SAP ABAP Domain - Index M, page 2
Domain - M
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 MDG_GN_ERROR_CODE Error Code in the Generator CHAR   
2 MDG_GN_FORKEY_KIND Foreign Key Type CHAR   
3 MDG_GN_KEEP_OLD_VERSION Keep the Old Version (Generator) NUMC   
4 MDG_GN_LOGICAL_NAME Logical Name of Object (Generator) CHAR 30    
5 MDG_GN_MODUS Generator Modes CHAR   
6 MDG_GN_OBJ_KIND Object Type (Generator) CHAR   
7 MDG_GN_OBJ_STATE Status of an Object (Generator) CHAR   
8 MDG_GN_SUFFIX_LEN Suffix Length for Table Names NUMC   
9 MDG_GN_TYPE_SPEC Type Assignment of FM Parameters CHAR   
10 MDG_GN_UPDATE_TASK Process Type of a Function Module in Updating CHAR   
11 MDG_IDM_ACTION_CODE Operation During Key Mapping CHAR   
12 MDG_IDM_UPLOAD_FILE_EXT_BS Supported File Types for Key Mapping Upload CHAR   
13 MDG_IDM_UPLOAD_PROTOCOL_TYPE Key Mapping Upload: Log Type CHAR   
14 MDG_IDS_TYPE_CODE_BS Object Identifier Type Code CHAR 20    
15 MDG_IDS_TYPE_CODE_DESC_BS Description of Object Identifier Type Code CHAR 80    
16 MDG_IL_XML_TYPE XML Types supported by Extractor Framework CHAR   
17 MDG_KEY_HANDLING Type of Key Treatment CHAR   
18 MDG_KM_CHAR10 MDG KM: Char 10 field with lower case CHAR 10    
19 MDG_KM_CHAR16 MDG KM: Char 16 field with lower case CHAR 16    
20 MDG_KM_CHAR32 MDG KM: Char 32 field with lower case CHAR 32    
21 MDG_KM_CHAR36 MDG KM: External representation for a RAW 16 UUID CHAR 36    
22 MDG_KM_CHAR64 MDG KM: Char 64 field with lower case CHAR 64    
23 MDG_KM_EXTRACT_FILE_FORMAT Key Mapping Extraction: File format CHAR   
24 MDG_KM_UKM_BOOLEAN KM: UKM Boolean Data Type CHAR   
25 MDG_KM_UKM_MAIN_CONTEXT_CODE KM: UKM Code of the Main Context CHAR   
27 MDG_KM_UKM_SUB_CONTEXT_CODE KM: UKM Subcontext of the Mapping CHAR   
28 MDG_KM_UT_BP_ID KM Unit test only: Business Partner ID CHAR 10    
29 MDG_KUNNR_LIFNR Domain for KUNNR and LIFNR CHAR 10    
30 MDG_LG_OBJECT Language Activation: Object CHAR 30    
31 MDG_MAT_CHANGE_REQ Material chnage request type CHAR   
32 MDG_MDF_ACCESS_MODE FIN Master Data: Mode for Accessing Master Data NUMC   
33 MDG_MDF_APPLICATION FIN Master Data: Name of Application CHAR   
34 MDG_MDF_BDT FIN Master Data: Display With/Without BDT CHAR   
35 MDG_MDF_BUFF_TYPE FIN Master Data: Type of Read Buffering NUMC   
36 MDG_MDF_CM_OBJ_KIND Types of a Change Object CHAR   
38 MDG_MDF_COMP_TYPE FIN Master Data: Component Type CHAR   
40 MDG_MDF_EDIT_KIND Visibility and Editability of a Value in the Screen NUMC   
41 MDG_MDF_FIELDTYPE Field Type: Characteristic or Key Figure CHAR   
42 MDG_MDF_FIELD_ORIGIN FIN Master Data: Origin of Field CHAR   
43 MDG_MDF_FIELD_REGISTRATION FIN Master Data: Why was a field registered? CHAR   
44 MDG_MDF_FIELD_USAGE FIN Master Data: How Field is Used CHAR   
45 MDG_MDF_FISCPERIOD Inverse Fiscal Period NUMC   
46 MDG_MDF_FISCPERIOD_INV Inverted Fiscal Period NUMC   
47 MDG_MDF_FISCYEAR Inverse Fiscal Year NUMC   
48 MDG_MDF_FISCYEAR_INV Inverted Fiscal Year NUMC   
49 MDG_MDF_FLG FIN Master Data: General Indicator CHAR   
50 MDG_MDF_FLG_TRISTATE General Indicator for Master Data CHAR   
51 MDG_MDF_FLG_TR_ATTR Transport Flag: Attribute Selection of Non-Check Tables CHAR   
52 MDG_MDF_FPROP_MODE FIN Master Data: Read Mode for Field Properties CHAR   
53 MDG_MDF_GUI_ATTR_MAINTENANCE FIN Master Data: Options for Maintaining Attributes CHAR   
54 MDG_MDF_HRYNAME FIN Master Data: Name of Hierarchy CHAR 30    
55 MDG_MDF_HRYVERS FIN Master Data: Hierarchy Version CHAR   
