SAP ABAP Domain - Index Q, page 2
Domain - Q
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 QQSSYSDAT Release-to date DATS   
2 QQSTF QQSTF: Statement function (CHAR(1)) CHAR   
3 QQSTN Statement Number INT4 10    
4 QQSYS System Name CHAR   
5 QQTFN File CHAR 10    
6 QQTIME Time Record Created CHAR 26    
7 QQTLN Library CHAR 10    
8 QQTMN Member CHAR 10    
9 QQUAN5 Quantity field of length 5 with unit QUAN   
10 QQUCNT Unique Counter INT4 10    
11 QQUDEF User-Defined Field CHAR 100    
12 QQUSER Job user CHAR 10    
13 QQYN Yes or No CHAR   
14 QRADIO Indicator: X, blank, and point CHAR   
15 QRASTER Insp. frequency (defines insp. point using predef. op. grid) NUMC   
16 QREFFLD Reference Field CHAR 40    
17 QRESIDENZ Residence time in days for reorganization NUMC   
18 QRFCCHAR Domain for qRFC Version CHAR   
19 QRFCSTATE Transactional tRFC queue status CHAR   
21 QRFC_QUEUE_NAME Name of qRFC Queue CHAR 40    
22 QRMDE Influence of QM results recording on confirmation CHAR   
23 QRPROFIL Confirmation profile CHAR   
24 QRP_POST_MODE Call Mode for APO Reporting Point Posting CHAR   
25 QRUECKNR Confirmation number NUMC   
26 QRZWANG Confirmation requirement CHAR   
27 QSATZ_KK Percentage Rate Packed NN, NN with +/- Sign DEC
28 QSBGR Authority for exemption from withholding tax CHAR   
29 QSCENARIO Notification scenario CHAR   
30 QSCENARIOG Scenario CHAR   
31 QSDATHER Data origin for table QSTRE CHAR   
32 QSELLIMIT Selection limit INT2   
33 QSENDEFLAG Confirmation of characteristic results at control station CHAR   
34 QSERIALNR Single-unit number for the unit to be inspected CHAR 18    
35 QSIGMA Standard deviation, specially for QMIS system FLTP 16  16 
36 QSLWBEZ Name of inspection point/user fields combination CHAR   
37 QSOLLWERTC Character domain for FLTP field in QFLTP CHAR 16    
38 QSOLLWERTE Proposed target value FLTP 16  16 
39 QSPCKRIT SPC criterion CHAR   
40 QSPERRFKT Blocked functions CHAR   
41 QSPERRLEV QM: Block level for block code CHAR   
42 QSPEZIART QA sheet type CHAR   
43 QSPTP_KK Line item category from withholding tax view CHAR   
44 QSRCBTCH First batch in source inspection lot: GR control CHAR   
45 QSRCGR Rejected source inspection lot: GR control CHAR   
46 QSREC Vendor recipient type CHAR   
47 QSREP Vendor recipient type CHAR   
48 QSS1VERFKZ Ind. Tqss1 sampling procedure presetting CHAR   
49 QSSBE_KK Additional Withholding Tax Base Amount CHAR   
50 QSSBW Indicator: Check in Quality Assurance CHAR   
51 QSSEW_KK Withholding tax supplement CHAR   
52 QSSFELD QM field CHAR 30    
53 QSSHK Inspection lot origin CHAR   
54 QSSKZ Withholding tax code CHAR   
55 QSSPUR Control key for QM in procurement CHAR   
56 QSSTA_KK Withholding tax processing status CHAR   
57 QSSYS QM system CHAR   
58 QSSYSBEW Valuation QM system NUMC   
59 QSSYSFAM QS system family CHAR   
60 QSTABI Inspection lot for stability study CHAR   
61 QSTABICON Storage Condition CHAR   
62 QSTABILOT Inspection lot for stability study CHAR   
63 QSTATUS Status of the result record for results recording CHAR   
64 QSTATWERT Statistics for measured values FLTP 16  16 
65 QSTATWERTC Statistics for measured values CHAR 16    
66 QSTELLEN Number of decimal places INT1   
67 QSTEUERKZ Control indicator for characteristics: values K, M, S CHAR   
68 QSTEUKEY Default for control indicator in characteristic CHAR   
69 QSTEURSCHL Control key CHAR   
70 QSTEUVER Control key for tightening an inspection CHAR   
71 QSTICHPROBE Sample description ('number' or 'time - date') CHAR 20    
72 QSTPRART Name of sampling type CHAR   
73 QSTPROFIL Screen control parameters CHAR   
74 QSTPRPLAN Description of sampling scheme CHAR   
75 QSTPRVER Name of sampling procedure CHAR   
76 QSTYP 1099 reporting type CHAR   
77 QSVTP_KK Withholding tax amount type CHAR   
78 QSWAERS Currency key for withholding tax report CHAR   
79 QSWORTPK Key word for inspection catalog type CHAR 12    
80 QTAGE Number of days INT1   
81 QTEILEV Usage of parts CHAR   
82 QTEXT255 Text length 255 CHAR 255    
83 QTEXT80 Text field CHAR 80    
84 QTFPY Use Quota Type for Sick Leave with Full Pay CHAR   
85 QTHPY Use Quota Type for Sick Leave with Half Pay CHAR   
86 QTLOS Partial lot number NUMC   
87 QTOLERANZ Key for proposed tolerance values CHAR   
88 QTQ03TXT Text number of numbered text CHAR   
89 QTQ29AZHL Status number TQ29A NUMC   
90 QTRACELEVEL Tracking level for application log CHAR   
91 QTRHR Minutes specified in quarter hour raster NUMC   
