SAP ABAP Domain - Index F, page 6
Domain - F
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 FMCU_FLG_ELIGIBILITY Non-Eligible Cover Eligibility Indicator (Budgeting) CHAR   
3 FMCU_SIGN_CONVENTION BCS sign convention attributes CHAR   
4 FMCY_INDICATOR Document Copy Status Indicator CHAR   
5 FMD1_F15_BELEGNUMMER Document Number of Manager F15 Interface NUMC   
6 FMD1_F15_BEWIRTSCHAFTER Budget Manager Number F15 Interface CHAR   
7 FMD1_F15_BUCHUNGSTYP Reduction Payment or Final Payment F15 Interface CHAR   
8 FMD1_F15_FESTLEGUNG Reference to Definition or Recurring Entry F15 Interface CHAR   
9 FMD1_F15_STATUS Document Status F15 Interface CHAR   
10 FMD1_F15_VSL Processing Key F15 Interface CHAR   
11 FMD1_F15_VSLAUSZTYPE Processing Key Payment Category F15 Interface CHAR   
12 FMD1_F15_VSLTYPE Processing Key Category F15 Interface CHAR   
13 FMED_WF_STATUS Status for Workflow Activation CHAR   
14 FMEUF_AMT Amount Field CURR 15 
15 FMEUF_AOT Accounting Object CHAR   
16 FMEUF_ATTRIB Attributes Displayed CHAR   
17 FMEUF_CAT Document Category for Expenditure Certification CHAR   
18 FMEUF_CONCA Concatenation (Yes/No) CHAR   
19 FMEUF_CRTPR Certification Procedure CHAR   
20 FMEUF_DATECH Choice of Dates to be Defaulted into the Financing Source NUMC   
21 FMEUF_DATIME Update Date and Time (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) NUMC 14    
22 FMEUF_DOCGRP Domain for Document Group CHAR   
23 FMEUF_FIELDID Field which multiple selection refers to CHAR   
24 FMEUF_FNS Financing Source CHAR 31    
25 FMEUF_FN_PR Financing Source Preference NUMC   
26 FMEUF_FUNDCAT Funding Category CHAR   
27 FMEUF_INT Intervention CHAR   
28 FMEUF_MAINT How the Budget is Maintained on the Financing Source NUMC   
29 FMEUF_OPERA Operation for Expenditure Certification CHAR 24    
30 FMEUF_PAYRQ Payment is required for certification CHAR   
31 FMEUF_RCODE Regional Code CHAR 10    
32 FMEUF_STA Status for Expenditure Certification Run CHAR   
33 FMEUF_STATUS_EXIST Status if the object exists, does not exist or is deleted CHAR   
34 FMEUF_TAX_HAND Tax handling type CHAR   
35 FMEUF_TX_HAND Tax handling type CHAR   
36 FMEUF_TYP Financing Source Type CHAR   
37 FMEUF_UTILZ Usage of the Financing Source in Respect of Others CHAR   
38 FMFGAPID Accountable Property Identifier CHAR 10    
39 FMFGCCRREGIND CCR Registration Indicator CHAR   
40 FMFGCCRREGSTAT CCR Registration Status CHAR   
41 FMFGRCNAMTSELECT Amount to be totalled for reconciliation CHAR   
42 FMFGRCNBRKDOWN_LVL Reconciliation: field use for grouping/sorting in a rule CHAR   
43 FMFGRCNGROUPID Reconciliation Group ID CHAR   
44 FMFGRCNNOMATCHFLAG Treatment of unmatched reconciliation data CHAR   
45 FMFGRCNOPENBALFLAG Opening balance treatment flag CHAR   
46 FMFGRCNOPERATOR Reconciliation: operator (plus or minus) CHAR   
47 FMFGRCNPROVID Reconciliation Tool Data Provider ID CHAR   
48 FMFGRCNRULEID Reconciliation: Rule Identifier CHAR 10    
49 FMFGRCNSEL_OPTION Reconciliation: data selection OPTION CHAR   
50 FMFGRCNSEL_SIGN Reconciliation tool: Include/Exclude sign CHAR   
51 FMFGRCNSIDE Reconciliation: side of equation for a factor CHAR   
52 FMFGRCNSLICEID Identifier for a Reconciliation Data Slice CHAR   
53 FMFGRCNSPONSORFISCAL Option to use Sponsor or Grantee Fiscal Calendar for GM rcn CHAR   
54 FMFGRCN_BP_AMT Budget amount field for reconciliation CHAR   
55 FMFGRCN_SUB_GROUP_ID Reconciliation: Subtotal Group ID CHAR   
56 FMFGRPT_PARAXX Reporting Parameter CHAR 20    
