SAP ABAP Domain - Index SLASH, page 18
Domain - /
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 /SAPSLL/PREVD_SORT SLL: Preference: Sort Sequence of Nomenclature of Goods CHAR   
2 /SAPSLL/PREVD_STATUS Status of Vendor Declaration CHAR   
4 /SAPSLL/PRE_BETOL SLL: Preference: PO Tolerance DEC   
5 /SAPSLL/PRE_ESOKZ SLL: Preference: Type of Purchasing Info Record CHAR   
6 /SAPSLL/PRE_INACT SLL: Preference: Select API Data Element f. Inact. Relatnshp CHAR   
7 /SAPSLL/PRE_INACTR3 SLL: Preference: Select Inactive Relationships CHAR   
8 /SAPSLL/PRE_PLANT SLL: Preference: Plant CHAR   
9 /SAPSLL/PRE_PLANTGRP SLL: Preference: Plant Group CHAR   
10 /SAPSLL/PRE_PZTYP Type of Preference Zone CHAR   
11 /SAPSLL/PRE_QALDOC GTS: Preference: Type of Document CHAR   
12 /SAPSLL/PRE_RELTY SLL: Preference: Type of Vendor/Material Relationship CHAR   
13 /SAPSLL/PRE_VDI_MODE LTVD Processing Mode CHAR   
14 /SAPSLL/PRE_VDI_STATUS Status of LTVD Vendor Declaration CHAR   
15 /SAPSLL/PRE_VDO_STATUS Status of C-LTVD Vendor Declaration CHAR   
16 /SAPSLL/PRE_VDTYP SLL: Type of Vendor Declaration CHAR   
17 /SAPSLL/PRFCACT SLL: Preference Condition Active for Product CHAR   
18 /SAPSLL/PRFCAGR SLL: Confirm/Reject Preference Condition CHAR   
19 /SAPSLL/PRFIX GTS: Restitution: Prefixation CHAR   
20 /SAPSLL/PRFNW GTS: Customs Processing: Type of Preference Verification CHAR   
21 /SAPSLL/PRFTY GTS Preference: Preference Data Category in Product Master CHAR   
22 /SAPSLL/PRFTY_R3 GTS: Preference: Type of Preference Data in Material Master CHAR   
23 /SAPSLL/PRGRU Legal & Logistics Services: Grouping of Partner Functions CHAR   
24 /SAPSLL/PRIORITY_R3 GTS: R/3 Feeder System: Priority CHAR   
25 /SAPSLL/PRMET GTS: Preferences: Comparison Method CHAR   
26 /SAPSLL/PRMET_R3 GTS: Preference: Comparison Method CHAR   
27 /SAPSLL/PRMNT Validity of Statement: Temporary or Permanent CHAR   
28 /SAPSLL/PRNUM Product Number (20 Characters Long) CHAR 20    
29 /SAPSLL/PRN_TTYPE Text Type for Goods Number CHAR   
30 /SAPSLL/PROAF GTS: Activity Sequence for Global Trade Services CHAR   
31 /SAPSLL/PROAP Profile for Control of Logging CHAR   
32 /SAPSLL/PROAT Type of Activity Sequence CHAR   
33 /SAPSLL/PROCESS_STEP Process Step Reached CHAR   
34 /SAPSLL/PROCID SLL: Preference: Procurement Indicator CHAR   
35 /SAPSLL/PROCID_R3 GTS: Plug-In: Procurement Type CHAR   
36 /SAPSLL/PROCS GTS: Process Procedure for Global Trade Services CHAR   
37 /SAPSLL/PROC_STA_R3 Manual Postprocessing of the Item Necessary CHAR   
38 /SAPSLL/PRODUCT_SUBAPP GTS: Customs Product: Subapplication CHAR   
39 /SAPSLL/PRODUCT_VIEW Views of Product Master CHAR   
40 /SAPSLL/PRODWL_CONTROL Control Structure for Product Master Display CHAR 20    
41 /SAPSLL/PRODWL_ID Identification for Product Master Worklist CHAR 30    
42 /SAPSLL/PRODWL_STATUS Status of Product Master Worklist CHAR   
43 /SAPSLL/PRONR Project Number CHAR 20    
44 /SAPSLL/PROPH Indicator: Save Global Trade Services Screening Log CHAR   
45 /SAPSLL/PROPS Log Persistence Control CHAR   
46 /SAPSLL/PRORD Log Scope CHAR   
47 /SAPSLL/PROSA GTS: Process Activity for Global Trade Services CHAR   
48 /SAPSLL/PROSN GTS: Message for Global Trade Services Activity CHAR   
49 /SAPSLL/PROSS GTS: Processes for Global Trade Services CHAR   
50 /SAPSLL/PROST GTS: Document Status: Processing Status CHAR   
51 /SAPSLL/PROST_DAB Processing Status of Customs Declaration for Dashboards CHAR   
52 /SAPSLL/PROVO Previous Document Processing Status CHAR   
53 /SAPSLL/PRREL Product Relevance for Requesting LTVDs CHAR   
54 /SAPSLL/PRREL_TXT Text for LTVD Request Relevance CHAR 40    
55 /SAPSLL/PRSALE GTS: Indicator for Product Saleability CHAR   
56 /SAPSLL/PRSALE_R3 SLL: Plug-In: Saleability CHAR   
57 /SAPSLL/PRSRC GTS: Source Procedure CHAR   
58 /SAPSLL/PRTCO_R3 Component for Processing Trade CHAR   
