SAP ABAP Domain - Index SLASH, page 11
Domain - /
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 /MRSS/_RM_ORDER_PROB Order Probability in Percent CHAR   
3 /MRSS/_RM_ORG_TYPE_DESC Text Description for Org Unit CHAR 30    
4 /MRSS/_RM_ORIGIN_TYPE RM Candidate Origin Type CHAR   
5 /MRSS/_RM_PROJ_SERVICE Project Service NUMC   
6 /MRSS/_RM_PROJ_SERVICE_DESC Project Service Description CHAR 40    
7 /MRSS/_RM_RESP_RM_ORG Responsible RM Org NUMC   
8 /MRSS/_RM_RES_STATUS Status of the Resource with the Request CHAR   
9 /MRSS/_RM_SCEN Scenario CHAR   
10 /MRSS/_RM_SEARCH_THRESHOLD Threshold value used for search INT1   
11 /MRSS/_RM_SUPERVISOR_COUNT Number of Site Supervisors CHAR   
13 /MRSS/_RM_TIMESTAMP Time Stamp NUMC 14    
15 /MRSS/_ROLE_TYPE Role Type CHAR 10    
16 /MRSS/_ROUGH_TRAVEL_TIME Rought Travel Time DEC 10 
17 /MRSS/_ROUGH_TRAVEL_TIME_UNIT Rough Travel Time unit CHAR   
18 /MRSS/_ROW_COL Row col for highlighting items CHAR   
19 /MRSS/_SCALE_FACTOR Scaling Factor in Ratio INT1   
21 /MRSS/_SCALING_UNIT Scaling Unit CHAR 10    
22 /MRSS/_SCE_PROFILE_KEY Optimization Scenario Key CHAR 10    
23 /MRSS/_SCHED_INDICATOR Scheduling Indicator (Automatic scehduling & Self Planning) CHAR   
24 /MRSS/_SEARCH_STRATEGY_KEY Search Strategy Key Values CHAR   
25 /MRSS/_SEARCH_STRATEGY_TYPE Search Strategy Type for Appointment Offering CHAR   
26 /MRSS/_SERIAL_NO Equipment Serial Number CHAR 18    
27 /MRSS/_SETTLEMENT_TYPE Assignment Settlement Type CHAR   
28 /MRSS/_SET_STATUS_ORIGIN Permitted Status Origins CHAR   
29 /MRSS/_SGA_MSGTY Message type CHAR   
30 /MRSS/_SGD_CGPL_EXTID Project Planning: External ID for Projects and Activities CHAR 24    
31 /MRSS/_SGD_FULL_NAME Full name of a person CHAR 132    
33 /MRSS/_SGE_AIG Date Interval Group CHAR 10    
34 /MRSS/_SGE_ALIGN_DROP_GAP Upper Limit (in Hours) for Assignment Alignment INT1   
35 /MRSS/_SGE_ANGLE Angle between Start Point and Target Point in Polygon DEC 15  10 
36 /MRSS/_SGE_ASSGN_NOTES Assignment notes CHAR   
38 /MRSS/_SGE_ASSIGNMENT_TYPE Assignment type CHAR   
39 /MRSS/_SGE_ASS_DURATION_STATE Duration comparison between assignment and operation CHAR   
40 /MRSS/_SGE_AUTO_ASGN_STATUS Automatic assignment status indicators CHAR   
41 /MRSS/_SGE_AUTO_ASG_ALLOWED Is automatic assignment creation allowed ? CHAR   
42 /MRSS/_SGE_AUTO_ASG_RES_TYPE Resource type for Automatic assignment creation CHAR   
43 /MRSS/_SGE_AVAIL_TYPE Availability Type CHAR   
44 /MRSS/_SGE_AWART Attendance/Absence Type CHAR   
45 /MRSS/_SGE_BACK_ADDRESS_SOURCE Demand Address Source CHAR   
46 /MRSS/_SGE_BACK_DATE_DURATION Backward Integration: Dates and Duration CHAR   
47 /MRSS/_SGE_BACK_DEM_FOLLOW_AS Backward Integration: Demand Follows Assignment CHAR   
48 /MRSS/_SGE_BACK_WORK_CENTER Backward Integration: Work Center NUMC   
49 /MRSS/_SGE_BASE_RES_QTY Base Resource Quantity Type CHAR   
50 /MRSS/_SGE_BTRTL Personnel Subarea CHAR   
51 /MRSS/_SGE_CAPACITY_HOURS Capacity in hours with 2 decimal places DEC
52 /MRSS/_SGE_CLOCKTIME Time in character format CHAR   
54 /MRSS/_SGE_CONC_OPTION Concretion option for stretched assignments CHAR   
55 /MRSS/_SGE_CONTEXT_ID Unique ID to identify the mode within a session CHAR 40    
56 /MRSS/_SGE_CR_OBJTY Object Types of the CIM Resource CHAR   
57 /MRSS/_SGE_DATE_LOGIC Integration: Date Logic NUMC   
58 /MRSS/_SGE_DAUER_4_1 Activity duration in format 4.1 QUAN
59 /MRSS/_SGE_DEC9_2 Decimal no. w/ 9 characters before and 2 after decimal point DEC 11 
60 /MRSS/_SGE_DEMAND_PRIORITY Domain for Demand Priority Category CHAR   
