SAP ABAP Domain - Index M, page 4
Domain - M
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 MOB_LINKNAME Link name CHAR 32    
2 MOB_MAININD indicator for the logical main manu CHAR   
3 MOB_MAINMNUNAME logical name CHAR 32    
4 MOB_MENU menu CHAR 32    
5 MOB_MSDESC Mini Scenario Description CHAR 72    
6 MOB_MSDESCLTX Mini Scenario Description - long text for PDA CHAR 32    
7 MOB_MSDESCSTX Mini Scenario Description - short text for WAP CHAR 20    
8 MOB_MSID Mini scenario id NUMC   
9 MOB_NAME Name of Attribute CHAR 34    
10 MOB_NEXTTEMPLATE Next template CHAR 32    
11 MOB_OFFLINE_LUID Offline luid/guid CHAR 32    
12 MOB_OPTION Option CHAR 32    
13 MOB_PARAMSTRCODE param str code NUMC   
15 MOB_PRIO Entry Priority INT1   
16 MOB_QUANTITY Quantity (in char format) CHAR 15    
17 MOB_SEQUENCE Sequence NUMC   
18 MOB_SERVICETYPE Service Type CHAR 10    
20 MOB_SUBMENUFLG Sub menu flag CHAR   
21 MOB_SYSDFLTVAL System default value CHAR 32    
22 MOB_TEMPLATE Template CHAR 32    
23 MOB_TEMPLATE1 template name without value table CHAR 32    
24 MOB_TEMPLATEDESC Template Description CHAR 32    
25 MOB_UA HTTP Header Field: User Agent CHAR 128    
27 MOB_VALUE Value of Attribute CHAR 32    
28 MOD01 Control for default values CHAR   
29 MODAL Contract type CHAR   
30 MODAV Model selection procedure CHAR   
31 MODAW Model selection indicator CHAR   
32 MODCO Export Control: Indicator: Manual Change / by System CHAR   
33 MODCP Consolidation grouping code CHAR   
34 MODE Processing Mode CHAR   
35 MODE0 Mode CHAR   
36 MODEFLAG Results of Distribution Run (Table DDXTT) CHAR   
37 MODEL Payment model CHAR   
38 MODELNAME Model name CHAR 30    
39 MODETYPE Mode type for intermode communication CHAR   
40 MODGR Modification group CHAR   
41 MODIB Module Name CHAR   
42 MODIC Modifier CHAR   
43 MODIF Modifier NUMC   
44 MODIFIER_COST_VAL Purchase Value Changed by CHAR   
45 MODIS Rule Group: Cumulation of Personnel Times/Quotas CHAR   
46 MODKO Valuation module component CHAR   
47 MODKZ Modification ID - attention, do not use, to be deleted! CHAR   
48 MODLINE__1 Line number in module CHAR   
49 MODMEMBER Name of modification component CHAR 100    
50 MODNAME Name of modification CHAR   
51 MODOBJTYPE ALE Object Type CHAR 30    
52 MODOBJVAL Object value CHAR 70    
53 MODOP Activity category with value table (modus operandi) CHAR   
54 MODSTAT Status of modification CHAR   
55 MODSTATT Short text for modification status CHAR 20    
56 MODSTATUS Modification status of object CHAR   
57 MODT1 Modification type for number (of hours) CHAR   
58 MODT2 Modification type for rate CHAR   
59 MODT3 Modification type for amount CHAR   
60 MODTEXT Short text for modification CHAR 60    
61 MODTYP Type of modification component CHAR   
62 MODTYPE Type of adjustment for average calculation bases CHAR   
63 MODULN Module Name CHAR 30    
64 MODULNAME Veri: Domäne für C-Modulnamen in Tabelle VERMOD bzw. VERFUNC CHAR 30    
65 MODULPOOL Module Pool CHAR 40    
66 MODUS Session in which transaction is running CHAR   
67 MODUS_ABR IS-H: Mode of Billing Run CHAR   
68 MODUS_IDX Session for reading archive indices (CHVW) CHAR   
69 MODUS_KZ IS-H: mode indicator CHAR   
70 MOD_EXEC Execution Location CHAR 10    
71 MOD_FUNC Function selection SMOD/KMOD CHAR   
73 MOD_PFS Processing mode of external system NUMC   
75 MOGRP Model group CHAR 20    