57 FMFGSPGID Sensitive Property Group CHAR 10    
58 FMFG_ABP_ACTIVE Automatic Budget Postings Activation Indicator CHAR   
60 FMFG_AGENCY_ADRESS Agency Address CHAR 25    
61 FMFG_AGENCY_NAME Agency Name CHAR 20    
62 FMFG_AGENCY_TEL Agency telephone number CHAR 10    
63 FMFG_AID Agency Identification CHAR   
64 FMFG_ALC Agency Location Code - U.S. Federal Government CHAR   
65 FMFG_ALC_RE_CORE Agency Location Code - U.S. Federal Government CHAR   
66 FMFG_APPL Payment Application CHAR   
67 FMFG_APPORTDTL Apportionment Detail CHAR   
69 FMFG_BLSTATUS Budgetary Ledger status CHAR   
70 FMFG_BLSTATUS_ADJ BL status for adjustment doctype CHAR   
71 FMFG_BLSTATUS_SH Budgary Ledger Status CHAR   
72 FMFG_BL_AREA Budgetary Ledger area for US Federal extension CHAR   
73 FMFG_BSTAT Document Status CHAR   
74 FMFG_CCR_STATUS US Federal: CCR vendor status CHAR   
75 FMFG_COHORT Reporting year for Cohort CHAR   
76 FMFG_CUSTOMER_DESCRIPTION Description of Non-Federal Customer CHAR 30    
78 FMFG_EDIT Edit table check NUMC   
79 FMFG_EDIT_II Edit table check NUMC   
81 FMFG_FACTSII_REL FactsII Relevant CHAR   
82 FMFG_FID File Identification CHAR   
83 FMFG_FILE_ID File Identification CHAR   
85 FMFG_FLG_ADVANCE Advanced Flag CHAR   
86 FMFG_FLG_APPROPR_YEAR Appropriation year or subsequent year CHAR   
87 FMFG_FLG_BEA BEA Category CHAR   
88 FMFG_FLG_BEND Edit begin/end CHAR   
90 FMFG_FLG_BORROW Borrowing Source CHAR   
91 FMFG_FLG_DETYP Determination Type CHAR   
92 FMFG_FLG_GROUP Edit 2 table group CHAR   
93 FMFG_FLG_PYA Prior Year Adjustment CHAR   
94 FMFG_FSN US Feeral Fiscal Satation Number CHAR   
95 FMFG_FT_BL_ACCT_TYPE_POST FMFG: Fund Type Post to Account Type CHAR   
96 FMFG_FUND_STATUS_MNT_VIEW Fund status for maintenance views (with * ) CHAR   
97 FMFG_GROUP Edit table group CHAR   
98 FMFG_IPACD_ACCT_ASSGMT IPACed Account Assignment for Proposed IPACed document CHAR   
99 FMFG_IPACD_ORIGN Origination of Invoice Document CHAR   
100 FMFG_IPACD_TRANSID US Federal IPACed Transation ID CHAR 16    
101 FMFG_IPACD_TRANS_TY US Federal IPACed Transaction Type CHAR   
102 FMFG_IPACD_TYPE Type of IPACed record CHAR   
103 FMFG_LINE_ID SF 133 Line ID CHAR   
105 FMFG_MATCH_ID_SAP Match ID to SAP element CHAR   
106 FMFG_MM_ACTYP Activity type for transaction CHAR   
107 FMFG_OFFSET_STATUS Treasury Offset Status CHAR   
108 FMFG_OFFSET_TXT Treasury offset Status CHAR 40    
109 FMFG_OFF_SET Offset CHAR   
110 FMFG_PAYMENT_TYPE US Fed. Government payment type CHAR   
111 FMFG_PMT_OFF Payment Office - U.S. Federal Government CHAR   
112 FMFG_PMT_OFF_RE_CORE Payment Office - U.S. Federal Government CHAR   
113 FMFG_PMT_TYPE Payment file format CHAR   
114 FMFG_PROGRAM_REPORT_CATEGORY Program Reporting Category CHAR   
115 FMFG_PSCOM Fixed Value Append for US Federal     
116 FMFG_PYA Prior Year Adjustment CHAR   
117 FMFG_RCTXT Improper Invoice Reason Code Text CHAR 50    
118 FMFG_RES Continous Resolution CHAR   
119 FMFG_REVCOL Revenue or Collection (used for Acc. Deriv. Misc Receipts) CHAR   
120 FMFG_RE_BLTYP Earmarked funds document category NUMC   
121 FMFG_RPTA_ADDIN Include adding of additional reporting attributes CHAR   
122 FMFG_SCH_STATUS Payment Schedule Status - U.S. Federal Government CHAR   
123 FMFG_SGL_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE FMFG - FACTS2 Attribute Attribute Values CHAR   
124 FMFG_SSBLK Block key for payment sampling process CHAR   
125 FMFG_STATUS Entry status CHAR   
126 FMFG_SUBNR Subnumber for encoding of further characteristics NUMC 10    
