SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index SLASH, page 3
IMG Activity - /
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 /DSD/VC_MSGTYP_V7 /DSD/62000212 Define Message Types 
2 /DSD/VC_MSGTYP_VL /DSD/62000220 Define Message Types 
3 /DSD/VC_ORDER /DSD/01002311 Specify Allowed Sales Document Types 
4 /DSD/VC_TEXT_CONTROL /DSD/82000131 Text Control Within Visit Control 
5 /DSD/VC_TRADAT_V /DSD/62000234 Download: Define Scope of Data Transfer 
6 /DSD/VC_V7_PRN /DSD/62000213 Print Output: Determine Individual Messages to Be Processed 
7 /DSD/VC_VLRANGE /DSD/01002313 Define Number Range for Visit Lists 
8 /DSD/VC_VL_PRN /DSD/62000221 Print Output: Determine Individual Messages to Be Processed 
9 /DSD/VC_VPRANGE /DSD/01002312 Define Number Range for Visit Plans 
10 /DSD/VC_VPTYPE /DSD/01002310 Define Visit Plan Types 
11 /DSD/VC_VPTYPE_3 /DSD/82000026 Define Visit Plan Types 
12 /DSD/VC_VSTATCON /DSD/06000104 Assign Sales Activity Type and Outcome to Customer Visit Status 
13 /EACA/GL_ACCTGRP /EACA/50000058 Assign Account Groups to Account Assignment Categories 
14 /EACA/GL_ACCT_PB /EACA/50000059 Lock G/L Accounts against Posting 
15 /EACA/GL_ADET_CLR /EACA/50000055 Define Account Assignment for Clearing Items 
16 /EACA/GL_ADET_SDF /EACA/50000056 Define Account Assignment for Currency Translation Difference Items 
17 /EACA/GL_ASSTYPE /EACA/50000057 Define Account Assignment Category 
18 /EACA/GL_CHARACT /EACA/50000037 Set Characteristics 
19 /EACA/GL_CHARACT2 /EACA/50000051 Set Account Assignment Characteristics 
20 /EACA/GL_CONFGJRN /EACA/50000038 Configure Journals 
21 /EACA/GL_CONFIG /EACA/50000039 Configure General Ledger 
22 /EACA/GL_CONFNROB /EACA/50000040 Define Number Range 
23 /EACA/GL_DOCNO /EACA/50000050 Define Document Number Assignment 
24 /EACA/GL_POST_ACT /EACA/63000004 Activate Interface 
25 /EACA/GL_POST_FIE /EACA/50000053 Define Field Properties 
26 /EACA/GL_POST_LAY /EACA/50000052 Set Interface Display 
27 /EACA/GL_REVREA /EACA/50000054 Define Reasons for Reversal 
28 /EACA/GL_REV_D_C /EACA/63000003 Set Debit/Credit Indicator for Reversals 
29 /EACA/PM_UR_MAINTAIN /EACA/22000600 Maintain Assignment Changes 
30 /EACA/SIMG_BTPRO_ACT /EACA/50000031 Activate the Business Transaction Profit 
31 /EACA/SIMG_INST_ACTI /EACA/50000028 Activate Components in the Accounting Instance 
32 /EACA/SIMG_INST_DEFI /EACA/50000030 Define Accounting Instance 
33 /EACA/SIMG_PM_BTAPRO /EACA/50000032 Configure Business Transaction Profit for PM 
34 /EACA/SIMG_PM_CKGRP /EACA/50000047 Characteristic and Key Figure Groups / Entry Variants 
35 /EACA/SIMG_PM_VAR_ST /EACA/50000036 Set Up Variant 
36 /EACC/ACC_ARCHIVE /EACC/50000060 Document Archiving 
37 /EACC/ACTIVATE_AE /EACC/63000002 Activate Accounting Engine for the Accounting Instance 
38 /EACC/SIMG_ACSY_COPY /EACC/50000025 Copying Valuation Systems 
39 /EACC/SIMG_ACSY_CUST /EACC/50000017 Customizing for the Valuation System 
40 /EACC/SIMG_COMP_DEFI /EACC/50000019 Define Components 
41 /EACC/SIMG_DM_COPY /EACC/50000029 Copy Map Information between Instances (Temporary) 
42 /EACC/SIMG_DM_OBJMAP /EACC/50000024 Set BW Objects in the Accounting Views 
43 /EACC/SIMG_INST_COMP /EACC/50000020 Assign Components 
44 /EACC/SIMG_INST_KFCH /EACC/50000014 Register Key Figures and Characteristics in the Accounting Instance 
45 /EACC/SIMG_INST_LDBW /EACC/50000005 Assign Business Warehouses 
46 /EACC/SIMG_INST_SET /EACC/63000001 Set Accounting Instance 
47 /EACC/SIMG_INST_SHRG /EACC/50000034 Display Characteristic Registration 
48 /EACC/SIMG_INST_STKC /EACC/50000033 Activate Business Warehouse Assignment 
49 /EACC/SIMG_JRCR_ACTI /EACC/50000023 Costs & Revenues - Activate Journal 
51 /EACC/SIMG_PM_ACTIV /EACC/50000022 Activate Profitability Management View 
52 /EACC/SIMG_PM_CHAR_A /EACC/50000015 Define Characteristic Use 
53 /EACC/SIMG_PM_INST /EACC/50000013 Assign Active Variant 
54 /EACC/SIMG_PM_KEYF_A /EACC/50000016 Set Costs Revenues Sales Deduction Flag 
55 /EACC/SIMG_PM_STR_CR /EACC/50000011 Configure Structure of Cost & Revenue Journal 
56 /EACC/SIMG_PM_VAR /EACC/50000012 Define variant 
57 /EACC/SIMG_PM_VAR_ST /EACC/50000018 Set Up Variant 
58 /ECRS/BADI_CHECKITEM /ECRS/12000018 BAdI: Additional Item Checks in Intrastat Declarations 
59 /ECRS/BADI_SEND_FILE /ECRS/24000001 BAdI: Using the Intrastat Declaration File in Automatic Sending 
60 /ECRS/BUSTRANSTY_DEF /ECRS/12000006 Define Intrastat Code for Business Transaction Type 
61 /ECRS/CNTRY_ORIG_ASS /ECRS/12000004 Assign Intrastat Code for Country of Origin to Country of Declaration 
62 /ECRS/CNTRY_ORIG_DEF /ECRS/12000003 Define Intrastat Code for Country of Origin 
