SAP ABAP Domain - Index L, page 5
Domain - L
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 LVS_DRSTA WM print status for multiple processing CHAR   
2 LVS_DRUKZ Indicator: form and sort code for printing transfer orders CHAR   
3 LVS_DSTKZ Dynamic control indicator for communication no. definition CHAR   
4 LVS_DUNKL Foreground/Background Control of Screens CHAR   
5 LVS_EINLM Copy putaway qty into delivery as deliv. qty / Post GR CHAR   
6 LVS_ENQUE Blck logic in WM CHAR   
7 LVS_GRAPHICAL_BAR Field for GANTT diagram in report RLLT2900 CHAR   
8 LVS_IDANW Identifier for application CHAR   
9 LVS_IMREL Trigger posting in Inventory Management CHAR   
10 LVS_IRNUM Inventory reference number CHAR 10    
11 LVS_ISEIT Inventory page NUMC   
12 LVS_ISTAT Inventory status in WM CHAR   
13 LVS_IVPOS Inventory document item number NUMC   
14 LVS_KDEST Logical name of communication partner for WM link CHAR   
15 LVS_KISTZ Indicator: Actual time required in TO CHAR   
16 LVS_KOMID Identification of communication records for decentr. WM CHAR   
17 LVS_KOMIM Adopt pick quantity as del.qty in delivery / Post GI CHAR   
18 LVS_KOMNR Picking number from delivery document for WM system link NUMC   
19 LVS_KOMTK Indicator for WM picking technique CHAR   
20 LVS_KZBEW Movement indicator CHAR   
21 LVS_KZDIF Difference Indicators CHAR   
22 LVS_KZDR2 Indicator: Call up R/2 directly (RM posting) CHAR   
23 LVS_KZINV Inventory indicators CHAR   
24 LVS_KZLEI Indicator for performance data CHAR   
25 LVS_KZRUF Calling Position in Program CHAR   
26 LVS_KZSTI Indicator: how is sample handled in WM CHAR   
27 LVS_KZVEP Indicator: Connection to packaging in WM CHAR   
28 LVS_KZVFD Indicator for processing expiry date for TO for CHAR   
29 LVS_KZVN Indicator whether item is a source or a destination item CHAR   
30 LVS_KZVNM WM indicators, confirm source/dest. TO item to R/2 CHAR   
31 LVS_LBSTA Warehouse activity monitor: processing status CHAR   
32 LVS_LDEST Logical destination CHAR   
33 LVS_LETYP Storage Unit Type CHAR   
34 LVS_LFDNR Sequence number CHAR   
35 LVS_LGBKZ Storage Section Indicators CHAR   
36 LVS_LGREF Storage loc. ref. CHAR   
37 LVS_LGTKZ Storage type indicators CHAR   
38 LVS_LINNO Line number in ABAP lists DEC   
39 LVS_LLAKT Warehouse monitor activity CHAR   
40 LVS_LLAZV Warehouse monitor: Display variant for hierarchy NUMC   
41 LVS_LNKOM Sequence number in a communication record NUMC   
42 LVS_LOBID Identification of warehouse monitor object CHAR   
43 LVS_LPTYP Storage bin type CHAR   
44 LVS_LQNUM Quant NUMC 10    
45 LVS_LSONR Special Stock Number CHAR 24    
46 LVS_LTEXT Warehouse monitor: Text processing CHAR 40    
47 LVS_LZNUM Additional Reference Number for Transport CHAR 20    
48 LVS_MAILK Mail control for background processing CHAR   
49 LVS_MEKLN Only include in list bins with quantity less than MEKLN DEC 10 
50 LVS_MESGE Error recovery in WM CHAR   
