SAP ABAP Domain - Index R, page 11
Domain - R
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 RSDMDM_OPR Option field CHAR   
3 RSDMDM_OPT1 Option1 CHAR   
4 RSDMDM_OPT2 Option2 CHAR   
5 RSDMDM_OPT3 Option3 CHAR   
6 RSDMDM_OPT4 Option4 CHAR   
7 RSDMDM_PARAM_TYPE Parameter Type ( M or C) CHAR   
8 RSDMDM_PRED_DATATYPE Prediction Data Type CHAR   
9 RSDMDM_PROCESS Processes supported by service CHAR   
11 RSDMDM_RAN_SEED Initial value for random number generator DEC 10    
12 RSDMDM_RUNIT Rounding Unit DEC 13 
15 RSDMDM_SNAME Short Name CHAR 30    
16 RSDMDM_SRCH_IN Search in which field CHAR   
17 RSDMDM_SRCH_WHAT Indicates what search has to be done CHAR   
18 RSDMDM_SROUND Round (Up, Down or to the Nearest) CHAR   
19 RSDMDM_SRV_ID Service Type (related to Table Namespace) CHAR   
20 RSDMDM_STATE Model State CHAR   
21 RSDMDM_SUP_CHECK_TYPE_GEN Support Check - for General CHAR   
22 RSDMDM_SUP_CHECK_TYPE_MODELING Support Check - for Modeling CHAR   
23 RSDMDM_SUP_CHECK_TYPE_PRED Support Check - for Prediction CHAR   
24 RSDMDM_SUP_CHECK_TYPE_TRAIN Support Check - for Prediction CHAR   
27 RSDMDM_TIMESTAMP Time stamp (yyyymmddhhmmss) CHAR 14    
28 RSDMDM_TREEOBJ Element in monitor tree CHAR 10    
29 RSDMDM_USER User Name as in the system CHAR 12    
30 RSDMDM_VALTYPE Value Type Domain CHAR   
31 RSDMDM_VALUE32 Character Value Width 32 CHAR 32    
32 RSDMDM_VALUE64 Character Value Width 64 CHAR 64    
33 RSDMDTABCLASS Table class of the master table CHAR   
34 RSDMDX_TIME_OPT Domain for the validity Time Option in Extractors CHAR   
35 RSDMD_DTP_ACTIVATE_MD Activate Master Data CHAR   
36 RSDMD_IM_ALGORITHM_NAME Algorithm Name of IM CHAR 10    
37 RSDMD_IM_COLNAME CM Column Name CHAR 30    
38 RSDMD_IM_DATABASE_ALIAS Database Alias CHAR 30    
39 RSDMD_IM_FIELD_TYPE Model Field Type CHAR   
40 RSDMD_IM_FUNCTION_NAME Function Name of IM CHAR 10    
41 RSDMD_IM_MODEL_GUID Domain of a Model GUID CHAR 64    
42 RSDMD_IM_TABNAME DB Table Name CHAR 30    
43 RSDMD_IM_VALUE_CHAR64 Value as Character String with 64 Characters CHAR 64    
44 RSDMEM_LIS_ID Large itemset ID NUMC 12    
45 RSDMEM_RULE_ID Association rule ID NUMC 12    
46 RSDMESCBOOL Boolean Value CHAR   
47 RSDMESCDISCRTP Discretize scores? CHAR   
48 RSDMESCRECNO Data Record Number INT4 10    
49 RSDMESCREGRTP Regression Type CHAR   
52 RSDMESC_INCL_BORDER Inclusion of Interval Borders CHAR   
53 RSDMESC_PAR_CHOOSE_NODES Selection of Nominal Values CHAR   
54 RSDMESC_PAR_CONTINUOUS Function continuously constant or piecewise constant? CHAR   
55 RSDMESC_PAR_INCL_BORDER Parameter: Include left border or right border? CHAR   
56 RSDMESC_PAR_MDUPDATE Update in master data? CHAR   
57 RSDMESC_PAR_MISSING_DATA Parameter: Dealing with Missing Data CHAR   
60 RSDMESC_PAR_SKIP_OUT_OF_DOMAIN Parameter: Ignore values outside of defined domain? CHAR   
61 RSDMKEY BW: Cluster Table Key CHAR 50    
62 RSDMVALPRSNT BW: Displaying the external characteristic value CHAR   
63 RSDM_F4_TESTMODE Variable for Test Mode CHAR   
64 RSDM_OBJNAME Object Name CHAR 30    
65 RSDM_OBJTYPE Object Type CHAR   
66 RSDM_PARAMBIND Parameter Connection CHAR 10    
67 RSDM_PARAMNAME Parameter Name CHAR 15    
68 RSDM_STATUS Test Case Status CHAR   
69 RSDM_SUBRC Return Code during Conversion of Selection Options CHAR 10    
70 RSDM_TCNUMBER Test Case Number NUMC   
