SAP ABAP Domain - Index V, page 4
Domain - V
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
2 VVRENTAL_CAT IPD: Rent category (only for usage type apartment > 50%) CHAR   
3 VVREOBJNR CO object number for RE objects (with conversion exit) CHAR 22    
4 VVRESIDENT_TYPE IPD: Type of resid. object (only for usage type apart.> 50%) CHAR   
5 VVRETAIL_TYPE IPD: Type of retail trade object CHAR   
6 VVRFAKT Conversion factor for fractional share of property NUMC   
7 VVRGBA2LB Type of charges and restrictions for land register type CHAR   
8 VVRHANDPL Exchange key CHAR 10    
9 VVRHORD Main file ID CHAR 10    
10 VVRKTYP Cost categories for owner cost elements CHAR   
11 VVROART Object type NUMC   
12 VVROBJART ID for object type CHAR   
13 VVROLL VV: Partner role CHAR   
14 VVRORD File number CHAR   
15 VVRPGM Report or transaction name CHAR   
16 VVRPN11 Primary note CHAR 11    
17 VVRPNEW Create Residual Items for Incoming Payment CHAR   
18 VVRPNNR Daybook no. CHAR 10    
19 VVRP_CALC_TYPE Repayment Plan Calculation Category CHAR   
20 VVRSORT Incoming payments organization criterion: Sort NUMC   
21 VVRSTANR Master no. CHAR 13    
22 VVRVERF Incoming payments: Processing procedure NUMC   
23 VVRZUSTAND Condition of a real estate object NUMC   
24 VVSAART Asset Type According to Regulatory Accounting Requirements CHAR   
25 VVSABBASIS Decision making reduction basis CHAR   
26 VVSABGRD Loan discount accrual/deferral method CHAR   
27 VVSABGRENZ Accrual/deferral method NUMC   
28 VVSABNST Status of Apartment Inspection CHAR   
29 VVSABT Assignee CHAR   
30 VVSACTNR Rent adjustment activity CHAR   
31 VVSADAPT1 Event control - Adjustment of condition item CHAR   
32 VVSADAPT2 Event control - Adjustment of flow record CHAR   
33 VVSADJBASE Selection of base rent representative list of rents CHAR   
35 VVSAKTPAS Indicator: Asset/Liability Transaction CHAR   
36 VVSALE_MONTH IPD: Month of sale NUMC   
37 VVSANLART BAV asset type PRF3 and PRF8 CHAR   
38 VVSANLF Product category NUMC   
39 VVSANPME Indicator: Adjust RU and how, if necessary CHAR   
40 VVSANPSTAF Scope of rent adj. (conditions, sales grading, both) CHAR   
41 VVSANTART Type of share in an object NUMC   
42 VVSANWDG Application type CHAR   
43 VVSAOB Fixtures/fittings object number NUMC   
44 VVSAOGR Fixtures/fittings object group number NUMC   
45 VVSAONR Number of fixture/fittings object (internal) NUMC 10    
46 VVSARBG Application area for a VV area CHAR   
47 VVSART Financial Assets Management product type CHAR   
48 VVSASPGRD Reason for adjustment block NUMC   
49 VVSATTRKEY Time-dependent attribute identification NUMC   
50 VVSATZTYP Record Cat. in Allocation Table Code -> Corr.Activity CHAR   
51 VVSAUFRUF Control indicator to call-up calculation bases NUMC   
52 VVSAUSP Number of characteristic of fixtures/fittings object NUMC   
53 VVSBARTTYP Debit types category NUMC   
54 VVSBASIS Calculation base indicator CHAR   
55 VVSBASTYP InvMath.-internal calculation base type CHAR   
56 VVSBBEZ Indicator for the relevance of the relationship NUMC   
57 VVSBEA Processing indicator NUMC   
58 VVSBELEGNG RU occupancy by lease-out CHAR   
59 VVSBERART Calculation type for calculating of fees NUMC   
