SAP ABAP Domain - Index F, page 9
Domain - F
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 FRE_PROCYC_DAY Cycle on day (Yes/No) CHAR   
2 FRE_PROCYC_NEXTPREV Determine result day CHAR   
3 FRE_PROCYC_RDAY Periodic value in days CHAR   
4 FRE_PROCYC_RWEEK Periodic value in weeks CHAR   
5 FRE_PROCYC_SAVE Saving procurement cycle (Yes/No) CHAR   
7 FRE_PROCYC_TYPE Type of procurement cycle CHAR   
8 FRE_PRODT_KEY F&R Product Type for PRODUCT Interface (External Key) CHAR 18    
9 FRE_PRODUCT F&R Product CHAR 40 CHAR 40    
10 FRE_PROD_TYPE F&R Product Types for Product Interface CHAR   
11 FRE_PROFILE Name of Profiles CHAR 10    
12 FRE_PROFILETXT Description of Rounding Profile CHAR 40    
13 FRE_PROMO_DATE Date used for promotion validation CHAR   
14 FRE_PROMO_DC_STATUS Promotion determination for distribution center CHAR   
15 FRE_PROMO_ST_STATUS Promotion determination for store CHAR   
16 FRE_PRORD Name of Rounding Profile CHAR 10    
17 FRE_QUANT Packed Quantity Length 10, Decimals 6 QUAN 19 
18 FRE_RCDIM Order Proposal Release Condition Dimension CHAR   
19 FRE_RCOBJ Order Proposal Release Condition Object CHAR   
20 FRE_RCPRIO Order Proposal Release Condition Priority CHAR   
21 FRE_RCTYPE Order Proposal Release Condition Type CHAR   
22 FRE_RDTHDOWN Threshold Value for Rounding Down DEC
23 FRE_RDTHUP Threshold Value for Rounding Up DEC
24 FRE_REFMOD Refference Module CHAR 40    
25 FRE_REF_BUILD Indicator: do not assign multiple references CHAR   
26 FRE_REF_FACTOR Reference Module Factor DEC
27 FRE_REF_FIND_TYPE Type of Reference Modul CHAR   
28 FRE_REF_SITE_READ_TYP Reference site read type CHAR   
29 FRE_REF_WEIGHTING_FACTOR Weight factor of reference modul DEC
30 FRE_REL Relevance indicator CHAR   
31 FRE_RELEASE Release of connected F&R System CHAR   
32 FRE_RELEASE_RETAIL_SCM_SFWS_UI Fixed Value Append EhP2 for F&R Release 5.1     
33 FRE_RELEASE_RETAIL_SCM_SFWS_UJ Fixed Value Append EhP for F&R 5.1 on SCM 7.0     
34 FRE_RELEASE_RETAIL_SCM__UJ_2 Fixed Value Append for F&R 5.2 Connectivity     
35 FRE_RELPROFILETXT Description of Release Profile CHAR 40    
36 FRE_REL_CD F&R Relevance Indic.: relevant bec.o.Listing Ch.a.Scheduling CHAR   
37 FRE_REL_LC F&R Relevance Indicator: relevant because of Listing Check CHAR   
38 FRE_REL_SUBST F&R-Relevance Indicator: Relevant Due to Substitution CHAR   
39 FRE_RESEND_STATUS Retransmission Status CHAR   
40 FRE_RFC_ERR File Status CHAR   
41 FRE_ROUND Transfer Logistical Rounding Data to F&R CHAR   
42 FRE_RPREL Replenishment Relevance CHAR   
43 FRE_RPR_DELTA Delta Transmission of Rounding Profiles to F&R CHAR   
44 FRE_RRU_DELTA Delta Transmission of Rounding Rules to F&R CHAR   
45 FRE_SCHED_EXCPT Scheduling Exception Handling CHAR   
46 FRE_SCHED_OPTION Fashion Scheduling without Prod. Time on/off CHAR   
47 FRE_SCHED_STATUS Fashion Scheduling on/off CHAR   
48 FRE_SCMB_MDL_LOCATION_NO Location Number CHAR 20    
49 FRE_SCMB_MDL_PRODUCT_NO Product Number CHAR 40    
50 FRE_SCMB_MDL_RPSTATUS F&R Replenishment Control of Location Product CHAR   
51 FRE_SCMB_MDL_RPSTATUS_SFWS_UI Fixed Value Append for F&R 5.1     
52 FRE_SECONDS_TO_WAIT Time Interval (Seconds) to Wait NUMC   
53 FRE_SEL_FLAG Selection Flag for customizing CHAR   
54 FRE_SEND_STRUCT_ART Send structured articles to SAP F&R CHAR   
55 FRE_SO_HEADERNO Sales Order Header Number (F&R) CHAR 20    
56 FRE_SO_ITEMNO Sales Order Item Number (F&R) CHAR 20    
57 FRE_SO_SCHED_LINENO Sales Oder Schedule Line Number (F&R) CHAR 10    
58 FRE_SO_STATE Sales Order Status (F&R) CHAR   
59 FRE_STRING String type STRG   
60 FRE_ST_CH Stock Change Indicator CHAR   
61 FRE_ST_FNAM Field name for stock type CHAR 30    