56 MDG_MDF_HRY_ACTION FIN Master Data: Type of Action to a Hierarchy CHAR   
57 MDG_MDF_HRY_STORAGE_TYPE FIN Master Data: Type of Local Hierarchy Storage CHAR   
58 MDG_MDF_ITEM_PROPERTY FIN Change Management: Property of Item CHAR 10    
59 MDG_MDF_MAPPING_STATE FIN Master Data: Status of an Attribute Mapping CHAR   
60 MDG_MDF_NET_TYPE FIN Master Data: Type of Network CHAR   
61 MDG_MDF_NODE_PROPERTY FIN Change Management: Property of Node CHAR 10    
62 MDG_MDF_NOTIFICATION_REACTION FIN Master Data: Response to Message CHAR   
63 MDG_MDF_NOTIFICATION_REASON FIN Master Data: Reason for Message CHAR   
64 MDG_MDF_NROBJ_FLD_SID FIN Master Data: SID of Field Names for Number Range NUMC   
65 MDG_MDF_NROBJ_SID FIN Master Data: Number for SID NUMC 10    
66 MDG_MDF_OBJ_STATUS FIN Master Data: Status of an Object CHAR   
67 MDG_MDF_OPERATION_TYPE Operation to Sub-object (Copy, Delete, Transport) CHAR   
68 MDG_MDF_ORIGIN FIN Master Data: Storage Location of a Characteristic INT1   
69 MDG_MDF_PARAM FIN Master Data: Customizing Parameters CHAR 10    
70 MDG_MDF_PARAM_VALUE Parameter Value CHAR 80    
71 MDG_MDF_ROLE FIN Master Data: Role CHAR 10    
72 MDG_MDF_SID Master Data: Surrogate ID INT4 10    
73 MDG_MDF_TABLE_USAGE FIN Master Data: Where Tables are Used CHAR   
74 MDG_MDF_TOPERIOD Inverse Fiscal Period NUMC   
75 MDG_MDF_TOYEAR Inverse Fiscal Year NUMC   
76 MDG_MDF_TR_SPECIAL_LOGIC Special Logic in Transport CHAR   
77 MDG_MDF_USAGE FIN Master Data: How Master Data/Hierarchies Are Used CHAR   
78 MDG_MDF_VALUE Characteristic Value CHAR 60    
79 MDG_MDF_VALUE_HRY Characteristic Value for Hierarchies CHAR 60    
80 MDG_MDF_VDY_F4 FI Master Data: Validity CHAR   
81 MDG_MDF_VDY_TYPE FI Master Data: Validity Check NUMC   
82 MDG_MDF_VDY_VALID FI Master Data: Validity Characteristic Values CHAR   
83 MDG_MDF_VDY_VERSION FI Master Data: Validity Version CHAR   
84 MDG_MDT Message Data Type CHAR 110    
85 MDG_MESSAGE_NODE Message Node CHAR 60    
86 MDG_MES_DELT_FULL Indicates full or delta message sending CHAR   
87 MDG_MSG_APPL Application for Message Handler CHAR 30    
88 MDG_OBJECT_DESCR_BS Object Description CHAR 120    
89 MDG_OBJECT_NODE_TYPE_CODE Object Node Type Code CHAR 10    
90 MDG_OBJECT_TYPE_CODE_BS Object Type Code CHAR 10    
91 MDG_OBJECT_TYPE_CODE_DESC_BS Object Type Code Description CHAR 80    
92 MDG_OBJSTAT_DIFF Comparison: Active Version CHAR   
93 MDG_OBJ_CORRELATION Key Harmonization CHAR   
94 MDG_OBJ_STATUS Object Status CHAR   
95 MDG_OIF_INT_MOD_ID Domain for OIF Interface Model ID CHAR 20    
96 MDG_ONTC_DESC Description of Object Node Type Code CHAR 80    
97 MDG_OTC_PROJECTION Business object is a projection of another business object CHAR   
98 MDG_PERSISTENCE Data persistence choice CHAR   
100 MDG_PRX_R3NAME Proxy Generation: Name of an Object in R/3 CHAR 30    
101 MDG_PRX_R3OBJ Proxy Generation: Object Type in R/3 CHAR   
102 MDG_SDQ_ACTIVE Active/Inactive Data Record CHAR   
103 MDG_SDQ_COMPONENT_USAGE Component Usage CHAR 40    
104 MDG_SDQ_CREQUEST Change Request NUMC 12    
105 MDG_SDQ_ENRICH_ACTION_CODE Action codes for Enrichment CHAR   
106 MDG_SDQ_FLG General Indicator CHAR   
109 MDG_SDQ_VALUE Characteristic Value CHAR 60    
110 MDG_SRCH_SRV_INTF MDG Search Service Interface CHAR   
111 MDG_SYSTEM_FILTER_STATUS Status of the DRF System Filter CHAR   
112 MDG_TR_CC_CLIPROT Protection Status Client Copy CHAR   
113 MDG_TR_CC_OBJSTATE Object Status CHAR   
114 MDG_TR_CC_STATUS Status of a Table with Client Copy CHAR   
115 MDG_TR_CLUSTER_AREA FINB TR: Data Area of the Transport Container CHAR   