60 VVSBERBAS Calculation base for calculating fees NUMC   
61 VVSBERFORM Calculation form of fees calculation NUMC   
62 VVSBESANPA Special features of tenancy law NUMC   
63 VVSBESNACH Valuation qualification ID NUMC   
64 VVSBETRAG Amount field CHAR 14    
65 VVSBEURT Valuation rating base indicator NUMC   
66 VVSBEWKA Administrative costs type NUMC   
67 VVSBEZ Identification of a rollover method CHAR 10    
68 VVSBFRMART Debit form type CHAR   
69 VVSBFRMTYP Domains for debit form type CHAR   
70 VVSBILAUS Balance sheet display indicator CHAR   
71 VVSBLRISI Collateral risk indicator CHAR   
72 VVSBOEN Listing key NUMC   
73 VVSBOENI Internal listing indicator NUMC   
74 VVSBPVKAT Swiss regulatory reporting categories (BPV) CHAR   
75 VVSBRCHTYP Debit types-Calculation type NUMC   
76 VVSBSANPCH Adjustment base for CH rent adjustment NUMC   
77 VVSBTYP Processing category debit CHAR   
78 VVSBUAKT Posting application consecutive number NUMC   
79 VVSBUEART Guarantee type indicator NUMC   
80 VVSBUEART1 Indicator guarantee type 1 NUMC   
81 VVSBUETYP Guarantee type indicator NUMC   
82 VVSBUST Posting control indicator NUMC   
83 VVSBV_EW Besitzverhaeltnis im Einheitswertbescheid CHAR   
84 VVSBWART Valuation procedure NUMC   
85 VVSBWST Valuation status NUMC   
86 VVSCAL Only specific scalings NUMC   
87 VVSCBEW Customizing flow category for condition type or flow type NUMC   
88 VVSCHGCODE Amount by which calc. amount in detail screen can change CHAR   
89 VVSCOUPON Coupon ID for interest and accrued interest calculation CHAR   
90 VVSCTYP Cardinality category (1, N) CHAR   
91 VVSDIREC Transfer/retirement CHAR   
92 VVSDOKU Docu-key for data element supplements in VZZKOPO fields NUMC   
93 VVSDTYP Loan class indicator NUMC   
94 VVSDVNR Premium reserve fund list number CHAR   
95 VVSEFFZIVZ +/- sign for cash flow and effective int. rate calculation CHAR   
96 VVSEIGEN Personal use ID CHAR   
97 VVSEINBE Flag for withholding amount on disbursement CHAR   
98 VVSELK Selection Key CHAR 10    
99 VVSELSCHEM Object selection CHAR   
100 VVSETVERW Usage of cost element sets in Real Estate reporting CHAR   
101 VVSEVENT1 Event control - Condition CHAR   
102 VVSEVENT2 Event control - Flow record CHAR   
103 VVSEXCLVON Exclusive indicator for the start date of a period NUMC   
104 VVSFANT Indicator for due date-related FiMa calculations NUMC   
105 VVSFEART_EW Feststellungsart CHAR   
106 VVSFGART Security financial transaction type CHAR   
107 VVSFGBEW Transaction data to be released available NUMC   
108 VVSFGKZ Release indicator CHAR   
109 VVSFGOBJ Release object for release procedure with value tab. CHAR 10    
110 VVSFGST Release status for release procedure NUMC   
111 VVSFIBU Control of entry of darwin data from FB01 CHAR   
112 VVSFIWOTYP Usage type for reporting housing construction financing CHAR   
113 VVSFOART Fund type indicator CHAR   
114 VVSFOUND Found? CHAR   
115 VVSFUTANP Subsequent adjustment indicator CHAR   
116 VVSGESST Branch office CHAR   
117 VVSGLZBE SCB indicator for capital gains CHAR   
118 VVSGRART Property type NUMC   
119 VVSGRART_AB Grundstücksart für Hebesatz CHAR   