71 RSDNUMC Test domain NUMC NUMC   
72 RSDNUMC1 Testdoma NUMC   
73 RSDOBO_NAME GUI: CHAR255, Lowercase Letters CHAR 255    
74 RSDODSOBJECT DataStore CHAR 30    
75 RSDODSOOPERATION Actions for DataStore Objects CHAR   
76 RSDODSOTYPE DataStore Type CHAR   
77 RSDODSO_ACTIVATN_METHOD DataStore Object: Activation Process (MPP, Standard) INT1   
78 RSDODSO_DATAMODEL DataStore Object: Metadata Data Model CHAR   
79 RSDODSO_DTYPENM DataStore Object: Name of Data Type Assignment CHAR 30    
80 RSDODSO_DTYPETP DataStore Object: Type of Data Type Assignment CHAR   
81 RSDODSO_IMO__INT_KEY DataStore Object: Internal Key for IMO Activation INT4 10    
82 RSDODSO_IOBJBND DataStore Object: InfoObject Binding CHAR   
83 RSDODSO_KEYFDTP DataStore Object: Key Field Type CHAR   
84 RSDODSO_NOIOBJFL DataStore Object: Fields Defined Without InfoObjects CHAR   
85 RSDODSO_UPDATE_OPERATION DataStore Object: Modification Rule for Field INT4 10    
86 RSDODSTABLE ODS table CHAR 30    
87 RSDODSTABT Table Type of ODS Table NUMC   
88 RSDOMANM Domain CHAR 30    
89 RSDORIGIN InfoObjects: Origin of Object CHAR   
90 RSDPBWOBJTP_DOM RSDP: Domain for BW Object Type CHAR   
91 RSDPCHAR24 RSDP: String of Length 24 CHAR 24    
93 RSDPMDPROCST_DOM RSDP: Processing Status CHAR   
94 RSDPMDPROCTP_DOM RSDP: Domain for MOLAP Processing Type CHAR   
95 RSDPREC Test domain PREC PREC   
96 RSDPREC1 Testdoma PREC   
97 RSDPSTAT Data Package Status CHAR   
98 RSDQUAN Test domain QUAN QUAN   
99 RSDQUAN1 Testdoma QUAN QUAN   
100 RSDR0_CURR_CONVD Currency conversion CHAR   
101 RSDR0_EXEC_MODE Execution Mode for the Data Manager (Serial/Parallel/...) CHAR   
102 RSDR0_PARALLEL_DOM Domain: Mode for Parallel Processing of Queries CHAR   
103 RSDR0_TASKNAME_LONG BW Data Manager: 32 Character Task Name CHAR 32    
104 RSDRAW Test domain RAW RAW 20    
105 RSDRAW1 Testdoma RAW RAW 20    
106 RSDRCRM_SEG_EXAMPLE_NO example_no for testing frame work NUMC   
107 RSDRCRM_SEG_IOBJ_INTERSECT_VAR Variant for Intersection of InfoObjects NUMC   
108 RSDRCRM_SEG_LOGICAL_OPERATOR Logical operator CHAR 10    
109 RSDRCRM_SEG_MODULE_TYPE Module Types CHAR 10    
112 RSDRCRM_SEG_PARAM_DESCR Description of Test Parameter (CRM Segmentation) CHAR 60    
113 RSDRCRM_SEG_PARAM_ID Test Parameter ID (CRM Segmentation) CHAR 30    
114 RSDRCRM_SEG_PARAM_VALUE Test Parameter Value (CRM Segmentation) STRG   
115 RSDRCRM_SEG_PREPROCESS_CONTEXT Context for Preprocessing Process, for Example COUNT CHAR 10    
116 RSDRCRM_SEG_SEGMENTATION_TYPE Domain with Values 'BP', 'IOBJ' and 'REL' CHAR 10    
117 RSDRCRM_SEG_SEGM_MRI_INV_SCP Domain with Values '0' and '1' NUMC   
118 RSDRCRM_SEG_STEP_PREFIX Prefix for a Step of a Segment CHAR 10    
119 RSDRCRM_SEG_TEST_ID Test ID (CRM Segmentation) CHAR 30    
120 RSDRCRM_SEG_VARIANT_ID Test Variant ID (CRM Segmentation) CHAR 30    
121 RSDRCUBTYPE Type of Entry in Directory RSRCUB (Catalog, Schema,.) CHAR   
122 RSDRC_EDPLINE EDIC: Program editor line CHAR 72    
123 RSDRC_SIDPREFERRED_CHOICE_DMN SIDPREFERRED Selection: U (undefined), space (no), X (yes) CHAR   
124 RSDRC_SVSIDX4DATA_CHOICE_DMN SID exists for data choice (U / space / X) CHAR   
125 RSDREFOBJTP Type of Reference Object CHAR   
126 RSDRI_AUTHCHK_DOM DM: Type of Authorization Check - Domain CHAR   
127 RSDRI_COMPOP_DOMAIN Domain Comparison Operator (Enhancement RSZ_OPERATOR_DOMAIN) CHAR   
