SAP ABAP Domain - Index F, page 2
Domain - F
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 FCC_WAERS Currency Key CUKY   
2 FCC_WF_WITEM Transfer of a Workflow ID CHAR 12    
3 FCDDID Shipping cost default data identifier CHAR   
4 FCDDID_TXT Text for default data identifier CHAR 30    
5 FCGRP Document determination procedure - Shipment costs CHAR   
6 FCID Factory calendar ID CHAR   
7 FCINT Classification of function codes NUMC   
8 FCIW_FISCPER Fiscal year/period NUMC   
9 FCLAS Table class for Report Writer CHAR   
11 FCLM_DATETO Valid To Date DATS   
12 FCLM_HIERNODEID Internal ID Number of A Hierarchy Node NUMC   
13 FCLM_HIER_NAME Hierarchy Name CHAR 30    
14 FCLM_HIER_STATUS Hierarchy Status CHAR   
16 FCLM_NODE_REF_KEY Node Reference Key CHAR 32    
18 FCL_AAMT Amount (12 Byte Value Field with +/- Sign) CURR 23 
20 FCL_DOM_AAMT Amount (12 Byte Value Field with +/- Sign) CURR 23 
21 FCL_DOM_AMMRHYZV Interest Settlement Frequency for Exponential Interest Calc. NUMC   
22 FCL_DOM_CONDSOURCE Condition Origin CHAR 10    
23 FCL_DOM_DATETYPE Accounts-Based/Value Date-Based NUMC   
25 FCL_DOM_DECV4_11 Decimal Number with +/- Sign DEC 15  11 
26 FCL_DOM_FEXPINT Interest Calculation CHAR   
27 FCL_DOM_FFILTERED Checkbox: Filtering Status CHAR   
28 FCL_DOM_FFLAG Indicators CHAR   
29 FCL_DOM_FINCREM Replacement Category CHAR   
30 FCL_DOM_FORMBE Formula Identification CHAR   
31 FCL_DOM_FZEROCOND Indicator: Condition Form CHAR   
32 FCL_DOM_IDIFFVALUE Differentiation Value CHAR 10    
33 FCL_DOM_ILIST_SOURCE Identification of Condition Origin RAW 16    
34 FCL_DOM_IMERGENO Ordinal Number for Conditions in Condition Merger NUMC   
35 FCL_DOM_IORDNO Ordinal Number for Relationship Table NUMC   
36 FCL_DOM_IPOSNO Level Item Counter NUMC   
37 FCL_DOM_IVARIABLE Variable in the Interest Formula of an Amount Item CHAR   
39 FCL_DOM_NDAYS Number of days INT4 10    
41 FCL_DOM_NNUMUNIT Number of units NUMC   
42 FCL_DOM_NO_INHERITANCE Indicator: Condition is not Inherited CHAR   
43 FCL_DOM_NREPPERIOD Repeat Period INT4 10    
44 FCL_DOM_NSECONDS Number of Seconds DEC   
45 FCL_DOM_NTOLDAYS Number of Tolerance Days NUMC   
46 FCL_DOM_OAMTCATG Amount Category CHAR   
47 FCL_DOM_OAMTLIM_REF Reference Amount Limit CHAR 12    
48 FCL_DOM_OBALANCEBASE Basis of Balances NUMC   
49 FCL_DOM_OBALANCECATG Balance Category NUMC   
50 FCL_DOM_OCALCCATG Calculation Category CHAR   
51 FCL_DOM_OCONDTYP Financial term type NUMC   
52 FCL_DOM_ODATECATG Date Category CHAR   
54 FCL_DOM_ODATESHIFT Working Day Shift NUMC   
55 FCL_DOM_ODAYTYPE Type of Days NUMC   
56 FCL_DOM_ODETPRD Condition Calculation Period NUMC   
57 FCL_DOM_ODIFFCATG Differentiation Category CHAR   
58 FCL_DOM_OINSTMETH Method for Calculation of Installment CHAR   
59 FCL_DOM_OIRUNIT Time Unit for Interest Rate NUMC   
62 FCL_DOM_OLEVEL Indicator Scaled or Interval Calculation NUMC   
63 FCL_DOM_OLEVELEVAL Indicator: Levels for Condition Determination NUMC   
64 FCL_DOM_OLEVELTOFREVAL Indicator: Scale Position From or To for Cond. Determination NUMC   
65 FCL_DOM_OLEVELTOFROM Indicator Scaled Item from or to NUMC   
66 FCL_DOM_OLISTTYP Condition group type (list type) NUMC   
67 FCL_DOM_OPCALC Interest Penalty Calculation Method CHAR   
