SAP ABAP Domain - Index SLASH, page 20
Domain - /
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 /SDF/CMO_REASON CMO Service: Reason for differencies between object versions CHAR   
2 /SDF/CMO_SEC CMO Service: Seconds INT4 10    
3 /SDF/CMO_TEXT200 Text 200 characters CHAR 200    
4 /SDF/CMO_TEXT255 CMO Service: Text, 255 characters CHAR 255    
5 /SDF/CMO_TRACTIVITY CMO Service: IMG Activity CHAR 20    
6 /SDF/CMO_TR_PARAM Configuration Parameters for Transport Check CHAR 32    
7 /SDF/CMO_TSTMPD CMO Service: UTC Time stamp in short form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15    
8 /SDF/CVO_DEC20 Decimal Type DEC 20    
9 /SDF/CVO_TYPE Coverage Analyzer : Type of Processing Block CHAR   
10 /SDF/DBSL_PATCH DBSL Patch CHAR 255    
11 /SDF/DBSL_RELEASE DBSL Release CHAR 255    
12 /SDF/DCC_TC_TEXT Transactional Correctness Text - Lowercase STRG 256    
13 /SDF/DEC10_2 Dec Feld der Länge 10 mit 2 Dezimalstellen DEC 10 
14 /SDF/DEC30 DEC 30 Domain DEC 30    
15 /SDF/DEC30_3 DEC 30 with 3 decimal places DEC 30 
16 /SDF/DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 120    
17 /SDF/DLDPARNAME DB2 installation parameter name for EW DLD CHAR 80    
18 /SDF/DLDPARVAL DB2 installation parameter value for EW DLD CHAR 20    
19 /SDF/D_DIAGLS_ID The domain of the Landscape API ids. CHAR 128    
20 /SDF/E2EEM_CATEGORY Category CHAR 60    
21 /SDF/E2EEM_CTX_TYPE E2E Context Type CHAR 10    
22 /SDF/E2EEM_CTX_VALUE E2E Context Value CHAR 255    
23 /SDF/E2EEM_IMPL_SOURCE Implementation Source CHAR 30    
24 /SDF/E2E_COL_LVL_D Problem Context Collection Level CHAR 10    
25 /SDF/E2E_PC_DATAVOL_D Problem Context Identifier for Data Volume CHAR   
27 /SDF/E2E_TRAFFIC_LIGHT_NUMERIC Correcponding numeric values for treffic lights INT1   
28 /SDF/EM_BPI_ID Business Process Instance ID CHAR 32    
29 /SDF/EM_BPT_ID Business Process Type ID CHAR   
30 /SDF/EM_CFG_NAME Parameter Name CHAR 60    
31 /SDF/EM_CFG_TYPE Parameter Type CHAR 10    
32 /SDF/EM_CFG_VALUE Parameter Value CHAR 60    
33 /SDF/EM_COMP_ID Application Component ID CHAR   
34 /SDF/EM_DURATION Duration INT4 10    
35 /SDF/EM_EPP_ACTION Action in Extended Passport (EPP) CHAR 40    
36 /SDF/EM_EPP_ACTION_TYPE Action Type in Extended Passport (EPP) INT2   
37 /SDF/EM_EPP_AREA_TYPE Areas in Extended Passport (System/Application) CHAR   
38 /SDF/EM_EPP_COMPONENT_ID Component ID in Extended Passport (EPP) CHAR 32    
39 /SDF/EM_EPP_COMPONENT_TYPE Component Type in Extended Passport (EPP) INT2   
40 /SDF/EM_EPP_CONNECTION_ID Connection ID of Extended Passport (EPP) CHAR 32    
41 /SDF/EM_EPP_DESCRIPTION Description of Areas and Sections in Extended Passport CHAR 40    
42 /SDF/EM_EPP_ROOT_CONTEXT_ID Root Context ID of Extended Passport (EPP) CHAR 32    
43 /SDF/EM_EPP_SECTION_ID Section ID in Extended Passport (System/Application) INT2   
44 /SDF/EM_EPP_SERVICE Service in Extended Passport (EPP) INT2   
45 /SDF/EM_EPP_TRANSACTION_ID Transaction ID in Extended Passport (EPP) CHAR 32    
46 /SDF/EM_EPP_USER_ID User Name in Extended Passport (EPP) CHAR 32    
47 /SDF/EM_EPP_VAR_PART_ID Areas in Extended Passport (System/Application) INT2   
48 /SDF/EM_IMPL_SOURCE Implementation Source CHAR 30    
49 /SDF/EM_IMPL_TYPE Exception Type CHAR   
50 /SDF/EM_KEY_NAME Key Name CHAR 30    
51 /SDF/EM_LOG_MODE Log Mode INT1   
52 /SDF/EM_OBJECT_ATTR_NAME Object Attribute Name CHAR 60    
53 /SDF/EM_OBJECT_ATTR_TYPE Object Attribute Types CHAR 10    
54 /SDF/EM_OBJECT_EXTR_ID Extractor ID CHAR 10    
55 /SDF/EM_OBJECT_EXTR_TYPE Object Extractor Type CHAR 20    
56 /SDF/EM_OBJECT_NUMBER Object Number INT2   
57 /SDF/EM_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type CHAR   