76 MOGRU Foreign Trade: Common Agricult. Policy (CAP) - CAP Prod.Grp CHAR   
77 MOI Model identification CHAR   
78 MOINEIP Current month in individual period DEC   
79 MOLGA Personnel country grouping CHAR   
80 MOLGA_K709 Component 709: Country modifier without check against T500L CHAR   
81 MON00 Bit mask CHAR 31    
82 MONAT Fiscal period NUMC   
83 MONATMG Billing of quantity-dependent values on a monthly basis CHAR   
84 MONATZT Billing of time-dependent values on a monthly basis CHAR   
85 MONBEW IS-M/SD: Monetary valuation CHAR   
86 MONBIS Month up to which settlement period is valid NUMC   
87 MONI_LRAW Data cluster MONI: Long raw LRAW 2886    
88 MONTH Month NUMC   
89 MONTH12 Month NUMC   
90 MONTHINT Indicator for monthly interest calculation CHAR   
91 MONTHLY IS-U Waste Management: Monthly start date for service CHAR   
92 MONTHS Number of Months DEC   
93 MONTH_COUNT IS-U waste management: Monthly service cycle CHAR   
94 MONTH_KK Report RFKKCAPH: Posting / Status month CHAR   
95 MON_OBJ_ID Monitored Object ID for Technical Monitoring CHAR 20    
96 MOONR Foreign Trade: Number of EU Market Organization (CAP) CHAR   
97 MOORG Foreign Trade: CAP: CAP Goods Classification CHAR   
98 MOPTB Premium table modifier NUMC   
99 MOPZD_AUTO_MODE MOPZ: calculation mode CHAR   
100 MOPZD_FIELD_NAME MOPZ field name CHAR 10    
101 MOPZD_MAINT_TYPE MOPZ maintenance type CHAR   
102 MOPZD_SELECTION_TYPE Selection Type in Step 2 CHAR   
103 MOPZD_SERVICE Mopz Service CHAR 20    
104 MOPZD_UPDATE_TYPE MOPZ update type: download basket, SLM CHAR   
105 MOPZD_VALUE MOPZ Value CHAR 150    
106 MOREE____1 Displays further export parameters CHAR 10    
107 MOREI Trip Provision Variant CHAR   
108 MOREI____1 Displays further import parameters CHAR 10    
109 MOREP____1 Displays further parameters CHAR 10    
110 MORET____1 Displays further table parameters CHAR 10    
111 MOREX____1 Displays further exceptions CHAR 10    
112 MOSAIC_D_ELEMNAME domain for cached element names CHAR 32    
113 MOSAIC_D_MAPID domain for solution composer IDs CHAR 48    
114 MOSAIC_D_TIMESTAMP UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15    
115 MOSAIC_D_TITLE domain for cached title texts CHAR 128    
116 MOSAIC_GUID domain for normalized GUIDs CHAR 32    
117 MOSID Personnel subarea groupings for the work schedule NUMC   
118 MOTAB Name of Table for Defining Pay Scale Variants CHAR   
119 MOTIF Reason for payment of profit sharing NUMC   
120 MOTIF_046S Reason for refusal to pay a bill of exchange CHAR   
121 MOTIV Reason for changing IRPF tax percentage rate NUMC   
122 MOTIVID IS-M/AM: Ad spec identifcation CHAR 12    
123 MOTIVOALTA Reason for registration CHAR 10    
124 MOTPR Personnel subarea grouping for daily work schedule NUMC   
125 MOTTY Day type modifier NUMC   
126 MOT_LAGE Location of a (sub) ad spec CHAR   
127 MOVEOUTTYPE Move-out type CHAR   
128 MOVER Personnel Subarea Grpg for Substitution/Availability Types NUMC   
129 MOWNR Foreign Trade: No. of CAP Products List CHAR 12    
130 MOZKO Grouping of Personnel Subareas for Time Quota Types NUMC   
131 MOZ_TREE_LEVEL IS-M: Order level for ad spec assignment tree display CHAR   
132 MO_IN_PER IS-PAm: Date specification: Month in period CHAR   
133 MP3_ACTION Action CHAR   
134 MP3_DYNAMIC_NAME Name in Dynamic Configuration CHAR 50    
135 MP3_DYNAMIC_NAMESPACE Namespace in Dynamic Configuration CHAR 255    