61 /MRSS/_SGE_DEM_APPL Demand Application Area CHAR   
62 /MRSS/_SGE_DEM_PLANSTAT_DUR Duration Logic for Planned Status Determination CHAR   
63 /MRSS/_SGE_DEM_PLANSTAT_LOGIC Planned Status Determination Logic CHAR   
64 /MRSS/_SGE_DEM_RES_TYPE Demand Based Resource Determination Type CHAR   
65 /MRSS/_SGE_DEM_SCHEDULE_TYPE Type of Demand Scheduling CHAR   
66 /MRSS/_SGE_DEM_TYPE_1TO1 Demand Type (Origin) CHAR   
67 /MRSS/_SGE_DEM_TYPE_PRINT Demand Types Relevant for Printing CHAR   
68 /MRSS/_SGE_DESCR_STR Description for an Object in String255 Format SSTR 255    
69 /MRSS/_SGE_DISPLAY_TYPE Display of Interface Element CHAR   
70 /MRSS/_SGE_DISTANCE_UNIT Domains for the Distance's Unit of Measurement CHAR   
71 /MRSS/_SGE_DOCUMENT_NUMBER Document Number CHAR 25    
73 /MRSS/_SGE_DURAT_LOGIC Integration: Duration Logic NUMC   
74 /MRSS/_SGE_ENGINE_STATE Engine State - Demand/ Org unit/ None CHAR   
75 /MRSS/_SGE_FMODULE_USAGE Use of Function Module CHAR   
76 /MRSS/_SGE_HASH_VALUE Change specific ID CHAR 40    
77 /MRSS/_SGE_HCM_STATE Status HCM - Integration CHAR   
78 /MRSS/_SGE_HIERARCHY_LEVEL Resource Planning Node Hierarchy Level NUMC   
79 /MRSS/_SGE_IGNORE_HORIZON Deactivate Planning Horizon Checks CHAR   
80 /MRSS/_SGE_INFTY Info Category CHAR   
81 /MRSS/_SGE_INFTY_ACTIO Infotype operation CHAR 20    
82 /MRSS/_SGE_INT3 3-Character Integer Field NUMC   
83 /MRSS/_SGE_LOAD_TOOL_OPTIONS User Options for Tools Load CHAR   
85 /MRSS/_SGE_LOCKED Represent Lock Mode ( Implicit, Explicit , Combined or Nil) CHAR   
86 /MRSS/_SGE_LOGICAL_NODE_REL Relevance of a logical Node for the Planning Board CHAR   
88 /MRSS/_SGE_MOTPR Personnel Subarea Grouping for Daily Work Schedules CHAR   
89 /MRSS/_SGE_MULT_RES Number of Persons NUMC   
90 /MRSS/_SGE_MULT_SLOTS Multiple slots for a demand NUMC   
91 /MRSS/_SGE_OBJECT_TYPE Scheduling Engine: Object Type CHAR   
93 /MRSS/_SGE_OBJ_TYPE Type of object CHAR   
94 /MRSS/_SGE_OPERATION Command Operation CHAR   
95 /MRSS/_SGE_PARTNER_ID Parter Id CHAR 20    
96 /MRSS/_SGE_PARTNER_NAME Partner Name CHAR 40    
98 /MRSS/_SGE_PARTNER_ROLE_TYPE R/3 partner roles type CHAR 10    
99 /MRSS/_SGE_PARTNER_SEARCH_NAME Partner Search Name CHAR 80    
100 /MRSS/_SGE_PERSA Personnel Area CHAR   
101 /MRSS/_SGE_PLANNING_NODE_REL Relevance of a Planning Node for the Planning Board CHAR   
102 /MRSS/_SGE_PLAN_STATUS Plan Status for Demand CHAR   
103 /MRSS/_SGE_PN_CAPACITY_BASE Planning Node Capacity Base CHAR   
105 /MRSS/_SGE_PRINTER Spool: Name of output device CHAR   
106 /MRSS/_SGE_PRINT_ACTION Action Performed during printing of shop papers and document CHAR 70    
107 /MRSS/_SGE_R3_STATUS_TYPE Type of R/3 status CHAR 10    
108 /MRSS/_SGE_REPRESENTS_STATE Representation of Ass. State CHAR   
109 /MRSS/_SGE_RESOURCE_KIND Type of Resource CHAR   
110 /MRSS/_SGE_RESTRICT_STRATEGY Resource Restriction Strategy Type CHAR   
111 /MRSS/_SGE_RES_LOG_APPL Resource Log Application INT1   
112 /MRSS/_SGE_RES_LOG_ATTRIBUTE Resource Log Attribute INT1   
113 /MRSS/_SGE_RES_LOG_FUNCT Resource Log Functionality INT1   
114 /MRSS/_SGE_RES_NOTES Resource Notes CHAR   
115 /MRSS/_SGE_RES_SOURCE_TYPE Internal / External Resource CHAR   
116 /MRSS/_SGE_ROUGH_DISTANCE Rough Distance DEC 10 
117 /MRSS/_SGE_ROUGH_DISTANCE_UNIT Rough Distance Unit CHAR   
118 /MRSS/_SGE_SCENARIO Multiresource Planning Scenario CHAR   
119 /MRSS/_SGE_SCHEDULE_DIRECTION Scheduling Direction CHAR   
120 /MRSS/_SGE_SCHEDULE_TYPE Scheduling Type CHAR   
