SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index J, page 2
IMG Activity - J
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 J_3G_DISPO_BD_VORSCH   Default Values 
2 J_3G_DISPO_KLA_ARB   Assign Work Center to Class 
3 J_3G_DISPO_LEIART   Set "Available for Planning" Indicator for Activity Type 
4 J_3G_DISPO_PRI_PARAM   Assign Print Parameters 
5 J_3G_DISPO_PT_AUTHOR   Maintain Roles for Planning Group and Planning Area 
6 J_3G_DISPO_PT_CAPCRE   Activate Automatic Creation of Individual Capacity 
7 J_3G_DISPO_PT_GRAPRO   Define Graphics Profile 
8 J_3G_DISPO_PT_INDCAP   Create Individual Capacities 
9 J_3G_DISPO_PT_KAPAR   Define ETM Capacity Start for Capacity Requirements 
10 J_3G_DISPO_PT_LAYOUT   Define Layout of Planning Board 
11 J_3G_DISPO_PT_ORDER   BAdI Order/Change Network 
12 J_3G_DISPO_PT_PARAM   Set Planning Parameters 
13 J_3G_DISPO_PT_RIBPRO   Specify Time Scale Profile 
14 J_3G_DISPO_PT_SECPRO   Define Scale for the Time Axis 
15 J_3G_DISPO_PT_SET   Technical settings 
16 J_3G_DISPO_PT_TIMPRO   Define Time Profile 
17 J_3G_DISPO_PT_TIPRO   Define Overall Profile for Capacity Requirements 
18 J_3G_DISPO_PT_WRKCTR   Maintain Work Center 
19 J_3G_EDI_001_001   Maintain Message Type 
20 J_3G_EDI_001_002   Assign Messages per Partner Function 
21 J_3G_EDI_001_003   Assign Message Type to Message Determination Procedure 
22 J_3G_EDI_001_004   Maintain Message Condition Records 
23 J_3G_EDI_001_005   Determine Process Code for Outbound Processing 
24 J_3G_EDI_001_006   Determine Process Code for Inbound Processing 
25 J_3G_EDI_001_007   Inbound Function Module: Determine Assignments 
26 J_3G_EDI_001_008   Inbound Function Module: Maintain Attributes 
27 J_3G_EDI_001_009   Assign Function Module to Process Code for Inbound Processing 
28 J_3G_EDI_DEBITOR   Maintain Debtor as Partner 
29 J_3G_EDI_KREDITOR   Maintain Creditor as Partner 
30 J_3G_EDI_PORT   Define Port 
31 J_3G_EDI_PROG_PARAM   Configure Program Parameters 
32 J_3G_EDI_STEUERKZ   Assign Tax Codes 
33 J_3G_EDI_WEITERLEI   Forward Inbound Messages to Creditor 
34 J_3G_EDI_ZUGRIFF   Maintain Access Sequences 
35 J_3G_EIGVERBEZ   Establish Owner-Administrator Relationship 
36 J_3G_EIGVERFEST   Determine Owner/Administrator 
37 J_3G_EMPFLEIST   Activity Type Default in Document Entry for Equipment 
38 J_3G_EMPFTYP   Maintain Recipient Types 
39 J_3G_EMPFTYPBEL   Maintain Recipient Types per Document Type 
40 J_3G_EQUIART   Define Equipment Types 
41 J_3G_EQUIBESART   Define Procurement Type for Equipment 
42 J_3G_EQUITYP   Maintain Equipment Category View and Processing 
43 J_3G_EQUIVO   Proposal for Each Equipment Type 
44 J_3G_ERLMTART   Allowed Material Types 
45 J_3G_FAKTURASPERRE   Determine Billing Blocks 
46 J_3G_FICOOBJ   Assign Fixed CO Objects 