136 MP3_DYNAMIC_VALUE Value in Dynamic Configuration CHAR 200    
137 MP3_LOGLEVEL Log Level CHAR   
138 MP3_MAPREQUIRED Is a mapping required? INT4 10    
139 MP3_OCCUR_TEXT Frequency CHAR 10    
140 MP3_PARAMETER_CATEGORY Mapping Parameterization: Category of Parameter CHAR 10    
141 MP3_PARAMETER_NAME Mapping Parameterization CHAR 32    
142 MP3_PARAMETER_TYPE Mapping Parameterization: Type of Parameter CHAR 32    
143 MP3_PARAMETER_VALUE Mapping Parameterization: Value STRG   
144 MPAPARAM Parameters in the Message CHAR   
145 MPD_MP_INACT Maintenance Plan Inactive Flag CHAR   
146 MPD_MP_STATUS MPD: Maintenance Plan Status CHAR   
147 MPD_RPT_MODE MPD: Compliance Reporting Mode NUMC   
148 MPD_STATTXT MPD: Status Text for Reporting CHAR 240    
149 MPD_STATUS MPD: Status NUMC   
150 MPD_STATUS_ICON MPD: Status Icon CHAR 132    
151 MPG_MTYPE Mapping: Mapping Type CHAR   
152 MPG_PROG Mapping Program CHAR 180    
153 MPLAN_ACTION Activity for Subobjects of Maintenance Plan API CHAR   
154 MPLA_IND Maintenance plan indicator NUMC   
155 MPNMRPGR MPN-MRP set CHAR 10    
156 MPO_EXTTYPE Execution Type for Rules CHAR   
157 MPO_FORMVIEW Partner CHAR   
158 MPO_SCENARIO Key for a scenario (ISR scenario, MANF type, ESS) CHAR   
159 MPO_VALUTYP Actual valuation CHAR 10    
160 MPPRF Distribution profile of material master CHAR   
161 MPP_DYNAMIC_NAME Name in Dynamic Configuration CHAR 50    
162 MPP_DYNAMIC_NAMESPACE Namespace in Dynamic Configuration CHAR 255    
163 MPP_DYNAMIC_VALUE Value in Dynamic Configuration CHAR 200    
164 MPP_MAPTYPE Mapping Type CHAR 20    
165 MPP_MAP_OR_NOT Is a mapping required? INT1   
166 MPP_PARAMNAME Parameter Name CHAR 60    
167 MPP_PROGRAM Mapping Program CHAR 180    
168 MPP_TESTCASE XI Mapping: Automatic Test Case CHAR 20    
169 MPR1VERFAHREN Method for adopting external forecast data CHAR   
171 MPRGR Material checking group for the availability check CHAR   
172 MPRIO Priority of a MiniApp INT1   
173 MPRNR Markdown planning - profile number CHAR 10    
174 MPROF Control profile for manufacturer part number management CHAR   
175 MPROK Status manual price change CHAR   
176 MPROZ Markup or -down in percent for the mass price change CURR 11 
177 MPROZ_KK Percentage rate DEC
178 MPTYP Maintenance plan category CHAR   
179 MP_OBJTYPE Menu Painter: Object type CHAR   
180 MP_PROF_DT Profile Missing Parts Info System: Individual Overview CHAR 12    
181 MP_PROF_FD Profile Missing Parts Info System: Displayed Fields CHAR 12    
182 MP_PROF_GP Profile Missing Parts Info System: Criteria for Grouping CHAR 12    
183 MP_PROF_SR Profile for Missing Parts Info System: Sort Criteria CHAR 12    
184 MP_TXTTYPE Menu Painter: Text type CHAR   
185 MQCHAR48 MQ series data type MQCHAR48 CHAR 48    
186 MQSYSID 2 character system ID CHAR   
187 MRACT Meter Reading Action CHAR   
188 MRANGE Selection Operator OPTION (According to Range Table) CHAR   
189 MRDOCUMENTTYPE Selection indicator for meter reading orders or results CHAR   
190 MREADCON Control of meter reading results in billing CHAR   
191 MREFSRC Origin of Main Reference CHAR   
192 MREFTYP Reference type CHAR   
193 MREGEL_EB Rules for forming session name CHAR   
194 MREGL Sample accounts rule CHAR   
195 MRFLAG MIME Repository: Flag (X or Space) CHAR   
196 MRM_CALLER_ACTION Action the Caller Just Executed CHAR   
197 MRM_CONTRACTREFERENCETYPE Reference Document Category for Contract Reference CHAR   