121 /MRSS/_SGE_SEARCH_HELP_FIELD Domain for Search Help fields CHAR   
122 /MRSS/_SGE_SEARCH_RULE Resource Search Rule for Auto. Assign. Creation CHAR   
123 /MRSS/_SGE_SEARCH_STRA_STEXT Search Strategy Short Text CHAR 40    
124 /MRSS/_SGE_SESSION_ID Unique ID to identify the logon session of the user CHAR 40    
125 /MRSS/_SGE_SPRPS Lock Indicator for HR Master Record CHAR   
126 /MRSS/_SGE_SRCH_DIRECTION Direction of Search CHAR   
127 /MRSS/_SGE_SSTRING Character string upto 255 characters SSTR 255    
128 /MRSS/_SGE_STATUS_ORIGIN Origin of a status CHAR   
129 /MRSS/_SGE_STATUS_ORIGIN_DEM Origin of a Status CHAR   
130 /MRSS/_SGE_SUBTY Subtype CHAR   
131 /MRSS/_SGE_SUMBAR_DISPLAY Display of Sumbar CHAR 10    
132 /MRSS/_SGE_TEAM_MEM_PERIOD Team member follows team vaildity CHAR 10    
133 /MRSS/_SGE_TEAM_PLANNING Team Planning Flag for Demand CHAR   
134 /MRSS/_SGE_TECHNICAL_OBJ Object linked to document CHAR 10    
135 /MRSS/_SGE_TECHNICAL_OBJ_KEY Document management object key CHAR 50    
136 /MRSS/_SGE_TEXT40 Text (40 characters) CHAR 40    
137 /MRSS/_SGE_TIMEZONE_IND Time Zone Indicator CHAR   
138 /MRSS/_SGE_TIME_FR Time in character format CHAR   
139 /MRSS/_SGE_TIME_INT_TYPE Time Interval Type CHAR   
140 /MRSS/_SGE_TIME_RULE_TYPE Time Rule Type CHAR   
141 /MRSS/_SGE_TOOL_LOAD_OPTIONS User Options for tools Load CHAR   
142 /MRSS/_SGE_TPROG Daily Work Schedule CHAR   
143 /MRSS/_SGE_TRIANGLE_SIDE Side of a Triangle DEC 15  10 
144 /MRSS/_SGE_UTIL_UNIT Utilization Report Unit CHAR 10    
145 /MRSS/_SGE_VARIA Daily work schedule variant CHAR   
148 /MRSS/_SGE_WORK_CENTER_TYPE Type of R/3 work center category CHAR   
149 /MRSS/_SGE_WORK_TYPE Work Type CHAR   
151 /MRSS/_SGR_BAR_COLOR WebDynpro:BarColor NUMC   
152 /MRSS/_SGR_COLOR Colors used in char engine CHAR 20    
153 /MRSS/_SGR_DEMAND_TYPE Demand Type CHAR   
154 /MRSS/_SGR_GROUP Group Properties CHAR   
155 /MRSS/_SGR_PROPERTIES Properties of chart engine CHAR   
156 /MRSS/_SGR_REL_TYPE Relationship Type CHAR   
157 /MRSS/_SGR_RESOURCE_REL Relevance of a Resource for the Planning Board CHAR   
158 /MRSS/_SGR_RESOURCE_TYPE Resource Type CHAR   
159 /MRSS/_SGR_UITLISATION Resource Utilization DEC   
160 /MRSS/_SGR_WEEKDAY Weekdays CHAR   
161 /MRSS/_SGU_ACTIVITY_TYPE Process variants CHAR   
162 /MRSS/_SGU_ALERT_CONFIRMATION Alert Confirmation Type CHAR   
163 /MRSS/_SGU_ASG_SHF_DAYS Assignment Shift Days NUMC   
164 /MRSS/_SGU_ASG_SHF_DIRECTION Assignment Shift Direction CHAR   
165 /MRSS/_SGU_BADI_TRIGGER Trigger of the call to badi /MRSS/SGE_ASGN_RELAT CHAR   
166 /MRSS/_SGU_CM_TYPE Context Menu Type CHAR   
168 /MRSS/_SGU_CONC_OPTION Concretization option for stretched assignments CHAR   
169 /MRSS/_SGU_CUT_ASS_TYPE Assignment Segment Type CHAR   
170 /MRSS/_SGU_DATA_LIST_STATUS Entry Status CHAR 80    
171 /MRSS/_SGU_DEFAULT_GANTT_VIEW Default Gantt Views CHAR   
172 /MRSS/_SGU_DEFAULT_MODE Default Mode for Planning Board CHAR   
174 /MRSS/_SGU_DETAIL_OPERATION Type of Data Change CHAR   
175 /MRSS/_SGU_DURATION Duration DEC 11 
176 /MRSS/_SGU_DURATION_TEXT Duration CHAR 10    
178 /MRSS/_SGU_GANTT_PER_LINE Percentage Line for Planning Node Gantt DEC   
179 /MRSS/_SGU_GANTT_POS Gantt Position CHAR   
180 /MRSS/_SGU_GANTT_RELATIONSHIP Demand relationship as represented by the gantt CHAR   
181 /MRSS/_SGU_JUMP_BEGIN_SIGN Gantt Start Date Sign CHAR   
182 /MRSS/_SGU_LAYOUT_NAME Container layout name CHAR 15    
183 /MRSS/_SGU_LONGTEXT_TYPE Long text type CHAR   
184 /MRSS/_SGU_MOB_DURATION Duration DEC 10 