62 FRE_SUBST_ACTION Substitution Action CHAR   
65 FRE_SUBST_FTIME_FUP_ART Follow-Up Time for Follow-Up Articles NUMC   
66 FRE_SUBST_FTIME_REP_ART Follow-Up Time for Replacement Articles NUMC   
67 FRE_SUBST_PRIORITY_A Substitution Priority CHAR   
68 FRE_SUBST_SU1_DATA_TRANSFER Assingments Follow-Up/Replacement Article Interface Status CHAR   
69 FRE_SUBST_SU2_DATA_TRANSFER Switchover/Switch Back Information Interface Status CHAR   
70 FRE_SUBST_TYPE_NR Substitution Type Category CHAR   
71 FRE_SUPPORT_LEVEL Support Level - SAP Internal CHAR   
72 FRE_TEMPRPBLOCK Temporary replenishment blocking CHAR   
73 FRE_TRANSPORT_UNIT TLO Transport Unit INT4 10    
74 FRE_TRNAME Model Name in Supply Chain Network CHAR 22    
75 FRE_TR_SPRKZ Lock Indicator/Deletion Flag CHAR   
76 FRE_TS_PER_MERGE Overlapping Consumption Periods (Init Load) CHAR   
77 FRE_TU_SPLIT Split OP Based on Transportation Units CHAR   
78 FRE_UOM_DELTA Delta Transmission of Unit of Measure Groups to F&R CHAR   
79 FRE_UOM_INITIAL Send Unit of Measure Groups to F&R CHAR   
80 FRE_VALUE F&R value of the time dependant field CHAR 40    
81 FRE_VAL_PER_UNIT NetPrice per Unit DEC 15 
82 FRE_VAL_PER_UNITS NetPrice per Unit DEC 15 
83 FRE_VARPUOM fre Variable purchasing UOM CHAR   
84 FRE_VAR_NUMB Ongoing Number of a Variant for one Generic Article NUMC   
85 FRGAB Releasing department for purchase requisition CHAR   
86 FRGAK Release point in release status CHAR   
87 FRGCO Release code CHAR   
88 FRGGR Release group CHAR   
89 FRGKE Release indicator: purchasing document CHAR   
90 FRGKZ Release flag CHAR   
91 FRGKZ_ICON Release Status Icon CHAR 30    
92 FRGOT Category of object to be released CHAR   
93 FRGRP Release Group CHAR   
94 FRGST Release strategy in the purchase requisition CHAR   
95 FRGSX Release strategy CHAR   
96 FRGSX_CL Release strategy CHAR   
97 FRGUP Indicator: Release effected CHAR   
98 FRGWF Role resolution for workflow CHAR   
99 FRGZU Release status of purchase requisition CHAR   
100 FRIDCD Freight identifier code CHAR 18    
101 FRIDTP Freight identifier type CHAR   
102 FRIST Period expressed in any unit NUMC   
103 FRIST_VK Deadline in days NUMC   
104 FRKART Dependency Factor CHAR   
105 FRKART_NEW Foreign key field type CHAR   
106 FRKNR ls DDDO00DDIC 19901207173325 NUMC   
107 FRKRL Shipment costs relevance CHAR   
108 FRMAT Release control if components are missing CHAR   
109 FRMID Form identification CHAR   
110 FRMLDMATRIXSIZE RMS-FRM: size of a matrix INT4 10    
111 FRMLDMATRIXVALUE RMS-FRM: value of a matrix field FLTP 16  16 
112 FRMLD_ADD_CALC_RELEV RMS-FRM: Relevant for Additional Calculations CHAR   
113 FRMLD_ATINN Internal characteristic number NUMC 10    
114 FRMLD_ATTR Formula Attribute CHAR 30    
115 FRMLD_AUTH_STOP RMS-FRM: Explosion Stop Due to Lack of Authorization CHAR   
116 FRMLD_BUTTON RMS-FRM: Pushbutton CHAR 10    
118 FRMLD_CHECK_ITEM RMS-FRM: Object for check function application CHAR 10    
119 FRMLD_CHECK_ITEMS RMS-FRM: Object for Check Function Application CHAR 10    
120 FRMLD_CHECK_ITEM_FRM RMS-FRM: Object for Check Function Application CHAR 10    
121 FRMLD_CMPSTCAT RMS-FRM: Composition Type (Formula View) CHAR 10    
122 FRMLD_CMP_REAC RMS-FRM: Composition - Reaction CHAR   
124 FRMLD_COL_SORT RMS-FRM: Table Column Sequence INT1   
125 FRMLD_COMPONENT RMS-FRM: Component in the Formula Explosion CHAR 32    
126 FRMLD_COMP_TXT Description of a Component in the Formula Explosion CHAR 132    
127 FRMLD_CONS_FLG Consistency CHAR   
128 FRMLD_CONS_INDEX RMS-FRM: Index for Consistency Check on Formula Views NUMC   
129 FRMLD_CONS_INDIZIES Source View Indexes NUMC 50    