63 /ECRS/CURRENCY_GPCTR /ECRS/12000013 Define Foreign Currency in Partner Country 
64 /ECRS/EXCEMPT_REGION /ECRS/12000014 Define Regions for Exclusion from Intrastat Declaration 
65 /ECRS/EXC_COO_DEFINE /ECRS/12000016 Define Exceptions for Mapping the Country of Origin 
66 /ECRS/EXC_GPCTRY_DEF /ECRS/12000015 Define Exceptions for Mapping Partner Country 
67 /ECRS/GP_COUNTRY_ASS /ECRS/12000002 Assign Intrastat Code for Partner Country to Country of Declaration 
68 /ECRS/GP_COUNTRY_DEF /ECRS/12000001 Define Intrastat Code for Partner Country 
69 /ECRS/GTSLINKS /ECRS/12000019 Activation of Commodity Codes 
70 /ECRS/INCOTERMS_DEF /ECRS/12000009 Define Intrastat Code for Incoterms 
71 /ECRS/MODE_TRANS_DEF /ECRS/12000008 Define Intrastat Code for Mode of Transport at the Border 
72 /ECRS/OFFICE_DEFINE /ECRS/12000012 Define Intrastat Code for Collection Center 
73 /ECRS/PORT_AIRPO_DEF /ECRS/12000010 Define Intrastat Code for Ports and Airports 
74 /ECRS/PROCEDURE_DEF /ECRS/12000007 Define Intrastat Code for Procedure 
75 /ECRS/REGIONS_ASSIGN /ECRS/12000017 Assign Regions in Worklist to Regions for Intrastat Declaration 
76 /ECRS/REGION_DEFINE /ECRS/12000005 Define Intrastat Code for Region 
77 /ECRS/SPECMOVEMT_DEF /ECRS/12000011 Define Intrastat Code for Special Movement Code 
78 /FSIH/BADI_REBATE /FSIH/10000979 BAdI: Calculation of Rebate Amount when Notice Given 
79 /FSIH/DEFINE_PORTFOL /FSIH/10000978 Define Portfolios 
80 /FSIH/DEFINE_SETTING /FSIH/10000977 Determine System Settings for Insurance Handler 
81 /FSIH/MD_CHANGES /FSIH/10000980 BAdI: Creation of Master Data Changes List 
82 /GRCPI/GRACVNOTIFYMS /GRCPI/13000004 Maintain Text for Custom Notification Messages (Plug-In) 
83 /GRCPI/GRIA_CONV /GRCPI/80000001 Maintain Plug-In Configuration Settings 
84 /GRCPI/SSM_CUST /GRCPI/80000002 Maintain User Exits for Plug-In Systems 
85 /GRCPI/VGRIAEXTN /GRCPI/13000001 Maintain Validity Dates for Firefighter Assignments (Plug-In) 
86 /GRCPI/VGRIANOTC /GRCPI/13000003 Maintain Custom Notification Messages for Emergency Access (Plug-In) 
87 /GRCPI/VGRIANOTF /GRCPI/13000002 Maintain Text for Custom Notification Messages 
88 /IBS/CRB_IASCON /IBS/47000047 Contract Valuation (IAS) 
89 /IBS/IF_EX_RB_ECFUPD /IBS/76000125 BAdI: Change ECF Data After RBD Update 
90 /IBS/IF_EX_RB_LOSS_I /IBS/76000124 BAdI: Transfer Loss Information to Source System 
91 /IBS/IF_EX_RB_MAN_IN /IBS/05000020 RBD: BAdI for Distribution of Manual Planned Records 
92 /IBS/RB_ARBBEST /IBS/10000621 Define Assignment of Conditions for Planned Record Creation 
93 /IBS/RB_BALANCE /IBS/10000408 Define RBD Balancing Rules 
94 /IBS/RB_BASISCUST /IBS/01002330 Basic Settings for the RBD Module 
95 /IBS/RB_BASISEINST /IBS/01002331 Basis Settings for the RBD Module 
96 /IBS/RB_BA_NRKR /IBS/25000538 RBD Define Number Range Assignments 
97 /IBS/RB_BA_SRT /IBS/25000541 Sort Key for Error Messages 
98 /IBS/RB_BA_SRTP /IBS/25000543 Value Table for Error Message Sort Field 
99 /IBS/RB_BCRPBAL /IBS/76000112 ECF: Define Derivation of Risk Provision Positions 
100 /IBS/RB_BENORD /IBS/62000209 Assignment of Administrators to Organizational Units 
101 /IBS/RB_BEWAT /IBS/25000134 Customizing for Flow Type - Attributes 
102 /IBS/RB_BEWME /IBS/25000135 Define Valuation Methods 
103 /IBS/RB_BTCML /IBS/01001595 Define CML Flow Type from Selection of Excluded Flow Categories 
104 /IBS/RB_BVC_P /IBS/76000111 ECF: Define Book Value Components 
105 /IBS/RB_BWTXT /IBS/76000107 Define Different Texts for Risk Provision Position 
106 /IBS/RB_CBA /IBS/25000136 Definition of CML Flow Categories for Loss Postings 
107 /IBS/RB_CFMENUORFBOB /IBS/01002305 Define Document Types 
108 /IBS/RB_CFTYP /IBS/76000062 Define Cash Flow Category 
109 /IBS/RB_CF_ZUL /IBS/76000068 Permitted Cash Flow Categories for RBD Account Dialog 
110 /IBS/RB_COLTY_P /IBS/76000063 Define Collateral Type 
111 /IBS/RB_CONBVC /IBS/76000120 ECF: Assignment of Book Value Components to Risk Provision Position 
112 /IBS/RB_CONFST /IBS/10000409 Define Rules for Value Adjustment Position Generation in RBD 
113 /IBS/RB_CSG /IBS/25000137 Define Collateral Types Encumbrances 
114 /IBS/RB_CSM /IBS/25000157 Define Collateral Types 
115 /IBS/RB_DUEPO /IBS/76000074 Define Relevant Date for Data Selection 
116 /IBS/RB_ECFGAAP /IBS/76000109 ECF: GAAP Assignment 
117 /IBS/RB_ECFGLB /IBS/76000108 ECF: General Settings 
118 /IBS/RB_ECF_CTRLMAN /IBS/76000115 ECF: Function Control in Valuation Sheet 
119 /IBS/RB_ECF_LIBUE /IBS/76000118 ECF: Define Accounting Units for Manual Contract Management 
