SAP ABAP Domain - Index F, page 5
Domain - F
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 FIPR_KEYPREFIX Prefix for Key Fields CHAR 10    
2 FIPR_LISTNO List Number NUMC   
3 FIPR_MULT Multiplicity CHAR   
4 FIPR_PRODAREA Product Range CHAR   
5 FIPR_PRODEXT External Product ID CHAR 10    
6 FIPR_PRODINT Product ID CHAR 18    
7 FIPR_PRODINT_NET Internal Product Number Without Prefix NUMC   
8 FIPR_PRODNO Product ID CHAR 18    
9 FIPR_PRODNO_NET Internal Product Number Without Prefix NUMC   
10 FIPR_PRODNO_OLD Old Product Number CHAR 20    
11 FIPR_PRODTYPE Product Category CHAR   
12 FIPR_PRODUCT_OLD Old Product Number CHAR 20    
13 FIPR_STATUSATTR Status of an Attribute in a Version CHAR   
14 FIPR_STATUSVERS Status of a Version CHAR   
15 FIPR_T_PRODINT Product Description CHAR 30    
16 FIPR_VALNO Sequence number NUMC   
17 FIPR_VALUE Value of attribute CHAR 20    
18 FIPR_VALUE2 Value of an attribute in the matrix CHAR 10    
19 FIPR_VERSION Version of a Product NUMC   
20 FIPR_X Indicator CHAR   
21 FIPT_EXTRACT Extraction Different Option CHAR   
22 FIPT_SRCINV SAFT :Source of Invoice CHAR   
23 FIP_ABGRU Reason for rejection CHAR   
24 FIP_ANGNR Quotation Number CHAR 10    
25 FIP_ASORT Assortment CHAR 10    
26 FIP_AUART Sales order type CHAR   
27 FIP_BAL_ACCESS_TYPE Access Type for Backend Abstraction Layer CHAR   
28 FIP_BELNV Number of a document in distribution CHAR 10    
29 FIP_BELTV Category of documents in distribution CHAR   
30 FIP_BORESTRI Internal restriction ind. f.optimized PO-based load building CHAR   
31 FIP_BOTYPI Internal restriction category indicator for load building CHAR   
33 FIP_BSTAE Confirmation Control Key CHAR   
34 FIP_BURKS Company code CHAR   
35 FIP_CALENDAR_WEEK Calendar Week CHAR   
36 FIP_DATE_TYPE Date Type for Stat Periods CHAR   
37 FIP_DB_MODIFY_TYPE Indicates what should be done with a DB item line CHAR   
38 FIP_DEFAULT Default Boolean CHAR   
39 FIP_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 255    
40 FIP_DOC_ITEM Item number of document NUMC   
41 FIP_DOC_NUMBER Document number CHAR 10    
42 FIP_DOC_SCHED document schedule line NUMC   
43 FIP_DOC_TYPE Document type CHAR   
44 FIP_DPLFS Fair share rule CHAR   
45 FIP_EBSTYP Purchasing document category CHAR   
46 FIP_ELDAT Goods Receipt End Date DATS   
47 FIP_ELUHR Goods Receipt End Time TIMS   
48 FIP_ESTAK Status of purchasing document CHAR   
49 FIP_FAIR_SHARE_RULE Fair share rule CHAR   
50 FIP_FEPRF Distribution profile of plant master CHAR   
51 FIP_FLAG Boolian value: yes/no CHAR   
53 FIP_FOLLOWUP_TYP_NR Follow-Up Type Number CHAR   
54 FIP_IDNEX External Material Number CHAR 35    
55 FIP_KALSE Group for calculation schema (purchasing organization) CHAR   
56 FIP_KALSM Costing Sheet CHAR   
57 FIP_LIZYK Delivery cycle identification CHAR   
58 FIP_MENGE Quantities of different types QUAN 13 
59 FIP_MMSTA Material status from MM/PP view CHAR   
60 FIP_MONTH Calendar Month for FIP NUMC   
61 FIP_MPPRF Distribution profile of material master CHAR   
62 FIP_MRPPP PPC planning calendar CHAR   
63 FIP_MR_ACTIVATION_DATE Activation date DATS   
64 FIP_MR_MATERIAL_RANGE_TYPE Type of material range (planned or in procurement) CHAR   
65 FIP_MR_MATERIAL_STATUS Material status CHAR   
66 FIP_MR_SEQUENCE_NBR Sequence number of material. INT4 10    