130 FRMLD_CONS_REL RMS-FRM: Relevancy Indicator Consistency Check Formula Views CHAR   
131 FRMLD_CPTKIND RMS-FRM: Specifying Component for Explosion (Internal) CHAR   
132 FRMLD_CPTROLE RMS-FRM: Role of Component in Explosion CHAR   
133 FRMLD_CURRENCY_PER_UNIT RMS-FRM: Currency per Unit of Measure CHAR   
134 FRMLD_DBOP RMS-FRM: update task indicator CHAR   
135 FRMLD_DEC6_4 RMS-FRM: DEC Field with 6 Predecimal and 4 Decimal Places DEC 10 
136 FRMLD_DECISION_KIND List of Possible Decision Types CHAR   
137 FRMLD_DEC_16_6 Quantity Field DEC 16 
138 FRMLD_DEFEXPL_FLG RMS-FRM: Indicator for default output during explosion CHAR   
141 FRMLD_ENERGY_TXT RMS-FRM: Energy Profile CHAR 132    
142 FRMLD_ENTITY RMS-FRM: entity types for formula CHAR   
143 FRMLD_ENV_PARA RMS-FRM: Environment Parameters CHAR 30    
144 FRMLD_ESTCAT Value Assignment Type CHAR 30    
145 FRMLD_EVENT RMS-FRM: Task of a Function Module CHAR   
146 FRMLD_EXCVAL RMS-FRM: Exception Value of a Component CHAR   
147 FRMLD_EXPLMODE RMS-FRM: API, Program Mode Explosion CHAR   
148 FRMLD_EXPL_DEPTH RMS-FRM: Explosion level for list output CHAR   
149 FRMLD_EXPL_FLG Explosion Indicator CHAR   
150 FRMLD_EXPL_LEVEL RMS-FRM: explosion level INT1   
151 FRMLD_EXPL_SCOPE RMS-FRM: Explosion Scope CHAR 10    
152 FRMLD_EXPL_SCOPE2 RMS-FRM: Explosion Scope CHAR 10    
153 FRMLD_EXVAL Exception value CHAR   
154 FRMLD_EXVAL_TXT Text for Exception Value CHAR 132    
155 FRMLD_FFO_PERC Percentage display QUAN 12 
156 FRMLD_FLAG RMS-FRM: Checkbox CHAR   
157 FRMLD_FLG_NEED_TO_SAVE Save Data Before Generation CHAR   
158 FRMLD_FRM_BASEQUAN RMS-FRM: QUAN Field with 6 Predecimal and 6 Decimal Places QUAN 12 
160 FRMLD_GEN_COLKEY RMS-FRM: Generic Column Key INT4 10    
161 FRMLD_GEN_ROWKEY RMS-FRM: Generic Row Key INT4 10    
162 FRMLD_GUID RMS-FRM: GUID in External Format as CHAR32 CHAR 32    
163 FRMLD_ID ID CHAR 32    
166 FRMLD_KEY_FIGURE Key Figure ID CHAR 10    
167 FRMLD_KEY_FIGURE_TEXT Short Text for Key Figures CHAR 64    
168 FRMLD_KF_ADDINF Additional Information About a Key Figure CHAR 132    
169 FRMLD_KF_GROUP_ID Key Figure Group ID CHAR 10    
170 FRMLD_KF_GROUP_TEXT Key Figure Group Text CHAR 32    
171 FRMLD_KF_SORT Sort Sequence for Key Figures INT1   
172 FRMLD_KJ KJ CHAR 16    
173 FRMLD_LAYOUT RMS-FRM: Formula Layout CHAR   
174 FRMLD_LAYOUT_TXT RMS-FRM: Formula Layout Text CHAR 30    
175 FRMLD_LAY_GRP_ID Layout Module CHAR 32    
176 FRMLD_LAY_GRP_MEMB_ID RMSA: Layout Group Member CHAR 32    
177 FRMLD_LAY_GRP_MEMB_TXT RMSA: Layout Group Member Text CHAR 132    
178 FRMLD_LAY_GRP_TXT Layout group text CHAR 132    
179 FRMLD_LAY_ID Layout Module CHAR 32    
180 FRMLD_LIGHTS RMS-FRM: Traffic Light for Standard Output in List Display CHAR   
181 FRMLD_LST_NAME Description in a Modeling List Entry CHAR 132    
182 FRMLD_MATPRS_DESC RMS-FRM: Description of Material Price CHAR 40    
183 FRMLD_MATPRS_TYPE RMS-FRM: Material Price to Be Used CHAR   
184 FRMLD_MATRIX RMS-FRM: Characterizing the Matrix in an Equation CHAR   
185 FRMLD_MEMB_ID Layout Group Member CHAR 32    
186 FRMLD_MODE Mode for Data Retrieval CHAR   
187 FRMLD_MOD_RUN_KEY Key for Modeling Run CHAR 10    
188 FRMLD_MOD_STEP_TXT RMS-FRM: Description of Modeling Run CHAR 80    
189 FRMLD_MSG Message INT4 10    
190 FRMLD_NODE_KIND Data Element of a Modeling Node Key CHAR   
191 FRMLD_OPLOW RMS-FRM: Operator for Lower Limit CHAR   
192 FRMLD_OPUP RMS-FRM: Operator for Upper Limit CHAR   
193 FRMLD_OTPT_4UDE_RUN_NO Number of Modeling Run INT4 10    
194 FRMLD_OTPT_ESTNAM RMS-FRM: Description of a Value Assignment Type CHAR 40    
195 FRMLD_OTPT_PROP_ORD RMS-FRM: Sort Sequence for Value Assignments NUMC   