129 RSDRI_DF_SUB_TYPE Subtype of a Data Federator Table CHAR   
130 RSDRI_DF_TABLE_TYPE Data Federator Table Type CHAR   
131 RSDRI_DONT_USE_TREX_API Do not use TREX_EXT_AGGREGATE for extraction CHAR   
133 RSDRI_PROCESS_MPRO_IN_TREX Process MultiProvider Query in TREX (if Possible) CHAR   
134 RSDRI_RESET_ACTION Define Cube Reset Action CHAR   
139 RSDRI_USE_ARCH BW Data Manager: Extract from Archive? CHAR   
140 RSDRJOINTYPE Relational Cube: Join Types CHAR   
141 RSDRO_TABLE_MISMATCH_TYPE Error Type During Comparison of Two Internal Tables CHAR   
142 RSDRO_UPDTYPE Refresh Behavior During Activation CHAR   
143 RSDRSTRING Test Domain for RAWSTRING (Minimum 256 Bytes) RSTR   
145 RSDRV_TREX_INFO Provider has TREX persistency NUMC   
146 RSDSACCESS Access Method DataSource CHAR 10    
147 RSDSACCESSTYPE Access Type (Adapter / Parser) CHAR   
148 RSDSEVENT Free selections: Short description for selection scrn event CHAR   
149 RSDSIDCONVERT Domain: Conversion type for the SID CHAR   
150 RSDSIDDETMODE SID determination Mode CHAR   
151 RSDSLOGOP Logical operation CHAR   
153 RSDSO_DATA_REQUEST_POS DataStore Object (ADSO): Data Request Position NUMC 10    
154 RSDSO_DATA_REQUEST_ROLE DataStore Object (ADSO): Data Request Role CHAR   
155 RSDSO_DATA_SRC_TGT_RATIO DataStore Object (ADSO): Source Requests Per Target Request CHAR   
156 RSDSO_DATA_TASK_STATUS DataStore Object (ADSO): Managing Data Task Status CHAR   
157 RSDSO_DATA_TASK_TYPE DataStore Object (ADSO): Managing Data Task Type CHAR 10    
158 RSDSO_LAYOUTTP Table Layout for DataStores CHAR   
159 RSDSO_RUNTIME_DETLVL Detail Level INT4 10    
160 RSDSPARTOBJ Subobject for New DataSource CHAR 10    
161 RSDSPIVERS PlugIn Version with Fixed Values CHAR 10    
162 RSDSSELOPT 'Generic' SELECT-OPTION for dynamic selections CHAR 45    
163 RSDSSELOPT_255 'Generic' SELECT-OPTION for Dynamic Selections CHAR 255    
164 RSDSSTRING Test Domain for Short String (Maximum 255 Characters) SSTR 10    
165 RSDSTMD Mode for shadow distributor CHAR   
166 RSDSTOCK_COVER_CALCTYPE Type of Stock Cover Calculation (e.g. Begin, End, ...) CHAR   
167 RSDSTOCK_COVER_PERIODS Number of Stock Cover Periods to be calculated INT4 10    
168 RSDSTRING Test Domain for STRING (Length 256 Minimum) STRG   
169 RSDSTYP DataSource Type CHAR   
170 RSDSUPPXXLATTR Characteristic supports XXL attributes CHAR   
171 RSDSWSPROFILE Web Service Profile CHAR 255    
172 RSDSWSVERSION Version of Web Service CHAR   
173 RSDSWS_LOGICALPORT Web Service DataSource: Logical Port CHAR 60    
175 RSDS_CHAR1000 1000 Byte Character CHAR 1000    
176 RSDS_CONVTYPE Data Input Format (Internal/External) CHAR   
177 RSDS_CRT Real-Time Capability of Adapter CHAR   
178 RSDS_DBC_OBJNAME DB Object Name CHAR 256    
180 RSDS_DBC_TYPE DB Connection Type NUMC   
181 RSDS_DDIC_OBJECT Type of DDIC Object for DataSource 4.0 CHAR   
182 RSDS_DELTAMETHOD DataSource: Delta Process CHAR   
183 RSDS_DELTATP Type of Delta-Relevant Field CHAR   
184 RSDS_FLEXHIE Flexible Hierarchy Flag CHAR   
185 RSDS_GUITRANSFER Field Should Be Transferred CHAR   
186 RSDS_ODP_SEMANTICS ODP Semantics (Texts, Facts, Hierarchy Segment, ...) CHAR   
187 RSDS_POPUP_TYPE Type of Dialog Box CHAR   
188 RSDS_REALTIME Real-Time Property of a DataSource CHAR   
189 RSDS_REQUTYPE Data Type of a DataSource CHAR   
