SAP ABAP Domain - Index L
Domain - L
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 LABELID Tape label name CHAR   
2 LABELNO Tape label number CHAR   
4 LABOR Laboratory/office CHAR   
5 LABPR Processing ID, shelf-edge labeling CHAR   
6 LABWR Admissibility string for absence rule CHAR   
7 LADEL Foreign Trade: Place of Loading/Unloading CHAR 40    
8 LADGR Loading group CHAR   
9 LADLG Length of loading platform QUAN   
10 LADLI Number of Freight Lists on Single Adminstrative Document NUMC   
11 LAENGE_PER IS-M: Length of a period (publication days/calendar days) NUMC   
12 LAENG_C Length CHAR 17    
13 LAEOPTID Lease Accounting Option ID CHAR   
14 LAEPE Number of periods (day, week, month, posting period) NUMC   
15 LAEPROFIL Lease Accounting Profile CHAR   
16 LAFTYP RI: Category of service request CHAR   
17 LAGAB Options in warehouse processing CHAR   
18 LAGE Entity location CHAR   
19 LAGEVBS Location of premise CHAR   
20 LAGE_FR Earliest/latest dates CHAR   
21 LAGGR Aggregation CHAR   
22 LAGPR Storage costs indicator CHAR   
23 LAGP_ANZLE Number of storage units DEC
24 LAGP_MAXLE Maximum number of storage units in a bin DEC   
25 LAGP_RKAPV Remaining capacity in storage bin DEC 11 
26 LAGP_SORLP Sort field for storage bin (cross-line placement) CHAR   
27 LAHQ Percentage Translated in Language CHAR   
28 LAISO Language key according to ISO 639 CHAR   
29 LAISO_BI Language key acc. to ISO 639 (case sensitive for batch) CHAR   
30 LAKTV Payroll infotype active CHAR   
31 LAM_DESCR_01 LAM: Leasing Description 01 CHAR 50    
32 LAM_DESCR_01_UI LAM: Leasing Description 01 CHAR 50    
33 LAM_DESCR_02 LAM: Leasing Description 02 CHAR 50    
34 LAM_DESCR_02_UI LAM: Leasing Description 02 CHAR 50    
35 LAM_DESCR_03 LAM: Leasing Description 03 CHAR 50    
36 LAM_DESCR_03_UI LAM: Leasing Description 03 CHAR 50    
37 LAM_MANUFACTERER LAM: Leasing Manufacturer CHAR 15    
38 LAM_MANUFACTERER_UI LAM: Leasing Manufacturer CHAR 15    
39 LAM_SERIALNUMBER LAM: Leasing Serial Number CHAR 20    
40 LAM_SERIALNUMBER_UI LAM: Leasing Serial Number CHAR 20    
41 LAND1 Country key CHAR   
42 LANDA Alternative country keys CHAR   
43 LANDD DUEVO country keys CHAR   
44 LANDGRP_VK Country grouping for shipping costs CHAR   
45 LANDGRP_VP Country Grouping for Shipping Schedule CHAR   
46 LANDK Vehicle country key CHAR   
47 LANEFLAG Lane refers to 'internal/external' CHAR   
48 LANETYPE to which supply network is the record corresponding CHAR   
49 LANFID RI: ID of person requesting service CHAR   
50 LANFTYP RI: Category of a person requesting service CHAR   
51 LANF_____4 Loop start line RAW   
52 LANG Language ID LANG   
53 LANG2 2-character representation of languages (ISO) CHAR   
54 LANG30 Language vector length 30 CHAR 30    
55 LANG60 Language Vector Length 60 CHAR 60    
56 LANGACT Language Transport Action Type CHAR   
57 LANGCONT Container for Language-Specific Texts LRAW 1000    
58 LANGDEP Flag for tables with INCLUDEs CHAR   
59 LANGOBJECT Language object name CHAR 70    
60 LANGRC Language Transport Return Code NUMC   
61 LANGSTAT Language Transport Status CHAR   
62 LANGU Language key LANG   
63 LANGUDEP DD: flag if table is language-dependent CHAR   
64 LANGVECTOR Language vector for systems CHAR 62    
65 LANG_ADMIN Administration Functions CHAR   
66 LANZH Number CHAR   
67 LARC_RSDNC Residence time DEC   
68 LARKK Indicator for usage in component CHAR   