185 /MRSS/_SGU_ORD_PLAN_STATUS Order Worklist Plan Statuses CHAR   
186 /MRSS/_SGU_OVERVIEW_NODE_KEYS Optimizer node keys CHAR   
187 /MRSS/_SGU_PARTNER_FUNCTION Partner Function CHAR   
188 /MRSS/_SGU_PLANITEM Planning Board Element CHAR   
189 /MRSS/_SGU_PN_FONT_SIZE Planning Node Gantt Font Size NUMC   
190 /MRSS/_SGU_PN_GRAPH_TYPE Planning Node Gantt Graph Type CHAR   
191 /MRSS/_SGU_PN_ROW_WIDTH Planning Node Gantt Row Width NUMC   
192 /MRSS/_SGU_PN_ROW_WIDTH_ABS Planning Node Gantt Row Width for ABS display NUMC   
193 /MRSS/_SGU_PN_VIEW_TYPE Planning Node Gantt View Type CHAR   
194 /MRSS/_SGU_POPUP_NAME Name of the pop-up to be memorized in User Settings CHAR   
195 /MRSS/_SGU_POSTAL_CODE Postal Code CHAR 10    
196 /MRSS/_SGU_PRIORITY_DEM_BAR Priority for Demand Bar NUMC   
197 /MRSS/_SGU_PRIORITY_TIMESPEC Drawing Priority for Time Allocations NUMC   
198 /MRSS/_SGU_RESOURCE_ROLE Resource Role in Gantt Chart CHAR   
199 /MRSS/_SGU_RES_SEL_ACTIVE Determines whether resource selection is active or not CHAR   
200 /MRSS/_SGU_ROUNDED_TIME Rounded Time TIMS   
201 /MRSS/_SGU_SCREEN_CONTENT Content in the Screen Containers CHAR 40    
202 /MRSS/_SGU_SCREEN_CONTENT_POS Screen container item NUMC   
203 /MRSS/_SGU_SHIFTTMZN Shift Time Zone CHAR   
204 /MRSS/_SGU_SHOW_ASSOC_DEM Show associated demands CHAR   
205 /MRSS/_SGU_SHOW_ASSOC_DEM_MGR Show associated demands in Manager Planning Board CHAR   
206 /MRSS/_SGU_SHOW_ASSOC_RES Show associated resources CHAR   
207 /MRSS/_SGU_SORT_GROUP Sort Group NUMC   
208 /MRSS/_SGU_SORT_HUMAN_RES Sorting Criteria for Human Resources CHAR   
209 /MRSS/_SGU_SORT_ORDER Sort Order CHAR   
210 /MRSS/_SGU_SORT_PRIORITY Priority of sort group NUMC   
211 /MRSS/_SGU_SORT_TEAMS Sorting criteria for Teams CHAR   
212 /MRSS/_SGU_SORT_TOOLS Sorting Criteria for Tools CHAR   
213 /MRSS/_SGU_STATUS_STATE Status present or not present for Selection CHAR   
214 /MRSS/_SGU_SUBTY SubType CHAR   
215 /MRSS/_SGU_SUMBAR_DISPLAY Display of Sumbar CHAR 10    
216 /MRSS/_SGU_TOOL_LOAD_OPTIONS User Options for Tools Load CHAR   
217 /MRSS/_SGU_TPROG Daily Work Schedule CHAR   
218 /MRSS/_SGU_TRV_DISTANCE Travel distance DEC 10 
219 /MRSS/_SGU_TRV_DISTANCE_UNIT Travel Distance unit CHAR   
220 /MRSS/_SGU_TRV_DURATION Duration DEC 10 
221 /MRSS/_SGU_UI_PROFILE User interface profile CHAR 10    
222 /MRSS/_SGU_USAGE Usage status CHAR   
223 /MRSS/_SGU_VARIA Daily work schedule variant CHAR   
224 /MRSS/_SGW_AVAIL_DAYS Avail/Assigned days (Decimals upto 1 place) DEC
225 /MRSS/_SGW_PERSNO Personnel Number NUMC   
226 /MRSS/_SGW_QUALI Qualification Keys NUMC   
227 /MRSS/_SGW_SERACH_CAG_CG_TYPE Type of Capacity Graph CHAR   
228 /MRSS/_SGW_VIEW_TYPE View Type CHAR   
229 /MRSS/_SGX_ACTION_FCODE Function Code CHAR 20    
230 /MRSS/_SGX_ACTION_TYPE Function Type CHAR   
231 /MRSS/_SGX_ALV_ID Clearly Idenfies an ALV CHAR   
232 /MRSS/_SGX_ASSIGNMENT_TYPE Assignment Type CHAR   
233 /MRSS/_SGX_BOOL Boolean Value: "X" for TRUE and " " for FALSE CHAR   
234 /MRSS/_SGX_CHAR_ID Unique Identification on Character Basis SSTR 120    
235 /MRSS/_SGX_COLOR_MODE Color Mode INT1   
236 /MRSS/_SGX_COMP_DISPLAY_SATE Compressed representation CHAR   
237 /MRSS/_SGX_DATE_FORMAT Date Formatting CHAR 30    
238 /MRSS/_SGX_DEFAULT_SCALE Default Scale INT1   
239 /MRSS/_SGX_DEFAULT_VIEW Controls the Set Default View CHAR   
240 /MRSS/_SGX_DEF_ASGN_TYP Default Assignment Type INT1   
241 /MRSS/_SGX_DEMAND_ID Demand row ID SSTR 120    
242 /MRSS/_SGX_DEM_BAR_SEL Demand Bar Selection INT1   