120 /IBS/RB_ECF_MCO_MOD /IBS/76000117 ECF: Define Component ID for Manual Contract Management 
121 /IBS/RB_ECF_PROCCAT /IBS/76000113 ECF: Define and Classify Processing Types 
122 /IBS/RB_ECF_ZBWARVB /IBS/76000121 ECF: Assignment of Source System Flow to Risk Provision Position 
123 /IBS/RB_ECF_ZSICRVB /IBS/76000122 ECF: Assignment of Collateral Types to Risk Provision Position 
124 /IBS/RB_ECLCTRL /IBS/76000110 ECF: Define Loss Processing 
125 /IBS/RB_ECMPROD /IBS/76000119 ECF: Define Product Types for Manual Contract Management 
126 /IBS/RB_EX_IS /IBS/62000712 BAdI: Information System 
127 /IBS/RB_EX_KTO /IBS/62000695 BAdI: Overall Check RBD Account 
128 /IBS/RB_EX_KTO_QUOT /IBS/62000704 BAdI: Distribution of Individual Amount to Individual Documents 
129 /IBS/RB_EX_POST_BAFI /IBS/10000818 BAdI: Data Supply for Regulatory Reporting 
130 /IBS/RB_EX_PWV_DATA /IBS/10000817 BAdI: Data Export for Flat-Rate Individual Value Adjustment 
131 /IBS/RB_EX_UE /IBS/62000711 BAdI: Consistency Check Individual Documents 
132 /IBS/RB_EX_UP /IBS/62000707 BAdI. Consistency Check Planned Records 
133 /IBS/RB_EX_VA_LABEL /IBS/10000816 BAdI: Definition for Individual Flat-Rate Value Adjustment Records 
134 /IBS/RB_FCON /IBS/76000116 ECF: ALV Field Control at Row Level 
135 /IBS/RB_FPERIOD /IBS/76000073 Define Settlement Period Change 
136 /IBS/RB_FUPDATE /IBS/76000106 Define Resubmission Date 
137 /IBS/RB_FVARISK /IBS/76000014 Define Valuation Basis for Flat-Rate Value Adjustment 
138 /IBS/RB_GATE /IBS/10000622 Define Assignment of RBD Gate to RBD Flow Types 
139 /IBS/RB_GBEWEG /IBS/25000297 Deleted Define FLow Type Define RBD Offsetting Flow Type 
140 /IBS/RB_GLOBAL /IBS/10000615 General Settings for RBD Tool 
141 /IBS/RB_IASACC /IBS/76000075 Provision Valuation per IAS 
142 /IBS/RB_IASBEWE /IBS/76000061 Relevant Previous System Flows for IAS/IFRS Gate Fill 
143 /IBS/RB_IASCOL /IBS/47000048 Collateral Valuation (IAS) 
144 /IBS/RB_IASHDG /IBS/47000049 Hedge Valuation (IAS) 
145 /IBS/RB_KKT /IBS/25000158 Define Permitted Account- Category Combinations 
146 /IBS/RB_KLS /IBS/25000141 Define RBD Classes 
147 /IBS/RB_KTART /IBS/01002101 Define RBD Account Type 
148 /IBS/RB_KTOFI /IBS/25000153 RBD Account Determination 
149 /IBS/RB_MAN_INI /IBS/05000019 RBD: BAdI for Distribution of Manual Planned Records 
150 /IBS/RB_MODID /IBS/25000140 Define Systems to be Linked 
151 /IBS/RB_M_DISC /IBS/76000114 ECF: Define General Discount Rates 
152 /IBS/RB_ORGEIN /IBS/62000208 Maintain Organizational Units for RBD 
153 /IBS/RB_PARSY /IBS/25000540 Define Partner Systems 
154 /IBS/RB_PERIO /IBS/62000753 Define Time Periods for Valuation Areas 
155 /IBS/RB_PRCB /IBS/25000156 Prioritze Valuation Status Indicators 
156 /IBS/RB_PRIOTYP /IBS/10000406 Define Priority of RBD Flow Types 
157 /IBS/RB_PROCCATTYPE /IBS/76000067 Define and Classify Processing Type 
158 /IBS/RB_PWVKK /IBS/01002100 Define Valuation Basis for Flat-Rate Value Adjustment 
159 /IBS/RB_RANKTYP /IBS/10000407 Define Ranking Order of RBD Flow Types for Planned Record Processing 
160 /IBS/RB_RBAA /IBS/25000162 RBD Assign Loss Flow Types 
161 /IBS/RB_RBD /IBS/25000139 Define RBD Area 
162 /IBS/RB_RBDAT /IBS/25000144 Define RBD Area Attributes 
163 /IBS/RB_RBDBW /IBS/25000142 Define RBD Flow Types 
164 /IBS/RB_RBDSB /IBS/25000160 Define Permitted RBD Administrators 
165 /IBS/RB_RBEWEG /IBS/25000296 Define RBD Flow Type and FI Account Determination 
166 /IBS/RB_RECLAS /IBS/76000015 Assign Flow Types for Special Business Operations 
167 /IBS/RB_RFCCAL /IBS/25000315 Define Leading Partner System (Local or Remote RFC) 
168 /IBS/RB_RFCXTRA /IBS/25000314 RFC Table for Extractors of Linked Systems 
169 /IBS/RB_RISIKO /IBS/25000295 Define RBD Risk Classes 
170 /IBS/RB_RKAPB /IBS/25000537 RBD Assign Capital Flow Types for Balance Transfers 
171 /IBS/RB_RKL /IBS/25000143 Define RBD Risk Classes 
172 /IBS/RB_RKLASSE /IBS/25000294 Define RBD Class 
173 /IBS/RB_RKLUE /IBS/25000154 Transfer of RBD Risk Class per RBD Account 
174 /IBS/RB_RKREIS /IBS/25000293 Define RBD Area 
175 /IBS/RB_RPRODART /IBS/25000492 Define RBD Product Type 
176 /IBS/RB_RS_PROP /IBS/76000076 Definition Usage Probability Provisions 
177 /IBS/RB_SAPRE /IBS/25000542 Define SAP Release of Partner System 
178 /IBS/RB_TREVENT /IBS/76000123 ECF: Maintain Processing Events 
179 /IBS/RB_ZAR /IBS/25000146 Assign Aggregation Levels to RBD Area 
180 /IBS/RB_ZBEVWW /IBS/25000370 Define Flow Type Source System (Capital Only) for Currency Change 
181 /IBS/RB_ZBR /IBS/25000149 Define RBD Valuation Methods 
182 /IBS/RB_ZGPAP /IBS/25000159 Define Permitted Business Partner Roles for Aggregation Level Partner 