120 VVSGRART_EW Grundstücksart im Einheitswertbescheid CHAR   
121 VVSGRBA Grundbuchart (4stellig für RE Allgemeine Bestandsübersicht) NUMC   
122 VVSGRBAI Land register type NUMC   
123 VVSGRFRM Property ground type NUMC   
124 VVSGRGZS Overall condition of property NUMC   
125 VVSGRQAL Property: Quality of location NUMC   
126 VVSGSART Warrant product type ID NUMC   
127 VVSGTART Building part type NUMC   
128 VVSGUTA Expert opinion identification in rent adjustment CHAR 20    
129 VVSHERK Origin indicator: 'From planned record/actual record' CHAR   
130 VVSHKNZ Debit / Credit Indicator CHAR   
131 VVSHOARTEX External fee type NUMC   
132 VVSHOARTIN Internal fee type NUMC   
133 VVSICHANL4 Collat.sec.type name - R11/76 appendix 4 CHAR   
134 VVSIDENT Identification number assignment indicator NUMC   
135 VVSIDRWINT Posting ID for FI interface NUMC 12    
136 VVSIHMA Modernization Measure CHAR 20    
137 VVSINCL Inclusive ID for beginning and end of a calculation period NUMC   
138 VVSINCLBIS Inclusive indicator for end date of a period NUMC   
139 VVSINCLVER Inclusive indicator for settlement date (Cash flow) NUMC   
140 VVSINLZ_AT Institute Number According to OeNB CHAR   
141 VVSINTPOS Internal position/employee group indicator CHAR   
142 VVSJBUE Asset group R11/76, Asset 6 (yearly stock overview) CHAR   
143 VVSKABSCH Price markdown CHAR   
144 VVSKAUFPR Purchase price rating indicator CHAR   
145 VVSKEY1 Key field 1 CHAR 40    
146 VVSKEY2 Key field 2 CHAR 10    
147 VVSKOMPB Internal processing key for number range components CHAR   
148 VVSKOMPGEN Component generation type CHAR   
149 VVSKOMPNAM Component name key CHAR   
150 VVSKOMPPZ Check digit group CHAR   
151 VVSKONTART Quota type NUMC   
152 VVSKONTTYP Quota type NUMC   
153 VVSKOPO Condition item ID NUMC   
154 VVSKOSTLART Category of cost center (vacancy / own usage) CHAR   
155 VVSKRIT Incoming payments: Identification of evaluation criterion CHAR   
156 VVSKRIT2 Criterion for grouping planned records flow types CHAR   
157 VVSKSTYP Condition header-Search type CHAR   
158 VVSKTWT Calendar day/week day indicator NUMC   
159 VVSKUEART Loan notice type indicator NUMC   
160 VVSKUEARTB Adjustment indicator for notice fields NUMC   
161 VVSKUEDN Borrower notice arrangements NUMC   
162 VVSKUEGL Lender notice arrangements NUMC   
163 VVSKUEGRU Reason for notice NUMC   
164 VVSKURSART Security Price Type CHAR   
165 VVSKVZA Reason why advance payment adjustment not carried out CHAR   
166 VVSKWG14 Position grouping acc. Para 14 GBA (New: SEC) CHAR   
167 VVSKWG18 Info. in acc. with §18 GBA NUMC   
168 VVSKZMAHN Dunning type indicator CHAR   
169 VVSKZUSA Price notation CHAR   
170 VVSLEER Vacant status indicator CHAR   
171 VVSLFDNR Sequence Number (summarization of loan document data) NUMC   
172 VVSLINNO Main no. for control table of rep.list of rents adjustment NUMC   
173 VVSLISTE Indicator for list selection CHAR   
174 VVSLKLASSE Classification of lists relevant for reporting CHAR   
175 VVSLOANFUNC Application subfunction for loans CHAR   
176 VVSLOANFUNCUSE Use of Application Subfunctions in Loans NUMC   
177 VVSLOEKZ Deletion indicator NUMC   
178 VVSLOERHYT Reorganization frequency INT1   