69 LASPEZ Language specifications CHAR   
70 LASTVAL_BV Calorific value procedure: Last value in demand billing CHAR   
71 LASTVAL_ZV Volume correction factor proc.: last value in demand billing CHAR   
72 LASTW Foreign Trade: Length of Commodity Code/Code Number NUMC   
73 LATEX40 Texts of Length 40 for Language Transport CHAR 40    
74 LATXT Text for logical wage type CHAR 20    
75 LATYP Activity type category CHAR   
76 LATYPI Variant Activity Type Category for Actual Postings CHAR   
77 LAUFI Identification feature for batch programs CHAR   
78 LAUFI_CA Identification Characteristic Batch Programs CHAR   
79 LAUFI_KK Identification feature for batch programs CHAR   
80 LAUFI_PAY Payment run identification CHAR   
81 LAUFI_VK Debit entry identification characteristic CHAR   
82 LAUFK Leg indicator CHAR   
83 LAUFK_F110 Run indicator in payment transactions CHAR   
84 LAUFNO Help field display from-to(total) CHAR 12    
85 LAUFNR IS-H: EA Labor-Auftragsnummer CHAR 16    
86 LAUFNUMMER IS-M: Current number in round sequence NUMC 12    
87 LAUFTYP_VK Run category (debit entry, payment, dunning) CHAR   
88 LAUFWEG Street route NUMC   
89 LAUFWERK Drive on PC (hard disk or disk drive) CHAR   
90 LAUFZ Duration unit UNIT   
91 LAW2_APPLICATION_MODE LAW2 Application mode CHAR   
92 LAW2_ATTACHMENT_FILETYPE LAW 2.0 attachment file type CHAR   
93 LAW2_BOOLE LAW 2.0 Bolle Value CHAR   
94 LAW2_CHANGE_MODE Change Mode CHAR   
95 LAW2_CUSTNUMBER LAW 2.0 Customer Number of a SAP customer NUMC 10    
96 LAW2_DATASET_ID LAW 2.0 Dataset ID CHAR 12    
97 LAW2_DATE Domain for LAW 2.0 Date from USMM result DATS   
98 LAW2_DESCRIPTION LAW 2.0 Description text CHAR 100    
99 LAW2_ENGINE_USAGE LAW 2.0 Engine Usage ("X" if engine is not used) CHAR   
100 LAW2_FILE_DESCRIPTION LAW 2.0 Description text CHAR 255    
101 LAW2_GENERIC_ID LAW 2.0 Generic ID CHAR 14    
102 LAW2_HWKEY Hardware Key CHAR 11    
103 LAW2_INSTNUMBER Installation number CHAR 10    
104 LAW2_MEASPLAN_SYSSTAT_XML System Status CHAR 15    
105 LAW2_PARTID LAW 2.0 Part ID CHAR 32    
106 LAW2_PRICELIST LAW 2.0 Pricelist CHAR   
107 LAW2_PROCESSINGMODE LAW 2.0 RFC processing mode CHAR   
108 LAW2_PRODUCTIVE LAW 2.0 Productive flag CHAR   
109 LAW2_PROZ3 Surcharge (Percent) DEC   
110 LAW2_RFCACTION_IDS zztl_rfcaction CHAR 20    
111 LAW2_RFC_RESULT LAW 2.0 Indicator - Event Imported with RFC CHAR   
112 LAW2_RSUVM_APPL ID for an application (for example, for an IBU) for SysMeas. CHAR   
113 LAW2_RSUVM_CNT Counter for objects for system measurement INT4 10    
114 LAW2_RSUVM_UNIT ID for Unit of System Measurement Objects CHAR   
115 LAW2_SAP_CUSTOMER_NUMBER Customer Number of an SAP Customer NUMC 10    
116 LAW2_SAVE_CHANGES LAW 2.0 Save changes domain CHAR   
117 LAW2_SDCCN_FILE_TRANSFER LAW 2.0 indicator if the file is transfered via SDCCN to SAP CHAR   
118 LAW2_STATUS_OBJECT LAW 2.0 Status Object CHAR 20    
119 LAW2_STATUS_TYPE LAW 2.0 Status Management status type CHAR   
120 LAW2_STATUS_VALUE LAW 2.0 Status Value CHAR   
121 LAW2_SYSTEM_ID LAW 2.0 System ID CHAR 10    
122 LAW2_SYS_PRODUCT LAW 2.0 System Produkt CHAR 40    
123 LAW2_SYS_PRODUCT_VERSION LAW 2.0 System Produkt Version CHAR 40    
125 LAW2_TRANSFER_TYPE LAW 2.0 Transfer Type CHAR   
126 LAW2_UI_MOD_EXP Function Mode Standard or Extended (UI) CHAR   
127 LAW2_USEDDATABASE LAW 2.0 Used database domain CHAR 10    