127 FMFG_SUMPAYCODE1 SPS Summary Payment Code First Position CHAR   
128 FMFG_SUMPAYCODE2 SPS Summary Payment Code second position CHAR   
129 FMFG_TRANSFER Transfer Agency CHAR   
130 FMFG_TRANSFER_CODE_TEXT Transfer Agency Text CHAR 30    
131 FMFG_TRAN_ACCT Transfer Account CHAR   
132 FMFG_YEAR_INFO FM US federal government year info CHAR   
133 FMFG_YN Yes /No Indicator CHAR   
134 FMFG_YR_BUD_AUTH Year of Budget Authority CHAR   
135 FMHIE_HIE_ID Hierarchy ID CHAR 10    
136 FMHIE_HIE_ROLE Hierarchical Role of an Account Assignment Element CHAR   
137 FMHIE_LEVEL Hierarchy Level NUMC   
138 FMHIE_TTXID_TYPE Master Data Type CHAR   
139 FMHRBA_USE_VAD Änderung von Belegbeträgen nur durch Wertanpassungsbelege CHAR   
140 FMKF_CMMTITEM_CAT_AGGR Key Figures - Commitment item category aggregation CHAR   
141 FMKF_RECON_ERRTYPE Error Type in Key Figure Comparison CHAR   
142 FMKGRUND Clarification Reason CHAR   
143 FMKINDAM Type of small amount CHAR   
144 FMKUORGFAVTEXT Name for Favorites CHAR 64    
145 FMKU_BUDTXT_APPLIC Application for Budget Text CHAR   
146 FMKY_____4 Function menu key CHAR   
147 FMLA_LAYOUTVAR Layout variant for FM CHAR   
148 FMLA_LAYPOS Position for layout management CHAR   
149 FMLEN Length INT4 10    
150 FMMA_BUDOPTION Budget option for multi annual budgeting CHAR   
151 FMMA_PERCTIMEHOR Time Horizon for Percentages in Multi-Annual Budgeting NUMC   
152 FMMESSAGE_VAR Message variables 1,2,3 or 4 CHAR 20    
153 FMMP_FLGTEST_AVC Execution Mode in Mass Transaction w/o AVC Checks CHAR   
154 FMNUM Numme eine Formulars NUMC   
155 FMOTYPE Object Type CHAR   
156 FMOUT_S200_STATUS Attributes of Output Line CHAR   
157 FMPD_VTYP Processing Type CHAR   
158 FMPEB_ENT Organizational Definition of a Partly Exempt Org. CHAR   
159 FMPEB_STATUS_ICON Status icon CHAR 60    
160 FMPEB_VAQ Input Tax Deduction Rate DEC
161 FMPEP_ADDITIVE Additive Mode for New Planning Tool CHAR   
162 FMPEP_DOCSTATE Document Status (New Planning Tool) CHAR   
163 FMPEP_EDIT_MODE FMPEP: flag for editable field CHAR   
164 FMPEP_LAYOUTVAR Layout Variant CHAR   
165 FMPEP_PROCESS Domain for Internal Process in transaction FMPEP CHAR   
167 FMPSODC Due Date for Dunning Charges NUMC   
168 FMPSOTL Title CHAR 20    
169 FMRAPPSTATUS Authorization Status (Refused, Confirmed) CHAR   
170 FMRB_RULE_ADDRESS_ROLE Role of Budget Address in a RIB rule CHAR   
171 FMRB_UPDFILT FM Filter Profile for Posting Data (RIB) CHAR   
172 FMREASON Reason for decision in funds reservations CHAR   
173 FMREAS_TYPE Specifies the Dimension to be Assigned to an Account CHAR   
174 FMREAS_TYPE_DUMMY Specifies the Dimension to be Assigned to an Account CHAR   
175 FMREFBLTYP Reference document type: reservation or funds precommitment CHAR   
176 FMREFCOPY Copy Type for Account Assignment Transfer CHAR   
177 FMREMCFIBT Funds reservation document categories for matchcode in FI NUMC   
178 FMRE_AUTH Activities for funds reservations CHAR   
179 FMRE_BLART Document type for manual commitment CHAR   
180 FMRE_BLTYP Earmarked funds document category NUMC   
181 FMRE_BLTYP_AUTH Earmarked funds document category NUMC   
182 FMRE_FIELDNAME Field names for earmarked funds customizing CHAR 30    
183 FMRE_FLG_CATEFD Indicator CHAR   
184 FMRE_STATS Funds Management Statistical Indicator CHAR   
185 FMRE_TABNAME Table names for earmarked fund customizing CHAR 30    
186 FMRE_TABS_CUSTFIELDS Permitted table names for field status in earmarked funds CHAR 30    