183 /IBS/RB_ZGPAR /IBS/25000161 Prioritize Permitted Addresses 
184 /IBS/RB_ZGPDAVS /IBS/76000077 Assignment of Business Partner Role to Product Type Source System 
185 /IBS/RB_ZKK /IBS/25000150 Assign RBD Class to RBD Account Category 
186 /IBS/RB_ZKKV /IBS/25000151 Assign RBD Class to Account Assignment Source System 
187 /IBS/RB_ZKRBA /IBS/25000364 Assign Capital Flows from Source System to RBD Flow Type 
188 /IBS/RB_ZKRBW /IBS/25000536 Assign Capital from Source System to RBD Flow Type 
189 /IBS/RB_ZMR /IBS/25000145 Assign Source System Component ID to RBD Area 
190 /IBS/RB_ZPVR /IBS/25000148 Assign Product Type from Source System to RBD Area 
191 /IBS/RB_ZRBWA /IBS/25000152 Assign Source System Flow Type to RBD Flow Type 
192 /IBS/RB_ZRK /IBS/25000155 Status Transfers for Risk Classes 
193 /IBS/RB_ZRLIB /IBS/25000147 Assign Source System Accounting Unit to RBD Area 
194 /IBS/RB_ZVSK /IBS/62000518 Define RBD Class 
195 /IPRO/ACTIONS /IPRO/67000068 Enhance Actions 
196 /IPRO/ACTIVE_VAR /IPRO/67000082 List Variables Used in Element Full Texts 
197 /IPRO/ASSEMBLE /IPRO/67000021 Assemble Documents 
198 /IPRO/BADI_WD_ELMNT /IPRO/53000087 BAdI: Web Dynpro Configuration for Element Maintenance 
199 /IPRO/BLDFRM /IPRO/67000034 Maintain Build-from Attributes 
200 /IPRO/CONFL_VAR /IPRO/67000087 List Conflicting Variables 
201 /IPRO/CONFL_VARIABLE /IPRO/67000088 Display Conflicting Variables 
202 /IPRO/CONTENTMGT /IPRO/17000001 Define Contents 
203 /IPRO/DETERMINE_BR /IPRO/67000046 Create By-Reference Text from Full-Text 
204 /IPRO/DIAG_DOCSEL /IPRO/67000055 Check Document Selections 
205 /IPRO/DOC_FM_ACTIONS /IPRO/67000072 Document Builder Actions via User Interface 
206 /IPRO/DOC_WB_ACTIONS /IPRO/67000073 Document Builder Actions via Web Service or RFC 
207 /IPRO/DUET_BAS_DIAGN /IPRO/67000079 Run Extended Content Check for Duet 
208 /IPRO/DUET_DISPL_TXT /IPRO/67000076 Define Configuration Parameters 
209 /IPRO/EDITOR /IPRO/67000060 Replace Editor 
210 /IPRO/ELEMENT_ACTION /IPRO/67000090 Enhance Action for Elements 
211 /IPRO/ELMNT_VAR /IPRO/28000041 Display Elements and Variable Assignments 
212 /IPRO/ELM_RULE /IPRO/67000056 Display Affected Elements 
213 /IPRO/ELM_TYPE /IPRO/67000033 Define Element Types 
214 /IPRO/ENHANCE_WF_SCR /IPRO/67000074 Enhance Workflow Screens 
215 /IPRO/FILTER_GUID /IPRO/67000045 Filter Guidance by Content Modifier 
216 /IPRO/GEN_METADATA /IPRO/67000077 Generate Metadata 
217 /IPRO/GET_DUET_DATA /IPRO/67000078 Access Extended Duet IMG Data 
218 /IPRO/GET_EXT_DATA /IPRO/67000081 Retrieve Data from External Systems 
219 /IPRO/GET_RGSET /IPRO/67000023 Set Up Regulation Sets per Group 
220 /IPRO/GROUP_MANAGER /IPRO/67000042 Enhance Group Manager Authorization 
221 /IPRO/IMG_DIAG /IPRO/67000047 Run Extended Content Check 
222 /IPRO/IMPL_NOTE /IPRO/67000071 Notes on Implementation 
223 /IPRO/INSERT_ELM /IPRO/67000057 Check Elements 
224 /IPRO/LABEL_CHANGE /IPRO/67000043 Change Labels 
225 /IPRO/LIST_ACT_EL /IPRO/67000086 List Active Elements 
226 /IPRO/LIST_ALL_VARS /IPRO/67000049 List Variables 
227 /IPRO/LIST_DOCSEL /IPRO/67000054 List Document Selections 
228 /IPRO/LIST_ELMNT /IPRO/67000036 List System Templates and Related Elements 
229 /IPRO/LIST_ELMS /IPRO/67000051 List Standard Elements 
230 /IPRO/LIST_RULE /IPRO/67000052 List Rules 
231 /IPRO/LIST_STRUCT /IPRO/67000058 List Structure Variables and Related Variables 
232 /IPRO/LIST_VAR /IPRO/67000037 Display Variables not Contained in the Structure Variable 
233 /IPRO/LIST_VAR_REF /IPRO/67000050 List Variable-Reference Associations 
234 /IPRO/MAP_ATTR /IPRO/67000075 Change Attribute Mapping 
235 /IPRO/MATERIAL /IPRO/67000062 Trigger Approval Workflow 
236 /IPRO/MGT_AUXTYPE /IPRO/17000021 Maintain auxilary document type 
237 /IPRO/MGT_BADI_ELMNT /IPRO/67000017 Start Editor 
238 /IPRO/MGT_BADI_ORDER /IPRO/67000018 Define Element Ordering Sequence 
239 /IPRO/MGT_BADI_REPT /IPRO/67000019 Report / Schedule Generation 
240 /IPRO/MGT_BADI_SRCH /IPRO/67000020 Search Text 
241 /IPRO/MGT_CATEG /IPRO/67000063 Define Element Categories 
242 /IPRO/MGT_CHOICE /IPRO/17000012 Select document selections for document group 
243 /IPRO/MGT_CLS_ASSIGN /IPRO/67000005 Assign Classes to Contents 
244 /IPRO/MGT_CLS_SETUP /IPRO/67000004 Set Up Classification System 
245 /IPRO/MGT_CLS_VAR /IPRO/67000006 Define Variable Classification Category 
246 /IPRO/MGT_CMODIF /IPRO/67000013 Define Content Modifiers 
247 /IPRO/MGT_CONFIG /IPRO/17000002 Define Configuration Parameters 
248 /IPRO/MGT_DOCSLPOP /IPRO/67000003 Populate DOCSL_ELM table with default values 