67 FIP_MTART Material type CHAR   
68 FIP_ORDER_LINE_STATUS order line status CHAR   
69 FIP_ORDER_TYPE_D Order Type Domain CHAR 30    
70 FIP_PERCENTAGE Percentage with comma format 000,00 (%) DEC
71 FIP_PERIOD_TYPE_D Period Type Domain CHAR   
72 FIP_PERKZ Period indicator CHAR   
73 FIP_PNUM1 Pointer: forecast parameters NUMC 10    
74 FIP_PNUM2 Pointer for forecast results NUMC 10    
75 FIP_POSNR Item number of the SD document NUMC   
76 FIP_PRICE_VALID_FOR Price Valid For CHAR 20    
77 FIP_PRIORITY_A Priority: Assignment of Follow-Up Material to Original Mat. CHAR   
78 FIP_PSTYV Sales document item category CHAR   
79 FIP_QBESK Procurement indicator for quota arrangement CHAR   
80 FIP_QUOTE Outline agreement quota DEC   
81 FIP_RDPRF Rounding profile CHAR   
82 FIP_RESULT Result: Total or Average CHAR   
83 FIP_ROUNDING_STRATEGY Rounding Strategy CHAR   
84 FIP_RP_ASORT Assortment CHAR 10    
85 FIP_RP_FOLUP_ACTION Follow-Up Action CHAR   
87 FIP_RP_PRIORITY Priority of Assignment Subst. Product to Original Product CHAR   
88 FIP_SAISO Season indicator (season cat.) CHAR   
89 FIP_SEARCH_MAT_IN Search material in what CHAR   
90 FIP_SETTING_TYPE Setting Specification CHAR   
91 FIP_SPGR1 Blocking reason CHAR   
92 FIP_STAT_TYPE_D Statistical Data Type Domain CHAR   
93 FIP_STRING String STRG   
94 FIP_SUBST_MSG_TYPE Material Subst.: Message Types for Application Log CHAR   
95 FIP_SUBST_RUN Function Replacement by Follow-On/Replacement Article Active CHAR   
96 FIP_TIME_PLANT Local time, with reference to one plant TIMS   
97 FIP_TXADR Text Name: Sender Line CHAR 70    
98 FIP_UPDATE Flag to update fields in FIP structures CHAR   
99 FIP_VABME Variable order unit active CHAR   
100 FIP_VBELN Sales and distribution document number CHAR 10    
101 FIP_VKORG Sales Organization CHAR   
102 FIP_VTWEG Distribution channel CHAR   
103 FIP_WDRD_LEVEL Levels for Delivery Relationship Determaination NUMC   
104 FIP_WDRD_RTYPE Delivery Relationship: Type of Goods Recipient CHAR   
105 FIP_WERKS Plant CHAR   
106 FIP_XFELD Yes/No field CHAR   
107 FIP_YEAR Calendar Year CHAR   
108 FIP__DISTRIBUTION_STRATEGY Distribution strategy CHAR   
109 FIRMART Type of company CHAR   
110 FIRMAUTHO SED: Official ID for export companies (S.A.S.) CHAR   
111 FIRMENNUM Company number (assigned by the relevant stats.authority) NUMC   
112 FISK_DEDVAT Deduct VAT During Next VAT Return CHAR   
113 FISK_TAXOFC Tax Office CHAR   
114 FISTA_IST File - status - file: disconnect/reconnect telephone number CHAR   
115 FISTL Funds center CHAR 16    
116 FISZBMETH Indicator of interest calculation method CHAR   
117 FIS_COMMEVENT FSCM, Biller Direct: Communication Event CHAR   
118 FITAB_KK Account balance: Initial screen for list CHAR   
119 FITEM_NUMBER_FIS Bill Item (FSCM Biller Direct) CHAR 10    
120 FITEM_TEXT_FIS Text for the Bill Item (Biller Direct) CHAR 2048    
121 FITEM_TYPE_FIS Bill Item Type (FSCM Biller Direct) CHAR   
122 FITP_ATTRIBUT Attribute for Travel Planning CHAR 12    
123 FITP_CHARX1 Character field (length 1) CHAR   
124 FITP_SITUATION Situation for GDS-Specific Decision CHAR   
125 FITP_SITUATION_TEXT Text for Situation for GDS-Specific Decision CHAR 30    
126 FITP_SITUATION_VALUE Values for Situations for GDS-Specific Decisions CHAR   