116 MDG_TR_FLAG Indicator CHAR   
117 MDG_TR_KEYMODE FINB TR: Transport Attribute of a Key CHAR   
118 MDG_TR_OBJECT FINB TR: Transport Object CHAR 30    
119 MDG_TR_OBJTYPE FINB TR: Types of Transport Object CHAR   
120 MDG_TR_ORDER6 Sequence Control NUMC   
121 MDG_TR_TABKEY FINB_TR: Table Key CHAR 120    
124 MDG_TR_VALUE Characteristic Value CHAR 45    
126 MDG_UPLOAD_SCENARIO Master data upload scenario CHAR   
127 MDG_UPLOAD_SCENARIO_DESC Data load scenario for file import CHAR 60    
128 MDKEY Total key of MDVM CHAR 25    
129 MDKMS_KEY_MAP_ID Number for Mapping Enhancement NUMC 10    
130 MDKMS_OTEC Object Type-Element Combination NUMC 10    
131 MDMCONTVERS MDM Extraction Object: Content Version NUMC   
132 MDMCONTVERS_PROPREFIX MDM Extraction Object: Content Version (Copy) NUMC   
133 MDMDELTATYPE MDM Extractor Object: Delta Type CHAR   
134 MDMDELTATYPE_PROPREFIX MDM Extractor Object: Delta Type (Copy) CHAR   
135 MDMEXTROBJECT MDC Extraction Object CHAR 30    
136 MDMEXTROBJECT_PROPREFIX MDC Extraction Object (Copy) CHAR 30    
137 MDMFLAG MDM Extraction Object: Flag CHAR   
138 MDMFLAG_PROPREFIX MDM Extraction Object: Flag CHAR   
139 MDMMSGNM MDM Extraction Object: Message Name CHAR 30    
140 MDMMSGNM_PROPREFIX MDM EExtraction Object: Message Name (Copy) CHAR 30    
141 MDMMSGTP MDM Extraction Object: Message Type CHAR   
142 MDMMSGTP_PROPREFIX MDM Extraction Object: Message Type (Copy) CHAR   
143 MDMOBJVERS MDM Extraction Object: Object Version CHAR   
144 MDMOBJVERS_PROPREFIX MDM Extraction Object: Object Version (Copy) CHAR   
145 MDMXROLE MDM role of client CHAR   
146 MDM_ADMIN_ACTVT Domain for MDM Admin possible activities CHAR 20    
148 MDM_ADMIN_CHAR128 Character Field of length 128 CHAR 128    
149 MDM_ADMIN_CHAR255 Character Field of length 255 CHAR 255    
150 MDM_ADMIN_CHAR30 MDM Admin domain for char30 CHAR 30    
151 MDM_ADMIN_CHAR32 char 32 CHAR 32    
152 MDM_ADMIN_CHAR64 MDM Admin char64 domain CHAR 64    
153 MDM_ADMIN_CHAR8 CHAR 8 for MDM Admin Cockpit usage CHAR   
154 MDM_ADMIN_INT4 MDM ADMIN: type of a database server INT4 10    
155 MDM_BUSINESS_OBJECT Business Object CHAR   
156 MDM_COMP_TECH_TYPE MDM component technical type CHAR 10    
157 MDM_COMTYPE Communication Type (iDoc or Proxy) CHAR   
158 MDM_COMTYPE_PROPREFIX Communication Type (IDOC or Proxy) - Copy from MDM_COMTYPE CHAR   
159 MDM_DEL_COMMAND Deletion Request Command CHAR 15    
160 MDM_DEL_STATUS MDM:Deletion status CHAR   
161 MDM_DISTMODE Distribution Mode CHAR   
163 MDM_DISTR_AA_XI_TIMESTAMP Timestamp according to ISO 8601 as used by XI. CHAR 30    
164 MDM_DISTR_OBJ_KEY_EXT MDM: External object key. CHAR 120    
165 MDM_DISTR_OBJ_TYPE MDM: Object type. CHAR 10    
167 MDM_EXT_OBJ Name of Extraction Object CHAR 30    
168 MDM_EXT_OBJ_PROPREFIX Name of Extraction Object (Copy MDM_EXT_OBJ) CHAR 30    
169 MDM_EXVARIANT Variant for Extraction CHAR 30    
170 MDM_GUID_TESTDATA Key for Test Data RAW 16    
172 MDM_GX_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 30    
173 MDM_GX_INPUTPARAM Generic Input Parameter for Function Modules STRG   
174 MDM_GX_LOG_OBJECT_NAME Logical object name corresponding to MDM repository CHAR 32    
176 MDM_GX_PWD Password CHAR 255    
177 MDM_GX_RPY_CODE Repository Code CHAR 128    
178 MDM_GX_RPY_FTP_SERVER FTP Server for Repository CHAR 255    
179 MDM_GX_RPY_MDM_ROOT MDM Root for Repository on FTP server CHAR 128    
180 MDM_GX_RPY_OBJECTTYPE Objecttype in MDM Repository CHAR 20    