47 J_3G_FORMELDEF   Maintain Formula Definitions for Costing 
48 J_3G_FORMELPARA   Define Formula Parameters for Costing 
49 J_3G_INDEX   Maintain Index 
50 J_3G_INVENTUR01   Global Settings 
51 J_3G_INVENTUR02   Valid Administrators 
52 J_3G_INVENTUR03   Inventory Relevance for Activity Types 
53 J_3G_KATALOG   Define Catalog Code 
54 J_3G_KATAL_INPUT   Data Transfer for Catalog Data 
55 J_3G_KATMERK   Catalog Characteristics 
56 J_3G_KATZU   Default Catalog Code per Resource Type 
57 J_3G_LADEKE   Loading Costs Identification 
58 J_3G_LAYDEB   Determine Tab Layout for ETM Data 
59 J_3G_LEISTBEL   Assign Activity Types per Document Type 
60 J_3G_LEISTGERKAL   Maintain Filler Calendar for Performance-Based Equipment 
61 J_3G_LEISTVER   Determine Activity Types and Settlement Types 
62 J_3G_LEIVEREQUI   Assign Activity/Settlement Types to Equipment Types 
63 J_3G_LISTFORM   Settlement List 
64 J_3G_MEASURE_VS   Measurement Document Entry in Shipping Document 
65 J_3G_MESSAGE   Determine Output Control for Shipping Document 
66 J_3G_MEßPUNKT   Measuring Point Counter Check per Document Type/Activity Type 
67 J_3G_MMINTEGR_DEBTOR   Define ETM Recipient for Storage Locations 
68 J_3G_MMINTEGR_WF   Activate Workflow MM Integration and Assign Persons Responsible 
69 J_3G_MM_INTEGR_DOCT   Define ETM Document Type for MM Integration 
70 J_3G_NKPRLFIND   Define Number Range for Price List Determination 
71 J_3G_NUMKDEF   Define Number Range Intervals for SD Order Types 
72 J_3G_PACHT   Determine Lease Settlement Type 
73 J_3G_PLFIND   Price List Determination 
74 J_3G_PREISGR   Enter Price Groups 
75 J_3G_PREISKAT   Determine Price Lists 
76 J_3G_PREISKONDKAMERK   Assign Price Lists/Condition Types/Catalog Characteristics 
77 J_3G_PROFIL   Maintain Profiles 
78 J_3G_SCHNELL   Assign Transaction Variants for Fast Entry 
79 J_3G_SUMBIL_LEIART   Totalling per Activity Type 
80 J_3G_UMLENK   Redirecting of Account Determination 
81 J_3G_VARIANTE   Maintain Transaction Variants for Fast Entry 
82 J_3G_VERABR   Maintain Settlement Types 
83 J_3G_VERSICHART   Maintain Insurance Types 
84 J_3G_VERSICHGESELL   Enter Insurance Companies 
85 J_3G_VOBEDSD   Prerequisites for Document Type Maintenance 
86 J_3G_VORAUSEQUI   Prerequisites for Equipment 
87 J_3G_VOREMPF   Prerequisites for Recipients 
88 J_3G_VORKATALOG   Prerequisites for Catalogs 
89 J_3G_VORPREIS   Prerequisites for Pricing 
90 J_3G_VORSCHL_AUSGANG   Proposal for Outbound Partner Profiles 
91 J_3G_VORSCHL_EINGANG   Proposal for Inbound Partner Profiles 
92 J_3G_WF_EQUI_ANLA   Equipment Workflow -> Activate Asset Accounting 
93 J_3G_ZUGANG_ABGANG   Definition of No. of Days When Acquisition Date = Retirement Date 
94 J_3G_ZULBA   Assign Reference Type to Transaction Types from MM 