59 /SAPSLL/PRTCO_SPI Component for Processing Trade CHAR   
60 /SAPSLL/PRTNO Agreement Number CHAR 32    
61 /SAPSLL/PRTPR_R3 Product from Processing Trade CHAR   
62 /SAPSLL/PRTPR_SPI Product from Processing Trade CHAR   
63 /SAPSLL/PRTYP Legal and Logistics Services: Feeder System Product Type CHAR   
64 /SAPSLL/PRTYP_R3 SLL: Product Type fr. Backend Syst. f. Legal and Log. Serv. CHAR   
65 /SAPSLL/PRTYP_RDC GTS: Reduced Product Category from Backend System CHAR   
66 /SAPSLL/PRTYP_SPI Legal and Logistics Services: Product Type Feeder System CHAR   
67 /SAPSLL/PRVD_ANALY_STATUS Status of Analysis CHAR   
68 /SAPSLL/PRVSY_SPI External Product Number for Legal and Logistics Services CHAR 40    
69 /SAPSLL/PRZ32 Legal & Logistics Services: Percentage Packed (nnn,nn) DEC
70 /SAPSLL/PRZ32PM Legal & Logistics Services: Percentage Packed (nnn,nn) DEC
71 /SAPSLL/PRZ32_SPI SLL: Percentage Rate Packed NNN,NN DEC
72 /SAPSLL/PRZHC Percentage Value Share of Price in Hardware DEC
73 /SAPSLL/PRZRX Maximum Percentage of Re-Export Value Share for Doc. Check NUMC   
74 /SAPSLL/PR_RLTYP Partner Role CHAR   
75 /SAPSLL/PR_SELTY Domain for Data Element /SAPSLL/PR_SELTY CHAR   
76 /SAPSLL/PTBCG Type of Settlement CHAR   
77 /SAPSLL/PTBST Status of Settlement CHAR   
78 /SAPSLL/PTCFL GTS: Confirm Presentation CHAR   
79 /SAPSLL/PTIME Time of Data Proposal CHAR   
80 /SAPSLL/PTREL Declaration in Processing Trade CHAR   
81 /SAPSLL/PTSIN Settlement Direction Indicator CHAR   
82 /SAPSLL/PTSWY Settlement Category CHAR   
83 /SAPSLL/PTYVS Identification of Packaging Material Type from Backend Syst. CHAR   
84 /SAPSLL/PUCCO_R3 Component from Processing under Customs Control CHAR   
85 /SAPSLL/PUCCO_SPI Component for Processing Under Customs Control CHAR   
86 /SAPSLL/PUCPR_R3 Product from Processing under Customs Control CHAR   
87 /SAPSLL/PUCPR_SPI Processed Product CHAR   
88 /SAPSLL/PUNIT Price Unit DEC   
89 /SAPSLL/PVWVS Identification of Partner Role/Function from Feeder System CHAR   
90 /SAPSLL/PYTYP SLL: Payment Type CHAR   
91 /SAPSLL/QALACT Legal & Logistics Services: Activity Type CHAR   
92 /SAPSLL/QALBET Type of Closing Portion CHAR   
93 /SAPSLL/QALCOM SLL: Qualifier for Communications Number CHAR   
94 /SAPSLL/QALDIM Legal & Logistics Services: Dimension Type CHAR   
95 /SAPSLL/QALDOC Category of Document CHAR   
96 /SAPSLL/QALDOC_HDR Category of Document CHAR   
97 /SAPSLL/QALDOC_ITM Category of Document CHAR   
98 /SAPSLL/QALLRF Qualifier for External Reference Objects CHAR   
99 /SAPSLL/QALLRF_CFB Qualifier for Reference Document CHAR   
100 /SAPSLL/QALREF Legal & Logistics Services: Reference Number Type CHAR   
101 /SAPSLL/QALREF_SPI SLL: Type of Reference Number CHAR   
102 /SAPSLL/QALSTA Legal & Logistics Services: Status Type CHAR   
103 /SAPSLL/QALVAL Legal & Logistics Services: Value Type CHAR   
104 /SAPSLL/QLCAP Indicator: CAP Products CHAR   
105 /SAPSLL/QLEVE Event Indicator CHAR   
106 /SAPSLL/QPRAC SLL: Percentage Amount by Which Maximum Quantity Is Exceeded CHAR   
107 /SAPSLL/QPRIC Indicator: Extent of Max. Quantity Shortfall (in %) CHAR   
108 /SAPSLL/QSIGN SLL: Preference: Quantity Leading Sign CHAR   
109 /SAPSLL/QUACH Subsequent Quantity Change in License Allowed CHAR   
110 /SAPSLL/QUALD Qualifier for Document CHAR   
111 /SAPSLL/QUALDAT ECC: Qualifier for Date CHAR   
112 /SAPSLL/QUALQUA ECC: Type of Quantity CHAR   
113 /SAPSLL/QUALVAL ECC: Type of Amount for GTS CHAR   
114 /SAPSLL/QUANB Quantity field QUAN 17 
115 /SAPSLL/QUANT Quantity Field QUAN 16 
116 /SAPSLL/QUANT20 Quantity Field for SLL Length 20 QUAN 20 
117 /SAPSLL/QUANT_DEC10 Quantity Field, 10 Decimal Places QUAN 20  10 
118 /SAPSLL/QUBAS Legal Control - Basis for Quantity Update CHAR   
119 /SAPSLL/QUDPL Assignment Level of Maximum Quantity per License CHAR   