70 FCL_DOM_OREFDATE Reference Date NUMC   
71 FCL_DOM_OREFUND Category for Interest Reimbursement Condition NUMC   
72 FCL_DOM_ORELDATESHIFT Reference to Referral Date After Working Day Shift CHAR   
74 FCL_DOM_ORELTYPE Types of Relationships to Other Condition Types CHAR   
75 FCL_DOM_OREPUNIT Repetition Unit CHAR   
76 FCL_DOM_ORHYTHMCATG Frequency Category CHAR   
78 FCL_DOM_OSETTLEMENT Type of Clearing CHAR   
79 FCL_DOM_OSTATUS Status of Condition or Component (Amount / Date) NUMC   
80 FCL_DOM_OTIMELIM Reason for Time Restriction on Condition NUMC   
81 FCL_DOM_OTIMEPROPCALC Pro Rata Calculation NUMC   
82 FCL_DOM_OTIMESET_TYPE Val.Date Det.Category CHAR   
86 FCL_DOM_OUSEPRD Condition Use Period NUMC   
87 FCL_DOM_OWAIVEMETH Calculation Method for Automatic Waiver CHAR   
88 FCL_DOM_PERC_DAY Percentage or Number of Days DEC 15  10 
89 FCL_DOM_PFLUCT Fluctuation Margin - Decimal Figure With Deb/Cred Ind.(10/7) DEC 10 
90 FCL_DOM_RPERCENTAGE PercentRate DEC 15  10 
91 FCL_DOM_SROUND Round (Up, Down or to the Nearest) CHAR   
92 FCL_DOM_SRUNIT Rounding unit in FiMa DEC 13 
93 FCL_DOM_STARTEXCL The Start of the Settlement Period is Exclusive CHAR   
94 FCL_DOM_SZBMETH Interest Calculation Method Indic. (Financial Mathematics) CHAR   
96 FCL_OCONDTYPE Financial term type NUMC   
98 FCML_CATEG Category in Material Ledger Data Display CHAR   
99 FCML_EXUPD Update Exclusively in Leading or Parallel Version CHAR   
100 FCML_FSDESC_D Field Medium description for FCML NWG user customizing CHAR 30    
101 FCML_MLCCS Type of Cost Component Split in the Material Ledger CHAR   
102 FCML_MLCCT Type of Cost Component Split in the Material Ledger CHAR   
103 FCML_NWG_CATEID_D Category ID for NWG customizing master data item CHAR   
104 FCML_NWG_CATENAME_D Category Name for NWG customizing master data item CHAR 30    
105 FCML_NWG_CID_D Customizing item ID for NWG customizing master data item CHAR 15    
106 FCML_NWG_CTYPE_D Customizing data Type for NWG customizing master data item CHAR   
107 FCML_NWG_FDESC_D Field description for NWG customizing master data CHAR 50    
108 FCML_NWG_FID_D Field ID for NWG customizing master data item CHAR 15    
109 FCML_NWG_FIELDNAME_D Field Name for NWG customizing master data item CHAR 30    
110 FCML_NWG_SUBID_D Sub-category id for NWG customizing master data item CHAR 10    
111 FCML_NWG_SUBNAME_D Sub-category Name for NWG customizing master data item CHAR 30    
112 FCML_NWG_USER_D User name for NWG customizing variants CHAR 30    
113 FCML_OBJ_TYPE Object Type CHAR   
114 FCM_TASK_STATUS Task Status in Financial Close CHAR   
115 FCODE Function code CHAR 20    
116 FCODEDOM Domain for FCODE type CHAR   
117 FCODE_TVUVFC Function code: incompletion log CHAR 20    
118 FCOM_AFAPC Decimal number with 6 places before and 2 after (% totals) DEC
119 FCOM_ANLKWERT Cumulative Asset Value CHAR 22    
120 FCOM_ANLNR Asset Number CHAR 20    
121 FCOM_AP_PERIOD Assignment Period CHAR 23    
122 FCOM_ASSET_PRIO Display Priority for Asset Data CHAR   
123 FCOM_BUTXT Company Code Name CHAR 29    
124 FCOM_CHANGE_STATUS Change Status in Group Change History CHAR   
125 FCOM_CLASS Class CHAR   
126 FCOM_CL_DESC Class description CHAR 38    
