SAP ABAP Domain - Index X
Domain - X
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 X Yes/No (X/ ) CHAR   
2 X1024 Hexadecimal field of length 1024 LRAW 1024    
3 X255 Domains for BLOBS RAW 255    
4 XABGER Indicator whether period is closed or still open CHAR   
5 XABLKZ Domain file original documents storage indicator CHAR   
6 XABPA XAB partner CHAR 10    
7 XABRL XAB partner CHAR   
8 XABT Abteilung Grundbuch CHAR   
9 XAFAR Error indicator in ANLC NUMC   
10 XAKONTO_MD FS-CD: Reserve and Record Payments on Account CHAR   
11 XAKPL Indicator for selection of group assets CHAR   
12 XAKTIV_INF Investment support: asset reduction or liabilities side CHAR   
13 XAKTIV_RSL Active, inactive, migrated CHAR   
14 XAKTO_KK Indicator: Post on account? CHAR   
15 XANDOR Search type AND/OR CHAR   
16 XANUEB Ind: asset data transfer NUMC   
17 XANZMON IS-M/SD: Number of months CHAR   
18 XAPER Settlement period identification CHAR   
19 XARCHIVE_MD IO: Flags Whether Data Is to Be Archived CHAR   
20 XASSORTMENT IS-M: Allowed Contract Type for Assortments (Retail) CHAR   
21 XAUFARTABO Selection indicator: Order type grouping for subscriptions CHAR   
22 XAUFARTEV Selection indicator: Sales document type grouping for retail CHAR   
23 XAUFBEZG IS-M/SD: Expand purchase reasons CHAR   
24 XAUFKUDG IS-M/SD: Indicator - explode according to termination reason CHAR   
25 XAUSZ Indicator: Should an account statement be generated? CHAR   
26 XAUTO_FBWE Input parameters automatically recorded CHAR   
27 XAVER Indicates whether excluded from aggregation level CHAR   
28 XBEREINIGG Selection criterion: Corrected quantities CHAR   
29 XBERUFAUS Selection indicator for occupation evalution CHAR   
30 XBEZ20 Char 20 ID CHAR 20    
31 XBEZ5 Text field length 5 CHAR   
33 XBLNR Reference Document Number CHAR 16    
34 XBLNR1 Reference Document Number CHAR 16    
35 XBLNR2 Character 35 CHAR 35    
36 XBLNR_ALT Alternative Reference Number CHAR 26    
37 XBLNR_FBWE Reference Document Number CHAR 16    
38 XBLNR_FI Reference number CHAR   
39 XBLNR_KK Reference document number CHAR 16    
40 XBLNR_LIKP Reference Document Number CHAR 25    
41 XBLNR_LONG 35-Digit Reference Document Number CHAR 35    
42 XBLNR_TYPE_PS PSCD: XBLNR(FI-CA) filled from field of vendor doc interface NUMC   
43 XBRANCHAUS Selection indicator for industry evaluation CHAR   
44 XBRFBS Letter description CHAR 50    
45 XBSTBS Module description CHAR 50    
46 XBSTDB Logical database CHAR   
47 XBUAGLINK_CA Navigation target for Business Agreement Link CHAR   
48 XBUIB Adjust book inv. balance in phys. inv. doc. CHAR   
49 XBUKZ Indicator document posted CHAR   
50 XBWER_KK Indicator: Valuation Posting or Reclassification CHAR   
51 XCCSEC_ABA Release Status Credit Card Migration at ABA Level CHAR   
52 XCCSEC_APPL Credit Card Migration Release Status at SAP_APPL Level CHAR   
53 XCCSEC_HR Release status for credit card migration program CHAR   
54 XCH50 Text field (50 characters in length) CHAR 50    
55 XCHA35 Char 35 CHAR 35    
58 XCHBW Indicator for batches / valuation type CHAR   
59 XCHECK Check Character CHAR   
60 XCLOST_KK Indicator: Write off statistical items CHAR   