243 /MRSS/_SGX_DESCRIPTION Domain for Description Texts CHAR 60    
246 /MRSS/_SGX_DYN_URL Dynamic URL STRG   
247 /MRSS/_SGX_EXT_WIN_EMPL_PROFI External Employment Profile CHAR   
248 /MRSS/_SGX_FONT_FAMILY Font Saved as Text CHAR 60    
249 /MRSS/_SGX_FONT_SIZE Font Size in Points INT1   
250 /MRSS/_SGX_FONT_STYLE Type Face Modifications INT1   
251 /MRSS/_SGX_FUNC_ACTIVE Function active Indicator CHAR   
252 /MRSS/_SGX_GANTT_EXTERNAL_WIN Flag for Gantt Chart in External Window CHAR   
253 /MRSS/_SGX_GANTT_GRAPH_ELEMEN Graphic Element in the Gantt Chart CHAR   
254 /MRSS/_SGX_GANTT_VIEW Gantt View CHAR   
255 /MRSS/_SGX_GANTT_ZOOM Zoom Percentage NUMC   
256 /MRSS/_SGX_GNT_FT_INACT Gantt Function Inactive Indicator CHAR   
257 /MRSS/_SGX_HALIGN Horizontal Alignment INT1   
258 /MRSS/_SGX_INT_ID Unique Identification on Number Basis INT4 10    
259 /MRSS/_SGX_JNETCOM JNET Command SSTR 30    
260 /MRSS/_SGX_LINK_ID Link ID SSTR 120    
261 /MRSS/_SGX_LONGCHAR Text CHAR 255    
262 /MRSS/_SGX_NAVIGATION_DEM_TYPE Demand Type (navigatable) CHAR   
263 /MRSS/_SGX_NODETYP Node Type CHAR   
264 /MRSS/_SGX_NODE_RELEVANCE Node Relevance CHAR   
265 /MRSS/_SGX_OVERVIEW_NODE_KEYS Optimizer node keys CHAR   
266 /MRSS/_SGX_PARAM_VALUE Parameter Values CHAR 250    
267 /MRSS/_SGX_PIXEL_HEIGHT Size Entered in Pixels NUMC   
268 /MRSS/_SGX_PIXEL_SIZE Size Entered in Pixels INT1   
269 /MRSS/_SGX_PLB_MODE Start Mode of the Extended Lean Planning Board CHAR   
270 /MRSS/_SGX_PRIORITY_DEM_BAR Priority for Demand Bar NUMC   
271 /MRSS/_SGX_RES_ADD_MODE Resource Addition Mode CHAR   
272 /MRSS/_SGX_RES_LOAD_TYPE Loading Type of Resources INT1   
273 /MRSS/_SGX_RES_SORT_FILTER Resource sort or filter CHAR   
274 /MRSS/_SGX_RES_UTIL Resource Utilization CHAR 15    
275 /MRSS/_SGX_RGB_COLOR RGB Color Code; Red, Green, and Blue Separated by Commas CHAR 11    
276 /MRSS/_SGX_ROWTYP Line Type CHAR   
277 /MRSS/_SGX_SELECTED_VIEW Last Active View CHAR 20    
278 /MRSS/_SGX_SHAPE Form of a Graphical Element INT1   
279 /MRSS/_SGX_SORT_ORDER Sort order CHAR   
280 /MRSS/_SGX_STAFFING_INTERVAL Staffing interval CHAR   
281 /MRSS/_SGX_STAFFING_UNIT Staffing Unit CHAR   
282 /MRSS/_SGX_START_RES_VIEW Resource View Type CHAR   
283 /MRSS/_SGX_TEXT Text STRG   
284 /MRSS/_SGX_TIMESTAMP Time Stamp NUMC 14    
286 /MRSS/_SGX_TOOL_LOAD_OPTIONS Tool Load User Options CHAR   
287 /MRSS/_SGX_TRANSPARENCY Transparency INT1   
288 /MRSS/_SGX_TRV_DISTANCE_UNIT Travel Distance unit CHAR   
289 /MRSS/_SGX_TYPENAME Domain for Name Type in JGantt CHAR 20    
290 /MRSS/_SGX_UGSAP_COLOR Color from UG SAP Style INT1   
291 /MRSS/_SGX_UGSAP_DECORATION Decoration Type (Dashed and Dotted) from UG SAP INT1   
292 /MRSS/_SGX_UI_TYPE Ui Type CHAR   
293 /MRSS/_SGX_URL URL Address SSTR 250    
294 /MRSS/_SGX_VALIGN Vertical Alignment INT1   
295 /MRSS/_SGX_VIEW_MODE View mode CHAR   
296 /MRSS/_SGX_WD_ASG_SHW_MODE Show Mode of Assignments CHAR   
297 /MRSS/_SGX_WD_DETAIL_MODE WD Detail Mode (Hide/Display/Change/New CHAR   
298 /MRSS/_SGX_WD_DETAIL_TYPE WD Detail Type CHAR 10    
299 /MRSS/_SGX_WEBUI_PROFILE Web User Interface Profile Identifier CHAR 10    
300 /MRSS/_SGX_WORKTIME_VIEW Contains the Mode of the Working Time Display CHAR   
301 /MRSS/_SGX_XML XML Documents Saved as RAWSTRING RSTR   
302 /MRSS/_SGX_ZORDER_LAYER Display Level as Number INT1   
303 /MRSS/_SOURCE_CODE Source Code STRG 1024    
304 /MRSS/_SPLT_MAX_GAP Maximum Difference Between Two Assignments when Split DEC
305 /MRSS/_SPLT_MIN_DUR Minimum duration of an assignment for a split DEC
