SAP ABAP Domain - Index F
Domain - F
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 F040REFE Reference document type CHAR   
2 F107_ACTION_A2MT Assignment of Action to Trans. Type for Automatic Postings CHAR   
3 F107_ACTION_MT2A Assignment of Transaction Type to Action for Manual Postings CHAR   
4 F107_TIMEUNIT Duration unit CHAR   
5 F130BSTV Balance confirmation procedure CHAR   
6 F130CPDS One-time accounts CHAR   
7 F130DECV15 Decimal field - length 16 with +/- sign DEC 15    
8 F130KBEW Accounts without postings CHAR   
9 F130PSOR Open Item Sorting CHAR   
10 F130SSOK Balance confirmation sorting CHAR   
11 F130SSOR Balance confirmation sorting CHAR   
12 F130UTYP Customer or vendor type CHAR   
13 F140DATA Key date type CHAR   
14 F1_FOR_CHBOX F1 help for wave checkbox (Transactions VL35/VL36) CHAR   
15 F4APPENDEDVALUES F4 help Fixed values CHAR   
16 F4CHAR132 Text length 132 CHAR 132    
17 F4CHAR255 Text Length 255 Characters for F4 Help Functions CHAR 255    
18 F4DOMAININTERVAL F4 Domain Interval Test CHAR   
19 F4FIXEDAPPENDVALUES F4 help appended Fixed Values     
20 F4TXT Note in F4 CHAR 20    
21 F4_VISUAL Type of Valid Display for Possible Entries Help CHAR   
22 FA030 Field selection of the length 030 CHAR 30    
23 FA040 Field selection (length 40) CHAR 40    
24 FA050 Field selection (length 50) CHAR 50    
25 FA128 Field selection (length 128) CHAR 128    
26 FAAKK Financial Document Processing: Field Selection CHAR   
27 FAA_CURR_INDEX Index of Local Currency INT1   
28 FAA_DC_SWITCH Switch: Use Old or New Depreciation Calculation CHAR   
30 FAA_EE_METHOD Rounding Method CHAR   
31 FAA_EE_VALUE Which amount is being rounded? CHAR   
32 FAA_PARALLEL_VALUATION Parallel Valuation Active NUMC   
33 FAA_PC_COMP Application Component CHAR   
34 FAA_PC_PROCMODE Processing Mode of Process NUMC   
35 FABKL Factory calendar identity key CHAR   
36 FABKZ Indicator: Relevance to JIT delivery schedules CHAR   
37 FAB_PROZNT IS-M: Receivables charge-off % rate (DEC4_3 with fixd value) DEC
38 FACHB Domain for FACHB CHAR 20    
39 FACHR Branch of study NUMC   
40 FACINGS Number of arranged Facings NUMC   
41 FACINGS_UI Number of arranged Facings NUMC   
42 FACTION Filter action CHAR   
43 FAEDTO_KK Due Date of Standing Requests DATS   
44 FAEIN_CA Interest document due date CHAR   
45 FAEIN_KK Interest document due date CHAR   
46 FAETP_KK Exception rule for due date CHAR   
47 FAGLCHAR10 CHAR10 CHAR 10    
48 FAGLCHAR16 CHAR16 CHAR 16    
49 FAGLCHAR30 CHAR30 CHAR 30    
50 FAGLCURR Retraction NewGL: Amount DEC 23 
51 FAGLQUAN Retraction NewGL: Quantity QUAN 23 
53 FAGLSKF_IDENT ID String of Application CHAR 10    
54 FAGLSKF_LAYOUT Layouts for Entering Statistical Key Figures CHAR   
55 FAGLSKF_MODE Mode for Posting Stat. Key Figures in FI (Entered in FI) CHAR   
56 FAGLSKF_STATUS Input Status for Entry Transaction for Statistical Key Figs CHAR   
57 FAGL_ACCASGMT Simulation of Document Splitting: Origin of Assignments CHAR   
58 FAGL_ALE_STATUS Status of Summary Document Transfer CHAR   
59 FAGL_ALE_TRANSFER_TYPE Transfer Type of ALE Scenario for New GL CHAR   
60 FAGL_BALANCE_METH Document Splitting: Method for Creating Zero Balance CHAR   
61 FAGL_BOOL Boolean Value ('X' = True, ' ' = False) CHAR   
62 FAGL_BUKRS_RLDNR Concatenation of Company Code and Ledger CHAR   
