SAP ABAP Domain - Index F, page 7
Domain - F
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
2 FM_SGL_ACCOUNT_TEXT FMFG - FACTS2 SGL Account Description CHAR 80    
3 FM_SHKZG Debit/credit indicator CHAR   
4 FM_SIDE Page/Orientation CHAR   
5 FM_SORTGRP Group of sort criteria CHAR   
6 FM_SORTKRT Sort criterion in cover pool CHAR 24    
7 FM_SPLIT_NUM Treasury Account symbol - account split sequence number CHAR   
8 FM_SRTYPE Type of Additional Receivable CHAR   
9 FM_STATS Funds Management Statistical Indicator CHAR   
10 FM_STATUSNEW Approval Activity CHAR   
11 FM_STRING String STRG   
12 FM_SUBGRPOUP Domain for Subgroups for Authorization Objects CHAR 10    
13 FM_SUB_ACCT Treasury Account Symbol - Sub account CHAR   
14 FM_SUB_ID Master Data Substring ID CHAR   
15 FM_S_E_REL Cardinality of sender-receiver rel.for revs increasing bdgt CHAR   
16 FM_TABTYPE Type of Account in Day-End Closing CHAR   
17 FM_TEXTID Text-Identifikation CHAR 20    
18 FM_TOPIC Thema (Reporting) CHAR   
19 FM_TTXID_ID Test ID for Maintenance of Additional Long Texts NUMC   
20 FM_TTXID_TYPE Master Data-Type CHAR   
21 FM_UABSCH Bottom section CHAR 12    
22 FM_UDBUART Budget types for which revenues incr.budget are permitted CHAR   
23 FM_UDECK Type of revenue increasing budget CHAR   
24 FM_UDINCTI Point in time of budget increase CHAR   
25 FM_UDMETHD Process for handling revenues increasing the budget CHAR   
26 FM_UDMIN Minimum revenue increases budget CHAR   
27 FM_UDUPD Usage of increase rule CHAR   
28 FM_UGRUPPE Subgroup CHAR 12    
29 FM_UMART Type of Payment Transfer CHAR   
30 FM_UNICLAS FIFM: Budget classification CHAR   
31 FM_UPDID Update Indicator ('I'nsert, 'D'elete, ' ' Blank) CHAR   
32 FM_USBL_DOC_TYPE Document type for US federal government budgetary ledger CHAR   
33 FM_USBL_LINE FM US budgetary ledger line for account derivation NUMC   
34 FM_VALUE % DEC 17 
35 FM_VARNT Variant CHAR   
36 FM_VBUND_FLG Company ID of trading partner (RASSC) flag for BL CHAR   
37 FM_VERSACT Activation of Budget Versions NUMC   
38 FM_VERSCONTROL Processing Indicator Budget Versions NUMC   
39 FM_VERSION Version Hierarchy Positions/Items CHAR   
40 FM_VGROUP CO posting integration transaction group CHAR   
41 FM_VORGANG FM Transaction CHAR   
42 FM_VPTYP Carryforward item category for commitment item CHAR   
43 FM_VS_STATUS Verdichtungsstatus CHAR   
44 FM_VTYPE_ISPS Value Type in Funds Management (IS-PS) NUMC   
45 FM_V_RANG Rang der Verdichtungsebene CHAR   
46 FM_V_STATUS Summarization Status CHAR   
47 FM_WRTTP Value type CHAR   
48 FM_WRTTP_CCF FM Cmmt Carryfwd:Vlue Catgs of Docs that can be Carried Frwd CHAR   
49 FM_WRTTP_COMB Value type for combined documents CHAR   
50 FM_WRTTP_EA Earmarked Funds Document CHAR   
51 FM_WRTTP_GROUP FM FYC: Value Categories that Can be Carried Forward CHAR   
52 FM_WRTTP_IN Financial Document CHAR   
53 FM_WRTTP_OBLIGATION Value types for obligations NUMC   
54 FM_ZEHNER Scaling NUMC   
55 FM_ZHLUZ Number of subordinate items INT1   
56 FNAM Smartform Name CHAR 30    
57 FNAME Field name CHAR 20    
58 FNAMEBI_KK File name (document transfer program) CHAR 250    
59 FNAMEF4_VK File name (posting data transfer) CHAR 100    
60 FNAMEFU_VK File name (posting data transfer) CHAR 250    
61 FNAME_514N Field name CHAR 11    
