SAP ABAP Domain - Index O, page 2
Domain - O
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 OIB_CMODE Oil Conversion Mode (Window) CHAR   
2 OIB_CNT 2 Character field: Counter/number CHAR   
3 OIB_CODE Return code from AGA routines FLTP 16  16 
4 OIB_COEFF Oil Quantity Conversion Coefficient FLTP 16  16 
6 OIB_COMPRESSIONFACTOR Domain for compression factor Z , natural gas conversions FLTP 16  16 
7 OIB_COMP_FACTOR Compressibility Factor FLTP 16  16 
9 OIB_CSTAT status of calculations (export parameter) DEC   
10 OIB_CSTAT_F QCI status of calculations FLTP 16  16 
11 OIB_CUSTPAR Help field for Input/Output of customer floating point value CHAR 10    
12 OIB_CUSTPARCHAR Customer parameter character CHAR   
13 OIB_CUSTPARFLO Customer parameter floating point FLTP 16  16 
14 OIB_DEFSWITCH Default table switch CHAR   
15 OIB_DEF_COPY Copy instructions for QCI default maintenance CHAR   
16 OIB_DESCR Description CHAR 40    
17 OIB_DICHT Oil Gravity/Density/Relative Density (Petroleum) FLTP 16  16 
18 OIB_DIP_EVENTKEY Silo Management: Events CHAR   
19 OIB_DNTYP Density type CHAR   
20 OIB_EXTIND Indicator for external calls (API c-code, customer function) CHAR   
21 OIB_EXTINT Internal read handling: read from internal/external data CHAR   
22 OIB_EXT_VERSION Version of supported external programs CHAR   
23 OIB_FAC Physical properties data: ratio FLTP 16  16 
24 OIB_FLOAT_CHAR Floating point / character indicator CHAR   
25 OIB_FLTP Floating Point Value FLTP 16  16 
26 OIB_FMNAM Function module name CHAR 80    
27 OIB_FMSEQ Function module sequence NUMC   
28 OIB_FMSUB Function Module Sub-Routine CHAR   
29 OIB_FMTYP Function module type CHAR   
30 OIB_FRAC Fraction (BSW %, Volume Percent, mol %) FLTP 16  16 
31 OIB_GROUP Grouping field for screen display CHAR   
32 OIB_HVAL Heating value (natural gas) FLTP 16  16 
33 OIB_HVCLS Heating value class (calorific value class) CHAR   
34 OIB_HVTYP Heating value type (calorific value type): UNIT CHAR   
35 OIB_IDGAS Indicator: natural gas (ideal/real) CHAR   
36 OIB_ITEM item number of parameter field NUMC   
37 OIB_LIFO_FIFO_FVA IS-OIL add. Domain Values for LIFO_FIFO     
38 OIB_MANEN Indicator for additional quantities CHAR   
39 OIB_MIGO_DEF Date for QCI default determination CHAR   
40 OIB_MOLWEIGHT Molecular weight of natural gas FLTP 16  16 
41 OIB_NATIND Indicator: Activate SAP conversion routines for natural gas CHAR   
42 OIB_OCOEFF Help Field Input/Output Coefficient CHAR 10    
43 OIB_ODICHT Help Field Input/Output Gravity / rel.Density / Density CHAR   
44 OIB_ODICTT Help Field Input/Output Density Text CHAR 15    
45 OIB_OFRAC Fraction (BSW %, Volume Percent, mol %) CHAR 15    
46 OIB_OHVAL Heating value CHAR 10    
47 OIB_OLDNEW Internal Control f.Interface to receive"Delivery+Quantities" CHAR   
48 OIB_OMCF Output for meter correction factor CHAR   
49 OIB_OPRES Help field for Input/Output of Pressure values CHAR 10    
50 OIB_OQNT Help Filed Input/Output add.Quantity CHAR 17    
51 OIB_OTBSW BSW output field CHAR   
52 OIB_OTMP Help Field Input/Output Temperature CHAR   
53 OIB_PAR_NAME Parameter of the Quantity Conversion Interface CHAR 10    
54 OIB_PDCL Oil/Gas product conversion class CHAR   
55 OIB_PDTYP Oil product type CHAR   
56 OIB_PDTYP_API API Product Type INT4 10    
57 OIB_PRES Oil/Gas pressure FLTP 16  16 
58 OIB_QCIMANIND Indicator for manual QCI parameters CHAR   
59 OIB_QCI_UNIT QCI specific Unit of Measurement CHAR 20    
60 OIB_QTYPC Oil quantity tolerance in % FLTP 16  16 
61 OIB_QTYPCD Oil quantity tolerance in % CHAR   