127 FCOM_COSTS Costs CHAR 27    
128 FCOM_CR_OPERATION Operation to Object in Change Request CHAR   
129 FCOM_CR_PRIORITY Change Request Priority NUMC   
130 FCOM_CR_ROLE User Role in Change Request CHAR 10    
131 FCOM_CR_STATUS Change Request Status CHAR   
132 FCOM_EQUI_PRIO Display Priority for Equipment Data CHAR   
133 FCOM_FILTER_ID Filter ID for Equipment Monitor CHAR 15    
134 FCOM_FILTER_KEY Key Filter Value Equipment Monitor CHAR 20    
135 FCOM_FILTER_VALUE Value Filter Value Equipment Monitor CHAR 60    
136 FCOM_GROUP_PERIOD_TYPE Time period type in Group CHAR   
137 FCOM_HDB_STRING String type for HDB Selection Criteria STRG   
139 FCOM_INCONS Inconsistency CHAR   
140 FCOM_INDEX_EQM Index for Equipment Monitor INT4 10    
141 FCOM_INSTANCE Instance CHAR   
142 FCOM_ISR_BUDG_ACTIVITY ISR: Budget Request Activity CHAR   
143 FCOM_ITEMKEY Object Key CHAR 30    
144 FCOM_KTX Short Text CHAR 92    
145 FCOM_KTXT Description of cost center CHAR 33    
146 FCOM_LOAN_PRIO Display Priority of Loaned Object Data CHAR   
147 FCOM_MESSAGE Message CHAR 255    
148 FCOM_OBJID Object ID CHAR 20    
149 FCOM_OBJNAME Object Name for Communication CHAR 32    
150 FCOM_OBJORG Organizational Assignment of Object CHAR 10    
151 FCOM_OBJTYPE Object Type for Communication CHAR   
153 FCOM_ORGEH Organizational Unit CHAR 51    
154 FCOM_PAST Did Assignment Exist in the Past? CHAR   
155 FCOM_PERNR Personnel Number CHAR 12    
156 FCOM_PLR_NAME Name of Planning Session CHAR 64    
157 FCOM_PLR_NAMEID Name and Time of Creation of Planning Session CHAR 60    
158 FCOM_PLR_ROOMID Planning Rooms Back End CHAR 36    
159 FCOM_ROLE Role CHAR   
160 FCOM_SET_CURR Currency Determination: 1 = Controlling Area, 2 = Object CHAR   
161 FCOM_SMP_DESCRIPT Description of a Hierarchy Node CHAR 150    
162 FCOM_SMP_HIERMOD Hierarchy Mode CHAR   
163 FCOM_SMP_HIERNAME Name of hierarchy CHAR 100    
164 FCOM_SMP_HIERTYP Hierarchy type CHAR   
165 FCOM_SMP_HIERTYP_KS Cost Center Hierarchy CHAR   
166 FCOM_SMP_HIERTYP_OR Order Hierarchy CHAR   
167 FCOM_SMP_HIERTYP_PC Profit Center Hierarchy CHAR   
168 FCOM_SMP_HIERTYP_PS WBS Element Hierarchy CHAR   
169 FCOM_SMP_HIERTYP_SEG Segment Hierarchy CHAR   
170 FCOM_SMP_KTEXT Short Text of an Object in Hierarchy CHAR 60    
171 FCOM_SNI_CPR_PROJECT_ID Number of the Project CHAR 24    
172 FCOM_STORT Location CHAR 52    
174 FCOM_TIME_FRAME Evaluation Time Frame for Equipment Monitor CHAR   
175 FCOM_USERFIELD User Fields CHAR 255    
176 FCOM_USE_ENTRY Description of Usage of a Master Data Object CHAR 80    
177 FCOM_USE_TYPE Usage Type of Master Data Objects CHAR 30    
178 FCOM_VERSION_ID Hierarchy Version ID CHAR   
179 FCOM_VIEW_ID View ID in Equipment Monitor CHAR 20    
180 FCOM_VIEW_ID_HELP View ID in Equipment Monitor CHAR 20    
181 FCOM_VIEW_TEXT Text for Views in Equipment Monitor CHAR 40    
182 FCOM_VISIBLE Visibility of Columns in Equipment Monitor CHAR   
183 FCONS Indicator for type of consolidation (first/subsequent) CHAR   
184 FCONV_514C Conversion CHAR   
185 FCO_ITEM Item of Failure Cost Document NUMC   
186 FCO_PRODUCTION_TYPE Production Type Failure Cost Processing CHAR   
187 FCO_REWORK_REASON Reason for Rework CHAR   