249 /IPRO/MGT_DOCSL_ELM /IPRO/17000020 Define element attribute for each selection 
250 /IPRO/MGT_DOCSTAT /IPRO/67000084 Notify Agent Prior to Document Expiration 
251 /IPRO/MGT_ELMNT /IPRO/17000016 Define Elements 
252 /IPRO/MGT_ELMORDER /IPRO/17000019 Define Ordering 
253 /IPRO/MGT_ELMVAR /IPRO/17000017 Associate variables to elements 
254 /IPRO/MGT_ELM_GUID /IPRO/17000025 Add guidance to elements 
255 /IPRO/MGT_ELM_PRESC /IPRO/17000024 Add prescriptions to elements 
256 /IPRO/MGT_ELM_PROP /IPRO/17000023 Associate properties to elements 
257 /IPRO/MGT_FILL_LOCAT /IPRO/67000012 Populate Default Sections for Document Selection 
258 /IPRO/MGT_FIND_ELMNT /IPRO/67000015 Find elements linked to Presc/Guide with keyword 
259 /IPRO/MGT_FIND_TMPL /IPRO/67000016 Find Affected System Templates 
260 /IPRO/MGT_FMT /IPRO/17000006 Define Document Formats and Sections 
261 /IPRO/MGT_GRP /IPRO/17000007 Define Document Groups 
262 /IPRO/MGT_LOCAT /IPRO/17000010 Maintain sections for document selections 
263 /IPRO/MGT_OUTDEF /IPRO/67000027 Define Output Definition 
264 /IPRO/MGT_OUTPUT /IPRO/67000028 Maintain Output Attributes 
265 /IPRO/MGT_OVERLAY /IPRO/67000026 Define Overlay 
266 /IPRO/MGT_OVERVIEW /IPRO/67000009 Overview of the Document Builder IMG 
267 /IPRO/MGT_OWNER /IPRO/67000031 Define Fill-In Owners 
268 /IPRO/MGT_PROP /IPRO/17000003 Define Properties 
269 /IPRO/MGT_REGSET /IPRO/17000015 Define Regulation Sets 
270 /IPRO/MGT_RGSET_HIST /IPRO/67000001 Regulation Set Change History 
271 /IPRO/MGT_RULE /IPRO/17000008 Rule maintenance 
272 /IPRO/MGT_RULES /IPRO/67000007 Define Rules 
273 /IPRO/MGT_SEL /IPRO/17000013 Define Document Selections 
274 /IPRO/MGT_SRCH_ELMNT /IPRO/67000008 Find all elements linked to rule(s) 
275 /IPRO/MGT_STAT /IPRO/17000005 Maintain document status 
276 /IPRO/MGT_STYLE /IPRO/67000002 Define Styles 
277 /IPRO/MGT_STYLE_VAR /IPRO/67000024 Define Stylesheet Variables 
278 /IPRO/MGT_TEXT /IPRO/17000022 Define References, Prescriptions, and Guidance 
279 /IPRO/MGT_TMPL /IPRO/17000014 Define Templates 
280 /IPRO/MGT_TPCAT /IPRO/67000065 Define Template Categories 
281 /IPRO/MGT_TXTFMT /IPRO/67000014 Define Text Format 
282 /IPRO/MGT_TYPE /IPRO/17000004 Define Document Types 
283 /IPRO/MGT_USER_ASSIG /IPRO/67000064 Assign Users to Element Categories 
284 /IPRO/MGT_USER_ASSTP /IPRO/67000066 Assign Agents to Template and Document Approval Workflows 
285 /IPRO/MGT_USER_STAT /IPRO/67000089 Define Status Profile for User Status 
286 /IPRO/MGT_VAR /IPRO/17000029 Define Variables 
287 /IPRO/MGT_VARB /IPRO/17000018 Add/Change simple variables 
288 /IPRO/MGT_VAR_STRUCT /IPRO/17000027 Add/Change structure variables 
289 /IPRO/MGT_VAR_TAB /IPRO/17000028 Add/Change table variables 
290 /IPRO/MIGRATION /IPRO/67000085 Migrate Data 
291 /IPRO/NAME_VALIDATOR /IPRO/67000041 Validate Element or Variable Names 
292 /IPRO/NUMGEN /IPRO/67000070 Generate Custom Document Numbers 
293 /IPRO/NUM_RANGE /IPRO/67000035 Set Document Number Ranges 
294 /IPRO/OUTPUT /IPRO/67000022 Generic Output Interface 
295 /IPRO/OUTPUT_WSDL /IPRO/67000038 Display Output as WSDL 
296 /IPRO/POP_VAR /IPRO/67000083 Populate Variables 
297 /IPRO/READ_SRM_VAR /IPRO/67000091 Populate Variables Based on SRM Data 
298 /IPRO/RULES /IPRO/67000040 Enhance Rules 
299 /IPRO/RULE_LOGIC /IPRO/67000053 Rule Logic Verification Report 
300 /IPRO/RUN_RULE /IPRO/67000059 Run Rules 
301 /IPRO/SEND_CM_MSGS /IPRO/67000044 Notify Content Manager for Rules that Cannot be Determined 
302 /IPRO/TEXT_TYP /IPRO/67000029 Define Text Types 
303 /IPRO/UNICODE /IPRO/67000061 Remove Invalid Characters 
304 /IPRO/VAR_ASSIGN /IPRO/28000043 Display Variable Assignments 
305 /IPRO/VAR_NO_ASSIGN /IPRO/28000042 Display Fill-In Variables Without Assignments 
306 /IPRO/VAR_REF /IPRO/67000030 Link References to Variables 
307 /IPRO/VAR_STRUCT /IPRO/67000039 Display Variable Structure 
308 /IPRO/WFL_USRSTATUS /IPRO/53000210 Define User-Specified Statuses 
309 /IPRO/WF_APPROVAL /IPRO/67000067 Change Approval Workflow 
310 /IPRO/WF_ELEMENT_AGT /IPRO/67000069 Change Workflow Agents for Elements 
311 /ISDFPS/ACCHIER /ISDFPS/54000049 Generate/Replace Standard and Alternative Hierarchy 
312 /ISDFPS/ACCHIERCOPY /ISDFPS/54000035 Copy CO Standard Hierarchy as Alternative Hierarchy 
313 /ISDFPS/ACCHIERGEN /ISDFPS/54000034 Generate CO Standard Hierarchy from Organizational Structure 
314 /ISDFPS/ACCHIERREST /ISDFPS/54000036 Replace CO Standard Hierarchy with Alternative Hierarchy 
315 /ISDFPS/ACCHIERSET /ISDFPS/54000048 Settings 
316 /ISDFPS/ACCMDDEL /ISDFPS/54000033 Delete CO Account Assignment Object and Hierarchy Object Assignments 