187 FMRE_TABS_TEMPLATES Permitted tables for earmarked fund reference fields CHAR 30    
188 FMRLOCK Earmarked funds: domain for document locks CHAR   
189 FMROACTION Requested action CHAR   
190 FMRO_LINE_STATUS Schedule line status CHAR   
191 FMRO_SCH_TYPE Schedule item type: regular or final CHAR   
192 FMRO_STATUS Schedule status CHAR   
193 FMRO_TIME_BASIS Time basis for a schedule CHAR   
194 FMRPF_FEATURE_NAME Feature for Reporting Structure CHAR 30    
195 FMRPF_FIELD_TYPE Type of Field in Reporting Structure CHAR   
196 FMRPF_ORIGIN SAP / Customer CHAR   
198 FMRPF_RS_OUTPUT Output Format of Reporting Structure CHAR   
200 FMRPF_RS_TYPE Type of Reporting Structure CHAR 10    
201 FMRPF_SELOPT_255 'Generic' SELECT-OPTION for Dynamic Selections CHAR 255    
202 FMRPF_SQL_TYPE Type of SQL interface CHAR   
203 FMRPF_TRAFIC_LIGHT Traffic lights CHAR   
204 FMRPF_WERTV9 Value field PL9 with +/- sign CURR 17 
205 FMRSUBTYPE Earmarked Funds: Sub Type CHAR   
206 FMRSUPPACT Value Adjustment Documents: Activities CHAR   
207 FMRSUPPTYPE Value Adjustments: Type (Increase, Decrease) CHAR   
208 FMR_CONSVRGNG Valid Transactions for Reducing Earmarked Funds CHAR   
209 FMR_FIELDLOC Earmarked Funds: Field Category (Header Field, Item Field) CHAR   
211 FMR_GOODS_ISSUE Reduction from MM Goods Issue     
212 FMR_INTSCENARIO Domain for Scenario CHAR   
213 FMR_INTSCENARIO_RES material reservation integration     
214 FMR_MVSTAT Document Entry Status (Posted, Parked) CHAR   
215 FMR_TOLSL Tolerance Keys CHAR   
216 FMR_VACCMV Rules for Account Assignment Transfer from Earmarked Funds CHAR 10    
217 FMSP_ACTION Action for Rule-Based Account Distributions CHAR   
218 FMSP_ACTIVITY Activity for Authorization: Rule-Based Account Distributions CHAR   
219 FMSP_APROF_ID Action Profile ID for Rule-Based Account Distributions CHAR 12    
220 FMSP_AUTG Authorization group for Rule-Based Account Distributions CHAR   
221 FMSP_BINDING_TP Controls whether rule results are binding or may be changed CHAR   
222 FMSP_CABAAPPL Target Component for CATS CHAR   
223 FMSP_DIST_METHOD Distribution method for Rule-Based Account Distributions CHAR   
224 FMSP_EVENT Processing event for Rule-Based Account Distributions CHAR 12    
225 FMSP_FPROF_ID Field Profile ID for Rule-Based Account Distributions CHAR 12    
226 FMSP_GROUP_ID Rule Group ID for Rule-Based Account Distributions CHAR   
227 FMSP_PERCENT Percentage for Rule-Based Account Distributions DEC
228 FMSP_REMAINDER_TYPE Remainder handling for partial allocation by distribution CHAR   
229 FMSP_RESULT_STATUS Rule-Based Account Distributions: overall result indicator CHAR   
230 FMSP_RULE_ID Distribution Rule ID for Rule-Based Account Distributions CHAR 12    
231 FMSP_RULE_TP Rule Type for Rule-Based Account Distributions CHAR   
232 FMSP_SPLIT_AUTG Authorization group for PSM account assignment splitting CHAR   
233 FMSP_SPLIT_ID Unique ID for Distribution in Rule-Based Account Distribut'n NUMC 10    
234 FMSP_STATUS Activation status for Rule-Based Account Distribution Rule CHAR   
235 FMTX_HVM_CVP_TEXT_VAR Allowed Values for Text Variable for Mutual Cover Memo CHAR 12    
236 FMTX_HVM_CVU_TEXT_VAR Allowed Values for Text Variable for One-way Cover Memo CHAR 12    
237 FMTX_HVM_GLOB_TEXT_VAR Values for Global Text Variables CHAR 12    
238 FMTX_HVM_RIB_TEXT_VAR Allowed Values for Text Variable in CHAR 12    
239 FMTYP Form variant type CHAR   
240 FMTYP_KK Funds Management Character of Line Item CHAR   