127 FITP_SITUATION_VAL_TEXT Values for Situations for GDS-Specific Decisions CHAR 60    
128 FITP_VALUE Value CHAR 12    
129 FITRV_RKUNDE Customer (Reason for Trip) CHAR 59    
130 FITRV_RZIELORT Trip destination CHAR 59    
131 FITV_ENAME Edited Name of Traveler CHAR 40    
132 FITV_PNR Passenger Name Record Locator CHAR 20    
133 FITV_TA_DESIGN Trip Approval: Layout Design CHAR   
134 FITV_TA_ISRPE Trip Objects CHAR   
135 FITV_TA_SELTYP Trip Approval: Selection Variant CHAR   
136 FITV_TA_SORTBY Trip Approval: Sort Selection CHAR   
137 FITYO_FBWD Output file type CHAR   
138 FITYP LIS: internal use of update groups CHAR   
139 FITYP_FBWD File type of the input file CHAR   
140 FIT_CHECK_RETCODE return code of the check CHAR   
141 FIT_MSG_CATEGORY message category CHAR   
142 FIVOR Financial transaction NUMC   
143 FIWTAR_RESOLUTION Resolution to update Vendor tax rate CHAR 10    
144 FIWTAR_TAXLAW Argentina Tax law CHAR 10    
145 FIWTIN_APPLAREA Application area CHAR   
146 FIWTIN_FORMNO Form Number CHAR   
147 FIWTIN_LASTDEDTYPE Last Deductor Type CHAR   
148 FIWTIN_PRERRNO Previous Statement Token Number CHAR 15    
149 FIXDT Fixed date DATS   
150 FIXEDSAMPLECOUNT Number of Fixed Prices per Base Value INT2   
151 FIXIE "Fixed" indicator CHAR   
152 FIXMS Firming indicator CHAR   
153 FIXNO Fixed Value for Argument No. x CHAR 10    
154 FIX_BOTTOMUP Fix: bottom-up CHAR   
155 FIX_ENTRY Fix: entry CHAR   
156 FIX_TOPDOWN Fix: top-down CHAR   
157 FIZA_CHNL_IDENT Channel Identifier CHAR 10    
158 FIZA_CON_PER_NAME Contact Person Name CHAR 90    
159 FIZA_CON_PER_SURNAME Contact Person Surname CHAR 53    
160 FIZA_SARS_REF SARS Request Reference CHAR 64    
161 FIZA_SOURCE_IDENTIFIER Source Identifier CHAR 144    
162 FIZA_TRADE_NAME Trading or Other Name CHAR 120    
163 FI_ACCOUNT_ARCH_TYPE G/L Account Master Data Archiving: Date To Be Archived CHAR 20    
164 FI_ACCPAYB_ARCH_TYPE Vendor Master Data Archiving: Data To Be Archived CHAR 20    
165 FI_ACCRECV_ARCH_TYPE Customer Master Data Archiving: Data To Be Archived CHAR 20    
166 FI_NACHA Transmission medium for correspondence CHAR   
167 FI_PROGT Program type for automatic processing? CHAR   
168 FI_SL_ARCH_ITEMSORT FI-SL Archiving: Sorting by Line Item CHAR 20    
169 FI_SL_ARCH_TYPE FI-SL Archiving: Data to be archived CHAR 20    
170 FI_TF_GLX_RECTYP Selection of Record Type CHAR   
171 FI_TIMESTAMP UTC Time Stamp DEC 15    
172 FI_VSTAT Processing status CHAR   
173 FI_WAEB Names for parallel currencies CHAR 15    
174 FKART Billing Type CHAR   
175 FKART_PAM IS-M/AM: Billing type CHAR   
176 FKART_T Shipment cost type CHAR   
177 FKBER Functional area CHAR 16    
178 FKBER4 Functional Area CHAR   
179 FKBER_LONG Functional Area CHAR 16    
180 FKBER_SHORT Functional area CHAR   
181 FKDAY Factory calendar day DEC   
182 FKJO_CNTR_MSG_TYP_KK Message Types CHAR   
183 FKJO_FLAGPOLE16_DM 16-Character String for 0/X Flags CHAR 16    
184 FKJO_FUNC_DM Functionality for verbs CHAR   
185 FKJO_GROUP_DM Group for Grouping Jobs (Job Commander) CHAR   
186 FKJO_OPTIONS_DM Domains for Job Commander Options INT4 10    
187 FKJO_PERIOD_DM Periodic Execution of a FKJO Container CHAR   
188 FKJO_REORG_START_KK Start Modifier for a Job Type Reorganization Run CHAR   