179 VVSLTYP BAV list category NUMC   
180 VVSLVGRP1 Life insurance internal indicator CHAR   
181 VVSLVGRP2 Life insurance internal indicator CHAR   
182 VVSLVHERK Origin indicator NUMC   
183 VVSMAHNM Loan manual dunning level CHAR   
184 VVSMASE Market segment CHAR   
185 VVSMELDF Form of payment report acc. to § 60 AWG CHAR   
186 VVSMIETNW Rent statement indicator CHAR   
187 VVSMIVE Lease-Out number CHAR 13    
188 VVSMOPT Modification options indicator CHAR   
189 VVSMSIGN Modification-sign CHAR   
190 VVSMSPTYPE Representative list of rents category NUMC   
191 VVSMVARTINT Internal Real Estate contract category NUMC   
192 VVSMVNR Version number NUMC   
193 VVSMW102 BAV asset group stmt 102 CHAR   
194 VVSNBNR Condition number NUMC   
195 VVSNEU_ANL Asset group R11/76 Ass. 1-5 and R2/87 Ass. 1-2 CHAR   
196 VVSNKKONTOBF Bank procedure account no. (number range) NUMC 10    
197 VVSNRFLST Consecutive number of plot on a property NUMC   
198 VVSNW101 BAV asset group stmt 101 NUMC   
199 VVSNW102 BAV asset group stmt 102 CHAR   
200 VVSNW201 BAV asset group stmt 201 CHAR   
201 VVSNW600 BAV asset group stmt 600 CHAR   
202 VVSOBJEVNT Object type which can be assigned to an event category CHAR   
203 VVSOBJNR Object number (virtual object) CHAR 10    
204 VVSOESART Austrian collateral security type ind. CHAR   
205 VVSONDST Tax preferential treatment ID CHAR   
206 VVSONLAEN Indicator for manual change of a flow record CHAR   
207 VVSOPTION ISIS word processing M/Text options byte CHAR   
208 VVSORTART List selection CHAR   
209 VVSORTKEY Sort sequence for documents in posting interface NUMC   
210 VVSPARTNR Partner number CHAR 22    
211 VVSPNID Prima nota identification CHAR   
212 VVSPRTLEVEL Level of detail of log for rent adjustment NUMC   
213 VVSPTYP Function type (report, transaction etc.) CHAR   
214 VVSRANG Ranking CHAR   
215 VVSRART Register type indicator CHAR   
216 VVSRBEZ Indicator for importance of contracting party relationship NUMC   
217 VVSRECTYPE Record Type CHAR   
218 VVSREG Register indicator CHAR   
219 VVSREGION Regional indicator CHAR   
220 VVSRENOV ID for expansion-/modernization-/redevelopment measure CHAR   
221 VVSREVCST Bal.sheet mgmt inclusive of activated costs CHAR   
222 VVSRFAK Unit of measure period of reservation CHAR   
223 VVSROHPER Period gross profit NUMC   
224 VVSRTTYP Sort type indicator for BAV control CHAR 10    
225 VVSRTYP Target register category indicator CHAR   
226 VVSRUNIT Currency unit CHAR   
227 VVSSEARCH Business partner search initial screen CHAR   
228 VVSSECFUNC Securities application subfunction CHAR   
229 VVSSELANT Self-help share ID CHAR   
230 VVSSELART Selection type as basis for calculating fees NUMC   
231 VVSSOLHAB Debit/Credit Indicator CHAR   
232 VVSSOLIST Plan/actual principle control CHAR   
233 VVSSOLLID Debit position identification NUMC   
234 VVSSOND Type of arrangement NUMC   
235 VVSSORT Sort field treatment ID CHAR   
236 VVSSPARAM Parameter value for release status CHAR   
237 VVSSPEZBER Rent adjustment by points: Special calculation method NUMC   
238 VVSSTAT Status of data record CHAR   
239 VVSSTATUS IS-IS: Status of a table entry CHAR   