190 RSDS_ROVIRT Direct Access to Data Using a DataSource CHAR   
191 RSDS_SECONDS Seconds with Decimal Places DEC 17 
192 RSDS_SELECTION Selection CHAR   
193 RSDS_SELECT_METHODS Methods for Selection CHAR   
194 RSDS_SELFDPROP Enhanced Selection Type of a Field CHAR   
195 RSDS_SRCTYPE Content Release Type CHAR   
196 RSDS_SRCVERS Version of Content DataSource (Release) CHAR   
197 RSDS_STEP DataSource Load Step CHAR 10    
198 RSDS_SYSTEM_OR_FIXED System Default or Fixed Entry CHAR   
199 RSDS_SYSTYPE Documentation Maintenance: System Type (PI and so on) CHAR   
200 RSDS_TIMEHIE Time Hierarchy Flag CHAR   
201 RSDS_TRANSFER Transfer Properties of a DataSourec Field CHAR   
202 RSDS_USER_OR_FIXED User Default or Fixed Entry CHAR   
203 RSDS_WORKSHEET Excel Worksheet CHAR 128    
204 RSDTATYPE Type of Data Target (InfoCube, ODS Object or InfoObject) CHAR   
205 RSDTAVIEW InfoProvider View CHAR   
206 RSDTELNM Data Element CHAR 30    
207 RSDTIMS Test domain TIMS TIMS   
208 RSDTIMS1 Testdoma TIMS TIMS   
209 RSDTM_FIELDUSAGE Type of Output Field in the IBM Intelligent Miner CHAR   
210 RSDTM_MININGCLASS Type of Analysis in the IBM Intelligent Miner CHAR   
211 RSDTM_RFCDEST RFC Destination for IBM Intelligent Miner CHAR 32    
212 RSDTRCHGMODE BW Statistics: Change Mode TREX Aggregates CHAR   
213 RSDTRFILLMODE Fill Mode for HPA Index CHAR   
215 RSDTXVNAME TXV Repository: Object Name for Transport Object CHAR 24    
216 RSDT_PF_BINDINGTYPE BI Planning Function Binding Type CHAR   
217 RSDUNIT Test domain UNIT UNIT   
218 RSDUNIT1 Testdoma UNIT UNIT   
219 RSDUPREC Flag: DataSource returns duplicate records CHAR   
220 RSDU_HINT Database Hint CHAR 100    
221 RSDU_IDXACC Index Access Method CHAR   
222 RSDU_IDXTP Index Type CHAR   
223 RSDVVALMODE Modes for the validity slice CHAR   
224 RSDVVALRELATIVE Relative value (re. sys date) in the validity slice CHAR   
225 RSDWERRTYPE Error Type CHAR   
226 RSDYNPAR Dynamic parameter description CHAR 132    
227 RSDZA_LOCKTYPE Lock Type for BWA Actions CHAR   
228 RSDZA_STATUS Status of BWA Admin. Action CHAR   
229 RSD_AMODE Audit Mode CHAR 20    
230 RSD_BIA_HYBR_CREATE RSD: BWA Settings for HybridProvider CHAR   
231 RSD_BIA_STATUS RSD: BW Accelerator Status of InfoCube (BWA Indexes) CHAR   
232 RSD_MAPPING_RANKING Ranking INT4 10    
233 RSD_MAPPING_SEARCH_METHOD Search Method: Exact, Fuzzy,... CHAR   
234 RSD_MT_TYPE Mega Tenancy Table Type CHAR   
235 RSD_NLREADMODE BW Data Archiving: Read Mode for Near-Line Storage CHAR   
236 RSD_PRX_SWCV Proxy Generation: Software Component Version CHAR 60    
237 RSD_XFELD_DEF BI: Extended Checkbox CHAR   
238 RSD_XFELD_EXT BI: Extended Checkbox CHAR   
239 RSECAACS Access authorization for ABAPs for entries in secure memory INT1   
240 RSECADMOBJ Object Types Infrastructure Analysis Authorizations CHAR   
241 RSECADMVAL Values for Object Types in Infrastructure Analysis Auth. CHAR 20    
242 RSECBINKEY Binary key CHAR 48    
243 RSECCLINDEP Indicator: Cross-Client Entry CHAR   
245 RSECDATAL Length of saved data INT4 10    
246 RSECFDATA Test data for secure memory CHAR 109    
247 RSECFIDENT Test ID for secure memory CHAR 63    
248 RSECID ID of record in secure memory CHAR 63    
250 RSECKEYID Identifier of key for the secure storage CHAR 32    
251 RSECLOPD_AUTH_FLAG LOPD Flag: Authorized/Unauthorized Access CHAR   