241 FMT_BR_KK Format name for incoming file for brazil CHAR 10    
242 FMT_CH_KK ASR-ESR -XML format CHAR   
243 FMT_JP_KK Format name for incoming file for Japan CHAR 10    
244 FMT_RL_KK Prenote return: Incoming file CHAR 10    
245 FMUSFGSUBMITNO Submittal Number CHAR   
246 FMUSFGTSCODE Treasury Subclass CHAR   
247 FMUSFGTSSUFFIX Treasury Symbol Suffix CHAR   
248 FMUSFG_ALC_BAT Agency Location Code Business Activity Type CHAR   
249 FMUSFG_GWA_ACTION Governmentwide Accounting Reporter Category Action CHAR   
250 FMUSFG_GWA_RC Governmentwide Accounting Reporter Category CHAR   
251 FMUSFG_GWA_TARGET Governmentwide Accounting Modernization Target System CHAR   
252 FMUSFG_GWA_TRANSACTION_TYPE Governmentwide Accounting Transaction Type CHAR   
253 FMUSSGLADJMT FM US Federal Government SGL Upward/Downward Adjustment CHAR   
254 FMUSSGLADJSTMNT Budget Adjustment CHAR   
255 FMUSSGLCODE Transaction Code for US SGL CHAR 10    
256 FMUSSGLCODET FM US SGL Transaction Code Text CHAR 90    
257 FMUSSGLDLVRD Delivered indicator for US SGL budgetary ledger CHAR   
258 FMUSSGLDLVRY FM US Federal Government SGL Delivery Indicator CHAR   
259 FMUSSGLPAID US SGL PAID (FBT account) flag CHAR   
260 FMUSSGLPAY FM US Federal Government SGL Paid Indicator CHAR   
261 FMUSSGLVBUND Company ID of trading partner flag for BL enterprise release CHAR   
262 FMVAR Form Variant CHAR   
263 FMVART Verdichtungsschlüsselart für den Tagesabschluß CHAR   
264 FMVAR_TYPE Type of form variant CHAR   
265 FMVKZ Kennzeichen für Verdichtungsschlüsselart CHAR   
266 FMVOR Classification of Line CHAR   
267 FMVOR_KK Classification of Line CHAR   
268 FMWFACTTYP Activate types for FM role definition CHAR   
269 FMWFBLTYP Document types for FI/FM role definition NUMC   
270 FMWFDOCCLA Document class for WF role definition CHAR   
271 FMWFLEVEL Level for workflow role definition NUMC   
272 FM_ABP_APPLICATION Application area CHAR   
273 FM_ABSCHN Section CHAR 12    
274 FM_ACCOUNT_CLASS Classification of SGL Accounts CHAR   
275 FM_ACTDT Details for Commitments and Actual in Funds Management NUMC   
276 FM_ACTYPE Reassignment catgeory CHAR   
277 FM_ALPRO Profile flag CHAR   
278 FM_ANZEINW Anzahl Einwohner INT4 10    
279 FM_AUTHACT Activity for authorization check CHAR   
280 FM_AUTH_AREA FM: Subdivision of Different Areas (Authorizations) CHAR 10    
281 FM_AUTOCF FM: Automatic Commitment Carryforward CHAR   
282 FM_AVC_SEQ Ranking of cover types in availability control NUMC   
283 FM_AZPB Anticipated Budget Indicator CHAR   
284 FM_BELEV_KK Document Level CHAR   
285 FM_BELST IS-PS: Document status CHAR   
286 FM_BELTP Debit type (revenue, expenditure, stock) NUMC   
287 FM_BLACCOUNT_CLASS Classification of Accounts going into the BL CHAR   
288 FM_BLIND FI Document Indicator for Budgetary Ledger CHAR   
289 FM_BL_ACTIVE Indicator, whether BL is active CHAR   
290 FM_BL_FILTER Filter for the BL BADIs CHAR   
291 FM_BL_POPLINES_IND Indicator for BL core BADI method populate_lines CHAR   
292 FM_BL_SPLIT Splitting Indicator for the Budgetary Ledger CHAR   
293 FM_BPREP_RET_DOCNR Budget Preparation: Document Number for Retraction Run NUMC 10    
294 FM_BPTAB Tab Strip Title CHAR 21    
295 FM_BPTAB9 Tab Strip Title CHAR   
296 FM_BTART Amount type CHAR   
297 FM_BUART Budget type CHAR   
298 FM_BUCAT Budget Category in Funds Management NUMC   
299 FM_BUDDT Detailing of Budget in Funds Management NUMC   
300 FM_BUDGET_ACTUALS Classification of BL posting type (Actual/Budget) CHAR   
301 FM_BUDGET_PERIOD FM: Budget Period CHAR 10    
