SAP ABAP Domain - Index M
Domain - M
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 M510Y Modifier T510Y CHAR   
2 M8VGA Transaction type in AG08 (internal document type) CHAR   
3 MAABC Material's ABC indicator CHAR   
4 MAAS_CHANGE Change to Quantity and Amount (Multiple Acct Assgmt Screen) CHAR   
5 MABER Dunning Area CHAR   
6 MACHINE Machine name in the network CHAR 10    
7 MACHINE_ID ABAP: Machine identification number for ABAP-LOAD. INT2   
8 MACKZ Matchcode indicator CHAR   
9 MADAT Indicator: missing master record CHAR   
10 MAD_TYPE MAD: Regard or Not CHAR   
11 MAFID Record type CHAR   
12 MAFRI IS-H: Dunning period NUMC   
13 MAGEW_VEKP_C Allowed loading weight of handling unit CHAR 19    
14 MAGRV Material Pricing Group: Shipping Materials CHAR   
15 MAHNA Dunning type CHAR   
16 MAHNS Dunning level NUMC   
17 MAHNSCHL Dunning key CHAR   
18 MAHNSTUF Dunning level NUMC   
19 MAHNS_CA Dunning Level NUMC   
20 MAHNS_KK Dunning level NUMC   
21 MAHNT Reminder days DEC   
22 MAHNV_CA Dunning Procedure CHAR   
23 MAHNV_KK Dunning procedure CHAR   
24 MAILA_KK Recipient's Mail Address CHAR 80    
25 MAILLEN IS-H Total length of a message in number of characters INT4 10    
26 MAIL_COUNTER mail counter INT1   
27 MAINNO Number Assignment for Asset Transfer CHAR   
28 MAINPACK Main package indicator CHAR   
29 MAINT Editing type display/maintain CHAR   
30 MAINTEVENT Extended table maintenance event CHAR   
31 MAINTFLAG Flag: Is Display/Maintenance with SE16/SM30/SE54 Allowed CHAR   
32 MAJOR Maribel reduction increase CHAR   
33 MAM_OL_MOT IS-M/AM: Online ad spec number NUMC   
34 MAM_SORTA IS-M/AM: Sort type (ascending/descending) CHAR   
35 MAM_SORTFIELD IS-M/AM: Central access - Sort field for list output CHAR 30    
36 MAM_SORTFIELD_BI IS-M/AM: Sort field for billing dataset overview CHAR 30    
37 MAM_SORTFIELD_SI IS-M/AM: Sort field for sub-item overview CHAR 30    
38 MAM_SORTFIELD_SL IS-M/AM: Sort field for schedule line overview CHAR 30    
39 MANCO Foreign Trade: Preference: Dunning Indicator NUMC   
40 MANDATORY_ASSORTMENT Flag "Mandatory / Optional" Assortment CHAR   
41 MANDATORY_ASSORTMENT_UI Flag "Mandatory / Optional" Assortment CHAR   
42 MANDT Client (key field in client-specific tables) CLNT   
43 MANDTDATA Client Name as pure data without functional menaing CLNT   
44 MANEK Manual Completion of Contract CHAR   
45 MANFLG 1-Character Field with Check CHAR   
46 MANFO Preference: Date on which dunning was requested DATS   
47 MANIPRULE Recovery Indicator Manipulation Rule CHAR   
48 MANKZ_T Automatic proposal CHAR   
49 MANOUTSORT Manual Outsorting CHAR   
50 MANOUTS_IN Manual outsorting for invoicing CHAR   
51 MANREP Entry Was Manually Corrected CHAR   
52 MANSP Dunning block CHAR   
53 MANSP_CA Dunning Block Reason CHAR   
54 MANSP_KK Dunning Lock Reason CHAR   
55 MANUALLY Billing/invoicing plan date closed manually CHAR   
56 MANUC_KK Flag: Manual cancellation of a Boleto CHAR   
57 MANUELL Allocation could not be created automatically? CHAR   
58 MANUELLVKZ Indicator: changed manually CHAR   
59 MANUFACTURER_ID Manufacturer CHAR 40    
60 MANUFACTURER_ID_UI Manufacturer CHAR 40    
61 MANUFACT_COUNTRY Country of Manufacture CHAR   
62 MANUFACT_COUNTRY_UI Country of Manufacture CHAR   
63 MANUFACT_MODEL Model number CHAR 40    
64 MANUFACT_MODEL_UI Model number CHAR 40    