58 /SDF/EM_OPTION Option CHAR   
59 /SDF/EM_SEQUENCE Sequence INT2   
60 /SDF/EM_SIGN Selection operator SIGN (as per range table) CHAR   
61 /SDF/EM_STATUS Status CHAR   
62 /SDF/EM_STEP_NAME Step Name CHAR 100    
63 /SDF/EM_SYSUUID_X16 UUID in 16 Bytes (Raw Format) RAW 16    
64 /SDF/EM_TEST_AGE Max. age of test data INT2   
65 /SDF/EM_TEST_DOCNUM Document Number for Test Program NUMC 10    
66 /SDF/EM_TEST_DOCTYPE Document Type for Test Program CHAR   
67 /SDF/EM_TEST_MATNR Material for Test Program CHAR 20    
68 /SDF/EM_TEST_POSNR Item Number for Test Program NUMC   
69 /SDF/EM_TEST_SID SID of previous document CHAR   
70 /SDF/EM_TEST_STATUS Status of Items for Test Program CHAR   
71 /SDF/EM_TEST_STEP_NO Step Number for Test Business Process NUMC   
72 /SDF/EM_UNIT_NAME Unit Name CHAR 100    
73 /SDF/EM_UNIT_TYPE Unit Type CHAR 30    
74 /SDF/EWA_ILM_USAGE_TYPE ILM - EWA: Von dem Kunden verwendeter ILM-Modus CHAR 10    
75 /SDF/GET_HANA_TAB10 CHAR 10 CHAR 10    
76 /SDF/GET_HANA_TAB120 Char 120 CHAR 120    
77 /SDF/GET_HANA_TAB30 Char 30 CHAR 30    
78 /SDF/HIS_RELID Cluster areas for /SDF/HIS CHAR   
79 /SDF/HIS_TYPE Type of KPI (total, snaphot, highwater mark...) CHAR   
80 /SDF/INF_DBSNAME Informix: Name of a dbspace CHAR 18    
81 /SDF/INF_DEVPATH Informix: Path of a disk device CHAR 50    
82 /SDF/INF_OWNER Informix: identifier of na owner of DB object CHAR   
83 /SDF/INF_PGIO_S Informix: Avg. pages read/written per second DEC
84 /SDF/INF_TABNAME Informix: Name of a table or index CHAR 18    
85 /SDF/INF_VERSION Informix: Version of a DB server CHAR 20    
86 /SDF/INSTANCE_NAME oracle instance name CHAR 20    
88 /SDF/IVIS_DC_ALE_TRCV_DOM Technical receiver for ALE protocol CHAR   
89 /SDF/IVIS_DC_AUTH_DOM Authorized persistency layers CHAR 20    
90 /SDF/IVIS_DC_CFG_PROP_KEY_DOM Configuration property CHAR 30    
91 /SDF/IVIS_DC_CFG_PROP_VAL_DOM Configuration property value CHAR 60    
92 /SDF/IVIS_DC_EVENT_ID_DOM Data collector event ID NUMC 20    
93 /SDF/IVIS_DC_IDOCNUM_DOM Idoc number NUMC 16    
94 /SDF/IVIS_DC_ID_DOM Restriction for the length of IDs CHAR 36    
95 /SDF/IVIS_DC_MWPROT_DOM Middleware protocol CHAR   
96 /SDF/IVIS_DC_PIPELINE_ID_DOM Message pipeline ID CHAR 40    
97 /SDF/IVIS_DC_PNDG_MSG_FLG_DOM Pending messages flag CHAR   
98 /SDF/IVIS_DC_RTCOMP_DOM Runtime component CHAR 36    
99 /SDF/IVIS_DC_RTCOMP_TYP_DOM Runtime component type CHAR 20    
100 /SDF/IVIS_DC_SEMANTIC_ID_DOM Semantic key CHAR 141    
101 /SDF/IVIS_DC_STATUS_CODE_DOM Event status code CHAR 30    
102 /SDF/IVIS_DC_STATUS_TEXT_DOM Event status text CHAR 255    
103 /SDF/IVIS_DC_XI_MSG_ID_CHR_DOM XI message GUID - CHAR format CHAR 32    
104 /SDF/IVIS_DC_XI_MSG_ID_RAW_DOM XI message GUID - RAW format RAW 16    
105 /SDF/KEEP Do not delete analysis before this date DATS   
106 /SDF/MONGUID Monitoring GUID CHAR 22    
108 /SDF/MSSCSSTR character string of size 255 CHAR 255    
109 /SDF/MSSRATE SQL Server: Fragmentation Rate (DEC 5,2) DEC
110 /SDF/MSSSTR Case sensitive STRING domain STRG   
111 /SDF/MSSSYSNAME SQL Server: like sysname; copy of MSSSYSNAME CHAR 128    
112 /SDF/NUMC10 numeric with length: 10 NUMC 10    
113 /SDF/ORA_CHAR_3 oracle release number CHAR   
114 /SDF/PROPERTY Property CHAR 100    
115 /SDF/QUEUELENGTH Length of QRFC queue INT4 10    
116 /SDF/RBE_CS_RATING SQL Check Step Rating INT1   
117 /SDF/RBE_CS_TYPE Domain for RBE Check Step Type CHAR   
118 /SDF/RBE_SQLCS_ERRCAT SQL Check Step Error Category in RBE Analysis CHAR   
119 /SDF/RBE_SQLCS_F_MODE Field Mode of SQL Check Step in RBE Analysis CHAR   
120 /SDF/RBE_SQLCS_STATUS Status of SQL Check Steps in RBE Analysis CHAR   