240 VVSSTDORT Regional location CHAR 10    
242 VVSSUBNO Subnumber for control table for rep.list of rents adjustment NUMC   
243 VVSTARB Work status indicator CHAR   
244 VVSTAT Rollover method-Status CHAR   
245 VVSTATX Processing status CHAR   
246 VVSTBEA Processing status CHAR   
247 VVSTDAT Key date DATS   
248 VVSTEILNME RUs participating in settlement of SU CHAR 10    
249 VVSTEUSTAT Control indicator for real estate status management NUMC   
250 VVSTGBASIS Base Day Method of the Interest Calculation Method CHAR   
251 VVSTGMETH Daily Method NUMC   
252 VVSTIKEZ Key date type indicator CHAR   
253 VVSTITART Borrower's note loan security type NUMC   
254 VVSTKUN Notice status NUMC   
255 VVSTMOEGL Reversability indicator CHAR   
256 VVSTMVA Rental agreement offer status NUMC   
257 VVSTOKAT Reversal category for reversal module CHAR   
258 VVSTPROL Rollover status NUMC   
259 VVSTRANS Transport indicator of master number CHAR   
260 VVSTREUKZ Handling of trust amount CHAR   
261 VVSTYP Process type CHAR   
262 VVSUABT Subsection number of premium reserve fund list CHAR   
263 VVSUBTOT Only totals LC, only sub-totals LC or both CHAR   
264 VVSULT Month-end indicator CHAR   
265 VVSUMSABGRVERF Procedure used to accrue/defer sales-based rent agreement CHAR   
266 VVSUNART Main usage type CHAR   
267 VVSUNUTZA Main usage type CHAR   
268 VVSVARTYPEMA Variable category CHAR   
269 VVSVERFU Type of restraint on drawing NUMC   
270 VVSVFART_EW Verfahrensart im Einheitswertbescheid CHAR   
271 VVSVMETH Method for determining the next value date NUMC   
272 VVSVNR Version number NUMC   
273 VVSVORG Posting Run Activity CHAR   
274 VVSVORGANG Release procedure activity number NUMC 10    
275 VVSVORGKZ Transaction ID for debit/credit control NUMC   
276 VVSVWEVENT Event for administration contract CHAR   
277 VVSVWNR Management contract number CHAR 13    
279 VVSWTYP Modification value type NUMC   
280 VVSZART Allocation type indicator CHAR   
281 VVSZBMETMV Calculation method for time-dependent periods (Real Estate) NUMC   
282 VVSZEITANT Indicator for pro rate calculations in cash flow NUMC   
283 VVSZEITMV Indicator for pro rate calculations in cash flow NUMC   
284 VVSZEVTYP Procedure type for incoming payment distribution NUMC   
285 VVSZFLDNAM Field name (employee allocation) CHAR 15    
286 VVSZG_AT IS-IS: Target Group According to OeNB CHAR   
287 VVSZG_AT_FS IS-IS: Target Group According to OeNB CHAR   
288 VVSZINSTYP Interest type: Fixed, variable, other, fixed variable CHAR   
289 VVSZKEY Domains with value set for key field NUMC   
290 VVSZKZ Special int. ID for int. on arrears for remaining balance CHAR   
291 VVSZTABNAM Clerk allocation table name CHAR 10    
292 VVSZUART Indicator: Type of assignment to criterion CHAR   
293 VVSZUST General condition indicator CHAR   
294 VVSZUSTAND Status indicator for building stock determination NUMC   
295 VVSZVDEB Payment summarization level NUMC   
296 VVSZVTYP Procedure type for incoming payment distribution NUMC   
297 VVSZWANG Collateral object legal measures ID CHAR   
298 VVSZWANGOB Dunning procedure status indicator CHAR   
299 VVSZWKEY ID payment form with adjustment days CHAR   
300 VVTABNAM Table name CHAR 30    
