SAP ABAP Domain - Index A, page 4
Domain - A
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 AD_REFTYPE Type: Active or Passive Reference? (Business Addr. Services) CHAR   
2 AD_RETCODE Most serious error: E, W, I, SPACE CHAR   
3 AD_SCMODE Indicator: Automatic Cursor Positioning Permitted CHAR   
4 AD_SCRTYPE Screen type CHAR   
5 AD_SCR_VAR Country-dependent address screen variant CHAR   
6 AD_SEX Gender Key (Business Address Services) CHAR   
7 AD_SMTPADR SMTP Internet Mail Address (Business Address Services) CHAR 241    
8 AD_SO_KEY SAPoffice Key (Business Address Services) CHAR 10    
9 AD_SSFID SSF signatory/recipient name LCHR 2048    
10 AD_SSFID_1 SSF name signatory/recipient: Parts 1-8 CHAR 250    
11 AD_SSFLNG SSFID field length INT2   
12 AD_SSFSCR SSFID field for screen display CHAR 132    
13 AD_STRPBOX Flag: Street address (S) or PO Box address (P) CHAR   
14 AD_STRPRIO Flag: Street has priority over PO box CHAR   
15 AD_STRRULE Street row composition rule CHAR   
16 AD_TELDMOD Filter for Telephone Dialog CHAR   
17 AD_TENCODE Desired text data coding (X.400) CHAR   
18 AD_THRESHD Percentage: Duplicate check threshold DEC
19 AD_TITLE Title Key (Business Address Services) CHAR   
20 AD_TITLE1 Academic Title (Key) (Business Address Services) CHAR   
21 AD_TITLES Name Suffix (Key) (Business Address Services) CHAR   
22 AD_TXJCD Tax jurisdiction code CHAR 15    
23 AD_TZONE Address time zone CHAR   
24 AD_UPDFLAG Address transfer structure change flag CHAR   
25 AD_URI Universal Resource Indicator LCHR 2048    
26 AD_URILNG URI field length INT2   
27 AD_URISCR URI screen display field CHAR 132    
28 AD_URITYPE URI type flag CHAR   
29 AD_URI_1 Universal Resource Indicator: Parts 1-8 CHAR 250    
30 AD_URI_BW URI field to pass to BW CHAR 60    
31 AD_UUID_BELATED Indicator: UUID was generated later CHAR   
32 AD_VERTPRZ Distribution % (error-tolerant search) NUMC   
33 AD_XPCPT Business Purpose Completed Flag (X = True, Space = False) CHAR   
34 AEART Equalization payment method CHAR   
35 AEART_JSDK Order change type CHAR   
36 AECLT Engin. chg. mgmt: characteristic/class mtce/classif. indic. CHAR   
37 AENDLFDNR Sequence number of change number NUMC   
38 AENDNR IS-M/SD: Change number for structure changes CHAR   
39 AENDNRARTD IS-M/SD: Date type (from, to) CHAR   
40 AENDSTATUS Status of structure changes CHAR   
41 AENDZ Sales order change NUMC   
42 AEND_FLAG Indicator for various upgrade/activation variants NUMC   
43 AENGR Budget billing plan: reason for change CHAR   
44 AENKZ Change indicator CHAR   
45 AENNR Change number CHAR 12    
46 AENR Sales order schedule line NUMC   
47 AENST Change Master Status NUMC   
48 AENTP Change category CHAR   
49 AENUM Change number CHAR   
50 AENUS Last user to make a change CHAR   
51 AENVERS_NR IS-PAM: Change version number NUMC   
52 AEOBJ Engineering change management object NUMC   
53 AEOBJEKT Identification of object to be changed CHAR 40    
54 AEOST Status of an object management record CHAR   
55 AEQUI Equivalence numbers DEC   
56 AEREP Change report CHAR 40    
57 AESKD Customer engineering change status CHAR 17    
58 AESTA Change status CHAR   
59 AETYP Change category NUMC   
60 AFABE Depreciation area for assets NUMC   
61 AFABE_C Depreciation area (Reporting) CHAR   
62 AFACLA Ordinary depreciation classification CHAR   
63 AFAGL_ZB_ACC_SUBSET Subset for Zero-balance Clearing Lines     
64 AFAKT Execution factor DEC   