121 /SDF/RBE_SQLCS_TYPE RBE SQL Check Step Subtype CHAR   
122 /SDF/RSKYFNUM BI like number with decimals DEC 17 
123 /SDF/SCTC_PARAMETER_TYPE Parametertype CHAR 10    
124 /SDF/SEU_NAME Node name CHAR 30    
125 /SDF/SQLTIMEFROM Start time of data collection TIMS   
126 /SDF/SQLTIMESTAMP Timestamp of SQLM Data Collections DEC 15    
127 /SDF/STRING_BOUNDARY String boundary CHAR 10    
128 /SDF/TMSTMPCON Tmestamp with output conversion DEC 15    
129 /SDF/TRFC_FLAG Monitor number of processes available for tRFC processing CHAR   
130 /SDF/TRFC_WPS Number of available workprocesses for tRFC processing INT4 10    
131 /SDF/USER_FLAG No. of sessions/logins CHAR   
132 /SDF/WS_AGG_TIME Time in hours how long aggregated values are persisted NUMC   
133 /SDF/WS_GROUPDESC Group Description CHAR 100    
134 /SDF/WS_GROUPNAME Group Name CHAR 20    
135 /SDF/WS_MON_TIME Time in minutes how long non aggregated values are persisted NUMC   
136 /SDF/XML_TYPE Type of XML Content CHAR   
137 /SDF/ZQLMDDROWORCOLST For distinction between Row or Column Store CHAR   
138 /SDF/ZQLMDECIMAL3 SQL Monitor: Decimal with 3 Decimal Digits DEC 31 
139 /SDF/ZQLMDECIMAL6 SQL Monitor: Decimal with 6 Decimal Digits DEC 31 
140 /SDF/ZQLMINTEGER SQL Monitor: Integer DEC 31    
141 /SDF/ZQLMPROGKIND SQL Monitor: Program Kind CHAR   
142 /SDF/ZQLMROOTTYPE SQL Monitor: Request Type CHAR   
143 /SDF/ZQLMRUNLEVEL SQL Monitor: Run Mode CHAR   
144 /SDF/ZQLMRUNTIME SQL Monitor: Runtime DEC 31 
145 /SDF/ZQLMSTMTKIND SQL Monitor: SQL Operation Type CHAR   
147 /SDF/ZQLM_MILLISEC SQL monitor: Milliseconds DEC 31    
150 /SLOAE/FYSCENARIO Fiscal Year Scenario CHAR   
151 /SLOAE/TRANSSOL Transformation Solution CHAR 60    
152 /SLOAP/ANALYSIS_STATE Analysis state CHAR   
153 /SLOAP/CATEGORY category for namespace (Object Filter) CHAR   
154 /SLOAP/CE_TYPE type of content element CHAR   
155 /SLOAP/CHAR0020 Character with 20 places CHAR 20    
156 /SLOAP/CHAR06 Character field length 6 CHAR   
157 /SLOAP/CHART_TYPE chart types CHAR   
158 /SLOAP/DEV_STATE SLOAP Development state of content element CHAR   
159 /SLOAP/DMEE_OPERATOR DMEE: logical operator CHAR   
161 /SLOAP/FLAG SLOAP flag for true=X false=space unknown=U CHAR   
162 /SLOAP/GENERATION_STATE State of output generation CHAR   
163 /SLOAP/GENERATION_TYPE SLOAP: Type of Output Generation CHAR 10    
164 /SLOAP/ID SLOAP id field CHAR 70    
165 /SLOAP/IDENT Identification-tag for report generation CHAR   
166 /SLOAP/IMG_EXT IMG extensions INT1   
167 /SLOAP/KUNNR Customer number CHAR 10    
168 /SLOAP/LOGGER_CATEGORIES LOGGER categories like error, warn, info and so on CHAR   
169 /SLOAP/LOGGER_PRINT_DIRECTIONS print directions like file or stdout CHAR   
170 /SLOAP/MODULE_DEPLOYMENT Module deployment mode (newest or only active) CHAR   
171 /SLOAP/MODULE_STATE Module execution status CHAR   
172 /SLOAP/NUM03 Numeric field of length 3 (travel expenses) NUMC   
173 /SLOAP/OPERATOR SLOAP Opperator for documentation CHAR   
174 /SLOAP/OUTPUT_FORMAT Possible output formats CHAR   
175 /SLOAP/OUTP_CATEGRORY possible output templates to convert xml CHAR   
176 /SLOAP/PRIO message priority CHAR 10    
177 /SLOAP/PRSTATUS Project Status CHAR 15    
178 /SLOAP/RAW16 /SLOAS/RAW16 RAW 16    
179 /SLOAP/RBG_CREATE_FIELD Web Dynpro: Application Type NUMC   
180 /SLOAP/SCOL_SEL_OPT Options for Selection Conditions CHAR   
181 /SLOAP/SELOPT_OPTION SLOAS select options option CHAR   
182 /SLOAP/SELOPT_SIGN SLOAS select options sign CHAR   
183 /SLOAP/STATE Profile Transport Status CHAR   
184 /SLOAP/STATUS staus for message log CHAR 20    
185 /SLOAP/S_WD_VISIBLE_COLUMN SLOAP visible column in alv STRG   
186 /SLOAP/TEXT_ID SLO LT Analysis Text ID CHAR 21    