63 FAGL_CALLING_MODE Calling Mode of the Document Split CHAR   
64 FAGL_CLOCO_CHAR36 Char36 for GUIDs CHAR 36    
66 FAGL_CLOCO_COMNT_DESCR Comment Description CHAR 80    
69 FAGL_COFI_POSTING_MODE Posting Mode: Online or Subsequent Posting CHAR   
70 FAGL_COFI_REASON_CODE Reason for (Non-)Transferral of CO Doc. into Ext. Accounting CHAR   
71 FAGL_COFI_VAR Variant for Online Update CO->FI CHAR   
72 FAGL_COGM_MODE General Ledger Update for Parallel CO Valuations CHAR   
73 FAGL_COUNT Domain for Data Element FAGL_COUNT NUMC   
74 FAGL_DATAC_APPL Application Using Framework for Parallel Processing (FPP) CHAR   
75 FAGL_DATAC_CLUSTD Cluster Data LRAW 1000    
77 FAGL_DATAC_HASH Hash code CHAR 30    
78 FAGL_DATAC_INSTANCE Name of Instance CHAR 50    
79 FAGL_DATAC_INT_NUM Interval Number NUMC   
80 FAGL_DATAC_NUMBER Sequence Number NUMC   
81 FAGL_DATAC_OBJ Object of Framework for Parallel Processing (FPP) CHAR 30    
83 FAGL_DOCTY Document Type for Plan Documents in General Ledger CHAR   
84 FAGL_DOC_STATE_UI Document State CHAR   
85 FAGL_DRPROV_BWM Provisions for Doubtful Receivables     
87 FAGL_EHP4 Closing Operations     
88 FAGL_EMU_GRP_CNT Internal Counter NUMC   
89 FAGL_EMU_KEY Internal Key for EMU NUMC   
90 FAGL_FCC_CHAR36 Char36 for GUIDs CHAR 36    
91 FAGL_FCC_CMT_TYPE Comment Type CHAR   
92 FAGL_FCC_COMNT_DESCR Comment Description CHAR 80    
93 FAGL_FCC_LOG_ID Log ID CHAR 100    
94 FAGL_FCC_LOG_NAME Log Name CHAR 68    
95 FAGL_FCV_PLTYPE Indicator: P&L Target Account of Valuation Difference CHAR   
96 FAGL_FCV_STATUS Status of Foreign Currency Valuation CHAR   
97 FAGL_FC_RATE_TYPE Foreign Crcy Valuation: Indicator for Exchange Rate Origin CHAR   
98 FAGL_FIELD Technical Field Name of a Field in a Totals Table CHAR 20    
99 FAGL_FOLLOW_ON Follow-on document indicator CHAR   
100 FAGL_FSV_NODETYPE Category of an Item in a Financial Statement Version CHAR   
101 FAGL_FSV_SSTRING Character String up to 255 Characters SSTR 255    
102 FAGL_FSV_STRING Variable Texts STRG   
103 FAGL_FSV_TYPE Type of Financial Statement Version CHAR   
104 FAGL_FSV_XBRL_BALANCE_ATTR Determines Which Side of the Financial Stmt an Item Is On CHAR   
105 FAGL_FSV_XBRL_BRANCH_BRA Industry of XBRL Industry Taxonomy CHAR   
106 FAGL_FSV_XBRL_CALCSIGN Determines Type of Summation to Next Higher-Level Item CHAR   
107 FAGL_FSV_XBRL_CLOSETYPE_BANK Closing Type of XBRL Banking Taxonomy CHAR   
108 FAGL_FSV_XBRL_CLOSETYPE_BRA Closing Type of XBRL Industry Taxonomy CHAR   
109 FAGL_FSV_XBRL_CLOSETYPE_CORE Closing Type of XBRL Core Taxonomy CHAR   
110 FAGL_FSV_XBRL_FISCALREQ Specifies Whether an Item Must Be Reported NUMC   
111 FAGL_FSV_XBRL_KINDOFBUS_INS Insurer Type of XBRL Insurance Taxonomy CHAR   
112 FAGL_FSV_XBRL_KINDOFINST_BANK Credit Institution Type of XBRL Banking Taxonomy CHAR 10    
113 FAGL_FSV_XBRL_LANGU Text Languages in XBRL Taxonomies CHAR   
114 FAGL_FSV_XBRL_LEGALFORM_BANK Legal Form of XBRL Banking Taxonomy CHAR   
115 FAGL_FSV_XBRL_LEGALFORM_BRA Legal Form of a Company: XBRL Industry Taxonomy CHAR   
116 FAGL_FSV_XBRL_LEGALFORM_CORE Legal Form of a Company: XBRL Core Taxonomy CHAR   
117 FAGL_FSV_XBRL_LEGALFORM_INS Legal Form of XBRL Insurance Taxonomy CHAR   
118 FAGL_FSV_XBRL_PLFORMAT_BRA Income Statement Format of XBRL Industry Taxonomy CHAR   
119 FAGL_FSV_XBRL_PLFORMAT_CORE Income Statement Format of XBRL Core Taxonomy CHAR   