128 LAW2_USERTYPE User Types CHAR   
129 LAW2_USMM_DEC3 Signed Decimal Field (Length 3) DEC   
130 LAW2_USMM_MEAS_STATUS LAW 2.0 USMM measurement status CHAR   
131 LAW2_VERSIONZU Special Assignment CHAR   
132 LAWTRSTAT System Measurement: Status of Transfer to SAP CHAR   
133 LAW_CONS_STATUS LAW: Status of the Consolidation for a User CHAR   
134 LAW_GROUP_SEL LAW: Group Preselection NUMC   
135 LAW_IMPORT LAW 2.0: Indicator if the entry was imported via LAW CHAR   
136 LAW_PARAM_CONSENGINE Selection Parameters for Consolidated Engines CHAR 30    
137 LAW_PARAM_CONSUSER Selection Parameters for Consolidated Users CHAR 30    
138 LAW_PARAM_ENGINE Selection Parameters for Engines CHAR 30    
139 LAW_PARAM_SYSTEM Selection Parameters for Systems CHAR 30    
140 LAW_PARAM_USER Selection Parameters for Users CHAR 30    
141 LAW_PARAM_USERPERS Selection Parameters for Users CHAR 30    
142 LAW_PARAM_UTYPE Selection Parameters for User Types CHAR 30    
143 LAW_PL System measurement: Abbreviation for a price list CHAR   
144 LAW_PROZ3 Percentage Country Surcharge DEC   
146 LAW_TXT Memo Text Line CHAR 80    
147 LAW_UCLASS LAW: User Classification Type CHAR   
148 LAYAR Layout Type CHAR   
149 LAYDOCRCOD Return value for layout documents INT4 10    
150 LAYER_STRING Layer String CHAR 90    
151 LAYGR Layout Module CHAR 10    
152 LAYLIST_CONVERTED Indicator, Whether Layout Listing Conditions Converted CHAR   
153 LAYMOD_VAR Variant of a Layout Module Version CHAR   
154 LAYMOD_VER Layout module version NUMC   
155 LAYMOD_VER_ALPHA Version of a Layout Module (Alphanumerical) CHAR   
156 LAYMOD_VER_C Layout Module Version CHAR   
157 LAYOUT_LISTING_UPTODATE Indicates that layout listing conditions are up to date CHAR   
158 LAYTYP Layout category CHAR   
159 LAYVAR Layout CHAR 10    
160 LAY_PROF Object representation selection CHAR 10    
161 LAY_SET Object representation of a graphical object CHAR   
162 LAZBS Determine loading time CHAR   
163 LA_ISO Language Key In Accordance with ISO 639 CHAR   
164 LBACTVT Activity for authorization check, prod. cat. layout area CHAR   
165 LBBSA Stock type of goods movement CHAR   
166 LBETR Amount CHAR   
167 LBLK_____4 Loop block size RAW   
168 LBLNI Internal service entry sheet number CHAR 10    
169 LBLNR Service entry sheet number CHAR 10    
170 LBLNR_49E Document number length NUMC   
171 LBMTXTID ID for layout area item text CHAR   
172 LB_USE_KZ Edit indicator for service type CHAR   
173 LC1000 Domain of Length 1000 CHAR 1000    
174 LC232 Field length 232 CHAR 232    
175 LC488 Field length 488 CHAR 488    
176 LC512 Character 512 CHAR 512    
177 LC8168 Field length 8168 CHAR 8168    
178 LC8192 Character 8192 CHAR 8192    
179 LCA_LCK_AREA Area Identifier CHAR 30    
180 LCA_LCK_CHARC Characteristic Identifier CHAR 30    
181 LCA_LCK_CHARCNUM Number of Characteristic Selections INT4 10    
182 LCA_LCK_COM Version of the LCApps Package INT4 10    
183 LCA_LCK_MODE Lock Management Mode INT4 10    
184 LCA_LCK_OP Interval Description CHAR   
185 LCA_LCK_UNIVERSE Value Range for Interval Limits CHAR 60    
186 LCA_LCK_VALUE Field for Any Characteristic Value CHAR 60    
187 LCA_TESTLEVEL Check Level INT4 10    
188 LCA_TIMESTAMP Time Stamp DEC 15    
189 LCA_TRACELEVEL Trace Level INT4 10    
190 LCC_PRODUCT Product for Product Life Cycle Costing CHAR 18    
191 LCDCC_AUTOC Automatically Clear Inventory Count Results in WM CHAR   