187 /SLOAP/TEXT_NUMBER SLO LT Analysis Text counting number NUMC 10    
188 /SLOAP/TEXT_PREFIX prefix for text IDs (namespaces etc.) CHAR 11    
189 /SLOAP/TITLE SLOAP title field CHAR 70    
191 /SLOAP/UI_STEP_NAME Name of a substep inside a phase of the UI CHAR 30    
192 /SLOAP/VERSREL Release Relevance CHAR   
193 /SLOAP/_KLFNR Sequential line/column scale number NUMC   
194 /SLOAP/_KPEIN Condition pricing unit DEC   
195 /SLOAS/CATEGORY category for namespace (Object Filter) CHAR   
196 /SLOAS/CE_TYPE type of content element CHAR   
197 /SLOAS/CHART_TYPE chart types CHAR   
198 /SLOAS/DEV_STATE SLOAS Development state of content element CHAR   
200 /SLOAS/FLAG SLOAS flag for true=X false=space unknown=U CHAR   
201 /SLOAS/ID SLOAS id field CHAR 70    
202 /SLOAS/IDENT Identification-tag for report generation CHAR   
203 /SLOAS/IMG_EXT IMG extensions INT1   
204 /SLOAS/NUMC1 Num1 NUMC   
205 /SLOAS/OPERATOR SLOAS Opperator for documentation CHAR   
206 /SLOAS/OUTP_CATEGRORY possible output templates to convert xml CHAR   
207 /SLOAS/PRIO message priority CHAR 10    
208 /SLOAS/PR_ID Profile ID CHAR 64    
209 /SLOAS/RAW16 /SLOAS/RAW16 RAW 16    
210 /SLOAS/RBG_CREATE_FIELD Web Dynpro : Application Type NUMC   
211 /SLOAS/SELOPT_OPTION SLOAS select options option CHAR   
212 /SLOAS/SELOPT_SIGN SLOAS select options sign CHAR   
213 /SLOAS/STATUS staus for message log CHAR 20    
214 /SLOAS/S_WD_VISIBLE_COLUMN SLOAS visible column in alv STRG   
215 /SLOAS/TITLE SLOAS title field CHAR 70    
216 /SOCO/EBB_LANG_CODE language code CHAR   
217 /SOCO/EBB_LANG_TEXT Language Text CHAR 32    
218 /SOCO/FABRIC_D_ELEMNAME domain for element names CHAR 40    
219 /SOCO/FABRIC_D_FRAGMENTID domain for fragment IDs CHAR 48    
220 /SOCO/FABRIC_D_OTNAME object type name CHAR 40    
221 /SOCO/FABRIC_D_TIMESTAMP UTC timestamp DEC 15    
222 /SOCO/FABRIC_D_TITLE doamin for title text CHAR 128    
223 /SOCO/FABRIC_GUID guid for solution composer CHAR 32    
224 /SOMO/MA_BADI_FILTER Domain for Badi filter unified job monitoring CHAR 14    
225 /SOMO/MA_BTC_RUN BPMon: execution in background CHAR   
226 /SOMO/MA_CATEGORY Unified job monitoring - parameter category CHAR   
227 /SOMO/MA_FIELDNAME Unified Job Monitoring - field name for parameters CHAR 30    
228 /SOMO/MA_JOBMONSTAT Unified job monitoring - job monitoring status CHAR   
229 /SOMO/MA_JOBRULE Job rule for unified job monitoring NUMC   
230 /SOMO/MA_JOBSTATUS Unified job monitoring - generic job status CHAR   
232 /SOMO/MA_KEYFIGID Keyfigure ID CHAR 10    
233 /SOMO/MA_METRIC_TYPE Unified job monitoring - metric type CHAR   
234 /SOMO/MA_PARAMTYPE BPMon: Parameter type CHAR   
235 /SOMO/MA_USAGE Unfied job monitoring - field usage CHAR   
236 /SOMO/TXT53 Domain for text of length 53. CHAR 53    
237 /SPE/AAC_CATEG Account Assignment Category (EWM -- ERP) CHAR   
238 /SPE/AAC_ZIP Name of the requested compression method CHAR   
239 /SPE/ACTION PMI Agents: Action type for call CHAR   
240 /SPE/ADD_IVTYP_CRM CRM Invoice     
241 /SPE/ADVRET_INIT_PROC_EHP6 Initiator Processes for Advanced Returns Management     
242 /SPE/BAPI_ACTIVITY Location Determination Activity CHAR   
243 /SPE/BAPI_DMNDPCNT Demand Percentage DEC
244 /SPE/BAPI_EXT_MATNR External Product Identifier CHAR 40    
245 /SPE/BAPI_ICNO Interchangeability Group number CHAR 40    
246 /SPE/BAPI_ICTYPE Type of Interchangeability NUMC   
247 /SPE/BAPI_ISTAT Current Status CHAR   
248 /SPE/BAPI_LOCID Location id CHAR 32    
249 /SPE/BAPI_LOGQS Business System Group CHAR   
250 /SPE/BAPI_MEMTYPE Member Type CHAR   
251 /SPE/BAPI_PHASB_GUID Phantom assembly Guid CHAR 32    
252 /SPE/BAPI_PRIOFACT Priority Factor DEC 13 