65 AFALNR IS-H: Case Number (Archive) CHAR 10    
66 AFAMET Depreciation procedure CHAR   
67 AFAPL Chart of depreciation CHAR   
68 AFARFO Depreciation calculation sequence CHAR   
69 AFARKZ Depreciation calculation sequence CHAR   
70 AFARSL Base method CHAR   
71 AFARSL_OLD Internal depreciation key CHAR   
72 AFASL Dep. key CHAR   
73 AFASL_NEW Depreciation key CHAR   
74 AFASL_OLD Depreciation key CHAR   
75 AFATYP Depreciation type CHAR   
76 AFBLNR Dep. posting routine current number NUMC   
77 AFBSTS Depreciation posting status NUMC   
78 AFD_OBJ Object for function CHAR   
79 AFFECT_COST_VAL_RESULT Adjustment of Purchase Value (Result) CHAR   
80 AFNAM Name of requisitioner/requester in purchase requisition CHAR 12    
81 AFNAMEDO Names of output fields CHAR 10    
82 AFORM_ID Appraisal form ID NUMC   
83 AFO_FAI_SRC Method for generating error log CHAR   
84 AFO_MUPD_TRTYPE Mass processing for FO integration: Processing category CHAR   
85 AFPROZ Percentage rate for dep. calc. DEC
86 AFRDV Type of Previous Work Relationship CHAR   
87 AFRHHER Origin of confirmation pool CHAR   
88 AFRUF Direct call-up OK CODE CHAR   
89 AFRUV Confirmation pool CHAR 20    
90 AFS_SIZE AFS size CHAR   
91 AFTLB Trip Costs Assignment Specification for Indiv. Receipt CURR
92 AFTLF Run ID for balance sheet readjustment NUMC   
93 AFUNC Unknown CHAR 252    
94 AFUNC2 Unknown CHAR 200    
95 AFUNCT_ID ID Additional Function CHAR 15    
96 AFUNCT_ID_T Additional Function Text CHAR 60    
97 AFWBM_ASSVARI TRM: Simulation Variant for Benchmark NUMC   
98 AFWBM_BMID Benchmark ID CHAR 12    
99 AFWBM_CALC_STATUS Status of the Benchmark Run CHAR   
100 AFWBM_CATEGORY Benchmark Category INT1   
101 AFWBM_ICON TRM: Icon for Status of Benchmark CHAR   
102 AFWBM_MODUS Operating Mode of Benchmark Run CHAR   
103 AFWBM_NODE_TYPE Properties of a Benchmark Node CHAR   
104 AFWBM_READJUST TRM: Readjustment Mode for Composite Benchmark INT1   
105 AFWBM_STATUS Status of a Benchmark CHAR   
106 AFWBM_TOPDOWN Top-Down Indicator for Assignment Variant CHAR   
107 AFWCH_APPLSEGM Name of an application segment CHAR   
108 AFWCH_BPMIG Indicator for Business Partner Conversion CHAR   
109 AFWCH_BPTASK AFWCH-Specific Conversion Steps CHAR   
110 AFWCH_FLG_HEDGE Hedge Indicator CHAR   
111 AFWCH_FLID Filter: Name CHAR   
112 AFWCH_FLTYP Filter Category CHAR   
113 AFWCH_FLTYP_OLD Old Definition of Filter Category CHAR   
114 AFWCH_FL_ICON Icons for Display of Filter Status CHAR   
115 AFWCH_INDEX Filter: Index NUMC   
116 AFWCH_LINE line NUMC   
117 AFWCH_REASON Reason for Change CHAR 70    
118 AFWCH_SEGMCHAR Indicator: Characterisic included for segment generation CHAR   
119 AFWCH_SEGMCHARTYPE Segment level characteristic category in analysis structures CHAR   
120 AFWCH_STATUS Status of Filter/Portfolio Hierarchy CHAR   
121 AFWCH_STATUS_HIS Status of Historical Variants CHAR   
122 AFWGO_EVALPROC Analyzer evaluation procedure CHAR 10    
123 AFWGO_EVALPROC_2 Analyzer evaluation procedure for final results CHAR 10    
124 AFWGO_INTMODUS1 Upload mode CHAR   
125 AFWGO_MODUS Upload mode CHAR   
126 AFWGO_MODUS2 Mode for analysis run acc. to final results procedure CHAR   
127 AFWGO_MODUS_SEL Upload mode CHAR   
129 AFWGO_OBJNR_RDB_STATE RDB status of financial objects CHAR   
131 AFWGO_REWORK_REASON_AV1 Postprocessing reason for a financial object in EP1 CHAR   
132 AFWGO_REWORK_STATUS_AV1 Postprocessing status for a financial object CHAR   