95 J_3G_ZULPART   Valid Partner Functions per Document Type and Equipment Category 
96 J_3RAOKOF S_PCO_36000332 Define OKOF Codes 
97 J_3RCLASSBWASL S_PCO_36000427 Classify Transaction Types 
98 J_3RCLASSSAKNR S_PCO_36000430 Classify G/L Accounts 
99 J_3RFANKA S_PCO_36000166 Maintain Asset Types 
100 J_3RFBS5_SELCR S_P7D_67000102 Define Selection Criteria for Asset Classes 
101 J_3RFBS5_SET S_P7D_67000103 Maintain Sections in Balance Sheet Suppl. N5 (FI-AA) 
102 J_3RFBS_ALL_BADI S_EB5_05000523 BAdI: Output Change for Financial Statements 
103 J_3RFCNT S_EB5_05000324 Maintain Internal Contract Numbers 
104 J_3RFCNTDMS S_EB5_05000323 Define DMS Document Types for Contract Processing 
105 J_3RFCNTSET S_EB5_05000322 Define Rules for Automatic Contract Number Filling 
106 J_3RFDEPRGROUP S_PCO_36000411 Define Depreciation Groups 
107 J_3RFDI_DEADJRNV S_EBJ_98000151 Maintain Deadlines 
108 J_3RFGTDINVT S_EB5_05000326 Define Billing Types for Customs Declaration Tracking 
109 J_3RFGTDMATT S_EB5_05000325 Define Material Movement Types for Customs Decl. Tracking 
110 J_3RFGTD_BADI S_EB5_05000327 BAdI: Customs Declaration Tracking 
111 J_3RFGTD_COPY S_EBS_44000454 Disable/Enable Copying of Fields During Creation of Customs Decl. 
112 J_3RFMM_RATE_CLC S_EB5_05000367 Enable Down Payments in FC Function for MM Documents 
113 J_3RFOKATO S_PCO_36000316 Define OKATO Codes 
114 J_3RFOKATOREG S_PCO_36000317 Assign OKATO Codes to Regions and Districts 
115 J_3RFOKATOVEN S_P7D_67000050 Assign OKATO Codes to Vendors 
116 J_3RFOKATO_TT S_PCO_36000338 Define OKATO Codes 
117 J_3RFOKOFREG S_PCO_36000173 Specify Which Assets Require State Registration 
118 J_3RFPOFPRIV S_PCO_36000318 Define Federal Tax Concessions 
119 J_3RFPROPTAXR S_PCO_36000321 Define Tax Rates 
120 J_3RFPRTEXEMP S_PCO_36000320 Define Tax Exemptions 
121 J_3RFPRTXPRIV S_PCO_36000319 Define Tax Reductions 
122 J_3RFPTREGION S_PCO_36000315 Define Regions and Districts 
123 J_3RFPTREGIONTTAX S_EB5_05000380 Define Regions and Districts 
124 J_3RFSD_RATE_CLC S_EB5_05000363 Enable Down Payments in FC Function for SD Billing Documents 
125 J_3RFSECTYPE S_EB5_05000385 Define Secondary Event Types 
126 J_3RFTAX_CHAIN S_PCO_36000465 Define Sequence of Closing Reports 
127 J_3RFTAX_UNCLASS S_PCO_36000462 Maintain Unclassified Objects 
128 J_3RFTOKOF S_E38_98000025 Define Depreciation Group Parameters for OKOF Codes 
129 J_3RFVBS_VERSION S_EBS_44000498 Assign Multiple Financial Statement Versions to One Form 
130 J_3RFVBS_XMLDEL S_EBS_44000499 Remove Empty XML Tags 
131 J_3RFVC_PBU18_PS S_EBS_44000037 Assign Profit Tax Objects to G/L Accounts 
132 J_3RFV_DI_CCOP S_EBJ_45000057 Maintain Company Code Electronic IDs 
133 J_3RFV_DI_OCCODE S_EBJ_98000128 Assign Electronic IDs to Operators 
134 J_3RFV_DI_PCCODE S_EBJ_98000130 Assign Electronic IDs to Company Codes 