51 LVS_MINPS Maximum number of items in system inventory record NUMC   
52 LVS_MODNR Number of routine for data structure for WM-WCU link NUMC   
53 LVS_NANUM Number of inventory recounts NUMC   
54 LVS_NOBUF Select data directly from database CHAR   
55 LVS_NPLEI Dest. bin changeable during confirmation CHAR   
56 LVS_NR_TO_HEAD Number TOs INT4 10    
57 LVS_NR_TO_ITEM Number of TO items INT4 10    
58 LVS_NR_UOM No. of units of measure INT4 10    
59 LVS_NUMKR Number ranges in WM CHAR   
60 LVS_OBEST Extent Warehouse Management CHAR   
61 LVS_PAGNO Page number in ABAP lists DEC   
62 LVS_PLAUF Bin sectioning CHAR   
63 LVS_PLOBS Bins without activity (in days) NUMC   
64 LVS_PLPOS Position in storage bin CHAR   
65 LVS_PROCESSED Inventory item processed CHAR   
66 LVS_QMSTE Indicator: Control for WM-QM interface CHAR   
67 LVS_QUART Type of TO confirmation:Single-step/two-step confirmation CHAR   
68 LVS_QUSEL Indicator as to which quants will be selected CHAR   
69 LVS_R2BKR Company code for WM link CHAR   
70 LVS_RBNUM Document number with reference to WM reference number CHAR 10    
71 LVS_RBTYP Type of WM group CHAR   
72 LVS_REFNR Group CHAR 10    
73 LVS_SAKOM Record type of communication document CHAR   
74 LVS_SAVNEWITEM Inventory item for BADI CHAR   
75 LVS_SNKOM Record number of communication document NUMC 10    
76 LVS_SOKNZ Sort indicator for transfer order NUMC   
77 LVS_SONUM Special Stock Number CHAR 16    
78 LVS_SPERR Block storage bin/quant for stock transfers CHAR   
79 LVS_SPGRU Blocking reason CHAR   
80 LVS_SPOOL Indicator for spool control of TO printout CHAR   
81 LVS_SSKOM Record status of communication documents, link R/2 -> ERP CHAR   
82 LVS_STIKZ Indicator: what has happened to insp.sample (QM) in WM CHAR   
83 LVS_SWABW Threshold value of planned/actual time deviation as percent NUMC   
84 LVS_TEILS Partial picking for multiple processing CHAR   
85 LVS_TEXT60 Text CHAR 60    
86 LVS_TOURN Route number for WM link CHAR   
87 LVS_TRART Shipment Type CHAR   
88 LVS_VARIA Variant for link from WM -> subsystem CHAR   
89 LVS_VOME Default value for unit of measure CHAR   
90 LVS_VORGK WM transaction key for link ERP -> R/2 CHAR   
91 LVS_VSART Shipment type for WM link CHAR   
92 LVS_VSENR Shipment number for WM link NUMC   
93 LVS_VZCHN Preindicator for Posting CHAR   
94 LVS_WMMUE Copy WM quantity as deliv.qty into delivery / Post gds mvmnt CHAR   
95 LVS_WMSTA Storage status for containers in WM CHAR   
96 LVS_ZEITD Duration (quantity field with length 13 without +/- sign) QUAN 13 
97 LVS_ZEUGN Certificate Number CHAR 10    
98 LVZLART IDoc service specifications line type CHAR   
99 LVZLTYP IDoc service specifications lines CHAR   
100 LWERT Demand value DEC 16 
101 LWMS_SAMMG Wave CHAR 10    
102 LWMS_VBELN Sales and distribution document number CHAR 10    
103 LWRKSTAT Worklist status CHAR   
104 LWRK_PRIO Supplying plant priority NUMC   