133 AFWGO_STATUS Status of data import CHAR   
134 AFWGO_STATUS2 Status of final results procedure CHAR   
135 AFWKFPA_CALCSINCE Start date for yield "from start to current date" CHAR   
136 AFWKFPA_ITERATION_METHOD Numeric Iteration Method CHAR   
137 AFWKFPA_MM_VAL Valuation Control for Money Market Transactions CHAR   
138 AFWKFPA_YIELD_METHOD Key Figures: Yield calculation method CHAR   
139 AFWKFRA_LINECAT RA key figure categories: Fixed values for line category NUMC   
140 AFWKFRA_POSITIONID RA Key Figures: Fixed Values for Position ID NUMC   
141 AFWKFRA_SENSITIVITY Fixed values for RA sensitivities NUMC   
142 AFWKF_CATEGORY Key figure category CHAR 10    
143 AFWKF_DEFINITION Definition of Key Figure CHAR   
144 AFWKF_SINCE_DATE Start time for yield calc. "start of period to current date" CHAR   
145 AFW_APPLICATION Analyzer application CHAR   
146 AFW_NODE_CATEGORY Domains for Node Category CHAR   
147 AFW_PHTYPE Portfolio hierarchy category CHAR   
148 AFW_SEGMTYPE Segment type CHAR   
149 AFW_SSIGN +/- sign CHAR   
150 AFW_TEXT Text domain with capitalization/lower case CHAR 30    
151 AFW_TEXT20 Description (20 Characters) CHAR 20    
152 AFW_TEXT50 Text domain with capitalization/lower case CHAR 50    
153 AFX_ACTVT_ID Activity ID NUMC 10    
154 AFX_ANALYZE_MODE Mode for Analysis Run CHAR   
155 AFX_APPLLOG_PERIOD Retention Period in Application Log INT4 10    
156 AFX_ARCHIVE_STATUS Archiving Status CHAR   
157 AFX_ARCHMODE Archiving Mode CHAR   
159 AFX_CHAR50LOW Char. 50 bytes - lowercase CHAR 50    
160 AFX_CHAR80LOW CHAR 80 Bytes - Lowercase CHAR 80    
161 AFX_COMMIT_COUNT Commit Counter for Partial Package Processing in Paral.Proc. INT4 10    
162 AFX_FIELDNAME12 Local Field Name for Database Tables (12 Characters) CHAR 12    
163 AFX_FIELDNAME16 Local Field Name for Database Tables (16 Characters) CHAR 16    
164 AFX_FMOD_KEY Key for AFX Function Modules CHAR 30    
165 AFX_FOLLOW_UP_PER Resubmission Period INT4 10    
166 AFX_LIMIT Object Key Limits in Parallel Processing CHAR 80    
167 AFX_NAME_PREFIX_EXT Name Prefix (External Display) CHAR   
168 AFX_NAME_PREFIX_INT Name Prefix (Internal Display) CHAR   
169 AFX_NODESTATUS Editing Status of a Node NUMC   
170 AFX_OBJECT AFX Object CHAR 10    
171 AFX_PACKAGE_STATUS Status of a Package in the Archiving Run NUMC   
172 AFX_PACKCOUNT Number of Work Packages INT4 10    
173 AFX_PACKSIZE Size of Work Package INT4 10    
174 AFX_PBPROCESS Package Formation Procedure CHAR 10    
175 AFX_PROG_TYPE Program Type CHAR   
176 AFX_RESIDENCE Residence Time INT4 10    
177 AFX_RUNSTATUS Status of an Archiving Run INT1   
178 AFX_UNIT Period Unit CHAR   
179 AFZHRG Use Up Advance Granting for Length-of-Service Levels Yes/No CHAR   
180 AGEIN Type of withholding for employer costs CHAR   
181 AGEN_AE IS-M/AM: Agency commission entitlement CHAR   
182 AGEN_GRUP IS-M/AM: Agency grouping CHAR   
183 AGFIPROC_ITAGCY Agency Collections: Triggering Transaction for Agency FI CHAR   
184 AGGDI Aggregation CHAR   
185 AGGRD_KK Reason for submitting an item to an external coll. agency CHAR   
186 AGGRE Aggregation CHAR   
187 AGGREGATION_KEY Aggregation key CHAR 13    
188 AGGRF_KK Reference Number for Aggregated Interim Statuses CHAR 12    
189 AGGRQ Requirements totaling type CHAR   
190 AGGR_PS Aggregate Function CHAR 10    
191 AGGTM Time-based aggregation CHAR   
192 AGGTYPE Aggregate Type CHAR   