198 MRM_CONTRACT_ITEM Item Number NUMC 10    
199 MRM_DATE_TYPE Period to Date (Day, Week, Month, Year) CHAR   
200 MRM_DINV_5 vorläufige Rechnung     
201 MRM_DINV_6 Differenzrechnung     
202 MRM_DINV_7 endgültige Rechnung     
203 MRM_DINV_8 Provisional Invoice/Differential Invoice     
204 MRM_DINV_VORGANG Operation for Differential Invoicing CHAR   
205 MRM_ENQUEUE_TYPE Logistics Invoice Verification: Time of the Material Block CHAR   
206 MRM_ITEM_LIST_VERSION Invoice item list version CHAR 30    
207 MRM_ITEM_SK_LIST_VERSION Display variant for G/L account posting CHAR 30    
208 MRM_MWSKZ Taxes on sales/puchases code CHAR   
209 MRM_POS_SHKZG Invoice/credit memo item indicator CHAR   
210 MRM_PRICE_OPTION New Pricing Option CHAR   
211 MRM_REFERENZBELEG Reference document category CHAR   
212 MRM_REFERENZBELEGTYP Reference document category CHAR   
213 MRM_REFERENZBELEGTYP_DCFL Reference Document Type: external Purchase Order     
214 MRM_TM_REFERENCE_DOCUMENT Reference - Service Provider in Transportation Management CHAR 51    
215 MRM_VARIANCE_TYPE Possible Variance Types in an Invoice CHAR   
216 MRM_VORGANG Invoicing transaction CHAR   
217 MRM_VORGANG_2 Transaction of an Invoice Doc. (Additionally w. Del. Costs) CHAR   
218 MRM_ZLSPR Logistics payment block CHAR   
219 MRPACTION Action for MRP (New, Increase, Reschedule) CHAR   
220 MRPAREA_PSP Control WBS Account Assignment at MRP Area Level CHAR   
221 MRPAST Receipts in the past CHAR   
224 MRPPP PPC planning calendar CHAR   
225 MRPPS Calculation method for PP planning periods CHAR   
226 MRPREQQUANT MRP Request Quantity DEC 13 
227 MRPREQUESTSTATUS Status of MRP Request CHAR   
228 MRPSET Indicator: MRP set comparison NUMC   
229 MRPUSERKEY Control key for user exit material selection - planning run CHAR   
230 MRP_BUFFER_EXECUTION_MODE Execution mode of buffer update run CHAR 20    
231 MRP_BUF_DYN_HORIZON_CODE Code for dynamic horizon CHAR   
232 MRP_BUF_PLAAB Material requirements planning segment CHAR   
233 MRP_PERIOD_INDICATOR Period Indicator CHAR   
234 MRP_T457A Processing key for planning run CHAR   
235 MRSH_TYPE Shift Category for Meter Readings CHAR   
236 MRTRSD_GUID RMS-MRTRS : Universal Unique Identifier RAW 16    
237 MRTRSD_GUID16 DOM for GUID in RAW16 Format RAW 16    
238 MRTRSD_ICNT RMS-MRTRS : Internal Counter NUMC   
240 MRTRSD_OBTY RMS-MRTRS : Recipe Object Category CHAR 10    
241 MRTRSD_RCNT RMS-MRTRS : Counter f. Each ProdVers. per Transformation Run NUMC   
242 MRTRSD_SOP_QM RMS-MRTRS : Superior of QM Data CHAR   
243 MRTRSD_SOP_SRES RMS-MRTRS : Superior of Secondary Resource CHAR   
244 MR_BREAK Breakpoint of Meter Reading Data Processing CHAR 30    
245 MR_BREAK_EL0X Breakpoint for Meter Reading Order Creation CHAR 30    
246 MR_BREAK_EL35 Breakpoint CHAR 20    
247 MR_FROLE MIME Repository: Folder Role CHAR 20    
248 MR_ICOCLS MIME Repository: Icon Use Class CHAR 20    
249 MR_ICOGRP MIME Repository: Icon Group CHAR 20    
250 MR_ICOUSER MIME Repository: Icon User CHAR 30    
251 MR_IMGFMT MIME Repository: Image Format CHAR   
252 MR_IMGSIZE MIME Repository: Image Size NUMC   
253 MR_MIMTYPE MIME Repository: MIME Type CHAR 30    
254 MR_MISSING Status: Meter reading result exists CHAR   
255 MR_PROCSTA MIME Repository: Processing State CHAR 20    
256 MR_RAP_MODUS Revaluation processing mode CHAR   
257 MR_RAP_SPLIT Number of document split NUMC   