105 LWRK_PRIO_BI Supplying Plant Priority (BI) CHAR   
106 LXDCK_DCMOD Decision Runtime Mode CHAR   
107 LXDCK_DCNUM Cross dock decision number NUMC 14    
108 LXDCK_DCORG Cross-Docking Decision Origin CHAR   
109 LXDCK_DCSTS Decision status CHAR   
110 LXDCK_DCTYP Cross-Docking Decision Type CHAR   
111 LXDCK_DECISION_STATUS Decision Status of the Document NUMC   
112 LXDCK_DTREF Cross-dock date & time reference CHAR   
113 LXDCK_OPPXD Alowed opportunistic cross-dock CHAR   
114 LXDCK_OPT_LEVEL Optimization Level of Cross-Dock Planning NUMC   
115 LXDCK_PLAN_DRCTN Cross-dock planning direction CHAR   
116 LXDCK_PRCTY Process Type - Planned or Opportunistic CHAR   
117 LXDCK_TO_MODE Cross-Docking TO Mode CHAR   
118 LXE0005LIN Text Line With 5 Characters CHAR   
119 LXE0010LIN Text Line With 10 Characters CHAR 10    
120 LXE0015LIN Text Line With 15 Characters CHAR 15    
121 LXE0020LIN Text Line With 20 Characters CHAR 20    
122 LXE0030LIN Text Line With 30 Characters CHAR 30    
123 LXE0040LIN Text Line with 40 Characters CHAR 40    
124 LXE0050LIN Text Line With 50 Characters CHAR 50    
125 LXE0060LIN Text Line With 60 Characters CHAR 60    
126 LXE0070LIN Text Line: 70 Characters CHAR 70    
127 LXE0080LIN Text Line with 80 Characters CHAR 80    
128 LXE0255LIN Text Line With 255 Characters CHAR 255    
129 LXEACCFACT Valuation Factors for Translation Accounting INT1   
130 LXEACTIVITYID Activity in Java Environment CHAR 32    
131 LXEATTR Object Attribute CHAR 30    
132 LXEBOOL Boolean CHAR   
133 LXECHAR1024 Character String CHAR 1024    
134 LXECHAR132 Short Text Line: 132 Upper/Lower Case CHAR 132    
135 LXECHAR22 Sequence of 22 chars CHAR 22    
136 LXECHAR255 Short Text Line 255 Upper/Lower Case CHAR 255    
137 LXECHAR30K (LXE) max. CharString CHAR 30000    
138 LXECHAR32 Text Char32 (Upper/Lower Case) CHAR 32    
139 LXECLIENTDEP Options for Client Dependency CHAR   
140 LXECMSRPSTRY System Name in CMS CHAR 15    
141 LXECOLLEVT Event in Collection Environment (Translation Landscape) CHAR   
142 LXECOLLNAMSUB Collection CHAR 25    
143 LXECOLLSTT Status of Collektion (T: Translate, N: Do not translate) CHAR   
144 LXECOLLTXT Description Text for Collection CHAR 70    
145 LXECOLLTYP Collection Type CHAR   
146 LXECOMMENT Comment CHAR 64    
147 LXECOUNTER Propagation Request Counter in Java Transport Environment CHAR 20    
148 LXECOUNTI4 Number of Translation Units INT4 10    
149 LXECSNLOGCONTEXT Context of a Log Entry CHAR   
150 LXECSNLOGLEVEL Log Level of a Log Entry CHAR   
151 LXECUSTDEL Deletion Flag for Translation Area in Translation Environmnt CHAR   
152 LXECUSTEML E-Mail Address of Contact Person for the Translation Area CHAR 132    
153 LXECUSTEVT Event in Translation Area (Translation Landscape) CHAR   
154 LXECUSTKTX Translation Area Short Text CHAR 120    
155 LXECUSTMNR Translation Area CHAR   