193 AGIDF Identification of the application area CHAR   
194 AGIND Age Group Indicator (Southern Africa) CHAR   
195 AGINF_KK Clearing information CHAR   
196 AGKEM Cost calculation type CHAR   
197 AGKTO Account in which items were cleared CHAR 10    
198 AGLT_____4 Number of valid positions RAW   
199 AGMEM Internal comment on quotation CHAR   
200 AGPRF Age Proof INT1   
201 AGPRO_KK Clearing Process CHAR   
202 AGR3AGR Container for Internet links CHAR 180    
203 AGR3_HTML Container for Internet links CHAR 255    
204 AGR4_HTML Container for Internet links CHAR 2000    
205 AGREEMENT_NAME Domain For Agreement Name CHAR 30    
206 AGREQ Aggregate reqmts CHAR   
207 AGRM_ABTYP Category of the Rebate Agreement CHAR   
208 AGRM_FRAME_OBJECT_KEY Frame Object /Maintenance Object for Agreement CHAR 10    
209 AGRM_FRAME_OBJECT_TYPE Frame Object /Maintenance Object for Agreement CHAR   
210 AGRUP_KK Reconciliation group CHAR   
211 AGR_BOART Rebate Agreement Type CHAR   
212 AGR_DEL Deletion Indicator for Agreement CHAR   
213 AGR_FRAME_OBJECT_KEY Frame Object/Maintenance Object for Agreement CHAR 10    
214 AGR_FRAME_OBJECT_TYPE Frame Object/Maintenance Object for Agreement CHAR   
215 AGR_KOBOG Condition type/table group for agreements CHAR   
216 AGR_NAME Role CHAR 30    
217 AGR_ORGCOL Indicator: Indirect Assignment of the User to the Role CHAR   
218 AGR_TIME_A Time Stamp for Role (Menu, Authorization Data, Target Sys.) CHAR 10    
219 AGR_TIME_B Time Stamp for Role (Profile Generation) CHAR 10    
220 AGR_TIME_C Time Stamp for Role (User Assignment) CHAR 10    
221 AGR_TIME_D Time Stamp for Role (Profile Comparison, RFC Distribution) CHAR 10    
222 AGR_TYPE Role type CHAR   
223 AGSDCACHE AGS WK: way of deal with cache, R - read cache, S - refresh CHAR   
224 AGSDSTATUS AGS Workcenter: result status when generate jnet xml NUMC   
226 AGSEX_DOM_PROXY_TYPE Object Type CHAR 30    
227 AGSKT Cash discount terms for clearing transactions CHAR   
228 AGSRBEDAUTH Activities for Solution Documentation Assistant CHAR   
229 AGSRBE_AD_ORIGIN_TYPE Analyses Definition Origin Type CHAR   
230 AGSRBE_AD_SOURCE_TYPE Analyses Definition Source Type CHAR   
231 AGSRBE_AD_SOURCE_TYPE_2 Analysis Project source type CHAR   
232 AGSRBE_AR_STATUS Analysis Run Status CHAR   
233 AGSRBE_AR_TARGET_LINK_TYPE Analysis target link types CHAR   
234 AGSRBE_BI_CS_TYP Check Step Type - BI data CHAR   
235 AGSRBE_BI_KEYF Standard domain for number key figures (3 decimal places) DEC 17 
236 AGSRBE_BI_LINS Landscape Installation Number CHAR 10    
237 AGSRBE_BI_LMPP Landscape Maininstance P PPMS ID CHAR 20    
238 AGSRBE_BI_LPRP Landscape Product PV PPMS ID CHAR 20    
239 AGSRBE_BI_LSID Landscape System ID CHAR   
240 AGSRBE_BI_MEHI Metric Hash ID CHAR 32    
241 AGSRBE_BI_MENA CheckStep name - Metric Name CHAR 60    
242 AGSRBE_BI_OBNA Object Name - OBNA CHAR 60    
243 AGSRBE_BI_OBTY Object Type - OBTY CHAR 60    
244 AGSRBE_CHAR100 char100 with lower case CHAR 100    
245 AGSRBE_CICS_STATUS Status Check Item Check Step CHAR   
246 AGSRBE_CI_STATUS Status Check Item CHAR   
247 AGSRBE_CI_TYPE Check Item Type CHAR   
248 AGSRBE_CS_BADI_TYPE Check Step BAdI type CHAR   
249 AGSRBE_CS_E2EDIA_TYPE Check Step E2E diagnostics type CHAR   
250 AGSRBE_CS_SQL_F_MODE SQL Check Step Field Mode CHAR   
251 AGSRBE_CS_SQL_TYPE SQL Check Step Subtype CHAR   
252 AGSRBE_CS_TYPE Check Step Type CHAR   