252 RSECLOPD_IOBJTYPE Description Type for LOPD InfoObjects CHAR   
253 RSECLOPD_METHD Access Method (Query Name or Transaction) CHAR 30    
254 RSECLOPD_OBJECT_TYPE Type of LOPD Object (Log, Group) CHAR 10    
255 RSECSSFS_KEY_TYPE Indicator for the key type INT1   
256 RSECSSFS_RECORD_STATUS Status of a record in the Secure Storage in the File System INT4 10    
257 RSECTSMP Time (YYYYMMDDHHMMSS) in context of secure memory CHAR 14    
258 RSEC_APPL_DESCR Description of an Application of the Secure Storage CHAR 40    
259 RSEC_COMPID BW: Name (ID) of a Reporting Component CHAR 30    
260 RSEC_LOPD_IOBJTYPE Description Type for LOPD InfoObjects CHAR   
261 RSEC_ORIGIN Relationship Between User and Authorization CHAR 60    
262 RSEC_RECORD_DESCR Description of an Entry in Safe Storage CHAR 80    
263 RSEC_RODMUPDMOD BW Delta Process: Record Mode CHAR   
264 RSEC_TRAFFIC_LIGHT Traffic Light CHAR 60    
265 RSENQ_ACTION Lock Action of Lock Manager CHAR 15    
266 RSENQ_APPLLOG Application Log. CHAR   
267 RSENQ_INPUT_TYP Entry table for the lock manager CHAR   
268 RSENQ_LOCKID Lock ID for the lock manager CHAR 30    
269 RSENQ_OBJECT Lock object for the lock manager CHAR 30    
270 RSENQ_OBJECT_TYPE Type of Object with Action for Lock CHAR 15    
271 RSENQ_TYP Type of info. for the lock manager CHAR 30    
272 RSENQ_VALUE Lock-value for the lock manager CHAR 30    
273 RSEQNR Number of the key figure block NUMC   
274 RSEQ_COLUMN_TYPE Column Type for the Easy Query Result Set CHAR   
275 RSEQ_PENDING_STATUS Processing Status CHAR   
276 RSEQ_VALUE_TYPE Value Type for the Easy Query Result Set CHAR   
277 RSER_ELEMENT_TYPE Report Designer: Reusable Report / Report Elements CHAR   
278 RSER_REPORT_TYPE Report Designer: Object Type for Loading and Saving CHAR   
279 RSER_TEXT_KEY Report Designer: Text Key CHAR   
280 RSESCD Domain for Escape sign for Excel file RAW   
281 RSEUROFLAG Flag Euro conversion status CHAR   
282 RSEUROOTYP Object Type for Euro Conversion CHAR   
283 RSEVENTSTATUS Event status CHAR   
284 RSEXTCUBE_STRING Object Service Information for External Cubes CHAR 255    
285 RSEXTTABL PSA should be generated as extended table CHAR   
286 RSF4DEFAULT Default for F4 help CHAR   
287 RSF4MODE Call-up mode for F4 help for characteristic values CHAR   
288 RSF4PRSNT F4 Representation for Query Execution CHAR   
289 RSF4QUERYEXEC F4 Help for Query Execution CHAR   
290 RSF4TYPE F4 type for a field of a DataSource CHAR   
291 RSF4_MENU_LEVEL Input Help or Menu Levels (Web Item Menu) CHAR 20    
292 RSF4_TARGET_FRAME F4 Help for Target Frame (Web Item Menu) CHAR 20    
293 RSFBP_ASSOCIATION_TYPE Type of an association CHAR   
294 RSFBP_AUTH_RELEVANT Field is authorization relevant CHAR   
295 RSFBP_CALCSCENARIO CalcScenario Property CHAR   
296 RSFBP_FIELDNAME Field Name CHAR 12    
297 RSFBP_IOBJTP InfoObject Type CHAR   
298 RSFBP_NAME Open ODS View CHAR 30    
299 RSFBP_SEMANTIC Semantics CHAR   
301 RSFBP_SRCFIELD Source Field SSTR 1333    
302 RSFBP_SRCNAME Source Name SSTR 1333    
303 RSFBP_SRCTYPE Adapter Type of Field-Based Provider CHAR   
304 RSFBP_TLOGO_ASC Object Type CHAR   
305 RSFBP_TYPE_ROLE_AGGR Field Type, Role and Aggregation CHAR   
307 RSFBP_UI_DF_REDIRECT Redirect Open ODS View CHAR   
308 RSFBP_UI_DF_TYPES Data types for DataStore Object based on fields CHAR   
310 RSFBP_UI_SRCFIELD Source Field CHAR 255    