65 MANUFACT_PART Manufacturer Part Number CHAR 40    
66 MANUFACT_PART_UI Manufacturer Part Number CHAR 40    
67 MANUFACT_REGION Manufacturer Region CHAR   
68 MANUFACT_REGION_UI Manufacturer Region CHAR   
69 MANUFACT_SERIALNO Manufacturer Serial Number CHAR 40    
70 MANUFACT_SERIALNO_UI Manufacturer Serial Number CHAR 40    
71 MANUR Confirmation indicator:manual/milestone/degree of processing CHAR   
72 MAN_CIFAPP_MD Fixed Values Append for Manufacturing MD04     
73 MAN_INPUT_FLG Manual Input flg CHAR   
74 MAN_WORK Manual Corrections Required CHAR   
75 MAP33_LIST_PT List of all Mapa33 CHAR   
76 MAPAR Part number CHAR 30    
77 MAPID Identifier for background CHAR 12    
78 MAPPE Batch input session name CHAR 12    
79 MAPPE_WEDF Batch input session name CHAR 12    
80 MAPP_VERS MiniApp version CHAR   
81 MAPTEXT Description of the mapping module: Load from CRM to back-end CHAR 70    
82 MAP_LAYEER_STYLE Layer Style CHAR 32    
84 MAP_LAYER_INDEX Layer Index INT4 10    
85 MAP_LAYER_OPACITY Opacity D16R 16    
87 MAP_OBJECT_ATTR Object Attribiute CHAR 30    
88 MAP_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type CHAR 32    
90 MAREF Material types reference CHAR   
91 MARGIN Margin in TWIPS INT4 10    
92 MARK Text of length 1 CHAR   
93 MARKED_ALV Marking of Position CHAR   
94 MARKED_FOR_DELETION Marked for deletion Flag CHAR   
96 MARKF Status CHAR   
97 MASCHNIANP Indicator: do not adjust automatically CHAR   
98 MASG_PROT Log name for mass activation CHAR   
99 MASID RI: Identification of a measure CHAR   
100 MASKLEN Template length NUMC   
101 MASSABAPCODE ABAP code in a mass maintenance variant CHAR 72    
102 MASSACCESS_KK Locks: Mass Selection Category CHAR   
103 MASSAETEXT Texts for application exits CHAR 40    
104 MASSDTEST_FIX_VALUES_D Mass maintenance test: check of domain fix values CHAR   
105 MASSFORM Formula for mass maintenance CHAR 40    
106 MASSG Personnel action reason CHAR   
107 MASSKNVD_DOANZ Number of Documents: Customer Master DEC   
108 MASSN Personnel action type CHAR   
109 MASSP Action CHAR   
110 MASSRUN Number of mass maintenance run NUMC   
111 MASSVNAME Variant name for mass maintenance CHAR 10    
112 MASSVTEXT Variant short text CHAR 40    
113 MASS_APPLICATION Application ID for Mass Enabled Applications CHAR   
114 MASS_FILENAME Import File Name CHAR 1024    
116 MASS_PROCS Max. Number of Parallel Processes INT4 10    
117 MASS_RECORD_STATUS Status of Data Record in Mass Maintenance CHAR   
118 MASS_TEST Units of measurement of various types UNIT   
119 MASS_UTILIZATION Max. Utilization of Server Group in Percent NUMC   
120 MASTR_KK Master record reference for payment items CHAR 20    
121 MASTT_KK Master record type for payment items CHAR   
122 MASTY BOM categories for mass changes CHAR   
123 MATANZ Number of internal material numbers INT2   
124 MATCH_PERCENT_KK Percentage Match NUMC   
125 MATERIALSHORTAGEDEFINITIONTYPE Material Shortage Definition Type CHAR   
126 MATERIALSHORTAGETHRESHOLDTYPE Material Shortage Threshold Type CHAR   
127 MATERIAL_FIS Material Number CHAR 40    
128 MATFAK Material-dependent factor of a rate DEC
129 MATFAK_ZN Counter or denominator of the material-dependent factor DEC 13    
130 MATGRP_STAT Article Hierarchy Status CHAR   
131 MATGUID16 DOM GUID for Material (RAW16) RAW 16    
132 MATGUID22 Global Unique Identifier CHAR 22    
133 MATGUID32 Global Unique Identifier CHAR 32    
