SAP ABAP Domain - Index R, page 13
Domain - R
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 RSPERSRANGE Denotes Range type used for selection of personal values NUMC   
2 RSPERSTYPE Type of personal value that is stored CHAR   
3 RSPERSVALFLAG Flag to denote the type of personal value in VHS NUMC   
4 RSPERSVALSET_TXT Text for the personalized value set CHAR 60    
5 RSPICTYPE Type of screen on the right side NUMC   
6 RSPID RFC Process Number CHAR 16    
7 RSPLFA_FORMAT Internal or External Format CHAR   
8 RSPLFB_RFC_RET_VALUE Return Value for RFC Calls INT4 10    
9 RSPLFB_SETTING Generic Setting CHAR 40    
10 RSPLFC_DIS0F System response if distribution cannot be executed CHAR   
11 RSPLFC_DIS0F2 Cases in which error handing is used (distribution) CHAR   
12 RSPLFC_FCERR Error Measure CHAR   
13 RSPLFC_FCSTR Forecast Strategy (BI Integrated Planning) CHAR   
14 RSPLFU_ERRORFLAG Types of Error for Range (Selections) CHAR   
15 RSPLF_CHAR_RESTR Characteristic Selection Restriction CHAR   
16 RSPLF_DEVCOMP Development Component CHAR 255    
18 RSPLF_IOBJ_RESTR Restriction for InfoObject Selection CHAR   
19 RSPLF_PARAM_TYPE Parameter type CHAR   
20 RSPLF_SRV_SEARCHCRIT Search Criterion for Planning Service CHAR   
21 RSPLF_VAL_TYPE Type of Parameter Value CHAR   
22 RSPLF_WDCOMP Web Dynpro Component CHAR 255    
24 RSPLPPM_FLAG Indicator with Space or X CHAR   
25 RSPLPPM_LOCK Domains for Lock Indicator CHAR   
26 RSPLPPM_MAILTYPE Domain for PPM Mail Type NUMC   
27 RSPLPPM_PPM_SEARCHCRIT Search Criterion: Plan CHAR   
28 RSPLPPM_STATUS Domains for PPM Status NUMC   
30 RSPLPPM_TEXT20 Text20 CHAR 20    
31 RSPLPPM_TEXT40 Text40 CHAR 40    
32 RSPLPPM_TEXT60 Text60 CHAR 60    
33 RSPLSPC_DOPARTFLAG Is packaging performed for step? Manually? Automatically? CHAR   
34 RSPLSPC_STEPSTATE Status of Sequence Step During Parallel Execution CHAR   
35 RSPLSSTORE Physical Storage for Delta_Buffer CHAR   
36 RSPLS_ACTIVE BW-IP: Function Active CHAR   
37 RSPLS_AGGRLEVEL Planning: Aggregation Level CHAR 30    
38 RSPLS_ALVLTYPE Aggregation Level: Type CHAR   
39 RSPLS_CHA_ROLE Characteristic Relationships: Characteristic Role CHAR   
40 RSPLS_CLINE ABAP/4 Code Line CHAR 72    
41 RSPLS_CR_DATETOOPT Key Date Variable, Fixed or System Date CHAR   
42 RSPLS_CR_HIEDATETOOPT Hierarchy Key Date Fixed, Variable, like Char. Relationships CHAR   
43 RSPLS_CR_HIENMOPT Name of Hierarchy Is Variable or Fixed CHAR   
44 RSPLS_CR_HIEOPT Fixed or Variable Hierarchy CHAR   
45 RSPLS_CR_HIEVEROPT Hierarchy Version Is Variable or Fixed CHAR   
46 RSPLS_DSTYPE Type of Data Slice CHAR   
47 RSPLS_EST_METHOD Method of Estimating Characteristic Values for Partitioning CHAR   
48 RSPLS_FLINE Formula line STRG   
49 RSPLS_FTYPE Field Type for Formulas CHAR   
50 RSPLS_HDB_ACTIVATE BW-IP: Activation of Deep HANA Integration CHAR   
51 RSPLS_KEYWORD Planning functions: Keyword in generated coding CHAR 10    
52 RSPLS_LAUNCH_J2EE_TYPE J2EE Installation Type CHAR   
53 RSPLS_LOCK_METH Planning: Lock Method CHAR   
54 RSPLS_MTYPE Type of Relation CHAR   
55 RSPLS_PM_NODE_ROLE Planning Modeler: Node Role CHAR   
56 RSPLS_PM_OBJECT_TYPE Planning Modeler: Object Type CHAR   
57 RSPLS_PM_RELATION_FLAG Planning Modeler: Availability of Relationships CHAR   
58 RSPLS_PM_SEARCH_CRITERIA Planning Modeler: Search Criterion CHAR   
59 RSPLS_PM_VIEW Planning Modeler: View of Object CHAR   