181 MDM_GX_RPY_PORTCODE Port Code in MDM Repository CHAR 64    
182 MDM_GX_USER User CHAR 30    
183 MDM_INFO_TYPE Type of info (MDM feedback) CHAR   
184 MDM_LAYER Level CHAR   
185 MDM_METAINTWMODE Work Modes for Processing of Metadata CHAR   
186 MDM_METAWORKMODE Work Modes for Processing of Metadata CHAR   
187 MDM_METAWORKMODE_PROPREFIX Work Mode for Maintaining Metadata (Copy) CHAR   
188 MDM_METHOD Test Method NUMC   
189 MDM_MSGSTATE Status of a Message NUMC   
190 MDM_MSGTYPE Message Type CHAR   
191 MDM_OPTION Selection Operator OPTION CHAR   
193 MDM_P2PO_RCPTBLOCK Block Size for Status Receipt NUMC   
194 MDM_P2PO_RCPTMODE Receipt Mode CHAR   
195 MDM_PRECALCULATED_RESULTS Precalculated Results CHAR   
196 MDM_PSTYPE Pipeline Service Type CHAR 10    
198 MDM_RECID Receipt ID INT4 10    
199 MDM_REQID GUID Request CHAR 30    
201 MDM_REQSTAT MDM Request Status CHAR   
202 MDM_REQTEXT Request Short Text CHAR 40    
203 MDM_REQTEXT_PROPREFIX Short Text Request (Copy of MDM_REQTEXT) CHAR 40    
204 MDM_SELE_TRANS Storage Category: Selection or Transfer Segment CHAR   
205 MDM_SELE_TRANS_PROPREFIX Storage Type: Selection or Transfer Segement (Copy) CHAR   
206 MDM_SIGN Selection Operator SIGN CHAR   
207 MDM_SIGN_PROPREFIX Selection Operator SIGN (Copy of MDM_SIGN) CHAR   
208 MDM_STAT_TRANSFER MDM: Deletion/Lock status transfer CHAR   
209 MDM_UPDFLAG Update Indicator CHAR   
210 MDM_WORKMODE_SEL Work Mode for Selections CHAR   
211 MDNUM MRP table number NUMC 10    
212 MDOBJ Object for controlling MRP transactions CHAR   
213 MDPBV Planned order: confirmation of availability CHAR   
214 MDPER Period indicator for MRP CHAR   
215 MDPRF MPS evaluation: MRP element hierarchy CHAR   
216 MDP_DIRECTORY Name of Directory in file system CHAR 128    
217 MDP_FILE_SYSTEM File system type CHAR   
218 MDP_IL_EXPORT_TYPE MDP Initial load: Export Types CHAR   
219 MDP_IL_EXVARIANT MDP Initial Load Extraction Variant CHAR 10    
220 MDP_IL_GROUP_FIELDS MDP: Initial Load Customizing Data to be Exported CHAR 30    
221 MDP_IL_OBJECT_TYPE MDP Object Type for Initial Load CHAR   
222 MDR1APPVIEW Application View CHAR   
223 MDR1FLTP Floating Point No. f. Quantity Optimizing (Max. in No. Fig.) FLTP 16  16 
224 MDR1INTVEND Indicates internal vendor CHAR   
225 MDR1KZGRUND Indicator for the Reason for Rounding CHAR   
226 MDR1PACK16DEC14 Packed Number with 16 predecimal and 14 decimal places DEC 30  14 
227 MDRD_CHKBX Checkbox CHAR   
228 MDRD_CHK_EORD Delivery Relationship: Source List Check CHAR   
229 MDRD_CHK_VLFKZ Delivery Relationship: Plant Category Check CHAR   
230 MDRD_CHK_WRF3 Delivery Relationship: Supplying Plant Check CHAR   
231 MDRD_DELETE_CONTROL Determination of Combinations to be Deleted for DRD CHAR   
232 MDRD_DOCTP Document Categories for Delivery Relationship Determination CHAR   
233 MDRD_DRDPRF Profile for Determining Delivery Relationship CHAR   
234 MDRD_LEVEL Levels for Delivery Relationship Determaination NUMC   
235 MDRD_METHD Methods for Delivery Relationship Determination CHAR   
236 MDRD_RTYPE Delivery Relationship: Type of Goods Recipient CHAR   
237 MDRD_STATUS Recipient Status CHAR   
238 MDRKDSEL_KK Selection by Print Date for Dunning History CHAR   
239 MDSE_TYPE_LIST Group selection CHAR   
240 MDST_TYPE Stock statistics category NUMC   
241 MDS_AIM_SOURCE specify aim source for result table CHAR   
242 MDS_AUTHORITY_ACTIVITY Activities for Authorization Check CHAR   
243 MDS_CASESENSITIVE_COMMENT Case sensitive comment char 120 CHAR 120    
