SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index E, page 2
IMG Activity - E
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 EHS_SR_210_10_12 S_ALR_87008698 Describe Language-Dependent Document Status 
2 EHS_SR_210_10_15 S_ALR_87008697 Check Document Status 
3 EHS_SR_210_20_10 S_ALR_87008704 Check Data Carrier 
4 EHS_SR_210_20_30 S_ALR_87008703 Check Workstation Application 
5 EHS_SR_210_20_40 S_SH8_72000994 Delete?? (Set Up RFC Destination) 
6 EHS_SR_210_30_01 S_SH8_72000975 Assign EH&S Document Types to DMS Document Types 
7 EHS_SR_220_01 S_SH8_72000996 Set Up WWI 
8 EHS_SR_220_08 S_SH8_72001009 Adapt WWI.INI 
9 EHS_SR_220_08_01 S_SH8_72001010 Set Up Microsoft Word 
10 EHS_SR_220_09 S_ALR_87008792 Set Up Macro Language 
11 EHS_SR_220_10 S_SH8_72001008 Set Up WWI Menu Language 
12 EHS_SR_220_11 S_SH8_72001003 Develop User Exit for WWI 
13 EHS_SR_220_30 S_SH8_72001005 Set Up Generation Server As a Windows Service 
14 EHS_SR_220_40 S_SH8_72001006 Set Up EhsStart As a Windows Service 
15 EHS_SR_225_10 S_SH8_72001004 Install Generation PC 
16 EHS_SR_225_20 S_SH8_72001007 Set Up RFC Destination 
17 EHS_SR_225_25 S_XEN_65000021 Special Points to Note When Using WWI in a Unicode System 
18 EHS_SR_225_40 S_SH8_72000868 Specify Generation Servers 
19 EHS_SR_225_50 S_SH8_72000869 Check WWI Destinations and Assign Generation Servers 
20 EHS_SR_225_51 S_SH8_72000870 Develop Enhancement for Generation Job 
21 EHS_SR_225_60 S_SH8_72001011 Start WWI Dispatcher in Background 
22 EHS_SR_225_70 S_SH8_72001012 Set Up Generation Server for Report Display in SAP GUI for HTML 
23 EHS_SR_225_80 S_PLN_06000275 Set Up Server Using EH&S Service Administration 
24 EHS_SR_225_81 S_PLN_06000282 Specify General Settings 
25 EHS_SR_225_82 S_PLN_06000283 Set Up Generation Server As a Console Program 
26 EHS_SR_230_10_1 S_SH8_72000871 Specify Tables for Report Symbol Generation 
27 EHS_SR_230_10_10 S_EE6_85000143 Apply Expansion Methods in Report Templates 
28 EHS_SR_230_10_11 S_VBS_10000013 Specify Bar Code Types 
29 EHS_SR_230_10_12 S_VBS_10000014 Specify Parameters for Bar Codes and Sequence Numbers 
30 EHS_SR_230_10_2 S_SH8_72000995 Create Report Symbols 
31 EHS_SR_230_10_4 S_SH8_72000872 Check and Specify Report Symbols 
32 EHS_SR_230_10_5 S_SH8_72000863 Specify Report Symbol Groups 
33 EHS_SR_230_10_6 S_SH8_72000864 Specify Parameter Objects 
34 EHS_SR_230_10_7 S_SH8_72000865 Specify Parameter Hierarchies 
35 EHS_SR_230_10_8 S_SH8_72000866 Develop Enhancement for Parameter Sequence 
36 EHS_SR_230_10_9 S_PLN_06000076 Adapt Report Symbols for Recipe Management 
37 EHS_SR_250_01 S_SH8_72000881 Specify Report Categories 
38 EHS_SR_250_02 S_SH8_72000880 Specify Report Applications 
39 EHS_SR_250_04 S_SH8_72000882 Develop Enhancement for Reference Specifications 
40 EHS_SR_250_21 S_SH8_72000998 Set Up Jobs for Generating Worklists 
41 EHS_SR_250_22 S_SH8_72000873 Develop Enhancement for Filtering Reports 
42 EHS_SR_250_23 S_SH8_72000879 Develop Enhancement for Supplementing Specification Data 