317 /ISDFPS/ACCMDGEN /ISDFPS/54000032 Generate and Assign CO Account Assignment Objects 
318 /ISDFPS/ACTUAL_STOCK /ISDFPS/54000023 BAdI: Determination of Curr. Stock f. Initial Supply of Provisions Packages 
319 /ISDFPS/ADD_OPEN_POS /ISDFPS/54000080 BAdI: Selection of Open MM Documents 
320 /ISDFPS/ALE_OBJ /ISDFPS/89000008 Assign Message Types to Object Categories 
321 /ISDFPS/ALE_PRI /ISDFPS/89000009 ALE Object Categories and Transfer Priorities 
322 /ISDFPS/ALE_SYS /ISDFPS/89000007 Systems and Connection Parameters 
323 /ISDFPS/BADI_PM_CO /ISDFPS/99000006 BAdI: Check and Define CO Data Transfer 
324 /ISDFPS/CASSIGN /ISDFPS/89000022 Control Assignment of iPPE Objects to Force Elements 
325 /ISDFPS/CBRANCHS /ISDFPS/54000053 Define Branch Additions 
326 /ISDFPS/CCMS_SYS /ISDFPS/89000033 Assignment of Clients to CCMS Mechanisms 
327 /ISDFPS/CDFPSK1 /ISDFPS/89000023 Basic Settings 
328 /ISDFPS/CFDPDA09 /ISDFPS/89000011 Hide Tab Pages for Operations and Exercises 
329 /ISDFPS/CFDPSA06 /ISDFPS/54000024 Settings for Master Data Generation 
330 /ISDFPS/CGG /ISDFPS/54000051 Define Weight Groups 
331 /ISDFPS/CIF_ENHANCE /ISDFPS/05000328 BAdI: Influence Data Before it Is Sent to SAP APO 
332 /ISDFPS/CIL21SUB /ISDFPS/11000051 Define Field Selection for Equipment Usage Periods of Installed Equipment 
333 /ISDFPS/CIL21SUP /ISDFPS/11000052 Define Field Selection f. Equipment Usage Periods of Installation Locations 
334 /ISDFPS/CLOGLEV /ISDFPS/54000005 Logistics Level 
335 /ISDFPS/CLSERV /ISDFPS/54000003 Define Organizational Area Types 
336 /ISDFPS/CMATNRAS /ISDFPS/89000021 Control Assignment of Material to Material Planning Objects 
337 /ISDFPS/CMATNRP /ISDFPS/89000013 Define Name Prefix for Material Masters 
338 /ISDFPS/CMATPLN /ISDFPS/54000057 Parameters for Material Planning 
339 /ISDFPS/CMATPLNP /ISDFPS/89000049 Parameters for Plant-Dependent Control of Document Types 
340 /ISDFPS/CMATUCOM /ISDFPS/89000035 Jumps to Material Planning Applications 
341 /ISDFPS/CMPAFE /ISDFPS/54000073 Control of Assignment to Force Element 
342 /ISDFPS/CMTART /ISDFPS/89000012 Exclude Material Types for Usage as Models 
343 /ISDFPS/CPMGOS1 /ISDFPS/99000007 Change Authorization: Activate GOS 
344 /ISDFPS/CPMUTYP /ISDFPS/99000005 Assign UPS Package Types 
345 /ISDFPS/CPRMPOSE /ISDFPS/54000050 Control Assignment of Additional Parts 
346 /ISDFPS/CRELSTY /ISDFPS/54000052 Define Relocation Step Types 
347 /ISDFPS/CRETDELC /ISDFPS/54000004 Return Code 
348 /ISDFPS/CSTACHK /ISDFPS/10000702 Define Status Switch for Relocations 
349 /ISDFPS/CSTAREL /ISDFPS/10000703 Control Assignments and Status Switch 
350 /ISDFPS/CUST_RELAT /ISDFPS/54000076 BAdI: Customer-Specific Relationships 
351 /ISDFPS/CUST_TRANS /ISDFPS/11000002 Restrictions for the Industry Solution for Defense Forces & Public Security 
352 /ISDFPS/C_CID /ISDFPS/89000044 Define Number Range for Cross-System Commands 
353 /ISDFPS/DEBI_CREA /ISDFPS/10000698 BAdI: Default Values for Creation of Customers 
354 /ISDFPS/DOKVERW /ISDFPS/06000280 Assign Documents 
355 /ISDFPS/FE011 /ISDFPS/54000001 Organizational Area Types 
356 /ISDFPS/FE015 /ISDFPS/54000002 Organizational Area Types 
357 /ISDFPS/FUNDC_DERIVE /ISDFPS/54000039 BAdI: Define Funds Center Derivation 
358 /ISDFPS/GNR_SYS /ISDFPS/89000055 Specify Systems for Number Range Check 
359 /ISDFPS/HANDLE_REFS /ISDFPS/54000081 BAdI: Processing of Reference Documents of Next Logistics Level 
360 /ISDFPS/HRBAS00_SRC /ISDFPS/10000927 BAdI: Search Help 
361 /ISDFPS/HRFPM_ADT /ISDFPS/54000047 BAdI: Derive Rank Key 
362 /ISDFPS/IF_EX_IT1953 /ISDFPS/54000075 BAdI: Follow-Up Actions and Filters for Infotypes 1953/1954 
363 /ISDFPS/IS_PARAM /ISDFPS/54000022 Parameters for Controlling the Initial Supply of Provisions Packages 
364 /ISDFPS/LGORT_CHANGE /ISDFPS/10000699 BAdI: Default Values for Storage Location When Creating MRP Area (Template) 
365 /ISDFPS/MATMASSRCDET /ISDFPS/11000049 BAdI: Define Templates for Creating Material Master Data 
366 /ISDFPS/MATPLN_JUMP /ISDFPS/89000034 BAdI: Define Jump to Customer Reports 
367 /ISDFPS/MATST /ISDFPS/10000720 Material Status Characteristic 
368 /ISDFPS/MAT_INHERIT /ISDFPS/54000059 BAdI: Inheritance 
369 /ISDFPS/MAT_STA /ISDFPS/10000709 Material Assignment Status 
370 /ISDFPS/MBSARTCS /ISDFPS/89000042 Derive Recipient Purchase Order Document Type 
371 /ISDFPS/MB_DELIV /ISDFPS/11000014 Define Shipping Data for Stock Transfers Between Storage Locations 
372 /ISDFPS/MD_EXT_SUP /ISDFPS/54000031 BAdI: Activate Stock Transfer Processing for Issuing Storage Location 
373 /ISDFPS/MEHRVAHD /ISDFPS/89000051 Specify Selection Period for HR Objects 