120 /SAPSLL/RATYP Legal Control: Number of Possible Attributes CHAR   
121 /SAPSLL/RBASE Reference Base for a Declaration Item CHAR   
122 /SAPSLL/RDDEC Number of Decimal Places INT1   
123 /SAPSLL/RDTYP Rounding Type CHAR   
124 /SAPSLL/RECIC Reason for Reconciliation Summary CHAR   
125 /SAPSLL/RECNI Reason for Reconciliation Summary: NAFTA CHAR   
126 /SAPSLL/RECOI Other Reasons for Reconciliation Summary CHAR   
127 /SAPSLL/RECRT Type of Reason for Reconciliation Summaries CHAR   
128 /SAPSLL/REFAPP Reference Application CHAR 10    
129 /SAPSLL/REFAPPTXT Preference Processing: Text from Reference Application CHAR 60    
130 /SAPSLL/REFAPP_SELECT GTS: Reference Application for Selection Purposes CHAR 10    
131 /SAPSLL/REFAPP_SPI Reference Application for SLL CHAR 10    
132 /SAPSLL/REFJT Type of Reference Obj. CHAR   
133 /SAPSLL/REFTY Additional Codes - Reference Type CHAR   
134 /SAPSLL/REGTY Type of Underlying Legal Code CHAR   
135 /SAPSLL/REGTY_R3 GTS: Legal Control: Type of Underlying Law CHAR   
136 /SAPSLL/REG_TYPE Type of Reference Number for Identifying the Transaction CHAR   
137 /SAPSLL/RELPT Time for Release - Import CHAR   
138 /SAPSLL/REV_MOD WDA: SPL - Review Mode CHAR   
139 /SAPSLL/RFCINT4_R3 INT4 field INT4 10    
140 /SAPSLL/RLITM Merge Criteria CHAR   
141 /SAPSLL/RLTYP_ARCHIVE Business Partner Role CHAR   
142 /SAPSLL/RMARK Comments CHAR 255    
143 /SAPSLL/RNOIN Registration Number Is Ready for Input CHAR   
144 /SAPSLL/RPYEA Declaration Year NUMC   
145 /SAPSLL/RSMAN Reason for Manual Postprocessing CHAR   
146 /SAPSLL/RSMST Reason for Manual Postprocessing CHAR   
147 /SAPSLL/RXPSRC Re-Export: Origin of Value Share CHAR   
148 /SAPSLL/RXPSTAT Re-Export: Status of Calculation Result CHAR   
149 /SAPSLL/SAKEM Method of Processing for Temporary Storage CHAR   
150 /SAPSLL/SAKES_R3 Safekeeping Status of a Delivery CHAR   
151 /SAPSLL/SAKE_DET_MODE_R3 Mode for Determining Safekeeping Status CHAR   
152 /SAPSLL/SAKE_MTHR3 Customs Processing: Method of Processing for Safekeeping CHAR   
153 /SAPSLL/SCACC SCAC Code for Identifying Transport Service Providers CHAR   
154 /SAPSLL/SCDRD Restrict Data Selection in SCD CHAR   
155 /SAPSLL/SCPREL Declaration in Special Customs Procedure CHAR   
156 /SAPSLL/SCRNO Sequence Number of Field Combination NUMC   
157 /SAPSLL/SECCO L&L Srv: Way to Maintain Customs Tariff Code in Prod. Master CHAR   
158 /SAPSLL/SECGK Legal Control: Peculiarity Code for Materials CHAR 10    
159 /SAPSLL/SECIND GTS: Qualifier for Table /SAPSLL/SECFIN CHAR   
160 /SAPSLL/SELTY SLL: Seal Type CHAR   
161 /SAPSLL/SEMES GTS: Procedure for Electronic Messages CHAR 10    
162 /SAPSLL/SEQNO SLL: Sequential Number DEC   
163 /SAPSLL/SERVIC Status Management Service CHAR   
164 /SAPSLL/SHKZG Debit/Credit Indicator CHAR   
165 /SAPSLL/SIMPR Simplified Procedure (Indicator) CHAR   
166 /SAPSLL/SLLLTN Originator's Identification Number CHAR   
167 /SAPSLL/SNDSTA GTS: Send Status CHAR   
168 /SAPSLL/SPAIC Ad Hoc SPL Screening: Control Data for ID Function CHAR   
169 /SAPSLL/SPANR Sanctioned Party List Screening: Personal ID Card Number CHAR 20    
170 /SAPSLL/SPAUD Audit Entry for Sanctioned Party List Screening CHAR   
171 /SAPSLL/SPCAT Legal Control: SPL - Boycott List Type CHAR   
172 /SAPSLL/SPCGR Special Case Data - Degree, Percentage, Value DEC 12 
173 /SAPSLL/SPDBPMI Period for Dashboard of SPL Management Information CHAR   
174 /SAPSLL/SPDBPOP Period for Dashboard SPL Features CHAR   
175 /SAPSLL/SPDOC Sanctioned Party List Screening Strategy for Customs Docs CHAR   
176 /SAPSLL/SPEMP SPL Check of Employees/Applicants CHAR   
177 /SAPSLL/SPERS Type of Data Formatting for Review of SPL Screening Results CHAR   
178 /SAPSLL/SPGRP Group of Sanctioned Party List CHAR   
179 /SAPSLL/SPIDT Type of Identification of a Sanctioned Party List Entry CHAR   
180 /SAPSLL/SPIRO Time of Initialization of Aggregated SPL Index CHAR   