43 EHS_SR_60_10 S_SH8_72000902 Specify Content Servers 
44 EHS_SR_60_20 S_SH8_72000903 Specify Links 
45 EHS_SR_60_30 S_SH8_72000904 Specify Data Carriers 
46 EHS_SR_60_40 S_SH8_72000905 Set Archiving Authorization for Document Types 
47 EHS_SR_60_50 S_SH8_72000896 Assign EH&S Document Types to Data Carriers 
48 EHS_SR_60_60 S_PLN_62000314 Storage with Knowledge Provider (KPro) 
49 EHS_SR_60_70 S_PLN_62000321 Archiving EH&S Documents with ADK 
50 EHS_WB_001 S_PLN_06000009 Set Up Workbench 
51 EHS_WB_002 S_PLN_06000027 Specify Layouts 
52 EHS_WB_003 S_PLN_62000062 Adapt Initial Screens 
53 EIGENE_BANKSCHL S_ALN_01002060 Define Company Internal Bank Key 
54 ELAGE:T7UN_ATTRIBS S_PAD_19000104 Preset Elibility Age 
55 ELSIG_00 S_ABA_72000136 Define Signature Strategies 
56 ELSIG_01 S_ABA_72000134 Define Authorization Groups 
57 ELSIG_02 S_ABA_72000135 Define Individual Signatures 
58 ELSIG_03 S_ABA_72000133 Specify Signature Method for Approval Using Simple Signature 
59 ELSIG_BASIS S_ABA_72000132 Settings in User Maintenance 
60 EMBS_IMG_FED S_BCE_68002478 Set Parameters for Federated Search 
61 EMBY_IMG_EXTRACTUSER S_YI2_53000012 Configure Extraction User for Indexing 
62 EMB_IMG_ADMINCOCKPIT S_BCE_68002447 Open Administration Cockpit 
63 EMB_IMG_EXTRACT_USER S_BCE_68002504 Configure Extraction User for Indexing 
64 EMB_IMG_QUERYLOGGING S_BCE_68002505 Configure Query Logging 
65 EMB_IMG_RANKING S_BCE_68002506 Configure Relevance Ranking 
66 EMB_IMG_README1ST S_BCE_68002452 Note on Use Case-Specific Use of the Activities Below 
67 EMB_IMG_REMOTESEARCH S_Y4H_68000009 Configure Remote Search 
68 EMB_IMG_SETTREX S_BCE_68002446 Set TREX/BWA Destination or SAP HANA DB Connection 
69 EM_DEF_CATEGORIES S_E38_98000108 Define Categories 
70 EM_DEF_PRC_CTRL S_E38_98000109 Define Process Control 
71 EM_SEL_CHAR_DIP S_E38_98000111 Select Characteristics from Dynamic Item Processing 
72 EM_SETUP_METRICS S_E38_98000110 Set-up Metrics 
73 ENHANCE_REMEDIATION S_GF1_13000159 BAdI: Enhancement of Remediation Plan Effectiveness 
74 EPIC_APPROVAL_CONTRO S_EBS_44000337 BAdI: Approval Process Setup 
75 EPIC_CUSTI_BR S_EBJ_45000047 Customizing Include: Add Fields to Bank Receipts 
76 EPIC_CUSTI_EXTPYI S_EBJ_45000058 Customizing Include: Extend Payment Item Information 
77 EPIC_C_BCDV S_VBS_01000012 Define Bank Communication Details 
78 EPIC_C_BCSV S_VBS_01000013 Define Bank Communication Steps 
79 EPIC_C_BCTV S_VBS_01000011 Define Bank Communication Types 
80 EPIC_C_BPSOTCASV S_EBS_44000316 Add Details for Service Operation Type Codes 
81 EPIC_C_BPSOTCV S_EBS_44000315 Define Service Operation Type Codes for Queries 
82 EPIC_C_BSTV S_EBJ_98000040 Specify Bank Statement Format 
83 EPIC_C_EBR_FORMV S_EBJ_45000015 Define Forms for Bank Receipts 
84 EPIC_C_FORMCONFV S_EBJ_98000145 Define Forms for Bank Reconciliation Statement 
85 EPIC_C_FORMV S_EBJ_98000134 EPIC: PDF Printing Form 
86 EPIC_C_HB_COMMV S_EBS_44000314 Set Up House Bank Communication 
87 EPIC_EXTENSIBILITY_C S_EBJ_45000017 BAdI: Extension of Payment Item Information 