60 RSPLS_PRODUCT Planning Product CHAR   
61 RSPLS_SCREEN_MODE Variable Screen: Possible Entries CHAR   
62 RSPLS_SEARCHCRIT Search Criterion CHAR   
64 RSPLS_SOB_SEARCHCRIT Search Criterion for Selection Object CHAR   
65 RSPLS_STEPTYPE Type of Planning Step CHAR   
67 RSPLS_TIMEREF Time reference for currency translation CHAR   
68 RSPLS_TRUN Planning: Test Run CHAR 30    
69 RSPLW_FLGEXC Indicator: Automatic Outlier Correction CHAR   
70 RSPLW_OPERFORM Operand Form CHAR 250    
71 RSPLW_PARAM_VALUE Paramter value for external representation CHAR 250    
72 RSPLW_ROUND Rounding to Next Unit CHAR   
73 RSPLW_SELECTION Selection CHAR 150    
74 RSPLW_VPARSEL Parameter selection: Single value, interval, selection opt. CHAR   
75 RSPL_CREATE Create Combinations CHAR   
76 RSPL_DISTRIBUTION_SUB_TYPE Distribute All or Only # CHAR   
77 RSPL_DISTRIBUTION_TYPE Top-Down Distribution or Explicit Distribution CHAR   
78 RSPL_ROUND Rounding to Next Unit CHAR   
79 RSPL_SAMEFAC Same Factors for All Key Figures CHAR   
80 RSPM_ADMIN_ID RSPM: Administration ID CHAR 30    
82 RSPM_DATATARGET RSPM: Data Target CHAR 30    
83 RSPM_DTA_ROLE Role of a data target in a process CHAR   
84 RSPM_DTA_STORAGE Storage of a data target CHAR   
85 RSPM_LOG_CATEGORY RSPM Message Log Category CHAR 30    
88 RSPM_PROCESS_TYPE RSPM Process Type CHAR 10    
90 RSPM_TSN BW Request Status Management: Transaction Sequence Number NUMC 23    
91 RSPM_YES_NO Yes, no or unknown CHAR   
92 RSPOACTION Authorization field for spool actions CHAR   
93 RSPOAKTION Spool: Action ID (internal) CHAR   
94 RSPOARCHST Spool: Spool Request Archiving Status CHAR   
95 RSPOARCHTY Archiving Type (internal, not on screen) CHAR   
96 RSPOARDAT2 Archive data, section 2 CHAR 198    
97 RSPOAREAMD Methods to calculate list margins CHAR   
98 RSPOAUTH Authorization Value for Spool Object CHAR 12    
99 RSPOBOOL Spool: Boolean CHAR   
100 RSPOC255 255 Characters Case-Sensitive CHAR 255    
101 RSPOC4 4 characters, large/small, e.g. for PCL-5 character set ID CHAR   
102 RSPOC60 60 characters large/small, e.g. for font name CHAR 60    
103 RSPOCDSC Text field of length 180 CHAR 180    
104 RSPOCHARL CHAR1 with Lower-Case Characters CHAR   
105 RSPOCMDCLS Class of a host spooler command CHAR   
106 RSPOCNT Spool: Counter (fits TYPE I) INT4 10    
107 RSPOCNT1 Spool: Low counters INT1   
108 RSPOCOLCNT Spool: No. of columns per page INT4 10    
109 RSPOCONNTI Connect time INT2   
110 RSPOCPYCNT Copy counter INT1   
111 RSPODBGPRO Print output log control (test) INT2   
112 RSPODBGVER Debug level for printer INT2   
113 RSPODCLASS Spool: Device class according to server assignment CHAR   
114 RSPODEVTYP Device class (printer, fax, etc...) CHAR   
115 RSPODISABL Output device disabled CHAR   
116 RSPODRIVER Spool: Driver name CHAR   
117 RSPODRVARG Spool: Argument for a driver CHAR   
118 RSPODUPCOP Spool: Copy Handling at Output Device CHAR   
119 RSPODUTITL Print a host spooler cover page CHAR   
121 RSPOEGFID ESC/Page Font Identification CHAR   
122 RSPOEGSYM ESC/Page Character Set Identification CHAR   
123 RSPOFLAG Switch (Flag) CHAR   
124 RSPOFMET Font metric (character width) measured in EM(1/1000 fnt hgt) NUMC   
125 RSPOFMTCOL Spool: Output columns of a format type NUMC   
126 RSPOFMTROW Spool: Output lines of a format type NUMC   
127 RSPOFMTTYP Spool: Type of a format type CHAR   