196 FRMLD_OTPT_REFOBJ Reference Object CHAR 132    
197 FRMLD_OTPT_VALNAM RMS-FRM: Description of a Value CHAR 255    
198 FRMLD_OTPT_VALUE RMS-FRM: Abstract Value CHAR 255    
199 FRMLD_OUPUT_TYPE Output Component Category CHAR   
200 FRMLD_OVR Overrun Factor NUMC   
201 FRMLD_PERC RMS-FRM: Percentage DEC 10 
202 FRMLD_POBTX RMS-FRM: Text for Process Objects CHAR 60    
203 FRMLD_POSNR RMS-FRM: Item Number NUMC   
204 FRMLD_POS_TYPE Item Type CHAR 10    
205 FRMLD_PO_ID ID of Primary Output CHAR 32    
206 FRMLD_PRICE_TYPE RMS-FRM: Chosen Price for Costing CHAR   
207 FRMLD_PRS_DEZ8 RMS-FRM: Price with More Decimal Places CURR 17 
208 FRMLD_QUAN10_6 RMS-FRM: QUAN Field with 10 Predecimal and 6 Decimal Places QUAN 16 
209 FRMLD_QUAN3_6 QUAN Field with 3 Predecimal and 6 Decimal Places QUAN
210 FRMLD_QUAN4_3 RMS-FRM: QUAN Field with 4 Predecimal and 3 Decimal Places QUAN
211 FRMLD_QUAN4_6 RMS-FRM: QUAN Field with 4 Predecimal and 6 Decimal Places QUAN 10 
212 FRMLD_QUAN6_10 RMS-FRM: QUAN Field with 6 Predecimal and 10 Decimal Places QUAN 16  10 
213 FRMLD_QUAN6_3 QUAN Field with 6 Predecimal and 3 Decimal Places QUAN
214 FRMLD_QUAN6_6 RMS-FRM: QUAN Field with 6 Predecimal and 6 Decimal Places QUAN 12 
215 FRMLD_QUAN6_6_VZ RMS-FRM: QUAN Field w. 6 Predecimal + 6 Dec. Places w. Sign QUAN 12 
216 FRMLD_QUAN9_4 RMS-FRM: QUAN Field with 9 Predecimal and 4 Decimal Places QUAN 13 
217 FRMLD_QUAN9_6 RMS-FRM: QUAN Field with 9 Predecimal and 6 Decimal Places QUAN 15 
218 FRMLD_QUAN_14_14 RMS-FRM: QUAN Field with 14 Decimal and 14 Predecimal Places QUAN 28  14 
219 FRMLD_QUAN_6_14 RMS-FRM: QUAN Field with 6 Predecimal and 14 Decimal Places QUAN 20  14 
220 FRMLD_QUAN_6_6 Quantity (Nutritional Composition) QUAN 14 
221 FRMLD_QUAN_DIA RMS-FRM: Dialog Field for Quantities or Exception Values CHAR 16    
223 FRMLD_REAC_FLG Reaction Indicator CHAR   
224 FRMLD_REFQTYKIND Type of Reference Quantity CHAR   
225 FRMLD_ROLE Component type of the material or substance item CHAR 10    
226 FRMLD_ROLE_EVENT RMS-FRM: Event that Is Executed Based on the Component Type CHAR 10    
227 FRMLD_SCENARIO Scenario for Access to Formula Data CHAR   
228 FRMLD_SORTNUM RMS-FRM: Sort Number for Input and Output Rows on I/O Views NUMC   
229 FRMLD_SRC RMSA: Data Source CHAR   
230 FRMLD_SRCH_MODE RMS-FRM: search mode CHAR   
231 FRMLD_SRC_TXT Data Source CHAR 132    
232 FRMLD_STAGE_NAME Name of Stage CHAR 40    
233 FRMLD_STATUS_ASSIGNMENT Assignment of Conversion Function - Formula Status NUMC   
234 FRMLD_STOPLST_OBJID EHS: External key for group object CHAR 10    
235 FRMLD_SUBCAT Specification Type of a Formula CHAR 10    
236 FRMLD_SUBID Unique ID of a Formula CHAR 12    
237 FRMLD_TIMESTAMP_VALUE RMS-TLS: Formatted Time Stamp (Short) CHAR 19    
239 FRMLD_UNIT_10 Text for a Unit of Measure CHAR 10    
240 FRMLD_VIEW RMS-FRM: Subview of a Formula (Input/Output) CHAR 10    
241 FRMLD_VIEW_MODE Mode for Formula Views INT4 10    
242 FRMLD_WRITE_SCENARIO Scenario for Write Access to Formula Data CHAR   
243 FRMLE_AGGR_LTYP Line category NUMC   
244 FRMLE_COMPONENT RMS-FRM: Component in the Formula Explosion CHAR 32    
245 FRMLE_COMP_LTYP Line category NUMC   
246 FRMLE_DISP_MODE Display Modes: Composition CHAR   
247 FRMLE_FLG_NEED_TO_SAVE Save Data Before Generation CHAR   
249 FRMLE_NUTR_LTYP Line category NUMC   
250 FRMLE_STOPLST_GRPID EHS: Object group CHAR 10    
251 FRMLE_TXT RMS-FRM: Name CHAR 132    
252 FRMNR Formula number NUMC   
254 FRM_CALL_MODE Call mode for FRM applications CHAR   
255 FRM_DOC_POST_ASYNCH Post documents asynchronously (in separate work process) CHAR   
256 FRM_FLAG Boolian value: yes/no CHAR   
257 FRM_INOUTBOUND_FLAG Control flag: Inbound or outbound delivery CHAR   
