SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index A, page 2
IMG Activity - A
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 ASSIGN_STOPACT_STOP S_PLN_62000544 Define Stops 
2 ASSIGN_ZIP_REM_CODES S_PEN_05000077 Assign Remittance Code to Postal Code 
3 ATPC01 S_E4A_94000185 Create Intervals for the Number Range Object for PAR 
4 ATVDEALDFT S_KFM_86000203 Assign Update Types for Position Update 
5 ATVO65 S_ALN_01001619 Assign Yield Curves to Hull-White Volatility 
6 AT_PS_AVVER_SETUP S_L6B_69000480 Transfer Employer/Employee: Define Contribution Types 
7 AT_PS_BONUS_SETUP S_L6B_69000574 Setup Customer Exit Bonus Unemployment Insurance 
8 AT_PS_BONUS_SETUP01 S_L6B_69000576 Categorize Unemployment Insurance 
9 AT_PS_CHECK_CUST S_L6B_69000578 Check Assignment of Wage Types to SAP Cumulation Wage Types 
10 AT_PS_CHECK_SUM S_L6B_69000582 Assign Wage Types to SAP Cumulation Wage Types 
11 AT_PS_GERF_SETUP S_L6B_69000572 Set Up Assignment of Insurance Category/Low Income 
12 AT_PS_MAINTAIN_TXTS S_L6B_69000577 Determine Available Text Elements 
13 AT_PS_SETUP_BGN_ALLG S_L6B_69000583 Set Up SAPscript Form for Contribution Statement Generally 
14 AT_PS_SETUP_BGN_VB S_L6B_69000584 Set Up SAPscript Form for Contribution Statement for Contr. Civil Servants 
15 AT_PS_VERSKAT_SETUP S_PI7_68000022 Set Up Insurance Category 
16 AT_PS_ZUGE_SETUP S_L6B_69000573 Set Up Employee Affiliation 
17 AT_ZUGE_SETUP S_L6B_69000575 Set Up Employee Affiliation 
18 AUFT01 S_BCE_68001456 Create requests / tasks 
19 AUPS S_AL0_96000798 Australia Public Sector 
20 AUSGABEFELDER S_P00_07000023 Define Output Fields 
21 AUSTATTUNG_DEF S_ALR_87004828 Define Object Fixtures and Fittings 
22 AUSWERTUNGEN S_P00_07000024 Start Evaluation 
23 AUTHORITY_BADI S_CP4_60000031 BADI: Structural Authorization 
24 AUTHORITY_CHECK_ACL S_KA5_12001395 Add-In: Check User Authorization for Logbook Activity 
25 AUTOERMITTLUNG_DE S_ALR_87007333 Control Automatic Determination of Account Assignment Ref. 
26 AUTOERMITTLUNG_FX S_ALR_87007859 Define Automatic Determination 
27 AUTO_XL S_ALI_97000017 Automotive: Set Document Types 
28 AUTO_XLO00 S_ALI_97000018 Automotive: Set Document Types 
29 AUT_POST_MM_INFL S_AL0_96000440 Configure Automatic Postings 
30 AZSBEZ_UMSCHLUESSELN S_ALR_87007872 Convert Codes for Interest Rates 
31 A_KFM_CATEGORY S_ABA_72000251 Define Key Figure Categories 
32 A_KFM_INTERVAL S_ABA_72000252 Define Intervals for Updating Key Figures 
33 A_KFM_KF_ADM_VAR S_ABA_72000253 Define Key Figures 
34 A_KFM_PF_BW_ASSIGN S_ABA_72000254 Define Personalizable SAP BW Key Figures 
35 A_KFM_PF_R3_ASSIGN S_ABA_72000255 Define SAP ERP Key Figures that can be Personalized 
36 A_POWL_CAT S_ABA_72000256 Define Categories 
37 A_POWL_QUERY S_ABA_72000259 Define Default Queries 
38 A_POWL_QUERYR S_ABA_72000258 Define Query Visibility at Role Level 
39 A_POWL_QUERYU S_ABA_72000257 Define Query Visibility at User Level 
40 A_POWL_TYPE S_ABA_72000262 Configure Worklist Type Repository 
41 A_POWL_TYPER S_ABA_72000261 Define Worklist Type Visibility at Role Level 
42 A_POWL_TYPEU S_ABA_72000260 Define Worklist Type Visibility at User Level