61 XCOAC_KK Switch for CO Account Assignments from EVENT 5030 CHAR   
62 XCOL Color for WRITE INT1   
63 XCOLL_SHOW_CA kind of items to show for release / undo release to coll. CHAR   
64 XCONDITIONS Conditions for item although no invoice CHAR   
65 XCONF_CA Type of Printout for Letter and Payment Form CHAR   
66 XCONTRACTLINK_CA Navigation target for Contract Object CHAR   
67 XCOPM_FPM Payment medium for business partner (Correspondence) CHAR   
68 XCORPZAWE_KK Change Pymt Meth. in Item CHAR   
69 XCOS Cost of sales procedure activation indicator CHAR   
70 XCRDH_KK EBPP: Processing of Credit Memos CHAR   
71 XDCTY_KK Biller Direct: Type of Rel. betw. Inv./CrMemo and Payment CHAR   
72 XDELEZAWE_KK Delete payment method with account instead of changing CHAR   
73 XDELPZAWE_KK Delete Payment Method in Item CHAR   
74 XDENHMOD Calculation Type (Data / List Enhancement) CHAR   
75 XDOKBS Document description CHAR 50    
76 XDREFFLG Reference Indicator ('A' or 'B') CHAR   
77 XDUEDATE Indicator: Due Date as of Invoice Due Date CHAR   
78 XEBPP_KK Payment Method for FSCM Biller Direct CHAR   
79 XEGDRNUM Selection Field ( Yes / No ) CHAR   
80 XEGDR_HU EU Triangular Deal within EU for Hungary CHAR   
81 XEGSRV Indicator: EU Service VAT 2010 CHAR   
82 XENQMD ATP Server: mode for exclusive locking CHAR   
83 XERINSEL_KK Selection by Reminders for Correspondence Dunning History CHAR   
84 XERROR Error during price change CHAR   
85 XEXTM_KK Dunning level can be created by external program CHAR   
86 XEXTN External tax calculation indicator CHAR   
87 XFELD Yes/No field CHAR   
88 XFELD_DEFAULT Yes/no/default from depreciation area CHAR   
90 XFELD_DTA Yes/no field CHAR   
91 XFELD_EXT Yes/no field CHAR   
92 XFELD_FILE DME File: Save Mode CHAR   
93 XFELD_MIT_STERN Field with 'Yes', 'No' and '*' (in the case of aggregation) CHAR   
94 XFELD_WEDF Yes/no field CHAR   
95 XFIELD FI-SL Report Writer X field (* allowed) CHAR   
96 XFIELD3 IS-H: Three-way selection field (' '='no output', 'I', 'E') CHAR   
97 XFILKD_VF Branch/Head Office CHAR   
98 XFINI_IP Processing Status for Payment Specification CHAR   
99 XFLAG New values ('X', '.' or blank) CHAR   
100 XFLD Yes / No Field CHAR   
101 XFMAC_KK FM Account Assignment Derivation for Write-off CHAR   
102 XFSUM_KK Type of Simulation of Submitted Receivables CHAR   
103 XFUNKTION Function code for user CHAR   
104 XGWGK LVA check:Amounts or quantity NUMC   
105 XHOEHE_ZWI IS-M/AM: Height indicator CHAR   
106 XIF_FSIZE SDOK: File size (in bytes) NUMC 12    
107 XIF_W3_CONTTYP MIME type CHAR 128    
108 XIINTERVAL Interest interval CHAR   
109 XINDX Index for table section INT4 10    
110 XINI_KONZ IS-M: Control preassignment of group COA yes/no CHAR   
111 XINKASBEAU Selection indicator for field collector CHAR   
112 XINKS_KK Item paid by external collection agency or customer NUMC   
113 XINSERENT IS-M/AM: Selection Indicator for Advertiser CHAR   
114 XINVERSE Document Is Inversely Posted Document or Original Document CHAR   
115 XITMS_KK Payment Specification: Control of Item Selection CHAR   
116 XIT_BETG4 Table XIT: Amount for Log (4 Decimal Places) CURR 15 
