SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index SLASH, page 4
IMG Activity - /
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 /ISDFPS/_OPPE12 /ISDFPS/11000028 Define Tab Pages for iPPE Workbench 
2 /ISDFPS/_OPPE13 /ISDFPS/11000026 Define iPPE User Assignments 
3 /ISDFPS/_OPPE14 /ISDFPS/11000027 Define Reports for the Report Tree 
4 /ISDFPS/_OPPE15 /ISDFPS/11000029 Set Relationships in iPPE Workbench 
5 /ISDFPS/_OPPESTATUS /ISDFPS/11000030 Define Settings for Status Management 
6 /ISDFPS/_OR01 /ISDFPS/11000008 Define Basic Types 
7 /ISDFPS/_OR02 /ISDFPS/11000009 Define Usage Types 
8 /ISDFPS/_ORMNT01 /ISDFPS/11000011 Define Damage Types for Maintenance Relationships 
9 /ISDFPS/_ORSUP01 /ISDFPS/11000010 Define External Material Groups for Supply Relationships 
10 /ISDFPS/_SHIPPT_LGOR /ISDFPS/54000012 Assign Shipping Points According to Storage Location 
11 /ISDFPS/_SHIPPT_RULE /ISDFPS/54000011 Define Rule for Determination of Shipping Point 
12 /ISDFPS/_T77OMTAB /ISDFPS/11000033 Add Infotype as Tab Page in Detail Area 
13 /ISDFPS/_TCURM_SUPPS /ISDFPS/54000007 Activate Stock Transfer Between Storage Locations 
14 /ISDFPS/_V161VN /ISDFPS/54000008 Assign Delivery Type and Checking Rule According to Storage Location 
15 /ISDFPS/_V_DA04 /ISDFPS/11000034 Assign Tab Pages to Workbench 
16 /ISIDEX/_00001 /ISIDEX/54000037 Define Use of Required Field Check 
17 /ISIDEX/_00002 /ISIDEX/54000038 Define Use of Process Variants for Identifying Points of Delivery 
18 /ISIDEX/_00003 /ISIDEX/54000039 Define Cancellation Conditions for Checking Minimum Duration of Contract 
19 /ISIDEX/_00004 /ISIDEX/54000040 Define Process Variants for Identifying Points of Delivery 
20 /IWBEP/1 /IWBEP/57000003 tes 
21 /IWBEP/APPS_LOG /IWBEP/92000005 Application Log 
22 /IWBEP/BATCH_CONFIG /IWBEP/92000026 Define Parallelization of Batch Queries 
23 /IWBEP/BGRFC_MONITOR /IWBEP/57000008 Monitor bgRFC Queues 
24 /IWBEP/BGRFC_SUP /IWBEP/57000007 Create bgRFC Supervisor Destination 
25 /IWBEP/BOR_EVENT /IWBEP/57000006 Event Type Linkages 
26 /IWBEP/CACHE_CLEANUP /IWBEP/92000006 Clear Cache 
27 /IWBEP/CCMS_CUST /IWBEP/97000005 Customizing of the SAP NetWeaver Gateway CCMS Context 
28 /IWBEP/CHECK_CONFIG /IWBEP/57000009 Check Configuration 
29 /IWBEP/CLEAR_LOG /IWBEP/92000004 Clear Application Log 
30 /IWBEP/CP_BGRFC_DEST /IWBEP/57000001 Create RFC Destination for Outbound Queues 
31 /IWBEP/EVENT /IWBEP/57000004 Event Definition 
32 /IWBEP/IDEMPOTENT /IWBEP/92000009 Define Settings for Idempotent Services 
33 /IWBEP/IMPORT_MODEL /IWBEP/97000007 OData Channel Generation Tool 
34 /IWBEP/MGW/MODEL /IWBEP/92000002 Maintain Models 
35 /IWBEP/MGW_REG_SERVI /IWBEP/92000003 Maintain Services 
36 /IWBEP/MGW_ROLE_MAP /IWBEP/92000007 Create BAdI Implementation to Fetch List of Users for Roles 
37 /IWBEP/ODC_ROLE_ADM /IWBEP/92000021 Define Role for Backend OData Channel Administrator 
38 /IWBEP/ODC_ROLE_DEV /IWBEP/92000022 Define Role for Backend OData Channel Developer 
39 /IWBEP/ODC_ROLE_USR /IWBEP/92000020 Define Role for Backend OData Channel User 
40 /IWBEP/REG_VOCAN /IWBEP/92000023 Maintain Annotation Models 