312 RSFC_AEFEATURES Analytic Engine - Features CHAR 10    
313 RSFC_AUFEATURES Reporting Authorization - Features CHAR 10    
314 RSFC_INT2 Status Parameters INT2   
315 RSFC_IPFEATURES Integrated Planning - Features CHAR 10    
316 RSFC_NWFEATURES NetWeaver Demo Model CHAR 10    
317 RSFC_TOPIC Topic for Sample Content CHAR   
318 RSFHFTYPE Extractor Type CHAR   
319 RSFIELD Field name CHAR 10    
320 RSFIELDNM Field name CHAR 30    
321 RSFILEDELTA Delta process for a file DataSource CHAR   
322 RSFILETYPD External data type CHAR   
323 RSFISCPER Fiscal year / period NUMC   
324 RSFISCPER3 Posting period NUMC   
325 RSFISCPER6 Fiscal year/period (NUMC 6) NUMC   
326 RSFISCPERTXTFLG Indicator for Controlling Master Data Texts for 0FISCPER CHAR   
327 RSFISCVAR Fiscal year variant CHAR   
328 RSFIX Fixed size CHAR   
329 RSFIXUNIT Fixed Unit of Measure UNIT   
330 RSFNR IS-H: Risk factor code CHAR   
331 RSFOB_APPL Application for formula editor CHAR   
332 RSFOB_DELFLAG Deletion Flag BW Formula CHAR   
333 RSFOB_FORMTP Type of BW Formula CHAR   
334 RSFORMNAME Name of a form routine CHAR 30    
335 RSFO_WEEKDAY Day of Week NUMC   
336 RSFREQSTAT Status of frequent upload from source system CHAR   
337 RSFROMTO From/To Value of an Interval CHAR   
338 RSFRONTTOOLTYPE Denotes the front end tool that saves the personalized value NUMC   
339 RSFUNCCALL Function module name for checking ODS data CHAR 30    
340 RSFUNC_TXT Selection screen: Text for pushbuttons CHAR 144    
341 RSFYEAR Fiscal year NUMC   
342 RSGANTTLEN Length of horizontal bar in Gantt chart DEC 15    
343 RSGENDLTTP Type of Delta-Relevant Field CHAR   
344 RSGENPARTOBJ Generic Subobject CHAR 10    
345 RSGENRULE Flag for indicating generally used transfer rules CHAR   
346 RSGISTP Geographical type for a characteristic NUMC   
347 RSGMDTLOGO TLOGO Objects for Graphical Modeling CHAR   
348 RSGMD_DMOD Data model CHAR 30    
349 RSGMD_NODEID Internal Node ID of a Node in the Data Model INT4 10    
350 RSGRAPHTYP Graphic type CHAR   
351 RSHANAVIEWTYPE Type of a Hana View CHAR   
352 RSHCLASS Hierarchy class CHAR   
353 RSHDBATTRNM SAP HANA DB Attribute Name CHAR 64    
354 RSHDBMODNM SAP HANA Model Name CHAR 64    
355 RSHDB_PC_TLOGO Object Type CHAR   
356 RSHFLAG Hierarchy indicator NUMC   
357 RSHIENM Hierarchies: Name of the hierarchy CHAR 30    
358 RSHIENODID Internal ID number of a hierarchy node NUMC   
359 RSHIERDERIVETYPE Type as to How Key Date Is Derived from Time Reference CHAR   
360 RSHIERTYPE Hierarchy type CHAR   
361 RSHIETP Type of Characteristic Related to Hierarchy CHAR   
362 RSHIETYPE Hierarchy type CHAR   
363 RSHIEUNIQE Uniqueness of a Hierarchy NUMC   
364 RSHIE_ATTRITP Hierarchy attribute type CHAR   
365 RSHIGH Selection criteria: To value CHAR 45    
366 RSHNODEID Node ID (temporary) NUMC   
367 RSHYBROBJ HybridProvider Subobject CHAR 10    
368 RSIBU IBU (Industry Business Unit) Identifier CHAR   
369 RSICON Character string for output of ICONs CHAR 40    
370 RSICTIMNM Time target InfoObject from the communication structure CHAR 30    
371 RSICUBEPARTOBJ InfoCube Subobject CHAR 10    
372 RSIEXCLTYP BIW Impact analysis: Exclusion type CHAR   
373 RSIGN Direction of relationship CHAR   
374 RSIGNORELINES No. of lines to be ignored NUMC   
375 RSIMPORTVERS Import Version (A, M or T) CHAR   