258 MR_THEME MIME Repository: Theme CHAR 30    
259 MR_VERSION MIME Repository: Internal Version CHAR 10    
260 MSAM_MO_ACTIVITIES Mobile operations for MSAM CHAR   
261 MSAM_MO_DOBJ MSAM data object CHAR 100    
262 MSAM_MO_FINAL_CONFIRM Final Confirmation Capability of Operations CHAR   
263 MSAM_MO_INVNT_CHECK Check of Technician Stock CHAR   
264 MSAM_MO_MATERIAL_CONF_MATNR_VF Check of Material Number CHAR   
265 MSAM_MO_MATERIAL_CONF_SCENARIO Type of Material Consumption CHAR   
266 MSAM_MO_MSAMVERSION Application Version CHAR   
267 MSAM_MO_NUMBER_OF_SIGNATURES Number of Allowed Signatures CHAR   
268 MSAM_MO_OBJECT_LIST_ACTIVE Download Object List CHAR   
269 MSAM_MO_OPR_CONF_ACTTYPE Activity Type for Confirmation CHAR   
270 MSAM_MO_OPR_CONF_TIME_TYPE Operation Confirmation: Unit CHAR   
271 MSAM_MO_OPR_CONF_UNIT Operation Confirmation: Unit CHAR   
272 MSAM_MO_ORDER_CLOSE_SCENARIO Order Completion Control CHAR   
273 MSAM_MO_REPLICATION_TYPE Type of Replication CHAR   
274 MSAM_MO_SD_AMMOUNT Number of Calls for Backend-Controlled Replication CHAR   
275 MSAM_MO_TIME_CONF_UPDATE_SCEN Posting of Time Confirmation CHAR   
276 MSAM_TECOBJ_HIER_ACTIVE Technical object hierarchy CHAR   
277 MSART_VK Dunning Level Type CHAR   
278 MSATPM_UPLOADFLAG Flag char 1 for campaign salesarea upload CHAR   
279 MSCHL Dunning key CHAR   
280 MSDAPPL MI:Application Types (MI-MSD) CHAR 40    
281 MSDBUILDNO MI_Build No. T CHAR 40    
282 MSDEXTRACT Attributes Extraction Type CHAR   
283 MSDINITVAL MI Infrastructure: Initial MSD Flag CHAR   
284 MSDLOGLEVEL MI_Loglevel with Fixed Values CHAR 20    
285 MSDNAME Mobile Solution Descriptor Name CHAR 30    
286 MSDORDERLIST_UCOMM IS-M/SD: Function in M/SD Order List CHAR 70    
287 MSDPROPERTY Mobile Solution Descriptor Property CHAR 20    
288 MSDPROPVALUE Mobile Solution Descriptor Property Value STRG   
289 MSDRUNTIME MI:Runtime Environment (MI-MSD) CHAR 40    
290 MSDVALUE Mobile Solution Descriptor: Value CHAR 40    
291 MSDVALUE_LOW Mobile Solution Descriptor: Value CHAR   
292 MSD_DEPTYPE Mobile Solution Descriptor Dependency type CHAR 20    
293 MSD_INDEX Mobile Solution Descriptor: Entry Index NUMC 10    
294 MSD_ITYPE MI Installation Toolkit:Image Types CHAR 10    
295 MSD_VALUENAME Mobile Solution Descriptor: Value name CHAR 20    
296 MSEC2 2 character unit of measurement is converted UNIT   
297 MSEC6 6-char. external meas. unit <-> 3-char. internal meas. unit CHAR   
298 MSEGZN Counter INT4 10    
299 MSEH3 External 3-character meas. unit CHAR   
300 MSEH6 External measurement unit CHAR   
301 MSEND Send information mail after data receipt CHAR   
302 MSFAK Shift factor for dep. calc. DEC
303 MSFAKR The affects of multiple-shift deprec. in calculation key CHAR   
304 MSFAKR_NEW The affects of multiple-shift deprec. in calculation key CHAR   
305 MSGAR Message type CHAR   
306 MSGCNT Message Counter for Log Entry NUMC   
307 MSGFIELD Valid fields in a rule class. CHAR 10    
308 MSGFN Message function CHAR   
309 MSGFN_CD function CHAR   
310 MSGFN_FG function CHAR   
311 MSGFN_PD Message Function CHAR   
312 MSGID____1 Message number CHAR   
313 MSGINIT Initialization Status: Message Table CHAR   
314 MSGKNZ Message indicator CHAR   
315 MSGKZ Message indicator CHAR   
316 MSGLN Message length of CAD transfer string NUMC   
317 MSGNR Message number CHAR   
318 MSGPAR IS-H*MED: Message parameter CHAR 10    