253 AGSRBE_CS_WRK_TYPE Workload Check Step Type CHAR   
254 AGSRBE_DOCU_LEVEL SDA: Object Documentation Level CHAR   
255 AGSRBE_EXISTING_EL_MODE Behavior in case of existing objects CHAR   
256 AGSRBE_GRA_PERCENT graphical percent DEC   
257 AGSRBE_GRA_TABLE_MODE graphic table display switch CHAR   
258 AGSRBE_GRA_VALUE Graphical Value INT4 10    
259 AGSRBE_IMG_TCATE Category of IMG Object-Related Table CHAR   
260 AGSRBE_IMG_TTYPE Types of IMG Object-Related Table CHAR   
261 AGSRBE_IMPORT_TYPE Content import type CHAR   
262 AGSRBE_NODE_TYPE Valid Node Types in Analysis Structure CHAR   
263 AGSRBE_OBJ_TYPE Object Type CHAR   
264 AGSRBE_POOL_REFRESH_MODE Rule Database Refresh Mode NUMC   
265 AGSRBE_PR_UPDATE_ACTION SolMan Project Update Action CHAR   
266 AGSRBE_RESULT_COMPARE Comparsion Result Status CHAR   
267 AGSRBE_SCOPE_MODE Mode to set 'In Scope' flag in SolMan Project CHAR   
268 AGSRBE_SO_M_STATUS Status Check Item CHAR   
269 AGSRBE_SQLCS_ERRCAT SQL Check Step Error Category in RBE Analysis CHAR   
270 AGSRBE_SQL_RATING sql rating CHAR   
271 AGSRBE_SYSTEM_PROCESS_STATUS Check step processing status in satellite systems CHAR   
272 AGSRBE_TIME_RANGE time range DEC 20    
273 AGSRBE_VALUE_TYPE field value selection type INT1   
274 AGSRBE_WD_DESCRIPTION used as data type in web dynpro description field CHAR 60    
275 AGSRBE_WD_IMP_CON import content option INT1   
276 AGSRBE_WD_LICKEY License Key CHAR 40    
277 AGSRBE_WD_LOGOP Operator CHAR   
278 AGSRBE_WD_MAXPWP % Range of Work Processes INT1   
279 AGSRBE_WD_MAXWP Number range of Work Processes INT1   
280 AGSRBE_WD_OP operator = < > <> CHAR   
282 AGSRBE_WD_RUNMODE run mode INT1   
283 AGSRBE_WD_THRESH threshold control INT4 10    
284 AGSRBE_WD_TST time stamp DEC 15    
285 AGSRBE_WD_TSTYPE sql selection type INT1   
286 AGSTAR_KK Original Status of Item Submitted to Collection Agency CHAR   
287 AGSTA_KK Submission status of a receivable to coll. agency CHAR   
288 AGSTWB_AREA Area CHAR 10    
290 AGSWK_BPM_D_ALERTINBOX_MODE AGS Workcenter: Alert Inbox display mode CHAR   
291 AGSWK_BPM_D_ALERT_COLOR AGS Workcenter: Alert color: R, G, Y, N(inactive), A(all) CHAR   
292 AGSWK_BPM_REFRESH_MODE AGS BPM workcenter: information refresh mode CHAR   
293 AGSWK_DMN_BPM_AUTHORIZATION (SP21)BI report's access authorization CHAR   
294 AGSWK_DMN_BPM_WEBITEM_TEXT (SP21) AGS workcenter: Web item's text CHAR 255    
295 AGSWK_DMN_BPM_WEBITEM_TXTTYPE (SP21) AGS Workcenter: Text type of a BI Web Item CHAR 10    
296 AGSWK_DMN_DVM_DEC09_03 DVM: number, length 9, decimal: last 3 DEC
297 AGSWK_D_BPM_ALSCOPE AGS Workcenter: BPM alert scope: 'BPM', DCC', 'DVM' CHAR   
298 AGSWK_D_GRAPH_CMD AGS Graphic for Work Center - Command CHAR 40    
299 AGSWK_D_GRAPH_CMD2 AGS Graphic for Work Center - Command CHAR 40    
300 AGSWK_D_RELTYP Relation type for AGS application CHAR   
301 AGSWK_D_TRANS_CATEGORY For Transaction Category CHAR 32    
302 AGSWK_D_USER_PREFER AGS workcenter, Type of user preference setting CHAR   
303 AGSWK_D_WORKCENTER_IDENTIFER AGS workcenter: workcenter's identifer CHAR 10    
304 AGSWK_EGMT_CYC_SER_LINK_TYPE (Service Delivery) Link typs between Cycle and Service Sessi CHAR 10    
305 AGSWK_TEXT_ALIGN_H ags workcenter: text style - align CHAR 20    
306 AGSWK_TEXT_ALIGN_V AGS workcenter: Text's vertical align CHAR 20    
307 AGSWORKBPMBI BI Activities for BPM work center CHAR   
308 AGSWORKDBPMAUTH Activities for BPM work center CHAR   