192 LCHAR Language setting applies to characteristics CHAR   
193 LCHAR1 Lowercase char of length 1 CHAR   
194 LCHAR1000 Character field of length 1000 LCHR 1000    
195 LCHAR12 Lowercase char of length 12 CHAR 12    
196 LCHAR16 Lowercase char of length 16 CHAR 16    
197 LCHAR20 Lowercase char of length 20 CHAR 20    
198 LCHAR24 Lowercase char of length 24 CHAR 24    
199 LCHAR28 Lowercase char of length 28 CHAR 28    
200 LCHAR32 Lowercase char of length 32 CHAR 32    
201 LCHAR40 Lowercase char of length 40 CHAR 40    
202 LCHAR48 Lowercase char of length 48 CHAR 48    
203 LCHAR80 Lowercase char of length 80 CHAR 80    
204 LCHAR96 Lowercase char of length 96 CHAR 96    
205 LCHR1000 Long character 1000 CHAR 1000    
206 LCHVA Language setting applies to characteristics and values CHAR   
207 LCKID Lockbox ID CHAR   
208 LCLAS Grouping category for object overview versions CHAR   
209 LCM_PERSNO Personnel Number in Customer Maintenence NUMC   
210 LCM_STATUS Lifecycle Management Status Control Cycle CHAR   
211 LCM_YESNO LCM: Yes/No Fixed Values CHAR   
212 LCNT DDDO00DDIC 19901210084023 NUMC   
213 LCNUM Financial Document Processing: Financial Document Number CHAR 10    
214 LCR_ACTION AI-LCR: Abbreviation for Change Action to Be Executed CHAR   
215 LCR_APPL AI-LCR: Application Server or Client CHAR   
216 LCR_BOOLEAN LCR: Boolean Value CHAR   
217 LCR_BS_ROLE AI-LCR: Roll of a Business System CHAR   
218 LCR_CLTYPE AI-LCR: Class Type CHAR   
219 LCR_DB_RETURN AI-LCR: Return Values for Data Base Access INT4 10    
220 LCR_INSTNAME_TYPE AI-LCR: Instance Name Type CHAR   
221 LCR_OBJTYPE AI-LCR: Object or Class Type CHAR   
222 LCR_OPERATION AI-LCR: Change Operation CHAR   
223 LCR_PERFORM_TYPE LCR: Processing of Change Status CHAR   
224 LCTID Maintenance Location ID in Barchart INT4 10    
225 LCTXT W.type class text CHAR 25    
226 LCUCAT Field catalog for upload method NUMC   
227 LCULENGTH Field length NUMC   
228 LCUMETH Upload method CHAR   
229 LCUNSEP Digit separator CHAR   
230 LC_CONNECTION_MODE Which connection is used to communicate with liveCache? CHAR   
231 LC_PERID Period NUMC   
232 LC_SFIELD Sender field for FI -> FI-LC interface CHAR   
233 LC_STM_ACT Status management: Action to be performed NUMC   
234 LC_SYSTRG_TYPE liveCache System Trigger Type CHAR   
235 LC_TBNAM Table name for input of FI-LC financial reporting data CHAR   
236 LC_TYP Type of consolidation CHAR   
237 LDAPAPPL LDAP Application CHAR   
238 LDAPAUTH Authentication mechanism INT4 10    
239 LDAPCRSTOR Storage location of LDAP system user credentials INT4 10    
240 LDAPFLAG Switches CHAR   
241 LDAPMOC One-Digit Indicator for Type of Mapping Entry CHAR   
242 LDAPMODE Value transfer mode (printable characters or hexadecimal) CHAR   
243 LDAPOBJCL LDAP Object Class CHAR 63    
244 LDAPOBJKEY Object Key in the SAP System CHAR 90    
245 LDAPPARAM Parameter for LDAP Mapping CHAR 63    
246 LDAPPROD Product Name of the LDAP Server CHAR   
247 LDAPSERVID LDAP server: symbolic name CHAR 16    
248 LDAPSTAT Status values of the LDAP Connector CHAR   
249 LDAPSUSR LDAP system user (symbolic name) CHAR 16    
250 LDAPTLEV Trace level of LDAP Connector NUMC   
251 LDAPVERS LDAP server: log version NUMC   
252 LDAPWRRE Switch: Read / write CHAR   
253 LDAP_MESSAGE Message from Mapping Check CHAR 50    
254 LDAP_OPER LDAP Operation INT4 10    