253 /SPE/BAPI_PRODUCT Product CHAR 32    
254 /SPE/BAPI_RELTYPE Direction of Interchangeability CHAR   
255 /SPE/BAPI_REPTYPE Replacement Type CHAR   
256 /SPE/BAPI_RESCODE Reson Code for Interchangeability CHAR   
257 /SPE/BAPI_RULEPROF Rule profile CHAR 10    
258 /SPE/BAPI_SNO Item Number NUMC   
259 /SPE/BAPI_USEUPFLG Use up strategy CHAR   
260 /SPE/BBEST Creation indicator for vendor confirmation CHAR   
261 /SPE/BNTYP Business Types of MRP Area CHAR   
262 /SPE/CARRIER_CONF Carrier Confirmation CHAR   
263 /SPE/CIFATPCAT DOM ATP category in APO CHAR   
264 /SPE/CIFBOPSTAT Processing Status BOP/APO Product Allocation Update CHAR   
265 /SPE/CIFBSG DOM business system group CHAR   
266 /SPE/CIFCNVIN Conversion indicator for order CHAR   
267 /SPE/CIFCONF Confirmation indicator (0,1,2) CHAR   
268 /SPE/CIFCONSI Consignment indicator (0,1) CHAR   
269 /SPE/CIFCUOBJTY Category of external ID of configuration (CUOBJ) CHAR   
270 /SPE/CIFDELNR Number of order/planning element CHAR 12    
271 /SPE/CIFDELPS DOM MRP element item NUMC   
272 /SPE/CIFDOCSRC Source of supply type (contract, sched. agrmnt, info record) CHAR   
273 /SPE/CIFGUID22 Global unique identifier CHAR 22    
274 /SPE/CIFGUID32 DOM GUID in CHAR32 format CHAR 32    
275 /SPE/CIFLOGCOMP Logical component CHAR 40    
276 /SPE/CIFMATNR Material number CHAR 40    
277 /SPE/CIFMETHOD DOM Method to be executed during transfer of an object CHAR   
278 /SPE/CIFPOSTAT External procurement status (purchase requisition, order) CHAR   
279 /SPE/CIFPROCTYP Procurement type CHAR   
282 /SPE/CIFSUBCO Subcontracting indicator (1,0) CHAR   
283 /SPE/CIFTIMEDIF Duration, time difference (in seconds) INT4 10    
284 /SPE/CIFTSEGTIM Time segment for logical time CHAR 10    
285 /SPE/CIFUPDCNTR CIF Update Counter for Execution Objects NUMC   
286 /SPE/CIF_LOCNO Location in APO CHAR 20    
287 /SPE/CIF_PLANT DOM plant CHAR 20    
288 /SPE/CLASS_NAME Name of a class CHAR 30    
289 /SPE/CODE Inspection Outcome: Code CHAR   
290 /SPE/CODE_CAT Inspection Outcome: Catalog CHAR   
291 /SPE/CODE_GROUP Inspection Outcome: Code group CHAR   
292 /SPE/COMCON_OUTB Commit Control Interface ERP-SHELL / Proxy BAPI NUMC   
293 /SPE/COMM_TYPE Communication Type CHAR   
294 /SPE/CONF_UPD_STATUS Confirmation Update Status CHAR   
295 /SPE/CONS_D_PAGE Consolidator Page CHAR   
296 /SPE/CONS_D_QISTATUS Consolidator Quality Inspection Status CHAR   
297 /SPE/CQ_CONTROL_TYPE CQ Control Type CHAR   
298 /SPE/CRE_TEMP_ID Create temporary inbound delivery CHAR   
300 /SPE/CRM_TRANS_MEANS Means of Transportation CHAR 10    
301 /SPE/CTRL_FUNC Switchable SPE control function CHAR 10    
302 /SPE/CTRL_FUNCT Text for the switchable SPE control function CHAR 40    
303 /SPE/CTRL_IS_ACTIVE SPE control function is active or not CHAR   
304 /SPE/CUST_IS_ACTIVE Customizable SPE function is active CHAR   
305 /SPE/CUST_TYP Customer type CHAR   
306 /SPE/CUST_TYP_UI Customer type CHAR   
307 /SPE/DEBUG_PROCESS Debugging Support SPM: Supported Processes CHAR   
308 /SPE/DECSY Reference to external warehouse management CHAR   
309 /SPE/DELIVERY_SCRAP_IND Scrap Indicator for EWM Processing CHAR   
310 /SPE/DELTA_VBTYP Delta Report : Delivery type CHAR   
311 /SPE/DE_ALTERNATE_PART_NR Alternate Product Number CHAR 40    
312 /SPE/DE_BILLING_IND EWM Billing Indicator CHAR   
313 /SPE/DE_ROUTE_IND Change Indicator for the Route CHAR   
314 /SPE/DISP_TYPE Dispatching Type CHAR   
315 /SPE/DIST_PROC_CODE distribution process code CHAR   
316 /SPE/DIST_PROC_STAT Distribution process status CHAR   
317 /SPE/DO_AUTO_ACTIVE Automatic Delivery Creation Active CHAR   
318 /SPE/DO_COMM_LOG_IN Log state CHAR   