128 RSPOFNTSZ Font size (font height) in 1/10 point (1/720 inch) NUMC   
129 RSPOFONTMD Method to determine the font width CHAR   
130 RSPOFONTMETRICS Device Type-Specific Font Metrics INT4 10    
131 RSPOFORMAT Spool: page format CHAR   
132 RSPOGMODE Spool: Generation mode for output devices CHAR   
133 RSPOGRSIZE Coverage of a graphical object in TWIPS NUMC   
134 RSPOHOST Host name CHAR 32    
135 RSPOHSTEST Spool: Results of an availability check CHAR   
136 RSPOID Spool request number INT4 10    
137 RSPOID_C10 Spool request number NUMC 10    
138 RSPOKOMMNT Spool: Comment Field CHAR 240    
139 RSPOKOMPON Component Description CHAR   
140 RSPOLDRV Spool: Name of a list driver CHAR   
141 RSPOLINCNT Spool: No. of rows per page INT4 10    
142 RSPOLNAME Spool: Long device names CHAR 30    
143 RSPOLOGACT Spooler LOG action CHAR   
144 RSPOLOGCLS Event class (compare fixed values with rspoincl.h) CHAR   
145 RSPOLOGDUR Duration of an action (rstrdura as NUMC) NUMC 10    
146 RSPOLOGSAC Subaction in spooler log CHAR   
147 RSPOLPQCMD Command to use in host spool query CHAR   
148 RSPOLPQFOR LPQ format for host spooler connection CHAR   
149 RSPOLPRCMD Host spool print command to use CHAR   
150 RSPOLPXCMD Command to use for deletion in host spool CHAR   
151 RSPOLSTDRV Available printer drivers for ABAP list print CHAR   
152 RSPOMODEL Spool: Model of an output device CHAR 20    
153 RSPONAME Spool: Name CHAR 30    
154 RSPOORIEN3 Spool: Page format orientation (optional) CHAR   
155 RSPOORIENT Spool: page format orientation CHAR   
156 RSPOPAGNUM Spool: Page number for printout INT4 10    
157 RSPOPAMETH Access method for format program CHAR   
158 RSPOPAPER Spool: Format type CHAR 16    
159 RSPOPCFID PCL-5 font identification NUMC   
160 RSPOPCMETH Spool: Converter access method CHAR   
161 RSPOPCNT Spool: Part counter of a spool request INT4 10    
162 RSPOPER Posting period NUMC   
163 RSPOPER2 Posting period (NUMC 2) NUMC   
164 RSPOPFORM Page format from TSP08 with Possible entries CHAR   
165 RSPOPIMANNAME Manufacturer's name CHAR 24    
166 RSPOPIMIBINFO MIB information CHAR 240    
167 RSPOPIPRNTYPE Printer type CHAR 96    
168 RSPOPIRELEASED Release flag CHAR   
169 RSPOPIREMARK Remark CHAR 240    
170 RSPOPISTATUS PI status, quasi-boolean domain NUMC   
171 RSPOPISYSFLAG System flag for tables CHAR   
172 RSPOPITYPE Input types CHAR   
173 RSPOPJCNT Spool: Number of print requests INT2   
174 RSPOPNAME Spool: Name of output device CHAR   
175 RSPOPOOLAR Type of printer pool CHAR   
176 RSPOPOSS_OPTVAL_STRING Translated description of Print option value CHAR 60    
177 RSPOPOSS_VAL99 Value of a print option NUMC   
178 RSPOPRCTL Spool: Print control name CHAR   
179 RSPOPRIO Priority of output request INT1   
180 RSPOPROTDA Spool: Entry to log generated data CHAR   
181 RSPOPRTCOL Output attribute: print in color/black and white/default? CHAR   
182 RSPOPRTMD Print mode controls printing on one or both sides CHAR   
183 RSPOPTYPE Spool: Device type CHAR   
184 RSPOREADTI Read timeout INT2   
185 RSPORESNAM Resource CHAR 20    
186 RSPOR_BOOLEAN Boolean for Portal Integration CHAR   
188 RSPOR_URL URL Elements for Portal Integration CHAR 255    
189 RSPOS Item: reservation/dependent requirements NUMC   
190 RSPOSAPTTL Print an SAP cover page CHAR   
191 RSPOSCLASS Spool: Server Class CHAR   
192 RSPOSECMET Level of security CHAR   