181 /SAPSLL/SPKWT Legal Control - SPL - Type of Keyword CHAR   
182 /SAPSLL/SPLACT Action Type to Resolve SPL Exceptions CHAR   
183 /SAPSLL/SPLAG SPL Algorithm CHAR   
184 /SAPSLL/SPLAM SPL Screening: Separation into Business Area CHAR   
185 /SAPSLL/SPLAS Aggregated Status of SPL Screening CHAR   
186 /SAPSLL/SPLCP GTS: Indicator: Type of Sanctioned Party List Screening CHAR   
187 /SAPSLL/SPLCS Legal Control - SPL - Check Scenario CHAR   
188 /SAPSLL/SPLCS_ADR SLL: Legal Control: SPL: Screening Scenario - Ext. Address CHAR   
189 /SAPSLL/SPLCS_DOC Legal Control - SPL - Check Scenario - Document CHAR   
190 /SAPSLL/SPLCS_PAR Legal Control - SPL - Check Scenario - Partner CHAR   
191 /SAPSLL/SPLIB GTS: "Indirectly Blocked" Indicator CHAR   
192 /SAPSLL/SPLIL Handling of Formatted Address for SPL Screening CHAR   
193 /SAPSLL/SPLIX Legal Control - SPL - Key for Table SPLINDEX CHAR 20    
194 /SAPSLL/SPLKC Legal Control: SPL - Summarized Search Term/Keyword CHAR 10    
195 /SAPSLL/SPLKW Legal Control: SPL - Search Term/Keyword CHAR 40    
196 /SAPSLL/SPLLIMIT Frequency Limit of Search Terms in SPL Screening NUMC   
197 /SAPSLL/SPLMA GTS: SPL Screening - Multiple Address Check Active CHAR   
198 /SAPSLL/SPLPN Flagged on Positive/Negative List CHAR   
199 /SAPSLL/SPLRE SPL: Type of Reference CHAR   
200 /SAPSLL/SPLRN Sanctioned Party List Screening Run (Time) TIMS   
201 /SAPSLL/SPLRS Legal Control - SPL - Outcome of System Check CHAR   
202 /SAPSLL/SPLRT Sanctioned Party List: Reference Type CHAR   
203 /SAPSLL/SPLSS Status of SPL Screening CHAR   
204 /SAPSLL/SPLUPDSCEN Update SPL Scenario CHAR   
205 /SAPSLL/SPLUPLRUN SLL. SPL: Run ID for SPL Upload CHAR 20    
206 /SAPSLL/SPLUR Manual Change of User's Screening Status CHAR   
207 /SAPSLL/SPLWRDS SPL Screening: Minimum Number of Remaining Words CHAR   
208 /SAPSLL/SPL_OBJ_TYPE Object Type CHAR   
209 /SAPSLL/SPL_PROC_TYPE Processing type CHAR   
210 /SAPSLL/SPMCO Special Movement Code (Intrastat Code) CHAR   
211 /SAPSLL/SPOSR Return Format of XML File for Offline SPL Screening CHAR   
212 /SAPSLL/SPREC Usage of Screening Results for Address CHAR   
213 /SAPSLL/SPSMO SPL Screening Mode CHAR   
214 /SAPSLL/SPSTY Screening Strategy: Procedure for SPL Screening CHAR   
215 /SAPSLL/SPTYP SPL Entity Category CHAR   
216 /SAPSLL/SPVLD SPL: Take Into Account the Validity Period of SPL Entries CHAR   
217 /SAPSLL/SQUGR Aggregation Rule for Low Quantity Check CHAR   
218 /SAPSLL/SRVBL Type of Block Used by Function in Process CHAR   
219 /SAPSLL/SRVEP Time of Function Call CHAR   
220 /SAPSLL/SRVFC GTS: Service Function CHAR   
221 /SAPSLL/SRVLL Application Areas for Activating CHAR   
222 /SAPSLL/SRVLL_CUS Single Area for Activation CHAR   
223 /SAPSLL/SRVLL_XI Single Service for XI Activation CHAR   
224 /SAPSLL/STALO SLL: Headquarters of Importer CHAR   
225 /SAPSLL/STAST SLL: Status of Statistics CHAR   
226 /SAPSLL/STATUS_VDMT LTVD Maintenance Status CHAR   
227 /SAPSLL/STCOR GTS: Compliance: Blocking Reason for GTS Object CHAR   
228 /SAPSLL/STCOS GTS: Compliance: Status of a Service for GTS CHAR   
229 /SAPSLL/STCSR Indicator for Data Transfer to Structure Set CHAR   
230 /SAPSLL/STCTM Measure Scheme CHAR 10    
231 /SAPSLL/STCTS SLL: Number Scheme for Customs Tariff System CHAR 10    
232 /SAPSLL/STCTS_R3 GTS: Numbering Scheme for Classification System CHAR 10    
233 /SAPSLL/STINC GTS: Incompleteness Status CHAR   
234 /SAPSLL/STINC_PED GTS: Incompleteness Status (SCD) CHAR   
236 /SAPSLL/STMAN Status of Manual Postprocessing CHAR   
237 /SAPSLL/STNUM Bill of Product No. CHAR   
238 /SAPSLL/STPTS Processing Status of Tax Statement CHAR   
239 /SAPSLL/STRCN Level in Basic Structure of Customs Tariff System NUMC   
240 /SAPSLL/STRING STRING of Unlimited Length STRG   
241 /SAPSLL/STTYP Status Category CHAR   