62 OIB_RAT OIl/GAS ratio (volume, mol, mass proportion of natural gas) FLTP 16  16 
63 OIB_RATC OIl/GAS ratio (volume, mol, mass proportion of natural gas) CHAR   
64 OIB_RDGGRP Reading group for default parameters CHAR   
65 OIB_ROUND Rounding rule indicator CHAR   
66 OIB_SCREEN_FLAG Flag determining screen characteristics of QCI parameter CHAR   
67 OIB_SD_QCI_USE_CASE Use Case of QCI Calculation in SD NUMC   
68 OIB_SELKZ Blank or X Indicator, value dependent on aplication CHAR   
69 OIB_STDQUANTITY Standard Quantity FLTP 16  16 
70 OIB_TEMP Domain for customizing VCF tables: Temperatures DEC
71 OIB_TIMEST Time stamp field with 14 digits and NUMC d NUMC 14    
72 OIB_TNKASSIGN Silo Management: Stor. Loc. Tank assignment indicator CHAR   
73 OIB_TRQNT Transaction Quantity FLTP 16  16 
74 OIB_UMRSL Conversion Group (Oil, Gas,...) CHAR   
75 OIB_UOMGR Unit of Measure Group (Oil, Natural Gas,...) CHAR   
76 OIB_UOMTYPE Internal control: UoM Unit type CHAR   
77 OIB_VCF Volume correction factor (HPM/API) FLTP 16  16 
78 OIB_VCFDEC Domain for customizing VCF table: VCF DEC 10 
79 OIB_VCFLN Volume Correction factor indicator CHAR   
80 OIB_VCFLN_LPG Volume Correction factor indicator for LPG CHAR   
81 OIB_WKSTA QCI Working Status CHAR   
82 OIB_XFELD Indicator: Yes/No CHAR   
83 OICDC Quotation source CHAR   
84 OIC_ACCVAL User exit to accumulate already invoiced values NUMC   
85 OIC_ACTDAT Actual date used for second level analysis DATS   
86 OIC_ACTVT Activity in formula maintainance CHAR   
87 OIC_ANALLVL_DESC Description of Level in Pattern Analysis CHAR 40    
88 OIC_ANALYSIS_LVL Level of Pattern Analysis NUMC   
89 OIC_CALCTYP Type of calculation for formula condition item CHAR   
90 OIC_CNT Number of entries used for averaging INT4 10    
91 OIC_COLNUM Column number for second level analysis report NUMC   
92 OIC_CPE_FORMID Key of CPE Customizing Formula CHAR 10    
93 OIC_DATE Date for time pricing DATS   
94 OIC_DAY Day of the week (1=monday...) CHAR   
95 OIC_DICNTR Differential invoice control CHAR   
96 OIC_DIFFIN Differential invoice flag CHAR   
97 OIC_DOMTEX Short description of DD objects CHAR 15    
98 OIC_DRC Differential Reference Code (DRC: IS-Oil) CHAR   
99 OIC_ERRHA User exit for error handling no breakdown of diff. amount NUMC   
100 OIC_EXIT Formula Pricing User Exits NUMC   
101 OIC_FIELD_TYPE Field Type CHAR   
102 OIC_FORID Formula Repository Identifier CHAR 10    
103 OIC_FORM_KEY Formula Key CHAR 10    
104 OIC_FORM_TYPE Formula Type CHAR   
105 OIC_FSTAT Formula Evaluation Status NUMC   
106 OIC_GNSTRA UoM replacement indicator - Gross/Net Pricing CHAR   
107 OIC_GRNET Gross/Net Pricing Indicator CHAR   
108 OIC_HEADER Header text for second level analysis report column CHAR 30    
109 OIC_INPD Default Invoice Pricing Date CHAR   
110 OIC_INTTYPE Interest type CHAR   
111 OIC_KMPOS Reference contract item number (for contract spec pricing) NUMC   
112 OIC_KPEIN Condition pricing unit DEC   
113 OIC_LINTYP Line type for second level analysis CHAR   
114 OIC_LINVAL Line value for second level analysis CURR 15 
115 OIC_MENG13 Quantity field, length 13 QUAN 13 
116 OIC_METIND Metropolitan Indicator CHAR   
117 OIC_MIGRATION_STATUS Migration Status CHAR   
118 OIC_MULT1 Multiplier 1 DEC
119 OIC_MULT2 Multiplier 2 DEC
120 OIC_OFFSET Offset Amount NUMC   
121 OIC_P16D14 Internal calculation result for Formula&Average DEC 31  14 
122 OIC_PATTERN_NO Number of Pattern NUMC 10    
123 OIC_PBATCH pipeline operator´s batch number, external CHAR 16    