258 FRM_KZANP_VAS Indicates timepoint of adjustment for SLS sub-items CHAR   
259 FRM_KZBLG_VAS Indicates timepoint of follow-on doc. gen. for SLS sub-items CHAR   
260 FRM_KZTLG Indicates timepoint for generating distribution orders CHAR   
261 FRM_LIEWR Period of inbound delivery INT2   
262 FRM_LIEWR_H Schedule line interval in hours DEC
263 FRNAM Frame Description CHAR 40    
264 FROM_FILE Export file for rollups CHAR 30    
265 FROM_LAST_OBJEKT Fill from last object CHAR   
266 FRONTEND Front-ends CHAR   
267 FROZEN Freeze average value CHAR   
268 FRRTC Return code release CHAR   
269 FRSP Earliest possible /Latest possible CHAR   
270 FRSP_TN Earliest/Latest dates CHAR   
271 FRTHW Production note in the planned order CHAR   
272 FRWEG Release approval path CHAR   
273 FR_CONTACT_EM Email Address of the Contact Person (FR) CHAR 60    
274 FR_MIN_AMT Minimum Amount Domain - France CURR 13 
275 FSBP_APPLICATION_CHANNEL Application Channel CHAR   
276 FSBP_CC_EVENT_ID Event in Data Cleansing Case NUMC   
277 FSBP_CC_IMAGE_XSTRING CC Image Data (as XString) RSTR   
279 FSBP_CC_PROCESSING_INDICATOR Data Cleansing: Status of a Record of the Target Object List CHAR   
280 FSBP_CC_TEC_FIELD_NAME Technical Field Name for Change Document Display CHAR 61    
282 FSBP_CNS_IMAGE_INFO Additional Information for CNS Data CHAR 10    
283 FSBP_CNS_IMAGE_XSTRING CNS Image Data (as XString) RSTR   
285 FSBP_COMPARE_RESULT Comparison Results CHAR   
286 FSBP_CREDIT_STAND_SATUS_CODE Status of Credit Standing Req./Credit Standing Status Code CHAR   
287 FSBP_EI_ADDITIONAL_DATA_TASK_D External Interface: Change Indicator for Additional Info. CHAR   
288 FSBP_EI_ADDITIONAL_FIELD_TASKD External Interface: Change Indicator for Add. Data Fields CHAR   
289 FSBP_EI_ADDRESS_USAGE_TASK_D External Interface: Change Indicator for Address Usage CHAR   
293 FSBP_EI_ASSESSMENT_TASK_D External Interface: Change Indicator for Ratings CHAR   
294 FSBP_EI_DIFFERENTIAL_TASK_D Ext. Interface: Change Ind.for Diff.-Type-Dependent Criteria CHAR   
296 FSBP_EI_EMPLOYMENT_TASK_D External Interface: Change Indicator for Employment Data CHAR   
297 FSBP_EI_FISCAL_YEAR_TASK_D External Interface: Change Indicator for Fiscal Year Data CHAR   
298 FSBP_EI_IDENTIFICATION_TASK_D External Interface: Change Indicator for ID Numbers CHAR   
299 FSBP_EI_RATING_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator for Fiscal Year Data CHAR   
301 FSBP_EI_REPORTING_TASK_D Ext. Interface: Change Indicator for Reg. Reporting Data CHAR   
302 FSBP_EI_TAXC_TASK_D Change Value for Tax Compliance CHAR   
304 FSBP_ESA_NODE_NAME Node name CHAR 30    
305 FSBP_IDNUM_STATUS Status of Conversion of Identification Numbers CHAR   
306 FSBP_MAINTENANCE_STATUS Maintenance Status CHAR   
307 FSBP_MARK General Indicator (SPACE 'X') CHAR   
308 FSBP_MIGCS_MERGE_RULE Rules to Resolve Conflict CHAR   
310 FSBP_PACKAGE_SIZE Package Size for Mass Data Processing DEC   
312 FSBP_PRX_DATA_VIEW Data Views for Prefetch FS-BP Proxy CHAR   
313 FSBP_PRX_PWB_COMM_TYPE Communication Types for Print Workbench CHAR 30    
314 FSBP_PXE_ALIAS_MOD_CODE Change ID for Alias Events (Without Update) CHAR   
315 FSBP_PXE_COMMON_MOD_CODE Change ID for General Data CHAR   
316 FSBP_PXE_LOG_EVENT_NAME Name of FS-BP Proxy Event (for Log) CHAR 50    
317 FSBP_PXE_LOG_TIMESTAMP Time Stamp for Log of FS-BP Proxy Events DEC 15    
319 FSBP_RCOMP_DESCR Description of Company CHAR 60    
321 FSBP_SEARCH_CRITERIA_VALUE Value of Search Attribute SSTR 255    
322 FSBP_SENDER_TECHNICAL_ID Technical ID of Sender CHAR 70    
323 FSBP_TAXC_AGREE_STATUS Tax Compliance: Agreement Status CHAR   