309 AGSWORKD_SR_AUTH Service Request Authorization CHAR   
310 AGSWORK_DOM_APP_COMMANDS SolMan Work Centers: Application Launcher commands (domain) CHAR 30    
311 AGS_AB_ACTION_ID Action on Assignment Block CHAR 40    
312 AGS_AB_ACTION_TYPE Action Type of an Assignment Block CHAR   
313 AGS_AB_BUTTON_TYPE Button CHAR 255    
314 AGS_AUTH_TIMEREP Group for Time Recording for Auth Check CHAR   
315 AGS_BPCA_AT_BT_STATUS Status of TBOM recording via automated test case CHAR   
316 AGS_BPCA_BASE_TIME BPCA: Base Time CHAR 80    
318 AGS_BPCA_ITEM Item number NUMC 10    
319 AGS_BPCA_RESSTATUS Result Status CHAR   
320 AGS_BPCA_TC_EFF_TYPE BPCA Effort Type for Test Case Groups CHAR   
321 AGS_BPCA_TST_DC2 Value with two decimals for display DEC 14 
322 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_BOOL_FILTER BPCA Test Scope Determination: Filter Values for Booleans CHAR   
323 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_COVERAGE Test Coverage in BPCA Test Scope Determination D34D
324 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_EFFECTIVITY BPCA Test Scope Determination D34D
326 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_OPT_TYPE BPCA Test Scope Determination: Optimization Type CHAR 10    
327 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_RANK Rank in BPCA Test Scope Determination INT4 10    
328 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_SCOPE_TYPE BPCA Test Scope Determination: Test Scope Type CHAR 10    
329 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_SECTION BPCA Test Scope Determination: Opimization Section CHAR   
330 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_SHORTCUT_ICON BPCA Test Scope Determination: Icon for Shortcut CHAR   
331 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_TBOM_STAT_FILT BPCA Test Scope Determination: Filter Values for TBOM Status CHAR   
332 AGS_BPCA_UNUSED_OBJ_COUNT BPCA Number of Unused Objects INT4 10    
333 AGS_BPCA_UNUSED_OBJ_PERC BPCA Percentage of Unused Objects INT1   
334 AGS_BPCA_VARIANT Variant Name CHAR 30    
335 AGS_BPM_ALERT_RATING_DOM Warning Message Rating CHAR   
337 AGS_BPM_DETMON_ACTIVITY Monitoring Status Query Activity CHAR   
340 AGS_BPM_PARALLEL_JOBS_DOM Parallel Job Execution INT1   
341 AGS_BPM_RELDAY_CALENDAR Relative to Beginning/End of Month CHAR   
342 AGS_BPM_SID Business Process Monitoring System ID (3-char) CHAR   
343 AGS_BPM_SOLUTION BPM Interface: Solution ID CHAR 50    
346 AGS_BPM_START_MONTH First Month INT4 10    
347 AGS_BPM_SYMSGNO Message Number CHAR   
348 AGS_BPM_S_WEEKLY_SCHEDULE BPM: Schedule Weekly or Monthly CHAR   
349 AGS_CC_DAUTH Custom Code Library Authorization CHAR   
351 AGS_CC_DFLAG Flag (character 1) CHAR   
352 AGS_CC_DIDENTIFIER Identifier (Length 20) CHAR 20    
353 AGS_CC_DLIB_ID Custom Code Library Definition ID CHAR 20    
354 AGS_CC_DLIB_KEY Library Key CHAR 10    
355 AGS_CC_DNUMBER Custom Code Number (Object or Attribute) NUMC 10    
358 AGS_CC_DTTYPE Task Type RAW   
359 AGS_CC_DTVERS Version CHAR 20    
360 AGS_CC_DVALUE Value CHAR 255    
361 AGS_CC_DVERSNR Version Number NUMC   
362 AGS_CC_DVISIBILITY Attribute Visibility CHAR   
363 AGS_CC_SCREEN_AREA AGS: Screen Area in Control Center INT1   
364 AGS_DBSYS Database System with Version CHAR 30    
365 AGS_DEL_FLAG Deletion Indicator CHAR   
366 AGS_DVM_DEC17_3 DVM: number, length 17, decimal: last 3 DEC 17 
367 AGS_DVM_DOM_AGE Age INT4 10    