156 LXECUSTNAM Translation Area Name CHAR 32    
157 LXECUSTTYPE Translation Area Type CHAR   
158 LXEDBCODE Code for Database Changes CHAR   
159 LXEDCNAME Development Component Name CHAR 255    
160 LXEDELAY Wait Time for the Poller CG_EXT_TOOLS_SENTINEL INT1   
161 LXEDELFLAG Deletion Indicator CHAR   
162 LXEDEVCOMMENT Developer comment STRG   
163 LXEDOMANAM Domain name CHAR   
164 LXEDOMATXT Description for Domain CHAR 70    
165 LXEDOMATYP Domain Type CHAR   
166 LXEEXPFILENAME File Name CHAR 64    
167 LXEEXPID Export ID NUMC   
168 LXEEXPIMP Export/import flag CHAR   
173 LXEEXPTEXTCAT Text Category CHAR   
174 LXEFIRSTPRE Delta Payment Parameter CHAR   
175 LXEFLAGACT Flag: (I)nitial/(A)ctive/(D)eleted CHAR   
177 LXEFLAGDIS Flag: Distribution CHAR   
181 LXEFLG_MULTIPLE Additional Attributes: Handling CHAR   
182 LXEFNCCALL Name of a Function CHAR 30    
183 LXEFUNCID ID for the Function to be Called NUMC   
184 LXEFUNCTN Function to be Executed CHAR 255    
185 LXEFUNCTYP Function Type of Function to be Executed CHAR   
186 LXEGUIMODIFIED GUI Modification Status CHAR   
187 LXEHANDLER_W Handle Flag R/W CHAR   
188 LXEHASH__1 Hash Part 1 NUMC   
189 LXEHASH__2 Hash Part 2 NUMC   
190 LXEHASH__3 Hash Part 3 CHAR   
191 LXEHASH__4 Hash Part 4 CHAR   
192 LXEHASH__5 Hash Part 5 CHAR   
193 LXEHASH__6 Hash Part 6 NUMC   
194 LXEIDENTCH (LXE) NewsIdent Values RAW 255    
195 LXEININAME Name CHAR 20    
197 LXEISOLANG Translation Language CHAR   
198 LXEJAVALANG Language Key CHAR   
199 LXELONGTEXTEDITOR Values which represent different Long Text Editors in SE63 INT1   
200 LXEMAXPOLL Maximum Polling Time for the Poller CL_CG_EXT_TOOLS_SENTINEL INT4 10    
201 LXENAIL Hash CHAR 15    
202 LXENUMC3 Number NUMC   
203 LXENUMC5 Number NUMC   
204 LXENUMC7 Number NUMC   
205 LXEOBGROUP Object Group CHAR   
206 LXEOBJATTR Object Attribute NUMC   
207 LXEOBJGRP Object Group CHAR   
208 LXEOBJLIST Object List NUMC   
209 LXEOBJNAME Object name CHAR 70    
210 LXEOBJSTAT Status of a Translation Object CHAR   
211 LXEOBJTYPE Type of Translation Object CHAR   
212 LXEOLTYPE Object List Type CHAR   
213 LXEP4DATE Text Line: 19 Characters CHAR 19    
214 LXEPARKEY Parameter Key CHAR 32    
215 LXEPCYLINE Object Line of a MIDI Text INT4 10    
216 LXEPPTYPE Proposal Type CHAR   
217 LXEPP_STAT Numeric Quality Status NUMC   
218 LXEPP_STAT_CHAR Quality Status CHAR   
219 LXEPP_UCNT Usage Counter NUMC   
220 LXEPRIORITY Language priority NUMC   
221 LXEPROCTYP Process Type CHAR   
222 LXEPROPTYP Type of Proposal Pool CHAR   
223 LXEPRPGNRQSTID CMS Propagation Request ID CHAR 32    
224 LXER3_LANG Internal Language Key CHAR   
225 LXERECMODE Recording Method for Language Transports CHAR   
226 LXERELEASE Release Level in Java Environment CHAR 10    
227 LXEREMOTYPE_DOM Domain of Remote Types CHAR   
228 LXERESRVID Object Reservation Number NUMC   
230 LXESCNAME Development Component Name CHAR 30    