134 MATID Material variable ID CHAR 40    
135 MATKC Competition characterization of a material CHAR   
136 MATKL Material class CHAR   
137 MATKLA Material class number CHAR   
138 MATLEN Length of the material number INT2   
139 MATNR Material number (field C18) CHAR 18    
140 MATNR_DIEN IS-PAM: Material number - service CHAR 18    
141 MATNR_EGUID (Future development:GUID for material no. (external format) CHAR 32    
142 MATNR_EXT (Future development): Long material number CHAR 40    
143 MATNR_EXT_CONV Long Material Number with Conversion MATN2 CHAR 40    
144 MATNR_FG Material number (field C18) CHAR 18    
145 MATNR_INT New MATNR for Long Material Numbers and Versions CHAR 18    
146 MATNR_ISP IS-M/SD: Material number of promotional material CHAR 18    
147 MATNR_NUMBERRANGE Database material numbers NUMC 17    
148 MATNR_TREX Material with external representation CHAR 40    
149 MATNR_TYPE Material No. Type CHAR   
150 MATNR_VERS (Future development): Version number (material) CHAR 10    
151 MATRIXCELL Cell in the Report Writer matrix DEC 17    
152 MATRIX_ID Matrix identification CHAR   
153 MATRIX_TYP Matrix type CHAR 10    
154 MATYP Machine type CHAR 10    
155 MAT_APPL_LOG_LEVEL Control for Creation of Application Log CHAR   
156 MAT_SSTN_ACT Material Sustainability Permitted activities CHAR   
157 MAT_SSTN_AUTH Material Authorisation transaction types CHAR   
158 MAUSN Minimum usage level, number volume, SA schedule lines DEC   
159 MAVER Manual payment procedure for rebate agreements CHAR   
160 MAVOL_VEKP_C Allowed loading volume for handling unit CHAR 19    
161 MAWBEVENT Process that uniquely identifies an HU goods movement CHAR   
162 MAXANZABL Permitted number of meter readings not equal to utility MR CHAR   
163 MAXANZSCH Permitted number of automatic estimations NUMC   
164 MAXANZSCHC Permitted number of automatic estimations CHAR   
165 MAXERRNO Maximum Number of Extracts per Agent NUMC   
166 MAXKK Maximum length for account no. (customer, vendor) CHAR 10    
167 MAXKN Maximum length for acct no. (customer, vendor, G/L acct) CHAR 10    
168 MAXPR IS-H: Maximum price CURR 11 
169 MAXVERHART Maximum shipping material type DEC 15 
170 MAXWDH Maximum number of grid repetitions in period NUMC   
171 MAXZEIT Maximum available capacity in hours DEC
172 MAX_COUNT Upper Limit for Determination of Workload INT4 10    
173 MAX_LEVEL Maximum explosion level INT1   
174 MAX_LNG_PSELEMENT Maximum Length for Acct Assignment Object in PS (Fund,Grant) CHAR 30    
175 MAX_LOCK_LEVEL Maximum Lock Level Allowed NUMC   
176 MAX_LOCK_LEVEL_UI Maximum Lock Level Allowed NUMC   
177 MAX_MO_DATE Maximum Move-Out Date DATS   
178 MAX_PL_IST Greater of Planned Costs and Actual Costs CHAR   
179 MAX_PROD_QTY Maximum Product Quantity NUMC   
180 MAX_PROD_QTY_UI Maximum Product Quantity NUMC   
181 MAX_REC_TO_LOAD Maximum records loaded without asking user to proceed select NUMC   
182 MAX_SEGM Record layout for archived tables (maximum value) CHAR 8164    
183 MA_CITY City CHAR   
184 MA_DATE Date DATS   
185 MA_DAY_TIME_ZONE Time Stamp in Format YYYYMMDDTHH:MM:SS(+/-)HH:MM CHAR 23    
186 MA_FLID Flight ID CHAR   
187 MA_TIME Time TIMS   
188 MA_TSTMP Seconds Since 01.01.1990,0:00 GMT * 10000 GMT INT4 10    
189 MBBOOLEAN Boolean flag CHAR   
190 MBCHAR1 character 1 CHAR   
191 MBCHAR100 Character 100 CHAR 100    