135 J_3RFV_DI_PCUST S_EBJ_98000126 Assign Operator IDs 
136 J_3RFV_DI_PCUST2 S_EBJ_98000129 Assign Electronic IDs to Customers 
137 J_3RFV_DI_PVEND S_EBJ_98000127 Assign Electronic IDs to Vendors 
138 J_3RFV_DI_TRANF S_EBJ_98000124 Map Transformations 
139 J_3RFV_TAX_HIER S_PCO_36000463 Maintain Tax Hierarchy 
140 J_3RF_BINDING_PROG S_EBJ_45000012 BAdI: Matched Document Data 
141 J_3RF_CH_ADDR S_P7D_67000106 BAdI: Change of Address 
142 J_3RF_DIGITAL_INV_B S_EBJ_98000125 BAdI: Electronic Invoicing 
143 J_3RF_INV_17_BADI S_EBJ_98000009 BAdI: Form INV-17 
144 J_3RF_MB7_BADI S_EBS_44000114 BAdI: Form MB-7 
145 J_3RF_PRECMET S_EAC_24000059 Define Precious Materials for Asset Master Data Maintenance 
146 J_3RF_SP_LEDGER_BADI S_E4A_94000014 BAdI: Adjustment for Sales/Purchase Ledger 
147 J_3RF_T052S S_EBS_44000460 Define Payment Terms for Splitting By Shelf Life of Goods 
148 J_3RF_T53A_BADI S_EAC_24000058 BAdI: Form T-53A 
149 J_3RF_TPV S_EBJ_98000185 Configure Transfer Pricing 
150 J_3RF_TP_BADI S_EBJ_98000205 BAdI: Transfer Pricing Data 
151 J_3RF_TP_CC_PROV S_EBJ_98000187 Company Information 
152 J_3RF_TP_COCATV S_EBJ_98000189 Maintain Company Categories 
153 J_3RF_TP_DOCTYPV S_EBJ_98000190 Document Types 
154 J_3RF_TP_FORGV S_EBJ_98000252 Foreign Organization Data 
155 J_3RF_TP_LIQCTV S_EBJ_98000188 Liquidation Codes 
156 J_3RF_TP_MAT_OCV S_EBJ_98000194 Assign Materials to OCP Codes 
157 J_3RF_TP_PMV S_EBJ_98000197 Pricing Methods 
158 J_3RF_TP_PSV S_EBJ_98000196 Price Sources 
159 J_3RF_TP_SCRMATV S_EBJ_98000195 Assign Materials to Selection Criteria 
160 J_3RF_TP_SCRV S_EBJ_98000186 Maintain Document Selection Criteria 
161 J_3RF_TP_STATUSV S_EBJ_98000193 Transaction Participant Statuses 
162 J_3RF_TP_TRANPCV S_EBJ_98000192 Transaction Participant Codes 
163 J_3RF_TP_TRANSTV S_EBJ_98000191 Transaction Types 
164 J_3RF_TP_VC_SEL_CRIT S_EBJ_98000220 Maintain Document Selection Critera 
165 J_3RF_VATTRTYPE S_EBJ_98000269 Maintain Attribute Types 
166 J_3RF_VOUTPUTGROUPS S_EBJ_98000270 Maintain Output Groups 
167 J_3RF_WRK_GROUPV S_EBS_44000093 Assign Asset Classes to Material Groups for Workwear 
168 J_3RF_WW_AREAV S_EBS_44000092 Define Depreciation Areas for Workwear 
169 J_3RF_WW_TRANV S_EBJ_98000182 Define Workwear Movement Types 
170 J_3RF_XNEGP_ACT S_EB5_05000321 Activate Negative Posting for Country 
171 J_3RINV S_EBJ_98000166 Assign Incoming Invoice Number Ranges 
172 J_3RKACT S_AC0_52000655 Assign Rules to Groups of Accounting Documents 
173 J_3RKAID S_AC0_52000713 Activate Automatic Offsetting Account Determination 
174 J_3RKKRN_V1 S_AC0_52000714 Define Preferred and Disallowed Pairs of G/L Accounts 
175 J_3RKPAC_V1 S_AC0_52000651 Define Sequence for Sorting Line Items by G/L Account Number 
176 J_3RKSORTV S_AC0_52000652 Define Sort Rules 