319 /SPE/DO_HUIDART Handling Unit Identification Type CHAR   
320 /SPE/DO_INITIATOR_PROCESS Code for the Initiator of a Communication Chain CHAR   
321 /SPE/DO_INITIATOR_PROCESS_EHP1 Code for the Initiator of a Communication Chain     
322 /SPE/DO_INITIATOR_PROCESS_EHP2 Enhancement to the WM Interface for Merchandise Distribution     
323 /SPE/DO_INITIATOR_PROCESS_EHP3 Initiator Processes for Manufacturing EWM Integration     
324 /SPE/DO_ITEM_PROCESS Item Process Identification CHAR   
325 /SPE/DO_ITEM_PROCESS_EHP4 Item Process for Integration of EWM and Manufacturing     
326 /SPE/DO_LIFEX_TYPE Type of External Identification CHAR   
327 /SPE/DO_LIFEX_TYPE_EHP1 Type of External Identification     
328 /SPE/DO_MQUEUE_ACT Activity of the mass queue CHAR   
329 /SPE/DO_PACKPOS_DEL Control Deletion of Generated Packing Items CHAR   
330 /SPE/DO_PP_PROCESS Process in Integration of EWM and Manufacturing CHAR   
331 /SPE/DO_QTYPE Queue Type CHAR   
332 /SPE/DO_SQUEUE_AGRE Agregate Single Queues CHAR   
333 /SPE/EDI_VTDL18 IDoc qualifier: Controlling (delivery) CHAR   
334 /SPE/ERLKZ Completed Indicator for additional freight costs CHAR   
335 /SPE/EXCEPT_CODE_WM Exception Code Warehouse for Quantity Difference CHAR   
336 /SPE/EXID_ERREDI Type of error message for unclear ext. ID CHAR   
337 /SPE/EXID_ERRTYP Type of error message for unclear ext. ID CHAR   
338 /SPE/EXID_MUST Defines whether the external ID is a required entry CHAR   
339 /SPE/EXID_UNIQUE Defines whether uniqueness is checked CHAR   
340 /SPE/FILTER_TYPE Message Filter Type CHAR   
341 /SPE/FOLAR Subsequent Delivery Type CHAR   
342 /SPE/GEN_LEAN_HUSTAT Lean HU Status Update in Non-unique HU Numbering Scenario CHAR   
343 /SPE/GEN_PROCESS Process Indicator CHAR   
345 /SPE/HOLD_DATA Indicator Whether Inbound Deliveries on Hold Are Allowed CHAR   
346 /SPE/IBDLV_EXEC_STATUS Inbound delivery execution status CHAR   
347 /SPE/IBDLV_TSEGTIMTYP Timesegment type for inbound delivery CHAR 10    
348 /SPE/IBGI_REPEAT Control Repeat Processing for Invoicing Before Goods Issue CHAR   
349 /SPE/IDENT Item Identifier CHAR   
350 /SPE/INB_ACTION Inbound Actions for the ID Handling CHAR   
351 /SPE/INB_ACTION_EHP1 Inbound Actions for the ID Handling     
352 /SPE/INB_AUTO_GR Automatic Goods Receipt Posting CHAR   
353 /SPE/INB_CIFLOCNO Location in APO CHAR 20    
355 /SPE/INB_CRE_TEMP_ID Create temporary inbound delivery CHAR   
356 /SPE/INB_CR_HOLD_ITM Create delivery item in HOLD status CHAR   
357 /SPE/INB_DFG_LAYER Layer In Tree CHAR   
358 /SPE/INB_DOC_MODE Document mode CHAR   
359 /SPE/INB_DOM_DEVUT_COMPONENTS Inbound Components NUMC   
360 /SPE/INB_HDALL_ITM Inbound Delivery item Not Yet Complete (on Hold) CHAR   
361 /SPE/INB_ID_STACK String to store the ID(Identification) for the stack STRG   
362 /SPE/INB_LINK_REASON Link Reason for Inbound Deliveries CHAR   
363 /SPE/INB_METHOD Inbound delivery method CHAR   
364 /SPE/INB_QDIFF_IND Indicator for quantity differences CHAR   
365 /SPE/INB_QUAN_CHG_DIR Quantity change direction in the Object CHAR   
366 /SPE/INB_RESULT Result value CHAR   
367 /SPE/INB_SODET Automatic PO determination/incomplete inbound deliveries CHAR   
368 /SPE/INB_SPLIT Inb. Deliv. Splitted CHAR   
369 /SPE/INB_TSEGTIMTYP Logical Time CHAR 10    
370 /SPE/INSPEC_NO Inspection Outcome number CHAR 12    
371 /SPE/INSPQTY Inspection Outcome: Inspected Quantity QUAN 13 
372 /SPE/INSP_HU_STAT Inspection Outcome: Confirmation status of handling units CHAR   
373 /SPE/INSP_ITEM_CODE_NO Inspection Outcome: Item Code number NUMC   
374 /SPE/INSP_ITEM_NO Inspection Outcome: Item number NUMC   
375 /SPE/INSP_PUBL_STAT Inspection Outcome: Publishing Status CHAR   