62 FNAME____4 Field name CHAR 10    
63 FNAM_LOCAL Function name for data determination for exp. dlv. company CHAR 30    
64 FNAM_____4 Field name CHAR 30    
65 FNCDE PDC function code CHAR   
66 FNCTT Name of User Role CHAR 30    
67 FNEWL New line CHAR   
69 FNR FORM number CHAR   
72 FNUMM IS-U Device Checker: Number of Error Found NUMC 10    
73 FOART Type of updating used for key figure CHAR   
74 FOART_VK Receivable Type CHAR   
75 FOBEA Subsequent processing (quantities) CHAR   
76 FOBEAW Subsequent processing (values) CHAR   
77 FOBJ_EVENT Event Name CHAR 30    
78 FOBJ_HIER_LEVEL Hierarchy Level of a FIN Object NUMC   
79 FOBJ_IMPL_CREAT_IND Specifies Whether and How FIN Objects Are Created Implicitly CHAR   
80 FOBJ_PERS_IND Persistence State of Runtime Object CHAR   
81 FOBJ_PROC_STATUS_OF_POSTINGS Processing Status of Postings for an Object CHAR   
82 FOC_XFELD Field as a Single-Figure Indicator in iPPE Focus Application CHAR   
83 FOFUN Subsequent functions and requirements CHAR   
84 FOINN Internal formula number NUMC 10    
85 FOKNZ_VK Subledger item indicator CHAR   
86 FOLGEDATEN Subsequent data available? CHAR   
87 FOLLOWUP_ACTION Follow-Up Action CHAR   
88 FOLLOWUP_TYP Select Follow-Up Category CHAR   
89 FOLLOWUP_TYPE Flag: Follow-Up Category CHAR   
90 FOLLOWUP_TYP_NR Follow-Up Type Number CHAR   
91 FOMNR External formula number CHAR 10    
92 FONUM Form number NUMC   
93 FOPCRANZAHL Number of Entries INT4 10    
95 FOPCRSWITCH_ONOFF Activate/Deactivate CHAR   
97 FOPC_ACCOUNT Account CHAR 10    
98 FOPC_ACCOUNT_GROUP Account Group CHAR 10    
99 FOPC_ACC_ASSERTION Assertion CHAR 20    
100 FOPC_ACC_GROUP_ID Account Group ID CHAR   
101 FOPC_ACC_GRP_DESCR Account Group Description CHAR 100    
102 FOPC_ACC_REASON Reasoning STRG   
103 FOPC_AGGREG_CODE Aggregation type CHAR 40    
104 FOPC_ANALYSIS_STATUS Status of Analysis CHAR 10    
105 FOPC_ANA_CHANGE Change Analysis: Changes to the Object CHAR   
106 FOPC_ANA_TREND Change Analysis: Trend of the Rating CHAR   
107 FOPC_ASSIGNREL Assignment-Relevant CHAR   
108 FOPC_ASSMNT_TECHNIQUE Assessment Technique CHAR 10    
109 FOPC_AS_RATING Control Design Rating CHAR   
110 FOPC_AS_REORG_COLLECT_METHOD Collective Method for Cases and Work Items CHAR   
111 FOPC_AS_STAT Assessment Status CHAR   
112 FOPC_ATTRHRINFO Attribute Information CHAR 30    
113 FOPC_ATTRNAME Attribute CHAR 20    
114 FOPC_ATTRVALUE Attribute Value CHAR 10    
115 FOPC_BACKGROUND_PROCESSING Phases with Mass Assignment of Testers CHAR   
116 FOPC_BOOLEAN Boolean Values CHAR   
117 FOPC_BTC_ATTACHMENT_TYPE Requested Report: Document Type CHAR 10    
118 FOPC_BTC_REPORT_KIND Type of Requested Report CHAR   
119 FOPC_BTC_REPORT_STATE Status of Background Report CHAR   
121 FOPC_BWE_HIERARCHY_CATALOG MIC: External Hierarchies for BW Extraction CHAR 30    
122 FOPC_BWE_MIC_MOST_RECENT Most Recent Data Record in Timeframe CHAR   
123 FOPC_BWE_MIC_OBJECT_ID MIC Reporting: Object ID CHAR 10    
125 FOPC_B_VALUATION with Valuation CHAR   
126 FOPC_B_YNBOOL Yes/no CHAR   
127 FOPC_CASE_CLONE_STATUS Status of Case Copies CHAR   
128 FOPC_CASE_STATUS System Status CHAR   
129 FOPC_CENTRAL_PERSON Central Person CHAR 25    
130 FOPC_CF_STATUS Carryforward Status CHAR   
