdI: Mapping of Business Partner Role 
385 FSBP_ESAMAP_ROLEDATA S_KO5_61000377 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Business Partner Role 
386 FSBP_ESAMAP_SALUTATI S_FSD_70000031 BadI: Mapping for Salutations 
387 FSBP_ESAMAP_TAXCAGRC S_B17_86000009 BAdI: Mapping of Agreement Status for Tax Compliance 
388 FSBP_ESAMAP_TAXCRSN S_B17_86000010 BAdI: Mapping of Reason for Tax Compliance Status 
389 FSBP_ESAMAP_TAXCSTAT S_B17_86000011 BAdI: Mapping of Tax Compliance Status 
390 FSBP_ESAMAP_TAXCTYPC S_B17_86000012 BAdI: Mapping of Tax Compliance Type 
391 FSBP_ESAMAP_TAXJURIS S_KO5_61000339 BAdI: Mapping of Tax Jurisdictions 
392 FSBP_ESAMAP_TAXNUMBE S_KO5_61000378 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Tax Numbers 
393 FSBP_ESAMAP_TAX_TYPE S_FSD_70000032 BAdI: Mapping for Tax Types 
394 FSBP_ESAMAP_TEXTCOLL S_KO5_61000379 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Text Collection 
395 FSBP_ESAMAP_TEXTTYPE S_KO5_61000340 BAdI: Mapping of Text Types in the Text Collection 
396 FSBP_ESAMAP_TRGTMKGR S_B17_86000013 BAdI: Mapping of Target Group 
397 FSBP_ESAMAP_URIRESRC S_B17_86000014 BAdI: Mapping of URI Category 
398 FSBP_ESAMAP_WORKDAYC S_KO5_61000341 BAdI: Mapping of Factory Calendar 
399 FSBP_GDPDU_DATA_GET S_ALN_01002497 BAdI: Extraction of Additional Business Partner Data to DART 
400 FSBP_INFO_CLEANSING S_FPD_79000112 Note on Data Cleansing 
403 FSBP_PXE_TEST_ADDRES S_FSD_70000021 Activate Test Implementation of BAdI for "Change Addresses" Event 
405 FSBP_PXE_TEST_ALIAS S_FSD_70000020 Activate Test Implementation of BAdI for "Change Aliases" Event 
406 FSBP_PXE_TEST_COMMON S_FSD_70000016 Activate Test Implementation of BAdI for "Change General Data" Event 
407 FSBP_PXE_TEST_REL S_FSD_70000022 Activate Test Implementation of BAdI for Event "Change Relationships" 
409 FSBP_RATING_CALCULAT S_ABA_72000316 BAdI: Calculate Rating 
410 FSBP_TC_AUTHORITY S_KBI_80000305 BAdI: Authorization Check 
411 FSBP_TC_CALC_SUM S_KBI_80000308 BAdI: Determine Values for Totaling 
412 FSBP_TC_CUST_CHECK S_KBI_80000284 Check Settings for Total Commitment 
413 FSBP_TC_DISPLAY S_KBI_80000309 BAdI: Display Total Commitment 
414 FSBP_TC_DISPLAY_CB S_KBI_80000306 BAdI: Callback from ALV List to Application 
415 FSBP_TC_ITEMSGETMULT S_KBI_80000294 BAdI: Read Contract Details for an Application 
416 FSBP_TC_VC_TP38 S_KBI_80000230 Make Settings for Total Commitment 
417 FSBP_TC_VC_TP50 S_ABA_72000299 Make Settings for Total Commitment Grouping 
418 FSCM_CR_CRDT_SGMT S_SE3_50000105 Define Credit Segment 
419 FSL_AB_EXT_INPUT S_P8D_60000004 BAdI: Set External Inbound Processing in Agency Business 
420 FSL_AB_IDOC_INPUT S_P8D_60000005 BAdI: Set IDoc Inbound Processing in Agency Business 
421 FSL_ACTIVATE_INVOICE S_P8K_45000045 Define Billing 
422 FSL_MAP_IDOBJEKT S_P8D_60000002 Assign Identification Objects 
423 FSL_POS_STATUS S_P8D_60000003 Define User Status for Line Items 
424 FSL_REG_ARTEN S_P8D_60000001 Define Payment Types 