376 /SPE/INSP_UPDFLAG Inspection Outcome: Update flag CHAR   
377 /SPE/INV_BFR_GI Invoice Before Goods Issue CHAR   
378 /SPE/INV_BFR_GI_EHP1 Invoice Before Goods Issue     
379 /SPE/INV_GI_RVRS Goods Issue Cancellation Behavior CHAR   
380 /SPE/LE_SCENARIO Scenario Logistic Execution CHAR   
381 /SPE/LE_SCENARIO_ADVRET_EHP6 Advanced Returns Management EhP6     
382 /SPE/LE_SCENARIO_EHP1 Scenario Logistic Execution     
383 /SPE/LE_SCENARIO_EHP2 Fixed value append for EWM Manufacturing Integration     
384 /SPE/LSKENZ Inspection Outcome: Delete flag CHAR   
385 /SPE/MAT_SUBST Reason for material substitution CHAR   
386 /SPE/MDNUM_EWM Number of Material Document in EWM CHAR 16    
387 /SPE/MDNUM_WME Number of Material Document in EWM CHAR 20    
388 /SPE/MESSAGE_TYPE_DESCRIPTION Description of message type CHAR 40    
389 /SPE/METHOD_OBDLV Outbound Delivery Method CHAR   
390 /SPE/OMDNUM_EWM Number of Material Document in EWM CHAR 16    
391 /SPE/OMDNUM_WME Number of Material Document in EWM CHAR 20    
392 /SPE/OUTB_METHOD_RETURNS Outbound delivery method CHAR   
393 /SPE/PLACT_ATOM_STATUS Delivery Split: Relation Picked Qty - Other Delivery Qtys CHAR   
394 /SPE/POSNR_CRM CRM Sales Order Item Number in TPOP Process NUMC   
395 /SPE/PROCESS_HOLD_HEADER Process Indicator for Inbound Delivery Headers on Hold CHAR   
396 /SPE/PROCESS_HOLD_ITEM Process Indicator for Inbound Delivery Items on Hold CHAR   
397 /SPE/PRO_NUMBER Progressive Identification Number CHAR 35    
398 /SPE/PURGE_PORTION Inbound Delivery Purge Report - Portion CHAR   
399 /SPE/PURGE_SCENARIO Purge Scenario CHAR   
400 /SPE/PUR_DOC_TYPE Type of Source of Supply CHAR   
401 /SPE/QTY_CORR_TYPE Type of Quantity Correlation CHAR   
402 /SPE/QUOTE_STATUS Character Type for Active / Expired Status CHAR 10    
403 /SPE/REASON_CODE Reason Code R3 for Quantity Difference CHAR   
404 /SPE/RED_IND SPE indicator; if redirecting has occured CHAR   
405 /SPE/REF_POSNR_CRM CRM Reference Order Item Number in TPOP Process CHAR   
406 /SPE/REF_VBELN_CRM CRM Reference Order Number in TPOP Process CHAR 35    
407 /SPE/RELEASE System Release CHAR   
408 /SPE/RET_ACC_APP_EXP Dealer confirmation Expected CHAR   
409 /SPE/RET_ACC_APP_STS Delivery Confirmation Status CHAR   
410 /SPE/RET_ACC_APP_STS_IMG Delivery Confirmation Status CHAR   
411 /SPE/RET_CARRIER Carrier of returns delivery CHAR 10    
412 /SPE/RET_CONS_SELECTION_MODE Selection Mode for Consolidator Portal CHAR   
413 /SPE/RET_EXCEPTION_CODE Returns Delivery: EWM Exception Code CHAR   
414 /SPE/RET_FOLLOW_UP Default Follow-Up Activity Code CHAR   
415 /SPE/RET_FOLLOW_UP_PUTAWAY Inspection Outcome:Default Follow-Up Activity Code 'PUTAWAY' CHAR   
416 /SPE/RET_GUID16 GUID 16 RAW 16    
417 /SPE/RET_HU_UPDATE_REQUEST Handling Unit Update Request CHAR   
418 /SPE/RET_LEDSPD_QUANTYPE Delivery Split: Origin of Quantities CHAR   
419 /SPE/RET_LEDSPD_WORKMODE Processing Mode of Delivery Split Function CHAR   
420 /SPE/RET_LOC_SORT Sort field for location sequence NUMC   
421 /SPE/RET_MESSAGE_TYPE SPE: Message type of portal messages CHAR   
422 /SPE/RET_METHOD_RETURNS Posting Method for Returns Deliveries CHAR   
423 /SPE/RET_MON_SEL_CODE Selection Code for Delivery Monitor CHAR   
424 /SPE/RET_QI_STATUS Status of Quality Inspection for Returns Deliveries CHAR   
425 /SPE/RET_RMA Return Material Authorization Number CHAR 20    
426 /SPE/RET_RMA_COMPLETED RMA completion indicator CHAR   
427 /SPE/RET_SCENARIO_IDENT Returns Scenario Identifier CHAR   
428 /SPE/RET_SHP_INF_STS Shipment Information Status CHAR   
429 /SPE/RET_TESTFLAG Inspection Outcome: Test run indicator for function modules CHAR   