193 RSPOSECMOD Security Mode CHAR   
194 RSPOSHIFT Shifting of printout by an output device INT4 10    
195 RSPOSIZE Spool: size in bytes INT4 10    
196 RSPOSTOLOC Spool: Storage location of spool requests CHAR   
197 RSPOTRAY Printer paper tray CHAR   
198 RSPOUNIT Unit of measurement for size (paper size, for example) CHAR   
199 RSPOUNITH Spool: Unit of measurement, horizontal CHAR   
200 RSPOUNITV Spool: Unit of measurement, vertical CHAR   
201 RSPOUNXTTL Control UNIX Title Page CHAR   
202 RSPOUPE_ONECHAR Any Unicode character CHAR   
203 RSPOVALTW Value in TWIP unit (1/20 point = 1/1440 inch) INT4 10    
204 RSPOVALUE Spool: Page unit NUMC   
205 RSPOVERS Spool: Version number NUMC   
206 RSPOWINCHS Windows character set ID NUMC   
207 RSPOWPCMD Spool: Work process command for generic special requests CHAR   
208 RSPOZEIT Spool: Time (internal) TIMS   
209 RSPO_SNMP_SUPPORT_TYPES_ENUM Available SNMP supporttypes CHAR 10    
210 RSPO_SXOMS_BITFELD_TRAY_DOM Bit Field for Tray Information CHAR 13    
211 RSPO_SXOMS_ERROR Error Code for OMS Web Interface CHAR   
212 RSPO_UPEOLANGGROUP UPE: Language Group Domain CHAR   
213 RSPRECFILEEXT File Ending Workbook after Print Transformation CHAR   
214 RSPRECPDRIVER Printer Name on the Precalculation Server CHAR 100    
215 RSPRIMIDX Indicator for creating a "replacement primary index" CHAR   
217 RSPROPVERS Version Information for Default Value of Properties CHAR   
218 RSPROTTYPE Type of Log CHAR   
219 RSPRSNT Time Characteristics and Time Unit Display CHAR   
220 RSPRTEXT Text (79 characters) CHAR 79    
221 RSPSADEL_LOGSYS_PATTERN Source System Pattern CHAR 10    
222 RSPSAERROR PSA Status field CHAR   
223 RSPS_0IOBJSV InfoObject (4-Character) (Copy of 0IOBJSV) CHAR   
224 RSPS_0IOVALUE Configuration of an InfoObject (Copy of 0IOVALUE) CHAR 28    
225 RSPS_0NETWORK Network (Copy of InfoObject 0NETWORK) CHAR 12    
226 RSPS_0PROJECT Project Definition (Copy of 0PROJECT) CHAR 24    
227 RSPS_OIOBJSV InfoObject (4-Character) (Copy of 0IOBJSV) CHAR   
228 RSPWCHECK Password Requested CHAR   
229 RSQALIAS Alias Name for Table and Field Objects in InfoSets CHAR 19    
230 RSQCBX Statuses: Checkbox NUMC   
231 RSQCHANNEL DataSource Channel CHAR 10    
232 RSQDTYPE Type of Dimension in the InfoSet CHAR   
233 RSQFTYPE Type of a Field Object in the InfoSet CHAR   
234 RSQGTYPE General Type (InfoSet) CHAR   
235 RSQIDX Index for Alias Names in InfoSets NUMC   
236 RSQINFOSET InfoSet CHAR 30    
237 RSQISTYPE Type of an InfoSet NUMC   
238 RSQIVERS Internal Version of an InfoSet NUMC   
239 RSQMODE Mode (Display, Change) CHAR   
241 RSQPOS Position Data NUMC   
242 RSQPOSI Position Data (INT) INT4 10    
243 RSQPROPVERS Conversion Version Query Properties NUMC   
244 RSQSHIFT Defer Time Interval CHAR   
245 RSQSTRING String STRG   
246 RSQSTRLEN Length of a String in the Database INT4 10    
247 RSQSUFFIX Suffix for Internal Field Names CHAR   
248 RSQTMTYPE Type of an Operator for Temporal ON Condition CHAR   
249 RSQTTYPE Type of a Table Object in the InfoSet CHAR   
250 RSQUELLE Source of Data CHAR   
251 RSQUERYID BW: Name (ID) of a Reporting Component CHAR 30    
252 RSQUERYID_COPY BW: Name (ID) of a Reporting Component CHAR 30    
253 RSQVERSION Version of Grammar NUMC   
254 RSQVNAM Name (ID) of a Report Variable CHAR 30    
255 RSQ_CALMONTH Calendar Year/Month NUMC   