124 OIC_PDESTN pipeline destination text CHAR 15    
125 OIC_PFIND Formula Provisional / Final Indicator CHAR   
126 OIC_PLNO price list number NUMC   
127 OIC_PORGIN pipeline origin text CHAR 15    
128 OIC_PTRIP pipeline trip number external CHAR 16    
129 OIC_QUOTYP Quotation Type CHAR   
130 OIC_REFVAL1 Reference data 1 for formula term item calculation DEC 17 
131 OIC_REPORT Report number for second level analysis CHAR   
132 OIC_REQDAT Required date for second level analysis DATS   
133 OIC_SDP_CVERNO Current version number CHAR 13    
134 OIC_SLF State Licence Fee Zone CHAR   
135 OIC_STAT Line Status for Analysis CHAR   
136 OIC_TIME Time for time pricing TIMS   
137 OIC_TITLE Incoterms Title Pass Location CHAR   
138 OIC_TRMITM Formula term item number NUMC   
139 OIC_TRMTYP Formula Term Type CHAR   
140 OIC_TRUCKN Truck Number CHAR 10    
141 OIC_TSTAT Formula Evaluation Status CHAR   
142 OIC_WAP Wide area pricing Zone (WAP) CHAR   
143 OIC_WIDTH Column width for second level analysis report NUMC   
144 OIDMSG_PRD Error, Warning, Information message CHAR   
145 OID_CNTNTE Contact Note CHAR 35    
146 OID_CNTPER Contact Person CHAR 35    
147 OID_CNTPHO Contact Phone CHAR 16    
148 OID_EXTBOL External Bill of Lading Number CHAR 16    
149 OID_MISCDL Miscellaneous Delivery Number CHAR 16    
150 OID_SORTL Descending Sort Key for Sales Orders NUMC 10    
151 OID_UEVOR_VA_FVA Fixed values for UEVOR_VA     
152 OIF_BLCD Block Indicator for Business Locations (IS-Oil MRN) CHAR   
153 OIF_BPLMOD List mode - business partner listing (IS-Oil MRN) CHAR   
154 OIF_BUSREL Business Type Relevance (1=NO, 2=Yes, 3=Optional) CHAR   
155 OIF_CAPTDISP SSR BASE: Customizable tabstrip caption type CHAR   
156 OIF_CHKBOX Domain for checkboxes - IS-Oil MRN CHAR   
157 OIF_CONTI Domain for indicator for additional contract data CHAR   
158 OIF_CURR13 7-character value field (+/-) CURR 13 
159 OIF_DAKTB Date Active in Inventory (IS-Oil MRN Demo APPEND) DATS   
160 OIF_DPVERS Bulk delivery preplanning - preplanning version CHAR   
161 OIF_DTSECTION Business location data section (IS-Oil MRN) CHAR 15    
162 OIF_EXBELN External document no. CHAR 20    
163 OIF_GRFRM Property Type (IS-Oil MRN Demo APPEND) NUMC   
164 OIF_GRGZS Overall Condition of Property (IS-Oil MRN Demo APPEND) NUMC   
165 OIF_GRQAL Quality of Business Location (IS-Oil MRN Demo APPEND) NUMC   
166 OIF_GRTYP Property Type (MRN IS-Oil) NUMC   
167 OIF_ICSTAT Business partner status (icon display) - IS-Oil MRN CHAR 36    
168 OIF_LEVEL Bulk material delivery planning stock level field DEC 11 
169 OIF_LFIRST List number of first line in screen loop NUMC   
170 OIF_LTOTAL Total number of lines in generated list NUMC   
171 OIF_MDIGNO Meter no. of digits - bulk delivery preplanning DEC   
172 OIF_METRID DP/Material/Meter ID (bulk delivery planning) CHAR   
173 OIF_MRNAPP Design element - application area (IS-Oil MRN) CHAR   
174 OIF_OBJPOS Object counter NUMC   
175 OIF_OBSTAT Object status (IS-Oil MRN) CHAR   
176 OIF_OPTTYP Option Type CHAR   
177 OIF_OR_VER Version for Oil-Retail Integration Component Configuration CHAR   
178 OIF_OSCRNR Object link and navigation - screen number CHAR   
179 OIF_PARFN MRN business partner function / relation type CHAR   
180 OIF_PARPOS Partner counter NUMC   
181 OIF_PARTC Partner role technical characteristic CHAR   
182 OIF_PBLNR Service Station PBL identifier CHAR 10    
183 OIF_PBLTYP Service Station Location Type CHAR   
184 OIF_SCTAPPL SCT Application CHAR   
185 OIF_SEQUENCENR 1 byte integer INT1   