324 FSBP_TAXC_ID Tax Compliance ID CHAR   
325 FSBP_TAXC_REASON Tax Compliance: Reason for Status CHAR   
326 FSBP_TAXC_REASON_T Tax Compliance: Text for Status Reason CHAR 40    
327 FSBP_TAXC_STATUS Tax Compliance Status CHAR   
328 FSBP_TAXC_TYPE Tax Compliance Type CHAR   
329 FSBP_TAXC_TYPE_T Tax Compliance CHAR 40    
330 FSBP_USAGE Usage law CHAR   
331 FSBP_VALID_FOR_CUSTOMER Indicator Whether Company Code Is Valid for Customer CHAR   
332 FSBP_VALID_FOR_PARTNER Indicator Whether Company Code Is Valid for BP CHAR   
333 FSBP_VALID_FOR_VENDOR Indicator Whether Company Code Is Valid for Vendor CHAR   
334 FSCAT Consolidation frequency CHAR   
335 FSELLINE Field description line RAW 510    
336 FSEPA_INST_CODE Local Instrument Code (Direct Debit Type) CHAR   
337 FSEPA_INST_CODE_KK Local Instrument Code CHAR   
338 FSEQNR Number of row formula NUMC   
339 FSETYP Fast entry field category CHAR   
340 FSLINE From line INT4 10    
341 FSLRE Legal control: Type of reference for sanctions list CHAR   
343 FSL_ACTIVITY_DIRECTION_CODE Domain for GDT ProcIntegrationActyDirectionCode CHAR   
344 FSL_ACTIVITY_STATUS_CODE Domain for GDT ProcIntegrLCActivityStatusCode CHAR   
345 FSL_ACTIVITY_TYPE Domain for Type of Activity CHAR   
346 FSL_COUNTER FSL: Counter QUAN 15 
347 FSL_DOM_ACTIVITY_GROUP_ID Representation for GDT ProcessIntegrationActivityGroupID CHAR 35    
348 FSL_DOM_ACTIVITY_NAME Representation for GDT ExtendedName CHAR 255    
349 FSL_DOM_ACTIVITY_TECHNICAL_ID Reference to a Technical Descriptor CHAR 100    
350 FSL_DOM_BUSINESS_SYSTEM_ID Representation for GDT BusinessSystemID CHAR 60    
351 FSL_DOM_CDT_IDENTIFIER Representation for CDT Identifier CHAR 40    
352 FSL_DOM_GDT_BDM_ID_CONTENT Representation for GDT BusinessDocumentMessageID Content CHAR 35    
353 FSL_DOM_GDT_BUS_SYSTEM_ID Representation for GDT BusinessSystemID CHAR 60    
354 FSL_DOM_GDT_LANGUAGE_CODE Representation of GDT LanguageCode STRG   
355 FSL_DOM_GDT_LOG_ITEM_CAT_CODE Representation for Content Part of GDT Log Item Cat. Code CHAR 15    
356 FSL_DOM_GDT_LOG_ITEM_SEVERITY Representation for GDT Log Item Severity Code CHAR   
357 FSL_DOM_GDT_LOG_ITEM_TY_ID_V1 Representation of GDT LogItemTypeID_V1 CHAR 61    
358 FSL_DOM_GDT_LOG_IT_NT_TMPL_TXT Representation for GDT LogItemNoteTemplateText CHAR 73    
359 FSL_DOM_GDT_LOG_IT_N_T_TXT_V1 Representation of GDT LogItemNoteTemplateText_V1 STRG   
360 FSL_DOM_GDT_LOG_IT_PL_SUB_TXT Representation for GDT LogItemPlaceholderSubstitutionText CHAR 50    
361 FSL_DOM_GDT_LOG_IT_T_ID_T_CD Representation of GDT LogItemTypeIdentifierTypeCode CHAR   
362 FSL_DOM_GDT_NAME Representation of GDT Name STRG   
363 FSL_DOM_GDT_NAMESPACE_URI Representation of GDT NamespaceURI STRG   
364 FSL_DOM_GDT_NOTE Representation of GDT Note STRG   
365 FSL_DOM_GDT_OBJ_NODE_TECH_ID Representation for GDT ObjectNodePartyTechnicalID CHAR 70    
366 FSL_DOM_GDT_PROC_RESULT_CODE Representation for GDT Processing Result Code CHAR   
367 FSL_DOM_GDT_WEB_ADDRESS Representation for GDT Web Address STRG   
368 FSL_DOM_GDT_WEB_URI Representation for GDT Web URI STRG   
369 FSL_DOM_JOURNAL_ENTRY_ID Representation for Content Part of GDT JournalEntryID CHAR 40    
370 FSL_DOM_LOG_ITEM_NOTE Representation of GDT LogItemNote CHAR 200    
371 FSL_DOM_SC_LIST_AGENCY_ID List Agency ID CHAR 60    
372 FSL_DOM_SC_LIST_AG_SCH_AG_ID List Agency Scheme Agency ID CHAR   
373 FSL_DOM_SC_LIST_AG_SCH_ID List Agency Scheme ID CHAR 60    
374 FSL_DOM_SC_LIST_ID List ID CHAR 60    
375 FSL_DOM_SC_LIST_VERSION_ID List Version ID CHAR 15    
376 FSL_DOM_SC_SCHEME_AGENCY_ID Scheme Agency ID CHAR 60    
377 FSL_DOM_SC_SCHEME_AG_SCHEME_ID Scheme Agency Scheme ID CHAR 60    