121 FAGL_FSV_XBRL_WEIGHT Weighting Factor for XBRL Calculation Procedure DEC
122 FAGL_FTYPE_SPLIT Type of a Field for Splitting CHAR   
123 FAGL_GCD_REPORTER GCD Reporter CHAR 20    
126 FAGL_GJAHR_UI Fiscal Year CHAR   
127 FAGL_GLACCEXT Financial Statement Item CHAR 18    
128 FAGL_GLFLEX_SCENARIO Scenario for New General Ledger CHAR 10    
129 FAGL_HDB_VIEW_TYPE View type for FAGL view generation CHAR   
130 FAGL_HR_DOCTYPE Transfer HR FI: Document Type CHAR   
132 FAGL_JVA New General Ledger / JVA Integration: Migration     
133 FAGL_LDGRP Ledger Group CHAR   
134 FAGL_LINE_ITEM_SELECTION What kind of line items should be selected CHAR   
135 FAGL_LINE_TYPE_TEXT_DOM Item Type Text CHAR 20    
136 FAGL_MGPLN Migration Plan Domains CHAR   
137 FAGL_MG_TYP Type of Migration Plan NUMC   
138 FAGL_MIG_ACTION Clearing Adjustment Action CHAR   
139 FAGL_MIG_ACTIVE Status of Assignment CHAR   
140 FAGL_MIG_ACTIVITY Migration to New GL Accounting: Unique ID for Activities CHAR 40    
141 FAGL_MIG_MODI_VALUE Indicator for Different Document Handling (Migration) CHAR   
142 FAGL_MIG_PACKID Migration to New General Ledger Accounting: Package Number CHAR   
143 FAGL_MIG_PHASE Migration to New General Ledger Accounting: Migration Phase CHAR 40    
144 FAGL_MIG_RULE Rule for Document Adjustment CHAR   
145 FAGL_MIG_SESSION_ID Migration to New General Ledger Accounting: Session ID CHAR 20    
146 FAGL_MIG_STATUS_OPITEM Migration Status for an Open Item CHAR   
147 FAGL_MIG_STATUS_RPITEM Migration Status of a Document To Be Subsequently Posted CHAR   
148 FAGL_MM_CUR_ROLE Role of Currency in GL CHAR   
149 FAGL_MM_CUR_TYP Type of Currency Posting INT1   
150 FAGL_MM_KEY_TAB Key Tables Permitted for Parallel Processing CHAR 30    
151 FAGL_MM_PERIOD_TYP Indicators for MARV Period CHAR   
152 FAGL_MONAT_UI Fiscal Period CHAR   
153 FAGL_MONTH_YEAR Fiscal Period and Year NUMC   
154 FAGL_NOSPLIT_UPDT Document Splitting Not Performed CHAR   
155 FAGL_NUMBER Row Number NUMC   
156 FAGL_OWN_DOCNR Ledger that Issues Own Document Numbers CHAR   
157 FAGL_POSTING_TYPE_DOM Posting Type CHAR 30    
158 FAGL_QUANTITY Quantity, Length 23 (PL12), with +/- Sign QUAN 23 
159 FAGL_REC_APPL Application CHAR   
160 FAGL_REORG_PLAN Reorganization: Plan CHAR 10    
161 FAGL_REORG_SIG -Obsolete- Reorganization: Signature CHAR   
162 FAGL_RMIGR_FIELD_RACCT Report Transfer: Field for Account Number CHAR 30    
163 FAGL_RMIGR_FIELD_RPMAX Report Transfer: Field for Period CHAR 30    
164 FAGL_RMIGR_MIGRATE Transfer Report CHAR   
165 FAGL_RMIGR_OBJ_NAME Report Transfer: Object Name CHAR 24    
166 FAGL_RMIGR_OBJ_TEXT Report Transfer: Object Description CHAR 35    
167 FAGL_RMIGR_OBJ_TYPE Report Transfer: Object Type CHAR   
168 FAGL_RMIGR_STATUS Transfer Status CHAR   
169 FAGL_ROBJ_RELEV Reorganization: Relevance of Selected Object CHAR   
170 FAGL_ROBJ_STATUS Reorganization: Package Status NUMC   
171 FAGL_RPACK_GEN_TYPE Reorganization: Object List Generation CHAR   
172 FAGL_RPACK_STATUS Reorganization: Package Status NUMC   
173 FAGL_RPACK_TYPE Reorganization: Package Type NUMC   
174 FAGL_RPLAN_STATUS Reorganization: Plan Status NUMC   
175 FAGL_RPLAN_TYPE Reorganization: Plan Type NUMC   
176 FAGL_R_ACTIVITY Reorganization: Activity in the Reorganization CHAR   