256 RSQ_CALQUARTER Calendar Year / Quarter NUMC   
257 RSQ_CALWEEK Calendar Year/Week NUMC   
258 RSQ_CALYEAR Calendar Year NUMC   
259 RSQ_FISCPER Fiscal Year / Period NUMC   
260 RSQ_FISCVARNT Fiscal Year Variant CHAR   
261 RSQ_FISCYEAR Fiscal Year NUMC   
262 RSQ_SEARCH_INDICATOR Selection Help for X Fields/Checkboxes CHAR   
263 RSRAUTH Analysis Authorization System CHAR   
264 RSRA_ABS_REL Exception refers to absolute or relative value NUMC   
265 RSRA_ALERT_FILTER Alert Filter CHAR 128    
266 RSRA_ALERT_LEVEL Alert priority NUMC   
267 RSRA_ALERT_NUM Alert frequency INT4 10    
268 RSRA_CHANGE_MODE Display mode CHAR   
269 RSRA_COMPONENTS Reporting Agent components CHAR   
270 RSRA_COUNTER Counter NUMC   
271 RSRA_DOC_ID ID domain of e-mail document CHAR 70    
272 RSRA_DOC_TYPE Domain for e-mail document type CHAR   
273 RSRA_FOLLOW_UP_TYPE Classifying a Reporting Agent follow-up action CHAR   
274 RSRA_LOGID Cluster table key CHAR 79    
275 RSRA_LOG_RESOLUTION Expanding the log INT1   
276 RSRA_LOG_VALUE Entry in Data Table of Exception Log STRG   
277 RSRA_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type for Batch Printing Components CHAR   
278 RSRA_OBJNM Names of Report Agent objects (settings and packets) CHAR 30    
279 RSRA_PACKAGE_TYPE Type of Report Agent scheduling packet CHAR   
280 RSRA_PRINT_AREA Print filter CHAR   
281 RSRA_RECIPIENT Report Agent Information Receiver CHAR   
282 RSRA_RECIPIENT_MAIL Receiver type for mails CHAR   
283 RSRA_RECIPIENT_VAL RA Information Receiver CHAR 60    
284 RSRA_SORT Sort number float FLTP 16  16 
285 RSRA_STRING String STRG   
286 RSRA_TEXT255 Text Line CHAR 255    
288 RSRCACHEMODE Query Cache Mode CHAR   
290 RSRCARDEXACT Exact Cardinality INT4 10    
291 RSRCARDLOG10 Power of Ten of Cardinality INT2   
292 RSRCC_QCKEY_DIM Rows of FF - Dimensionality of the Row Object INT4 10    
293 RSRCC_QCKEY_FREE Drilldown Characteristics - Rows with Navig. = True in FF INT4 10    
294 RSRCC_QCKEY_SIZE Number of Rows in SP INT4 10    
295 RSRCHANGEFLAG Change flag CHAR   
296 RSRCRV_FUNCTION_TYPE Specifies the Function Type for the Dispatching Process CHAR   
297 RSRCS_CACHE_DO_TYPE Cache: Data Object Type CHAR   
298 RSRCS_GENU_LOGID Shared Store for GENUNIID und LOGID CHAR 52    
299 RSRCURRFLAG Currency before/after value CHAR   
300 RSRCURRTXT Alternative currency display in BEx CHAR 10    
301 RSRDBGMATERIALIZEQUERYLAYER Debug: Materialize intermediate query result CHAR   
302 RSRDBGPLANOPS Planning Operations in ABAP/SAP HANA CHAR   
303 RSRDELTAMETHOD Delta Process of the InfoProvider CHAR   
304 RSRDELTAMODE Data Read Mode of the Query (Partitioning of the SP) NUMC   
305 RSRD_ADMIN_BM_TYPE_3X Bookmark Type BW 3.x CHAR   
306 RSRD_ADMIN_OBJVERS Object Version CHAR   
307 RSRD_ATTR_DEP_DATA Attribute Dependency: Effects on Data CHAR   
308 RSRD_ATTR_DEP_RENDER Type of Dependency During Rendering CHAR   
309 RSRD_ATTR_F4TYPE Attribute Input Help Type CHAR   
310 RSRD_ATTR_TYPE Attribute Type in Broadcasting Framework CHAR 10    
311 RSRD_CLASS_TYPE Class Type in Broadcasting Framework CHAR   
312 RSRD_CREATION_TYPE Generation Type for Documents in Broadcasting CHAR 30    
313 RSRD_DISTRIBUTION_TYPE Distribution Type in Broadcasting Framework CHAR 30    
315 RSRD_ER_DOC_SCOPE Exception Reporting: Scope of the Document CHAR 10    
316 RSRD_EVENT_ID Event ID in Broadcasting Framework CHAR 30    