378 FSL_DOM_SC_SCHEME_ID Scheme ID CHAR 60    
379 FSL_DOM_SC_SCHEME_VERSION_ID Scheme Version ID CHAR 15    
380 FSL_DOM_SC_SCH_AG_SCH_AG_ID Scheme Agency Scheme Agency ID CHAR   
381 FSL_SCENARIO_SUBTYP FSL: Scenario Subtype for Contract Determination CHAR   
382 FSL_SERVCONF_ID FSL: Service Confirmation ID NUMC 10    
383 FSL_SERVCONF_ITEM FSL: Service Confirmation Item NUMC 10    
384 FSL_SETTL_STATUS FSL: System Status of Customer Settlement CHAR   
385 FSL_STATUS FSL: User Status for Item CHAR   
386 FSOC_SECU_KK Social Insurance Number (Contract Account) CHAR 14    
387 FSPP_COUNTER_CATG Counter Category for Objects from Mass Runs CHAR   
388 FSPP_FLG_TRACE Application Log: Control Flag CHAR   
389 FSPP_LOG_PROFILE_TYPE Profile Type for Displaying in the Log CHAR   
390 FSPP_LOG_TYPE Application Log: Control Flag CHAR   
391 FSPP_OBJ_PER_COMMIT Number of Objects for each Commit Work INT4 10    
392 FSPP_PACKDEFCTG Package Definition Category CHAR   
393 FSPP_PACK_MODE Package Administrator Mode CHAR   
394 FSPP_RC_CNG_BY Application Return Code Changed CHAR   
395 FSPSJ_BDM_TRANSM_STS_CODE Domain for GDT BusinessDocumenMsgTransmissionStatusCode CHAR   
396 FSROW From column INT4 10    
397 FSSC_API_PURPOSE FSSC: Purpose of API (RFC Module, BOR object, ...) CHAR 10    
398 FSSC_BADI_FILTER BADI Filter for Validation CHAR 10    
399 FSSC_BATINP_KEY Batch Input Key NUMC   
401 FSSC_BOOLEAN Logical Variable CHAR   
402 FSSC_BURR_OPER Operation of Business Partner Relationship CHAR   
403 FSSC_COLL_RUN_ID Collection Worklist Run ID CHAR 12    
404 FSSC_COLL_STRATEGY Collection Strategy CHAR 10    
405 FSSC_CUSTOMER_VENDOR Customer or Vendor Number CHAR 10    
406 FSSC_DEP_ID Dependency ID CHAR 10    
407 FSSC_DESC Description CHAR 60    
408 FSSC_EXEC_LVL Validation Rule Execute Level CHAR   
409 FSSC_KUNNR FSSC: Key of Customer in Accounts Receivable Accounting CHAR 10    
410 FSSC_REF_TYPE Dependent Field CHAR   
411 FSSC_SHLPNAME Name of a search help CHAR 30    
412 FSSC_SUM_REIMBU Reimbursement Amount for a Trip CURR 13 
413 FSSC_USE_GDC Using Value from GDC CHAR   
414 FSSC_VALHLP_TYPE Value Help Type CHAR   
415 FSSC_VAL_METHOD Validation Method CHAR   
416 FSSC_VAL_RULE_ID Validation Rule CHAR 32    
417 FSSC_VARIANT Variant for Light Out/On Solution CHAR   
418 FSSC_VAR_USAGE Variant usage CHAR   
419 FSSC_VAT_STATUS Status der Daten für die MWSt-Rückerstattung CHAR   
420 FSTAG Field status group CHAR   
421 FSTAGRE Funds reservation field status group CHAR   
422 FSTATURES Indicator for field status in funds reservation CHAR   
423 FSTATUS Update status of a flow CHAR   
424 FSTAT_KK Field status CHAR   
425 FSTAT_SEL IS-H: status for the case after billing CHAR   
426 FSTST Processing type in access CHAR   
427 FSTVA Field status variant CHAR   
428 FSTVARE Field status variant CHAR   
429 FSTYPE_BD Balance Sheet Type NUMC   
430 FSYSACTIV Flag indicating whether a syntax group is relevant CHAR   
431 FSZT_KK Cash Journal Internal: Processing Status of Transaction Data CHAR   
432 FS_BRGRU Authorization group for ABAP/4 accesses to file system CHAR   
433 FS_CDC_CALC_METHOD_ID ID Check Digit Procedure CHAR   
434 FS_CDC_NUMBER Number for Check Digit Calculation CHAR 35    
435 FS_DATASOURCE_DELTA DataSource for Delta Position CHAR 30    
436 FS_DATASOURCE_INIT DataSource for Position Initialization CHAR 30    
437 FS_DB_GUID FS: Database Reference CHAR 32    
438 FS_INFOSOURCE_DELTA InfoSource for Delta Position CHAR 30    
439 FS_INFOSOURCE_INIT InfoSource for Position Initialization CHAR 30    
440 FS_SELECTION_TABNAME Name of Selection Table (BW Extraction for FS) CHAR 30    