192 MBCHAR115 cahr 115 CHAR 115    
193 MBCHAR200 char 200 CHAR 200    
194 MBCHAR32 Character32 CHAR 32    
195 MBCHAR50 Character 50 CHAR 50    
196 MBDATASET Mapbox Dataset Name CHAR 40    
197 MBDIF shift period of material provision deadline NUMC   
198 MBDOCSTATE Main Statuses of BDOCs from CRM CHAR   
199 MBEGM Indicator for machine time start CHAR   
200 MBELN Document number of competitor price entry document CHAR 10    
201 MBELP Item number of competitor price entry document NUMC   
202 MBEQU Indicator: material enqueue for goods movements CHAR   
203 MBERA Competitor: Price entry type CHAR   
205 MBINS Units of billing of Various Types UNIT   
206 MBINT Int4 data type INT4 10    
207 MBLPO Item in Material Document NUMC   
208 MBLPO_CL Item in material document NUMC   
209 MBO_STRUC_OPERATION mbo bo operations CHAR   
210 MBO_WSTEP MBO worksteps CHAR 30    
211 MBRSH Industry sector key (material application type) CHAR   
212 MBRSYS IS-M/SD: Automatic Payment System CHAR   
213 MBSIT Specification for Valuated Stock in Transit CHAR   
214 MBSTRING String datatype STRG   
215 MBSVB Late DB Update for Goods Movements CHAR   
216 MBS_BDSTI ID for area of inventory sampling CHAR   
217 MBS_DECV5 Numeric field: 5 chars, signed, no decimal pos. DEC   
218 MBS_HOCHR Extrapolation procedure CHAR   
219 MBS_IGSCH Default key for inventory sampling profile CHAR   
220 MBS_SINUM Number of inventory sampling CHAR 10    
221 MBS_SISTA ID for inventory sampling status CHAR   
222 MBS_XABCB Allocation of ABC indicator to complete-count area CHAR   
223 MBS_XAKTU Update counted and posted storage bins CHAR   
224 MBS_XFBEZ Reference for error variance CHAR   
225 MBS_XISAP Indicator: SAP inventory sampling CHAR   
226 MBS_XNULA Exclude zero stocks CHAR   
227 MBS_XSERN Exclude serial numbers CHAR   
228 MBS_ZPSTI Inventory sampling method CHAR   
229 MBVAL Separate calculation of value active CHAR   
230 MBWDW Models for Valuating Official Housing CHAR   
231 MBWO Split calculation of value allowed CHAR   
232 MBWRT Characteristic Values NUMC   
233 MBXCHAR255 Mapbox character 255. CHAR 255    
234 MB_GRBEW Reason for Movement NUMC   
235 MB_INSMK Stock Type CHAR   
236 MB_LDEST Printer for GR/GI slip printouts CHAR   
237 MB_LINE_DEPTH Hierarchy level of line in document NUMC   
238 MB_LINE_ID Unique identifier of a document line NUMC   
239 MB_LOCK_WAIT Waiting time for late block NUMC   
240 MB_MES_STORLOC_TYPE Type of inventory management for production storage location CHAR   
241 MB_XAUTO Characterization of automatically created item CHAR   
242 MC01OBJ_TY Type of Object in Container CHAR   
243 MC01OBJ_TYP Type of Object in Container CHAR   
244 MCABS Display type of a characteristic CHAR   
245 MCANALYSE Analysis number: Logistics Controlling standard reporting CHAR   
246 MCAPL Application for Multiple Checks CHAR   
247 MCAPP Application CHAR   
248 MCAPPVRL Reference application in LIS CHAR   
249 MCBW_BAUS Stock Characteristic Value in LIS CHAR   
250 MCBW_BREL Transfer BW: Relevant to Stock Yes/No CHAR   
251 MCBW_COUNTER BW: Unique Identification of Line Item NUMC   
252 MCBW_LIF20 Vendor CHAR 20    
253 MCBW_MAT40 Material Number (compare CIFMATNR) CHAR 40    
254 MCBW_PLA20 Plant (Compare CIFPLANT) CHAR 20    
255 MCBW_STAT Statistical Relevance of Transaction Key CHAR   
256 MCBW_WMINR Prod. catalog number CHAR 10    