186 OIF_SGRNDB Land register number NUMC   
187 OIF_SMOOTH Bulk delivery preplanning smoothing factor DEC
188 OIF_SPERC Delivery point material sales percentage DEC   
189 OIF_SRVHRT Service hours type CHAR   
190 OIF_TANKCP Tank capacity - bulk delivery preplanning DEC 11 
191 OIF_TANKNO DP/material/tank sequence no. (bulk delivery preplanning) DEC   
192 OIF_TANKTP Tank type - bulk delivery preplanning CHAR   
193 OIF_TDIAM Diameter of tank type - bulk delivery preplanning DEC
194 OIF_TDIP Maximum possible dip of tank type - bulk delivery preplan. DEC
195 OIF_TMSTM Time Stamp - Numerics only (IS-Oil MRN) NUMC 14    
196 OIF_UTILTP Usage Type of Property (for Planning Purposes) CHAR   
197 OIG_ADGD_TBTYP_FVA Append for IS-OIL TD values     
198 OIG_ASGDOC TD Assigned document number CHAR 10    
199 OIG_AXLE Number of Axles on the transport unit NUMC   
200 OIG_BALLCAP TD-Vehicle Ballast Capacity QUAN 13 
201 OIG_CBAL Compartment Balance Quantity CHAR 17    
202 OIG_CCG TD Customer compatibility group CHAR   
203 OIG_CCOBNR TD - Compatibility-Check Object number CHAR 10    
204 OIG_CFBLL TD - Balance Load Indicator CHAR   
205 OIG_CGR TD Compatibility Group CHAR   
206 OIG_CGRHT TD Compatibility Group Help Text CHAR 20    
207 OIG_CHAR17 Quantities for screens CHAR 17    
208 OIG_CHECK TD - Compatibilities Checkbox CHAR   
209 OIG_CHKBOX Domain for TD Checkboxes CHAR   
210 OIG_CLFEFFDT Vehicle Classification Effective Date DATS   
211 OIG_CL_GRP TD-Vehicle Classification Group CHAR 10    
212 OIG_CMAX Compartment Maximum Volume CHAR 17    
213 OIG_CMPNMR TD Compartment number INT1   
214 OIG_CMPQUA Transport Unit Compartment Volumes CHAR 10    
215 OIG_CMPTY Check compatibility at scheduling NUMC   
216 OIG_CONVFC TD Conversion factor (non-ASTM) DEC 10 
217 OIG_CPCG TD Compartment product compatibility group CHAR   
218 OIG_CPLID Compartment load indicator CHAR   
219 OIG_CSTAT TD Compatibility assignment status CHAR   
220 OIG_DCIND TD shipment item discharge indicator CHAR   
221 OIG_DELSEQ TD Document Sequence Field CHAR   
222 OIG_DLITMS Number of items in document NUMC   
223 OIG_DLNMCK TD Delivery Sequence Number Check CHAR   
224 OIG_DOCNR TD document number CHAR 10    
225 OIG_DRNAME Drivers Names CHAR 20    
226 OIG_DRSTA TD Driver Status CHAR   
227 OIG_DRVNMR TD Driver number CHAR 10    
228 OIG_DSL_BNK_CAPA TD-Vehicle Diesel Bunker Capacity QUAN 13 
229 OIG_EVDCTY TD Event document type CHAR   
230 OIG_EVDOCA TD Event document assignment indicator CHAR   
231 OIG_EVGRP TD Event default group CHAR   
232 OIG_EVGRTX TD Event default group text CHAR 40    
233 OIG_EVLT TD Event long text indicator CHAR   
234 OIG_EVNR TD Event number NUMC   
235 OIG_EVSEQ TD Event sequence number CHAR   
236 OIG_EVSIA TD Event shipment item assignment indicator CHAR   
237 OIG_EVSTAT TD Event status CHAR   
238 OIG_EVTEXT TD Event short text CHAR 40    
239 OIG_EVTYPE TD Event type CHAR   
240 OIG_EVVEHA TD Event vehicle assignment indicator CHAR   
241 OIG_FAHZT TD-F Driving time QUAN 13 
242 OIG_FIELDS Field Selection CHAR   
243 OIG_FL_BNK_CAPA TD-Vehicle Fuel Bunker Capacity QUAN 13 
244 OIG_GESZT TD-F total time QUAN 13 
245 OIG_GLPCNT Quantity field 5 CHAR   
246 OIG_GLPOD Goods issue at loading and proof of delivery (POD) CHAR   
247 OIG_HRMCOD TD External HR Code CHAR 20    
248 OIG_INPGP Intransit posting group CHAR   
249 OIG_ITEM TD Document item number NUMC   
250 OIG_LDIND TD shipment item load indicator CHAR   
251 OIG_LDITM TD-F Load/Discharge quantity assignment item NUMC   