301 VVTAGMN Grace period in days or months CHAR   
302 VVTAGMOJA Indicator for summarization of data to month or year CHAR   
303 VVTDSAVAIL Object in portfolio CHAR   
304 VVTDXAVAIL Object in portfolio CHAR 25    
305 VVTEXT80 Bemerkungen / Hinweise usw. CHAR 80    
306 VVTEXT83 Text (83 characters in length) CHAR 83    
307 VVTEXTART Textart für zentrale Textdatei grundbuch CHAR   
308 VVTRANCHECL Tranche Classification NUMC   
309 VVTRANCHECLASSIF Text for Tranche Classification CHAR 25    
310 VVTSTAMP Time stamp CHAR 14    
311 VVTXT7 TEXT (7 characters in length) CHAR   
312 VVTYPETO Technical Object Type From PM CHAR   
313 VVUGRPROZ2 Settlement factor - Percentage rate QUAN
314 VVUNTGR Document group NUMC   
315 VVUSCHBETRAG RELUM: Unterschiedsbetrag ohne Vorzeichen CURR 11 
316 VVUSTATUS Document status CHAR   
317 VVVALUMETH IPD: Valuation method NUMC   
318 VVVARVALUEMA RE: Variables value range for rep.list of rents substit. CHAR 50    
319 VVVERL Options for extension of lease-out CHAR   
320 VVVERSAND Post dispatch type CHAR 30    
321 VVVKZ FLAG 'X'/' ' CHAR   
322 VVVKZ1 Indicator for totaling CHAR   
323 VVVNARTBEZ Bezeichnung der VN-Art CHAR 80    
324 VVVWSTAT Status of management settlement CHAR   
325 VVWBANPGRD WiBe: Anpassungsgrund CHAR   
326 VVWBANZME RE-WB: Anzahl Mieteinheiten DEC   
327 VVWBAUFWART WB: Aufwendungsart CHAR   
328 VVWBAUFWKAT RE-WB: Aufwandskategorien CHAR   
329 VVWBAUFWSTAT WB: Status der Aufwandsartenänderung NUMC   
330 VVWBBEZUG WB: Bezugsgröße QUAN 16 
331 VVWBDGEBER WB: Darlehensgeber CHAR 50    
332 VVWBFIART WB: Finanzierungsart CHAR   
333 VVWBFIKZ WB: Finanzierungskennzeichen NUMC   
334 VVWBGRP WB: Gruppen für Tabreiter NUMC   
335 VVWBIND Nummer der Teilwirtschaftlichkeitsberechnung CHAR   
336 VVWBINDSTAT Status Teilwirtschaftlichkeitsberechnung NUMC   
337 VVWBKOART WB: Kostenart CHAR   
338 VVWBNAME Description of CEA CHAR 20    
339 VVWBNR Nummer für Wirtschaftlichkeitsberechnung CHAR   
340 VVWBNUTZ Nutzungskategorie für Wirtschaftlichkeitsberechnung NUMC   
341 VVWBREKZ WB: Rechenkennzeichen NUMC   
342 VVWBRMBETRAG WB: Rechenfeld für Monatsbetrag pro Einheit DEC 12 
343 VVWBSTAT Status Hauptwirtschaftlichkeitsberechnung NUMC   
344 VVWERT7V Currency with +/- sign CURR 13 
345 VVWERTN_AD Acct determination: Acct determination key value CHAR 10    
346 VVWERTN_ADCN Acct determination: Acct determination key value CHAR 10    
347 VVWERTN_ADV Acct determination: Acct determination key value CHAR 10    
348 VVWIRTART RE: Wirtschaftsarten NUMC   
349 VVXBAUJ Construction year of building (only year or date) CHAR 10    
350 VVXBWNR Rental unit reservation applicant number CHAR   
351 VVXCMD Unix command field CHAR 50    
352 VVXCTVFUNC ISIS: CTV function code CHAR   
353 VVXCTVKEY ISIS: CTV record key CHAR 16    
354 VVXDUNMODK Reminder procedure for rent adjustment (short text) CHAR 20    
355 VVXDUNMODL Reminder procedure for rent adjustment (long text) CHAR 50    
356 VVXFELDN Incoming payments organization criterion: Field name CHAR 10    
357 VVXGEMEINDE Name of municipality CHAR 50    
358 VVXHOST Host name CHAR 50    
359 VVXID_AT IS-IS: OeNB ID Number CHAR 11    