189 FKJO_RUNID_DM Run ID for Productive Container (ID+Date+Time) CHAR 22    
190 FKJO_VERB_DM Verbs for Job Commander CHAR 20    
191 FKKCHAR2 CHAR2 with conversion routine CHAR   
192 FKKCHAR3 CHAR3 with conversion routine CHAR   
193 FKKDM_INT_REASON Internal Dispute Type of Dispute Case CHAR   
194 FKKDM_ORIGIN Origin of Dispute Case CHAR   
195 FKKFS_DISPLAY Field selector: Presentation of a column CHAR   
196 FKKFS_USAGE Possible uses of a field in the field selector CHAR   
197 FKKITIND_KK Indicator CHAR   
198 FKKNUM02 Numeric field of 2 characters for return code NUMC   
199 FKKPMCH_MED Swiss DME Payment Medium: Medium Determination CHAR   
200 FKKPM_AT_V3A_SC_DM Austrian paymt medium, V3 abroad: FCA settlement code CHAR   
201 FKKPROCID Identification of processes in FI-CA CHAR   
202 FKKPROCSUBID ID for a transaction within a process CHAR   
203 FKKWRTV9 Amount field with 14 places before decimal point and 7 after CURR 17 
204 FKK_ABRVORG Billing transaction CHAR   
205 FKK_BANK_CAT Bank Category (FI-CA Payment Media) CHAR   
206 FKK_CORRSPND_REJECTIONS Archive and Delete Correspondence: Rejection Reasons CHAR   
207 FKK_DATE_CAT Date Category (FI-CA Payment Media) CHAR   
208 FKK_DOCSTAT Additional Status Transfer to Fin. Accounting (Res. RFBSK) CHAR   
209 FKK_ERGRD Reason for creating print document CHAR   
210 FKK_F4_AD_CITY1 Domain for city name (shortened output length) CHAR 40    
211 FKK_F4_AD_STREET Text 60 characters CHAR 60    
212 FKK_FKDATE_PERIOD Determination of periodic values for date calculation module CHAR   
213 FKK_KENNZX Indicators CHAR   
214 FKK_MC_BU_NAME Name field for business partner CHAR 35    
215 FKK_PORTION Portion CHAR   
216 FKK_TAX_ID FKKIDOC Doc. Transfer from Billing System/Ext. Tax Code CHAR   
217 FKK_TAX_ID_INT FKKIDOC Document Transfer from Billing Tax Code (Internal) CHAR   
218 FKK_TFV Tape format CHAR 10    
219 FKK_TFV2 Tape Format CHAR 10    
220 FKK_XSTATUS_KK Status of Mass Activity Run CHAR   
221 FKLAS Permissibility string for public holiday classes CHAR   
222 FKLASS Error class SYSLOG CHAR   
223 FKMGK Billing quantity indicator CHAR   
224 FKNUM Shipment cost number CHAR 10    
225 FKPER Billing frequency CHAR   
226 FKPOS Number of shipment cost item NUMC   
227 FKPRO_KK Tolerance groups for employees in Contract A/R+A/P CHAR   
228 FKPTY Item category shipment costs CHAR   
229 FKR2ONLPROT FKR2DLG Show messages on screen when posting online? CHAR   
230 FKR2TRACEL Log file density CHAR   
231 FKREL Relevant for Billing CHAR   
232 FKREL_CRM Billing Relevance (CRM) CHAR   
233 FKRUECKGRD IS-M/SD: Reason for Billing Recalculation CHAR   
234 FKTAG Factory calendar day DEC   
235 FKTID Function ID for milestone functions NUMC   
236 FKTNUM Function Menu Entry Number NUMC   
237 FKTRANS Transfer individual fin.statement data to RF-KONS CHAR   
238 FKTYP Billing Category CHAR   
239 FKTYP_2 Billing category CHAR   
240 FKTYP_2_BILL_DIFF Fakturatypen für Differenzfakturierung     
241 FKTYP_BILL_DIFF Fakturatypen für Differenzfakturierung     
242 FK_ADFIN Indicator for breakdown by additional field CHAR   
243 FK_IMPORT FI-LC: Import Reporting Data indicator CHAR   
244 FK_INDUSE Indicator for use of additional fields NUMC   
245 FK_IT Input type CHAR   
246 FK_RPROC FI-LC: Data Import Procedure CHAR   