188 FCO_TYPE Type of Failure Cost Document CHAR   
189 FCO_VALUATED Document Valuated CHAR   
190 FCO_VAL_SCRAP Valuation of Planned Scrap in Quantity Structure CHAR   
191 FCSTA Function code status RAW   
192 FCST_BATCH_PARA Forecast Model Mass Processing: Order #P9CK049438 CHAR   
193 FCTNO Number of user-defined function NUMC   
194 FCTYP Type of function code CHAR   
195 FCXXX Cost accounting distribution keys CHAR   
196 FC_ACGAASS Group account mapped to a G/L account CHAR   
197 FC_ACGR Consolidation task group CHAR   
198 FC_ACITASS FS item mapped to a G/L account CHAR   
199 FC_ACTION Action to Execute CHAR   
200 FC_AEGAASS Group account mapped to an account (cost element) CHAR   
201 FC_AEITASS FS item mapped to an account (cost element) CHAR   
202 FC_AGDEF Authorization group CHAR   
203 FC_AMNT Number of entries CHAR   
204 FC_ASSDT Assignment of document types CHAR   
205 FC_ASSVS Version: Equity holdings adjustments CHAR   
206 FC_ATRVS Version: Attributes of Master Data CHAR   
207 FC_ATTRTYPE Attribute type CHAR   
208 FC_AUTOM Automatic line item CHAR   
209 FC_AVERS Task version CHAR   
210 FC_BCFCR1 Carryforwards: First list criterion NUMC   
211 FC_BCFCR2 Carryforwards: Second list criterion NUMC   
212 FC_BDCMODE BDC processing mode CHAR   
213 FC_BD_CHECK Result of a field-specific breakdown check NUMC   
214 FC_BD_COMPARE Type of Breakdown Comparison NUMC   
215 FC_BLCHK Balance check for consolidation document CHAR   
216 FC_BLINE Industrial sector CHAR 30    
217 FC_BOOLOP Boolean operator CHAR   
218 FC_BRKDOWN Breakdown type NUMC   
219 FC_BUNIT Consolidation unit CHAR 18    
220 FC_CACTA Business application CHAR   
221 FC_CACTI Consolidation task CHAR 10    
222 FC_CACTT Task category CHAR   
223 FC_CCYCLE Consolidation Cycle CHAR   
224 FC_CEITASS Map a FS item to a cost element CHAR   
225 FC_CGCU CG/CU CHAR 18    
226 FC_CGSGN Generate cons group sets (indicator) CHAR   
227 FC_CIEQUA0 Data source: Equity CHAR   
228 FC_CMETH Method CHAR   
229 FC_COCAT Financial data type CHAR   
230 FC_COIAC Consolidation of investments activity CHAR   
231 FC_COIACAL Consolidation of Investments Activity CHAR   
232 FC_COIACEQ Consolidation of investments activity CHAR   
233 FC_COIACESH Activity Equity Aging Report CHAR   
234 FC_COIACIN Consolidation of investments activity CHAR   
235 FC_COIACPUAI Activity: Push-down Goodwill Reported Data CHAR   
236 FC_COIACPUAP Activity: Push-down Goodwill Posted Data CHAR   
237 FC_COIACSQ Consolidation of investments activity CHAR   
238 FC_COICR List Criterion for Consolidation of Investments NUMC   
239 FC_COICUS Customizing: C/I methods CHAR   
240 FC_COILV Calculation base for the consolidation of investments CHAR   
241 FC_COIMEMGW Goodwill Correction Mode CHAR   
242 FC_COINRST Dummy activity number for sorting the C/I list CHAR 10    
243 FC_COITP Accounting technique for consolidation of investments CHAR   
244 FC_COITPAL Accounting technique for consolidation of investments CHAR   
245 FC_COIVAL Location of Consolidation of Investment Values CHAR   
246 FC_COIVS Version: Consolidation of investments method CHAR   
247 FC_COI_CTKEY C/I: Currency Translation Key CHAR   