177 FAGL_R_DH_VERSION Reorganization: Version of a Derivation Hierarchy CHAR   
178 FAGL_R_JOB_PARTN_RATIO Percentage for Reduction of Partner Ratio per Hier. Level NUMC   
179 FAGL_R_JOB_STATUS Status of a Job CHAR   
180 FAGL_R_OBJLIST_STATUS Reorganization: Status of an Object List CHAR   
181 FAGL_R_OBJ_STATUS Reorganization: Object Status NUMC   
182 FAGL_R_OBJ_TYPE Reorganization: Object Type CHAR   
183 FAGL_R_PLAN Reorganization: Reorganization Plan CHAR 10    
184 FAGL_R_PLAN_ENVIRONMENT Reorganization: Reorganization Plan Environment CHAR   
185 FAGL_R_PLAN_STATUS Reorganization Plan Status NUMC   
186 FAGL_R_PLAN_TYPE Reorganization: Plan Type CHAR   
187 FAGL_R_SPLIT_SIM_MODE Simulation Mode for Document Splitting CHAR   
188 FAGL_R_TRVOG Transaction/procedure control group CHAR   
189 FAGL_R_XDONE Processing Indicator of the Object List CHAR   
190 FAGL_SEGMENT_DERIVE_METHOD Derivation Method for Segment CHAR   
191 FAGL_SEGMENT_EVENT Event for Derivation of Segment CHAR   
192 FAGL_SLL_ACTIVITY_DOMA Activity for Leading Ledger Switch NUMC   
193 FAGL_SLL_CHANGE_DOMA Values for Status Change of Indicators CHAR   
194 FAGL_SLL_CLOCO_TYPE_DOMA Fixed Values for Type of Closing Cockpit Template CHAR   
197 FAGL_SLL_ID_DOMA ID for Ledger Switch CHAR   
199 FAGL_SLL_STATUS_DOMA Status Values for Project Progress CHAR   
200 FAGL_SLL_TABLEMOD_DOMA Fixed Values for Table Change CHAR   
201 FAGL_SPL_CHAR_DETAIL Doc. Splitting Char.: Detail Selection for Follow-Up Costs NUMC   
202 FAGL_SREP_ACCESSTYPE Access Type for Financial Statements CHAR   
203 FAGL_STAGR Statistical Key Figure CHAR 20    
204 FAGL_TYPE_AVG_ROLLUP Indicator: Rollup Ledger for Daily Average Balances CHAR   
205 FAGL_TYPE_GLFLEX Indicator: Type of New General Ledger CHAR   
206 FAGL_USE_LEAD Use of Number Ranges of Leading Ledger CHAR   
207 FAGL_VAL_LEVEL Activation Level: Validation CHAR   
208 FAGL_VAL_SIGN Validation CHAR   
209 FAGL_VAL_STATUS Strategy Status CHAR   
210 FAGL_YEC_PGMSTATUS Year-End Closing Posting: Status Program CHAR   
211 FAHRKMKAT IS-M: Distance category CHAR   
212 FAHZT Travelling time in transportation QUAN
213 FAI_ACCESS_TYPE Access Type CHAR   
214 FAI_ACC_ACCOUNT G/L Account CHAR 10    
215 FAI_AMTACCSYS_RESULT Result in Accounting System Currency CURR 23 
216 FAI_AMTCOMP_RESULT Result in Local Currency CURR 23 
217 FAI_AMTTRA_RESULT Result in Transaction Currency CURR 23 
218 FAI_BSV_PRGID Program Identifier for Balance Sheet Valuation Procedure CHAR   
219 FAI_CURR_RULE Currency Translation Rule (Market Prices) CHAR   
220 FAI_EXCEPTION Exception Condition CHAR   
221 FAI_FLAT_PER Period (Relative Counter) NUMC   
222 FAI_MARKET_TYPE Market Type for Market Prices CHAR   
223 FAI_MOVEMENT_TYP Goods Movement Type CHAR   
224 FAI_OPERATOR_TYPE Type of Operator CHAR   
225 FAI_PARENT_ID Parent Object RAW 16    
226 FAI_PERCENT Percentage DEC
227 FAI_PERIOD_COUNT Period Counter NUMC   
228 FAI_PERIOD_COUNTER_TYPE Type of Period Counter (Past/Future) CHAR   
229 FAI_PRC_RELATION Price Relationship CHAR   
230 FAI_PRIORITY Ranking Number NUMC   
231 FAI_QTYORD_TOT Summarized Valuated Quantity QUAN 23 
232 FAI_QUANTITY_OPERATOR_TYPE Quantity Operator Type CHAR   
233 FAI_SORT_RULE Sort Rule for Market Prices CHAR   
234 FAI_SOURCE_CAT Price Source Category for Market Prices CHAR   
235 FAI_SOURCE_ID Source System for Market Prices CHAR 10    