252 OIG_LDQTYC Loaded Quantity CHAR 17    
253 OIG_LICNMR TD License number CHAR 18    
254 OIG_LICTYP TD License type CHAR   
255 OIG_LOASEQ Compartment loading sequence NUMC   
256 OIG_MAINT Meter Maintenance Flag CHAR   
257 OIG_MDTYP TD - Master data type, Vehicle, TU, Driver etc. CHAR   
258 OIG_METHST TD Meter history record status CHAR   
259 OIG_METIDX TD Meter index NUMC   
260 OIG_METSEQ Meter Sequence Number CHAR   
261 OIG_MTRRDG TD meter reading NUMC   
262 OIG_MTRTYP TD Meter Type CHAR   
263 OIG_MTR_NR TD Meter Number CHAR 10    
264 OIG_NMEFFDT Name Effective Date DATS   
265 OIG_NMRCMP TD Number of compartments INT1   
266 OIG_NMRTU TD Number of Transport Units NUMC   
267 OIG_NRDEC Number of Decimal Places for Quantity Fields NUMC   
268 OIG_NRDIGR TD Rack Meter no. of digits NUMC   
269 OIG_NRDIGT TD Number of digits on meter NUMC   
270 OIG_NRTUSC TD Number of transport units for screen display INT1   
271 OIG_N_SLC TD fixed intransit storage location CHAR   
272 OIG_OBJID Object ID CHAR 20    
273 OIG_PCG TD Product compatibility group CHAR   
274 OIG_POSN5 Item number (5 CHAR) NUMC   
275 OIG_PQTYVC Planned Quantity in Volume UoM CHAR 17    
276 OIG_PRDCPI TD Product Indicator CHAR   
277 OIG_PRNTFL Print selection flag; indicates printing required CHAR   
278 OIG_PSIGN TD - Compatibilies Posting Sign CHAR   
279 OIG_QTYASC Delivery quantity assigned to exchange call-off CHAR 17    
280 OIG_QTYPE TD-F planned or actual quantity taken CHAR   
281 OIG_QTYTOL Decimal 8.3 with sign DEC 11 
282 OIG_RBDEL TD radio buttom delivery(doc.type) CHAR   
283 OIG_RBRES TD radio buttom reservation(doc.type) CHAR   
284 OIG_RBSN TD radio buttom shipping notification(doc.type) CHAR   
285 OIG_REASC Reason Code CHAR   
286 OIG_REGDT TD-Vehicle Registered Date DATS   
287 OIG_RMRDG TD Rack Meter Reading NUMC 15    
288 OIG_RMTNMR TD Rack Meter Number CHAR 10    
289 OIG_RTIME TD retention time NUMC   
290 OIG_SCAPPL TD-F Application of Shipment cost document or item CHAR   
291 OIG_SCRBUT TD Text for screen button CHAR 15    
292 OIG_SEALSA Seal/Sample Number CHAR 10    
293 OIG_SEQNR TD Master Data Sequence Number NUMC   
294 OIG_SHIFT TD Driver Shift CHAR   
295 OIG_SHITM Item number of shipment document NUMC   
296 OIG_SHNUM TD Shipment number CHAR 10    
297 OIG_SINAME TD shipment item name CHAR 35    
298 OIG_SSTSF TD Shipment Status (! only numeric values allowed !) CHAR   
299 OIG_SSTST TD shipment status, technical; number of open postings INT2   
300 OIG_STCMNR TD-Vehicle Telex Number CHAR 30    
301 OIG_STFXNR TD-Vehicle Fax Number CHAR 30    
302 OIG_STTRA Transport status CHAR   
303 OIG_STYPE TD-F Shipment costing based on loaded or disch. quantitites CHAR   
304 OIG_TDACT TD Action (Schedule, Load, Confirm, ...) CHAR   
305 OIG_TDSTYP TD Shipment type CHAR   
306 OIG_TEXT TD Text field CHAR 40    
307 OIG_TOL TD Tolerance check controlling CHAR   
308 OIG_TPUNR Transport unit sequence number in shipment NUMC   
309 OIG_TRIP TD Trip Number NUMC   
310 OIG_TRUMOD TD Transport unit mode of transport CHAR   
311 OIG_TRUNMR TD Transport unit number CHAR 10    
312 OIG_TRUPHT TD Transport unit physical type CHAR   
313 OIG_TRUQUA Transport Unit Quantities CHAR 12    
314 OIG_TRUTYP TD Transport unit type CHAR   
315 OIG_TUSTA TD Transport unit status CHAR   
316 OIG_UOMID Unit of measure identification CHAR   
317 OIG_UQTYVC Unalloacted Quantity in Volume UoM CHAR 17    
318 OIG_VALDAT TD Rack Meter Recalibration end validation date DATS   