248 FC_COMPOP Relational Operator CHAR   
249 FC_CONDSE Grouping category for creating a hierarchy NUMC   
250 FC_CONGR Consolidation group CHAR 18    
251 FC_CONTYP Type of consolidation CHAR   
252 FC_CPTMSG Message category CHAR   
253 FC_CRITC90 List Distinctions CHAR   
254 FC_CRITC91 List Distinctions CHAR   
255 FC_CRITC92 List Distinctions CHAR   
256 FC_CRITC9M List Criterion for the List Processor CHAR   
257 FC_CRITC9P Distinction of Goodwill Items for the List Processor CHAR   
258 FC_CRITC9S Classification for List Processor Output CHAR   
259 FC_CRITC9V List Criterion for the List Processor CHAR   
260 FC_CRITCPY SAP Cons: List Distinction CHAR   
261 FC_CRITCUC Cons: List Differentiation CHAR   
262 FC_CRITEQU List distinctions CHAR   
263 FC_CRITH90 List Distinctions CHAR   
264 FC_CRITHIR List criterion for reported fair value adjustment data CHAR   
265 FC_CRITI90 List Distinctions CHAR   
266 FC_CRITI91 List Distinctions CHAR   
267 FC_CRITI92 List Distinctions CHAR   
268 FC_CRITIPI List Distinctions CHAR   
269 FC_CRITJ90 List criterion for items where-used list CHAR   
270 FC_CRITLP View list processor output CHAR   
271 FC_CRITSYS Criterion for structuring the list processor output CHAR   
272 FC_CRITU90 List Distinctions CHAR   
273 FC_CRITU91 List Distinctions CHAR   
274 FC_CRITV0 List Distinction - Version Customizing CHAR   
275 FC_CRITV1 List Criterion - Version Customizing CHAR   
276 FC_CRITV2 List Criterion - Version Customizing CHAR   
277 FC_CSORGUN Organizational unit of SAP Consolidation NUMC   
278 FC_CSTGR Bundling group CHAR   
279 FC_CTKEY Currency translation key CHAR   
280 FC_CTRGR Currency translation method CHAR   
281 FC_CTRVS Version: Currency translation method CHAR   
282 FC_CT_LTYP List type for currency translation NUMC   
283 FC_CUNR Number of cons unit for two-sided postings CHAR   
284 FC_CURR Local currency CUKY   
285 FC_CURVS Version: Exchange rates CHAR   
286 FC_DACAT Data category NUMC   
287 FC_DATASOURCE Reconciliation: Source of transaction data NUMC   
288 FC_DDYRS Number of years NUMC   
289 FC_DECIM Number of decimal places CHAR   
290 FC_DENGR Data Entry Group CHAR   
291 FC_DEPMETH Depreciation/amortization method NUMC   
292 FC_DEPMETH_COI Amortization Method NUMC   
293 FC_DGWBG Start date for the amortization of new goodwill CHAR   
294 FC_DIMEN Dimension CHAR   
295 FC_DOCLNOP Operators for document entry CHAR   
296 FC_DOCTY Document type CHAR   
297 FC_DTEQI Scope of Reported Data for the Equity Method NUMC   
298 FC_DTF_RU Data transfer procedure for rollups NUMC   
299 FC_DUMMY User-defined field for use in upload methods CHAR 36    
300 FC_DYEAR Delta Year NUMC   
301 FC_ELIND Index for eliminations CHAR   
302 FC_EQUVS Version: Changes in investee equity CHAR   
303 FC_EXRIND Exchange rate indicator CHAR   
304 FC_EXTERNAL External CHAR 18    
305 FC_FIXFLG Fixing of a subassignment NUMC   
306 FC_FIXVS Version: Selected FS items CHAR   
307 FC_FLG_USE Use flag CHAR   
308 FC_FORML Formula CHAR 60    
309 FC_FPERI Period of first consolidation NUMC   
310 FC_FPERS Position of contact person CHAR   
311 FC_FR_YPER Year/period inverted NUMC   
312 FC_FSCAT Consolidation frequency CHAR   