236 FAI_STRUCTURE_TYPE Amount Structure Type CHAR   
237 FAI_WFACT Weighting Factor DEC
238 FAK72 Factor 9 places, 2 decimals DEC
239 FAKSP Billing document type block (for example, credit memos) CHAR   
240 FAKTF Billing Form CHAR   
241 FAKTOR IS-H Conversion factor purch.ord. qnty. to stored qnty unit DEC
242 FAKTOR109 Factor with 10 places and 9 decimal places DEC 10 
243 FAKTOR32 Factor: 5 characters with 2 decimal places DEC
244 FAKTOR64 Factor has six places with four decimal places DEC
245 FAKTORGES Factor consisting of register factor and billing factor NUMC 10    
246 FAKVA Billing variants CHAR   
247 FALGK Case Group Catalog CHAR 10    
250 FALLART IS-H: Case type CHAR   
251 FALLARTE IS-H: Case type - user-specific CHAR   
252 FALLARTF IS-H: Case type (billing document) CHAR   
253 FALLB_LS IS-H: Service account assignment category CHAR   
254 FALLSTATUS IS-H: Case status CHAR   
255 FALLTYP Hospital CHAR   
256 FALNR IS-H: Case Number CHAR 10    
257 FALNRF IS-H: case number (specially required for billing VBRK) CHAR 10    
258 FALPEREXT IS-H: Case-to-person assignment category - external CHAR   
259 FALPERTYP IS-H: Case-to-person assignment category CHAR   
260 FALSE Logical value for false CHAR   
261 FAMKA Key for family equalization fund CHAR   
262 FAMNU Marital status CHAR   
263 FAMST Marital status key CHAR   
264 FAMSTZV Marital Status (for Supplementary Pension Notifications) CHAR   
265 FAPRS Evaluation type for attendances/absences CHAR   
266 FARBANZ IS-M/AM: Color number CHAR   
267 FARBE Color CHAR   
268 FARBNAME IS-M/AM: Color name CHAR   
269 FARBTYP IS-M/AM: Color type CHAR   
270 FAREG Billing rule in billing plan CHAR   
271 FARZT Travel time QUAN   
272 FASEL Production order visible CHAR   
273 FASHGRD Fashion Grade CHAR   
274 FASHGRD_BAPI Fashion Grade CHAR   
275 FATTR_KK Field attribute for field selection CHAR   
276 FATXT Marital status CHAR   
277 FATYP IS-H: Category of Specialty Key CHAR   
278 FAU64 Field selection (length 64) CHAR 64    
279 FAU70 Field selection (length 70) CHAR 70    
280 FAUGR Field selection group CHAR   
281 FAUGRSRV Field Selection Group CHAR   
283 FAUNARE Name of field selection string for funds reservation CHAR 11    
284 FAUPR Shipment Cost Information Profile CHAR 14    
285 FAUS140 Field selection of 140 characters CHAR 140    
286 FAUSW Indicator: Characteristic for Field Selection CHAR   
287 FAUTB Indicator: Field selection table CHAR   
288 FAVORITE_BASKET Indicator favorite CHAR   
289 FAWATTRIB Display attributes CHAR   
290 FAWBLDGR Dynpro group CHAR   
291 FAWBMASKE Field selection: mask for field attributes RAW 220    
292 FAWBWERT Field selection: Content of influencing field CHAR 25    
293 FAWC1 Indicator field: Field selection CHAR   
294 FAWFLDNAM Field Name CHAR 62    
295 FAWFSET Control Exception Processing for Workflows CHAR   
296 FAWGR Header and item field selection CHAR   
297 FAWGR_ISP Header and item field selection CHAR   
298 FAWMNUM Sequential field number NUMC   
299 FAWNBED Exception conditions: Exceptions for influenced fields CHAR 25    
300 FAWOPER Operator in TFAW CHAR   
301 FBAR1 Type of Family Allowance CHAR   
302 FBART Type of division CHAR   
303 FBC_BM_CONTRACT_TYPE Contract Type for FSCM Business Consolidator Business Model CHAR   
304 FBC_BUSREF Business Reference CHAR 40    