41 /IWBEP/SUBS /IWBEP/57000005 Event subscribers 
42 /IWBEP/SYSTEM /IWBEP/57000002 SAP NetWeaver Gateway Settings 
43 /IWBEP/UM_DEST_CONF /IWBEP/92000024 Maintain RFC Destination for User Replication 
44 /IWBEP/UM_NOTIF /IWBEP/92000012 Define Handler for User Management Notification 
45 /IWBEP/UM_NR_INT /IWBEP/92000025 Maintain Number Range Interval for User Self Service 
46 /IWBEP/UM_UMGR /IWBEP/92000013 Implement User Management 
47 /IWBEP/URM_CLEANUP /IWBEP/92000018 User Request Cleanup 
48 /IWBEP/URM_CONF /IWBEP/92000016 Maintain URL for User Account Activation 
49 /IWBEP/URM_NOTIF /IWBEP/92000014 Define Notification Process for User Request Management 
50 /IWBEP/URM_USR_CAT /IWBEP/92000019 Maintain User Category 
51 /IWBEP/URM_VERIFY /IWBEP/92000015 Verify User Request 
52 /IWBEP/VC_MGW_SG /IWBEP/97000002 Display Models and Services 
53 /IWBEP/V_LOGLV /IWBEP/97000003 Set Log Level for All Users 
54 /IWBEP/V_LOGLV_SPEC /IWBEP/97000004 Set Log Level for Specific Users 
55 /IWFND/01 /IWFND/50000001 Activate / Deactivate Service Consumption Layer 
56 /IWFND/ABSO_IMPL /IWFND/50000044 Backend Service Object (BSO) 
57 /IWFND/APPS_LOG /IWFND/59000020 Application Log 
58 /IWFND/BADI_COMPO /IWFND/59000022 Create BAdI Implementation for Model Composition 
59 /IWFND/BGRFC_MONITOR /IWFND/50000076 Monitor bgRFC Queues 
60 /IWFND/BULK_USER_MAP /IWFND/50000056 Map SAP User Names to Consumer 
61 /IWFND/CACHE_CLEANUP /IWFND/32000012 Clear Cache 
62 /IWFND/CCMS_CUST /IWFND/50000054 Customizing of the SAP NetWeaver Gateway CCMS Context 
63 /IWFND/CLEANUP /IWFND/50000008 dfs 
64 /IWFND/CLEAN_CREATE /IWFND/50000009 Create Cleanup Jobs 
65 /IWFND/CLEAN_EXECUTE /IWFND/50000010 Clean Up Cache and Persistency 
66 /IWFND/CLEAN_MANAGE /IWFND/50000011 Manage Cleanup Jobs 
67 /IWFND/CLEAR_APPSLOG /IWFND/59000021 Clear Application Log 
68 /IWFND/COC_WSIL_DEST /IWFND/50000073 Create RFC Destination for WSIL Service 
69 /IWFND/CONSA /IWFND/50000053 Activate or Deactivate Consumers 
70 /IWFND/CP_BGRFC_DEST /IWFND/50000051 Create RFC Destination for Outbound Queues 
71 /IWFND/CP_BGRFC_REG /IWFND/50000052 Register RFC Destination for Outbound Queues 
72 /IWFND/CP_BGRFC_SUP /IWFND/50000075 Create bgRFC Supervisor Destination 
73 /IWFND/C_CO_ISSR /IWFND/50000027 Issuer Certificate 
74 /IWFND/DCS_BADI /IWFND/50000068 Processing Integration: BAdIs 
75 /IWFND/DE_ROLE_ADMIN /IWFND/50000014 Define Role for SAP NetWeaver Gateway Administrator 
76 /IWFND/DE_ROLE_DEV /IWFND/50000015 Create Role for SAP NetWeaver Gateway Developer 
77 /IWFND/DE_ROLE_GW_US /IWFND/32000004 Define Role for SAP NetWeaver Gateway User 
78 /IWFND/DE_ROLE_USER /IWFND/50000062 Enhance Role for SAP NetWeaver Gateway SAP System User 
79 /IWFND/END_POINTS /IWFND/50000019 Create Endpoints in Remote Systems 
80 /IWFND/ERROR_LOG /IWFND/59000018 Error Log 
81 /IWFND/ERR_MAIL /IWFND/50000077 Configure Notification Mails 
82 /IWFND/FILE_CONFIG /IWFND/50000057 Specify File for Mapping Users 
83 /IWFND/GSDO_CUST /IWFND/50000022 Set Display of Sensitive Information 
84 /IWFND/IDEMPOTENT /IWFND/50000007 Define Settings for Idempotent Services 