131 FOPC_CLS_STATUS Close: Status CHAR   
132 FOPC_CNTR_IS_REFERENCE References Process CHAR   
133 FOPC_CNTR_MATURITY_AS_IS Control Maturity As Is CHAR 10    
134 FOPC_CNTR_PURPOSE Control Purpose CHAR 10    
135 FOPC_CNTR_SIGNIFICANCE Control Significance CHAR 10    
136 FOPC_CNTR_TESTING_TECHNIQUE Testing Technique CHAR 10    
138 FOPC_CNTR_TYPE Type of Control CHAR 10    
139 FOPC_CONTAINER Information Container CHAR 10    
141 FOPC_DATE_FROM Date from DATS   
142 FOPC_DATE_TO Valid to DATS   
143 FOPC_DAY Day NUMC   
144 FOPC_DEFIC_ANA_STATUS Status of Deficiency Analysis CHAR   
146 FOPC_DESCR Name CHAR 40    
147 FOPC_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 200    
150 FOPC_DOCUMENT_CLASS Type (Document or Link) CHAR 10    
152 FOPC_DOCUMENT_TITLE PC UI Domain for MIC Document Title CHAR 64    
153 FOPC_ESA_DOCUMENT_TYPE MIC ESA Document Type (Document or Link) CHAR   
154 FOPC_EXCEPTION Test Log: Exception CHAR   
155 FOPC_EXT_SYSTEM External System CHAR 40    
156 FOPC_EXT_TESTER External Tester CHAR 40    
157 FOPC_FLAG Indicator CHAR   
158 FOPC_INDUSTRY Industry CHAR 10    
159 FOPC_INDUSTRY_SPECIFIC Is Industry-Specific CHAR   
160 FOPC_INFO Information CHAR 200    
161 FOPC_ISSUE_PRIORITY Issue Priority CHAR   
162 FOPC_ISSUE_STATUS Issue Status CHAR   
163 FOPC_ISSUE_TYPE Issue Type CHAR   
164 FOPC_ISSUE_WF_TYPE Issue Workflow Type CHAR   
165 FOPC_IS_ASSIGNED Is Assigned CHAR   
166 FOPC_IS_CONTROL Is it a control? CHAR   
167 FOPC_IS_MC_OU Management Controls at Org Unit Level CHAR   
168 FOPC_IS_MC_PG Management Controls at Process Group Level CHAR   
169 FOPC_IS_MM Is Management Control CHAR   
170 FOPC_IS_PROCESS Is a Process CHAR   
171 FOPC_ITS_URL ITS URL (Case-Sensitive) CHAR 255    
172 FOPC_LONG_TEXT Long text CHAR 200    
173 FOPC_MCONTROL_ASS_TEXT Assessment Description STRG   
175 FOPC_MCONTROL_GROUP Management Control Group CHAR 10    
176 FOPC_MCONTROL_IS_MM Is a Management Control CHAR   
178 FOPC_MCONTROL_TEST_TEXT Test Description STRG   
181 FOPC_MC_DESCR_LIST Description CHAR 200    
182 FOPC_MC_RATING_FOR_ISSUE Rating Requiring Issue To Be Reported CHAR 10    
183 FOPC_MC_RATING_LOGIC Aggregation Logic: Rating for Management Controls CHAR   
184 FOPC_MIGRATION_TASK Migration Process CHAR 10    
185 FOPC_MIGRATION_TASK_STATUS Migration Process Status CHAR   
186 FOPC_NOT_YET_CREATED Not yet created CHAR   
187 FOPC_OBJECTIVE_CATEGORY Control Objective Category CHAR 10    
188 FOPC_OBJTYPE Object Type CHAR 10    
191 FOPC_ORGUNIT_TITLE Organizational Unit CHAR 50    
192 FOPC_PL_COMPLETION Percentage of Completion of Remediation Plan NUMC   
193 FOPC_PRGROUP_ID Process Group ID CHAR   
194 FOPC_PROCESS_GROUP Process Group CHAR 50    
195 FOPC_PROCESS_GRP_TITLE Process Group CHAR 50    
197 FOPC_PROCESS_OUTPUT Process Step: Output CHAR 200    
198 FOPC_PROCESS_STEP_DESCR Process Step CHAR 50    
199 FOPC_PROCESS_STEP_INPUT Process Step: Input CHAR 200    
201 FOPC_PROCESS_TITLE Process CHAR 50    
202 FOPC_PRT_COLUMN Print Layout Column CHAR 30    
203 FOPC_PRT_MC_CONTENT Scope of Print Report for Management Controls CHAR   
204 FOPC_PRT_SECTION Print Layout Sections CHAR   
205 FOPC_PRT_TYPE Print Report Type CHAR   
206 FOPC_PR_OR_GRP_DESC Process Group or Process Name CHAR 100    