256 LDAP_OPT LDAP: Values for Options INT4 10    
257 LDAP_SCOP Search Depth INT4 10    
258 LDAP_SYNC_ACTION Action for Synchronization of Users CHAR   
259 LDATN Name of routine for data retrieval in requisition lists CHAR   
260 LDA_1024X HR LDAP: Hexadecimal Number of Length 1024 RAW 1024    
261 LDA_ATTRTYPE HR LDAP: Type of Attribute CHAR   
262 LDA_X1024 HR LDAP: Hexadecimal Number of Length 1024 RAW 1024    
263 LDBGROUP Assignment of the LDB to a group CHAR   
264 LDBIXHIGH Upper limit for index selection CHAR 45    
265 LDBIXID Index ID CHAR 18    
266 LDBIXLOW Lower limit or single value for index selection CHAR 45    
267 LDBNAME LDB name CHAR 20    
268 LDBNTYPE Logical node type CHAR   
269 LDB_EVENT Processing time for logical data base CHAR   
270 LDB_NODE Logical database node CHAR 10    
271 LDCLS Ledger class CHAR   
272 LDDD Local date: Day CHAR   
273 LDEST Logical destination / printer name CHAR   
274 LDGRP HR country grouping including wage type modifier 00 CHAR   
275 LDMM Local date: Month CHAR   
276 LDOKUD0009 Text field: selection CHAR   
277 LDPS_LAYOUT_ID Identification for layout of work instruction CHAR   
278 LDPS_R3TAB Process Sheet: Front End Name for the SAP Table CHAR   
279 LDPS_TAB_ID Identification for table in layout of work instruction CHAR   
280 LDPS_WORD_COL Column no. in Word table NUMC   
281 LDQ_APPLICATION Application Name of Local Data Queue CHAR 40    
282 LDQ_COUNTER_KIND LDQ Type of Counter (T = TOP; R = Read; L = Last) CHAR   
283 LDQ_QUEUE_NAME Name of Local Data Queue CHAR 40    
284 LDQ_UNIT_COUNTER Queue Count of Local Data Queue DEC 16    
285 LDQ_UNIT_ID_EXT ID of Unit in Local Data Queue CHAR 45    
286 LDQ_UNIT_STATE LDQ: Unit State CHAR   
287 LDXDT Legal Control: Determination of Destination Country CHAR   
288 LDYY Local date: Year CHAR   
289 LD_AVLBTY Output Factor DEC
290 LD_DURZT Execution time/execution requirement QUAN 11 
291 LD_HLEVEL Line level NUMC   
292 LD_LANTU Number of time units QUAN
293 LD_LBVER Line balancing version NUMC   
294 LD_LPOFL Flag for operation in critical path CHAR   
295 LD_MATRATE Material-dependent rate QUAN 13 
296 LD_MMIXP Model mix percent QUAN
297 LD_PLNTY Planning type CHAR   
298 LD_RATE_TYPE Rate type CHAR 20    
299 LD_SCHED_WC Selection for scheduling work center in the line hierarchy CHAR   
300 LD_STATU Status of line balance CHAR   
301 LD_TAKT takt within a line segment NUMC   
302 LD_TAKTS Number of takts per line segment NUMC   
303 LD_TIMES_GRID Display of times in grid control DEC
304 LD_TIME_AVAIL Time available in line balancing QUAN 11 
305 LD_TIME_USED Time occupied in line balancing QUAN 11 
306 LD_TKTAG Takt comparison DEC
307 LD_TKTSP Way of viewing takts in line segment NUMC   
308 LD_USAGE Percentage load utilization of a line segment QUAN 11 
309 LD_VERID_ICON Icon to display production version CHAR 37    
310 LEADTIME OCI: Planned Delivery Time in Days CHAR   
311 LEAD_DOM domain for lead selection in compare with Db CHAR 40    
312 LEAD_FGET Superior Transaction CHAR   
313 LEAD_PROF_DOM Leading status profile CHAR 10    
314 LEAD_TIME Lead Time NUMC   
315 LEAD_TIME_UI Lead Time NUMC   
316 LEART Result type CHAR   
317 LEASART Leasing type CHAR   
318 LEASTYP Lease category NUMC   
319 LEAS_CMPOP Comparison Operators for Date Check CHAR   
320 LEAS_MSG Error Determination CHAR   