257 MCDATA Display field contents for updating CHAR 22    
258 MCDEC15_3 Numerical Characteristic Value, 15 Chars (Incl. 3 Dec.Plcs) DEC 15 
259 MCDECIP Number of decimal places CHAR   
260 MCDETAIL Set up detailed statistical data CHAR   
261 MCDYTYP Generated LIS screen type CHAR   
262 MCEXLOACTIVE There are no active extractors for the application CHAR   
263 MCEXLOAPP Application CHAR   
264 MCEXLOGID Relid for MCEXLOG: Application Number or Cockpit ID CHAR   
265 MCEXLOJOBEXISTS Existence of a scheduled job for start of collective update CHAR   
266 MCEX_DOC_KEY Document Key for Delta Update for Logistics Extraction CHAR 30    
267 MCEX_MULTI_PROCESS Multi-Queue Process When Using Extraction Queues CHAR   
268 MCEX_PHASE Extraction Process Phase CHAR   
269 MCEX_QUEUE_COUNTER Counter for the Backup Table for Logistics Extraction Queue NUMC 24    
270 MCEX_TID_STRING TID as a Character String CHAR 24    
271 MCEX_UPDATE_GUID 22-Digit GUID CHAR 22    
272 MCEX_UPDATE_KEY Delta Update Key for Logistics Extraction CHAR 30    
273 MCEX_UPDATE_MODE Application Update Mode with Delta Extraction CHAR   
274 MCEX_UPD_HEAD_COUNT Maximum Number of Documents for Collective Update NUMC   
275 MCFIELDID Matchcode field ID CHAR   
276 MCFLAG Flag to select conversion or background processing CHAR   
277 MCFLAGBYTE Flag byte RAW   
278 MCFLDIDS IDs for selected MC fields with field length (1B) CHAR 30    
279 MCFLDLNGS Lengths of selected MC fields (1 byte hex.) CHAR 10    
280 MCFLDVALS List of values of selected MC fields CHAR 254    
281 MCFLG Sign, if table appears in at least one synchronous MC ID CHAR   
282 MCGEVERS Generated version of LIS object CHAR   
283 MCGRT LIS: Graphics Type CHAR   
284 MCHIER General Hierarchy CHAR 10    
285 MCHMOD ATP: Check mode CHAR   
286 MCH_TODO Action to execute CHAR   
287 MCH_ZYKL Duration of cycle/offset of maintenance package - numeric NUMC 22    
288 MCID MC: key for matchcode ID CHAR   
289 MCIDVERS Version of matchcode ID NUMC   
290 MCINF Information structure CHAR   
291 MCJOB LIS analysis CHAR   
292 MCKENN No. of performance measure in Log.Contr. standard reporting CHAR   
293 MCKZSICHT Key figure view CHAR 12    
294 MCLEN Length of MC fields CHAR   
295 MCLIB LIS library CHAR   
296 MCLINENO Line number in field list NUMC   
297 MCL_BELTYP Document category: rough workload estimate CHAR   
298 MCL_VZTTG W&S: Warehouse process CHAR   
299 MCL_WARTYP Goods category CHAR   
300 MCMACOBTCH Indicator for background processing by SAPMACO CHAR   
301 MCMACOFKT Functions for the utility SAPMACO for matchcode maintenance CHAR   
302 MCMACOFKTP Functions for utility SAPMACOP for matchcode maintenance CHAR   
303 MCMACOFKTU Function for utility sapamcnv (convert function gr. S_MC) CHAR   
304 MCMACOGROU Name of a generated function group for matchcode maintenance CHAR   
305 MCMACOTIME Date entry for background processing by SAPMACO CHAR   
306 MCMACOZCOM Counter for commit with MC_CREATE_mconame NUMC   
307 MCMAINT Matchcode structure type CHAR   
308 MCMCDESC Matchcode runtime object LRAW 32000    
309 MCMCODESC Matchcode runtime object LRAW 32000    
310 MCMOD Dialog mode for a transaction CHAR   
311 MCMODUS Mode for LIS updating CHAR   
312 MCODE_W_SUM Total number of employees in a payroll area INT4 10    
313 MCONAME MC: matchcode object key CHAR 10    
314 MCONAME4 Matchcode object key (internal) CHAR   