88 EPIC_FLOWSCODE_CONTR S_EBJ_98000183 BAdI: Cash Flow Category Control 
89 EPIC_RELATED S_EBS_44000366 Prerequisites for the Customizing for Electronic Payment Integration 
90 EPIC_RELATED_BRM S_EBJ_45000014 Additional Customizing for Bank Receipts 
91 EPIC_RELATED_BS S_EBJ_98000051 Additional Customizing and Setup for Bank Statements 
92 EPIC_USB_VALIDATION S_EBJ_45000018 BAdI: Security Token Validation Control 
93 EPIC_V_CB_ORG S_EBJ_45000016 Define Organizational Units for Cash Budget Plan 
94 EPM_ALERTS_PP S_AER_95000239 Example Implementation for Alerts for Production Planning 
95 EQL_SUBSCR_ACL S_ALI_97000059 Add-In: Equipment Folder Customer Subscreen 
96 EQUI_SERLV_CHECK S_AL0_96000851 BAdI: External Checks for Serialization Levels 
97 EQUI_UPDATE S_AL0_96000859 BADI: Equipment Master Data 
98 ERBBAURECHT_DEFINIER S_ALR_87004803 Define Heritable Building Right 
99 ERC_V77RCF_PAGES S_PES_12000036 Store ICF Paths to Services as Permitted Navigation Targets 
100 ERMITTLUNG_GH S_ALR_87007832 Define Automatic Determination 
101 ERP_COM_WEC_PSP_INT S_EB5_05000609 BAdI: Integration of Payment Service Providers 
102 ERP_PRS_SD_SERV_ATTR S_EB5_05000427 Adjust Values for Service Attributes 
103 ERP_SALES_O2C_SLS S_EAC_24000048 BADI for Price and ATP Information 
104 ERP_UM_SETTINGS S_EB5_05000669 User Management Settings 
105 ERP_WEC_ADDR_FOR S_EBS_44000415 Define Address Layouts 
106 ERP_WEC_CHECKOUTPROF S_EBS_44000427 BAdI: Checkout Profiles 
107 ERP_WEC_CPG S_EBS_44000421 Define Checkout Profile Groups 
108 ERP_WEC_EMAIL_TEMPL S_EB5_05000670 BAdI: Definition of E-Mail Format and Scenarios 
109 ERP_WEC_NAMES_FOR S_EBS_44000505 BAdI: Format Names 
110 ERP_WEC_USER_AGR2 S_EBJ_98000078 Set Up List of Authorization Roles 
111 ERP_WEC_USER_MGMT S_EB5_05000660 BAdI: Definition of User Checks in ERP 
112 ERP_WEC_USER_SCENARI S_EBJ_98000052 BAdI: Self-Registration 
113 ERS_001 S_PL0_86000097 Create Number Groups 
114 ERS_002 S_PL0_86000098 Assign ERS Invoice Number Ranges to Company Codes 
115 ERS_003 S_PL0_86000099 Create ERS Invoice Number Ranges 
116 ERS_004 S_E4A_94000050 Define Document Classes 
117 ERS_005 S_E4A_94000051 Assign Document Class to Document Type 
118 ERS_006 S_E4A_94000055 Assign Number Ranges to Correction ERS Invoices 
119 ERS_PROFIL S_KA5_12000520 Define Settlement Profile 
120 ERTRAGE_TREASURY_WP S_ALR_87009305 Cross-Treasury Revenue List 
121 ERTRAGSKLASS_PFLEGE S_ALN_01000607 Maintain Profit/Loss Types 
122 ERTRAGSKLASS_ZUORD S_ALN_01000609 Assign Profit/Loss Types to Update Type and Valuation Area 
123 ERWEIT-0001 S_BCE_68001457 Add new book to the SAP Reference IMG 
124 ERWEIT-0003 S_BCE_68001459 Regenerate Project IMG 
125 ERWEIT-0004 S_BCE_68001458 Create new book 
126 ERWEITERUNGEN S_P00_07000027 Enhancements for External Data Transfer 
127 ES340_OPRKEY S_EB5_05000378 Define Operation Keys for Modelo-340 
128 ESA_GENERAL_SPROXY S_BSD_38000026 Generate and Implement Proxy Objects 
129 ESH_IMG_EXTRACT_USER S_BCE_68002502 Configure Extraction User for Indexing 
130 ESH_IMG_FEEDBACKUSER S_BCE_68002510 Define Recipient Text for Feedback E-Mails 