177 J_3RKSPLITV S_AC0_52000653 Define Split Rules 
178 J_3RMONTHACTIV S_E36_82000251 Define Fiscal Period Length for Base Value Calculation 
179 J_3RM_TRG1_2_BADI   BAdI: Forms TORG-1 and TORG-2 
180 J_3RNEGPAFABE S_EB5_05000307 Permit Negative Posting 
181 J_3RNKSACTION S_PCO_36000168 Define Secondary Event Dates 
182 J_3RNKS_TBSL S_PCO_36000174 Specify Posting Keys for Asset Credit Memos 
183 J_3ROS6_SETTINGS S_PCO_36000443 Make Settings for Printing Asset Forms 
184 J_3ROS6_TB5BWASL S_P7D_67000083 Maintain Transaction Types for Investments and Improvements 
185 J_3RPTAXVAL S_EB5_05000386 Define Depreciation Areas for Property Tax Calculation 
186 J_3RSCCDPRICING S_EB5_05000484 Assign Pric. Procedures and Cond. Types to CDec Types 
187 J_3RSCCDSTATUS S_EB5_05000482 Define Customs Declaration Statuses 
188 J_3RSCCDTYPE S_EB5_05000481 Define Customs Declaration Types 
189 J_3RSCCDVEHICL S_EB5_05000483 Define Shipping Types 
190 J_3RSEXP S_AC0_52000365 Maintain Number Ranges 
191 J_3RSSVRUN S_EBS_44000463 Define Number Range Interval for VAT Run ID 
192 J_3RS_CCD_FI_V S_EB5_05000485 Define Posting Rules for Customs Fees and Duties 
193 J_3RT007 S_PCO_36000167 Define Tax Codes for Input VAT on Assets 
194 J_3RT095B S_P7D_67000104 Maintain Additional Accounts for Posting Revaluation 
195 J_3RTAXOPC S_EBS_44000464 Define Operation Codes 
196 J_3RTAX_OPERV S_EBS_44000465 Assign Operation Codes to Tax Codes 
197 J_3RTAX_VERSION S_EB5_05000248 Name Tax Grouping Version 
198 J_3RTNTVEH S_PCO_36000334 Define Tax Exemptions 
199 J_3RTPRTAX S_PCO_36000335 Define Tax Reductions 
200 J_3RTSE_CODE S_PCO_36000170 Specify Tax Codes for Invoice Items Whose Usage Changes 
201 J_3RTTAXR S_EB5_05000381 Define Tax Rates for Regions and Districts 
202 J_3RTTRANS S_PCO_36000336 Define Tax Rates for OKATO Codes 
203 J_3RTTYPVEH S_PCO_36000333 Define Transport Types 
204 J_3RVDEPB_BWASL S_EBJ_98000038 Define Depreciation Bonus Transaction Types 
205 J_3RVDEPB_CHART S_EBJ_98000039 Define Depreciation Bonus Parameters 
206 J_3RVRETDB_BWASL S_EBJ_98000037 Define Asset Retirement Messages 
207 J_3R_CAUTHV S_EAC_24000090 Define Form Settings for Authorization Form (M-2) 
208 J_3R_CLFT10TXTV S_ACR_23000320 Assign Text Type ID to Driver and Forwarding Agent 
209 J_3R_COMPANYV S_ACR_23000307 Define Company-Specific Settings 
210 J_3R_COMPANYV2 S_PRN_53000112 Define Company-Specific Form Settings 
211 J_3R_DEFAULT_TEXT S_EBJ_45000013 BAdI: Default Clarification Text 
212 J_3R_FORMV S_ACR_23000308 Define Form Settings 
213 J_3R_FORMV_JP S_PRN_53000341 Define Form Settings 
214 J_3R_INVDIFFGRV S_EBS_44000002 Define Groups for Offsetting Inventory Differences 
215 J_3R_INVDIFFMATV S_EBS_44000003 Assign Material Groups to Groups for Offsetting Inventory Differences 