231 LXESEGMENT Segment CHAR 30    
232 LXESERNUMB (LXE) Sequential Number NUMC   
233 LXESHMXLTH Maximum Text Length NUMC   
234 LXESTATACC Accounting Status CHAR   
235 LXESTATCHK Status of Check CHAR   
236 LXESTATDRV Check Status of Object CHAR   
237 LXESTATEDI (LXE) Editor Process Status CHAR   
238 LXESTATPRC Process Status CHAR   
239 LXESTATRSV Reservation status CHAR   
240 LXESTATTRN Object Status CHAR   
241 LXESTATWKL Worklist Status CHAR   
244 LXETCNTTYP Counter Types of Translation Units CHAR   
245 LXETDPKHELPER One Value (Can be Used as PK For Single-Line Tables) CHAR   
246 LXETDSWITCH Values that Long Text Editor Switch can Accept CHAR   
248 LXETMWAREALIAS Alias for a TMWare Configuration NUMC   
249 LXETMWAREALIASTXT Description for a TMWare Alias CHAR 60    
251 LXETMWARELANG 2 or 5 letter ISO-style language abbreviation CHAR   
253 LXETMWAREPRMTYPE Parameter Type for TMWare CHAR   
254 LXETMWAREPRMVAL Parameter Value for TMWare CHAR 255    
255 LXETMWAREROLE Role in TMWare Environment CHAR   
256 LXETMWWPSFTYP Field Type for the Project Settings File CHAR   
257 LXETRNSPRTID Transport Request ID for Java Environment NUMC 10    
258 LXETRNSPRTSTT SXMan Tranport Request Status NUMC   
259 LXETRSPRTDESC Java Transport Description CHAR 60    
260 LXETSAPIOP Translation System API Operation CHAR 32    
261 LXETSCONACTION Project handling INT1   
262 LXETSCONAPPL_MODE Mode for single object translation INT1   
263 LXETSCONEXPORTSTAT State of the Translation Object CHAR   
264 LXETSCON_CONN_TYPE Connection type INT1   
265 LXETSCON_PRE Prefix CHAR 13    
266 LXETSCON_PROJECT_STATUS Status of a project CHAR   
267 LXETSCON_TS_ACTION Action to be preformed (translation system) CHAR   
268 LXETSCON_WL_RESERVATION Handle the reservation of a worklist INT1   
269 LXETYPEATT Type Attribute CHAR   
270 LXEUCNTTYP Counter Types of Translation Units CHAR   
271 LXEUNITKEY Translation Unit Key CHAR 32    
272 LXEUNITLI2 Binary Line RAW 255    
273 LXEUNITLIN Translation Unit for Short Text (Line) CHAR 255    
274 LXEUNITLINX Translation Unit for Short Text (Line) RAW 1020    
275 LXEUNITLTH Length of Translation Unit INT4 10    
276 LXEUNITSEG Translation Unit for Segment (Continuous Text) STRG   
277 LXEVARIANT Variant Counter NUMC   
278 LXEVENDOR Provider in Java Transport Environment CHAR 20    
279 LXEWLISTID Worklist ID CHAR   
280 LXEWORKSPACE Workspace Name in Java Transport Environment CHAR 255    
281 LXEWRKSPCID DTR Workspace ID CHAR 32    
282 LXEWRKTBLE Name of Work Table CHAR 10    
283 LXEXBYTCNT Byte Count NUMC   
284 LXEXHASH Hash Value CHAR 32    
285 LXEXLNE255 Hex-Line 255 RAW 255    
286 LXEXLNECNT XLine-count NUMC   
287 LXE_AREAD Translation Environment: Authorizations CHAR   
288 LXE_ATTR_VAL Attribute Value CHAR 255    
289 LXE_IDX_RUNTYPE Type of Index Run (example: full, part, LXE_LOG) CHAR 20    