319 OIG_VCCPI TD Vehicle/customer compatibility indicator CHAR   
320 OIG_VCG TD Vehicle compatibility group CHAR   
321 OIG_VEHIND TD-F: Indicat.: first and last node of route on vehicle lev. CHAR   
322 OIG_VEHNR Vehicle Sequence Number NUMC   
323 OIG_VEHQUA Vehicle Quantities CHAR 14    
324 OIG_VEHSTA TD Vehicle status CHAR   
325 OIG_VEH_DRAFT Vehicle Draft QUAN 13 
326 OIG_VEH_OWNER TD-Vehicle Owner CHAR 20    
327 OIG_VEH_REG_OWN TD-Vegicle Registered Owner CHAR 20    
328 OIG_VHCLSIGN TD-Vehicle Call Sign CHAR 10    
329 OIG_VHLNMR TD Vehicle number CHAR 10    
330 OIG_VHLTYP TD Vehicle type CHAR   
331 OIG_VMOT TD Vehicle mode of transport CHAR   
332 OIG_VMTNMR TD Vehicle meter number CHAR 10    
333 OIG_VOWNFL TD-Own Vehicle Flag CHAR   
334 OIH_CERTF1 Excise tax external license number CHAR 15    
335 OIH_CV_BR_J_1BTAXGRP_FVA IS-Oil: Fixed valued append, domain J_1BTAXGRP     
336 OIH_DAP_J_1BTXFIELDS Domain-Value Append for IS-Oil Brazil to J_1BTXFIELDS     
337 OIH_DAP_J_1BTXRT Domain-Value Append for IS-Oil Brazil to J_1BTXRT     
338 OIH_DISPTYPE Licenses: Processing Mode CHAR   
339 OIH_DOCTP Excise license tracking document type CHAR   
340 OIH_EDBALM Excise duty balancing method indicator CHAR   
341 OIH_EDCODE Customs tariff number CHAR 12    
342 OIH_EDDFLT Excise duty default sequence indicator for SD documents CHAR   
344 OIH_ETAX_BP_IND Indicator: Tax Type is Valid for Business Partner CHAR   
345 OIH_ETAX_CAT Tax Category NUMC   
346 OIH_ETAX_GROUP Product Tax Group CHAR 20    
347 OIH_ETAX_PROD_IND Indicator: Tax Type is Valid for Product CHAR   
348 OIH_ETAX_TYPE Excise Tax Type CHAR   
349 OIH_ETAX_TYPE_TEXT Excise Tax Type Description CHAR 40    
350 OIH_EXTNR External tracking number CHAR 18    
351 OIH_FTIND Final transfer indicator CHAR   
352 OIH_GHNDL Gain handling CHAR   
353 OIH_GLQTY Gain/Loss quantity in stock unit of measure QUAN 13 
354 OIH_HANIND Indicator whether handling type is required/optional/none CHAR   
355 OIH_HANTYP Excise Duty Handling Type - Denotes Use of Material CHAR   
356 OIH_INEX Code for internal or external excise duty rate determination CHAR   
357 OIH_ITMNR Tracking number item line NUMC   
358 OIH_J1B_ACSID Access sequence ID (Functional Request) CHAR   
359 OIH_J1B_ACSSEQ Access sequence number (Priority of reading/checking values) CHAR   
360 OIH_J1B_CONVENIO Convenio laws in Brazil CHAR   
361 OIH_J1B_CTXGR Customer tax group localization Brazil CHAR   
362 OIH_J1B_CTYP Customer type (end c./reseller/industry) (Brazil) CHAR   
363 OIH_J1B_EXC_ICOP Exception indicator for ICMS complement (Brazil taxes) CHAR   
364 OIH_J1B_FACTOR Brazil: Factor for tax calulation DEC
365 OIH_J1B_FORMULA Brazil taxes: Formula type for calculation CHAR   
366 OIH_J1B_IPRINT Indicator where to print ICMS (Brazil taxes) CHAR   
367 OIH_J1B_MOVTP Movement type (business operation) for taxes Brazil CHAR   
368 OIH_J1B_MTXGR Material tax group localization Brazil CHAR   
369 OIH_J1B_OPER_SALES Operation Type for Sales CHAR   
370 OIH_J1B_PERCENT Brazil: Percentage 0-100 DEC
371 OIH_J1B_PRICE Acquisition or pump price per unit (Brazil) DEC 15 
372 OIH_J1B_PTYP Type of product NUMC   
373 OIH_J1B_PTYPE Parcel Type CHAR   
374 OIH_J1B_TAXLW4 Tax Law: Pis/Cofins CHAR   
375 OIH_J1B_TCCOM Tax Calculation Command CHAR   
376 OIH_J1B_TRTYPE Transaction type (Sales, Purchase, Transf. in, Transf. out) CHAR   
377 OIH_J1B_TXCD Tax code for Brazil localization CHAR   
378 OIH_J1B_TXITYP Incoming taxation type (Brazil) CHAR   
379 OIH_J1B_TXTYP General taxation type for sub.trib. (Brazil) CHAR   