207 FOPC_RBF_STATUS Status of Buffered Version CHAR   
208 FOPC_REFERENCE Reference Object (Type + ID) CHAR 10    
209 FOPC_REP_ACCGROUP_SIGNIFICANCE Account Group Significance CHAR   
210 FOPC_REP_REPORT_AGGR_TECHNIQUE Aggregation Logic in Reporting CHAR   
211 FOPC_REP_REPORT_FROZEN_FLAG MIC Reporting: Frozen Reports Switch CHAR   
212 FOPC_REP_REPORT_PROC_ASSMNT MIC Reporting: Display Assessments/Tests CHAR   
213 FOPC_REP_REPORT_SUBNODES_SEL MIC Reporting: Subnode Selection CHAR   
214 FOPC_REP_TYPE Report Type CHAR   
215 FOPC_RESTART_ACTION Restart Workflow for HR Object CHAR   
216 FOPC_ROLE Role CHAR 10    
217 FOPC_ROLE_ASSIGN_STATUS Status of Role Assignment CHAR   
218 FOPC_RPLC_STATUS Replacement Information: Status CHAR   
219 FOPC_SCHED_REL Indicator: Relevant for Scheduling CHAR   
221 FOPC_SHM_OBJTYPE Object Types for the Shared Object CHAR 10    
222 FOPC_SIGN_OFF_FLAG Indicator for Sign-Off CHAR   
223 FOPC_SODCFG Segregation of Duties: Conflict Group ID CHAR 15    
224 FOPC_STATUS_SIGNOFF Status: Sign-Off CHAR 20    
225 FOPC_STEP_TYPE Process Step Type CHAR   
226 FOPC_STRING String STRG   
227 FOPC_TASK Task CHAR 10    
228 FOPC_TASKGRP Task Group NUMC   
229 FOPC_TESTER Tester NUMC   
230 FOPC_TESTER_ASSIGN_TYPE Tester Assignment Type CHAR   
231 FOPC_TESTING_METHOD Testing Method CHAR   
232 FOPC_TEXT Name CHAR 100    
233 FOPC_TITEL Short Description CHAR 42    
234 FOPC_TYP Type of MIC Object CHAR   
235 FOPC_UI_COMPLETION Percentage of Completion of Remediation Plan NUMC   
236 FOPC_UI_CONTROL Control CHAR 40    
237 FOPC_UI_PERSON_TEXT_SHORT PC UI Domain for Person/User in MIC CHAR 50    
238 FOPC_YEAR_OFFSET Correction of Year CHAR   
239 FOPERATOR Calculating operators for formulas CHAR   
240 FORAC_FBWE Type of bill of exchange presentation CHAR   
241 FORCE_DIA Dialog required CHAR   
242 FORCE_TRTYPV_DELIVERY_ATP ATP Check for Deliveries: Transaction Type for Cumulation CHAR   
243 FORDCRLF Line feed selection at end of line (CR/LF) CHAR   
244 FORDIR Direction of Foreign Key Dependency CHAR   
245 FORM IS-H: Name of form routine CHAR 30    
246 FORMACTION Function Process CHAR   
247 FORMATBR_T IS-M: Page Width (to a Thousandth of a Unit of Measure) CHAR   
248 FORMATHOE_T IS-M: Page Length (to a Thousandth of a Unit of Measure) CHAR   
249 FORMAT_100 Formats based on MT100 CHAR 30    
250 FORMAT_DI Payment Format: Preparation CHAR   
251 FORMAT_EB Electronic bank statement format CHAR   
252 FORMAT_ONL IS-M/AM: Format Proposal (Online) CHAR   
253 FORMCLASS Form Class CHAR 30    
254 FORMCODE_KK Format code for S.E.T.I.F. CHAR   
255 FORMEL Formula CHAR 65    
256 FORMELKEY Formula key CHAR 13    
257 FORMELTEXT Formula text (formula interpreter) CHAR 65    
258 FORMF_FPM Structure with fields for the format parameters CHAR 30    
259 FORMGB_EB Electronic bank statement format for Great Britain CHAR   
260 FORMGROUP Form group of note to field service CHAR   
261 FORMGROUP_DESCR Name of form group CHAR 50    
262 FORMIC Column group (data entry form) CHAR   
263 FORMIL Line group (data entry form) CHAR   
264 FORMINFO ABAP/4 Repository Information System: FORM routines CHAR 30    
265 FORMI_FPM Payment medium format CHAR 30    
266 FORMJP_EB Electronic bank statement format CHAR   
267 FORMKEY Application form CHAR 30    