374 /ISDFPS/MEHRVCTP /ISDFPS/89000050 Define Usage Types 
375 /ISDFPS/MEMMV161 /ISDFPS/89000048 Assign Order Types 
376 /ISDFPS/MEMM_VCREQ /ISDFPS/89000004 Define Requisition Types 
377 /ISDFPS/MEVEXP /ISDFPS/89000002 Specify Retention Period of Documents 
378 /ISDFPS/MEVLANG /ISDFPS/89000003 Specify Languages Available when Mobilized 
379 /ISDFPS/ME_MM_REQ /ISDFPS/99000002 BAdI: Define Distribution of Service Master 
380 /ISDFPS/MFRGKZ /ISDFPS/89000043 Define Release Indicator for Synchronization 
381 /ISDFPS/MM_SLOC_NAMS /ISDFPS/54000079 BAdI: Conversion of a Naming Convention for MM Storage Locations 
382 /ISDFPS/MPANR /ISDFPS/06000279 Define Number Range Intervals for Material Packages 
383 /ISDFPS/MPONR /ISDFPS/06000278 Define Number Range Intervals for Material Planning Objects 
384 /ISDFPS/M_CS_CMD /ISDFPS/89000045 Define Cross-System Commands 
385 /ISDFPS/M_CS_SYS /ISDFPS/89000041 Assign Plant/Storage Location to Logical System 
386 /ISDFPS/M_MM_CS /ISDFPS/89000040 Basic Settings for Distributed Materials Management 
387 /ISDFPS/NOTE_MOBILE /ISDFPS/10000697 Availability of the Mobile Applications 
388 /ISDFPS/OMT3E /ISDFPS/89000047 Define Screen Sequence for Material Master 
389 /ISDFPS/OM_REF /ISDFPS/89000015 Define Structure Evaluations 
390 /ISDFPS/ORGM_SUBAREA /ISDFPS/89000046 BAdI: Change Measure Subareas 
391 /ISDFPS/PM_CP_CHECK /ISDFPS/99000004 BAdI: Restrict Change Authorization 
392 /ISDFPS/PRIO /ISDFPS/11000067 Define Prioritizations 
393 /ISDFPS/PROJ_EXTPOST /ISDFPS/89000032 BAdI: External Number Assignment for PSPNR Project Definition and WBS (UPS) 
394 /ISDFPS/PRPLCNTL /ISDFPS/89000029 Control Prioritized Materials Planning 
395 /ISDFPS/PRPL_BACKGR /ISDFPS/89000030 BAdI: Control the Program Logic for Prioritized Materials Planning 
396 /ISDFPS/PRPL_DLG /ISDFPS/89000031 BAdI: Control the Dialog for Prioritized Materials Planning 
397 /ISDFPS/REBWART /ISDFPS/54000006 Movement/Order Types Relevant for Return Delivery 
398 /ISDFPS/RETDEL_DATA /ISDFPS/89000039 BAdI: Influencing of Data for Return Delivery 
399 /ISDFPS/RSUSERANL /ISDFPS/54000071 User Initialization in a Remote System 
400 /ISDFPS/SCODE /ISDFPS/54000054 Define Symbol Codes 
401 /ISDFPS/SHLP /ISDFPS/54000083 Define Search Helps 
402 /ISDFPS/SLOCNAMS /ISDFPS/54000078 Define Name Determination for Storage Locations 
403 /ISDFPS/SYADM_WF /ISDFPS/89000058 Set Up Workflow for the System Structure 
404 /ISDFPS/SYNC_EOU /ISDFPS/89000010 Systems: Organizational Unit Responsible for Monitoring 
405 /ISDFPS/VADVCOD1 /ISDFPS/10001000 Define Advice Code 
406 /ISDFPS/VADVCOD2 /ISDFPS/10001001 Assignment of Advice Codes to Document Types 
407 /ISDFPS/VBRANTY /ISDFPS/89000001 Define Branch Types 
408 /ISDFPS/VCFDPSC /ISDFPS/54000077 Define Relationship Types/Groups and Object Subtypes 
409 /ISDFPS/VCIVPMP /ISDFPS/89000037 Distributed Maintenance: Explosion Profile for Dynamic FOX Explosion 
410 /ISDFPS/VCLAYTAB /ISDFPS/89000056 Specify Mode for Tab Pages 
411 /ISDFPS/VC_ADT /ISDFPS/54000044 Define Rank Key 
412 /ISDFPS/VC_ADTGRP /ISDFPS/54000045 Define Main Groups and Subgroups 
413 /ISDFPS/VC_USER_DIST /ISDFPS/89000053 User Distribution: Basic Settings 
414 /ISDFPS/VC_USER_SYS /ISDFPS/89000052 User Distribution: Systems 
415 /ISDFPS/VFDPSA05 /ISDFPS/54000025 Control: Master Data Generation - Accounting 
416 /ISDFPS/VFDPSA07 /ISDFPS/54000026 Message Filter: CO Master Data Generation 
417 /ISDFPS/VMCBWART /ISDFPS/54000020 Condition Code-Relevant Movement Types 
418 /ISDFPS/VRELATOS /ISDFPS/10000925 Assign Relationships 
419 /ISDFPS/VSTAACT /ISDFPS/11000068 Define Check Routines for Status Change 
420 /ISDFPS/VSTACHGC /ISDFPS/11000069 Define Checks for Status Change 
421 /ISDFPS/VSTASUA /ISDFPS/11000071 Define Follow-Up Action for Status Change 
422 /ISDFPS/VSTASUCC /ISDFPS/11000070 Define Follow-On Activity After Status Change 
423 /ISDFPS/V_ACODE1 /ISDFPS/10000714 Define Area Code 1 
424 /ISDFPS/V_ACODE2 /ISDFPS/10000715 Define Area Code 2 
425 /ISDFPS/V_ADVCOD /ISDFPS/54000018 Advice Code 
426 /ISDFPS/V_ASMODC /ISDFPS/54000064 Assign Configuration Code Class to Model Identification Code 
427 /ISDFPS/V_CATSIV /ISDFPS/54000058 Define Categories for the Logistics Adjustment Parameter 
428 /ISDFPS/V_CLMSH /ISDFPS/89000016 Configure Graphical Utilization Overview 
429 /ISDFPS/V_CMLILE /ISDFPS/89000036 Control Structure Explosion in Authorized/Actual Comparison 
430 /ISDFPS/V_COLOR /ISDFPS/10000716 Define Colors 
431 /ISDFPS/V_CORGM1 /ISDFPS/89000024 Define Measure Types 
432 /ISDFPS/V_CORGM2 /ISDFPS/89000025 Define Measure Areas 