319 MSGPOS_JHAW IS-M/AM: Position the error message on the template CHAR   
320 MSGSEV Message type (W,E) CHAR   
321 MSGSEVERE Message action CHAR   
322 MSGSOURCE Message origin CHAR 30    
323 MSGTA Message Type Allocation Table CHAR   
324 MSGTAB Valid table in a rule class CHAR 10    
325 MSGTE System message category, purchasing CHAR   
326 MSGTXTX__1 Message text (continuation) CHAR 73    
327 MSGTXT___1 Message text CHAR 73    
328 MSGTYP Message Type CHAR   
329 MSGTYPCONV Parameter for message type conversion CHAR   
330 MSGTYPMAX Maximum Message Type CHAR   
331 MSGTYSD Message type - shipping processing CHAR   
332 MSGTYWS Message type - shipping processing CHAR   
333 MSGTY_CO Type of message CHAR   
334 MSGTY_JV Message Type CHAR   
335 MSGVS_V50AGL Message version for T160M control CHAR   
336 MSGWE Type of error message: ' ', 'W', or 'E' CHAR   
337 MSG_CATEGORY Message Category CHAR 32    
338 MSG_CATEGORY_NAME Message Category Name CHAR 50    
339 MSG_COUNTD Message Count INT4 10    
340 MSG_NO Message Number NUMC   
341 MSG_SIZED Domain : Message Size CHAR 8192    
342 MSG_TYPE Message Type for Condition Items Customizing CHAR   
343 MSHOST Host CHAR 20    
344 MSHOST2 New App. Server Host Name Length (Since Release 6.10) CHAR 32    
345 MSIGN Selection operator SIGN (as per range table) CHAR   
346 MSLANG Microsoft Language ID INT4 10    
347 MSNAME System name CHAR 20    
348 MSNAME2 New Application Server Name Length (Since 6.10) CHAR 40    
349 MSPEC Ind. specialized manually CHAR   
350 MSPS_PROJECTMANAGER Manager for MS Project Server CHAR 24    
351 MSPS_PROJECTTYPE Project type for MS Project Server CHAR   
352 MSPS_PROJECTVERSION Version for MS Project Server CHAR 24    
353 MSQBIGINT MS SQL Server bigint data type DEC 20    
354 MSQCH1024 Character field of length 1024 CHAR 1024    
355 MSQCH1174 MS SQL server char 1174 domain CHAR 1174    
356 MSQCHR210 MS SQL server char type of length 210 CHAR 210    
357 MSQCHR510 Character field , length 510 CHAR 510    
358 MSQDEC_20 MS SQL server - dec field 20 places DEC 20    
359 MSQHEX16 MS SQL server - Raw code 16 bytes long RAW 16    
360 MSQHEX2 MS SQL server - raw code 2 bytes long RAW   
361 MSQHEX512 MS SQL server hex domain for table keys RAW 512    
362 MSQHEX6 MS SQL server hex field for page address RAW   
363 MSQHEX8 MS SQL server hex domain for table rows. RAW   
364 MSQHEX85 MS SQL server - Raw code 85 bytes long RAW 85    
365 MSQPERSEC domain for per second values in FLTP 16  16 
366 MSQTXT MS SQL Server profiler text data (ntext) LCHR 32000    
367 MSR_ACTIVE Advanced Returns Activation Indicator CHAR   
368 MSR_APPLICATION Application of Advanced Returns Processes CHAR   
369 MSR_APPROVAL_BLOCK Multistep-Returns Approval Block CHAR   
370 MSR_APPROVAL_STATUS Approval Status of Advanced Returns Process CHAR   
371 MSR_ATP_STATUS Inspections: LFU Status CHAR   
373 MSR_CM_IMMEDIATELY Immediate Refunding Credit Memo CHAR   
374 MSR_COUNTER Counter NUMC   
375 MSR_DOC_ITEM Generic Document Item Number NUMC 10    
376 MSR_DOC_NR Generic Document Number CHAR 30    
377 MSR_DOC_ORG_UNIT Organization Unit for Document CHAR   
378 MSR_DOC_STATUS Document Item Status CHAR   
379 MSR_DOC_TYPE Generic Document Type CHAR   
380 MSR_EXECUTION_TYPE Execution Type of Advanced p Returns Process Steps CHAR   
381 MSR_FIN_STATUS Advanced Returns Financial Status CHAR   
382 MSR_FU_CODE Follow-Up Activity CHAR   