268 FORML Cost Accounting Formula Number CHAR   
269 FORMM_FPM Name of format parameter field CHAR 30    
270 FORMNAME Name of a subroutine CHAR 30    
271 FORMOC Column group (corp.std report) CHAR   
272 FORMOL Line group (corp.std report) CHAR   
273 FORMR Name of FORM routine for user-defined function CHAR 30    
274 FORMROUT Name of ABAP form CHAR 16    
275 FORMS Estimating Formula: Annual Wage CHAR   
276 FORMSTLV Permissible format of SSC structure CHAR   
277 FORMTYPE Form Type CHAR   
278 FORMTYPE_KK Form Formatting Type in Payments CHAR   
279 FORMT_EBCSB Spanish Format CHAR 10    
280 FORMT_EBDK Electronic Bank Statement Format CHAR   
281 FORMT_EBFI Formats (Finland) CHAR 10    
282 FORMT_EBFIR Formats (Finland) CHAR 10    
283 FORMT_EBFI_REF Finish Format Ref CHAR   
284 FORMT_EBSW Swedish formats CHAR 10    
286 FORMT_PAY Payment medium format CHAR 30    
287 FORMU Form indicator CHAR   
288 FORMULA Boolean formula CHAR 254    
289 FORMULAR19 IS-M/SD: Text field for preprinted forms, 19 chars CHAR 19    
290 FORMU_514D Form name CHAR   
291 FORMZ_FPM Supplement for payment medium format CHAR   
292 FORMZ_PAY Supplement for payment medium format CHAR   
293 FORM_DATA Line in form CHAR 255    
294 FORM_FUNCT Possible transfer variables of param. function in FM wr_fo CHAR 10    
295 FORM_KK S.E.T.I.F. payment format: Format type CHAR   
296 FORM_OFFSET Offest in form (permitted values 0 - 254) NUMC   
297 FORM_POSITION Column or length in form (permitted values 1 - 255) NUMC   
298 FORZP Subsequent settlement: time of LIS update CHAR   
299 FOSOK Status of the created update data CHAR   
300 FOT_BCXI Transfer Type of Electronic Data Transmission CHAR   
301 FOT_CONF Multinational ATR Confirmation STRG   
302 FOT_CREATION_DATE Date and Time of Reply of Electronic ATR STRG   
303 FOT_DCLORG Reporting Organization CHAR 10    
304 FOT_DCLPER Reporting Period Electronic Data Transmission NUMC   
305 FOT_DCLTYP Return Type for Electr. Data Transmission to Authorities NUMC   
306 FOT_DECEDT Edited Amount for Electronic Tax Return CHAR 25    
307 FOT_DEYEAR Return Year NUMC   
308 FOT_DOC_POS Position of an Item Within a Document NUMC   
309 FOT_ICON Icon 34 Characters Output Length 2 CHAR 34    
310 FOT_ITEM Multinational ATR Item ID CHAR   
311 FOT_ITEM_STATUS Status Reporting Data Electronic Data Transmission CHAR   
312 FOT_LEGAID Identification of Reporting Data Electr. Data Transmission CHAR 32    
313 FOT_MWART Electronic Tax Return: Tax Type CHAR   
314 FOT_NO_SEND Do Not Send Data During Background Processing CHAR   
315 FOT_NRBEL Index: Document number CHAR   
316 FOT_PARAM Parameter(s) for Electronic Data Transmission to Authorities CHAR 30    
317 FOT_PARVAL Parameter Value for Electr. Data Transmission to Authorities CHAR 70    
318 FOT_PERTYP Period Category CHAR   
319 FOT_PTRV_VAT_STATUS Status of Data for VAT Refund CHAR   
320 FOT_RC_PRO Transfer Status CHAR 20    
322 FOT_RC_TEXT Status Text of Transfer STRG   
323 FOT_RFDREQID Identifies an Input VAT Refund Application CHAR   
324 FOT_RFDREQSTATUS Status of Tax Refund Application CHAR   
325 FOT_RFD_CHAR Code for Goods and Services for Input VAT Refund Procedure CHAR   
326 FOT_RFD_ITEMORIG Origin of an Input VAT Tax Item CHAR   
327 FOT_RFD_ITEM_ID ID of Input VAT Tax Item CHAR 36    