117 XI_HTTP_CONNECTION_AUTH_METHOD Obsolete: XI: Authentication Method for HTTP Connections INT1   
118 XJSPBV IS-M/SD: G/L account line item in bank clearing account CHAR   
119 XKART_KK Customer or vendor identification CHAR   
120 XKBEZ General short description CHAR 15    
121 XKENNZ_KK General indicator with fixed values (' ', 'X') CHAR   
122 XKOKO Indicator for Cost Element Accounting CHAR   
123 XKRI ID for critical authorizations CHAR   
124 XKRITEXT Field for output of critical authorizations CHAR 67    
125 XKUDIF Allocation of Exch. Rate Differences in Inventory or Usage CHAR   
126 XKURSF Foreign currency translation CHAR 11    
127 XKZBEW Movement type from other main transaction CHAR   
128 XLAND_005 Relevance in IMG/country program CHAR   
129 XLBEZ General long description CHAR 60    
130 XLCLASS LDAP Group CHAR 12    
131 XLDEPO Description of logical sec. acct CHAR 30    
132 XLFT_BOOL Boolean ('X'=true SPACE=false) CHAR   
133 XLFT_COUNTER Counter for numbers from 1 to 99,999 NUMC   
134 XLFT_SHORTKEY A "short" text key (using only 26 characters) CHAR 26    
135 XLFT_STRING String STRG   
136 XLF_FINGERPRINT Fingerprint CHAR 24    
137 XLIMITVALUE Indicator Whether ICLPOLL Entry Is a Limit CHAR   
138 XLINE Line index for internal table processing INT4 10    
139 XLOKZ Indicator for XLO Process (Cross System Transit) CHAR   
140 XLO_STATUS Display Status for Deliveries in Transit Process NUMC   
141 XLTEXT Texts in ldap master record CHAR 60    
142 XMAL_N IS-M/AM: Sign for number COA for COA update CHAR   
143 XMAND Indicator: Tax entered in detailed form CHAR   
144 XMANU Indicator: Tax entered in detailed form CHAR   
145 XMANUEL Type of manual tax input CHAR   
146 XMARK_FOT Selection indicator CHAR   
147 XMARK_KK Selection indicator CHAR   
148 XMBEZ General description CHAR 30    
149 XMEM_ALLOC Amount of extra memory allocated by the online server INT4 10    
150 XMENGE_N IS-M/AM: Unit leading sign for contract update CHAR   
151 XMESS_AV Output type for error message (payment advices) CHAR   
152 XMIARGTYPE Argument type CHAR   
153 XMILOGAUD1 Possible audit levels of XMI log NUMC   
154 XMILOGID Log ID of XMI log entry CHAR 24    
155 XMLST_AVIS Sending Status for XML Payment Advice in Payments CHAR   
156 XML_NODE_NAME_PS Name of Node in XML Tree CHAR 100    
157 XMODUS IS-PSD: Mode for data transfer CHAR   
158 XMSGID Message ID for XMI log CHAR 30    
159 XNABE_KK Tax Reporting: Indicator for Special Entries CHAR   
160 XNDEC Number of decimal places for amount selection CHAR   
161 XNEGP_BE Negative Posting CHAR   
162 XNEGP_LF Negative posting indicator CHAR   
163 XNEGP_VF Negative posting indicator CHAR   
164 XNEWBV_KK Reaction to Changed Bank Details CHAR   
165 XNOSB Small Business checkbox CHAR   
166 XORDER_UPDATE IS-M/AM: Align Sales Documents CHAR   
167 XO_BDT_DYNPRO_FIELD Complete Screen Field Description CHAR 61    
168 XO_CHANGE_INDICATOR Change indicator CHAR   
169 XO_CNS_APPL_ID Application Key for CNS Application CHAR   
170 XO_COCKPIT_CONFIGURATION_LEVEL Processing Mode for XO Cockpit CHAR   
171 XO_COMPARE_RESULT Comparison Results CHAR   
172 XO_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 60    