306 /MRSS/_SPRAS Language Key CHAR   
307 /MRSS/_SQE_ASSIGNMENT_STATUS Assignment status CHAR   
308 /MRSS/_SQE_FIELD_CONTROL Field control CHAR   
309 /MRSS/_SQE_FIELD_SOURCE_STYPE MRS: results-list field - origin type/subtype CHAR 10    
310 /MRSS/_SQE_FIELD_SOURCE_TYPE MRS: results-list field - origin type CHAR 10    
311 /MRSS/_SQE_FUZZY_RESULT_DET MRS: Fuzzy search result for struct. qualifications CHAR   
312 /MRSS/_SQE_LEVEL_DISTANCE Distance between requirement and skill INT4 10    
313 /MRSS/_SQE_MANAGER_TYPE Manager type CHAR   
314 /MRSS/_SQE_MATCHING_FLAG MRS: Matching step control CHAR   
315 /MRSS/_SQE_MATCHING_TYPE Matching type NUMC   
316 /MRSS/_SQE_MATCH_CUS_RES_TYPE Type of result determination for customer field matching CHAR   
317 /MRSS/_SQE_NETWORK_TYPE Network type CHAR   
318 /MRSS/_SQE_NOT_FULFILLED_VAL Non-fulfillment value DEC
319 /MRSS/_SQE_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type CHAR   
320 /MRSS/_SQE_PRESEL_ID Preselection Criteria indentifier CHAR   
321 /MRSS/_SQE_PRESEL_TXT Preselection Criteria Description CHAR 40    
322 /MRSS/_SQE_QUALIF_VERSION Version of qualification CHAR   
323 /MRSS/_SQE_QUAL_CATEGORY Qualification category NUMC   
324 /MRSS/_SQE_QUAL_CRITERIA Qualification criterion CHAR 30    
325 /MRSS/_SQE_STR_MATCH_DATE MRS: Validity control matching - struct. qualifications CHAR   
326 /MRSS/_SQE_TRC_CONS_TYPE MRS: Qualification consideration type CHAR   
327 /MRSS/_SQE_UNSTRUCT_MATCH Matching result of unstructured qualification DEC   
328 /MRSS/_SQE_WEIGHT_FACTOR Weighting factor DEC
329 /MRSS/_SQE_WORK_CENTER_TYPE Work center category CHAR   
330 /MRSS/_SQM_APPL Please delete CHAR   
331 /MRSS/_SQM_CATID Qualification Catalog Number CHAR 10    
332 /MRSS/_SQM_FILTER_SCOPE Application Area of Filter CHAR   
333 /MRSS/_SQM_FILTER_TYPE Type of Filter CHAR   
334 /MRSS/_SQM_MATID Qualification matrix number CHAR 10    
335 /MRSS/_SQM_MNT_GRP Maintenance group. CHAR   
336 /MRSS/_SQM_MNT_GRP_DESC Name of maintenance group CHAR 20    
337 /MRSS/_SQM_OBJECT_ID Object identification CHAR 20    
338 /MRSS/_SQM_POSID Qualification number CHAR 10    
339 /MRSS/_SQP_ACTION Employee Action. CHAR   
340 /MRSS/_SQP_ACTIVE Is active flag CHAR   
341 /MRSS/_SQP_ACTIVE_DIS Active display for ALV CHAR   
342 /MRSS/_SQP_ACTIVE_DISPLAY Active status display CHAR   
343 /MRSS/_SQP_APPROVAL_TYPE Type of approval CHAR   
344 /MRSS/_SQP_COMMENTS Comments CHAR 255    
345 /MRSS/_SQP_CUSTOMER_DESC Customer Description CHAR 35    
346 /MRSS/_SQP_DELTA_ICONS Tooltips for delta icons CHAR   
347 /MRSS/_SQP_DEMAND_GUID Demand Guid CHAR 32    
348 /MRSS/_SQP_FLAG Flag for Profiles CHAR   
349 /MRSS/_SQP_GUID Profile GUID RAW 16    
350 /MRSS/_SQP_GUID32 profile guid CHAR 32    
351 /MRSS/_SQP_LOCATION Location CHAR 32    
352 /MRSS/_SQP_LOGON_MODE Transaction Mode for the Profile User Interface NUMC   
353 /MRSS/_SQP_LONG_TEXT Long Text CHAR 70    
354 /MRSS/_SQP_OPERATION_TYPE Operation Type NUMC   
355 /MRSS/_SQP_PORTAL_URL Portal URL for web access of profiles CHAR 132    
356 /MRSS/_SQP_PROFILE_KEY Profile Key CHAR 10    
357 /MRSS/_SQP_PROFILE_TXT Profile Text CHAR 100    
358 /MRSS/_SQP_PROFILE_TYPE Profile Type NUMC   
359 /MRSS/_SQP_QUAL_TYPE Qualification Type (Unstructured Qualification) CHAR   
360 /MRSS/_SQP_RATING Rating NUMC   
361 /MRSS/_SQP_RATING_OUT Rating value for a qualification CHAR   
362 /MRSS/_SQP_REGION Region CHAR 32    
363 /MRSS/_SQP_SALES_FORCE Sales Force CHAR   