242 /SAPSLL/STXTY Text Type CHAR   
243 /SAPSLL/STYVS Identify Seal Type from Feeder System CHAR   
244 /SAPSLL/SUBFUNC Preference: Worklist - Subsequent Function CHAR 10    
246 /SAPSLL/SUSAR GTS: Type of Deferment Request CHAR   
247 /SAPSLL/SUSST GTS: Status of Deferment Processing CHAR   
248 /SAPSLL/SUSTY GTS: Deferment Type for Global Trade Services CHAR   
249 /SAPSLL/SUVCO Company to Be Supervised CHAR   
250 /SAPSLL/SVAGR Aggregation Rule for Small Value Exemption CHAR   
251 /SAPSLL/TABREF Incompleteness: Tab Title on GTS Interface CHAR 20    
252 /SAPSLL/TARCD Extrastat Code Number CHAR   
253 /SAPSLL/TAXNUM_R3 Business Partner Tax Number CHAR 20    
255 /SAPSLL/TAX_CLASS_R3 Type of Tax Number CHAR   
256 /SAPSLL/TAX_GROUP Product Tax Group CHAR 20    
257 /SAPSLL/TAX_GROUP_R3 Product Tax Group CHAR 20    
259 /SAPSLL/TAX_TYPE_R3 Tax Number Category CHAR   
260 /SAPSLL/TBNAM Incompleteness: Table Name CHAR 10    
261 /SAPSLL/TBREF Name of Referenced Table CHAR   
262 /SAPSLL/TBREF_OP Name of Referenced Table CHAR   
263 /SAPSLL/TDCON Re-Export: Control Relevance Trend CHAR   
264 /SAPSLL/TEVID Type of Index CHAR   
265 /SAPSLL/TEXT180 Descriptive Text (180 Characters Long) CHAR 180    
266 /SAPSLL/TEXT20 Description in length 20 CHAR 20    
267 /SAPSLL/TEXT280 Text, 280 Characters CHAR 280    
268 /SAPSLL/TEXT30 Description 30 Characters Long CHAR 30    
269 /SAPSLL/TEXT35 Description in length 35 CHAR 35    
270 /SAPSLL/TEXT350 Description 350 Characters Long CHAR 350    
271 /SAPSLL/TEXT40 Description 40 Characters in Length CHAR 40    
272 /SAPSLL/TEXT60 Description 60 Characters Long CHAR 60    
273 /SAPSLL/TEXTKEY Text Key: Language Text ID CHAR   
274 /SAPSLL/TEXT_255 Text of length 255 CHAR 255    
275 /SAPSLL/TFCCHG_LEN SLL: Preference: Tariff Code Change - Length INT1   
276 /SAPSLL/TLC_AARD GTS: Tax Determination: Distribution of Tax Amount CHAR   
277 /SAPSLL/TLC_AARH Indicator: Maintain Toll Types at Header Level CHAR   
278 /SAPSLL/TLC_AARN Indicator: Duty Type in Procedure Transition CHAR   
279 /SAPSLL/TLC_AART GTS: Type of Tax for Customs Management CHAR   
280 /SAPSLL/TLC_AATY GTS: Type of Tax for Customs Management CHAR   
281 /SAPSLL/TLC_ACC Rule for Calculating Customs Duty Amount CHAR   
282 /SAPSLL/TLC_BADI_CHG Duty has been changed in BAdI RAW   
283 /SAPSLL/TLC_BADI_EVAL Duty Is Valuated in BAdI CHAR   
284 /SAPSLL/TLC_CNTL_ACT GTS: Settings for Calculating Customs Value CHAR   
285 /SAPSLL/TLC_CNTL_CALC_LOG GTS: Logging of Customs Duty Calculation CHAR   
286 /SAPSLL/TLC_CNTL_CALC_SCOPE GTS: Scope of Customs Duty Calculation CHAR   
287 /SAPSLL/TLC_CNTL_LOG_DETAIL GTS: Scope of Log When Calculating Customs Duty CHAR   
288 /SAPSLL/TLC_CNTL_PROCTYPE GTS: Settings for Calculating Duty CHAR   
289 /SAPSLL/TLC_CNTL_PROC_MODE SLL: Processing Mode for Customs Duty Calculation CHAR   
290 /SAPSLL/TLC_CTRY GTS: Country to Be Used for Accessing Customs Duty Rate CHAR   
291 /SAPSLL/TLC_CUSBB GTS: Tax Calculation Basis for Customs Management CHAR   
292 /SAPSLL/TLC_CUSWEI Base for Customs Duty Calculation by Weight CHAR   
293 /SAPSLL/TLC_ROUND Rounding Rule CHAR   
294 /SAPSLL/TLC_TVAR Rule for Determining Amount for Data Transfer CHAR   
295 /SAPSLL/TMCVS Identification of Mode of Transport from Feeder System CHAR   
296 /SAPSLL/TMELS Time Stamp with Conversion for Time Zone of User DEC 15    
297 /SAPSLL/TNAAK Tariff Number Attribute CHAR 10    
298 /SAPSLL/TNAAV Value of Tariff Number Attribute CHAR 80    
299 /SAPSLL/TRANSA Transport Administrator CHAR   
300 /SAPSLL/TRASP Special Trade Transaction CHAR   
301 /SAPSLL/TRASP_R3 Special Trade Transaction CHAR   
302 /SAPSLL/TRMODE Mode of Transport CHAR   
303 /SAPSLL/TRORTY Shipping Order Type CHAR   
304 /SAPSLL/TRSTY Create Transit Procededure in Addition to Export CHAR   