317 RSRD_EVENT_TYPE Event Type in Broadcasting Framework CHAR   
318 RSRD_HEADER_PART List of Possible Parts of Header/Footer CHAR 30    
319 RSRD_KM_FOLDER KM Folder CHAR 1000    
320 RSRD_MULTI_RENDER Multiple Rendering of an Attribute in Broadcasting CHAR   
321 RSRD_NUMBER Numeric Value for an Attribute in Broadcasting DEC 10 
322 RSRD_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type in Broadcasting Framework CHAR   
323 RSRD_OBJECT_TYPE_35 Object Type in Broadcasting Framework CHAR   
324 RSRD_OUTPUT_FORMAT Output Format in Broadcasting Framework CHAR 30    
325 RSRD_PERIOD_TYPE Period Type for Scheduling Broadcasting Settings CHAR   
326 RSRD_RAWSTRING Binary Content in the Broadcasting Framework RSTR   
327 RSRD_RECURRENCE_TYPE Time Unit of Period with Manual Scheduling CHAR 10    
328 RSRD_RENDER_TYPE Layout Type of an Attribute CHAR   
329 RSRD_RLP_DOC_DESCRIPTION Description of a Document CHAR 500    
330 RSRD_RLP_DOC_NAME Name of a Document CHAR 50    
331 RSRD_RLP_OBJECT_TYPE BI Object Type for Entries in the RLP CHAR   
332 RSRD_RLP_OBJVERS_STATE Broadcast Settings: Object Versions CHAR 10    
333 RSRD_RLP_STATUS_HEALTH_CHECK Status in A1S Health Check for RLP Entries CHAR 20    
334 RSRD_RLP_WC_ID Name of a Work Center CHAR 50    
335 RSRD_SSTRING Short Parameter String in Broadcasting Framework SSTR 255    
336 RSRD_STRING ASCII Content in the Broadcasting Framework STRG   
337 RSRD_TARGET_TYPE Type of Broadcasting Target CHAR   
338 RSRD_XML_CONVERSION_PAR Parameter String for XSLT Conversion STRG   
339 RSRD_XML_CONVERSION_TYPE Type of Conversion of an XML Document CHAR 10    
340 RSRECORD Number of transferred data records NUMC 12    
341 RSRECORDS Field with Length 21 DEC 21    
342 RSRENTRYTP Entry required NUMC   
343 RSREPLED Reporting ledger NUMC   
344 RSREQARCHDEC Decimal Field DEC 12    
345 RSREQARCHINT Integer without Sign INT1   
346 RSREQUEST Request (Char30) CHAR 30    
347 RSREQUID Request ID (INT4) INT4 10    
348 RSREQUNR Request number for the data transfer CHAR 30    
349 RSREQUOBJ Object of the data transfer (InfoSource / InfoObject) CHAR 30    
350 RSREQUTYPE Type of requested data CHAR   
351 RSRFEMSN Id of a selection (cell in form) zero belongs to all NUMC   
352 RSRHALIGNMENT Horizontal alignment NUMC   
353 RSRHIERBIAINDEX Hierarchy Index in BWA CHAR   
355 RSRNRTYPE Type of request in request hierarchy CHAR   
356 RSROLENTYPE Node type for role hierarchy CHAR   
357 RSROPTMODE Optimization Mode NUMC   
358 RSROUTDEP Use of Source Structure Fields CHAR   
359 RSROW Line number NUMC   
360 RSRPACK Large Packed Number DEC 31 
361 RSRPARAMETERINDEX Parameter Index INT4 10    
362 RSRPERSISTMODE Cache Persistence Mode CHAR   
363 RSRQPROV_CNT Counter NUMC   
364 RSRQPROV_CNT_DATA Counter for Data Records NUMC   
365 RSRQPROV_CNT_DATA_QP Counter for OSI Data Records NUMC   
366 RSRQPROV_CNT_ERROR Counter for Data Records with Errors NUMC   
367 RSRQPROV_CNT_ERROR_QP Counter for OSI Data Records with Errors NUMC   
369 RSRQPROV_ERRORTEXT Error Text CHAR 255    
370 RSRQPROV_TIMESTMP Time Stamp DEC 15 DEC 15    
372 RSRQSTATE Status of the data transfer CHAR   
373 RSRREADMODE Read mode of the query CHAR   
376 RSRR_FIELD BW-RRI Field Name CHAR 30    
377 RSRR_MEMID BW-RRI Set/Get Parameter ID CHAR 20    
378 RSRR_RONAM BW-RRI Report Name CHAR 54    
379 RSRR_VALUE BW-RRI Low/High Value CHAR 60    