247 FK_SNDID Source ID for bundling the data import CHAR 60    
248 FK_STATUS Status CHAR   
249 FK_UPLOAD FI-LC: Upload financial reporting data indicator CHAR   
250 FLABLAST Release: Last Transmitted CHAR   
251 FLABSIM Release: Simulated CHAR   
252 FLABSTOP Release: Stopped CHAR   
253 FLACH5_2 Size of property from land register DEC
254 FLAE General area (6,2) DEC
255 FLAG General flag CHAR   
256 FLAG01 ISH flag to be generally used (0 FALSE, 1 TRUE) CHAR   
257 FLAGB FLAG Obligation to Contribute CHAR   
258 FLAGCB Bill of exchange type CHAR   
259 FLAGEX_KK Activation Type for Exception for Receivables Adjustments CHAR   
260 FLAGL1 Status Field Length 1 for Language Administration CHAR   
261 FLAGNODI DD: Flag if to be activated inactively CHAR   
262 FLAGNTCH Flag indicating whether to restart after a termination CHAR   
263 FLAGPOOL32_KK 32-character flag field CHAR 32    
264 FLAGPOOL4 4-character flag pool CHAR   
265 FLAG_ACTUAL Status of Simulation: Current, Previous, Simulation CHAR   
266 FLAG_ALSO_OWN_LOG_SYS Communicate Even if Recipient is Own Service Provider CHAR   
267 FLAG_BASIC_PAY Basic Pay Flag CHAR   
268 FLAG_FERT General flag for the status of data transfer CHAR   
269 FLAG_GRUNDB Flag für Grundbuch: belastungsfrei - ja/nein CHAR   
270 FLAG_NUMERIC Poisson / Table CHAR   
271 FLAG_OBJ Node Type Flag CHAR   
272 FLAG_SEL Selection field for single selection CHAR   
273 FLAG_SOCM Copy flag CHAR   
274 FLANG_VK Field length INT2   
275 FLCHA Conversion factor CHAR 22    
276 FLD15 General counter field (P/L15) DEC 15    
277 FLDCHAR10 Field name (identifier) for output sequences CHAR 10    
278 FLDDB Ind. key field for MRP area during creation CHAR   
279 FLDFLAG Field switch CHAR   
280 FLDGP Field group for grouping individual fields CHAR   
281 FLDID HR: Comp. 709: Combining table fields for each file CHAR   
282 FLDLE Field selection (- * . +) CHAR   
283 FLDLN Field length NUMC   
284 FLDMA Selection CHAR   
285 FLDNAME Field name CHAR 20    
286 FLDNAMEDOM Domain for field name CHAR 10    
287 FLDNM Field Name CHAR 10    
288 FLDNN Value field for planning CHAR 10    
289 FLDNR Field number NUMC   
290 FLDOP_KK Field name in DFKKOP CHAR 30    
291 FLDPS HR: Comp. 709: Field position NUMC   
292 FLDSE Field Selection ( + - *) CHAR   
293 FLDSL Field selection (- *) CHAR   
294 FLDST Field selection indicator CHAR   
295 FLDSTAT_KK Field status CHAR   
296 FLDTEXTDOM Domain for text displayed as fieldname CHAR 30    
297 FLDTY HR: Comp. 709: ABAP/4 type CHAR   
298 FLDTYP Field type INT1   
299 FLDTYPE Field type RAW   
300 FLDVALDOM Data type for field values CHAR 30    
301 FLD_REF_DOC_NO_KK Field Reference Number CHAR   
302 FLD_SEL_ENT_ID_KK ID of Selection Entity CHAR   
303 FLD_VKONT_ID_KK Possible Fields for Content of Contract Account ID CHAR   
304 FLEET_NUM Fleet object number CHAR 18    
305 FLEET_USE Usage indicator CHAR   
306 FLEET_VIN Identification number for fleet object CHAR 30    
307 FLENGTH Output of a 4-character NUMC field as a character field CHAR   
308 FLEXT Indicator for flextime daily work schedule CHAR   
309 FLG1_____4 Flag byte 1 RAW   
310 FLG2_____4 Flag byte 2 RAW   
311 FLG3_____4 Flag byte 3 RAW   
312 FLGAP Disaggregation of PG sales/production plan CHAR   