305 /SAPSLL/TRTYP SLL: Processing Type CHAR   
306 /SAPSLL/TRTYPE SLL: Transaction Type CHAR   
307 /SAPSLL/TSHDA Tax Statement: Document Type CHAR   
308 /SAPSLL/TSPLIN TREX Index ID for Sanctioned Party List Screening CHAR 54    
309 /SAPSLL/TSTMP UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15    
310 /SAPSLL/TSTMP_R3 UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15    
311 /SAPSLL/TSTMP_SPI UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15    
312 /SAPSLL/TSTRIPIND Tabstrip Index CHAR   
313 /SAPSLL/TSTY Tax Statement: Type of Tax Statement CHAR   
314 /SAPSLL/TTCTR Origin of Commodity Code for Document CHAR   
315 /SAPSLL/TXMVS Identification of Text Type from Feeder System CHAR   
316 /SAPSLL/TXSTA SLL: Tax Status CHAR   
317 /SAPSLL/TXTSCHEMA Text Determination Procedure CHAR 10    
318 /SAPSLL/TXTSN Name of a Field Label Scheme CHAR 10    
319 /SAPSLL/TXTVW Text Usage CHAR 10    
320 /SAPSLL/TYPE_REFNO_R3 Type of Reference Number CHAR   
321 /SAPSLL/TYPOE Type of Event CHAR   
322 /SAPSLL/ULTYP SLL: Upload Cat. CHAR   
323 /SAPSLL/UMREZ Conversion Factor for Restitution DEC
324 /SAPSLL/UMREZ_DEC4 Conversion Factor for Restitution DEC 13 
325 /SAPSLL/UNREAS Reason for Complaint CHAR   
326 /SAPSLL/UPDFL Legal & Logistics Services: Change Indicator CHAR   
327 /SAPSLL/UPDFL_R3 GTS: Change Indicator CHAR   
328 /SAPSLL/UPLRUN SLL: ID for Running SPL Upload CHAR 20    
329 /SAPSLL/URL Uniform Ressource Locator (URL) CHAR 255    
330 /SAPSLL/USETYP SLL: Preference Costing Category CHAR   
331 /SAPSLL/VABAS Legal Control - Basis for Value Update CHAR   
332 /SAPSLL/VADPL Assignment Level of Maximum Value per License CHAR   
333 /SAPSLL/VALCH Subsequent Value Change in License Allowed CHAR   
334 /SAPSLL/VALCHNG Value Change Display CHAR   
335 /SAPSLL/VALTY Type of Value for Customs Declaration CHAR   
336 /SAPSLL/VALUE Legal & Logistics Services: Value Field PL10 with +/- Sign CURR 20 
337 /SAPSLL/VALUE_R3 SLL: Value Field with Sign CURR 20 
338 /SAPSLL/VALUE_SPI SLL: Value Field with Plus/Minus Sign CURR 20 
339 /SAPSLL/VAL_TYPE Pr. Type CHAR 10    
340 /SAPSLL/VAL_TYPE_VS Price Type from Feeder System CHAR 10    
342 /SAPSLL/VATID VAT Registration Number CHAR 20    
343 /SAPSLL/VATTY Tax type CHAR   
344 /SAPSLL/VCNUM Vendor/Customer Number (ERP Master Data) CHAR 10    
345 /SAPSLL/VCTYP Type of Vendor or Customer (ERP Master Data) CHAR   
346 /SAPSLL/VDCPC Activate Customer LTVD by Partner CHAR   
347 /SAPSLL/VDCPS Activate Vendor-Based Vendor Decl. for each Partner CHAR   
348 /SAPSLL/VDEDI Mode of Vend. Decl. Exchange CHAR   
349 /SAPSLL/VDFNO Number of Installation Statement for FC w/PEU CHAR 10    
350 /SAPSLL/VDLAN SLL: Preference: Language of Object Texts CHAR   
351 /SAPSLL/VDMATNR Material (Backend System) CHAR 18    
352 /SAPSLL/VDNO SLL: Vendor Declaration Number (20 Characters) CHAR 20    
353 /SAPSLL/VDOWL_SOURCE Source Function: Vend. Decl. for Customer's Purpose Worklist CHAR   
354 /SAPSLL/VDREL LTVD Relevance of Partner CHAR   
355 /SAPSLL/VDTYP Vendor Declaration Type CHAR   
356 /SAPSLL/VD_DMCRE GTS: Request LTVD Indicator Without Document Reference CHAR   
357 /SAPSLL/VERSI Version number INT2   
358 /SAPSLL/VFPTT Partner Type (Value Flow) CHAR   
359 /SAPSLL/VLVAL Field Contents Before and After Change CHAR 132    
360 /SAPSLL/VOLUM Volume QUAN 15 
361 /SAPSLL/VPRAC SLL: Percentage Amount by Which the Max. Value is Exceeded CHAR   
362 /SAPSLL/VPRIC Ind.: Extent to Which Maximum Value Is Not Reached (in %) CHAR   
363 /SAPSLL/VSOGP Grouping Term for Organizational Units in Feeder System CHAR 10    
364 /SAPSLL/WD_STATE Web Dynrop: Inputfield state NUMC   
365 /SAPSLL/WECMB Constellation of Consignee CHAR   
366 /SAPSLL/WERKS Plant from Feeder System CHAR   
367 /SAPSLL/WIGOZO Wine Region CHAR   
368 /SAPSLL/WINOP Treatment of Wine Product CHAR   