315 MCOUTCOL Output column for matchcode field NUMC   
316 MCOUTLINE Output line for matchcode field NUMC   
317 MCOVERS Matchcode object version NUMC   
318 MCP6_OP Operations for LIS planning CHAR   
319 MCPER Number of periods as default value in Logistics Controlling NUMC   
320 MCPERIOD Period YYYYxx (xx = week/month/accounting period) NUMC   
321 MCPPABEZ Wait time used CHAR   
322 MCPPDFLZ Exact execution time/lead time CHAR   
323 MCPROZENT Percentages in Information Structures DEC   
324 MCP_SF Shift Factor for Multiple Counter Plan CHAR   
325 MCREASON Statistical update logging: (no) updating CHAR   
326 MCSAPINT1 One byte binary field INT1   
327 MCSAPINT2 2-byte integer INT2   
328 MCSELSTR Matchcode selection string CHAR 80    
329 MCSELVS_TYP Type of selection version CHAR   
330 MCSENQTAB Copy Management: (Un)lock Table (MCINF/VRSIO) NUMC   
331 MCSLINE Maximum length of string CHAR 1900    
332 MCSLINE2 Mcsline with even greater length CHAR 4000    
333 MCSLINE3 MCSLINE, short version CHAR 360    
334 MCSPAUT Type of a LIS macro parameter CHAR   
335 MCSREPO LIS standard report/layout for evaluations CHAR   
336 MCSRUME Method for processing of statistical data CHAR   
337 MCSRUMERB Type of method for editing statistical data CHAR   
338 MCSRUMV Use of a method for reassignment of statistical data CHAR   
339 MCSSTMV Usage of a LIS macro CHAR   
340 MCSTATE LO data extraction: Field status 'Usage' CHAR   
341 MCSTI LIS: status of the information structure CHAR   
342 MCSTTYP Type of method CHAR   
343 MCSTU LIS: status of info structure/updating CHAR   
344 MCSZENID LIS Data management scenario CHAR 10    
345 MCTAOBJ Transaction object in LIS CHAR   
346 MCTHEME Application area for cluster tables CHAR   
347 MCTIMESTMP Time stamp for matchcode generation CHAR 14    
348 MCTITLE Title for matchcode screens CHAR 30    
349 MCUSE Matchcode usage type CHAR   
350 MCUT HR IE:Monthly cut-off NUMC   
351 MCVALUE Constant in matchcode selection condition CHAR 72    
352 MCVERKN Char1: A (and) or O (or) CHAR   
353 MCVORLID LIS Data management method reference CHAR 10    
354 MCWF_CHA10 WIS: Character 10 CHAR 10    
355 MCWF_CHA12 WIS: Character 12 CHAR 12    
356 MCWF_CHA80 WIS: Character 80 CHAR 80    
357 MCWF_DATE WFIS: Date field DATS   
358 MCWF_NUM12 WIS: Numeric 12 NUMC 12    
359 MCWF_QUAN8 WIS: Metric key figure w/o unit QUAN 15 
360 MCWM_BRGEW Gross weight for warehouse controlling DEC 15 
361 MCWM_LZEIT Time difference between two times in warehouse controlling UNIT   
362 MCWM_TIMEM Time difference in minutes QUAN 15    
363 MCW_AA_APP_ID Application Identifier for Analytischer Applications CHAR   
364 MCW_AA_CONTDATA_RECTYPE Type of Data Record in Return Container for BW Query CHAR   
365 MCW_AA_CUBETYPE_ID MCW_AA: Identifier for Type of Infocube CHAR   
366 MCW_AA_FLD_FUNCTION Function of a Query Field CHAR   
367 MCW_AA_FLD_SELENTRY Entry Type Indicator of a Field CHAR   
368 MCW_AA_FLD_SELTYPE Selection Type Indicator of a Field CHAR   
369 MCW_AA_FLD_TIMETYPE Period Category of a Time Characteristic CHAR   
370 MCW_AA_LFDNR_ID MCW_AA: Current Number NUMC   
371 MCW_AA_METH_ID Method Identifier for Analytical Applications CHAR 16    
372 MCW_AA_QUERY_ID Query Identifier for Analytical Applications CHAR 55    
373 MCW_AFLAG Promotion indicator NUMC   
374 MCW_BESTVG RIS transaction key: Inventory Management NUMC   