368 AGS_DVM_FLTP_16 DVM: domain for floating point key figures FLTP 16  16 
369 AGS_DVM_KEY General Key CHAR 20    
370 AGS_DVM_PARAM Parameter CHAR 30    
371 AGS_DVM_VALUE Value CHAR 120    
372 AGS_D_DATACLASS Domain of data class used in bpm workcenter CHAR   
373 AGS_D_DESCRIPTION AGS Workcenter: domain for description , lower case possible CHAR 100    
374 AGS_D_GANTTBAR_COLOR Gantt bar 's available color NUMC   
375 AGS_D_GANTT_BARTYPE Domain for Gantt graphic's bar type NUMC   
376 AGS_D_GANTT_DATEFORMAT available date format CHAR 10    
377 AGS_D_GANTT_MSCOLOR Milestone color NUMC   
378 AGS_D_GANTT_MSTYPE Milestone type NUMC   
379 AGS_D_GANTT_TIMEZONE Jgantt timezone CHAR   
380 AGS_D_GRAPHIC_HALIGN AGS Graph horizen align CHAR   
381 AGS_D_GRAPH_HALIGN horizen align CHAR   
382 AGS_D_STRING string STRG   
383 AGS_D_TIMESCALE Time scale level: Y: year; M:month; D:day NUMC   
384 AGS_D_TIMEUNIT Domain for Time Units CHAR   
385 AGS_EJR_ACTION_TYPE Action Type CHAR 10    
386 AGS_EJR_ACTIVITY Activity CHAR 10    
387 AGS_EJR_ACTIVITY_AUTH_DOM Activities in the Job Overview NUMC   
388 AGS_EJR_APPLICATION Application CHAR 30    
390 AGS_EJR_ATTRIBUTE_GROUP Attribute Groups CHAR 10    
391 AGS_EJR_ATTRIBUTE_NAME Attribute Name CHAR 40    
393 AGS_EJR_ATTR_GROUP Attibute Groups CHAR 30    
394 AGS_EJR_AUTH_DOCU_TYPE Type of Authorization CHAR   
395 AGS_EJR_AUTH_REL_TYPE Relation type CHAR   
396 AGS_EJR_AUTH_RETURN_CODE Authorization Check Return Values INT4 10    
401 AGS_EJR_BP_SOURCE Business Process Source CHAR   
402 AGS_EJR_BTCWDCDIR Count direction for start date 'On Working Day' of a job NUMC   
403 AGS_EJR_BTC_PRD_BHV Periodic Behavior CHAR   
404 AGS_EJR_BUSINESS_AREA_DOM Business Fields CHAR 80    
405 AGS_EJR_BUSINESS_PRIORITY Priority for Business Process CHAR   
406 AGS_EJR_CHAIN_TYPE Job Chain Type CHAR 10    
408 AGS_EJR_CHARM_ADMIN_AUTH Administration of Change Control for Job Documentation CHAR   
409 AGS_EJR_COMPONENT Application Component CHAR 30    
410 AGS_EJR_CONDITION_TYPE Condition Types CHAR 10    
411 AGS_EJR_COUNTRY_CODE_DOM Country code CHAR 20    
412 AGS_EJR_CPS_JOB_SEL_STRATEGY Strategy, how to select CPS jobs CHAR   
413 AGS_EJR_CUSTOM_VIEW_LAYOUT Web Dynpro View Layout Description CHAR   
414 AGS_EJR_DATA_STORAGE_METHOD Specifies Data Access Type CHAR   
415 AGS_EJR_DIAGRAM_DATA_PROVIDER Type of data provider for job diagram CHAR   
416 AGS_EJR_DOC_AREA Job Documentation LOD Area CHAR 40    
417 AGS_EJR_DOC_TYPE Document Type CHAR   
419 AGS_EJR_EHP_PROCEDURE_GROUP Grouping Attribute: Error Procedure CHAR 10    
420 AGS_EJR_EHP_PROCEDURE_TYPE Text Type: Error Procedure CHAR 10    
423 AGS_EJR_EXTERNAL_STATUS_DOM External Status Management CHAR 20    
425 AGS_EJR_FORM_CARDINALITY Cardinality of a Form CHAR   
426 AGS_EJR_INTEGER Signed Integer INT4 10    
427 AGS_EJR_JOBDEF_ACTIVITY_AUTH_D Activities in a Job Definition CHAR   
428 AGS_EJR_JOBDOC_NUMBER Job Documentation Number NUMC 10    
429 AGS_EJR_JOBDOC_SCENARIO_DOM Job Documentation Scenario CHAR   
430 AGS_EJR_JOBDOC_TYPE Documentation Type CHAR 80    
431 AGS_EJR_JOBSCHED_ACTIVITY_AUTH Activities in Job Scheduling Dialog CHAR   
432 AGS_EJR_JOB_ACTIVITY_AUTH Job Scheduling Authorization CHAR   
435 AGS_EJR_JOB_MON_BEHAVIOR Behavior of Job Monitoring test program CHAR   
436 AGS_EJR_JOB_NAME_DOM Name of a Background Program CHAR 128    
437 AGS_EJR_JOB_NOTE Job Note CHAR 1000    