131 ESH_IMG_QUERYLOGGING S_BCE_68002501 Configure Query Logging 
132 ESH_IMG_RANKING S_BCE_68002503 Configure Relevance Ranking 
133 ESH_MAINT_MO_TRANS S_YI3_39000024 Maintain Transport of Models 
134 ESH_SD_ANLY S_EBS_44000357 Overview: Operational Reporting/Search with Enterprise Search and BWA 
135 ESH_SEARCH_SD S_EBS_44000368 Start Enterprise Search 
136 ESOA_GENERAL_INTRO S_BSD_38000069 Introduction to Enterprise Services 
137 ESS_LWE_CATALOG S_L9C_94000525 Define Catalogs 
138 ESS_LWE_COLOR S_L9C_94000527 Define Colors 
139 ESS_LWE_EXTERN S_L9C_94000526 Define Services 
140 ESS_LWE_MENU S_L9C_94000524 Define Menus 
141 ESS_PZUSFB S_PH0_48000346 MiniApp for Personal Picture 
142 ESS_REP_ICL_SELECT S_EE6_85000068 Implementations for Repeating Groups with Instance Control 
143 ESS_USWHO S_PH0_48000345 Who's Who/User's Own Data (ESS): Determine Functions 
144 ESS_WHOC S_PH0_48000344 Who's Who (ESS): Selection and Output (PZ35, MiniApp, PZ50) 
145 ES_BADI_O2C_POWL_FEE S_EAC_24000061 Feeder Class: All Sales and Distribution Documents 
146 ES_EAM_SCHEDULING S_EB5_05000224 Notes on Implementation 
147 ES_GUI_ALV_EXT S_EAC_24000042 BAdI: Adjust Output Table for Delayed Replenishment Elements 
148 ES_GUI_ALV_GRID_ORD S_EAC_24000043 BAdI: Adjust Order Lists in Kanban Board 
149 ES_IMG_ADMINCOCKPIT2 S_BCE_68002483 Open Administration Cockpit 
150 ES_IMG_BIEXTRACT S_BCE_68002459 Define System Settings for Clients 
151 ES_IMG_BIEXTRACTION S_BCE_68002449 Set Namespace Range 
152 ES_IMG_CLIENTDETAILS S_BCE_68002456 Maintain Details of Client used for BO Search 
153 ES_IMG_EXTRACTION S_BCE_68002448 Test 
154 ES_IMG_FED S_BCE_68002461 Set Parameters for Federated Search 
155 ES_IMG_INDEXQUEUE2 S_BCE_68002484 Define Index Queue Settings 
156 ES_IMG_LANGUAGE S_BCE_68002462 Define Preferred Language Sequence for the Presentation of Objects 
157 ES_IMG_LANGUAGE_ES S_BCE_68002469 Define Preferred Language Sequence for the Presentation of Objects 
158 ES_IMG_LDAP S_BCE_68002450 Configure LDAP Domain 
159 ES_IMG_LDAPSERVER S_BCE_68002460 Define LDAP Server 
160 ES_IMG_README1ST S_BCE_68002451 Note on Use Case-Specific Use of the Activities Below 
161 ES_IMG_SERVERGROUP S_BCE_68002458 Define Server Group for Indexing Jobs 
162 ES_IMG_SETTREX S_BCE_68002445 Set TREX Destination 
163 ES_IMG_USERAGENT S_YI3_39000040 Define User Agent 
164 ES_J_3RFVATMM_BADI S_EBS_44000531 BAdI: Adjustment for Goods Import Declaration (Customs Union) 
165 ES_MSR_TRC S_YDH_92000051 Maintanence of Default Settings and Checks for Advanced Returns Data 
166 ES_NWECM_CALLBACK S_YI3_39000043 Notes on Implementation 
167 ES_PIQ_SDPRICELIST S_E17_83000057 Notes on Implementation 
168 ES_SELFINV S_PL0_09000128 Assign Number Range for Self Invoices to Company Code 
169 EUOR_EWUCSIZE S_P99_41000389 EWUCSIZE: Determine Required Database Memory 
170 EURO-COPCOBJ S_ALR_87008835 Clean Up Cost Object Controlling 
171 EURO-NACHCOPCIS S_ALR_87008836 Clean Up Information System 
172 EURO-NACHCOPCPCP S_ALR_87008834 Clean Up Product Cost Planning 