313 FC_FSLCT Field selection CHAR   
314 FC_GAACASS Account mapped to a group account CHAR   
315 FC_GAAEASS Account (cost element) mapped to a group account CHAR   
316 FC_GAITASS FS item mapped to a group account CHAR   
317 FC_GLEVL Posting level CHAR   
318 FC_GPERI Period of Goodwill Amortization NUMC   
319 FC_GWAVS Version: Goodwill CHAR   
320 FC_GWPROC Treatment of Goodwill CHAR   
321 FC_GWRED Goodwill Reduction CHAR   
322 FC_GWREDDT Goodwill Reduction in Divestitures and Transfers CHAR   
323 FC_HIRVS Version: Hidden reserves (fair value adjustments) CHAR   
324 FC_HLEVL Hierarchy level CHAR   
325 FC_HRCHY Hierarchy CHAR   
326 FC_HRES1 Fair value adjustment CHAR 12    
327 FC_HRES2 Fair value adjustment: Subnumber CHAR   
328 FC_HRREV Procedure for eliminating hidden reserves/contingencies(FVA) CHAR   
329 FC_HRSHA Scope of elimination of hidden reserves/contingencies CHAR   
330 FC_IEIND Indicator: 'I'=Include/'E'=Exclude the assignment CHAR   
331 FC_IGSGBFI Sequence for converting companies/business areas NUMC   
332 FC_IHIND Ind.: Inheritance NUMC   
333 FC_INPVS Version: Data entry CHAR   
334 FC_INRLDNR Reconciliation ledger CHAR   
335 FC_INVAL Value location for elim. of IU profit/loss CHAR   
336 FC_INVVS Version: Changes in investments CHAR   
337 FC_IP86CR List criterion NUMC   
338 FC_IPICR List criterion NUMC   
339 FC_IPICR2 List criterion NUMC   
340 FC_IPIVS Version: Elimination of IU profit/loss in inventory CHAR   
341 FC_IPTYP Input type CHAR   
342 FC_ITACASS Account mapped to an FS item CHAR   
343 FC_ITAEASS Account (cost element) mapped to an FS item CHAR   
344 FC_ITCEASS Map a cost element to an FS item CHAR   
345 FC_ITCGY FS item type CHAR   
346 FC_ITCLG Consolidation chart of accounts CHAR   
347 FC_ITEM Financial statement item CHAR 10    
348 FC_ITEMIND Treatment of totals items CHAR   
349 FC_ITEM_IND Mandatory/Optional/Blank field CHAR   
350 FC_ITGAASS Group account mapped to an FS item CHAR   
351 FC_ITGRP Breakdown category CHAR   
352 FC_ITHRY Item Hierarchy CHAR 10    
353 FC_ITKEY Classification key for selected items CHAR   
354 FC_ITKEYCF Classification key: Selected items for carryforward CHAR   
355 FC_ITKEYIP Elim. IU P/L in inventory: classif. key for posted items CHAR   
356 FC_ITKEYSI Classification key for selected items CHAR   
357 FC_ITSGN Generate item sets (indicator) CHAR   
358 FC_ITTYP FS item category CHAR   
359 FC_ITUSE Where-applied indicator CHAR   
360 FC_ITUSE1 Where-applied Indicator CHAR   
361 FC_ITUSE_BAPI Where-applied indicator CHAR   
362 FC_IVFLG Consolidation of investments control CHAR   
363 FC_JEFRM Journal entry layout CHAR 12    
364 FC_KIND Formatting command on selection screen of a report program CHAR   
365 FC_KRITASS List distinctions CHAR   
366 FC_KRITINV List distinctions CHAR   
367 FC_LCIND_FI FI Local Currency CHAR   
368 FC_LCRIT01 Lists for interunit eliminations CHAR   
369 FC_LCRIT02 List Criteria for Deleting Realtime Documents CHAR   
370 FC_LDRVS Version: Ledger CHAR   
371 FC_LEAD Lead scaling factor NUMC   
372 FC_LFORM Legal form CHAR 30    
373 FC_LINETYPE Row type CHAR   
374 FC_LINETYPE_LST Row Type (for list output) CHAR   
375 FC_LOGFILE Logical file name CHAR 60    