328 FOT_RFD_ITM_CASE Type of VAT Refund Document CHAR   
329 FOT_RFD_PER Reporting Period for VAT Refund Application NUMC   
330 FOT_RUNID Counter of Corrected Return NUMC   
331 FOT_SENDID Identifies a Transfer of Reporting Data NUMC   
332 FOT_SEQ_NO Sequential Number CHAR 10    
333 FOT_SERVER_NUMBER Server Number of Clearing Houses NUMC   
334 FOT_STATUS Status Reporting Data Electronic Data Transmission CHAR   
335 FOT_STCEG VAT Registration Number CHAR 20    
336 FOT_TDATA Communication with Authorities: Test Data CHAR   
337 FOT_TSTMP Seconds since 1.1.1990,0:00 GMT * 10000 DEC 16    
338 FOT_VERS Version of Changed Return NUMC   
339 FOT_XIMKEY Key XI Message CHAR 30    
340 FOVER Projection method CHAR   
342 FOX0_PROFILE FOX Explosion Profile CHAR 10    
343 FOX0_PROFILE_EXTENSION Application-specific data CHAR 10    
344 FOX0_SCENARIO Explosion Scenario CHAR 10    
345 FOX0_VALIDITY_KIND Type of Validity Identifier CHAR 10    
346 FOX3_ACTIVE Active - Inactive CHAR   
347 FOX3_DATA_SOURCE Type of Data Source CHAR   
348 FOX3_DATE_TYPE Date Type CHAR   
349 FOX3_EDGE_S Tail of a Directed Edge of a Digraph INT4 10    
350 FOX3_EDGE_T Head of a Directed Edge of a Digraph INT4 10    
351 FOX3_EXPLODER_STATUS FOX Exploder Status CHAR   
352 FOX3_EXPLOSION_STATUS Explosion Status CHAR   
353 FOX3_EXPL_DIRECTION Direction of Explosion CHAR   
354 FOX3_EXTENT Scope of Storage NUMC   
355 FOX3_KOMPS Strong Connectivity Component of a Digraph INT4 10    
356 FOX3_KOMPW Weak Connectivity Component of a Digraph INT4 10    
357 FOX3_LINK_TYPE Type of Relationship Between Objects CHAR 10    
358 FOX3_LINK_TYPE_DIRECTION Direction of an Object Relationship CHAR   
359 FOX3_NAMESPACE Namespace Definition for FOX Assignment Tables CHAR   
360 FOX3_OBJ_KEY Object Key (Such As Material or BOM) CHAR 100    
361 FOX3_OBJ_KEY_EXT External Object Key (Such As Material or BOM) CHAR 120    
362 FOX3_OBJ_STATUS Object Status CHAR   
363 FOX3_OBJ_TYPE FOX Object Type (Compatible with BOR) CHAR 10    
364 FOX3_OBJ_VERSION Object version CHAR 10    
365 FOX3_PREDECESSOR Predecessor Node of Digraph INT4 10    
366 FOX3_PROFILE_STATUS Status of Explosion Profile CHAR   
367 FOX3_RANKFUNCTION Rank Function of a Digraph INT4 10    
368 FOX3_REQUEST_ID FOX Request ID NUMC 10    
369 FOX3_RESULT_MODE Return of Explosion Results (See CL_FOX_CONSTANTS) CHAR   
370 FOX3_STORAGE_TYPE Storage Type CHAR   
371 FOX3_TABLE_STATUS Table Status CHAR   
372 FOX3_TA_TYPE Type of transaction CHAR   
373 FOX3_TEXT Description in FOX CHAR 60    
374 FOX3_TREE_G Number of a Spanning Tree in the Digraph INT4 10    
375 FOX3_UI_TYPE Type of User Interface CHAR   
376 FOX3_UPDATE_FLAG Update Status CHAR   
377 FOX3_UPDATE_STATUS Update status CHAR   
378 FOX3_VALACT Activity of the Validity (See CL_FOX_CONSTANTS) CHAR   
379 FOX3_VALIDITY_POSITION Relative Position of a Validity CHAR   
380 FOX3_VALIDITY_TYPE Validity type CHAR   
381 FOX3_VALOBJ Object Type of the Validity (See CL_FOX_CONSTANTS) CHAR   
382 FOX3_VERTEX Node of a Digraph INT4 10    
383 FOX_LINK_TYPE Type of relationship between objects CHAR 10    
384 FOX_OBJ_KEY Object key (such as material, BOM, ...) CHAR 84    
385 FOX_OBJ_KEY_EXT External Object Key (Such As Material or BOM) CHAR 120    