430 /SPE/SERNO_SELMOD Serial Numbers - Buffer Access Mode CHAR   
431 /SPE/SYSTYPE SAP System Type CHAR 10    
432 /SPE/SYSTYPE_SHORT System Type Short (Length 1) CHAR   
433 /SPE/T340D_CMACT Change Management Mode CHAR   
434 /SPE/TMPID Temporary inbound delivery CHAR   
436 /SPE/TPOP_EMAIL_DOMAIN Domain name for E-Mail via SMTP protocol CHAR 50    
437 /SPE/TPOP_EMAIL_PORT Port number for E-Mail via SMTP protocol CHAR 10    
438 /SPE/TPOP_EMAIL_SERVER Server name for E-Mail via SMTP protocol CHAR 50    
439 /SPE/TPOP_MODE Sourcing Mode in Third Party Order Processing CHAR   
440 /SPE/TTYPE Means of Transport CHAR 10    
441 /SPE/UPDKZ Update indicator CHAR   
442 /SPE/VAL_DOM_ERR_ACTION Action on failure of validation CHAR   
443 /SPE/VAL_METHOD Inbound Validation Method CHAR   
444 /SPE/VAL_PROF Validation Profile CHAR 10    
445 /SPE/VAL_PROF_T Validation Profile Description CHAR 40    
446 /SPE/VBELN_CRM CRM Sales Order Number in TPOP Process CHAR 10    
447 /SPE/VER_CHECKED Delivery Version Numbers Checked CHAR   
448 /SPE/WHNR_TYP Warehouse Number Type CHAR   
449 /SREP/BELAR Debit/Credit Indicator CHAR   
450 /SREP/PSCOSTSID Primary/Secondary Costs Identifier NUMC   
451 /SRMERP/AMOUNT Amount CURR 15 
453 /SRMERP/CCS_ITM_COMP_DISPTYP Display Type of UI Element for Catalog Item Comparison CHAR   
454 /SRMERP/CCS_SEARCH_MM Cross-Catalog Search - Search in Material Master CHAR   
455 /SRMERP/DEFAULT_DOC_TYPE Default Purchasing Document Type CHAR   
456 /SRMERP/DOCUMENT_CAT Purchasing Document Category CHAR   
457 /SRMERP/DOCUMENT_TYPE Purchasing Document Type CHAR   
458 /SRMERP/DSS_DS_ACTIONS_UI Actions for Approval UI CHAR 20    
459 /SRMERP/DSS_DS_APPROVAL_STATUS Approval Status for UI CHAR 12    
460 /SRMERP/DSS_DS_DESCRIPTION Item Description on Decision Set UI CHAR 40    
462 /SRMERP/E_ACCRT Domain for INCL_EEW Dummy Field ACC ROOT CHAR   
463 /SRMERP/E_CAROIT Domain for INCL EEW Dummy Field CAR OCI Item CHAR   
464 /SRMERP/E_CARPIT Domain for INCL EEW Dummy Field CAR Product Item CHAR   
465 /SRMERP/E_CARRT Domain for INCL EEW Dummy Field CAR Root CHAR   
466 /SRMERP/E_CCSRT Domain for INCL EEW Dummy Field CCS Root CHAR   
467 /SRMERP/E_DSSDS Domain for INCL EEW Dummy Field DSS Decision Set CHAR   
468 /SRMERP/E_DSSDSI Domain for INCL EEW Dummy Field DSS Decision Set Item CHAR   
469 /SRMERP/E_DSSPLV Domain for INCL EEW Dummy Field DSS Process Level CHAR   
470 /SRMERP/E_DSSRT Domain for INCL EEW Dummy Field DSS Root CHAR   
471 /SRMERP/E_SCROOT Domain for INCL_EEW Dummy Field SC ROOT CHAR   
472 /SRMERP/E_SC_ITM Domain for INCL_EEW Dummy Field SC_ITM CHAR   
473 /SRMERP/FOLLOW_ON_DOC_TYPE Follow-On Document Type CHAR   
474 /SRMERP/FOLLOW_ON_OBJ_TYPE Follow-On Object Type CHAR   
475 /SRMERP/ITEM_TYPE Purchasing Item Type CHAR   
476 /SRMERP/LOG_HANDLE Log Handle SSTR 50    
477 /SRMERP/MSG_ALERT Indicator: Raise Alert CHAR   
478 /SRMERP/MSG_FILTER Message Filter CHAR   
479 /SRMERP/MSG_LOG Log Message CHAR   
481 /SRMERP/OBJECT_ID Object ID - Document Number CHAR 10    
482 /SRMERP/OL_BO_APPROVALSTATUS Status of BO Item in Approval Process CHAR   
483 /SRMERP/ORIGIN Origin of Field Value NUMC   
484 /SRMERP/REF_FIELD_TYPE Reference Field Type CHAR   
485 /SRMERP/SC_APPR_ITEM_DD Dropdown for SC Approver UI CHAR 32    
487 /SRMERP/SC_STATUS_ITM_LIFE_CYC Item Life Cycle Status CHAR   
488 /SRMERP/SC_STATUS_RT_LIFE_CYCL Item Life Cycle Status CHAR   
489 /SRMERP/SC_UI_APPR_ITEM_DD Dropdown for SC Approver UI CHAR 32    
490 /SRMERP/SEARCH_MM_MAX_HITS Material Master Search - Maximum Number of Hits NUMC   
492 /SRMERP/STATUS_CANCELATION Cancellation Status CHAR   
499 /SRMERP/TRACE_FLAG Trace Actuve CHAR   
500 /SRMERP/UNAME User Name CHAR 12