305 FBC_CESENDER Cost Event Sender CHAR 20    
306 FBC_CE_TASK Ext. Interface: Activity Indicator CHAR   
307 FBC_OBJREF Object Reference CHAR 36    
308 FBEVE_KK Event at which a function module is called CHAR   
309 FBEVE_VX Event at which a function module is called CHAR   
310 FBGST Status of shipment costs calc. CHAR   
311 FBGST_BEZ Overall status of calculation of shipment costs for shipment CHAR 25    
313 FBICRC_CO_HIER_KEY Company Hierarchy Node Key CHAR   
314 FBICRC_CO_HIER_TEXT Company Hierarchy Text CHAR 60    
315 FBICRC_CO_MAIL_ID Local Mail ID CHAR 10    
316 FBICRC_DOC_ID Unique Document ID CHAR 70    
317 FBICRC_ELEMENT Transaction for ICR New UI CHAR 32    
318 FBICRC_GROUP_REF Document Group Number CHAR 18    
319 FBICRC_ITEM Line Item NUMC   
322 FBICRC_PSTAT 3-Digit Numerical Fields Without Check NUMC   
323 FBICRC_TEXT Text CHAR 30    
324 FBKDA Type of Family Allowance CHAR   
325 FBLK Form block CHAR   
326 FBN_BSGRP Benefit holiday buy/sell limitation grouping CHAR   
327 FBN_CBEID Benefit indicator for start date of infotype records(ComCar) CHAR   
328 FBN_CENID Benefit indicator for infotype records' end date (ComCar) CHAR   
329 FBN_CHARC calculation character for BADI FBN0005 CHAR   
330 FBN_COPID Company car option indicator CHAR   
331 FBN_CSTINFO Cost Information STRG   
332 FBN_ERNID NI Cost Neutrality Indicator CHAR   
333 FBN_ESS_ACTION_PERFORMED ESS Benefits - Indicator for Executed Action CHAR   
334 FBN_FLEID Flexible Benefit plan indicator CHAR   
335 FBN_FMODE Flexible benefit funding mode CHAR   
336 FBN_GRPTX Holiday buying/selling grouping description CHAR 40    
337 FBN_IDTXT Flexible benefit plan indicator description CHAR 40    
338 FBN_MAXDA Max Buying/Selling Holiday this Month DEC   
339 FBN_OPTION Flexible Benefit Plan Option CHAR   
340 FBN_PLSUMM Plan Summary STRG   
341 FBN_QUNUM Number of employee time quota DEC 10 
342 FBN_STRING String STRG   
343 FBSTA Status of shipment costs calc. CHAR   
344 FBSTA_BEZ Description for status of shipment costs calculation CHAR 25    
345 FBS_HIER_LEVEL Hierarchy Level NUMC   
346 FBTCH_KK Action for Automatic Procedures in Financial Accounting NUMC   
347 FBUPER Period in the form YYYYMM ACCP   
350 FB_ICRC_CHAR300L Character 300 With Lowercase CHAR 300    
351 FB_ICRC_CURR_TRAN ICR: Currency Translation Settings CHAR   
352 FB_ICRC_DATA_COM_TYPE Communication Type CHAR   
355 FB_ICRC_FROLE Field Role of Customer Defined Field CHAR   
356 FB_ICRC_GROUPREF Document Group Number CHAR 18    
357 FB_ICRC_RTYPE Record Type CHAR   
358 FB_ICRC_SELIND Type of Selection Restriction CHAR   
359 FB_ICRC_SELSTRATEGY Selection Strategy CHAR   
360 FB_PARA Parameters for function module access CHAR   
361 FB_PROT_CALL_TYPE Callback Type CHAR   
362 FB_RC_APPLID Application ID CHAR 32    
363 FB_RC_CDBID Contact Person Database CHAR   
364 FB_RC_DISPC Display Category NUMC   
365 FB_RC_DSUBC Display Subcategory NUMC   
366 FB_RC_FCOMP Compare CHAR   
367 FB_RC_FROLE Field Role CHAR   
368 FB_RC_MTGID Message Template Group CHAR   
369 FB_RC_PLHID Placeholder CHAR   
370 FB_RC_RPROC Reconciliation Process CHAR   
371 FB_RC_RULE_ID Rule CHAR 10    
372 FB_RC_SETID Set ID CHAR 10    
373 FB_RC_STATUS Status NUMC   
374 FB_RC_TEMPL Message Template CHAR 10    
375 FB_REGION Region for Segmental Reporting CHAR 10    