380 OIH_J1B_VTXGR Vendor group (refinery/mill/other) (Brazil) CHAR   
381 OIH_J1B_VTYP Vendor type (refinery/mill/other) (Brazil) CHAR   
382 OIH_LCTXT License text CHAR 40    
383 OIH_LICENC Indicator whether excise duty license is req./optional/none CHAR   
384 OIH_LICIN Excise tax internal license number CHAR 10    
385 OIH_LICSTL License number for untaxed stock CHAR 15    
386 OIH_LICTP License type CHAR   
387 OIH_LINENR Line number NUMC   
388 OIH_OILCON Mineral oil content in a material as a percentage DEC
389 OIH_PRIOP Price options for G/L calculation CHAR   
390 OIH_REFLT Reference license type CHAR   
391 OIH_REFST Distr - Non-reseller like reseller, Refinery -ST on import CHAR   
392 OIH_RFQREQ Precedence for RFQ or requisition for default of TDP on PO CHAR   
393 OIH_SUBTR_TYPE Type of sub. trib. (Incoming or Backwards) CHAR   
394 OIH_TAXCON Excise duty tax from pricing conditions CURR 13 
395 OIH_TAXCUR Excise duty tax rate CURR
396 OIH_TAXDIF Excise duty tax value CURR 13 
397 OIH_TAXGRP Excise duty tax group for material(s) CHAR   
398 OIH_TAXKEY Excise duty tax key CHAR   
399 OIH_TAXREL Indicator excise duty tax relevance - claim/liability/none CHAR   
400 OIH_TAXTOT Excise duty tax rate CURR 10 
401 OIH_TAX_REVALUATION_NUMBER Document number of Tax revaluation CHAR 10    
402 OIH_TRIND Transfer sign for plant to plant transfers CHAR   
403 OIH_TRKNR Tracking number CHAR 10    
404 OIH_TXR_IN Tax recipient and indicator CHAR   
405 OIH_TXVAL Excise duty tax value CURR 13 
406 OIIDIP_TRTYPE Tank dip processing mode CHAR   
407 OII_CALI_HIST calibration history indicator CHAR   
408 OII_CALTEMP Domain for Calibration temperature QUAN 13 
409 OII_CHK Silo Management: Check or not CHAR   
410 OII_COEFF Silo: expansion coefficient DEC 14  10 
411 OII_CONFAC GMM: Conversion factor DEC 10 
412 OII_CORR Silo management corrections CHAR   
413 OII_GMMNR GMM: Number of general meter CHAR 20    
414 OII_GMMTYP GMM: Type of general meter CHAR   
415 OII_GXREA Expiry reason CHAR   
416 OII_ICSTAT General status (icon display) - IS-Oil BDRP CHAR 36    
417 OII_INCREMENT Inches Increments: 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 CHAR   
418 OII_KMENGE GMM: Converterd quantity QUAN 13    
419 OII_LFIRS5 List number of first line in screen loop NUMC   
420 OII_LINDP0 SOC: LVCC - linear value screen display with 0 dec pla QUAN   
421 OII_LINDP1 SOC: LVCC - linear value screen display with 1 dec pla QUAN
422 OII_LINDP2 SOC: LVCC - linear value screen display with 2 dec pla QUAN
423 OII_LINDP3 SOC: LVCC - linear value screen display with 3 dec pla QUAN
424 OII_LINDP4 SOC: LVCC - linear value screen display with 4 dec pla QUAN
425 OII_LTAPP Site control: lead time applicability CHAR   
426 OII_LTOTA5 Total number of lines in generated list NUMC   
427 OII_LTTYP Site Control Parameters: Lead time types CHAR   
428 OII_LVC_METH SOC: LVC method CHAR   
429 OII_MCOUNT GMM: Meter counter reading NUMC 12    
430 OII_METEV GMM: History record type CHAR   
431 OII_METREV GMM: Meter event type CHAR   
432 OII_MULT_ASSIGN Check for multiple material assignment CHAR   
433 OII_NRDEC SOC: No. of decimal places in lin/vol conv set (max 3) NUMC   
434 OII_NRDIG GMM: Number of digits in meter counter NUMC   
435 OII_NRDPL GMM: Number of decimal places in meter counter NUMC   
436 OII_NUMC8 OIL-BDRP: 8-character numeric field NUMC   
437 OII_OBJECT Object with assigned storage objects (IS-Oil BDRP) CHAR 20    
438 OII_OBJTYP Object type CHAR   