302 FM_BUDGET_SCOPE FM: Budget Scope for Fund Type CHAR   
303 FM_BUREAU Federal bureau CHAR   
304 FM_BUSINESS_LINE Business line CHAR   
305 FM_BUVRG Payment Transaction in Cash Desk Subledger CHAR 10    
306 FM_CCF_AP Approval Procedure for Cmmt Carryforward CHAR   
307 FM_CCF_AVC Commitment Carryforward FM: Control of Availability Control CHAR   
308 FM_CCF_CHAIN Default Setting Commitment Carryforward CHAR   
309 FM_CCF_DP_DOCTYPE Document Type for Down Payment Carryforward CHAR   
310 FM_CCF_OPTION_CHAIN Type of Value Adjustment for Document Chains INT1   
311 FM_CCF_OPTION_SPAIN Transaction Option for Spanish Carryforward CHAR   
312 FM_CCF_REVRS Fiscal Year Change IS-PS: Carryback Status CHAR   
313 FM_CFB FM Commitment Carryforward: Commitment Budget Carryforward CHAR   
314 FM_CFCNT FYC status: No. of carryovers from previous year NUMC   
315 FM_CFLEV Carryforward level CHAR   
316 FM_CFLEV_OPTION Option for Updating Commitment Carryforward Flag CHAR   
317 FM_CFRULE FM carryforward rule (FYC) CHAR 10    
318 FM_CFST Fiscal year change status NUMC   
319 FM_CFTYPE FM carryforward type (FYC) NUMC   
320 FM_CHC Character for payment decision CHAR   
321 FM_CHECK_FM_ACCOUNTS Check FM Account Assignments CHAR   
322 FM_CHECK_MODE Check Mode in FM for CO planning CHAR   
323 FM_CLLCTFLG FM BL posting flag for GL account line-items collection CHAR   
324 FM_CNTRL_COMPONENT Type of Control Data CHAR   
325 FM_CODE_A1 FIFM: 1 alphanumeric character CHAR   
326 FM_CODE_N1 FIFM: 1 numeric character NUMC   
327 FM_COHORT Reporting year for Cohort CHAR   
328 FM_COLLECT Use type in collective budget administration CHAR   
329 FM_COLLTYP Collective budget adminstration category CHAR   
330 FM_COLUMN Number of Columns in List Headers NUMC   
331 FM_COMB Combined Document Predecessors CHAR   
332 FM_COPY_STATUS Status of copy NUMC   
333 FM_CORULE CO rule which has lead to reassignment CHAR   
334 FM_COVERSQ Sequence of cover types in availability control NUMC   
335 FM_COV_TYP Type of Cover Eligibility CHAR   
336 FM_CTRL_HC FM-CO assignment field status CHAR   
337 FM_CVRULENR Number of a Generic Rule for Cover Pools NUMC   
338 FM_DATTYPE Date type CHAR   
340 FM_DD_ATTRIBUTE FM ALV Grid Lists: SAP Color Attribute for Dynamic Doc NUMC   
341 FM_DD_COLOUR FM ALV Grid Lists: SAP Color Attributes for Dynamic Docs NUMC   
342 FM_DECKRNG Cover pool CHAR 16    
343 FM_DEPARTMENT Federal department CHAR   
344 FM_DEPT_REG Treasury Account symbol - Department regular CHAR   
345 FM_DEPT_TRAN Treasury Account Symbol - Department Transfer CHAR   
346 FM_DERIVATION_INDEX FM Closing Operations: Counter for Derivation Rules NUMC   
347 FM_DERIV_KIND Type of Derivation for Budget Preparation CHAR   
348 FM_DISTKEY Distribution key CHAR   
349 FM_DOCUMENT_TYPE Document Type CHAR   
350 FM_DPERG Ereignis (Dyn. Perform) CHAR   
351 FM_DP_WITH_PO FM Down payment with reference to purchase order for BL CHAR   
352 FM_EDIT_STATUS Pre-Edit Status CHAR   
353 FM_EDSIGN Special Character for the Format of the Commitment Item CHAR   
354 FM_EPLAN Individual plan number CHAR 12    
355 FM_EPNUM Line item number NUMC 21    
356 FM_EPONR FI-FM line item number CHAR 30    
357 FM_ERR Errors for Table FMRC07 CHAR   
358 FM_ERROR Error flag in FM data recording CHAR   
359 FM_EU_ERROR Field for displaying errors in EU reports CHAR 100    
360 FM_EXCLUDE_FLAG Including/Excluding Flag CHAR   
361 FM_FICTR FIFM: Funds center identification CHAR 10    
362 FM_FICTRPART1 Funds Center CHAR   