321 LECI_FORM_TYPE Form type during check-in CHAR 10    
322 LECI_SELOPT_TIME Selection of a selection period CHAR 20    
323 LECOMP_ASN_FLAG Flag: Original from ASN? CHAR   
324 LECOMP_UNASSIGNED Unassigned ASN component CHAR   
325 LECTURE Course number CHAR   
326 LEDBO Ledger for profitability segments (CO-PA) CHAR   
327 LEDGER_TYP Definition in which client the ledger is to be posted CHAR   
328 LEDGRP Ledger Group (FI-SL) CHAR   
329 LEDNR Ledger for Controlling objects CHAR   
330 LEDNR_BP Budget/Planning Ledger CHAR   
331 LEDSPD_AUTO_CORR Control during split from BOM correlated in original CHAR   
332 LEDSPD_AUTO_TEXT_0 Copy text items automatically from item groups CHAR   
333 LEDSPD_ITEMS_BELONG_TO Split items are part of existing/new delivery CHAR   
334 LEDSPD_PICKQ Distribution of picked quantity CHAR   
335 LEDSPD_PLAN_PACK HUs That Are Not Packed In Other HUs Have Planning Attribute CHAR   
336 LEDSPD_PMODE Business admin. transaction in which split is to take place CHAR   
337 LEDSPD_RULNO Rule label - group of deliveries CHAR   
338 LEDSPD_SPLIT_FIELD Delivery split - control for field available for entry CHAR   
339 LEDSPD_STEP Steps of the deliv. split CHAR   
340 LEDSPD_VPOBJ_ORIGIN Deliv. split - origin of a packing object in split process CHAR   
341 LEEFT Indicator: Age CHAR   
342 LEIID IS-H: Service code CHAR 10    
343 LEIKTXT IS-H: Service short text CHAR 40    
344 LEIKTXT80 IS-H: Service short text CHAR 80    
345 LEIMENG IS-H: Quantity of a service QUAN   
346 LEINT_EXTUSE Extension usage CHAR   
347 LEINT_GRPTY Group type CHAR   
349 LEINT_MATNR Material Number CHAR 18    
350 LEINT_MEINS Units of Measurement of Various Types UNIT   
351 LEINT_MENG13 Quantity Field, Length 13 QUAN 13 
352 LEINT_SIGNI Container ID CHAR 20    
353 LEINT_TRMSTEP Logical step CHAR 10    
354 LEINT_TRMTS Task ID NUMC 12    
355 LEINT_UNATTACH_FROM what entity to attach/unattach HU to/from CHAR   
356 LEIN_STATU Status of a storage unit CHAR   
357 LEIN_WEAQU Number of quants with missing GR posting DEC   
358 LEIN_WESTA Goods movement status for storage unit CHAR   
359 LEISMENGE RI: Service quantity NUMC   
360 LEISTALL Control of which demand values are used CHAR   
361 LEISTE Characteristics table CHAR 20    
362 LEISTMONAT Control of demand validity period CHAR   
363 LEISTMS Estimation of watt registers and resetting registers CHAR   
364 LEISTTYP Demand category (eg. approved demand, service connection) CHAR   
365 LEITYP RI: Service category (RI service) CHAR   
366 LEN Number of table entries for a search object NUMC   
367 LENGT HR: Comp. 709: Length of a field NUMC   
368 LENGTH Domain for Storing the Table Entry Length NUMC   
369 LENG_CHA Help field for DD03P-LENG CHAR   
370 LENG_____7 Text length RAW   
371 LENPRD Lenght of the evaluation periods in months NUMC   
372 LENUM Storage unit number CHAR 20    
373 LEN_LAUFI_KK VKK: Mass activities: Permissible length of run parameter CHAR   
374 LEPI_PODREL POD relevance CHAR   
375 LERBID RI: ID of person performing service CHAR   
376 LERBTYP RI: Category of person performing service CHAR   
377 LESHP_BYPASSING_BUFFER Database access does not take application buffer into accnt CHAR   
378 LESHP_COMB_CRIT External order combination/split criteria for delivery NUMC 10    
379 LESHP_DATABASE_UPDATE Save delivery: Subfunctions switchable CHAR   
380 LESHP_DELI_CHECK_MODE Modes: Checks and Determination During Delivery Processing CHAR   