438 AGS_EJR_JOB_REPOSITORY Standard Job Repository CHAR   
439 AGS_EJR_JOB_REQUEST_AUTH Authorization for activities in a job request CHAR   
440 AGS_EJR_JOB_REQUEST_TYPE_ID Request Type: Value = 'NEW', 'EDT', 'DEL' CHAR   
441 AGS_EJR_JOB_REQ_TYP_AUTH Authorizations for view Basic/Detail CHAR   
442 AGS_EJR_JOB_SCENARIO Job Scenario: Adhoc or Periodic NUMC   
443 AGS_EJR_JOB_START_COND Job Start Conditions CHAR   
444 AGS_EJR_JOB_TYPE_DEF_DESCR Description of Job Type Definitions CHAR 80    
445 AGS_EJR_JOB_TYPE_DESCRIPTION Description of Job Types CHAR 80    
446 AGS_EJR_LAYOUT_UIELEMENT Interface Element CHAR   
447 AGS_EJR_LINK_TARGET_DOM Link Target CHAR 80    
448 AGS_EJR_LINK_TYPE_DOM Link Type CHAR 40    
449 AGS_EJR_LOG_ID Source of a Job Log Entry CHAR 60    
450 AGS_EJR_LOG_LEVEL Message Level of Detail INT1   
451 AGS_EJR_MODE_DOM Processing Mode CHAR   
452 AGS_EJR_MON_ACTIVITY_AUTH Job Monitoring Authorization CHAR   
453 AGS_EJR_MYSYSTEM_STRATEGY Strategy to determine my systems CHAR   
454 AGS_EJR_OBJECT Object CHAR 40    
455 AGS_EJR_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type CHAR 10    
456 AGS_EJR_ORG_SRC Source of Organization Model CHAR   
457 AGS_EJR_ORG_UNIT_DOM Organizational Unit CHAR 80    
458 AGS_EJR_PARAMETER Parameters CHAR 80    
459 AGS_EJR_PARAM_VALUE Parameter Value STRG   
460 AGS_EJR_PARTNER_FUNCTION Partner Function CHAR 10    
461 AGS_EJR_PARTNER_GROUP Contact Person CHAR 10    
462 AGS_EJR_PARTNER_ID Identification CHAR 32    
464 AGS_EJR_PARTNER_TYPE Business Partner Type CHAR   
465 AGS_EJR_PREF_NAME Default User Settings CHAR 10    
466 AGS_EJR_PREF_VALUE Default Setting Value CHAR 80    
467 AGS_EJR_PRINT_APPLICATION Print View/Application CHAR 40    
468 AGS_EJR_PRIORITY_LONGTEXT Priority (Long Text) CHAR 80    
469 AGS_EJR_PRIORITY_SHORTTEXT Priority (Short Text) CHAR 20    
470 AGS_EJR_PROTOCOL Protocol CHAR 20    
471 AGS_EJR_REGION_DOM Region CHAR 40    
472 AGS_EJR_REQUEST_ACTION_TYPE Action to be performed CHAR   
473 AGS_EJR_RESTRICTION_TYPE Scheduling Restriction CHAR 10    
474 AGS_EJR_RESTRICT_CONTEXT_ID Reference Object ID CHAR 80    
475 AGS_EJR_RESTRICT_CONTEXT_TYPE Reference Object for Scheduling Restriction CHAR   
476 AGS_EJR_RSPOPNAME Spool: Output device CHAR   
478 AGS_EJR_SCHEDULER_DOM Name of External Scheduler CHAR 128    
479 AGS_EJR_SCHEDULER_ISOL_GROUP Isolation Group CHAR 80    
480 AGS_EJR_SCHEDULER_PARAM_GRP Parameter Group (Subset) CHAR 80    
483 AGS_EJR_SCHEDULER_VERSION Version of External Scheduler CHAR 10    
484 AGS_EJR_SCHEMA Schema CHAR 10    
485 AGS_EJR_SCRIPT_CLASS Script Category CHAR   
487 AGS_EJR_SC_WEEKDAYS Start Condition: Day of the Week CHAR   
488 AGS_EJR_SC_WEEKDAYS_WORKD Start Condition: Day of the Week CHAR   
489 AGS_EJR_SM_PARAMETER_NAME General Name of a Parameter CHAR 80    
491 AGS_EJR_START_COND_RANGE Start Condition: Time Period CHAR   
492 AGS_EJR_STATUS_DOM Status Management CHAR 10    
493 AGS_EJR_STATUS_PROPERTY_DOM Job Documentation Attribute Status CHAR 10    
494 AGS_EJR_STEP_DESCRIPTION Job Step Description CHAR 255    
495 AGS_EJR_STEP_PARAMETER Parameters for Program, Script or Command of a Step STRG   
496 AGS_EJR_STEP_TYPE_CODE_DOM Job Types in SAP Solution Manager CHAR 80    
497 AGS_EJR_STEP_TYPE_DEF Job Type Definitions CHAR 80    
498 AGS_EJR_STEP_TYPE_DOM Process Step Type CHAR 80    
500 AGS_EJR_TEMPLATE_ACTIVITY_AUTH Activity Job Documentation Templates CHAR