376 RSIM_ACTION Resolution types for HealthCheck Incidents CHAR   
377 RSIM_COUNT Count INT4 10    
378 RSIM_DEV Deviation calculated by comparision of 2 values INT4 10    
379 RSIM_EXEC_TIME Execution time of a BI object DEC 21 
380 RSIM_HC_DOCU HC Documentation possibilities CHAR   
381 RSIM_HC_INCI_STAT Incident Status CHAR   
382 RSIM_HC_RES Incident's resolution values CHAR   
383 RSIM_HC_RES_ID Action for incident resolution CHAR 10    
384 RSIM_HC_RES_LVL Incident class resolution level CHAR   
385 RSINFOAREA InfoArea CHAR 30    
386 RSINFOCUBE InfoCube CHAR 30    
387 RSINFOHIETP Hierarchy types for the InfoCatalog CHAR   
388 RSINFOOBJCAT InfoObject catalog CHAR 30    
389 RSINFOPROV InfoProvider CHAR 30    
390 RSINFOSPOKE InfoSpoke CHAR 30    
391 RSINITRUNS Indicator: Initialization Is Running CHAR   
392 RSINK Display parameters NUMC   
393 RSINPCCODE Command CHAR   
394 RSINPCNT Two-Digit Counter NUMC   
395 RSINPFLAG Indicator CHAR   
396 RSINPINT Integer INT4 10    
397 RSINPSOIDX Index for Selection Names NUMC   
398 RSINSCENE Repository Infosystem: Scenario for Parallel Execution CHAR   
399 RSINSP_INSP_PARTOBJ Subobject for Inspection Plan CHAR 10    
400 RSINSP_INSP_SRC_TLOGO Type of Source CHAR   
401 RSINSP_INSP_SRC_TLOGO_SUB Subtype of the Source CHAR   
402 RSINUMBER BIW: Sequence number CHAR   
403 RSINZ Index counter for direct procurement elements NUMC   
404 RSIOBJECT Object of the data import (InfoSource / InfoObject) CHAR 30    
405 RSIOBJNM InfoObject CHAR 30    
406 RSIOBJNMDATS InfoObjects with Date Reference CHAR 60    
407 RSIOBJPARTOBJ Subobject of InfoObject CHAR 10    
408 RSIOBJSV InfoObject (4 digit) CHAR   
409 RSIOBJTP Type of an InfoObject CHAR   
411 RSIOBMADTA Master Data CHAR   
412 RSIOEXMETH InfoSource Extraction Type CHAR   
413 RSIOFLAG Flag (Set, not Set) CHAR   
414 RSIOOBJTP Metadata Object Type CHAR   
415 RSIOPER Abstract editing operations for impact analysis CHAR   
416 RSIOVALUE Characteristic value for an InfoObject CHAR 28    
417 RSIPPARTOBJ Subobject for Inspection Plan CHAR 10    
418 RSIS1STSCR Definition for which screen is displayed in the IS dialog CHAR   
419 RSISCPARTOBJ InfoSource subobject (obsolete?) CHAR 10    
420 RSISETHUGEWHERE Numerical field (length 8) NUMC   
421 RSISETPARTOBJ InfoSet Subobject CHAR 10    
422 RSISOCD Iso code currency/units of measure CHAR   
423 RSISOSTYPE BW Infosource type (transaction data/basic characteristic) CHAR   
424 RSISOURCE InfoSource CHAR 30    
425 RSISRCPARTOBJ InfoSource Subobject CHAR 10    
426 RSISR_ISCPOBJ Call Package Subobject CHAR 10    
427 RSISR_PVALKIND Services: Type of Parameter Value CHAR   
428 RSISR_TYPE_ID Services: Internal Name for Types CHAR   
429 RSISSRCTYPE InfoSource type (generated from ODS / InfoCube / ...) CHAR   
430 RSISTYPE Type of transaction OLTP Source CHAR   
431 RSISW_F4TYPE Type of F4 Help CHAR   
432 RSISW_PARAM_TYPE Parameter type CHAR   
433 RSISW_SEMTYPE Parameter: Semantics of an Individual Attribute CHAR   
434 RSISW_TRMODE Services: Change Mode for Transport Connection CHAR   
435 RSISW_UI_APPL Application Restriction CHAR   
436 RSIS_APPL Intelligent Services: Application CHAR   
437 RSIS_ATTKEY Services: Key for Free Attribute CHAR 30    
438 RSIS_CALLPACKAGE Call Package Name CHAR 30    
439 RSIS_CHARTYPE Services: Classification of Data Columns CHAR   