173 EURO-VORCOPCACT S_ALR_87008833 Prepare Material Ledger 
174 EURO_CLUSTER S_P99_41000388 Specify Largest Tables 
175 EURO_FIAA_AFAAB S_ALR_87008633 Reconcile Expense Account for Depreciation 
176 EURO_FIAA_ARCH S_ALR_87003185 Execute Archiving 
177 EURO_FIAA_BETR S_ALR_87001868 Check Customizing Amount Specifications 
178 EURO_FIAA_BWA S_ALR_87003302 Lock Transaction Types (Other Than Acquisitions) 
179 EURO_FIAA_ERIN S_ALR_87003192 Deactivate Memo Value 
180 EURO_FIAA_NACH1 S_ALR_87001886 Unlock Transaction Types 
181 EURO_FIAA_NACH2 S_ALR_87001905 Display Assets with Errors 
182 EURO_FIAA_RAJWE S_ALR_87003299 Carry Out Fiscal Year Change 
183 EURO_FIAA_RASKABU S_ALR_87003188 Post Balance Sheet Values to G/L 
184 EURO_FIAA_SALDEN S_ALR_87008631 Balance Reconciliation 
185 EURO_FIAA_SALDENAB S_ALR_87008632 Balance Reconciliation 
186 EURO_FIFM_NACH_REV S_P9C_18000057 Carry Out Audit in Funds Management 
187 EURO_FIFM_VOR_REV S_P9C_18000054 Enable Audit in Funds Management 
188 EURO_FIFM_V_FMEUTRAN S_P9C_18000055 Specify Settings for the Reconciliation of FI Documents 
189 EURO_FI_TV_T706D0 S_PLN_62000344 Specify Trip Currency Determination 
190 EURO_IS_ALLGVOR S_ALR_87100220 General Preparations for Industry Business Solutions 
191 EURO_IS_DOPPEL S_ALR_87100219 Functions and Settings for Industry Business Solutions 
192 EURO_IS_NACHBEA S_ALR_87100225 Cleanup for Industry Business Solutions 
193 EURO_IS_NACHLAU S_ALR_87100222 Postprocessing Programs for Industry Business Solutions 
194 EURO_IS_VORARB S_ALR_87100221 Preparations for Industry Business Solutions 
195 EURO_IS_VORLAUF S_ALR_87100223 Preprocessing Programs for Industry Business Solutions 
196 EURO_IS_ZENTUMS S_ALR_87100224 Activities for Industry Business Solutions 
197 EURO_PLANJAHR S_ALR_87099791 Change Plan Year for Changeover Package 
198 EURO_RFFMSEURO_ANA S_KI4_38000359 Prepare Reconciliation of FI Documents 
199 EURO_TR_EMMIS_NACHBE S_ALR_87003438 Cleanup 
200 EURO_TR_EMMIS_UMSTEL S_ALR_87003436 Changeover 
201 EURO_TR_EMMIS_VOARBE S_ALR_87003452 Preparation 
202 EURO_TR_TRANS_NACHBE S_ALR_87003450 Cleanup 
203 EURO_TR_TRANS_UMSTEL S_ALR_87003448 Changeover 
204 EURO_TR_TRANS_VORARB S_ALR_87003446 Preparation 
205 EURO_TR_VERTW_NACHBE S_ALR_87003462 Cleanup 
206 EURO_TR_VERTW_UMSTEL S_ALR_87003454 Changeover 
207 EURO_TR_VERTW_VORARB S_ALR_87003441 Preparation 
208 EVE_EXPORT_TO_EXCEL S_X1D_36000051 BAdI: Export to Microsoft Excel 
209 EWMCIF_USER S_AXC_91000044 Set User Parameters 
210 EWM_CD_001 S_E4A_94000076 Define Adjustment Profile 
211 EWUMMPOB S_ALR_87008681 Match Purchase Order History and GR/IR Clearing Account 
212 EWU_FAGL_OBJCHECK S_E4A_94000272 EWU_FAGL_OBJCHECK: Analysis of Object Number Inconsistencies 
213 EWU_KSTAR_CHECK S_E4A_94000298 EWU_KSTAR_CHECK: Check Cost Element for Real-Time Integration 
214 EXEMTAXRATEMAINT S_AEC_66000569 Maintain Tax Rates and Exemptions 
215 EXEM_TYPE S_AEC_66000444 Display Exemption Type 
216 EXIT_SAPLN1PLANT_USF S_KK4_98000178 Exit for Function Calls in User-Specific GUI Status 