216 J_3R_INV_BADI S_EBS_44000005 BAdI: Print Data Update for Tax Invoice 
217 J_3R_M15_BADI S_EBS_44000101 BAdI: Form M-15 
218 J_3R_M4_BADI S_EBS_44000100 BAdI: Form M-4 
219 J_3R_PASS_CHECK S_EAC_24000092 Implementation: Passport Format Parser for Russia 
220 J_3R_PPINV_BADI S_EBS_44000010 BAdI: Print Data Update for Advance Payment Invoice 
221 J_3R_TAXSETTINGV S_EAC_24000087 Define Structural Division for Property/Transport Tax 
222 J_3R_TORG12_BADI S_EBS_44000102 BAdI: Form TORG-12 
223 J_7L_C25 J7LRREN11000157 Define Form Groups and Form Routines 
224 J_7L_C33C35 J7LRREN11000158 Define Interface Control 
225 J_7L_C34 J7LRREN11000159 Define Field Control for Data Medium Exchange 
226 J_7L_C61 J7LRREN11000172 Define Access Sequence for Document Flow Evaluation 
227 J_7L_C62 J7LRREN11000173 Assign Document Flow Evaluation to Billing Type 
228 J_7L_C63 J7LRREN11000171 Specify Path for Document Flow Evaluation 
229 J_7L_C66 J7LRREN11000170 Define Single Access for Document Flow Evaluation 
230 J_7L_C67 J7LRREN11000169 Define Filters for Document Flow Evaluation 
231 J_7L_REA_ABGRMELD J7LRRE711000116 Specify Declaration Selection Criteria 
232 J_7L_REA_AENDFELD_MM J7LRRE711000117 Define MM Change Fields 
233 J_7L_REA_ALLG_SCHNIT J7LRRE711000132 Define General Interface 
234 J_7L_REA_BEWEGARTEN J7LRRE711000148 Determine Movement Types 
235 J_7L_REA_BRANSCH_KUN J7LRRE711000136 Specify Customer's Industry Key 
236 J_7L_REA_BUCHUNGSKR J7LRRE711000112 Define Company Codes 
237 J_7L_REA_CUST_EXIT J7LRRE711000150 Define Customer-Specific Enhancements 
238 J_7L_REA_DATENDEF J7LRRE711000152 Define Data Filter Types 
239 J_7L_REA_DATEN_BEAB J7LRRE711000154 Define Data Filters 
240 J_7L_REA_FAKTURAART J7LRRE711000144 Determine Billing Types 
241 J_7L_REA_FELDEFMM J7LRRE711000155 Define Characteristic in Material Master 
242 J_7L_REA_FILTER J7LRRE711000153 Define Number Range for Data Filter 
243 J_7L_REA_FILTERGRUP J7LRRE711000151 Define Data Filter Groups 
244 J_7L_REA_FRAKTIONEN J7LRRE711000115 Define Fractions 
245 J_7L_REA_GEMBUCHKR J7LRRE711000113 Define Common Company Codes 
246 J_7L_REA_GEWFAKTOREN J7LRRE711000141 Define Weighting Factors for Units of Measure 
247 J_7L_REA_HDLSTKOMBI J7LRRE711000162 Define Trade Level Combinations 
248 J_7L_REA_KONDART J7LRRE711000139 Combine Condition Types 
249 J_7L_REA_KONDART_DEF J7LRRE711000137 Define Condition Types 
250 J_7L_REA_KONDITIONEN J7LRREN11000160 Update Conditions 
251 J_7L_REA_KONSISTENZ J7LRREN11000177 Define Recycling Partner-Dependent Consistency Check 
252 J_7L_REA_KUNHIER J7LRRE711000161 Assign Access Sequences for Customer Hierarchy 
253 J_7L_REA_LAENDGRUP J7LRRE711000114 Define Country Grouping 
254 J_7L_REA_LDE_FPM_EXI   BAdI: Customer Enhancements Floor Plan Manager (FPM Event Loop) 