376 FC_LPERI Period of divestiture accounting NUMC   
377 FC_LSTDI01 View at chart of accounts and consolidation chart of accts CHAR   
378 FC_LSTDI02 Comparison view at chart of accounts and cons chart/accounts CHAR   
379 FC_LSTDI03 Views at G/L accounts CHAR   
380 FC_LSTDI04 Views at financial statement items CHAR   
381 FC_LSTDI05 Views at group accounts CHAR   
382 FC_LSTDI06 Comparison view at chart/accounts and cons C/A (cost elem.) CHAR   
383 FC_LSTDI07 Views at G/L accounts and cost elements CHAR   
384 FC_LSTDI08 Views at financial statement items CHAR   
385 FC_LSTDI09 Views at group accounts CHAR   
386 FC_LSTDI10 Classification of consolidation units CHAR   
387 FC_LTP_IUE List type for interunit eliminations NUMC   
388 FC_L_OVER Ind.: Threshold value exceeded CHAR   
389 FC_MIGTASK Migration task NUMC   
390 FC_MONPER Monitor: Authorization for opening/closing periods CHAR   
391 FC_MSGTY_STAT Message type for log statistics CHAR   
392 FC_NAMLGH Length of the name of an org unit NUMC   
393 FC_NAMSEQ Position of ID NUMC   
394 FC_NUMC6 Numeric character field, length of 6 NUMC   
395 FC_OECHR Characteristic value of the organizational element CHAR   
396 FC_ORGCH Organizational Changes NUMC   
397 FC_ORGEL Organizational element CHAR   
398 FC_ORGUN Organizational unit NUMC   
399 FC_PARTP Parameter type for mass changes CHAR   
400 FC_PBIND Post to the partner unit? CHAR   
401 FC_PERID Period NUMC   
402 FC_PERID_F Effective from period NUMC   
403 FC_PERTP Period category CHAR   
404 FC_PFIELD Name of a parameter/select option in the selection screen CHAR   
405 FC_PGRECY Composition of Annual Net Income NUMC   
406 FC_PGWLCRIT Pushdown -technical domain CHAR   
407 FC_PKIND Type of field CHAR   
408 FC_PLEVL Posting level CHAR   
409 FC_PLEVLGRP Posting Level Group NUMC   
410 FC_PREFIX Prefix of an organizational unit ID CHAR   
411 FC_PRFIND Check indicator CHAR   
412 FC_PRGRP Product group CHAR 18    
413 FC_PROLCR List Criterion - Apportionment Program CHAR   
414 FC_PROTCAT Type of log output CHAR   
415 FC_PROTUPL Upload log CHAR   
416 FC_PROTYP Apportionment Procedure for Two-sided Eliminations NUMC   
417 FC_PRZ38V Percentage, packed NNN.NNNNNNNNS DEC 11 
418 FC_PUACHK Push-down Goodwill: Validate Reported Data NUMC   
419 FC_RCLCGBUPTR Inclusion of partners CHAR   
420 FC_RCLCGREST Delimit to groups in the reclassification CHAR   
421 FC_RCLERR Error criterion CHAR   
422 FC_RCLHFSTYPE Reclassification: Processing Type of Assets Held for Sale CHAR   
423 FC_RCLMO Read parent only CHAR   
424 FC_RCLSIGN Debit/credit sign for balance during reclassification CHAR   
425 FC_RCLVS Reclassifications version CHAR   
426 FC_REASN Reason for inclusion CHAR   
427 FC_REF_PERID Reference period NUMC   
428 FC_REF_RVERS Reference version CHAR   
429 FC_REF_RYEAR Reference fiscal year NUMC   
430 FC_REPID Programs for which a request screen is to be generated CHAR 30    
431 FC_REXCL Reason for exclusion CHAR   
432 FC_RHRVS Version: Eliminated hidden reserves (fair value adjustments) CHAR   
433 FC_RINCL Reason for inclusion CHAR   
434 FC_RMODE Mode for rollup processing CHAR   
435 FC_RPFLG Apportionment NUMC   