360 VVXID_AT_FS IS-IS: OeNB ID Number CHAR 11    
361 VVXKREIS Name of district CHAR 30    
362 VVXLAND Country variant for regulatory reporting CHAR   
363 VVXLEERKEY Empty key for client-dependent tables CHAR   
364 VVXLISTKZ Indicator for selection of MRP lists CHAR   
365 VVXMTDIR M/Text directory CHAR 50    
366 VVXMTHOSTK M/TEXT-host short name CHAR 20    
367 VVXMTMEM M/Text member name CHAR 15    
368 VVXMTVARB M/Text online or batch processing CHAR   
369 VVXMVARTINTK Internal Real Estate contract type (short text) CHAR 15    
370 VVXMVARTINTL Internal Real Estate contract type (long text) CHAR 30    
371 VVXNRBV RE: Lfd. Nr. Grundstück im BV CHAR   
372 VVXNRGB Numbering of entries in land register CHAR   
373 VVXPASSWD M/Text password CHAR   
374 VVXR5_91_1 Indicator R5/91, appendix 1 CHAR   
375 VVXREGIO Name of Federal State CHAR 30    
376 VVXSTANDNR FVVI: Domain for stand number CHAR   
377 VVXSTATUS Status for XPRA RFVIXIS0, Real estate key conversion CHAR   
378 VVXSTOCKK Domains for storey short name CHAR   
379 VVXTABELLE Incoming payments: Name of application-specific structure CHAR 10    
380 VVXTEXT1 Text of length 1 CHAR   
381 VVXTEXT10 Text (10 characters long) CHAR 10    
382 VVXTEXT20 Freely-definable text (20 characters long) CHAR 20    
383 VVXTEXT30 Freitext der Länge 30 CHAR 30    
384 VVXTEXT78 Text for additional description CHAR 78    
385 VVXTREU1 Trustee inflow/outflow list indicator CHAR   
386 VVXTWERT Incoming payments: Table value for indirect procedure CHAR 20    
387 VVXTXTV Word processing facilities supported by the system CHAR 10    
388 VVXUSER M/Text User CHAR   
389 VVXVAR700 Text field variable up to 700 LCHR 700    
390 VVXVAR900 Text field variable up to 900 LCHR 900    
391 VVXVERSART ISIS: Dispatch type CHAR 30    
392 VVX_R97_03 Feature of indicator R/97 appendix 3 and 4 CHAR   
393 VVX_R97_05 Indicator for R5/97 appendix 5 CHAR   
394 VVX_R97_06 Indicator for R5/97 appendix 6 - Collateral CHAR   
395 VVX_R97_08 Indicator for R5/97 appendix 8 CHAR   
396 VVX_R97_10 Indicator for R5/97 appendix 10 CHAR   
397 VVZART Target object type CHAR   
398 VVZBMETH Interest Calculation Method Indicator Real Estate NUMC   
399 VVZEINS Time unit NUMC   
400 VVZHOARTEX Advance payment for external fee type NUMC   
401 VVZLSCH Payment key CHAR 10    
402 VVZPA Interest per disbursement CHAR   
403 VVZUGHK Employee at a company NUMC   
404 VVZULBAUH Permitted building height QUAN   
405 VVZUSATX Supplements, CHAR field (5 characters)for upper + lower case CHAR   
406 VVZUSTAND Zustandsstufe CHAR   
407 VV_EIGENT Flurstück: Eigentümernummer CHAR 10    
408 VV_NRVGR Type of external handling unit number assignment CHAR   
409 VWDAT Pointer to administrative data NUMC 10    
410 VWERT Variable dictionary field name CHAR 21    
411 VWERT13 Value of length 13 with plus/minus sign CURR 13 
412 VWFLTP *#§ FLTP 16  16 
413 VWIEDE Suppl. Pension - Public Service (G): Rehire Indicator CHAR   
414 VWLSO Special capital formation rule CHAR   
415 VWMAXSTAT Maximum status for securities order CHAR   
416 VWNZA_KK Layout rules for where-used list of payment media CHAR   
417 VWOSTD Suppl. Pension - Public Service (G): Hours per Week CHAR   