244 MDS_CMPT_DATASET Datasets for Comparision CHAR 20    
245 MDS_CMPT_DATASETNAME Dataset Name CHAR 30    
246 MDS_CMPT_DATASET_FLAG Status of the Dataset selection CHAR   
247 MDS_CMPT_DISP_ST_DSET_STATUS Display structure Dataset status CHAR   
248 MDS_CMPT_OBJECT Comparison object CHAR 10    
249 MDS_CMPT_RESULT_ST_FIELD Result structure field CHAR 255    
250 MDS_CONFLICT_COUNT conflict counter for result header table mds_res_header NUMC   
251 MDS_CONFLICT_RESOLUTION conflict resolution text CHAR 120    
252 MDS_CTRL_BLOCK_SIZE Block SIze for Packages for Initial Load INT4 10    
253 MDS_CTRL_OBJECT Synchronization Object CHAR 10    
256 MDS_LOAD_API_GROUP_OBJECT Grouping Indicator for Synchronization Objects CHAR   
257 MDS_PPO_OBJCAT PPO Order: Object Category NUMC   
258 MDS_PPO_PRIORITY PPO Order: Priority NUMC   
259 MDS_PPO_PROCESSING_TYPE PPO Order: Processing Type CHAR   
260 MDS_PPO_STATUS PPO Order: Status CHAR   
261 MDS_PPO_TIMESTAMP PPO: UTC Time Stamp in Long Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss,mmmuuun) DEC 21 
262 MDS_PPO_WORKLIST_ID PPO Order: Worklist CHAR   
263 MDS_RUNTIME_ANALYSIS Merchandise Distribution: Activate Runtime Analysis CHAR   
264 MDS_SAP_CUST_DIFFERENTIATOR differentiate sap = s / cust = c CHAR   
265 MDS_SYNC_KIND Type of data selection CHAR   
266 MDS_SYNC_OBJECTS Domain: Synchronized Objects CHAR 25    
267 MDS_SYNC_PROGRESS Mass Load Processing Progress CHAR   
268 MDS_SYNC_STATUS Mass Load Status CHAR   
269 MDS_TABU_SOURCE Source of a TABU_USAGE entry CHAR   
270 MDS_UPDATE_VERSION_TYPE version update type CHAR   
271 MDS_VERSION_ID MDS: id of a specific version CHAR   
272 MDS_VERSION_INFO MDS: Info of an analysis version CHAR 60    
273 MDT_ALIGN Alignment of column values NUMC   
274 MDT_NAMESPACE Namespace CHAR 255    
275 MDUEA Message transfer type for external procurement CHAR   
276 MDU_APPLC Master Data Update: Calling Application CHAR   
277 MDU_KEYM1 Master Data Update: Key of Master Data Lot CHAR 12    
278 MDU_KEYM2 Master Data Update: Search Term for Master Data Lot CHAR 40    
279 MDU_OBJAP Master Data Update: Application Object CHAR   
280 MDU_OBJST Master Data Update: Subobjects for Application Objects CHAR   
281 MDU_STAMP Lot for Missing Bank Data: Status of Group Items CHAR   
282 MDU_STAMS Master Data Update: Status of Master Data Lot CHAR   
283 MDVXX Planning ID for repetitive manufacturing CHAR   
284 MD_ACTIVATION_FLAG Merchandise Distribution: Activation Indicator CHAR   
285 MD_ADINF Field for Additional Information CHAR   
286 MD_AUFRUF Type of call CHAR   
287 MD_BADI Object change via active Business Add-In CHAR   
288 MD_CHAR20 20-character field (markdown planning) CHAR 20    
289 MD_CMODE Call Type for (Parallel) Evaluation of Planning Situation CHAR   
290 MD_COL_CONT_CHAR BAdI MRP: Column Content (Type CHAR) CHAR 30    
291 MD_COL_CONT_DATS BAdI MRP: Column Content (Type DATS) DATS   
292 MD_COL_CONT_DEC BAdI MRP: Column Content (Type DEC) DEC 13 
293 MD_CRIT_DS Switch for Critical Traffic Light Status of Range of Cov. CHAR   
294 MD_DELAY_LEVEL Cumulative Delay of Lower Levels QUAN   
295 MD_DELAY_ME Own Delay of a Receipt Element QUAN   
296 MD_DELAY_SUM Total of Own and Cumulative Delay of Lower Levels QUAN   
297 MD_DELAY_UNIT Unit of a Delay UNIT   
298 MD_ENDDT Set options end date display CHAR   
299 MD_EVAPR Evaluation Profile Ranges of Coverage CHAR   
300 MD_EXMOD Extraction Mode CHAR   
301 MD_LIST Selection Indicator Output List CHAR   
302 MD_MATSTATUS Material status after planning CHAR   