364 /MRSS/_SQP_SEARCH_TERM_OP Search Operator CHAR   
365 /MRSS/_SQP_SEQ_NUM Sequence Number NUMC   
366 /MRSS/_SQP_SERVER_NAME Server name CHAR   
367 /MRSS/_SQP_SHORT_TEXT Short Text CHAR 60    
368 /MRSS/_SQP_STATUS Status CHAR   
369 /MRSS/_SQP_STATUS_DESC Description of status CHAR 30    
370 /MRSS/_SQP_TRANSACTION_MODE Transaction Mode CHAR   
371 /MRSS/_SQP_USTR_TEXT Text of unstructured qualification type CHAR 100    
372 /MRSS/_SQP_WEB_ACCESS_MODE Access mode from web-UI CHAR   
373 /MRSS/_SQU_DISP_MODE Display mode for the screen. CHAR   
374 /MRSS/_SQU_FULL_NAME Full name of a person CHAR 132    
375 /MRSS/_SQU_OPERATION_MODE Operation Mode CHAR   
376 /MRSS/_SQU_SCREEN_TYPE Screen Type NUMC   
377 /MRSS/_SQU_SRC_LINE ABAP source code line CHAR 72    
378 /MRSS/_SQU_UI_MODE Employee profile UI mode CHAR   
379 /MRSS/_SQW_SCENARIO Workflow scenario CHAR   
380 /MRSS/_SRCH_DIRECTION Direction of Search CHAR   
381 /MRSS/_SRC_STATUS_TY Source Status Type INT1   
382 /MRSS/_SRVA_AVERAGE_SPEED Average Speed QUAN 16    
385 /MRSS/_SRVA_LAYER Service Layer CHAR   
386 /MRSS/_SRVA_MAX_DISTANCE Maximum Distance QUAN 16 
387 /MRSS/_SRVA_RES_PRIORITY Resource Priority NUMC   
388 /MRSS/_SRVA_SERVICE_AREA Service Area CHAR 30    
389 /MRSS/_SRVA_SERVICE_AREA_REF Service Area Reference to external Map System CHAR 10    
391 /MRSS/_STAFF_SCEN Staffing Scenario in cProjects-MRS CHAR   
392 /MRSS/_STATUS_GROUP_TEXT Status Group Text CHAR 40    
393 /MRSS/_STATUS_LEVEL Flag for header or item level Status CHAR   
394 /MRSS/_STATUS_REL_DEM_WORK Status related Demand Work CHAR   
395 /MRSS/_STATUS_REL_DEM_WORK_DC Status related Demand Work CHAR 40    
396 /MRSS/_STATUS_SPRAS Language Key CHAR   
397 /MRSS/_STATUS_TYPE Type of R/3 status CHAR 10    
398 /MRSS/_STDAZ Number of Hours DEC
399 /MRSS/_STLAN BOM Usage CHAR   
400 /MRSS/_STLST BOM status NUMC   
401 /MRSS/_STLTY BOM category CHAR   
402 /MRSS/_STNUM BOM number CHAR   
403 /MRSS/_STORAGE_LOC Storage Location CHAR 40    
404 /MRSS/_TABNO Tab Strip Number NUMC   
405 /MRSS/_TEAM_ASSIGN_BEHAVIOUR Team Assignment Behaviour CHAR 10    
406 /MRSS/_TEAM_AVAIL_DEFINITION Team Availability Definition CHAR   
407 /MRSS/_TECH_OBJECT_TYPE Technical Object Type CHAR   
408 /MRSS/_TERART Scheduling type CHAR   
410 /MRSS/_TIME_GRAN Time granularity in resource planning in minutes NUMC   
411 /MRSS/_TIME_HHMM time hhmm CHAR   
412 /MRSS/_TIME_RULE_DURATION_TYPE Time Rule Duration Type CHAR   
413 /MRSS/_TIME_UNIT Unit of Time CHAR   
414 /MRSS/_TOBJ_SEQ Technical Object Sequnce CHAR   
415 /MRSS/_TOOL_OBJECT Tool Object CHAR 18    
416 /MRSS/_TRAVEL_DET_METHOD Travel Time determination method CHAR   
417 /MRSS/_TRAVEL_PROFILE Travel Profile Key CHAR 10    
418 /MRSS/_TRAVEL_TIME_UNIT Domain for travel time CHAR   
419 /MRSS/_TRFAR Pay scale type key CHAR   
420 /MRSS/_TRV_BASE_TYPE Basic Travel-type CHAR   
421 /MRSS/_TRV_DISTANCE_UNIT Travel Distance Unit CHAR   
422 /MRSS/_TRV_MODE Travel Time Mode CHAR   
423 /MRSS/_TXT20 Text 20 Characters CHAR 20    
424 /MRSS/_TXT50 50-Character Text CHAR 50    
425 /MRSS/_TYPE_AVAIL_DETER Type of Avaiability determination ( For automatic scheduling CHAR   
426 /MRSS/_T_TOBJ_TYPE_EXT Technical Object External CHAR   
428 /MRSS/_UITLISATION Resource Utilization DEC   
429 /MRSS/_UI_DISPDOC_TYPE Document class CHAR   
430 /MRSS/_UI_SCHEDULING_MODE UI Scheduling mode CHAR   
431 /MRSS/_UMSA1 Annual Sales CURR 15 
432 /MRSS/_UMSAT Annual Sales CURR
433 /MRSS/_UNIT_OF_MEASUREMENT Unit of Measurement CHAR   