436 FC_RTFLG Currency translation NUMC   
437 FC_RULOCK Lock Modes for Rollup into Consolidation NUMC   
438 FC_RVERS Version CHAR   
439 FC_SAQOCI Other Comprehensive Income in Step Acquisition CHAR   
440 FC_SAVDOCTY Type of held decoment CHAR   
441 FC_SCALE Scaling factor CHAR   
442 FC_SCOMP Company code CHAR   
443 FC_SCONMI Minority Interest in Retained Earnings CHAR   
444 FC_SET Set Name CHAR 34    
445 FC_SET1 SET Subitem CHAR 24    
446 FC_SET2 SET partner CHAR 24    
447 FC_SET3 SET currency CHAR 24    
448 FC_SET4 SET acquisition year CHAR 24    
449 FC_SETBU Partner set prefix CHAR 10    
450 FC_SETGENMODE Options for set generation NUMC   
451 FC_SETID Identification of a Set in SAP Consolidation CHAR 34    
452 FC_SETINDX Interunit elimination: Elimination group CHAR   
453 FC_SETITEM Item set - lines CHAR   
454 FC_SETNAME Set Name for the User Interface CHAR 21    
455 FC_SETSU Partner set suffix CHAR 10    
456 FC_SIGMD Multiply by the debit/credit sign in the item master record CHAR   
457 FC_SIGN Debit/credit sign (+/-) CHAR   
458 FC_SITEM Subitem CHAR 10    
459 FC_SITEMSD Integration SAP Cons.: Sender field for subitem NUMC   
460 FC_SITYP Subitem category CHAR   
461 FC_SPEC Specification of item breakdown CHAR   
462 FC_STATIN1 Cons Integration: Status CHAR   
463 FC_STATOBJ Object Status CHAR   
464 FC_STATUS CG/CU: Status CHAR   
465 FC_STIND Ind.: Set type CHAR   
466 FC_STRGY Strategy for posting differences CHAR   
467 FC_STRVS Version: Structures CHAR   
468 FC_TAXIN Do not use a composite tax rate CHAR   
469 FC_TAXVS Version: Tax rate CHAR   
470 FC_TIMESLOT Time Slice CHAR   
471 FC_TRANS Data transfer method CHAR   
472 FC_TXTYP Text type CHAR   
473 FC_UMRC1 Currency translation: List criterion 1 NUMC   
474 FC_UMRC2 Currency translation: List criterion 2 NUMC   
475 FC_UMRC3 Currency translation: List criterion 3 NUMC   
476 FC_UPCAT Upload category NUMC   
477 FC_UPCATNR Field catalog for the upload method NUMC   
478 FC_UPDMODE Flexible upload: update mode CHAR   
479 FC_UPDMODE_GWMIG Update Mode for Migration of Goodwill Entries NUMC   
480 FC_UPMETH Upload method CHAR   
481 FC_UPMOD_GWMIG Update Mode for Migration of Goodwill Entries NUMC   
482 FC_UPNSEP Characters for the separation of digits and decimal places CHAR   
483 FC_USGAAP Calculate acquisitions with direct shares/group shares CHAR   
484 FC_VALDB1 Location of values CHAR   
485 FC_VALDB2 Location of Consolidation of Investment Values CHAR   
486 FC_VALGR Validation group CHAR   
487 FC_VAL_CONST Validation: Fixed value DEC 17 
488 FC_VAL_CONST1 Validation: Fixed value DEC 18 
489 FC_VAL_CRIT List output validation: List criterion CHAR   
490 FC_VAL_RESULT Result of a validation step CHAR   
491 FC_VAREA Origin of data NUMC   
492 FC_VCURR Currency type for validation NUMC   
493 FDBUILDUP Restrictions on Cash Management Setup CHAR   
494 FDEPSORT Sorting CHAR   
495 FDEPVDST Summarization level CHAR   
496 FDGRP Cash management and forecast group (risk group) CHAR 10    
497 FDISAUSG Output Format CHAR   
498 FDISDATT Date cat. CHAR   
499 FDKACTION AP/AR Internet applications: User action CHAR 12    
500 FDKDATETEXT AP/AR Internet applications: Text for time period CHAR 25