381 LESHP_DOCUMENT_TYPE Type of document to which processing pertains CHAR   
382 LESHP_ENQUEUE_MODE Lock Mode for Deliveries CHAR   
383 LESHP_ERROR_TOLERANCE Tolerance for Error Handling in Delivery Processing CHAR   
384 LESHP_ICON_OBJECT Graphical Display of an Object from Delivery Processing CHAR 20    
385 LESHP_ITEM_GEN_DOM Generation of delivery items for HU packaging materials CHAR   
386 LESHP_ITEM_TYPE Delivery item category that can be preassigned CHAR   
387 LESHP_NUMKI_RULE Rule for number-range determination for decentralized LES CHAR   
388 LESHP_OBJECT_TYPE Document type of a document w/ a delivery as preceding doc. CHAR   
389 LESHP_PREDECESSOR_ENQUEUE_MODE Lock Mode for Preceding Objects of the Deliveries CHAR   
390 LES_ATP_TYPE Type of availability check for the delivery CHAR   
391 LES_SHP_REQ_VBTYP Requirement Type of the Delivery CHAR   
392 LETZTEFAKZ Indicator: last due date is advance payment (X or ' ') CHAR   
393 LEUCHTNR External number of a streetlight CHAR 10    
394 LEV1NAME Name of level-1 object CHAR 61    
395 LEV1TYPE Level-1 type for thexc CHAR   
396 LEV2NAME Name of level-2 object CHAR 55    
397 LEV2TYPE Type of level-2 object CHAR   
398 LEVEL_AUF IS-M/AM: Order level CHAR   
399 LEVEL_GP IS-PAM: BP master data level CHAR   
400 LEVEL_TPLZ IS-M/AM: Admissible order level for technical positioning CHAR   
401 LEVL Level in DSYS structure NUMC   
402 LEXFLAG Indicator for lexicographical material numbers CHAR   
403 LE_ATP_GRP_MODUS Current delivery group-check session CHAR   
404 LE_CHECK_DIGIT_METHOD Method for calculating check digit (FB LE_CHECK_DIGIT_CALC*) CHAR   
405 LE_DISP_DLV_WEBDIALOG Scope of display in the WEB transaction for deliveries CHAR 20    
406 LE_DLV_CHANGE_MODE Call Type of Function Module LE_DLV_CHANGE CHAR   
407 LE_RSPOPNAME30 Spool: Name of an output device - 30 characters for BAPIs CHAR 30    
408 LE_SHP_ATP_VERRTYPE Delivery requirement's transfer type of the AVBBD CHAR   
409 LE_SHP_DATERANGE Definition of selection periods (delivery monitor) CHAR   
410 LE_VERWE Application group using a print profile CHAR 10    
411 LFABC ABC indicator CHAR   
412 LFART Delivery note type CHAR   
413 LFCOD Logical function code CHAR   
414 LFDBEW IS-H: Sequence Number of Movement NUMC   
415 LFDDIA IS-H: Sequence Number for Diagnosis NUMC   
416 LFDENTL IS-H: Serial number of borrowing NUMC   
417 LFDEZ Distribution relevance for WMS CHAR   
418 LFDFB_KK Consecutive number for function modules per time NUMC   
419 LFDFD IS-HCM: Sequence Number of Field in Segment NUMC   
420 LFDFPZ IS-H: Sequence number of case-to-person assignment NUMC   
421 LFDID Sequence number NUMC   
422 LFDKNR Ongoing link between nodes NUMC   
423 LFDKUA IS-H: Key of the request for insurance verification CHAR 10    
424 LFDLANF RI: Serial number Service request NUMC 10    
425 LFDMEHR IS-H: Serial number of a birth NUMC   
426 LFDNAME Logical field name CHAR 30    
427 LFDNR Sequence number CHAR   
428 LFDNR1 1-digit consecutive number NUMC   
429 LFDNR10 Sequence number NUMC 10    
430 LFDNR2 Consecutive number NUMC   
431 LFDNR3 3-digit consecutive number NUMC   
432 LFDNR4 4-digit consecutive number NUMC   
433 LFDNR5 Sequence number NUMC   
434 LFDNR6 6-digit consecutive number NUMC   
435 LFDNRAENNR_CL EHS: Change status number NUMC 20    