425 FSSC_CK13N S_EB5_05000627 BAdI: Application Context for Cost Estimate 
426 FSSC_CK40N S_EB5_05000628 BAdI: Application Context for Costing Run 
427 FSSC_CMFE_WIP_RA S_EB5_05000629 BAdI: Application Context for Work in Process and Results Analysis 
428 FSSC_CO_INTEGRATION S_EB5_05000624 How Shared Services Framework Integration Works 
429 FSSC_CO_STATIC_PARA S_EB5_05000611 BadI: Enhance Source Fields 
430 FSSC_FAGLL03_RETRIEV S_EB5_05000148 BAdI: Application Context for New G/L Account Line Items 
431 FSSC_FBLXN_RETRIEVE S_EB5_05000149 BAdI: Application Context for Account/Balance Items 
432 FSSC_FI_INTEGRATION S_EB5_05000346 How Shared Services Framework Integration Works 
433 FSSC_ICR_RETRIEVE S_EE5_50000341 BAdI: Application Context for Intercompany Reconciliation 
434 FSSC_SAPF110O_RETRIE S_EB5_05000150 BAdI: Application Context for Automatic Payments 
435 FSSC_SAPLK23F1 S_EB5_05000555 BAdI: Application Context for Manual Repostings and Direct Activity Alloc. 
436 FSSC_SAPLKMA1 S_EB5_05000570 BAdI: Application Context for Cost Center 
437 FSSC_SAPLKMA4 S_EB5_05000571 BAdI: Application Context for Cost Element 
438 FSSC_SAPLRKPM S_EB5_05000572 BAdI: Application Context for Profit Center 
439 FSSC_SAPMF02D S_EB5_05000151 BAdI: Application Context for Customer Master Data 
440 FSSC_SAPMF02K S_EB5_05000152 BAdI: Application Context for Vendor Master Data 
441 FSSC_SAPMF05A S_EB5_05000153 BAdI: Application Context for Posting Transactions 
442 FSSC_SAPMK23D S_EB5_05000573 BAdI: Appl. Context for Correction of Line Items and of Dir.Activity Alloc. 
443 FSSC_SAPMKAUF S_EB5_05000574 BAdI: Application Context for Internal Order 
444 FSSC_STATIC_PARA_TRA S_EB5_05000147 BAdI: Enhance Source Fields 
445 FS_ART_ZU_BEW_ART S_KP6_83000006 Assign Flow Types to Update Types 
446 FTBB_MD_VOLA_COMPUTE S_ALN_01002285 Define Interpolation of Volatilities 
447 FTIC_AUTHORITY S_P7F_76000035 Set Authorization Check in the Logical Databases 
448 FTIC_MTASKING S_P7F_76000032 Parallel Processing Control: Information System and BW Extraction 
449 FTLM_ANZEIGEFILTER S_KFM_86000125 Define Display Filters for Limit Management 
450 FTLM_FELDAUSWAHL S_KK4_13000322 Field Selection Control 
451 FTLM_KUNDENMERKMALE S_KK4_13000320 Define Free Chacteristics and Characteristic Values 
452 FTLM_LIMITART S_KK4_13000323 Define Limit Types 
453 FTLM_LIMITART_CFM S_KFM_86000126 Define Limit Types 
454 FTLM_LIMITPRODUKTGR S_KK4_13000321 Define Limit Product Groups 
455 FTLM_NOTIZEN S_KK4_13000319 Define Note IDs for Limit Maintenance 
456 FTLM_NOTIZEN_RES S_KFM_86000130 Define Note IDs for Reservations 
457 FTLM_RESERV S_KK4_13000324 Enter Basic Settings for Limit Management 
458 FTR_BESTFVERFDEF S_KP6_83000017 Define Position Management Procedure 
459 FTR_BEWVERFDEF S_KP6_83000016 Define Valuation Procedure 
460 FTR_CUSTOMEXTEND S_KFM_86000184 Customer Enhancements 
461 FTR_FORTZUBEWVERF S_KP6_83000018 Assign Update Types for Valuation 