380 RSRSELDEL Deletion flag for reducing T_SEL CHAR   
381 RSRSELSUBN Subnumber for internal resorting NUMC   
382 RSRSFFREE Free Characteristic in the Drilldown CHAR   
383 RSRSFSORT Desired Sort Sequence of Data INT4 10    
384 RSRSTYLE Style NUMC   
385 RSRTLEVEL Level of a Hierarchy Node (as Integer) INT4 10    
386 RSRTRACE_APPLICATION Application that is checked using the trace tool CHAR 10    
387 RSRTRACE_CELL_TYPE Cell-Type for the Trace Tool INT4 10    
389 RSRTXTTP Text type (short, medium, long) CHAR   
390 RSRUNTIME Runtime DEC 21 
391 RSRUNTIME_COPY Validity Period DEC 21 
392 RSRVALIGNMENT vertical alignment NUMC   
393 RSRVARI Variant CHAR 30    
394 RSRVAR_F4TYPE F4 Type in Variable Screen CHAR   
395 RSRVFACTTABTYPE Type of Fact Table: E or F CHAR   
396 RSRVFILLMODE Type of Filling CHAR   
398 RSRV_ERROR_TYPE Error Type: Error, Warning or No Error CHAR   
399 RSRV_FACTTAB_TYPE Type of Investigated Fact Table ('E' or 'F') CHAR   
400 RSRV_ID Package ID for Test Package of Test and Repair Tool CHAR 15    
401 RSRV_NAME Name for a Name-Value Pair CHAR 50    
402 RSRV_STATE Status of Test in Transaction RSRV CHAR 20    
403 RSRV_SUBRC Return code for exception CX_RSRV_ABORT INT4 10    
404 RSRV_TEST_TYPE Type of Test in Transaction RSRV CHAR   
405 RSRV_TEXT Text for Tests in RSRV CHAR 100    
406 RSRV_TIME For Runtime Estimates FLTP 16  16 
407 RSRV_TRIGGER_TYPE When to send mail CHAR 16    
408 RSRV_VALUE Value for a Name-Value Pair CHAR 100    
409 RSRV_XY_REBUILD_RC Return Code of X/Y Tables Reconstruction CHAR 10    
410 RSRWORKBOOKNM Technical name of a workbook CHAR 30    
411 RSR_CELL_COORDINATE Cell Coordinate INT4 10    
412 RSR_CHA_PRESENTATION Display of a Characteristic CHAR   
413 RSR_DATA_INTEGRITY_SCENARIO Data Integrity Profile CHAR   
414 RSR_DATE_TYPE Type of Date CHAR   
415 RSR_DC_SEQUENCE_TYPE Delta Characteristic Sequence Type CHAR   
416 RSR_DR_RELATIONSHIP Relationship Between Source and Target InfoObject CHAR   
417 RSR_DR_SELTYPE Permitted Selections CHAR   
418 RSR_EXCEL_OBJNAME Object name CHAR 40    
419 RSR_EXCEL_OBJTEXT objectg text CHAR 60    
420 RSR_FILTER_DD_LABEL_ALIGN Alignment of Title in Filter Drilldown Bow (WWW) CHAR   
421 RSR_HDB_FORCE_ENGINE Debug: Force Specific HDB Engine CHAR   
422 RSR_HYDSTYPE DataSource Capacity of Remote HybridProvider CHAR   
423 RSR_OLAP_LAYER_UOM OLAP_LAYER: Currency/Unit Handling and Conversion CHAR   
424 RSR_PREC_ACTIVITY Domain for the Status of the RFC Server NUMC   
425 RSR_SORT_TYPE Sorting Type CHAR   
426 RSR_TEXT_TYPES Text types CHAR   
427 RSR_XLS_DCELLTYPE Data Cell Type CHAR   
428 RSSAUTHHIERTYPE Type of Authorization for a Hierarchy NUMC   
429 RSSAUTHTYPE BW Reporting Authorization Type CHAR   
430 RSSBCOMPMODE BI Analysis Authorizations: Hierarchy Validity Area NUMC   
431 RSSBTLEVEL Hierarchy Level NUMC   
432 RSSB_ACTIVITY BW: Activities (Authorization Check) CHAR   
433 RSSB_TLOGO_DTP_SRC TLogo Types of DTP/TR Sources CHAR   
434 RSSB_TLOGO_SRC TLogo Types of DTP/TR Sources CHAR   
435 RSSB_TLOGO_SUB_SRC TLogo Subtype CHAR   
436 RSSB_TLOGO_SUB_TGT TLogo Subtype of Target CHAR   
437 RSSB_TLOGO_TGT TLogo Types of DTP/TR Targets CHAR   
438 RSSB_TLOGO_TR_SRC TLogo Types of DTP/TR Sources CHAR   
439 RSSCM_APO_ENABL APO enabled/disabled CHAR   
440 RSSCM_APPL SCM application CHAR 10    