436 LFDNRZUORD IS-M/SD: Current number of truck route-publ./edition assgmt CHAR 10    
437 LFDNR_1 1-digit consecutive number NUMC   
438 LFDNR_ANF IS-H: Sequence Number of Request for Medical Grounds NUMC   
439 LFDNR_MBEG IS-H: Sequence Number for Medical Grounds NUMC   
440 LFDNR_NFOR Sequence Number of Form Logging NUMC   
441 LFDNR_NSHIFT IS-H: Case Revision - Sequence Number of Log NUMC 10    
442 LFDNR_VK Sequence Number INT4 10    
443 LFDNR____1 Sequential number of the number range DEC   
444 LFDPGF IS-H: Serial number for a patient group NUMC   
445 LFDPLZ IS-H: Sequential number of a postal code NUMC   
446 LFDPOS RI: (serial) item number NUMC   
447 LFDREF of NOFZ record that completed current record NUMC   
448 LFDSATZ_CL EHS: record number NUMC 20    
449 LFDSCHEM Consecutive number of schema step NUMC   
450 LFDSG Sequence Number of Segment in Message Type NUMC   
451 LFDSR IS-H: Serial number of a billing doc. (collective invoice) NUMC   
452 LFDST Sequential no. status for SD status maintenance in ovw scrn NUMC   
453 LFDTX Sequential number of text ID group NUMC   
454 LFDVV IS-H: Serial number of IR per patient and insurance provider NUMC   
455 LFDVVP IS-H: Serial number of IR for each patient and ins. provider NUMC   
456 LFDWB Current number: replenishment INT4 10    
457 LFDZL Current row NUMC   
458 LFD_MAMT Consecutive number in MAMT NUMC   
459 LFD_NDAE IS-H: Sequence number of borrowing episode NUMC   
460 LFD_NR_DRG_DIA IS-H: Sequence Number of DRG Diagnosis NUMC   
461 LFD_SATZNR Consecutive Number for Posting Records of Same RA Data NUMC   
462 LFEHL Type of vendor error CHAR   
463 LFINB Inbound delivery type CHAR   
464 LFIND Storage location determination CHAR   
465 LFNGART Type of Delivery CHAR   
466 LFNGNR IS-M/SD: Current number of delivery NUMC 12    
467 LFNKN Sequential number of account assignment NUMC   
468 LFNKN_FP Sequence number of the planning profile NUMC   
469 LFNO Sequence number, 3-figure NUMC   
470 LFNR3 Serial number NUMC   
471 LFOUB Outbound delivery type CHAR   
472 LFPKZ Indicator: call from long-term planning CHAR   
473 LFPPP Planned price CHAR   
474 LFREG Supply region CHAR 10    
475 LFSTATUS Delivery status CHAR   
476 LFTKL Admissibility string for holiday CHAR 10    
477 LFTRP Delivery type (posting change) CHAR   
478 LFTYP Sales Pricing: List field category CHAR   
479 LFUHR Time of delivery TIMS   
480 LFVER Switch off availability check for delivery item CHAR   
481 LF_FILTTYP Filter type: Delivery to shipment/leg CHAR   
482 LF_SUBSTITUTE Linefeed in target system CHAR   
483 LGAR1 Wage type CHAR   
484 LGART Wage type CHAR   
485 LGART_512R Cumulation wage type CHAR   
486 LGASGRUP SAP Logon Group Name CHAR 20    
487 LGASHOST Application server computer name CHAR 20    
488 LGASIPAD Application server IP address CHAR 31    
489 LGASSERV Application server service CHAR 11    
490 LGBER Storage section CHAR   
491 LGBTR Wage type amount NUMC   
492 LGBZO Staging area for warehouse complex CHAR 10    
493 LGDET Legal Control: Type of License Determination CHAR   
494 LGENE Payroll infotype generated CHAR   
495 LGFEG Real estate logical field group NUMC   
496 LGKART Delivery Group Correlation Type CHAR   
497 LGKND Lot size for make-to-order production CHAR   
498 LGMSHOST Message server computer name, possibly with router string CHAR 255    
499 LGNUM Warehouse Number CHAR   
500 LGOPR Logical operator CHAR