303 MD_MDSPR Minimum Range of Coverage Profile CHAR   
304 MD_MDZGD Material Grouping CHAR   
305 MD_MESSLEV Output level for data transfer: material master CHAR   
306 MD_NUMV Number assignment for creating a test file CHAR   
307 MD_OLD_LIST Indicator: Old List Output CHAR   
308 MD_OTYPE Output Category for Planning Information CHAR   
309 MD_PLIFZ_DB Consider Planned Delivery Time of the MRP Area CHAR   
310 MD_RWTYPE Range of coverage type CHAR   
311 MD_SOURCE Market data: data source CHAR   
312 MD_SPERR Lock mode CHAR   
313 MD_SRTFD Identifier field for key shared buffer CHAR 49    
314 MD_STAEX Status information on BOM explosion in planned order CHAR   
315 MD_STOPT Options start date display filter CHAR   
316 MD_TEXT40 Description of a markdown plan CHAR 40    
317 MD_UMLDB Indicator for Stock Transfer with MRP Areas CHAR   
318 ME59PROTOCOL Detailed log CHAR   
319 ME83PROTOCOL Detailed Log CHAR   
320 MEA01 Meter reading reference key CHAR   
321 MEA02 MeasValKey CHAR   
322 MEA04 IDOC: IS-U unit of measurement CHAR   
323 MEALERTS_DAT Date unit CHAR   
324 MEALERT_STAT Alert Status CHAR   
325 MEANZSUB Number of lower-level units of measure DEC
326 MEAPPLICATION_TYPE Mobile Engine: Type of Application CHAR 16    
327 MEBEL_0007 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR   
328 MEBODYTYPE Mobile Engine: Type of Body of Synccontainer CHAR 10    
329 MEB_FLG Archiving specific flag CHAR   
330 MECHDT DATATYPE Belonging to Mech. CHAR   
331 MECHEXT Extractor CHAR 30    
332 MECHEXTRAC Extractor CHAR 30    
333 MECPTYPE Commitment Plan Category CHAR   
334 MEDIA Medium for publication of advertisement NUMC   
335 MEDIA_ART IS-PAM: Media Type CHAR   
336 MEDIU Medium CHAR   
337 MEDIUM Transport medium for Intrastat data CHAR   
338 MEDKZ Distribution Indicator CHAR   
339 MEDTX Text for medium CHAR 20    
340 MEETART Schedule line type (backlog, immed. requirement, forecast) CHAR   
341 MEFAK Quantity factor DEC 13 
342 MEFINDUNG DRS store order upload, unit determination CHAR   
343 MEGRP Units of measure group CHAR   
344 MEGRU Unit of measure group CHAR   
345 MEGUID Mobile Engine GUID CHAR 36    
346 MEHRT Value added tax indicator CHAR   
347 MEILR Indicator: Milestone confirmation carried out CHAR   
348 MEILSTEIN Milestone indicator CHAR   
349 MEINDEX Mobile Engine Index CHAR 10    
350 MEINHGROUP Units of measure group for EAN consistency CHAR   
351 MEINN Internal method number NUMC 10    
352 MEINS Units of Measurement of Various Types UNIT   
353 MEINS6 Various Types of Unit of Measurement, 6-Character CHAR   
354 MEINSL Various Types of Unit of Measurement, 30-Character CHAR 30    
355 MEINST Various Types of Unit of Measurement, 10-Character CHAR 10    
356 MEINS_10 Various Types of Unit of Measurement, 10-Character CHAR 10    
357 MEINS_6 Various Types of Unit of Measurement, 6-Character CHAR   
358 MEINS_FG Units of measurement of various types UNIT   
359 MEINS_L Various Types of Unit of Measurement, 30-Character CHAR 30    
360 MEITY Unit of measure type CHAR   
361 MEIVT Unit of actual delay UNIT   
362 MELAR Report: Suppl. Pension (PS): Type of Notification Table NUMC   
363 MELDEART Melderelevanz im Meldewesen (Österreich) CHAR   
364 MELDETYP Message Category for Combination of Tax Code and Process CHAR   
365 MELDKZ Kennzeichen für Meldewesen (Österreich) CHAR   
366 MELENGTH Mobile Engine: Length INT4 10    
367 MELFD Line number per menu NUMC   
368 MELGR Report: Supplementary Pension (PS): Notification Reason NUMC   