290 LXE_LOCAL_LIST Local List CHAR 20    
291 LXE_LOCAL_LIST_PRAEFIX Local List Praefix CHAR   
292 LXE_MAIL_USAGE_KEY Mail usage CHAR 10    
293 LXE_OBJ_EXPORT support object for the export CHAR   
294 LXE_PP3_HASH Proposal Pool Hash RAW 16    
295 LXE_PROJ_NAME_CHAR Project Name for Display CHAR 255    
296 LXE_SC_PT_REFORM Spellchecker PT Reform Options INT1   
297 LXE_SNO_DO_LABEL_MEDIUM Text Label (Medium) CHAR 64    
299 LXE_TERMO_CAT Activity Domain NUMC   
300 LXE_TERMO_SOURCELANG Source Language CHAR   
301 LXE_WL_PARA_FACTOR Parallelization Factor NUMC   
302 LXE_WS_DEST Destination for a Web Service CHAR 255    
303 LXE_WS_DT_NAME Class for a Web Service CHAR 30    
304 LXE_WS_RT_NAME Runtime Name for a Web Service CHAR 32    
305 LXE_X16 Raw 16 RAW 16    
306 LXE_X255 Raw 255 RAW 255    
307 LXF2CNT Two-Digit Counter NUMC   
308 LXFABBRST Status During Formation of an Abbreviation CHAR   
309 LXFABBTYPE Abbreviation Type CHAR   
310 LXFCOMFLAG Comment ID: CHAR   
311 LXFCONFLEV Quality Level in Proposal Pool NUMC   
312 LXFCOUNTER Counter CHAR   
313 LXFHASH Hash in Proposal Pool (Obsolete !!!) CHAR 20    
314 LXFHASHCNT Hash Counter in Proposal Pool NUMC   
315 LXFHASHST Status During Hash Formation CHAR   
316 LXFLOCKATT Lock Flag for the Proposal Pool CHAR   
317 LXFTLENGTH Text Length in Proposal Pool NUMC   
318 LXFTRATYPE Type of Translation CHAR   
319 LXFTXT0010 Text (10 characters long) CHAR 10    
320 LXFTXT0020 Text of length 20 CHAR 20    
321 LXFTXT0100 Text of Length 100 CHAR 100    
322 LXFTXT0255 Text of length 255 CHAR 255    
323 LXFTXTTYPE Text Type in the Text Buffer of the Proposal Pool CHAR   
324 LXF_D_HACN Hash Counter in Proposal Pool NUMC   
325 LXF_D_HASH Hash in Proposal Pool CHAR 20    
326 LXF_D_LENG Length Specification in Proposal Pool NUMC   
327 LXHME_DEVIC Presentation device CHAR 10    
328 LXHME_DOCTY Document Type CHAR   
329 LXHME_LINEC Current line number NUMC   
330 LXHME_LINEN Line Number NUMC   
331 LXHME_OBJIN Inbound/Outbound CHAR   
332 LXHME_PRPRF Presentation profile values CHAR   
333 LXHME_QUAN10 Used for Duration QUAN 10 
334 LXHME_SLTYP Delivery Selection Type CHAR   
335 LXHME_SPRAS LXHME text language LANG   
336 LXHME_STATV Document status CHAR   
337 LXHME_TOSTS Transfer order mode CHAR   
338 LXHME_TSTMP Time Stamp DEC 15    
339 LXHME_VLINEC Line Number of Current VAS Order NUMC   
340 LXHME_VLINEN VAS Orders - Number of Lines NUMC   
341 LXHME_VORST Decisions status CHAR   
342 LXVAS_ACTDU VORID actual duration INT4 10    
343 LXVAS_ALERT_TEXT Text (30 characters) CHAR 30    
344 LXVAS_BILLB Bill to business partner (Customer or Vendor) CHAR 10    
345 LXVAS_EXEMT VAS Template/Order execution method CHAR 10    
346 LXVAS_INTLV VAS Template Instruction Control CHAR   
347 LXVAS_LGNUM_NP LXVAS VAS order numbering plan CHAR   
348 LXVAS_PACKT LXVAS Packing object type CHAR   
349 LXVAS_POSTC VAS Posting control for goods movement CHAR   