441 FS_SELECTION_VIEWNAME Name of Selection View (BW Extraction for FS) CHAR 16    
442 FS_TYP Pricing report: Purpose of the fields CHAR   
443 FT Form type CHAR   
444 FTBB_CURR Currency to 22 Places DEC 22 
445 FTBB_KF_CATEGORY Key Figure Category for Key Figures Calculated from RM Mthds CHAR 10    
446 FTCCD FT: Derivation of company code from organizational unit CHAR   
447 FTCOM Foreign Trade: Communication: Communication Text CHAR 60    
448 FTDF_TIMESTAMP Datafeed: Time Stamp CHAR 14    
449 FTDTA FT: Data record for communication and upload CHAR 254    
450 FTEMPKZ Fixed temperature indicator CHAR   
451 FTENAME Input field for an Internet address CHAR 241    
452 FTGARANT Public holiday guaranteed flag CHAR   
453 FTGID Public holiday key CHAR   
454 FTI_ANFEND Difference between start/end CHAR   
455 FTI_APPEND Customer-Enhanced Report Types CHAR   
456 FTI_ASSLIAB_IND Assets/Liabilities Indicator CHAR   
457 FTI_BILST_REF_B Positions: Remaining Term/Overdue Period Based On CHAR   
458 FTI_BILST_REF_F Flows: Remaining Term/Overdue Period Based On CHAR   
459 FTI_BI_DS_SWITCH NW700 Only: Switch for DataSource Feed CHAR   
460 FTI_CHAR16LOW Lowercase char of length 16 CHAR 16    
461 FTI_DATA_S Data origin for Cash Management CHAR   
462 FTI_DEAL_TYPE Transaction Category OTC Versus Non-OTC CHAR   
463 FTI_DTYPE Data type to save report in cluster table TRIX_DATA CHAR   
464 FTI_ERROR_SOURCE Cause of Error CHAR   
465 FTI_FDBUC Relevant to Cash Management CHAR   
466 FTI_FIX_VAR Fix/Variable Transaction Side Indicator CHAR   
467 FTI_INFOBJ_TYP InfoObject Type CHAR   
468 FTI_INTEREST_TYPE Interest Category CHAR   
469 FTI_INTSTATUS Interest Fixing Status CHAR   
470 FTI_INTTYPE Interest Category CHAR   
471 FTI_IU_SWITCH Domain for Import-Update Switch CHAR 16    
472 FTI_LDB_REPORTING_MODE Report Mode for Treasury Logical Database CHAR   
473 FTI_MARKETDATA_BUFFER_CTRL Control Risk Mgmt Buffer for Logical Database Reporting CHAR   
474 FTI_MODE Field renaming mode CHAR   
475 FTI_NFLAG Control flag to read text hierarchy node CHAR   
476 FTI_NUMC3 3-digit numeric fields without check with alpha NUMC   
477 FTI_POSITION_SOURCE Position Determination (Position/Total of Position Changes) CHAR   
478 FTI_PRICE_TRADED Traded Price of a Security DEC 15 
479 FTI_PROD_GROUP_PARAM Product Group CHAR   
480 FTI_QUOT_CCY_PRCT Text Field for Mixed Representation: Quotation Crcy/Percent CHAR   
481 FTI_QUOT_UNIT_PRCT Text Field for Mixed Representation: Quot. Crcy Unit/Percent CHAR   
482 FTI_RANTYP Contract number typing CHAR   
483 FTI_RANTYP_TR Contract number typing CHAR   
484 FTI_RICHTUNG Direction CHAR   
485 FTI_SAKTIV Active status of financial trans. or activity (drilldown) CHAR   
486 FTI_TRL_POSITION_STATUS Key Date-Based Status of TRL Position CHAR   
487 FTI_VALID_PARAM_IDS Permitted Values for the Control Parameters CHAR   
488 FTKLA Public holiday class CHAR   
489 FTKOLL IS-M/SD: Indicator for public holiday collision CHAR   
490 FTMAXLINES Max. no. of lines INT4 10    
491 FTMEART Foreign Trade: Periodic Declarations: Declaration Type KOBRA CHAR   
492 FTMETYP Foreign Trade: Declarations to the Authorities: Message cat. CHAR   
493 FTNO Process instruction number in control recipe NUMC   
494 FTPD_ACCOUNT_NUMBER Number of Cost Distribution in Travel Request NUMC   
495 FTPD_ACCOUNT_PERCENT Percentage of Cost Distribution DEC
496 FTPD_ACTIVITY Response according to priority of profile position CHAR   
497 FTPD_ADDRESS Amadeus: Billing and Mailing Address CHAR 60    
498 FTPD_AIR_SEGMENT_TYPE Segment type for segment stored in AIR NUMC   
499 FTPD_ALLOW_MODIF Quicktrip change domain CHAR   
500 FTPD_ALTERN_ORDER Alternative order domain NUMC