217 EXPOSURE TYPE S_KA5_12000517 Maintain Exposure Types 
218 EXP_CUST S_PEN_05000016 Define Planning Scenario 
219 EXP_INSTANCE S_PEN_05000017 Edit Express Planning Instance 
220 EXP_NOTIF_EVENT_POST S_P7D_67000002 Example Implementation for Alerts in Manufactuing 
221 EXP_V_FCOM_KFPRICE S_PEN_05000177 Define Key Figure Prices 
222 EXTRCT_PARAM_TLMAPLN S_EB5_05000207 Extraction Parameters:Task List/Maintenance Plan 
223 EXT_BEWART_REPORTTYP S_ALR_87003769 Assign External Flow Type to Report Category 
224 EXT_BEW_ART_DEFINIER S_ALR_87003758 Define External Flow Types 
225 EXT_BWART_INT_BWART S_ALR_87003780 Assign External Flow Type to (Internal) Flow Type 
226 EX_PLM_DYNAMIC_TABLE S_EE6_85000063 BAdI: Availability of Fields in Dynamically Generated Tables 
227 EX_TAXAUTHORITIES S_AEC_66000494 Maintain Tax Authority ID 
228 EX_TAXRATE S_AEC_66000534 Maintain Tax Rates 
229 EX_TRANSPORT_MODE S_AEC_66000533 Maintain Transportation Mode 
230 EX_VC2OD_DMT_UI S_EB5_05000431 BAdI: DMT UI Enhancements 
231 E_COCF_ORDCNF S_PEN_05000184 Enhancements for Confirmation in Portal 
232 E_COCF_ORDCNF_EHP3 S_E36_82000049 Enhancements for Confirmation in Portal 
233 E_IPPE_CMP_CHECK_EXT S_AEN_10000591 BAdI: Check / Change of Objects of the iPPE Product Structure 
234 E_IPPE_CMP_REP S_AEN_10000588 BAdI for Reports in PVS 
235 E_IPPE_CMP_SORT S_AEN_10000429 BAdI: Sort Product Structure Data (CMP/COL) 
236 E_IPPE_CONS S_AEN_10000430 BAdI for Consistency Check of Variants 
237 E_IPPE_COPY_OD S_AEN_10000574 BAdI: Adjust Object Dependency When Copying with Class Changes 
238 E_IPPE_COPY_VS S_AEN_10000576 BAdI: Adjust Variance Scheme When Copying or Changing Classes 
239 E_IPPE_ENG_CHECK_EXT S_AEN_10000314 BAdI: Extensions for Checking External Name 
240 E_IPPE_ENG_GUI_LOAD S_AEN_10000431 BAdI: Additional Tab Pages in the iPPE Load Dialog Box 
241 E_IPPE_ENG_SORT S_AEN_10000313 BAdI: Customer-Specific Sort Order for iPPE Relationships 
242 E_IPPE_EXPL_EVAL_EXT S_AEN_10000582 BAdI: Customer-Specific Evaluations During Explosion 
243 E_IPPE_FILTER_EXT S_AEN_10000583 BAdI: Customer-Specific Options for Filter 
244 E_IPPE_PS_EXT S_AEN_10001013 BAdI: iPPE Connection to Project System 
245 E_IPPE_STRUCT_MATCH S_AEN_10000584 BAdI: Matching Algorithm for Comparison 
246 E_OM_EDITOR S_AEN_10000585 BAdI for Enhanced Dependency Editor 
247 E_PDCNV S_AEN_10001014 BAdI for the Product Designer 
248 E_PPEGIFCAT S_AEN_10000586 BAdI: Field Catalog and Navigation Area in iPPE Workbench 
249 E_PPELISCMPV S_AEN_10000587 BAdI: Status Checks/Enhancements at CMP Variants 
250 E_PPELISGENN S_AEN_10000427 BAdI: Status Checks/Enhancements at GEN Node 
251 E_PPETICMP_FCAT S_AEN_10000589 BAdI: Adjustment of Field Catalog in the Tabular Maintenance 
252 E_PPEUISET_DISPLAY S_AEN_10000572 BAdI for Displaying Set Assignments for Product Structure 
253 E_RLMFW_CUST S_AEN_10000665 Define Settings for Release Management 
254 E_RLMFW_NUM S_AEN_10000675 Create Number Range for Release Management 
255 E_RLMFW_OOCU S_AEN_10000676 Assign Processor in Release Management