462 FTR_GENERIC_EXTENT S_KFM_86000185 Generic Enhancements 
463 FTR_KURSBEWVERFDEF S_KP6_83000015 Define Price Valuation Procedure 
464 FT_ALLGEMEIN_002 S_ALR_87099834 Set Menu 
465 FT_MELDUNGEN_0002 S_ALR_87099838 Log Of Incomplete Items - Aggregation Criteria - Individual Maintenance 
466 FT_MELDUNGEN_0003 S_ALR_87099839 Special Rule Country / Region 
467 FT_MELDUNGEN_0004 S_ALR_87099840 Form Data Control 
468 FUNKTION_GP S_ALR_87009533 Define Functions 
469 FVD_ADDFLOW_FACTORY S_AEN_10000909 BAdI: Charge Processing 
470 FVD_ALOI_CLERK S_ALN_01002343 BAdI: Determine Activity Type for Administrator 
471 FVD_AUTODRAFT S_AEN_10000892 BAdI: Customer-Specific Creation of Auto Debits 
472 FVD_AUTOWAIVE S_AEN_10000905 BAdI: Implementation of Waiver Rules 
473 FVD_BILL_DATA_CHANGE S_PLN_62000789 BAdI: Interface for Changing Billing Data 
474 FVD_BILL_PRINT S_PEN_05000354 BAdI: Interface for Printing Bills 
475 FVD_BILL_REM_DERIVE S_AEN_10000935 BAdI: Interface for Determining Remittance Code 
476 FVD_CLI_CONTRIBUTION S_PLN_06000030 BAdI: Calculate Credit Life Insurance Single Premium 
477 FVD_CLI_RECALC S_PLN_06000031 BAdI: Calculate Credit Life Insurance Reimbursement 
478 FVD_COND_VERIFIER S_AEN_10000919 BAdI: Customer-Specific Condition Checks 
479 FVD_CREDIT_BUREAU S_PEN_05000192 BAdI: Interface for Changing Credit Bureau File 
480 FVD_EFFINT_CONDITION S_ALN_01002341 BAdI: Conditions for Effective Interest Rate Calculation for Remaining Term 
481 FVD_EFFINT_DISBURSEM S_ALN_01002339 BAdI: Basic Data for Effective Interest Rate Calculation for Overall Term 
482 FVD_EXPORT_OFFERS S_PLN_06000141 BAdI: Determination of Capital Amounts for Offers in ALE Export 
483 FVD_LOS S_AEN_10000843 BAdI: Create Loan 
484 FVD_MD_MODEL S_PLN_06000034 BAdI: Consumer Loan: Master Data 
485 FVD_MD_PRODUCT_ATTR S_P7F_76000003 BAdI: Selection of Attribute Values from Product Versions 
486 FVD_MD_VIEW S_PLN_06000035 BAdI: Consumer Loan: User Interface 
487 FVD_PAY_STOP_FILE S_AEN_10000893 BAdI: Customer-Specific Creation of Stop Files (Lockbox Procedure) 
488 FVD_RESTRICTION_OF_R S_P7F_76000104 BAdI: Refine Reference Interest Rates 
489 FVD_REVERSAL_REASON S_AEN_10000727 BAdI: Assignment of External Reversal Reasons 
490 FVD_RULE_PAYMENTS S_AEN_10000838 BAdI: Customer-Specific Creation of Payment Rules 
491 FVD_SET_FNM1_DATE S_ALN_01002338 BAdI: Setting Default Posting Date and Payment Date 
492 FVD_US_IPD_PLAN S_PLN_62000760 BAdI: Determine Customer-Specific Plan for Incoming Payment Distribution 
493 FVVD_ARCHIV S_PLN_16000189 BAdI: Reset Key Date 
494 FVVD_ARCHIVE S_PLN_16000188 BADI: Key Date Reset 
495 FVVD_BEKI S_ALR_87004580 Document Number for Document Header 
496 FVVD_KINT S_ALR_87004753 Request for Quotation 
497 FVVD_KOBJ S_ALR_87004843 Internal Loan Number 
498 FVVD_KSON S_ALR_87004566 Special Arrangements 
499 FVVD_RBLNR S_ALR_87004851 Collateral Value Number 
500 FVVD_RPNSP S_ALR_87004756 General Daybook Number