313 FLGAT Sequence category CHAR   
314 FLGDS Indicator: structural aggregation CHAR   
315 FLGPHASE Flag with allowed values '1', '2' and '3' CHAR   
316 FLGPL Indicator: consistent/level-by level planning CHAR   
317 FLGRD_KK Error Reason CHAR   
318 FLGRP Field group for HR vouchers NUMC   
319 FLGWM Indicator: Copy dest. storage data from preceding document CHAR   
320 FLG_CAPO Control for CAPP invoice header CHAR   
321 FLG_CURSW Domain for Indicators: T (Transaction), C (CO Area) Currency CHAR   
322 FLG_CURSW_C Currency Handling for Costs CHAR   
323 FLG_CURSW_P Currency Handling for Prices CHAR   
324 FLG_DELFLG Flag for Deletion Indicator CHAR   
325 FLG_FELEI Ind: is logical field grp field optional or suppressed? CHAR   
326 FLG_FM_CURTP Currency Type CHAR   
327 FLG_MHD Indicator SLED or HSD CHAR   
328 FLG_MODUS Domain for Indicators: A (Actual), P (Plan) CHAR   
329 FLG_OBJ Object filter CHAR   
330 FLG_SEL Selection flag whether a record was selected CHAR   
331 FLG_WM_REL WM request at time of release CHAR   
332 FLINE Line INT4 10    
333 FLINS_KK Institution Error Reason CHAR   
334 FLOAT08 Floating point number - 64 bit FLTP 16  16 
335 FLOAT1 Float FLTP 16  16 
336 FLOAT2 Float with 2 decimal places DEC   
337 FLOATING Floating Point FLTP 16  16 
338 FLOATUPG Number of double type for RFC return FLTP 16  16 
339 FLOAT_VAL Float value for frmfld FLTP 16  16 
340 FLONG Char 132 CHAR 132    
341 FLOPO Floating point FLTP 16  16 
342 FLOSTOP Dynamic Stop in Release Creation CHAR   
343 FLPXX General floating-point for counter field FLTP 16  16 
344 FLQBSTAT Liquidity Calculation: Doc. Status Manual Transfer Posting CHAR   
345 FLQCLASS Liquidity Calculation: Type of Line Item CHAR   
346 FLQORIG Liquidity Calculation: Origin of Item CHAR   
347 FLQPARTNER Liquidity Calculation: Counterparty for Payment CHAR 10    
348 FLQPOS Liquidity Item CHAR 16    
349 FLQTYPE Liquidity Calculation: Line Item Category CHAR   
350 FLQTYPE_FC Liquidity Calculation: Category of Forecast Line Item CHAR   
351 FLREF Reference for field selection CHAR   
352 FLREF_MG Reference for field selection CHAR   
353 FLREF_TYPE Field selection category CHAR   
354 FLSKZ Next record indicator CHAR   
355 FLS_STORE_RETURNS Fixed values for enhanced store returns     
356 FLTP Floating period FLTP 16  16 
357 FLTPL_NAME Functional location profile CHAR 20    
358 FLTP_INOUT I/O field for floating point fields, 22-digit CHAR 22    
359 FLTTYP Filter type for delivery data in shipment CHAR   
360 FLTYP Functional Location Category CHAR   
361 FLT_COUNTER Fleet SDP: Fleet Counter with Unit QUAN 15 
362 FLT_TEXT Filter short text CHAR 400    
363 FLT_TYPE Filter types CHAR 30    
364 FLUID_TYPE Fluid type CHAR 12    
365 FLUSHCKPTS Number of buffer flushes due to checkpointing INT4 10    
366 FLVAR Area schema CHAR   
367 FLZWEFZ JIT DS: 2nd cum. received quantity CHAR   
368 FL_AIRP Airport CHAR 15    
369 FL_APPNO Proposal number NUMC   
370 FL_ATIME Arrival Time TIMS   
371 FL_BOOKING No. of places in airplane INT4 10    
372 FL_CAP No. of places in airplane INT4 10    
373 FL_CITY City with airport CHAR 15    
374 FL_CLASS Flight booking classification CHAR   
375 FL_COSTC Cost center NUMC 10    
376 FL_CURR Currency Key CHAR   
377 FL_CUSSNO Customer number NUMC 10    