350 LXVAS_STORD VAS Order Status CHAR   
351 LXVAS_TDNAM LXVAS Text object name CHAR 70    
352 LXVAS_TDOBJ LXVAS Text Object CHAR 10    
353 LXVAS_TDSPR LXVAS Text language LANG   
354 LXVAS_WCMOD LXVAS Work Center Transaction Operation Mode (1-Disp, 2-Upd) CHAR   
355 LXYRDM_YLCCL Yard Location Class CHAR   
356 LXYRD_ACTST Activity Status CHAR   
357 LXYRD_ACTTY Activity Type CHAR   
358 LXYRD_ACTVY Activity NUMC 10    
359 LXYRD_AVSTS HU Availability CHAR   
360 LXYRD_CHPRF Check-in/Check-out Profile CHAR   
361 LXYRD_CNIND Container Load Status CHAR   
362 LXYRD_COLOR_TYPE Color Type for Graphics CHAR   
363 LXYRD_DOCRF Reference document CHAR 10    
364 LXYRD_DOCTY Document Type CHAR   
365 LXYRD_DURTN Duration QUAN 10 
366 LXYRD_EXOBJ Execution Object CHAR   
367 LXYRD_FAACG Forwarding agent account group CHAR   
368 LXYRD_HUSTS Yard HU status CHAR   
369 LXYRD_INOUT Direction CHAR   
370 LXYRD_INRSN Internal reason CHAR   
371 LXYRD_LCNCL Location class CHAR   
372 LXYRD_LCSPL Text length 20 CHAR 20    
373 LXYRD_OBSTS Vehicle Status CHAR   
374 LXYRD_RFDTY Yard Reference Document Type CHAR   
375 LXYRD_SCHHR Scheduling horizon QUAN 10    
376 LXYRD_SCHST Scheduling Status CHAR   
377 LXYRD_SCLCL Scheduling location class CHAR   
378 LXYRD_TFSCH Time frame relevant for scheduling QUAN 10    
379 LXYRD_TIME Time (hhmmss) stored as char 6 TIMS   
381 LXYRD_YLCCL Location Class CHAR   
382 LXYRD_YSTATS Yard status CHAR   
383 LYARC_RSDNC Residence time for Archiving DEC   
384 LYTPROF Batch record: layout profile NUMC   
385 LZBKZ State central bank indicator CHAR   
386 LZEIL Category of assignment line in requisition lists CHAR   
387 LZNUM Additional number CHAR 20    
388 L_AUSLAG No. of Stock Removals DEC 10    
389 L_BEWEGUNGEN Number of Movements DEC 10    
390 L_BEW_RICHTUNG Direction of Flow CHAR   
391 L_BEW_TEXT Movement Direction Text CHAR 30    
392 L_DIFF Number of Items with Difference DEC 10    
393 L_D_GRP Translation Environment: Package Lists CHAR   
394 L_EINLAG No. of Putaways DEC 10    
395 L_EVPTYP Run Types for RPCIPC00 CHAR   
396 L_FORMEL Long formula text CHAR 250    
397 L_GRUPPE Translation Object Group CHAR   
398 L_OBJEKT SE63 Objects CHAR   
399 L_OBJNAME Name of object that can be translated CHAR 70    
400 L_ORDER_STATUS Order Status CHAR 132    
401 L_PLATZKZ Bin Indicators CHAR   
402 L_POSITIONEN Number of Line Items DEC 10    
403 L_PROZENT Percentage DEC 10    
404 L_REPL_STATUS Selected for Replenishment: Report RLLNACH4 CHAR   
405 L_RES_INFO Information Text for Reservation CHAR 20    
406 L_RUECKLAG Number of Return Transfers DEC 10    
407 L_SFUNC Special functions in Warehouse Management CHAR   
408 L_TEXT Short Text for Translation CHAR 60    
409 L_TR_INFO Information Text for Transfer Requirement CHAR 20    
410 L_TR_STATUS Transfer Requirement Status - Symbol for Report: RLWMPPC4 CHAR 132