376 FB_SEGMENT Segment for Segmental Reporting CHAR 10    
377 FB_STRING String STRG   
378 FB_TYP Follow-on document category of allocation table CHAR   
379 FCART Field catalog type CHAR   
380 FCATL Field catalog for statistics fields CHAR   
382 FCCNU Shipment cost processing: Number of collective run CHAR 10    
383 FCCODE IS-M/SD: Function control code for structural changes CHAR   
384 FCC_ABSTAND_TAGE Interval Between Task Lists in Days NUMC   
385 FCC_ACTIVE Boolean Indicator CHAR   
386 FCC_ACTIVITY Authorization Activity CHAR 10    
387 FCC_AGTTYP Agent Type CHAR   
388 FCC_APPLICATION Application CHAR 30    
389 FCC_AUTHGRP Authorization Group for Closing Cockpit CHAR 12    
390 FCC_AUTHGRP_LEVEL Authorization Group Level CHAR   
391 FCC_AUTHGRP_TEXT Description of Authorization Group CHAR 40    
392 FCC_AUTH_AREA General Authorization Control Area CHAR   
393 FCC_AUTH_RESULT Authorization Check Result CHAR   
394 FCC_AVAILABLE Boolean Indicator CHAR   
395 FCC_BWKEY Valuation Area CHAR   
396 FCC_CALENDAR_TYPE Calendar type CHAR   
397 FCC_CASE_SENSITIVE Case sensitive CHAR   
398 FCC_CHAR4 Char 4 CHAR   
399 FCC_CLOSING_HIERARCHY Closing Hierarchy CHAR   
400 FCC_CLOSING_HIERARCHY_TEXT Description of Closing Hierarchy CHAR 40    
401 FCC_CLOSING_PHASE Closing Phase CHAR   
402 FCC_CLOSING_PHASE_TEXT Description of Closing Phase CHAR 40    
403 FCC_CLOSING_TYPE Month-End/Quarter-End/Year-End Closing CHAR   
404 FCC_CLOSING_TYPE_DYNPRO Months/Weeks or Day-End Closing CHAR   
405 FCC_CRIT_PATH Indicator: Object Belongs to Critical Path CHAR   
406 FCC_DATE_TIME Date and Time CHAR 14    
407 FCC_DAY_TYPE Type of Day (Calendar Day or Working Day) CHAR   
408 FCC_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 64    
409 FCC_DOC_USAGE Usage of Document Type CHAR   
410 FCC_EDIT_MODE Edit Mode of Node/Item CHAR   
411 FCC_EXE_USR_TYPE_TEXT Text of Processor Type CHAR 32    
412 FCC_FOLDER_TEXT Folder Description CHAR 60    
413 FCC_FTYPE Output File Type CHAR   
414 FCC_GLOBAL_ID_DESC Global ID Description CHAR 60    
416 FCC_GLOBAL_ID_SEL Global ID Selection Options CHAR 20    
417 FCC_HANDLE_TASK Fast Close: Create or Change of a Task List CHAR   
418 FCC_HROBJID Agent ID in Organizational Management CHAR 30    
419 FCC_HROBJ_DES Object in Organizational Management for HR CHAR 50    
420 FCC_HRORG_TYPE_DES responsible and exe person orgunit type description CHAR 50    
421 FCC_IC_AUTO_TEXT Automation Level of Internal Control CHAR 40    
422 FCC_IC_PURP_TEXT Description of Purpose in Internal Control CHAR 40    
423 FCC_IC_SIG_TEXT Description of Significance in Internal Control CHAR 40    
424 FCC_INSTANCE Instance Number - Internal Number of Task List INT4 10    
425 FCC_INT Integer Counter for Fast Close (Node Administration) INT4 10    
426 FCC_INTERNALCONTROL_AUTO Automation Level of Internal Control CHAR   
427 FCC_INTERNALCONTROL_PURP Purpose of Internal Control CHAR   
428 FCC_INTERNALCONTROL_SIG Significance of Internal Control CHAR   
429 FCC_ITEM_TEXT_LONG Task Description CHAR 128    
430 FCC_JOB_ICON Task Type CHAR 46    
431 FCC_JOB_ID Job ID NUMC 10    
432 FCC_JOB_KEY For Parameter Transfer to Report Profile/Instance/Item CHAR 30    
433 FCC_KTOPL Number in Chart of Accounts CHAR   
434 FCC_LOWHIGH f. Ranges: LOW and HIGH Values CHAR 10    
435 FCC_METHOD Hierarchies for Closing Structure CHAR   