440 RSIS_CLASS Services: Name of a Class CHAR 30    
441 RSIS_CLASSTYPE Services: Type of Assigned Class CHAR   
442 RSIS_CMPTYPE Component Type NUMC   
443 RSIS_CP_STATUS Status of a Call Package CHAR   
444 RSIS_DIALOG_MODE Dialog Mode CHAR   
445 RSIS_DITEXT Services: Text for a Data Item/Parameter Item CHAR 20    
446 RSIS_DOBJ Intelligent Services: Data Object Name CHAR 20    
447 RSIS_DOBJCALLTYPE Data Object: Call Type CHAR   
448 RSIS_DOBJSOURCE Data Object: Source CHAR   
449 RSIS_DOBJSPEC Data Object: Specification CHAR   
450 RSIS_DOBJTYPE Data Object: Type CHAR   
451 RSIS_EXECTYPE Service Info: Execution Options CHAR   
452 RSIS_FLAG Services: General Flag CHAR   
453 RSIS_FREE_VALUE_HELP Services: Name of a Free Input Help CHAR 20    
454 RSIS_FRSTAT Service Info: Release Status CHAR   
455 RSIS_INSTANCETYPE Service Info: Instantiation Type CHAR   
456 RSIS_INT Services: Integer Value INT4 10    
457 RSIS_IOMODE Data Objects: IO Mode CHAR   
458 RSIS_ITEM Service List Element: Item Index INT4 10    
459 RSIS_ITEMNAME Service Element: Name of the Element CHAR 40    
460 RSIS_ITEMTYPE Service Element: Type of Element NUMC   
461 RSIS_NAME Services: Name (General) CHAR 30    
462 RSIS_OPTFLG Flags for Data Object Specification CHAR   
463 RSIS_PARAM Intelligent Services: Parameter Name CHAR 20    
464 RSIS_SERVICE Intelligent Services: Name of a Service CHAR 20    
465 RSIS_SRVTYPE Services: Service Type NUMC   
466 RSIS_STATE Intelligent Service: Name of the Parameterization Step CHAR 20    
467 RSIS_STATUS Processing Status CHAR   
468 RSIS_STRING Services: String Value STRG   
469 RSIS_SUMMARY Name of a Summary Data Object CHAR 20    
471 RSIS_TEXT Services: Text (General) CHAR 128    
472 RSIS_TRANSFTYPE Service Info: Transformation Type CHAR   
473 RSIS_UI User Interface CHAR   
474 RSIS_UI_TYPE User Interface Type CHAR   
475 RSIS_VERSION Version NUMC   
476 RSIS_VVALKIND Services: Type of Variable Value CHAR   
477 RSIS_WEBSERVICE Web Service Name CHAR 15    
478 RSIS_XML Intelligent Services: XML Dokument STRG   
479 RSIS_XXML Services: XML as XString RSTR   
480 RSITYKIND RS-HR: Infotypes: Kind of Infotype: CHAR   
481 RSITYSCOPE RS-HR: Infotypes: Scope of the infotype CHAR   
482 RSIWA_DFLO Data Flow CHAR 30    
483 RSIWA_MODEL Impact / Water Level CHAR 30    
484 RSIWP_ID Parameter CHAR 10    
485 RSIWP_VALUE Value CHAR 25    
486 RSIXTABNUM Number of a logical database table INT4 10    
487 RSJUDGE Assessing a request through Wizard NUMC   
488 RSKEYNAME Key table domain CHAR 30    
489 RSKFLGD Period type CHAR   
490 RSKINDOFUNIT Description of the unit type CHAR 15    
491 RSKPI_ATTR_F4TYPE Attribute Input Help Type CHAR   
492 RSKPI_ATTR_TYPE Type of Attribute for KPI CHAR 10    
493 RSKPI_BINDING_PARAMETER_TYPE KPI Definition: Type of Parameter CHAR 10    
494 RSKPI_COMPONENT_ID Technical Name of Component of KPI CHAR 32    
495 RSKPI_COMPONENT_VALUE Value of Component of KPI CHAR 60    
496 RSKPI_EVALUATION_TYPE Type of Evaluation of KPI Component CHAR 10    
497 RSKPI_IMPROVEMENT_DIR Direction of Improvement of KPI CHAR 10    
498 RSKPI_INPUT_USAGE_TYPE Intended Purpose of Value of KPI Input Parameter CHAR 10    
499 RSKPI_NUMERIC_VALUE KPI Monitoring: Numeric Value for Threshold and Target Value CHAR 60    
500 RSKPI_STATUS_EVAL_TYPE Type of Determination of KPI Status CHAR 10