85 /IWFND/IWF_ACTIVATE /IWFND/50000003 Activate or Deactivate SAP NetWeaver Gateway 
86 /IWFND/LDAP_CONFIG /IWFND/50000078 Configure LDAP Server for Mapping Users 
87 /IWFND/LOG_ALL /IWFND/50000066 Set Log Level for Specific Users 
88 /IWFND/LOG_LEVEL_GLB /IWFND/50000072 Set Log Level for All Users 
89 /IWFND/MED_ACTIVATE /IWFND/32000011 Activate or Deactivate Cache 
90 /IWFND/MED_SA_ACTIV /IWFND/59000027 Activate or Deactive System-Alias based Cache 
91 /IWFND/MGW_NOTF_CNTF /IWFND/59000013 OData Channel: Notification Content Formatter 
92 /IWFND/MGW_NOTF_CNTP /IWFND/59000012 OData Channel: Notification Content Publisher 
93 /IWFND/MOC_PARALLED /IWFND/59000025 Define Parallelization for Multiple Origin Composition 
94 /IWFND/NOTIF_AGGREG /IWFND/59000024 Create BAdI Implementation for processing Bulk Notification 
95 /IWFND/NOTIF_CLEANUP /IWFND/59000010 Cleanup Cached Notifications 
96 /IWFND/OBJ_GROUP_DEV /IWFND/50000043 GSDO Groups 
97 /IWFND/REG_SERVICE /IWFND/32000013 Activate and Maintain Services 
98 /IWFND/RFC_DESTIN /IWFND/50000005 Manage RFC Destinations 
99 /IWFND/RL_SYNC_PROCS /IWFND/50000061 Synchronize Roles to Consumers 
100 /IWFND/ROLE_ADMIN_DE /IWFND/50000013 fsd 
101 /IWFND/ROLE_SYNC_JOB /IWFND/50000060 Role Sync schedule process 
102 /IWFND/R_ROLE_SYNC /IWFND/50000058 Role Sync schedule process 
103 /IWFND/R_RS_HANDLER /IWFND/50000059 Role Sync schedule Process 
104 /IWFND/SERVICE_GROUP /IWFND/50000006 Manage Web Service Communications 
105 /IWFND/SERVICE_GRP /IWFND/50000063 Configure Service Endpoint 
106 /IWFND/SLD /IWFND/50000031 Connect SAP NetWeaver Gateway to SLD 
107 /IWFND/SM_CNRL /IWFND/50000045 Define Cleanup Scenario 
108 /IWFND/SM_CRT /IWFND/50000046 Implement Cleanup Scenario 
109 /IWFND/SYSTEM_ALIAS /IWFND/50000004 Manage SAP System Aliases 
110 /IWFND/TRACES /IWFND/59000019 Traces 
111 /IWFND/TRUST /IWFND/50000018 Define Trust for SAP Business Systems 
112 /IWFND/TRUST_SEC /IWFND/50000074 Manage Security Trusts 
113 /IWFND/UM_SYNC_EXTID /IWFND/59000023 Maintain Context Based SAP System Aliases 
114 /IWFND/VIRUS_SCAN /IWFND/59000011 Define Virus Scan Profiles 
115 /IWFND/V_MGDEAM /IWFND/32000018 Assign SAP System Aliases to OData Service 
116 /IWFND/V_MGDETS /IWFND/59000026 Flag OData Services to be error tolerant in case of MDC 
117 /IWFND/V_MGDPIM /IWFND/32000017 Assign Data Provider to Data Model 
118 /IWFND/WSS_SETUP /IWFND/50000065 Configure Web Service Message-Based Authentication 
119 /IWWRK/WF_FILTER /IWWRK/97000001 Enable Task Filter 
120 /IWWRK/WF_MIME /IWWRK/92000008 Set Mime Types for Attachments 
121 /IWWRK/WF_PROV_CSTM /IWWRK/92000001 Task Provider Customizing 
122 /IWWRK/WF_STEP /IWWRK/97000006 Maintain Task Names and Decision Options 
123 /J7L/ES_REA_MM /J7L/85000166 BAdI: Default Values for Master Data (Material Master) 
124 /J7L/ES_REA_VARIANTS /J7L/85000017 BAdI: Control Use of Variants in Processes 
125 /J7L/REA_PRICING /J7L/85000051 BAdI: Adapt Price and Cost Calculation 
126 /J7L/REA_T_CONNECTOR /J7L/85000094 BAdI: Determine Transaction Data (Universal Data Collector) 