369 MEMALLOCAM Memory set DEC 15    
370 MEMALLOCMT Memory Type INT4 10    
371 MEMAS Indicator: display excluded characteristics and values CHAR   
372 MEMGMT_AGENT Service of an Agent (Device Configuration) CHAR 128    
373 MEMGMT_AID Agent ID for Agents CHAR 12    
374 MEMGMT_AUTHORITY Device Management for Authorization Group CHAR 30    
375 MEMGMT_CID Configuration Template Identification CHAR 12    
376 MEMGMT_COND_VALUE Value of Condition in the Device Configuration CHAR 30    
377 MEMGMT_COUNTER Sequential Number (Index) NUMC   
378 MEMGMT_DELETED Flag for Configuration Template Deleted CHAR   
379 MEMGMT_DEVID_TXT Customer Maintenance of Device ID CHAR 128    
380 MEMGMT_DID Device Template Identification CHAR 12    
381 MEMGMT_INDEX Sequential Number (Index) NUMC   
382 MEMGMT_MAP_ID Type of Assignment of Device Template to Device Config. CHAR 12    
383 MEMGMT_PID Parameter ID for Agents CHAR 12    
384 MEMGMT_PROTECTED Configuration Template is Protected CHAR   
385 MEMGMT_PVALUE Device Monitioring - Object Value ()128/Lowercase/Uppercase CHAR 128    
386 MEMGMT_SET Device Configuration: Flag for Set Parameter CHAR   
387 MEMGMT_TEXT Device Configuration - Description (Lowercase 100) CHAR 255    
388 MEMGMT_TEXT128 Value of Configuration Parameter CHAR 128    
389 MEMGMT_TEXT20 Text of Length 20 - No Lowercase CHAR 20    
390 MEMGMT_TEXT60 Values for Mapping Criteria of Device Configuration CHAR 70    
391 MEMGMT_USR_NO ME: Number of users CHAR   
392 MEMGMT_VALUES Text of Length 20 - No Lowercase CHAR 128    
393 MEMON_DIRECTION ME: Direction of the header (Inbound/Outbound) CHAR   
394 MEMON_HEADER_BODY AGS:Techn. Monitor - type of line (H)eader or (B)ody CHAR   
395 MEMON_STRING ME:Monitoring string STRG   
396 MEMORYID SPA/GPA parameters CHAR 20    
397 MEMORY_ID Memory ID for EXPORT/IMPORT Memory ID CHAR 60    
398 MEMOT_KK Object Category for which Processing Status Is Saved CHAR   
399 MEMPF_KK Control for dunning recipient CHAR   
400 MEM_ACCESS Buffer access to SD tables CHAR   
401 MEM_OPBEL Reversed invoicing document no. for new billing/invoicing CHAR 12    
402 MENAM Name of the menu CHAR 10    
403 MENDM Indicator for machine time end CHAR   
404 MENG10 Quantity field length 10 (,xxx) w/o +/- sign QUAN 10 
405 MENG12_0 Quantity for shipment management QUAN   
406 MENG12_3 Qty field, length 12 with 3 decimal places QUAN 12 
407 MENG13 Quantity field, length 13 QUAN 13 
408 MENG13V Quantity field 13 with +/- sign QUAN 13 
409 MENG13_6 Quantity field, Length 13, 6 decimals QUAN 14 
410 MENG13_FG Quantity field, length 13 QUAN 13 
411 MENG15 Quantity field, length 15 QUAN 15 
412 MENG15_3 Quantity field, length 13, 3 places after decimal point QUAN 15 
413 MENG15_5 Quantity 15, 5 decimal places QUAN 15 
414 MENG16 Quantity field, length 15 QUAN 15 
415 MENG16_8 Quantity 18 Characters 8 Decimal Places QUAN 18 
416 MENG18_5 Quantity 18, 5 decimal places QUAN 18 
417 MENG4 Quantity field, points to a unit field with format UNIT QUAN
418 MENG8 Qty of totals fields length 8 with sign QUAN 15 
419 MENG9 Quantity with 9 places including 3 decimal places w/o sign QUAN
420 MENGE Quantities of Different Types QUAN 13 
421 MENGE11 Quantity (11 digits) DEC 11    
422 MENGE13 Quantity or value field in forecasting QUAN 13 
423 MENGE9 Quantity fields of length 9 with +/- sign QUAN 17 
424 MENGE91 Quantity Fields 9 QUAN
425 MENGENBAS Long Quantity Base for Amount DEC
426 MENGEP Fields of type P DEC 14 
427 MENGEP4 Fields of type P DEC   