434 /MRSS/_UPDATE_TYPE Change Type CHAR   
435 /MRSS/_USRCURR User-defined field for values (length 13,2) CURR 13 
436 /MRSS/_VAGRP Responsible group/department CHAR   
437 /MRSS/_VAR_DESC Description CHAR 40    
438 /MRSS/_VAR_SCOPE Variant Scope CHAR   
439 /MRSS/_VERBUCHER Update program indicator CHAR   
440 /MRSS/_VGWRT Standard value QUAN
441 /MRSS/_WEEK_DAY Weekday CHAR 10    
442 /MRSS/_WEGID Evaluation paths CHAR 10    
443 /MRSS/_WERKS Plant CHAR   
444 /MRSS/_WKL_COLOR_CODE Worklist Color Codes CHAR   
445 /MRSS/_WL_ITEM_REL Relevance of an Item for the Planning Board CHAR   
446 /MRSS/_WL_PLAN_STATUS Planning Status CHAR   
447 /MRSS/_WL_URGENCY Urgency of a Demand NUMC   
448 /MRSS/_WRK_SCHEDULE_RULE Work Schedule Rule CHAR 10    
449 /MRSS/_XUBNAME User Name in User Master Record CHAR 12    
450 /MRSS/_ZIP_AREA_RANK Assgmnt of Postal Code Area: Ranking (Primary, Secondary...) CHAR   
451 /MRSS/_ZKRIZ Additional criteria counter for MAPL NUMC   
452 /NFM/ART CS: NF Rate Type CHAR   
453 /NFM/BELNR 10-position document number CHAR 10    
454 /NFM/BLT NF document category CHAR   
455 /NFM/BOESL Exchange Key CHAR   
456 /NFM/EBG CS Coverage Reason CHAR   
457 /NFM/EBK CS: Coverage / Material Provision Indicator CHAR   
458 /NFM/GKU CS Currency Rate for NF Processing CURR 15 
459 /NFM/KNTYP NF Processing Condition Category Net Rate CHAR   
460 /NFM/KTP CS NF Condition Type (Rate/Base/Global Base) CHAR   
461 /NFM/NES NF key CHAR   
462 /NFM/NFI CS Rate Determination - Include Member NUMC   
463 /NFM/NFR CS Rate Determination Form Routine NUMC   
464 /NFM/NFS CS Rate Determination Key CHAR   
465 /NFM/PRZ21 Percentage packed, NN,N DEC
466 /NFM/SCR Field control indicator CHAR   
467 /NFM/TAGE Number of Days for Calculation (with Sign) DEC   
468 /NFM/VGE Charge Weight Unit DEC   
469 /NFM/VTP CS: Default type for NF rate determination default values CHAR   
470 /OLC/OPUSER4 OLC: User Field 4 in Operation CURR 11 
471 /OSP/DO_ACTION_TYPE Action type CHAR   
472 /OSP/DO_BOUND_KEY Bound Item Key CHAR 100    
473 /OSP/DO_BW_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type CHAR   
474 /OSP/DO_BW_VARIABLE_NAME BW Report Variable name CHAR   
475 /OSP/DO_CATALOG_ID Report Catalog ID CHAR 255    
476 /OSP/DO_CATEG_ID Report Category CHAR   
477 /OSP/DO_CHARACTER_VALUE Field for any characteristic value (external display) CHAR 70    
478 /OSP/DO_CLASS_NAME class Name CHAR 30    
479 /OSP/DO_CONTEXT Context within Scenario CHAR   
480 /OSP/DO_CON_GRP Context Group Name CHAR 15    
481 /OSP/DO_CORRELATION_ID Correlation ID CHAR 120    
482 /OSP/DO_CORR_EXT Domain for Correlation external Id CHAR 64    
483 /OSP/DO_CORR_ID domain for id CHAR 32    
484 /OSP/DO_DATE Date DATS   
485 /OSP/DO_DAY Domain for day INT1   
486 /OSP/DO_DC_DESC Data Change Event Backend Description CHAR 60    
487 /OSP/DO_DC_EVENT_ID Data Change Event ID CHAR 30    
488 /OSP/DO_DC_STATUS Data Change Event Status CHAR   
489 /OSP/DO_DUET_DESC Duet Description CHAR 60    
490 /OSP/DO_EVENT_ID /OSP/ event id CHAR 30    
491 /OSP/DO_EVENT_TYP Event Type CHAR   
492 /OSP/DO_FLAG Validity Indicator CHAR   
493 /OSP/DO_GD_DESC Description CHAR 255    
494 /OSP/DO_GD_SETTING_TYPE Setting Type CHAR 50    
495 /OSP/DO_GD_SETTING_VALUE Setting Value CHAR 50    
496 /OSP/DO_GRP_TYPE Context Group Type CHAR   
497 /OSP/DO_GUID Global Unique Identifier CHAR 32    
498 /OSP/DO_GUID_22 22 Character GUID CHAR 22    
499 /OSP/DO_GUID_35 Guid 35 CHAR 35    
500 /OSP/DO_GUID_45 45 Characters GUID for triggered/chart report CHAR 45