369 /SAPSLL/WIPROD Wine Category CHAR   
370 /SAPSLL/WKGRP GTS: Plant Group CHAR 10    
371 /SAPSLL/WLCAT_R3 GTS: Type of Worklist to Be Generated in GTS CHAR   
372 /SAPSLL/WLDTY Creation Type of Entry in Customs Worklist CHAR   
373 /SAPSLL/WRKGRP Plant Group from Feeder System CHAR 10    
374 /SAPSLL/XFELD_SPI Yes / No Indicator for Legal Services CHAR   
375 /SAPSLL/XFLAG Yes/No Flag CHAR   
376 /SAPSLL/XIDOBJ Data Object CHAR   
377 /SAPSLL/XMLUA Action From XML CHAR   
378 /SAPSLL/XML_LINE XML Line Restricted to 128 Characters RAW 128    
379 /SAPSLL/ZCFCT Function of Measure CHAR   
380 /SAPSLL/ZCTYP GTS: Customs Processing: Type of Additional Code CHAR   
381 /SAPSLL/ZTERM Legal & Logistics Services: Term of Payment CHAR   
382 /SAPSLL/ZTMVS Identification of Term of Payment from Feeder System CHAR 10    
383 /SAPSLL/ZTMVS_R3 Identification of Payment Condition from Feeder System CHAR 10    
384 /SAPSMOSS/DBSYS Database CHAR 10    
385 /SAPSMOSS/FIELD Field name CHAR 32    
386 /SAPSMOSS/FRONTEND Frontend CHAR 10    
387 /SAPSMOSS/MEMOLINE Note lines CHAR 72    
388 /SAPSMOSS/MEMONO Sequential note number NUMC   
389 /SAPSMOSS/MEMOREPORT Note created by CHAR 35    
390 /SAPSMOSS/MEMOTSTMP Time stamp (date + time) NUMC 14    
392 /SAPSMOSS/MNUMM OSS notification number NUMC 24    
393 /SAPSMOSS/MYEAR OSS notification year NUMC   
394 /SAPSMOSS/NOTE Note number NUMC   
395 /SAPSMOSS/NOTELANG Note language LANG   
396 /SAPSMOSS/NOTESHTXT Note short text CHAR 80    
397 /SAPSMOSS/NOTEVERS Note version number NUMC   
398 /SAPSMOSS/OSSYS Operating system and version CHAR 10    
399 /SAPSMOSS/R3ADDID Add-on ID CHAR 10    
400 /SAPSMOSS/R3ADDREL Add-on Release CHAR 10    
401 /SAPSMOSS/R3COMP Area CHAR 20    
402 /SAPSMOSS/R3INSTN Installation number CHAR 10    
403 /SAPSMOSS/R3REL SAP R/3 Release CHAR 10    
404 /SAPSMOSS/R3SYSTYPE R/3 System type CHAR   
405 /SAPSMOSS/STATUS Status of notification in OSS CHAR   
406 /SAPSMOSS/TZONSO Time zone CHAR   
407 /SAPSMOSS/VALUE Field value CHAR 255    
408 /SAPSRM/ABNUM Maintenance Plan Call Number INT4 10    
409 /SAPSRM/ACTIVE_BIDR_TIMEFRAME TimeFrame values for Active Bidder selection NUMC   
410 /SAPSRM/AGENT_SCENARIO Search Agent Business Scenario CHAR 10    
411 /SAPSRM/ALG Algorithm Identifier CHAR   
412 /SAPSRM/ALG_DESC Algorithm Description CHAR 50    
413 /SAPSRM/ALG_FLAG Algorithm Selection Indicator CHAR   
414 /SAPSRM/ANGNR Quotation Number CHAR 10    
415 /SAPSRM/APF_TYPE Approval Process Framework Type CHAR   
416 /SAPSRM/APPLICATION_ID ID of the Application Currently Running SSTR 255    
418 /SAPSRM/ASL_CHART_TYPE Active Bidders - Different Chart type CHAR   
419 /SAPSRM/ASSIGN Domain for assigned to filed CHAR 132    
420 /SAPSRM/ASTAT Status of purchasing document item CHAR   
421 /SAPSRM/ASYNC_CALL Search Service Flag - Asynchronous Call CHAR   
422 /SAPSRM/ATTR_TYPE Attribute Type CHAR   
423 /SAPSRM/AUTOSTART Automatic Start of Search When UI Is Opened CHAR   
424 /SAPSRM/BANPR Purchase requisition processing state CHAR   
425 /SAPSRM/BBP_ACC_DIST_IND Distribution Indicator for Web Dynpro CHAR   
426 /SAPSRM/BBP_ATTR_BID_COMMENT Character field length 120 without check CHAR 120    
427 /SAPSRM/BBP_ATTR_COMMENT_255 Character field, length 255 CHAR 255    
428 /SAPSRM/BBP_ATTR_VALUE Value of Length 30 CHAR 130    
429 /SAPSRM/BBP_BAPI_EBELN Purchasing Document Number CHAR 10    
430 /SAPSRM/BBP_ITEMNO Item Number NUMC 10    
432 /SAPSRM/BID_DECOUP_OPERATION Operation for Bidder Decoupling (SOA Interface) CHAR 10    
433 /SAPSRM/BIN_FIL To store binary files RSTR   
434 /SAPSRM/BTEXT Text for Movement Type CHAR 20    
435 /SAPSRM/CFG_SCOPE configuration scope INT1   
436 /SAPSRM/CHANGE_TIMEFRAME Timeframe for Change CHAR   
437 /SAPSRM/CHAR05 char05 CHAR   
438 /SAPSRM/CHAR1 char1 CHAR   
439 /SAPSRM/CHAR10 char10 CHAR 10    