418 VWPOS Where-Applied Indicator CHAR   
419 VWP_ATTRIBUTE_DATE Security Date Attribute DATS   
420 VWP_ATTRIBUTE_LONG Security Attribute CHAR 20    
421 VWP_ATTRIBUTE_SHORT Security Short Attribute CHAR   
422 VWP_ATTRIBUTE_SUFFIX Suffix of free attribute CHAR   
423 VWP_ATTR_DATE Security Date Attribute DATS   
424 VWP_ATTR_LONG Security: Long Attribute CHAR 20    
425 VWP_ATTR_SHORT Security: Short Attribute CHAR   
426 VWP_ATTR_SUFFIX Suffix of Free Attribute CHAR   
427 VWSAZ Control record type NUMC   
428 VWSTA Status of control record NUMC   
429 VWUMT Rescheduling comparison value DEC   
430 VWWSBTYP SRS Document category for double doc. check CHAR   
431 VWWSBTYPEX DRS store procurement doc. cat. default setting ext. procur. CHAR   
432 VWWSBTYPVO SI store order upload, doc. type default CHAR   
433 VWWSFBWL SI automatic store orders CHAR   
434 VWWSINTPRO Internal interface profile POS CHAR   
435 VWWS_ORDER_ITEM Item number in sales order CHAR   
436 VWWS_SALES_ORDER Sales Order Number CHAR 10    
437 VWWS_SALES_PRICE Sales Price For Weight-Variable Material CHAR 20    
438 VWWS_UNIT Unit of Measure CHAR   
439 VWWS_UNIT_FLAG Yes/No Indicator CHAR   
440 VZART_056 Interest calculation type CHAR   
441 VZBEW +/- sign of material posting CHAR   
442 VZKPS Status for activation of DC transfer prices CHAR   
443 VZSKZ Interest calculation indicator CHAR   
444 VZTAG Days in arrears DEC   
445 VZTPBF Char 50 CHAR 50    
446 VZUJAH Supplementary Pension - Public Sector (D): Inflow Year NUMC   
447 VZVEVV Supplementary Pension - Public Sector (D): Prev. Insurance CHAR   
448 VZVID HR: ID of Supplementary Pension Fund CHAR   
449 VZWBG Indicates how materials move in DC CHAR   
450 VZWVER Supplementary Pension - Public Sector (D): Second Insurance CHAR   
451 VZ_CHAR10 Character Field of Length 10 CHAR 10    
452 VZ_CHAR20 Character Field of Length 20 CHAR 20    
453 VZ_CHAR255 Character Field of Length 255 CHAR 255    
454 VZ_CHAR64 64-Character Field CHAR 64    
455 VZ_CHAR80 Text Field with 80 Characters CHAR 80    
456 VZ_DOCTYPE Document category of documents processed in rescheduling CHAR   
457 V_ABRMENGE Places before decimal point in billing quantity DEC 17    
458 V_ALTWERT Places before decimal point in old value (before discount) DEC 17    
459 V_APPL Application for LIS Variant CHAR   
460 V_ART Packing type CHAR   
461 V_MINUTEN Lead time in minutes NUMC   
462 V_NETTOBTR_L Predecimal Places of Long Nett Amount DEC 17    
463 V_NEUWERT Places before decimal point in new value (after discount) DEC 17    
464 V_STUNDE Lead time in hours NUMC   
465 V_TAGE Lead time in days NUMC   
466 V_TAXABLE Customer indicator liable for new tax CHAR   
467 V_TEXT Char60 with permitted small letters CHAR 60    
468 V_UMWMENGE Places before decimal point in conversion quantity DEC 17    
469 V_VERBR Predecimal places in consumption of a register DEC 17    
470 V_ZAHL Pre-decimal places in a number DEC 17    
471 V_ZEITANT Predecimal places of a time portion DEC 17    
472 V_ZWSTAND Places before decimal point in meter reading on a register DEC 17    
473 V_ZWSTDIFF Pre-decimal places for the meter reading difference DEC 17