173 XO_DYNP_STATUS Status of Screen CHAR 35    
174 XO_ECH_ERROR_CATEGORY Error Category According to Error and Conflict Handler CHAR 15    
175 XO_ESA_TRANSACTION_MODE Transaction Mode CHAR   
176 XO_OBJECT_KEY General Key Parameters CHAR 120    
177 XO_OBJECT_NAME Object Name CHAR 30    
178 XO_POPUP_NAME Title of Popup CHAR 70    
179 XO_POPUP_TEXTLINE Output Line of Popup CHAR 90    
180 XO_PO_METHOD Work Method of Persistence Object CHAR   
181 XO_SELECTION Selection Criterion CHAR 32    
183 XO_WEEKDAY Weekday NUMC   
184 XPD_REF Reference Indicator CHAR   
185 XPKON Indicator: Check Account Assignment CHAR   
186 XPLCU Activate Exchange Rate Differences Indicator CHAR   
187 XPOCI_KK Indicator for Interest Lock CHAR   
188 XPOCL_KK Indicator for posting or clearing lock CHAR   
189 XPRA ID for report CHAR   
190 XPROMOTION_MEDIA IS-M: Allowed Promotion Types for Contract Interface CHAR   
191 XPROSPVERT Selection indicator for ad pre-print distributor CHAR   
192 XPROSPZ Selection indicator for ad pre-print carrier CHAR   
193 XPYACC_KK Indicator: Post on account? CHAR   
194 XPYOR_KK Item in Payment Order/Direct Debit Pre-Notification CHAR   
195 XRADI Radiobutton - yes/no decision CHAR   
196 XRAW8 Double word RAW   
197 XRDISTR Smart Forms: XRDI string STRG   
198 XRECH Logistics IV: posting logic for delivery/returns items CHAR   
199 XRECHNEMPF Selection indicator for bill-to party CHAR   
200 XRECHRCHE Selection indicator for researcher CHAR   
201 XREVERSAL Document is Reversal or Reversed Document CHAR   
202 XRGUH Bank Details from REGUH CHAR   
203 XROLLART IS-PSD: Type of IS-P function CHAR   
204 XSATZ_KK Trigger Information for Table DFKKEP06 CHAR   
205 XSDANY XML Fragment RSTR   
206 XSDBOOLEAN XSD Truth Value: True/False [ext.] CHAR   
207 XSDDATETIME_ISO xsd:dateTime CHAR 33    
208 XSDDATETIME_LOCAL XSD Time (Local): yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss [ext.] CHAR 14    
209 XSDDATETIME_LOCAL_DT XSD Time (Local): yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss [ext.] NUMC 14    
210 XSDDATETIME_LONG_Z XSD Time (UTC): yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.mmmuuunZ [ext.] DEC 21 
211 XSDDATETIME_OFFSET XSD Time (Offset): yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss[+-]hh:mm [ext.] CHAR 18    
212 XSDDATETIME_Z XSD Time (UTC): yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ [ext.] DEC 15    
213 XSDDATE_D XSD Date: yyyy-mm-dd [ext.] DATS   
214 XSDDATE_ISO xsd:date CHAR 16    
215 XSDDURATION_ISO xsd:duration CHAR 20    
216 XSDLANGUAGE XSD Language Key (Double-Digit): SS [ext.] LANG   
217 XSDQNAME XSD QName: prefix:name [ext.] STRG   
218 XSDTIME_ISO xsd:time CHAR 22    
219 XSDTIME_T XSD Time: hh:mm:ss[.s+] [ext.] TIMS   
220 XSDUUID_CHAR XSD UUID: hhhhhhhh-hhhh-hhhh-hhhh-hhhhhhhhhhhh [ext.] CHAR 32    
221 XSDUUID_RAW XSD UUID: hhhhhhhh-hhhh-hhhh-hhhh-hhhhhhhhhhhh [ext.] RAW 16    
222 XSERA Ind.: Display serial numbers in the case of 'enter count' CHAR   
223 XSETT_KK Billing Status CHAR   
224 XSIACTIVE Express delivery company interface active CHAR   
225 XSIDMNG_V IS-M/AM: +/- sign for ad insert planning CHAR   
226 XSIHUB Small parcel carrier's load transfer point CHAR   