436 FCC_METHOD_TEXT Description of a Closing Method CHAR 64    
437 FCC_MIGRATION_STATUS Migration Status CHAR   
438 FCC_MILESTONE Closing Milestone CHAR   
439 FCC_MILESTONE_TEXT Description of Closing Milestone CHAR 40    
440 FCC_NOTIFICATION_CON Notification Configuration CHAR 10    
441 FCC_NOTIFICATION_OPT Notification Options CHAR   
442 FCC_NOTIFICATION_SCE Notification Scenario CHAR   
443 FCC_NOTI_CON_TEXT Description of Notification Configuration CHAR 40    
444 FCC_NOTI_METHOD Notification Method (via SAP Inbox or Non-SAP Inbox) CHAR   
445 FCC_NOTI_PRI Notification Priority CHAR   
446 FCC_NOTI_SCE_TEXT Description of Notification Scenario CHAR 40    
447 FCC_NUMC Counter NUMC 10    
448 FCC_NUM_INSTANCES Number of Task Lists To Be Created NUMC   
449 FCC_OFFSET_REL Time Offset INT4 10    
450 FCC_OFFSET_UZEIT Offset / Time of a Task CHAR 10    
451 FCC_OPTION Option f Ranges CHAR   
452 FCC_ORGTYPE Operating Concern, Controlling Area, or Company Code CHAR   
454 FCC_ORG_FULL_PATH Org Full Path CHAR 132    
455 FCC_OWNER Check Object Owner CHAR   
456 FCC_PARENT Parent for Node INT4 10    
457 FCC_PERIV Period Version CHAR   
458 FCC_POSITION Position Under Node INT4 10    
460 FCC_PROFILE_TEXT Text for Closing Template or Instance CHAR 32    
461 FCC_READY Status eines Aufgabenplans CHAR   
462 FCC_READ_ONLY Cannot Change Object CHAR   
463 FCC_REFERENCE Reference Field CHAR 50    
464 FCC_RFC_DEFAULT Default RFC Destination CHAR   
465 FCC_RFC_DESCRIPTION Configuration of RFC Destination CHAR 40    
466 FCC_RFC_ID Logic ID for RFC Destination in FCc CHAR 10    
467 FCC_ROLLOUT_FLD_TYPE Type of Field That Will Be Updated to Templates CHAR   
468 FCC_RUNTIME_DAYS Runtime in Days INT4 10    
469 FCC_RUNTIME_HOURS Runtime in Hours INT4 10    
470 FCC_RUNTIME_MINUTES Runtime in Minutes INT4 10    
471 FCC_SCHED_FUNC Fast Close: Which Schedule Function Should Be Performed CHAR   
472 FCC_SENT_ALREADY Flag Indicating Whether Notification is Sent INT1   
473 FCC_SEPARATOR Seperator Charactor for Importing CHAR   
474 FCC_SEQUENCE Fast Close: WF Runs CHAR 12    
475 FCC_SIGN SIGN f. Ranges CHAR   
476 FCC_SREP_INT_STAT Internal Status CHAR   
477 FCC_SREP_ITEM Task Item for Reporting CHAR 45    
478 FCC_SREP_STATUS Task Status (Aggregatable) INT4 10    
479 FCC_SREP_TYPE Structure Type CHAR   
480 FCC_START_DATE2 Date to Start Creating Task List DATS   
481 FCC_STATUS_ICON Icon/Test for Task Status CHAR 40    
482 FCC_STATUS_ITEM Item Status CHAR   
483 FCC_SUBSTITUTE Substitute user CHAR 12    
484 FCC_TABNAME AS400-DDIC: Table Name CHAR 30    
485 FCC_TASK_DEP Dependecny test CHAR 20    
486 FCC_TASK_DURATION Duration of Task Execution CHAR 10    
487 FCC_TASK_ID Task ID NUMC 12    
488 FCC_TASK_TYPE Task Type (Report, Workflow, Transaction, Note) CHAR   
490 FCC_TEMPLATE_TYPE Template Type CHAR   
491 FCC_TEMPL_TYPE Template Type CHAR   
492 FCC_TG_DIFF_MODE Difference Mode for Task Group CHAR   
493 FCC_TL_IND Indicator for Template/Task List CHAR   
494 FCC_TREE_PATH Path for Display CHAR 32    
495 FCC_TREE_PATH_LONG Path for Display (Long) CHAR 64    
497 FCC_USR_GROUP_DESCR Description of Custom User Group CHAR 60    
498 FCC_USR_PROFILE Filter Profile CHAR   
499 FCC_VAR_DESC Domain for FCC_VAR_DESC CHAR 50    
500 FCC_VAR_TYPE Type of Custom Variable CHAR