433 /ISDFPS/V_CORGM3 /ISDFPS/89000026 Define Measure Subareas 
434 /ISDFPS/V_CORGM4 /ISDFPS/89000054 Assign Measure Areas 
435 /ISDFPS/V_CORGM5 /ISDFPS/89000027 Assign Measure Subareas 
436 /ISDFPS/V_CORGM6 /ISDFPS/89000028 Assign Tab Pages 
437 /ISDFPS/V_CPRIO /ISDFPS/11000056 Define Organizational Priorities 
438 /ISDFPS/V_DECOR /ISDFPS/10000717 Define Decorations 
439 /ISDFPS/V_FDPDA5 /ISDFPS/11000040 Define Tab Pages for Command and Support Relationships 
440 /ISDFPS/V_FDPDA6 /ISDFPS/11000041 Assign Subscreens to the Structures Workbench 
441 /ISDFPS/V_LMCAPP /ISDFPS/89000019 Set Up Controlled Usage Rate 
442 /ISDFPS/V_LMCUS /ISDFPS/89000020 Set Up Inspections 
443 /ISDFPS/V_LMEXST /ISDFPS/54000065 Assign Status Profile to Equipment Category 
444 /ISDFPS/V_LMFLAU /ISDFPS/54000062 Determine Maintenance Order Type for Flights 
445 /ISDFPS/V_LMFLST /ISDFPS/54000063 Determine Status Profile and Control Key 
446 /ISDFPS/V_LMIAST /ISDFPS/54000069 Activation by Order Type 
447 /ISDFPS/V_LMIMST /ISDFPS/54000068 Activation by Notification Type 
448 /ISDFPS/V_LMISE /ISDFPS/89000014 Activate Sending of ISE Events 
449 /ISDFPS/V_LMMDID /ISDFPS/54000066 Define Model Identification Code (MIC) 
450 /ISDFPS/V_LMSAD /ISDFPS/54000070 Semantics 
451 /ISDFPS/V_LMSFCT /ISDFPS/99000003 Control of Operation Status 
452 /ISDFPS/V_LMSTB /ISDFPS/54000061 Configuration 
453 /ISDFPS/V_LMSTIC /ISDFPS/54000060 Assign Icons to User Status 
454 /ISDFPS/V_LMUPRI /ISDFPS/54000067 Define Usage Priorities 
455 /ISDFPS/V_MATMVT /ISDFPS/10000710 Material Movement Types per Action 
456 /ISDFPS/V_MCCODE /ISDFPS/54000017 Condition Code 
457 /ISDFPS/V_MCHG01 /ISDFPS/54000082 Define Mass Changes 
458 /ISDFPS/V_MILNAT /ISDFPS/54000028 Define Country Codes 
459 /ISDFPS/V_NATORO /ISDFPS/10000718 Define Assignment of Position to Country 
460 /ISDFPS/V_OPINT /ISDFPS/54000029 Define Operational Intensity 
461 /ISDFPS/V_OPTYPE /ISDFPS/54000030 Define Operation Types 
462 /ISDFPS/V_PGRURG /ISDFPS/11000061 Define Requirement Urgency Groups 
463 /ISDFPS/V_PREQ /ISDFPS/11000063 Define Requirement Priorities 
464 /ISDFPS/V_PRILOC /ISDFPS/11000064 Assign Storage Location Priorities 
465 /ISDFPS/V_PROJST /ISDFPS/10000711 Define Project Stock 
466 /ISDFPS/V_PS /ISDFPS/54000027 Define Services 
467 /ISDFPS/V_PURG /ISDFPS/11000062 Define Requirement Urgencies 
468 /ISDFPS/V_PURGPM /ISDFPS/11000066 Assign Maintenance Priorities 
469 /ISDFPS/V_PURGSD /ISDFPS/11000065 Assign Delivery Priorities 
470 /ISDFPS/V_ROGEN /ISDFPS/54000021 Role Generator 
471 /ISDFPS/V_RSUSERANL /ISDFPS/54000072 User Initialization in Local Systems 
472 /ISDFPS/V_SA04 /ISDFPS/11000055 Evaluate Level of Readiness 
473 /ISDFPS/V_SANCTIONS /ISDFPS/10000719 Define Sanctions/Offences 
474 /ISDFPS/V_STACOD /ISDFPS/54000019 Status Code 
475 /ISDFPS/V_STRCEN /ISDFPS/10000712 Define Central Storage Locations 
476 /ISDFPS/V_STRINF /ISDFPS/89000057 Define Large Structures 
477 /ISDFPS/V_T156 /ISDFPS/05000301 Define Permitted Movement Types 
478 /ISDFPS/V_T77S0SC /ISDFPS/54000046 Activate Main Groups and Subgroups 
479 /ISDFPS/V_TPLRAN /ISDFPS/89000005 Define Number Ranges for WM Sample Templates 
480 /ISDFPS/V_USAGEV /ISDFPS/10000713 Evaluation of Organizational Structure by Usage Type 
481 /ISDFPS/V_VMCHG2C /ISDFPS/89000018 Exclude Infotypes from Mass Change 
482 /ISDFPS/WMOBJREF /ISDFPS/89000006 Define WM Object References 
483 /ISDFPS/_CFDP01 /ISDFPS/11000012 Define Transactions for Structures Workbench 
484 /ISDFPS/_FE01 /ISDFPS/11000003 Define Organizational Areas 
485 /ISDFPS/_FE02 /ISDFPS/11000013 Define Structure Levels 
486 /ISDFPS/_FE03 /ISDFPS/11000004 Define Structure Types 
487 /ISDFPS/_FE04 /ISDFPS/11000005 Define Branches 
488 /ISDFPS/_FE05 /ISDFPS/11000006 Define Readiness 
489 /ISDFPS/_FE06 /ISDFPS/11000007 Define Classifications for Armed Forces 
490 /ISDFPS/_FE07 /ISDFPS/11000042 Define Material Indicators 
491 /ISDFPS/_HR_OPPE12 /ISDFPS/11000032 Define Tab Pages for iPPE Workbench 
492 /ISDFPS/_MB_DELIV /ISDFPS/54000010 Define Shipping Data for Stock Transfers Between Storage Locations 
493 /ISDFPS/_MD_EXT_SUP /ISDFPS/54000009 Business Add-In for Determination of Issuing Storage Location 
494 /ISDFPS/_OOVK /ISDFPS/11000031 Edit Relationships 
495 /ISDFPS/_OPPE02 /ISDFPS/11000020 Define iPPE Node Types 
496 /ISDFPS/_OPPE03 /ISDFPS/11000021 Define iPPE Variants 
497 /ISDFPS/_OPPE04 /ISDFPS/11000022 Define iPPE Alternatives 
498 /ISDFPS/_OPPE05 /ISDFPS/11000023 Define iPPE Relationship Types 
499 /ISDFPS/_OPPE06 /ISDFPS/11000024 Define iPPE Model Assignments 
500 /ISDFPS/_OPPE11 /ISDFPS/11000025 Define iPPE User Profiles