383 MSR_FU_CODE_ERP Maintenance of Follow-Up Code in ERP CHAR   
384 MSR_GET_NEXT_NUMBER Multi-step returns : Get next number CHAR   
385 MSR_INCOMPLETION Multi-step returns : Incompletion flag for the incompl.log CHAR   
386 MSR_INITIALIZE Clear for Fast Change CHAR   
387 MSR_INSPECTION_COMMENT Inspection Comment CHAR 40    
388 MSR_INSP_DECISION_LEVEL Inspection: Decision Level CHAR   
389 MSR_INSP_EXT_INSPEC_STATUS Extended Inspection Status CHAR   
390 MSR_INSP_FUP_BLOCK Block for Follow-Up Activities CHAR   
391 MSR_INSP_FUP_BLOCK_DESC Inspection: Description Follow-Up Activity Block CHAR 60    
392 MSR_INSP_FU_SET Inspection: Follow-Up Activity Set CHAR 20    
393 MSR_INSP_INBOUND_OUTBOUND Inspections: Inbound/Outbound Delivery, with Value Ranges CHAR   
394 MSR_INSP_INSPECTOR Inspection: Inspector CHAR 80    
395 MSR_INSP_INSP_STATUS Inspection: Inspection Status CHAR   
396 MSR_INSP_LDM_STATUS Inspections: LFU Status CHAR   
397 MSR_INSP_LFU_RESPONSIBLE Inspection: LFU Responsible CHAR 80    
398 MSR_INSP_MESS_CHARACTERISTIC Characteristic of an Error Message CHAR   
399 MSR_INSP_MESS_ORIGIN_LOCATION Error Message original location CHAR   
400 MSR_INSP_PROFILE Inspection: Profiles CHAR 20    
401 MSR_INSP_PUBLSTATUS Inspection: Status of Publishing CHAR   
402 MSR_INSP_SCREEN_CONTROL Inspection: Screen Group Info NUMC   
403 MSR_INSP_SCREEN_GROUP Inspection: Screen Group Info NUMC   
404 MSR_INSP_SET_NO AMR: Follow-Up Activity Set Number NUMC   
405 MSR_INSP_TABSTRIP_TYPE Tabstrip Header / Item CHAR   
406 MSR_INSP_TEXT_PROFILE Inspection: Profile Description CHAR 40    
407 MSR_INSP_TEXT_UGRP Inspection: User Group Description CHAR 40    
408 MSR_INSP_TYPE Inspection: Header Type CHAR 20    
409 MSR_INSP_UOM_INDICATOR Multi-Step Returns - Indicator for Leading UoM in Inspection CHAR   
410 MSR_INSP_UPDKZ ARM: Inspection Update Indicator CHAR   
411 MSR_INSP_VENDOR_RESULT Inspection: Vendor Result, with Value Range CHAR   
412 MSR_INSP_WMC_IMPL_ID Warehouse Mangement Implementation Identifier CHAR 10    
413 MSR_INSP_WMC_SIGN WMC: Algebraic Sign CHAR   
414 MSR_IRD_OBLIGATORY Internal Refund Determination Obligatory CHAR   
415 MSR_LOG_STATUS Logistical Status of Advanced Returns Process CHAR   
416 MSR_PO_TYPE Purchase Order Type for Advanced Returns CHAR   
417 MSR_PROCESS_ID Multistep Returns Process ID CHAR 10    
418 MSR_PROCESS_ITEM Multistep Returns Process Item Number NUMC   
419 MSR_PROC_STATUS Status of Advanced Returns Process CHAR   
420 MSR_REFUND_CONTROL Advanced Returns Refund Control CHAR   
421 MSR_REFUND_CONTROL_INSP Multi-Step Returns - Refund Control During Inspections CHAR   
422 MSR_REFUND_PROCEDURE Advanced Returns Refunding Procedure CHAR   
423 MSR_REFUND_TYPE Refund Type CHAR   
424 MSR_REF_DOC_NR Generic Reference Document Number CHAR 10    
425 MSR_REGLG Storage Location Determination for Advanced Returns     
426 MSR_REPAIR_VALUATED Allow Repair for Valuated Returns Stock CHAR   
427 MSR_RETURNS_REASON Return Reason CHAR   
428 MSR_RETURNS_REFUND_CODE Returns Refund Code CHAR   
429 MSR_RMA_NR Returns Material Authorization Number CHAR 20    
430 MSR_SEQ_ID Sequence ID CHAR   
432 MSR_STEP_ID Multistep Returns Step ID CHAR   
433 MSR_STEP_TYPE Step Type CHAR   
434 MSR_TABNAM_VB Multistep Returns: MSR     
436 MSR_UEVOR_VA MSR: Direct Call for Returns Overview     
437 MSR_UPDATE_INDICATOR Update Indicator CHAR   