127 /LIME/BACKGROUND_DEL /LIME/04000002 BAdI: Filter Data of Background Delete Report 
128 /LIME/BADI_TIP_ACT /LIME/86000086 Dependencies Between BAdIs 
129 /LIME/COLLECTOR_ACT /LIME/86000087 BAdI: Fill LIME Collections 
130 /LIME/CUST_ACT /LIME/86000088 BAdI: LIME Customizing 
131 /LIME/CUST_DISPA_ACT /LIME/86000084 Determine Control Data for Dispatcher 
132 /LIME/CUST_GLOB_ACT /LIME/86000083 Determine Global Customizing Settings for Each Client 
133 /LIME/CUST_ICD_ACT /LIME/48000007 Define Description of Stock Change 
134 /LIME/CUST_WIDTH_ACT /LIME/42000001 Determine Node Width 
135 /LIME/CUSY_FLTDI_ACT /LIME/86000105 Define Filter Values for the Distribution of Documents 
136 /LIME/DISPATCHER_ACT /LIME/86000096 BAdI: Distribution of LIME Documents 
137 /LIME/DOC_CHECK_ACT /LIME/86000093 BAdI: Static Checks of Inbound Documents 
138 /LIME/GEN_CODE_ACT /LIME/86000100 Generate LIME Source Code 
139 /LIME/GEN_HU_BIZ_ACT /LIME/86000101 Create New HU Fields 
140 /LIME/GEN_HU_IDX_ACT /LIME/86000102 Generate Handling Unit Index Table 
141 /LIME/GEN_LOC_BIZACT /LIME/86000098 sthgrhgsghg 
142 /LIME/GEN_LOC_IDXACT /LIME/86000099 Generate Location Index Table 
143 /LIME/GEN_STCKBIZACT /LIME/86000103 Create New Stock Item Fields 
144 /LIME/GEN_STCKIDXACT /LIME/86000104 Generate Stock Index Table 
145 /LIME/MASTER_DATAACT /LIME/86000094 BAdI: Read LIME Master Data 
146 /LIME/MMIM_BSART_ACT /LIME/86000107 Determine Stock Type for R/3 MM-IM Dispatcher 
147 /LIME/MMIM_BWADA_ACT /LIME/86000108 Set Movement Types for Communication LIME -> R/3 MM-IM 
148 /LIME/MMIM_BWART_ACT /LIME/86000109 Determine Movement Types for R/3 MM-IM Dispatcher 
149 /LIME/MMIM_SOBKZ_ACT /LIME/86000110 Determine Special Stock Indicator R/3 MM-IM 
150 /LIME/QCI_ACT /LIME/86000095 BAdI: LIME QCI Converter 
151 /LIME/SNUM_DIEX_ACT /LIME/86000106 Determine Number Assignment for Documents 
152 /LIME/SNUM_EXDO_ACT /LIME/48000002 Determine External Number Assignment for Inbound Documents 
153 /LIME/V_CUST_CAT_ACT /LIME/86000068 Determine Stock Type 
154 /LIME/V_CUST_FDR_ACT /LIME/86000097 Set Filter Values for Dispatcher 
155 /LIME/V_CUST_HIE_ACT /LIME/86000065 Determine Hierarchy 
156 /LIME/V_CUST_IND_ACT /LIME/86000064 Determine Index Tables 
157 /LIME/V_CUST_PAR_ACT /LIME/86000066 Determine Grouping Parameters 
158 /LIME/V_CUST_PRO_ACT /LIME/86000063 Determine Process Type of Calling Application 
159 /LIME/V_CUST_QCI_ACT /LIME/86000067 Determine Type of Quantity Calculation 
160 /LIME/V_CUST_REA_ACT /LIME/86000071 Determine Reason for Movement 
161 /LIME/V_CUST_USG_ACT /LIME/86000070 Determine Indicator for Stock Use 
162 /LIME/V_CUST_VSI_ACT /LIME/86000069 Determine Indicator for Virtual Stock 
163 /MRSS/ADDN_UI_CHECK /MRSS/92000133 BAdI: Performance of Additional UI Checks 
164 /MRSS/ALERT /MRSS/92000134 BAdI: Addition of Alert Checks for Assignments 
165 /MRSS/ALERT_FUNCTION /MRSS/35000045 BAdI: User functions for alerts 
166 /MRSS/ASSIGNMENT_REF /MRSS/92000078 BAdI: Validation of Assignment Refine 
167 /MRSS/BASIS_QUAL_MAT /MRSS/92000361 BAdI: Matching of HR Qualifications 