386 FOX_RESULT_MODE Return of Explosion Result (See CL_FOX_CONSTANTS) CHAR   
387 FOX_TEXT Short Description in FOX CHAR 60    
388 FOX_VALACT Activity of the validity (see CL_FOX_CONSTANTS) CHAR   
389 FOX_VALIDITY_TYPE Validity type CHAR   
390 FOX_VALOBJ Object Type of the Validity (See CL_FOX_CONSTANTS) CHAR   
391 FPADSTRL Trace Level for Adobe Document Services NUMC   
392 FPAKZ Long-term planning: include firm planned orders CHAR   
393 FPAPPMODE Append Mode CHAR   
394 FPART Billing Plan Type CHAR   
395 FPARTNER_FIS Bill Partner (FSCM Biller Direct) CHAR 10    
396 FPASSEMBLE Merge into one PDF document? CHAR   
397 FPATTDESC Description Attachment STRG   
398 FPATTFILE File Name Attachment STRG   
399 FPATTMIME Mime Attachment STRG   
400 FPBOOL Boolean Value (True or False) CHAR   
402 FPBUMODE Bundle Mode CHAR   
403 FPBUPATIMEDEPENDENT Time-Dependent Business Partner Name CHAR   
404 FPB_ACTION Action Triggered CHAR   
405 FPB_ADMINRULE Rule Specified by Administrator CHAR   
406 FPB_ALERT Trigger alert? CHAR   
407 FPB_APPID Personalization Application Name CHAR 30    
408 FPB_APPL Instance CHAR   
409 FPB_APPSUBCON Subcontext of Personalization Application CHAR 10    
410 FPB_BOOLE Boolean Value (with Value for Not Set) CHAR   
412 FPB_COMMAND_TYPE Application Type of an Application in Launchpad CHAR   
413 FPB_DIALOGID ID of Personalization Dialog CHAR 30    
414 FPB_EXP_ACTION Web Dynpro Action CHAR 20    
415 FPB_EXP_CA_ITEM Section of Context Area CHAR 10    
416 FPB_EXP_CA_SECTION Section of Context Area CHAR 10    
417 FPB_EXP_COL_VIEW Display Attribute of a Table Column (Status Overview) CHAR   
418 FPB_EXP_CUS_ITEM Element of Customizing Level CHAR 10    
419 FPB_EXP_DATA_VARIANCES Absolute and/or Relative Variance INT1   
421 FPB_EXP_DEP_OBJECT_FLAG Express Planning: Object Type has Dependent Objects CHAR   
422 FPB_EXP_DISTRIBUTION Distribution Channel CHAR   
423 FPB_EXP_EXCEL_LOAD Excel Data Import/Export CHAR   
424 FPB_EXP_GUITYPE GUI Type of an SAP Transaction CHAR 10    
425 FPB_EXP_INSTANCE Express Planning: Instance CHAR 10    
426 FPB_EXP_INSTRUCTION Express Planning: Instruction STRG   
427 FPB_EXP_INTEGER Domain for Integer usage INT4 10    
428 FPB_EXP_ISRSCEN_MODE ISR Scenario Editing Mode CHAR 10    
429 FPB_EXP_IVIEWID Express Planning: iView ID CHAR 20    
430 FPB_EXP_KF_VALUATION Carry Out Valuation of Key Figures CHAR   
431 FPB_EXP_LINK_VIEW Link Behavior in Status Overview CHAR   
432 FPB_EXP_MAILTYPE Type of Mail, Usage NUMC   
433 FPB_EXP_MAIL_PH Placeholders for E-Mail Text NUMC   
434 FPB_EXP_MAIL_SUBJECT Express Planning: Standard E-Mails CHAR 50    
435 FPB_EXP_MIX_HIER Express Planning: Use Mixed Hierarchy CHAR   
436 FPB_EXP_OBJECT Express Planning: General Object CHAR 22    
437 FPB_EXP_OBJECTSERVICE Express Planning: Object Service CHAR 10    
438 FPB_EXP_OBJECTTYPE Express Planning. Object Types CHAR 10    
439 FPB_EXP_OBJ_SEL Determine Elements Via CHAR   
440 FPB_EXP_OPTIONAL_FLAG Requirement of Substep CHAR   
441 FPB_EXP_PARAMETER Parameters for Service Call STRG   
442 FPB_EXP_PERBL Period Block CHAR   
443 FPB_EXP_PHASE Express Planning: Phase CHAR   
444 FPB_EXP_PHASE_TEXT Express Palnning Phase description CHAR 25    
445 FPB_EXP_PLANNING_ROUND Planning Round Name CHAR 64    