363 FM_FIELDNAME Field Names for Field Selection Control CHAR 30    
364 FM_FIELDSEL Name of Field Selection String for Master Data CHAR 11    
365 FM_FIELDSTATUS Indicator for the Field Status CHAR   
366 FM_FINUSE FIFM: Application of funds from secondary sources CHAR 16    
367 FM_FIPEX Commitment item CHAR 24    
368 FM_FIPEXPART1 Functional Classification CHAR   
369 FM_FIPEXPART2 Functional Classification CHAR   
370 FM_FIPEXPART3 Territorial Classification CHAR   
371 FM_FIPGR Commitment Item Group CHAR 20    
372 FM_FIPOX Financial item without value table CHAR 14    
373 FM_FISCAL_YR Treasury Account symbol - Fiscal year CHAR   
374 FM_FIVOR Financial transaction NUMC   
375 FM_FLG_APPORT Apportionment Category CHAR   
376 FM_FLG_AUTHOR Authority Type CHAR   
377 FM_FLG_AVAIL Availability Time CHAR   
378 FM_FLG_BEA BEA Category CHAR   
379 FM_FLG_BORROW Borrowing Source CHAR   
380 FM_FLG_COVERED Covered/Not Covered CHAR   
381 FM_FLG_CUSTODIAL Custodial Indicator CHAR   
382 FM_FLG_DEFINITE Definite/Indef Indicator CHAR   
383 FM_FLG_ENTITY Entity Indicator CHAR   
384 FM_FLG_EXCHANGE Exchange/Nonexchange CHAR   
385 FM_FLG_FEDERAL Federal Indicator CHAR   
386 FM_FLG_INVENTORY_POSTING Indicates that the current posting is an inventory posting CHAR   
387 FM_FLG_INVNTRY_PSTNG Indicates that the current posting is an inventory posting CHAR   
388 FM_FLG_PARTNER Transaction Partner CHAR   
389 FM_FLG_REIMBUR Reimbursable CHAR   
391 FM_FPART Commitment Item Type CHAR   
392 FM_FRGPRO Release Group Profile CHAR   
393 FM_FRGPROT Name of Group Profile Release CHAR 20    
394 FM_FRGRP Release Group CHAR   
395 FM_FRGT20 Name of Release Group (M) CHAR 20    
396 FM_FRGT30 Name of Release Group (L) CHAR 30    
397 FM_FRGT5 Release Group Description (K) CHAR   
398 FM_FRGVORG Release Group CHAR   
399 FM_FUNCTION_DEACTIVATED Deactivate Functional Area CHAR   
400 FM_FUND Sponsor/fund CHAR 20    
401 FM_FUNDSEL FIFM: Quantity of selected fund (closing operations) CHAR 10    
402 FM_FUNDSTAT Fund status CHAR   
403 FM_FUNDTYPE FM Fund Type CHAR   
404 FM_FUNDTYPET FM Fund Type Description CHAR 35    
405 FM_FUND_ACCOUNT_SYMBOL Fund account symbol CHAR   
406 FM_FUND_DEACTIVATED Deactivate Fund CHAR   
407 FM_FUND_STATUS FM Fund Status (Unexpired, Expired, Cancelled) CHAR   
408 FM_FYC_AREA FM Closing Operations: Area for System Settings NUMC   
409 FM_FYC_PARAL Number of Parallel Processes in Closing Operations NUMC   
410 FM_FYC_PROCESS FM Closing Operations CHAR   
411 FM_GEBER_CANCEL FIFM: Sponsor/Fund CHAR 10    
412 FM_GJAHR Fiscal year NUMC   
413 FM_GMVKZ Indicators for Items being executed CHAR   
414 FM_GRANT_DEACTIVATED Deactivate Grant CHAR   
415 FM_GROUP Groups CHAR 10    
416 FM_GRP Gruppierung ( sachliche Gliederung ) CHAR   
417 FM_GRUNR Group number for transport procedure NUMC   
418 FM_GRUPPE Group CHAR 12    
419 FM_HGRUPPE Main group CHAR 12    
420 FM_HILEVEL FIFM: Level within a hierarchy NUMC   
421 FM_HIVARNT Hierarchy Variant of Funds Center CHAR   
422 FM_HIVERS FIFM: Version for a Hierarchy CHAR 10    
423 FM_HIVERS_CL FIFM: version for a hierarchy CHAR 10    
424 FM_HSART Commitment Item Type CHAR   
425 FM_HVMART Budget memo type CHAR   
426 FM_HVMKURZ Budget memo identifier CHAR   
427 FM_HVMTNR Budget memo text number CHAR 10    
428 FM_INTCNT Internal numerical coding CHAR 10    
429 FM_INTERVALTYPE Numbering for the Interval Category INT1   
430 FM_ITABKEY Internal key of internal table NUMC 10    