438 MSR_VRMA_REQ_EINE Vendor RMA Number Obligatory on Purchase Info.Record CHAR   
439 MSR_VRMA_REQ_LFM1 Vendor RMA Number Obligatory in Vendor Master Record CHAR   
440 MSSCCLASS MSSQL DBCOLL : Counter class CHAR   
441 MSSCFLAG Clustered flag CHAR   
443 MSSCOLLMEMSIZE Size data type for memory counters DEC 16 
444 MSSCOLLSLOPE Domaine for collector slope values DEC 16 
445 MSSCOLLVALUE Domain for collector values DEC 23    
446 MSSCSC255 Case sensitive CHAR 255 domain CHAR 255    
447 MSSCSSTR Case sensitive STRING domain STRG   
448 MSSDATE MSS Date field DATS   
449 MSSDBOPTVALUE Database option value CHAR 40    
450 MSSDBRELE MSSQL : Database Release X.Y CHAR   
451 MSSDEC20_6 MS SQL Server decimal 20 with 6 digit after the decimal pt DEC 20 
452 MSSDLYWKLY Daily or weekly CHAR   
453 MSSERV Service CHAR 20    
454 MSSFGNAME File group CHAR 30    
455 MSSFILLFAC Fill factor CHAR   
456 MSSFULEVEL MSSQL MSSPROCS : Functional level CHAR   
457 MSSHANDLE pointer values to plans and statements for SQL Server CHAR 130    
458 MSSIDXRECCOLS Comma separated list of columns from missing_index_details CHAR 256    
459 MSSINT4 Integer 4 for SQL server INT4 10    
460 MSSJBMAXRT Maximum runtime for job INT4 10    
461 MSSLINENR MS SQL Server : Stored procedure line number INT4 10    
462 MSSMSG Message CHAR 255    
464 MSSPARTDOM Partitioning Type (HASH, RANGE,...); Value Range CHAR   
465 MSSPARTPARADOM Data Type of Partitioning Column CHAR 50    
466 MSSPARTPRIMKEY Possible interface vals: whether or not primary key created CHAR   
467 MSSPARTTYPEDOM Partition Left or Right CHAR   
468 MSSPARTVAL Value in a partition (used for min and max values) CHAR 128    
469 MSSPRCAREA MS SQL Server: Stored procedure application area CHAR   
470 MSSPRCTEXT MS SQL Server: Stored procedure source code CHAR 80    
471 MSSPRFCMD Command for cache profile switch INT1   
472 MSSPROCED MS SQL Server: Stored procedure name CHAR 32    
473 MSSROWCNT Number of rows in a table or index DEC 16    
474 MSSSATORSUN Choose saturday or sunday INT1   
475 MSSSPREVI MS SQL Server: Stored procedure revision CHAR   
476 MSSSQLSTR Character field length 3900 case sensitive CHAR 3900    
477 MSSSTRTHR Start hour for job INT1   
478 MSSSYSNAME Like data type sysname CHAR 128    
479 MSSTATE Status of Application Server RAW   
480 MSSTEXT127 MS SQL Server text string (127 characters) CHAR 127    
481 MSSTIME MSS time TIMS   
482 MSSTSTMP Timestamp domain for deadlock tracking CHAR 14    
483 MSSTUNIT MSSQL DBCOLL : Time grid unit CHAR   
484 MSSTXT3600 MS SQL Server: Text with 3600 characters CHAR 3600    
485 MSSUNIQIDENT for SQL Server type uniqueidentifer ( 16 byte GUID) CHAR 36    
486 MSSWINNER Deadlock survivor flag CHAR   
487 MSSWPTYPE Work process type CHAR   
488 MSS_CAT_APPR_BUFFER_STATUS Buffer Status of an Approval Record CHAR 20    
489 MSS_CAT_APPR_CONSOL_COLUMN Consolidation Column of CATS Approval CHAR   
490 MSS_CAT_APPR_PERSPECTIVE View of CATS Consolidation Approval CHAR   
492 MSTBR Supervisor area CHAR   
493 MSTUFE_LIF Indicator: price level NUMC   
494 MSTWH_KK Repeat dunning at the same dunning level CHAR   
495 MSTYPES Message Types RAW   
496 MSTYP_CA Dunning Level Type CHAR   
497 MSTYP_KK Dunning Level Category CHAR   
498 MTARR Amount to be reported NUMC 15    
499 MTART Material type CHAR   
500 MTATB Report: Suppl. Pension (PS): Reason for Notif./Record Type NUMC