378 FL_DATE Date DATS   
379 FL_DEPA Departure from CHAR 15    
380 FL_DEPT Department CHAR 20    
381 FL_DISCNT Discount levels CHAR   
382 FL_DTIME Departure time TIMS   
383 FL_EXTN File extension CHAR   
384 FL_FCONS Consumption NUMC   
385 FL_FLCODE Jet code NUMC   
386 FL_FLOWN Distance in miles NUMC   
387 FL_FMOD_TYPE Business partner: Field grouping category NUMC   
388 FL_FNAME First name CHAR 15    
389 FL_FTIME Departure time TIMS   
390 FL_ID Flight ID CHAR   
391 FL_LNAME Last name CHAR 15    
392 FL_MEAL Meals on plane CHAR 15    
393 FL_NAME1 First name CHAR 15    
394 FL_NAME2 Last name CHAR 15    
395 FL_PASSNO Number of passengers NUMC   
396 FL_PERID Personnel number NUMC 10    
397 FL_PILOT Name of pilot CHAR 20    
398 FL_PRICE Amount DEC 10 
399 FL_PRICING Pricing CHAR   
400 FL_REASON Reason for flight CHAR   
401 FL_REPT File repetition factor NUMC 10    
402 FL_SEATNO Seat number in airplane NUMC   
403 FL_SERVICE Service in airplane CHAR 20    
404 FL_SMOKER Single digit character field with no checks CHAR   
405 FL_STAT Single digit character field with no checks CHAR   
406 FL_STATUS Status of flight application CHAR   
407 FL_TEXT Text field CHAR 29    
408 FL_TIM Departure time TIMS   
409 FL_TIME Departure time TIMS   
410 FL_TIME1 Test TIMS   
411 FL_TIMS Departure TIMS   
412 FMACWRTTP Transfer FM to AC Valuetypes CHAR   
413 FMAVC_CHECKHORIZON_SELECTION Selection of Checking Horizon for Availability Control CHAR   
414 FMAVC_DERIACOGRANT Derivation of the Grant in Availability Control Objects (FM) CHAR   
416 FMAVC_VALBUDTYPE_SELECTION Value Type Selection for Availability Control CHAR   
417 FMAVC_WFSTATECOMB Selection of workflow statuses for availability control CHAR   
418 FMAWPOS Interface information: Reference document item CHAR 10    
419 FMB1_____4 Format byte RAW   
420 FMB2_____4 Format byte extension RAW   
421 FMBASIS_POINTS Daily average basis points for purchase cards DEC
422 FMBCCF_STATUS Carry forward of budget for commitments is allowed or not CHAR   
423 FMBDGTAVCIMPACT Budget Availability Impact CHAR   
424 FMBGA Public-Owned Commercial Operation CHAR   
425 FMBGACKEY Line Item Category for Adjustment Documents CHAR   
426 FMBGAVAQ Input Tax Deduction Rate DEC
427 FMBGCTYP Adjustment Document Category (Monthly or Yearly Adjustment) CHAR   
428 FMBLEVENT Event in Budgetary Ledger Core CHAR 20    
429 FMBLEXTSIGN Amount Sign ( + or - ) CHAR   
430 FMBLEXTSTRNAME Derivation Tool Structure Names CHAR 10    
432 FMBLRELEVANT FM Budgetary ledger - Relevant Line CHAR   
433 FMBLUSFACTOR FM US Budgetary Ledger SGL Code/Account Determination Factor CHAR 10    
434 FMBLUSFACTORT FM US Federal Government SGL Determination Factor CHAR 90    
435 FMBLUSRELEVANT US SGL Line Relevant to the Budgetary Ledger PAID/DELIVERED CHAR 12    
436 FMBLUSSGL_LINE FM US Federal Government SGL sequence number NUMC   
437 FMBLUSSGL_LINE1 FM US Federal Government SGL sequence number NUMC   
438 FMBLUSSGL_LINE2 FM US Federal Government SGL sequence number NUMC   
439 FMBL_REG_DBCINDI choose between Debit, Credit and Banlance CHAR   
440 FMBL_REG_DESC Short Description CHAR 30    
441 FMBL_REG_GRP Regularization Group CHAR   
442 FMBM_IND_BUDGET_MEMO_USE Indicator for Defining the use of Budget Memos CHAR   