440 /SAPSRM/CHAR100 Field c Value in Dialog View CHAR 100    
441 /SAPSRM/CHAR20 char20 CHAR 20    
442 /SAPSRM/CHAR512 Character 512 LCHR 512    
443 /SAPSRM/CHIP_CAT_DESCRIPTION Description of Analysis Category CHAR 30    
444 /SAPSRM/CHIP_CAT_DISPLAY_NAME Display Name of Analysis Category CHAR 30    
445 /SAPSRM/CHIP_LOAD_STATE Chip Load State CHAR 10    
447 /SAPSRM/CLL_CALC_DESCRIPTION Calculated description for a hierarchical item STRG   
448 /SAPSRM/CLL_CURR_COND_DATE Currency Translation Date DATS   
449 /SAPSRM/CLL_DECISION Agent / Approver Decision CHAR 20    
450 /SAPSRM/CLL_DISPLAY_INDICATOR Display indicator for the UI - Contract mass changes message STRG   
451 /SAPSRM/CLL_DISTRIBUTION_STS Potential Supplier Distribution Status CHAR   
454 /SAPSRM/CLL_ITMNO Document and Item Number CHAR 31    
455 /SAPSRM/CLL_LEVEL_INDICATOR Domain for Level Indicator CHAR 10    
457 /SAPSRM/CLL_PARAMETER_VALUE Value of a Parameter STRG   
459 /SAPSRM/CLL_SUB_MODE sub mode of a transaction CHAR   
461 /SAPSRM/CLL_UNIT Unit CHAR 10    
462 /SAPSRM/CLL_WD_ACC_TYPE_IND Account Type Indicator for Web Dynpro CHAR   
463 /SAPSRM/CLL_WD_COND_TYPE Condition Type for the PO Item Table in Web Dynpro CHAR   
464 /SAPSRM/CLL_WD_CONTEXT_ID Context ID of the Web Dynpro Application STRG   
465 /SAPSRM/CLL_WD_MAP_CFG_SCOPE Configuration Scope of a Mapper INT1   
466 /SAPSRM/CLL_WD_MAP_CFG_SCOPE_C Configuration Scope of a Mapper NUMC   
467 /SAPSRM/CLL_WD_MAP_CFG_SCOPE_N Configuration Scope of a Mapper NUMC   
468 /SAPSRM/CLL_WD_PCD_LOCATION Portal Content Directory Location of App. in Portal STRG   
469 /SAPSRM/CLL_WD_PORTAL_BASE_URL Base URL of the portal which runs the application STRG   
470 /SAPSRM/CLL_WD_VALUE Value for a WD UI Element STRG   
472 /SAPSRM/CLL_WEIGHT_SOURCE Weighting Source List CHAR   
473 /SAPSRM/CONN_TYPE SRM Embedded Search Connector Type CHAR   
474 /SAPSRM/CONST_VERS_ID Constant Version ID INT4 10    
475 /SAPSRM/CRITERION_SELOPT_TYPE Criterion: Selection Option Type CHAR   
476 /SAPSRM/CRITERION_TEXT Search Criterion Text CHAR 100    
477 /SAPSRM/CRITERION_TOOLTIP Search Criterion Tooltip CHAR 100    
478 /SAPSRM/CRITERION_TYPE Search Criterion Type (Parameter or Selection Option) CHAR   
479 /SAPSRM/CRIT_MANDATORY Search Criterion Mandatory Flag CHAR   
480 /SAPSRM/CURR13 curr13 CURR 13 
481 /SAPSRM/CURR_COND_DT Currency Translation Date DATS   
483 /SAPSRM/CUSTMZ_SWITCH_DESCRIPT Customizing Switch Description CHAR 60    
484 /SAPSRM/CUSTMZ_SWITCH_ID Customizing Switch ID CHAR 30    
485 /SAPSRM/CUSTMZ_SWITCH_REVERTIB Revertibility of Customizing Switch CHAR   
486 /SAPSRM/CUSTMZ_SWITCH_STATE Customizing Switch State (Active / Inactive / Undefined) CHAR   
487 /SAPSRM/CUSTMZ_SWITCH_STATUS Customizing Switch Status (Active / Inactive / Undefined) CHAR   
488 /SAPSRM/CUSTMZ_SW_ACTION Actions for View Elements CHAR   
489 /SAPSRM/CUSTMZ_SW_CALLING_APPL Application (Step) Calling Updates to Customizing Switches CHAR 10    
491 /SAPSRM/CUSTMZ_SW_INCONS_REAS Reason f. Inconsistency Between Active Flag & Det. Status CHAR   
492 /SAPSRM/CUSTMZ_SW_LOG_STATUS Status of Log Entry for Customizing Switch Settings CHAR   
493 /SAPSRM/CUSTMZ_SW_SHORT_NAME Customizing Switch Short Name CHAR 20    
494 /SAPSRM/CUSTMZ_SW_STATE_DETAIL Detailed Activation Status of a Customizing Switch CHAR   
495 /SAPSRM/CUSTMZ_SW_STATUS_DETAI Detailed Activation Status of a Customizing Switch CHAR   
496 /SAPSRM/CUSTMZ_SW_STATUS_ICON Icons to Show Activation Status of Customizing Switches CHAR   
497 /SAPSRM/CUSTMZ_SW_STATUS_INIT Customizing Switch Status (Active / Inactive / Calculated) CHAR   
498 /SAPSRM/CUSTMZ_SW_STATUS_SEQU Sequence of Possible Statuses of Customizing Switches NUMC   
499 /SAPSRM/CUSTMZ_SW_SUBOJECT_ID IMG Subobject ID of Customzing Switch CHAR 10    
500 /SAPSRM/CYCLE_TIME Cycle Time DEC 10