439 OII_OTWSRS BDRP-OTWS: Operations time window reference set CHAR   
440 OII_OWNOBJ OIL-BDRP: Owning object ID of BDRP sub-object CHAR 20    
441 OII_Q10_01 IS-Oil BDRP: QUAN with length 10 inc. 1 decimal QUAN 10 
442 OII_Q11_02 IS-Oil BDRP: QUAN with length 11 inc. 2 decimals QUAN 11 
443 OII_Q12_03 IS-Oil BDRP: QUAN with length 12 inc. 3 decimals QUAN 12 
444 OII_SEQNR Sequence number of SO assigned to application object CHAR 10    
445 OII_SERGE GMM: Manufacturer's serial number CHAR 30    
446 OII_SLVIND SOC: Silo recalibration index NUMC   
447 OII_SLVNR SOC: Linear/volumetric conversion (strap) set number CHAR 20    
448 OII_SOCAM SOC access mode CHAR   
449 OII_SOCEV SOC event CHAR   
450 OII_SOCGRP Storage object group number CHAR 10    
451 OII_SOCKL SOC: Storage object characteristic class CHAR 10    
452 OII_SOCLVMASTER Silo: Master for LVCC volume or spec.volume CHAR   
453 OII_SOCNR SOC: Storage object segment number CHAR 20    
454 OII_SOCTYP SOC: Storage object characteristics segment type CHAR 10    
455 OII_SOCUSG SOC: Basic usage indicator CHAR   
456 OII_SOC_LINK Silo Link data CHAR   
457 OII_SOEGRP Sales order entry default group CHAR   
458 OII_SPECVOL Volume per height DEC 13 
459 OII_SSEQNR Sequence number of SO assigned to application object CHAR 10    
460 OII_SUBOBJ OIL-BDRP: Sequence number of BDRP sub-object CHAR 10    
461 OII_TIMEST Time stamp field with 14 digits and NUMC data type NUMC 14    
462 OII_TWACT BDRP-OTWS: Operations time window activity status CHAR   
463 OII_TWAPP BDRP-OTWS: Time window applicability (day of the week) CHAR   
464 OII_TWSMOD BDRP-OTWS: Operations time window set mode CHAR   
465 OII_TWSNR BDRP-OTWS: Operations time window set number CHAR 20    
466 OII_TWSTYP BDRP-OTWS: Operations time window set type CHAR   
467 OII_TWVRS BDRP-OTWS: Operations time window set version NUMC   
468 OII_UL_IN_IND ullage - innage indicator CHAR   
469 OII_VALID Silo: valid calibration set indicator CHAR   
470 OII_VKFSID SCP: Sales hour set ID CHAR   
471 OII_XMCOUN GMM: Previous meter reading NUMC 12    
472 OIJ_3WPACT Activity flag for 3WP or 2WP CHAR   
473 OIJ_3WP_SELECTION_SCREEN 3WP Selection Screen BADI CHAR 20    
474 OIJ_ACCNEG Accumulate/Undo Accumulate negatives CHAR   
475 OIJ_ADD_QTY Additional Quantity QUAN 13 
476 OIJ_ADD_UOM UoM of Additioanl Quantity UNIT   
477 OIJ_ANC_CALC_METHOD ANC Calculation method CHAR   
478 OIJ_APOFCST_BADI APO DP Forecast SPW maintenance routine CHAR 20    
480 OIJ_APPID TSW: Application ID CHAR   
481 OIJ_ARR_DATE TD-Vehicle Arrival Date DATS   
482 OIJ_AVAL_CAP_UOM TD-Vehicle's Available capacity UoM UNIT   
483 OIJ_BADI_METHOD BADI method CHAR 30    
484 OIJ_BD_RULE OIJ_SCHED breakdown routine CHAR 20    
485 OIJ_BERDEPTH_LAT Berth Depth QUAN 13 
486 OIJ_BERDRAFT Berth draft QUAN 13 
487 OIJ_BERID Berth ID CHAR 20    
488 OIJ_BERLEN Length of Berth QUAN 13 
489 OIJ_BERNAM Berth Description CHAR 60    
490 OIJ_BERNR Berth Number CHAR 10    
491 OIJ_BPB_LOCKSTRATEGY Berth Planning Lock Strategy CHAR   
492 OIJ_BPB_OPT TSW: Optimization Methods in Berth Planning Board CHAR 20    
493 OIJ_CALC_TOL Calculation Tolerance DEC
494 OIJ_CALFLG OIL-TSW: Domain for calendar usage indicator CHAR   
495 OIJ_CALPRF OIL-TSW: Safety stock calendar usage profile CHAR   
496 OIJ_COLOR TSW: Color NUMC   
497 OIJ_COMP_RATIO Comparison Ratio DEC
498 OIJ_CONLTM Confirmation lead time QUAN   
499 OIJ_CONSCEN bunker consumption item generation scenario number NUMC   
500 OIJ_CONSIND OIL-TSW: Location bunker consumption dummy location flag CHAR