228 XSISRVC XSI: carrier's service code CHAR 10    
229 XSISRVCP XSI: service code for print CHAR 10    
230 XSITD XSI carrier - identification CHAR 10    
231 XSITDNSO Number range sub-object CHAR   
232 XSITOUR Small parcel carrier's route number CHAR 10    
233 XSIURL URL length 255 CHAR 255    
234 XSIURLTYP Significance of URL CHAR   
235 XSLT_INT SVER INT4 10    
236 XSNAP_KK Account Balance: Snapshot Mode CHAR   
237 XSS_CATS_MESS_CATEGORY Message Category CHAR 10    
238 XSS_CAT_BUFFER_STATUS Status of Working Time in Buffer CHAR 10    
239 XSS_CAT_COLOR Color of Record at Front-End CHAR 25    
240 XSS_CAT_COLUMN_TYPE Column Type CHAR 10    
241 XSS_CAT_MESS_ORIGIN Message origin CHAR 10    
242 XSS_CAT_QUANTITY_OR_AMOUNT Multi-Purpose Field for Recording Amount or Quantity CHAR 20    
243 XSS_CAT_RFC_BOOLEAN_01 Boolean: 1=True, 0=False CHAR   
244 XSS_CAT_RFC_CELL_SEM_STATE Possible Semantic States for Time Sheet Cells CHAR 10    
245 XSS_CAT_SCENARIO Selected Scenario CHAR 10    
247 XSS_CAT_UIA_SUM Total Cell in Time Sheet CHAR 20    
248 XSS_CAT_UI_MESSAGE_COLUMN Message Column in a Table Column CHAR 220    
249 XSS_CAT_UI_RECORD_MODE Recording Mode CHAR 10    
250 XSS_DOMAIN_STRING Domain based String for XSS STRG   
251 XSS_PER_CASE Use Case for datehandling in ESS PersInfo CHAR   
252 XSS_RFC_GENERIC_KEY Generic Key Field for Key-Value Pair CHAR 20    
253 XSS_RFC_GENERIC_VALUE Generic Value Field for Key-Value Pair CHAR 40    
254 XSS_SER_BOOLEAN XSS: Boolean value CHAR   
255 XSS_SER_CHAR132LOWERCASE ESS: Char 132 lowercase CHAR 132    
256 XSS_SER_CHAR40 ESS: Char 40 CHAR 40    
257 XSS_SER_CHAR40LOWERCASE ESS: char 40 lowercase CHAR 40    
258 XSS_SER_CHAR80 ESS: Char 80 CHAR 80    
259 XSS_SER_CHAR80LOWERCASE ESS: Char 80 lowercase CHAR 80    
260 XSS_SER_GUNIQUEID XSS: Global unique ID CHAR 32    
261 XSS_SER_SERVICETYPE ESS: Service type CHAR 10    
262 XSTAT Processing status CHAR   
263 XSTCEG Determining the tax number CHAR   
264 XSTRING Help string for transferring from tables to user CHAR 1024    
265 XSTRUAKTIV IS-M/SD: Structure is active CHAR   
266 XSTVR xstvr CHAR   
267 XST_AVMACT IS-M/AM: Control order update from COA NUMC   
268 XST_KFIND IS-M: Control COA determination in the group hierarchy CHAR   
269 XST_RFIND IS-M: Control discount adjustment - accepted/billed NUMC   
270 XST_RKUMU IS-M: Type of cumulation for rolling discount NUMC   
271 XTABNAME Table name for transferring to user CHAR 10    
272 XTEXT10 Text (10 characters long) CHAR 10    
273 XTEXT100 Freitext 100 Zeichen CHAR 100    
274 XTEXT11 Freely-definable text (11 characters long) CHAR 11    
275 XTEXT12 Local subdistrict CHAR 12    
276 XTEXT15 Text, 15 characters (upper and lower case) CHAR 15    
277 XTEXT18 Freely-definable text (18 characters) CHAR 18    
278 XTEXT24 Freely-definable text (24 characters) CHAR 24    
279 XTEXT25 Freely-definable text (25 characters) CHAR 25    
280 XTEXT30 Freely-definable text (30 characters) CHAR 30    
281 XTEXT35 Freely-definable text (35 characters) CHAR 35    
282 XTEXT50 Freely-definable text (50 characters) CHAR 50    
283 XTEXT7 Freely-definable text (7 characters) CHAR   