443 FMBPO_BASE_DATE Budget Base Date DATS   
444 FMBPO_BASE_DATE_UI Budget Base Date DATS   
445 FMBPO_BASE_PERIOD Budget Base Period NUMC   
446 FMBPO_BASE_PERIOD_UI Budget Basen Period NUMC   
447 FMBPO_EXPR_DATE Budget Expiration Date DATS   
448 FMBPO_EXPR_DATE_UI Budget Expiration Date DATS   
449 FMBPO_EXPR_PERIOD Budget Expiration Period NUMC   
450 FMBPO_EXPR_PERIOD_UI Budget Expiration Period NUMC   
451 FMBPO_EXP_DATE Budget Expiration Date DATS   
452 FMBPO_EXP_DATE_UI Budget Expiration Date DATS   
453 FMBPO_EXP_PERIOD Budget Expiration Period CHAR 10    
454 FMBPO_EXP_PERIOD_UI Budget Expiration Period CHAR 10    
455 FMBPO_FND_SRC_GUID Fund Source GUID CHAR 32    
456 FMBPO_FND_SRC_GUID_UI Fund Source GUID CHAR 32    
457 FMBPO_FND_SRC_ID Fund Source ID CHAR 10    
458 FMBPO_FND_SRC_ID_UI Fund Source ID CHAR 10    
459 FMBPO_FND_TGT_GUID Fund Target GUID CHAR 32    
460 FMBPO_FND_TGT_GUID_UI Fund Target GUID CHAR 32    
461 FMBPO_FND_TGT_ID Fund Target ID CHAR 10    
462 FMBPO_FND_TGT_ID_UI Fund Target ID CHAR 10    
463 FMBPO_FNP_SRC_GUID Fund Plan Source GUID CHAR 32    
464 FMBPO_FNP_SRC_GUID_UI Fund Plan Source GUID CHAR 32    
465 FMBPO_FNP_SRC_ID Fund Plan Source ID CHAR 10    
466 FMBPO_FNP_SRC_ID_UI Fund Plan Source ID CHAR 10    
467 FMBPO_FNP_TGT_GUID Fund Plan Target GUID CHAR 32    
468 FMBPO_FNP_TGT_GUID_UI Fund Plan Target GUID CHAR 32    
469 FMBPO_FNP_TGT_ID Fund Plan Target ID CHAR 10    
470 FMBPO_FNP_TGT_ID_UI Fund Plan Target ID CHAR 10    
471 FMBPO_REV_INDICATOR FM Budget Posting Reverse Transfer Indicator CHAR   
472 FMBPO_RULE_TYPE Budget Transfer - Rule Type CHAR   
473 FMBP_BWSYST Logical RFC destination CHAR 32    
474 FMBP_CONVERSION_DATE Conversion Date for Currency Field CHAR   
475 FMBS_NAME Name of budget structure CHAR 10    
476 FMBS_TEXT Short descriptin text for budget structure CHAR 30    
477 FMBTRID Schlüssel eines Formularfestwertes CHAR 10    
478 FMBW_ACTION Correct action for document data adaptation to layout CHAR   
479 FMBW_CHECK Check to perform for layout compatibility CHAR   
480 FMBW_CURRENT_SIGN Current sign of internal data CHAR   
481 FMBW_LAYOUT_RULE Rule to build layout regarding customizing CHAR   
482 FMBW_MODE Internal mode CHAR   
483 FMB_LINE1 Format line part 1 RAW 100    
484 FMB_LINE2 Format line part 2 RAW 100    
485 FMB_LINE3 Format line part 3 RAW 55    
486 FMCA_GTR_BILLING_MODE_E1 Grantor Billing Modus Adjust/Reverse CHAR   
487 FMCA_KEY Reconciliation Key FI-CA - FM CHAR 12    
488 FMCA_REFDOC_OBJTYPE_E1 Grantor Reference Object Type (Grantor Agreement / Claim) CHAR   
489 FMCCF_CORR_ACTION Action to be processed during budget correction from CCF CHAR   
490 FMCCRPOCTYPE CCR Vendor Point of Contact NUMC   
491 FMCCRPOCTYPETEXT Text for CCR Vendor Point of Contact Type CHAR 60    
493 FMCE_CGADDRIND Role of Budget Address in Cover Group CHAR   
494 FMCE_CGAUTOIND Category of Cover Group CHAR   
495 FMCE_CVRGRP Cover Group CHAR 16    
496 FMCE_CVRGRP_TEXT Short Text for Cover Groups CHAR 40    
497 FMCE_OTHER_ADDRESS_TEXT Other Budget Address Used by Generation of Cover Groups CHAR 120    
498 FMCLEARSTATE Processing Status CHAR   
499 FMCMMTSTR FM Commitment String For Budgetary Ledger CHAR 62    
500 FMCU_DIMSTATE Status of FM account assignment element CHAR