92 QTSTAMPUTC UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15    
93 QTUNIT Period pattern in the statistical graphic NUMC   
94 QTXT10 Text field for QM CHAR 10    
95 QTXT12 Text field, 12 characters CHAR 12    
96 QTXT20 Text line (20 characters) CHAR 20    
97 QTXT30 Text field for QM CHAR 30    
98 QTXT40 Text line (40 characters) CHAR 40    
99 QTXT6 Text line, 6 characters CHAR   
100 QTXT8 Text field QM, 8 characters CHAR   
102 QTY01 Quantity type CHAR   
103 QTY10 10-figure numerical field containing positive integers NUMC 10    
104 QTYDH Profile: Quantity Difference Handling in Shipping Notif. CHAR   
105 QTYDHT Description Profile Quantity Differences CHAR 30    
106 QTYVOG Reversal/follow-on movements CHAR   
107 QUACU FT: Customs Processing: Qualifier Customs Declarations CHAR   
108 QUALBA Qualifier: Financial Documents - Banks CHAR   
109 QUALF Qualifications CHAR   
110 QUALF_QUANTITY Qualifier for quantity CHAR   
111 QUALI Qualification key NUMC   
112 QUALITY Quality figure (%) DEC 10 
113 QUALI_L41 Qualifier for reference data of ordering party CHAR   
114 QUALSCORE Quality Score SSTR 10    
115 QUAL_BETRG Qualifier amount CHAR   
116 QUAL_WAERS Qualifier currency CHAR   
117 QUAN15 Qty Field with 10 Pre-Decimal Places and 5 Decimal Places QUAN 15 
118 QUAN17 Quantity Field of Length 17 QUAN 17 
119 QUANEEW Quantity domain for quantity type field QUAN 17 
120 QUANTITY Quantity field, length 13 QUAN 13 
121 QUANTITY13 IS-M: 13-digit quantity CHAR 13    
122 QUANTITY6 IS-M: 6-digit quantity QUAN   
123 QUANTITY9 IS-M: 9-digit quantity CHAR   
124 QUANTITY_UNIT_UI IS-U Price Extension: Quantity Unit UNIT   
125 QUANTP Quantity type CHAR   
126 QUANTST Quants Status CHAR   
127 QUANT_WFA WFA Quantity QUAN 13 
128 QUAN_13 Quantity field, length 13 QUAN 13 
129 QUAN_15 Quantity Field, Length 15 QUAN 15 
130 QUAN_19 Quantity Field, Length 19 QUAN 19 
131 QUAN_NO_CHECK Flag for deactivating ATP/requirmnts check in the process CHAR   
132 QUAR Quarter NUMC   
133 QUEKZ Indicator of origin for stock CHAR   
134 QUELLE Origin of next location information in screen control CHAR   
135 QUELLE_HIST Source from module for reading purchase order history CHAR   
136 QUEUECAT Queue Category NUMC   
137 QUEUENR Queue No. NUMC   
138 QUIMP Foreign Trade: Customs duty rate type for data service CHAR   
139 QUMRENFAK Conversion factor for unit of measurement FLTP 16  16 
140 QUNITORIGIN Origin of the base unit of measure in the inspection lot CHAR   
141 QUNUM Quota arrangement number CHAR 10    
142 QUOTA_TYPE Transfer remaining entitlement CHAR   
143 QUOTE Outline agreement quota DEC   
144 QUOTE5 Quota, 5-figure NUMC   
145 QUOTT Quota accumulator CHAR   
146 QUPSL Control indicators for data base changes CHAR   
147 QUREF Foreign Trade: Qualifier for code numbers in reference table CHAR   
148 QURWERT Measured value for a quantitative characteristic FLTP 16  16 
149 QUSRCHAR10 User field QM (CHAR 10 characters) CHAR 10    
150 QUSRCHAR18 User field QM (CHAR 18 characters) CHAR 18    
151 QUSRDATS User field QM (date) DATS   
152 QUSRNUMC10 User field QM (NUMC 10 characters) NUMC 10    
153 QUSRNUMC3 User field QM (NUMC 3 characters) NUMC   
154 QUSRSLW Key word for user fields in QM CHAR 20    
155 QUSRTIMS User field QM (time) TIMS   
156 QVALUATION_MS Valuation for Multiple Specification Object CHAR   
157 QVERSNR Version number CHAR   
158 QVERSNR_CL Version Number CHAR   
159 QVOLLST Completion or referencing indicator CHAR   
160 QVOLLST_SH Completion or referencing indicator CHAR   
161 QVORLNR Certificate profile number CHAR 12    
162 QVORNR QMIS operation number CHAR   
163 QWERKSTPRF QMIS plant/Master insp. charac. CHAR 12    
164 QWVTLG Probability distribution CHAR   
165 QXZGVH Receipt of certificate is being queried CHAR   
166 QZAEHL Current item NUMC   
167 QZAEHLER Plant CHAR   
169 QZDAT Additional data is available CHAR   
170 QZEIT Time TIMS   
171 QZGTYP QM certificate category for deliveries CHAR   
172 QZUORDNR Allocation number (characteristic values) NUMC   
173 Q_COUNT Consecutive counter to differentiate between DB-objects NUMC   
174 Q_MS_FLG Indicator - Multiple Specifications CHAR   
175 Q_MS_OBJCONTROL Control of Object for Multiple Specifications CHAR   
176 Q_MS_OBJECT Object for Multiple Specifications CHAR 30    
177 Q_MS_OBJTYPE Type of Object for Multiple Specifications CHAR   
178 Q_PLN_FEAT QM authorization for field control in header and operation CHAR   
179 Q_STEPNO Number of evaluation step NUMC