428 MENGEV13 Quantity, length 25 (PL13), with +/- sign QUAN 25 
429 MENGGPOS Quantity w/o decimal places (whole number) w/o +/- (+) QUAN 10    
430 MENGGPOSVZ Quantity without decimal places with plus/minus indicator QUAN 10    
431 MENGPM13 Quantity field, length 13 QUAN 13 
432 MENGREL Billed value is statistically relevant CHAR   
433 MENGV12 Quantity, length 23 (PL12), with +/- sign QUAN 23 
434 MENGV13 Quantity field, length 13, with +/- sign QUAN 13 
435 MENGV15 15-character quantity field with +/- sign QUAN 15 
436 MENGV15_3 15-character quantity field, 3 places after pt. and +/- sign QUAN 15 
437 MENGV8 Quantity field, length 8, with +/- sign QUAN 15 
438 MENGV9 Quantity of length 17 QUAN 17 
439 MENIX Menu index NUMC   
440 MENODE_TEXT ME: Node description CHAR 255    
441 MENSH Quantity With +/- Sign QUAN 13 
442 MENUE Menu selection CHAR   
443 MENUE_STC SAP menu name CHAR   
444 MENUTYPE Type of context menu (line, item, header, node) CHAR   
445 MENU_ATT3 Attribute type CHAR 20    
446 MENU_ATT4 Attribute value CHAR 50    
447 MENU_BOR_FLAGS_VALUES Attributes for Menu Entry INT1   
448 MENU_COUNT Menu: valid/invalid in specified land flag CHAR   
449 MENU_ENTRY_OPTION Application Option CHAR   
450 MENU_FLAGS_VALUES Attributes for Menu Entry INT1   
451 MENU_NUMBER Number of Searched Menu Elements INT4 10    
453 MENU_WINDOW_FLAGS Window Behavior CHAR   
454 MEOUT_CONDITION_TABLE_TYPE Condition Table Type for an Outline Agreement CHAR   
455 MEPO_TEXTEDITOR Purchase order: Text editor used CHAR   
456 MEPO_TWRKZ Control indicator for IR after partial goods receipt CHAR   
457 MEPRF Pricing date control CHAR   
458 MEPROCSTATE Purchasing document processing state CHAR   
459 MEPTYPE Type CHAR 10    
460 MERCH Merchant ID of credit card company CHAR 15    
461 MERCHANDISE Merchandise Product CHAR   
462 MERCHANDISE_UI Merchandise Product CHAR   
463 MEREP_ACTION Action Type CHAR   
464 MEREP_AFLAG Flag = X, Data Record was Read from CCMS CHAR   
465 MEREP_APPL_NAME Device Application Name CHAR 30    
466 MEREP_BOM MI:Testcases - Bill of Material CHAR 18    
467 MEREP_BOMTYPE MI:Testcases - BOM-Type CHAR   
469 MEREP_CFMTYPE Type of Function Module to be Called CHAR   
470 MEREP_CHAR2048 Character 2048 CHAR 2048    
472 MEREP_CHAR30 Description length 30 CHAR 30    
473 MEREP_CHAR30_TT Description length 30 CHAR 30    
474 MEREP_CHAR32 merep_char32 CHAR 32    
475 MEREP_CLOSE Close Parenthesis CHAR 10    
476 MEREP_CPU CPU Type CHAR 30    
477 MEREP_CTR10 Counter NUMC 10    
478 MEREP_CUSTOMER MI:Testcases - Customer ID CHAR 30    
480 MEREP_DB_OPE DB operation CHAR   
481 MEREP_DELIVERY MI:Testcases - Delivery-Id NUMC 20    
482 MEREP_DEP_ON Dependent on SyncBO, Group or Mobile ID NUMC   
483 MEREP_DESCRIPTION MI:Testcases - Description CHAR 50    
484 MEREP_DEVICEGUID Guid Assigned to the Physical Device CHAR 72    
485 MEREP_DIRECTION Inbound or Outbound (Link to Inbox/Outbox) CHAR   
486 MEREP_DOM70B Domain for Char 70B CHAR 70    
488 MEREP_ELEMTP Element Type (Import, Export or Both) CHAR   
489 MEREP_EQUIPMENT MI:Equipment (Name) NUMC 20    
491 MEREP_FACTOR factor to be multipled with package size INT1   
492 MEREP_FDNAM Field Name CHAR 30    
493 MEREP_FDNAM_2S Field Name (in a Structure ID) CHAR 30    
494 MEREP_FIELD_GROUP_TYPE Type of Field Group CHAR   
496 MEREP_FILTER_NO Filter Field Number NUMC   
498 MEREP_FLD_OR_STR 'F'ield or 'S'tructure CHAR   
499 MEREP_FMCAT Catecory of Generated Function Module CHAR   
500 MEREP_FUNC_PREFIX Prefix for Generated Function Module CHAR 20