284 XTEXT80 Freely-definable text (50 characters) CHAR 80    
285 XTITELZUST Selection indicator for title carrier CHAR   
286 XTSTRID Time bar ID --TEMPORARY- to be replaced by TSTRID from BIN NUMC 10    
287 XTXT30 Text field, length 30 CHAR 30    
288 XUACCNT Account number CHAR 12    
289 XUAKTPAS Active or maintenance version CHAR   
290 XUAUTH Authorization name CHAR 12    
291 XUAUTHMETHOD Authentication Method (Password / X.509 / ...) CHAR   
292 XUAUTHNAME Unique user key of external security system CHAR 240    
293 XUBCODE User password CHAR 40    
294 XUBMENUE User Menu CHAR 12    
295 XUBNAME User Name in User Master Record CHAR 12    
296 XUBUFFER Space for entire user buffer LRAW 32000    
297 XUBUINR Building number CHAR   
298 XUBUTTON Domain for radiobutton applications CHAR   
299 XUCHAR15 Char 15 CHAR 15    
300 XUCHAR8 Char 8 CHAR   
301 XUCLASS User group CHAR 12    
302 XUCODE Password Hash Key RAW   
303 XUCODEVER2 Code Version of Password Hash Algorithm (New Systems) CHAR   
304 XUCODEVERS Code Version of Password Hash Algorithm (Old Systems) CHAR   
305 XUCUACNTL CUA Control Information INT1   
306 XUCUAMON Monitoring in Central User Administration CHAR   
307 XUDATFM Date format CHAR   
308 XUDATFRMT Date format CHAR 10    
309 XUDCPFM Decimal notation CHAR   
310 XUDIVISION Department CHAR 10    
311 XUDURCHNUM Counter for numbering (copyright screen) NUMC   
312 XUECOPA_KK Transfer data to CO-PA CHAR   
313 XUECORR_KK Transfer of correction data CHAR   
314 XUFBLOCK Function block CHAR   
315 XUFCODE Function code CHAR 20    
316 XUFIELD Authorization Field CHAR 10    
317 XUFLAG Flag for various authorization programs CHAR   
318 XUFLAGVAL Value of flag for authorization programs CHAR 60    
319 XUFUNCTION Allowed Functions for Authorization Object S_ADMI_FCD CHAR   
320 XUHDEST Host destination CHAR   
321 XULANGU Language CHAR   
322 XULENGTH Length NUMC   
323 XULEVEL User master: Check for allowed functions CHAR   
324 XULIC_TYPE User type (for SAP price list) CHAR   
325 XULINE Running number in a confirmation table NUMC   
326 XULNG Length of value string in bytes INT2   
327 XULOCNT Invalid user logon attempts INT1   
328 XULONGNAME Long user name CHAR 255    
329 XUMAND2 Client as char 3 CHAR   
330 XUMARK Selection 'X' selected, ' ' unselected CHAR   
331 XUMENON Transaction menu on CHAR   
332 XUMENUE Menu name CHAR 20    
333 XUMSW_BSL Indicator: Sales-related or not ? CHAR   
334 XUMVK Indicates stock transfer with different retail values CHAR   
335 XUNAME1 User name (address) CHAR 30    
336 XUNAME2 User name in company domain CHAR 30    
337 XUNUMBER Number of profiles or authorizations INT2   
338 XUOBJCLASS Authorization object class CHAR   
339 XUOBJECT Object name in user master record CHAR 10    
340 XUOKFLAG ID whether authorization check is to take place CHAR   
342 XUPALETTE Application area for user menu NUMC   
343 XUPARVAL Parameter value CHAR 40    
344 XUPARVAL18 Parameter value CHAR 18    
345 XUPF F key no. CHAR   
346 XUPFACH PO box CHAR 10    
347 XUPOSITION Position in table usr08 (user menu) for user NUMC   
348 XUPROFILE Profile name CHAR 12    
349 XUPSTLZ Postal code CHAR 10    