441 RSSCM_APPL_CLNT Application client for BW extraction CHAR   
442 RSSCR_CFLG Flag (character) CHAR   
443 RSSCR_DBFI SSCR: Reference field of selection CHAR 132    
444 RSSCR_FLAG Flag for selection screen description RAW   
445 RSSCR_MISC Load table SSCR: Field for all purposes CHAR 30    
447 RSSDK_NAME Technical Name of the SDK Source Systems CHAR 40    
448 RSSDK_RA BI SDK Resource Adapter Type CHAR 30    
449 RSSEARCHICON_D Data Target Type CHAR 128    
450 RSSED_LINE SAPscript RTF editor: Input line for extras CHAR 132    
451 RSSED_SAPC SAPscript RTF editor: SAP character set CHAR   
452 RSSEGID Segment ID CHAR   
453 RSSEGID_HIER Segment ID for Hierarchies CHAR   
454 RSSELOPUSH Options pushbutton CHAR 40    
455 RSSELTOTXT Text field 'To' on selection screens CHAR   
456 RSSELTYPE Selection type CHAR   
457 RSSELVALUE Generic low/high field for select-options CHAR 45    
458 RSSEMCHAVL Field for any characteristic value CHAR 60    
459 RSSEMCHAVLEXT Field for a user-defined character. value external display CHAR 70    
460 RSSEM_FLG General Indicator for SAP Consolidation CHAR   
461 RSSEM_HASH32 32-Character Hash Value CHAR 32    
462 RSSEM_INTERFACE_VERSION Interface version BW - SEM NUMC   
463 RSSEM_RFC_IPROV_PROC_TYPE Processing Type for Data Packages of InfoProvider Selection NUMC   
464 RSSEM_UI_CHANM Characteristic CHAR 30    
465 RSSEM_UI_CHAVAL Characteristic value CHAR 30    
466 RSSEM_UI_CHAVAL_INT Characteristic value (internal display) CHAR 60    
467 RSSEM_UI_KYFNM Key figure CHAR 30    
468 RSSEM_UI_OBJVERS Object version CHAR   
469 RSSEM_UI_Y_CHAR64K Character String 64 Characters with Lowercase CHAR 64    
470 RSSEM_UI_Y_CHATP Characteristic type CHAR   
471 RSSEM_UI_Y_DOC_ID Document identifier INT4 10    
472 RSSEM_UI_Y_OBJVERS Object version CHAR   
473 RSSEM_UI_Y_OPTION Relational operator in search query CHAR   
474 RSSEM_UI_Y_SEMAPPL SEM application to be called CHAR   
475 RSSEM_UI_Y_SIGN Include-Exclude attribute in query CHAR   
476 RSSEM_VALUE Characteristic Value CHAR 45    
477 RSSEPD Separator for Excel format RAW   
478 RSSERVTYPE_D Type of Server CHAR   
479 RSSGUID25 UUID in compressed form CHAR 25    
480 RSSG_BOOL Boolean Indicator CHAR   
481 RSSG_GENFL Generation flag for TADIR objects CHAR   
482 RSSG_GSTAT BW generation tool: Status of the generated program NUMC   
483 RSSG_PCLAS BW generation tool: Program class for generated programs CHAR 20    
484 RSSG_SUBC Program Type CHAR   
485 RSSHAREDECD Decimal field DEC 17 
486 RSSHCHAVALUE Characteristic Value (Length is 60 for RFC; Do Not Change) CHAR 60    
487 RSSHCLDSPCH Display Behavior of Created Sheets Cannot Be Changed CHAR   
488 RSSHCRLEAFDSP Do Not Display Leaves for Inner-Nodes in the Query CHAR   
489 RSSHINTERVL Indicate Whether a Node Is an Interval CHAR   
490 RSSHLINK Link Indicator of a Link Node CHAR   
491 RSSHMODE Editing Mode for Hierarchy Maintenance CHAR   
492 RSSHNODENAME Name of the hierarchy Node CHAR 60    
493 RSSHNODETYPE Hierarchy node type CHAR 10    
494 RSSHRHTYPE Hierarchy Restriction Type CHAR 30    
495 RSSHSIGNCH Reverse Sign for Hierarchy Nodes CHAR   
496 RSSHSIGNCHANGE Reverse Sign for Hierarchy Nodes (X = Reverse) CHAR   
497 RSSHSIGNCHANGECALC Reverse Sign for Hierarchy Nodes OLAP INT4 10    
498 RSSHSIGNCHEXIST Reverse Sign Set for at Least one Node CHAR   
499 RSSHTXT Text STRG   
500 RSSH_DTP_ACTIVATE Activate Hierarchy CHAR