SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index M, page 2
IMG Activity - M
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 MSR_MM_BAS_MAIN_RSTO S_YDH_92000061 Specify Default Billing Types for Intercompany Store Returns 
2 MSR_MM_DEF_RFNDCUST S_EBS_44000124 Configure Customer Default Settings for Returns Refund Codes 
3 MSR_MM_DEF_RFNDVALUE S_YDH_92000059 Configure Default Values for Returns Refund Codes 
4 MSR_PR_ACTIV_PO_TYPE S_YDH_92000031 Activate Advanced Returns Management for Purchase Order Types 
5 MSR_PR_DEF_REJECT_PR S_YDH_92000032 Define Rejection Reasons for Supplier Returns 
6 MSR_REFUND S_E4A_94000258 BAdI: Enhancement of Returns Refund Determination 
7 MSR_REFUND_ACTIVITY S_EBS_44000277 Activate and Rename Refund Control 
8 MSR_RO_GM S_EBS_44000013 Specify Movement Type for Goods Movement to Repair Order Stock 
9 MSR_SD_AGENCY S_EBJ_98000159 Assign Payment Types to Returns Order Types 
10 MSR_SD_BADI_RO_CMR S_YDH_92000019 Implementation: Customer Returns Orders and Credit Memo Request Process 
11 MSR_SD_BAS_MAIN_CMR S_YDH_92000014 Activate Advanced Returns Management for CMR Order Types 
12 MSR_SD_BAS_MAIN_RO S_YDH_92000013 Activate Advanced Returns Management for Returns Order Types 
13 MSR_SD_BAS_MAIN_SDF S_EBS_44000098 Activate Advanced Returns Management for SDF Order Types 
14 MSR_SD_DEF_PLNTS_APP S_YDH_92000034 Specify Plants Requiring Approval Check 
15 MSR_SD_DEF_REFUNDCOD S_YDH_92000016 Define Returns Refund Codes 
16 MSR_SD_DEF_RET_RSN S_YDH_92000015 Define Return Reasons for Customer Returns 
17 MSR_SD_DEF_RFNDCUST S_EBS_44000125 Configure Default Values for Returns Refund Codes (Insp. by Customer) 
18 MSR_SD_DEF_RFNDVALUE S_YDH_92000017 Configure Default Values for Returns Refund Codes 
19 MSR_SD_MAP_RET_PUR S_YDH_92000058 Assign Supplier Return Reasons to Customer Return Reasons 
20 MSR_SD_RO_PROPOSAL S_YDH_92000018 Configure Default Values for Returns Orders 
21 MSR_SD_SALES S_E4A_94000260 BAdI: Change Returns Data and Billing Block in Returns Order 
22 MSR_SD_TVEPZ_BEDART S_EBS_44000127 Specify Requirement Types for Non-Valuated Returns Stock 
23 MSR_SFAC S_EBS_44000294 Define Screen Layout for Returns Order 
24 MSR_SNUM_1 S_EB5_05000131 Define Number Ranges for Advanced Returns Process IDs 
25 MSR_STORE_SETTINGS S_YDH_92000035 Settings for Store Returns with Out- and Inbound Deliveries 
26 MSR_TRC S_YDH_92000052 BAdI: Configuration of Settings and Checks for Returns Data 
27 MSR_TRC_ARCH S_YDH_92000043 Notes on Implementation 
28 MSR_TRC_ARCH_DELETE S_YDH_92000042 BAdI: Enhancement for the Archiving Delete Program 
29 MSR_TRC_ARCH_PREPROC S_YDH_92000046 BAdI: Enhancement for the Archiving Preprocessing Program 
30 MSR_TRC_ARCH_RELOAD S_YDH_92000047 BAdI: Enhancement for the Archiving Reload Program 
31 MSR_TRC_ARCH_WRITE S_YDH_92000048 BAdI: Enhancement for the Archiving Write Program 
32 MUH_A S_AL0_96000322 muh_aa 
33 MUSTER_VOREINST S_KFM_86000057 Define Templates 
34 MV_DEF S_ALN_01001180 Mahnverfahren definieren 
35 MXTVO S_EB5_05000026 Define Transaction Types for Vendors 
36 MYOBJ_CATS_CMOD001 S_AXA_22000004 CATS Worklist: Enhancement for Determining SY-UNAME 
37 MYTEST 2 S_PH9_46000127 Mytest 2 
38 M_MAINTAIN S_PLN_16000324 Maintain Field Catalog for Customer Characteristics 
39 M_TICL007_WF S_KK4_08000304 Suppress Events for Payments (Workflow) 
40 M_TICL110_SUBRO S_KK4_08000309 Define Limit for Subrogation/Recovery for Each Authorization Group 
41 M_TICL112_APP S_KK4_08000305 Define Approval Reasons for Payments