375 MCW_BRELEV RIS/Repository Server - relevance for Inventory Management CHAR   
376 MCW_BSTTYP RIS order category: Purchasing NUMC   
377 MCW_CHAR01 Domains for IS-R info CHAR 1 CHAR   
378 MCW_EINKVG RIS transaction key: Purchasing NUMC   
379 MCW_SITE Plant CHAR   
380 MCW_STVORG Indicator: transaction key relevance for SAP BW (Retail/CP) CHAR   
381 MCW_TGZTKL Time of day class CHAR   
382 MCW_VERTRA RIS - Distribution type NUMC   
383 MCW_VTVORG RIS transaction key: Sales and Distribution CHAR   
384 MCZAEHLER Counter for info structures DEC   
385 MCZAEHLINT Integer counter field for LIS INT4 10    
386 MCZAEHLNUM RIS counter field NUMC 12    
387 MC_CATEGORY Category for Cross-Client Customizing CHAR   
388 MC_DOCUID Documentation for Multiclient Compliance CHAR 30    
389 MC_ETYPE Multiple Client Analysis: Object List Entry Type CHAR   
390 MC_FORMNAME LIS: Name of a Form Routine CHAR 30    
391 MC_OKREASON Reason for Release CHAR   
392 MC_PARAL Char-Field with the Values Number and Letter CHAR   
393 MC_PSIZE LIS: Data Processing Packet Size NUMC   
394 MC_STATE Multiple Client Analysis: Object State CHAR   
395 MC_X_WITH_POINT Yes/No/Limited (X/ /.) CHAR   
396 MDACC Action code: planned order processing CHAR   
397 MDACH Action handler: planned order processing CHAR   
398 MDACS Action code description CHAR 40    
399 MDAKT Activity categories in MRP CHAR   
400 MDANW Application list displays CHAR   
401 MDASR Call Mode CHAR   
402 MDATL Authorization field: Long-term planning activity CHAR   
403 MDATS Display Tab for Collections in MRP Lists CHAR   
404 MDATY Activity: MRP control CHAR   
405 MDCHECK Drag&Relate: Check for Plug-In and Metadata CHAR   
406 MDCI_ACTION Recommended User Action CHAR 72    
407 MDCI_STATUS Object Status After Version Comparison of MRP Areas CHAR   
408 MDCI_STATUS_TEXT Object Status Text After Version Comparison with MRP Areas CHAR 22    
409 MDCI_VERSION Version Number CHAR 10    
410 MDCI_VERSION_TEXT Long Text for Version Number CHAR 32    
411 MDENR PC number for mobile data entry NUMC   
412 MDERIVE RI Derivation CHAR   
413 MDFLG Indicator: Matrix maintenance CHAR   
414 MDGM_EDIT_MODE Edit mode for the MDGM CHAR 10    
415 MDG_ACCESS_CENTR_REG Access Central Registry automatically CHAR   
416 MDG_ADDRESS_TMP Temporary address numbers in MDG NUMC   
417 MDG_ALT_MSGTY Message Type (Extended) CHAR   
418 MDG_ANLY_FLAG Flag to check the status INT4 10    
419 MDG_ANLY_TIMESCALE Time Scale Weekly / Monthly / Quaretrly / Yearly CHAR 20    
420 MDG_BPREL_DEL Deletion Indicator for Business Partner Relationships CHAR   
421 MDG_BP_ASSIGNMENT_CAT Assignment Category CHAR 10    
422 MDG_BP_ASSIGNMENT_CAT_DESC Assignment Category Description CHAR 80    
423 MDG_BP_ASSIGNMENT_ID Multiple Assignment NUMC 12    
424 MDG_BP_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 80    
425 MDG_BP_OBJECT_ID Object ID CHAR 60    
427 MDG_BS_BP_SEL_DRF MDG BP Selection Mode in DRF CHAR   
428 MDG_BS_CLF_ATINN Internal characteristic number NUMC 10    
429 MDG_BS_CLF_CHARID Internal characteristic number CHAR 10    
430 MDG_BS_ECC_SEARCH_RES_ORIGIN Origin (hub/ client) of search result-record CHAR   
431 MDG_BS_MAT_BUFFER_APPL Buffer application ID CHAR 10    
432 MDG_BS_MAT_CREQUEST Change Request NUMC 12    
433 MDG_BS_MAT_FLDSTAT Field Status CHAR   