255 J_7L_REA_LDE_GET_BLS   BAdI: Implement Processing Logic for Lean Data Entry 
256 J_7L_REA_LIEFHIER J7LRKPD11000187 Assign Access Sequences for Vendor Hierarchy 
257 J_7L_REA_LOGFILE J7LRKPD11000186 Define Consistency Check and Log File for Declaration 
258 J_7L_REA_MARTV J7LRRE711000121 Define Material Types for Packaging 
259 J_7L_REA_MATBELARTEN J7LRRE711000149 Define Material Document Types 
260 J_7L_REA_MATERIALART J7LRRE711000119 Define Material Types for Article 
261 J_7L_REA_MELDESCHL J7LRRE711000118 Define Number Ranges for Declaration Keys 
262 J_7L_REA_MELDESCHL_1 J7LRRE711000142 Define Number Ranges for Declaration Key Object 1 
263 J_7L_REA_MELDESCHL_2 J7LRRE711000143 Define Number Ranges for Declaration Key Object 2 
264 J_7L_REA_NK_PACK   Define Number Ranges for Packaging Without Material Master Record 
265 J_7L_REA_NUMKREISE J7LRRE711000111 Define Number Ranges for Declaration 
266 J_7L_REA_POSTPSTUE J7LRRE711000123 Define Item Categories for Bill of Material 
267 J_7L_REA_POSTYPV J7LRRE711000120 Define Item Categories for SD Document 
268 J_7L_REA_PRODHIER J7LRRE711000146 Define Product Hierarchies 
269 J_7L_REA_RKST_DEF J7LRREN11000164 Define Automatic Accruals Correction after Condition Adjustment 
270 J_7L_REA_RKST_KOART J7LRREN11000167 Assign Condition Types for Automatic Accruals Correction 
271 J_7L_REA_RKST_REL J7LRREN11000166 Define Automatic Accruals Correction for Company Code and Recycling Partner 
272 J_7L_REA_RKST_REP J7LRREN11000168 Edit Correction Posting for Automatic Accruals Correction 
273 J_7L_REA_SOKOA J7LRREN11000175 Define Special Condition Types 
274 J_7L_REA_SPLITT_REG J7LRRE711000140 Define Splitting and Regional Processing 
275 J_7L_REA_STEUERUNG J7LRRE711000110 Define General Control 
276 J_7L_REA_STLAN J7LRRE711000122 Define BOM Usages 
277 J_7L_REA_TEXT_KOND J7LRREN11000176 Define Texts for Condition Types 
278 J_7L_REA_VERPARTEN J7LRRE711000124 Define Packing Types 
279 J_7L_REA_VERPEBENEN J7LRRE711000126 Define Packaging Levels 
280 J_7L_REA_VERTRBER J7LRRE711000145 Define Sales Areas 
281 J_7L_REA_VORGANGSKEY J7LRRE711000164 Define Transaction Keys 
282 J_7L_REA_VORGART J7LRRE711000147 Define Transaction Types 
283 J_7L_REA_WARENGRUP J7LRREN11000161 Define Material Groups 
284 J_7L_REA_WERKEBUKRS J7LRRE711000156 Assign Plants to Company Code 
285 J_7L_REA_ZUGRFHIESP J7LRRE711000158 Define Access Sequences for Hierarchy Evaluation When Splitting 
286 J_IN_BUSINESSPLACE S_AL0_96000153 Define Business Places 
287 J_IN_SECTCODE S_P7D_67000107 Define Section Codes 
288 J_KR_T059C S_EB5_05000022 Create Recipient Types 
289 J_T110_ACT S_EBS_44000509 Activate Country-Spec. Algorithm for Payt of Vendor Invoices in For. Curr. 
290 J_VE_INCWT S_P7D_67000192 Maintain Withholding Tax Payment Details