431 FM_IZFBD Proposal Baseline Date CHAR   
432 FM_KABLG IS-PS: Cash desk closing in cash desk subsidiary ledger CHAR   
433 FM_KATEG Ind. Acct. Assgnt./Summ. NUMC   
434 FM_KNZAE Commitment Item Category NUMC   
435 FM_KONTL FM BL Account Assignment For BL Splitting (Obigation) CHAR 50    
436 FM_KONTT FM BL Account Assignment For BL Splitting (Obligation Type) CHAR   
437 FM_KRGRP Criterion category group CHAR   
438 FM_KRIT Commitment Item Criterion CHAR 10    
439 FM_KRTYP Criterion Category of the Commitment Item CHAR   
440 FM_KRTYPKZ Criterion Category Indicator CHAR   
441 FM_KZBST "Balance update" indicator CHAR   
442 FM_KZEPO Line item indicator CHAR   
443 FM_LAENGE Field length INT1   
444 FM_LDAREA Ledger area CHAR   
445 FM_LDPROC Ledger activity CHAR   
446 FM_LEGIS Type of Legislation CHAR   
447 FM_LINE_TYPE_KK Line Category for Mixed Display of FI/FM Documents CHAR   
448 FM_LISTPOS Item within a list NUMC   
449 FM_LNITEM_GROUP Doc. Line Items Grp NUMC   
450 FM_MAIN_ACCT Treasury Account Symbol - Main Account CHAR   
451 FM_MAX_YEAR_CASH_EFF Number of Cash Effectivity Years NUMC   
452 FM_MAX_YEAR_FIN_PLAN Number of Financial Budget Years NUMC   
454 FM_MEASURE FM: Funded Program CHAR 24    
455 FM_MESSAGE Fund message severity CHAR   
456 FM_NDAB Indicator NDA Budget CHAR   
457 FM_NET_OUTLAYS_CURR Currency Field of Length 18 CURR 18 
458 FM_NOTIFY_DATE Notification Date DATS   
459 FM_NO_COLUMNS FM ALV Grid Lists: Columns in List Header NUMC   
460 FM_NUMC7 Test INT4 10    
461 FM_OBART Object type CHAR   
462 FM_OBART_OLC OLC: Value for Operative Level Costing     
463 FM_OBJECT Single Dimension CHAR 24    
464 FM_OBJECTTYPE Dimension Type CHAR   
465 FM_OBJ_STATUS Status for FM objects CHAR   
466 FM_ORDER Define Sequence of Drilldown CHAR   
467 FM_PAYFLG Payment status in FM CHAR   
468 FM_PAYM_CMEM_UPD Update Credit Memos CHAR   
469 FM_PAYTR_PARAL Number of Parallel Processes for Payment Selection NUMC   
470 FM_PAY_STA Status of availability check CHAR   
471 FM_POSIT Item (Internal Commitment Item Number) CHAR   
472 FM_POTYP Commitment Item Category NUMC   
473 FM_POTYP_BW Commitment item category NUMC   
474 FM_PPLAN Chart of Commitment Items CHAR   
475 FM_PRC FM: Percentage rate NUMC   
476 FM_PRE_BAL_CURR Amount field for Cash Journal with +/- sign CURR 15 
477 FM_PRIO Priority of entries CHAR   
478 FM_PROCESS_CONTROL FM Mass Reports: Processing Type CHAR   
479 FM_PROFIL Actual control profiles CHAR   
480 FM_PSOPE Number of Interest Items CHAR   
481 FM_PSOZB Interest base CHAR   
482 FM_PSOZG Interest Basis CHAR   
483 FM_PSO_FILTER Filter for Requests BADIs CHAR   
484 FM_PUBLAW Public Law cited CHAR 20    
485 FM_PUBLAW_SHORT Public law (short version) CHAR   
486 FM_RATETYPE Procedure for Generating Due Dates CHAR   
487 FM_RECTRL Revenue/expenditure control CHAR   
488 FM_REFBTYP Reference document category NUMC   
489 FM_RESCL_ISPS Indicator: Document Item Completed CHAR   
490 FM_RESDE_ISPS Indicator: Document Item Deleted CHAR   
491 FM_REV_EXP_CVP Revenues or expenditures cover pool CHAR   
492 FM_RIB_CALC_BASIS Calculation basis for additional revenues CHAR   
493 FM_RIB_OBJECT Revenue Objects for Budget Increase CHAR   
494 FM_RODMUPDMOD BW Delta Procedure: Update Mode CHAR   
495 FM_RPPROG Main program CHAR 40    
496 FM_RT7 RT7 Indicator CHAR   
497 FM_RVERS Version CHAR   
498 FM_SEPARATOR Separator CHAR   
499 FM_SEPARATOR_TYPE Type of Separators CHAR   
500 FM_SEQUENC Ranking Order in Generic Search NUMC