434 MDG_BS_MAT_MATNR_EXT External (noncnoversion) representation of MATNR CHAR 40    
436 MDG_BS_MAT_PCH_CATEG_INT_ID Product Category Internal ID CHAR 40    
437 MDG_BS_MAT_PCH_TYPE_CODE Product Category Hierarchy Type Code CHAR   
438 MDG_BS_MAT_R_VALUE Value CHAR 60    
439 MDG_BS_MAT_SEARCH_CHARACT MDG Material: Search for Characteristics CHAR 255    
444 MDG_BS_MAT_VALUE Character String CHAR 60    
445 MDG_BUSINESS_ACTIVITY Business Activity for Data Load CHAR   
446 MDG_BU_PARTNER_TMP Temporary number for Business Partner in MDG NUMC   
447 MDG_CA_REPLICATION_PERSISTENCE Persistence choice for data replication CHAR   
448 MDG_CA_TIME_DEPENDENCY Target System Supports Time Dependency CHAR   
449 MDG_CHECK_TYPE Check Type CHAR   
450 MDG_CODELISTPROVIDER Codelist Provider CHAR   
451 MDG_COMM_CHANNEL Communication Channel NUMC   
452 MDG_CONVERTOR_SCHEDULING Options for Scheduling CHAR   
453 MDG_CP_STATUS Change Pointer Status CHAR   
454 MDG_CREQUEST Change Request NUMC 12    
455 MDG_DATALOAD_FILEPATH Data load logical file path CHAR 60    
456 MDG_DATA_LOAD_APPLICATION Data Load Application CHAR   
457 MDG_DATA_LOAD_JOB_STATUS Data Load Job Status CHAR   
458 MDG_DATA_LOAD_LOG_EXT_ID MDG Data Load: External ID for log NUMC   
460 MDG_DEFAULT_STATUS Standard Delivery Status CHAR   
461 MDG_DL_DESC_INT Description : Internal CHAR 60    
462 MDG_DL_OBJECT_ID_BS Object Ids from Data Import CHAR 120    
463 MDG_DQR_DESCR Description CHAR 60    
464 MDG_DQR_DQS_DESCR Data Quality Service Description CHAR 80    
465 MDG_DQR_DQS_ID Data Quality Service ID CHAR 20    
466 MDG_DQR_URL URL CHAR 255    
467 MDG_DQS_CLEANSE_MODE MDG: Cleansing Mode CHAR   
468 MDG_DQS_CLEANSE_STATUS MDG: Status of a Data Cleansing Case CHAR   
469 MDG_DQS_DUP_CHK_RESULT Duplicate Check Result CHAR   
471 MDG_DQS_FOLLOWUP_DESC MDG: DQS Cleanse Status Description CHAR   
472 MDG_DQS_PROFILE_ID Match Profile ID CHAR 30    
474 MDG_DQS_STATUS MDG: Status of the record CHAR   
475 MDG_DQS_STATUS_DESC MDG: Status Description of the record CHAR   
476 MDG_DQS_VAL_EXECUTION Validation execution condition CHAR   
477 MDG_DT_ACTION Action on the Data Model CHAR   
479 MDG_DUPL_THRESHOLD Duplicate threshold INT1   
480 MDG_ENRICHMENT_ADAPTER Enrichment Adapter CHAR 30    
481 MDG_ENRICH_SPOT Enrichment Spot CHAR 30    
483 MDG_EXTR_DIRECTORY MDG Extractor: Name of Directory in file system CHAR 128    
484 MDG_EXTR_EXPORT_TYPE MDG Extractor: Export Types CHAR   
485 MDG_EXTR_EXVARIANT MDG Extractor: Extraction Variant CHAR 10    
486 MDG_EXTR_FILE_SYSTEM MDG Extractor: File system type CHAR   
487 MDG_EXTR_GROUP_FIELDS MDG Extractor: Customizing Data to be Extracted CHAR 30    
488 MDG_EXTR_SCHEDULING MDG Extractor: Options for Scheduling CHAR   
489 MDG_EXTR_TEXT50 Description CHAR 50    
490 MDG_FILECONVERTER_TYP File converter type CHAR   
491 MDG_FILESYSTEM Type of File System from Which XML File Should Be Uploaded NUMC   
492 MDG_FILE_LOAD_SCHEDULING Options for Scheduling CHAR   
493 MDG_FILE_NAME File Name CHAR 100    
494 MDG_FILE_PROCESS_STATUS Data Load Processed File Status CHAR   
495 MDG_FILTER_OBJECT Filter Object CHAR 10    
496 MDG_FLG Flag CHAR   
497 MDG_GN_APPL Generator: Application CHAR   
498 MDG_GN_CONFIG_KEY Configuration Key CHAR 60    
499 MDG_GN_CONFIG_OBJ Generator: Configuration Object CHAR 30    
500 MDG_GN_CRITICAL_CHANGE Type of Critical Change CHAR