350 XUPTYPE Indicator for main item or sub-item CHAR   
351 XUPWDCHGSSO Behavior in the case of Forced Password Change (SSO Logon) INT1   
352 XURC Return code INT1   
353 XUROONR Room number CHAR   
354 XURSRVE01 Reserved field for usr01 CHAR 52    
355 XUSALUT Form of address for letters CHAR 15    
356 XUSECR_042E Use of check repository CHAR   
357 XUSER User name CHAR 12    
358 XUSERTYP User Type CHAR   
359 XUSERVER Server CHAR 40    
360 XUSPDA Print parameter 3 CHAR   
361 XUSPDB Print parameter 2 CHAR   
362 XUSPLD Spool destination CHAR   
363 XUSPLG Print parameter 1 CHAR   
364 XUSUBNAME Object group CHAR 30    
365 XUSUCHTEXT Search term CHAR 20    
366 XUTCODE Transaction code CHAR 20    
367 XUTELNR Telephone number (long-distance) CHAR 16    
368 XUTERMID Terminal identification INT4 10    
369 XUTERMINAL Terminal CHAR 36    
370 XUTEXT Texts in user master record CHAR 60    
371 XUTEXT20 Text Element CHAR 20    
372 XUTEXT30 Short text CHAR 30    
373 XUTEXT40 Text of Length 40 CHAR 40    
374 XUTEXT90 Texts CHAR 90    
375 XUTEXTALT Help field for screen sapms01i 100 CHAR 79    
376 XUTIMEFM Time Format (12-/24-Hour Specification) CHAR   
377 XUTRANSNAM Transaction name in user menu (tabe usr08) CHAR 20    
378 XUTRANSTXT Transaction or application area text CHAR 36    
379 XUTRANSTYP Transaction type (T or M) in table usr08 CHAR   
380 XUTX Function key text CHAR 20    
381 XUTYP Type of authorization or profile CHAR   
382 XUUFLAG User Lock Status INT1   
383 XUUSTYP User Type CHAR   
384 XUVAL2 Long string for authorization values LCHR 3750    
385 XUVALUE Parameter value CHAR 40    
386 XUVARC User master record, variable data LCHR 3750    
387 XUVARIABLE Variable for authorization fields CHAR 11    
388 XUVERSION User master record version CHAR   
389 XVALUEONLY Create Documents for Value-Only Materials CHAR   
390 XVBELEGTYP IS-M: Preceding document type for COA settlement item CHAR   
391 XVERDDRERZ Selection indicator for quantity det. at publication level CHAR   
392 XVERDGRP1 Selection indicator for quantity det.for report grouping 1 CHAR   
393 XVERDGRP2 Selection indicator for quantity det.for report grouping 2 CHAR   
394 XVERDPVA Selection indicator for quantity edition level CHAR   
395 XVERR_KK Payment transactions: Payment method processing type CHAR   
396 XVERSION Version number major(2) minor(2) patch(4) CHAR 10    
397 XVTDMNG_V IS-M/AM: +/- sign for distribution planning CHAR   
398 XWARENEMPF Selection indicator for ship-to party CHAR   
399 XWARE_BNK Indicator: Goods items/delivery costs/both CHAR   
400 XWMPP Flag for copying the fields relevant for WM-PP CHAR   
401 XWOTR_KK Switch for Validity of Write-Off Reasons CHAR   
402 XYESSB Small Business yes checkbox CHAR   
403 XZEBR_KK FI-CA: Line item line coloring CHAR   
404 XZEILE Additional text line, e.g. for lease-outs CHAR 70    
405 X_BINPUT Yes/no field CHAR   
406 X_COUNTER General Counter NUMC   
407 X_INACT Active or inactive version CHAR   
408 X_OR_BLANK Checkbox (X or blank) CHAR   
409 X_OR_SPACE Two-valued flag (X, ) CHAR   
410 X_RS Legal status CHAR   
411 X_SHKZG_D Domain for Debit/Credit Indicator As Button CHAR