447 FPB_EXP_REFDATA_SEL Planning Help by Displaying Reference Data CHAR   
448 FPB_EXP_RELEASE Express Planning Product Release CHAR   
449 FPB_EXP_ROOMID Planning Rooms Back End CHAR 36    
450 FPB_EXP_SCENARIO Express Planning Scenario CHAR 10    
451 FPB_EXP_SECTION Express Planning: Context Area Section CHAR 10    
452 FPB_EXP_SERVICE Express Planning: Service CHAR 10    
453 FPB_EXP_STATUS Express Planning: Status INT4 10    
454 FPB_EXP_STATUSVIEW Express Planning: Status Overview CHAR   
455 FPB_EXP_STATUS_FILTER Domain for filter options for planning rnd stat overview NUMC   
456 FPB_EXP_STATUS_VIEW Domain for view options for planning rnd stat overview NUMC   
457 FPB_EXP_STATUS_VIEW_P Domain for view options for planning rnd stat overview NUMC   
458 FPB_EXP_STEP Express Planning: Planning Substep CHAR 10    
459 FPB_EXP_STEPGROUP Express Planning: Planning Steps CHAR 10    
460 FPB_EXP_STRING String for multiple use STRG   
461 FPB_EXP_STRING1 String for multiple use STRG   
462 FPB_EXP_TIME_BUCKET Time-Based Window for Planning CHAR   
463 FPB_EXP_UINST_CHANGE_ACTION Possible actions for change of user instance state CHAR   
464 FPB_EXP_USER_INSTANCE_STATE State of an Express Planning User Instance CHAR   
465 FPB_EXP_USER_ROLE Express Planning: User Role in the Instance CHAR   
466 FPB_EXP_VAR_NAME Variable Name CHAR 30    
467 FPB_EXP_VAR_TYPE Value Determination of a Variable CHAR   
468 FPB_EXP_VIEW Express Planning: View for Item Hierarchy CHAR   
469 FPB_EXP_VISIBLE_ROWS to get number of visible rows INT1   
470 FPB_EXP_WDCOMP Express Planning: Web Dynpro Components CHAR 255    
471 FPB_EXP_WD_COMP Web Dynpro Component CHAR 30    
472 FPB_EXP_WD_COMPONENT WebDynpro Component (ABAP) CHAR 30    
473 FPB_EXP_WEB_DSP_MODE Display Mode of Loose Linked Services CHAR   
474 FPB_EXP_WRTTP_EXT External Value Type (User Dialog) CHAR   
475 FPB_EXP_YEAR_OFFSET Reference Year in Relation to Planning Year (Offset) CHAR   
476 FPB_FTYPE Personalization Storage: Field Type CHAR   
477 FPB_GUIDANCE Monitors: Guidance for Administration Rules STRG   
479 FPB_ITEMKEY Object Key CHAR 30    
480 FPB_KFSPECGL_EX Gen. Characteristic Specifying Key Figure (External Text) CHAR 60    
481 FPB_KFSPECGL_KEY Gen. Characteristic Specifying Key Figure (Key) CHAR 20    
482 FPB_MONAPPL Monitor Application CHAR   
483 FPB_MONROLE Role CHAR 10    
484 FPB_MONTYPE Monitor Type CHAR   
485 FPB_OBJECT_EX External Object Display (Text) CHAR 60    
486 FPB_OBJECT_KEY External Object Format (Name) CHAR 20    
487 FPB_OBJNAME Object Name for Communication CHAR 32    
488 FPB_OBJORG Organizational Assignment of Object CHAR 10    
489 FPB_OBJTYPE Object Type for Communication CHAR   
490 FPB_ROLE Role CHAR   
491 FPB_ROLE_APPL Common Domain for Role and Instance CHAR   
492 FPB_RULEGROUP Rule Group CHAR 30    
493 FPB_RULENAME_EXT External Rule Name CHAR 60    
494 FPB_SELECT_OPT Selection Option CHAR   
495 FPB_SEL_OPT_BW Selection Option for BW Reports CHAR   
496 FPB_SET_CURR Currency Determination: 1 = Controlling Area, 2 = Object CHAR   
497 FPB_SIGN Character for Alert CHAR   
498 FPB_SNI_ACTIVE Object in Hierarchy Active CHAR   
499 FPB_SNI_CNT Index in the Hierarchy NUMC   
500 FPB_SNI_CONTEXT Context of a Hierarchy Application CHAR