168 /MRSS/BUND0110 /MRSS/92000341 Set Up Bundle Groups 
169 /MRSS/BUND0111 /MRSS/92000342 Specify User Status for Exclusion 
170 /MRSS/BUND0112 /MRSS/92000343 Specify Message Type for Messages Related to Bundling 
171 /MRSS/BUND0220 /MRSS/92000340 Define Number Range for Bundle IDs 
172 /MRSS/BUND0230 /MRSS/92000362 Specify Bundling Rule 
173 /MRSS/CAG_DEM_FILTER /MRSS/92000338 BAdI: Filter Out Demands from Capacity Calculation 
174 /MRSS/CAG_TIMEZONE /MRSS/92000382 BAdI: Time Zone Determination for Work Center Transfer 
175 /MRSS/CANDIDATE_STAT /MRSS/92000079 BAdI: Handling of Candidate Status on UI 
176 /MRSS/CAPA_ASS_LIST /MRSS/35000031 BAdI: Enhancement of capacitive assignments list 
177 /MRSS/CPRO_AUTO_ASG /MRSS/92000235 Define default assignment type for automatic assignment creation 
178 /MRSS/CRM_INT /MRSS/92000280 BAdI: Integration in SAP Multiresource Scheduling and CRM 
179 /MRSS/CSG_BADI_CHECK /MRSS/92000396 BAdI: Integration of CRM Service Orders 
180 /MRSS/CUST_ATTRIBUTE /MRSS/92000236 Additional Customer Attribute for Team 
181 /MRSS/C_1TO1_REL /MRSS/92000175 Activate 1:1 Relationship of Assignments and Demands for Demand Categories 
182 /MRSS/C_ABSTAT /MRSS/34000048 Maintain Abstract Status 
183 /MRSS/C_AUT_ASGR /MRSS/92000247 Control Automatic Creation of Assignments by Resource Type 
184 /MRSS/C_AUT_ASGS /MRSS/92000248 Control Automatic Creation of Assignments by Status Type 
185 /MRSS/C_AVG_TIME /MRSS/92000303 Determine Average Travel Time for Assignments 
186 /MRSS/C_BACK_INT /MRSS/92000176 Activate Backward Integration of Data 
187 /MRSS/C_CUSTPARM /MRSS/92000167 Configure Advanced Settings 
188 /MRSS/C_DEMSCHED /MRSS/92000177 Define Type of Demand Scheduling 
189 /MRSS/C_DPR_ASG /MRSS/92000111 Define Threshold for "Partially Planned" Status 
190 /MRSS/C_ENGINES /MRSS/92000165 Define External Engines in RCCF 
191 /MRSS/C_ENG_DEST /MRSS/92000166 Process Destinations of RCCF Engines 
192 /MRSS/C_GANTT_CL /MRSS/92000146 Define Classes for Gantt Charts 
193 /MRSS/C_GEO_CODE /MRSS/92000161 Define Profile for Geocoding of Addresses 
194 /MRSS/C_GEO_SYS /MRSS/92000160 Define Travel Time Calculation and Distribution 
195 /MRSS/C_MULT_DEM /MRSS/92000285 Make Demand Settings for Automatic Scheduling of Multiday Assignments 
196 /MRSS/C_OPT_DEM /MRSS/92000170 Define RP-Node-Based Optimization Parameters for Demands 
197 /MRSS/C_OPT_DPRI /MRSS/92000171 Define Factors for Demand Priority 
198 /MRSS/C_OPT_QUAL /MRSS/92000172 Define Profile for Suitability-Dependent Change to Cost Rate 
199 /MRSS/C_OPT_RES /MRSS/92000169 Define RP-Node-Based Optimization Parameters for Resources 
200 /MRSS/C_OPT_SYS /MRSS/92000168 Define Optimization Profile 
201 /MRSS/C_PN_BREAK /MRSS/92000143 Define Breaks for Work Centers 
202 /MRSS/C_POT_CUST /MRSS/92000305 Determine Time Unit for Capacity Pot 
203 /MRSS/C_POT_INTV /MRSS/92000302 Create Time Intervals 
204 /MRSS/C_RM_ASG_S /MRSS/92000081 Map Booking Types to MRS Assignment Status 
205 /MRSS/C_RM_ASSGC /MRSS/92000082 Configure Colors for Assignments Display 
206 /MRSS/C_RM_BTNV /MRSS/92000096 UI settings 
207 /MRSS/C_RM_CAND /MRSS/92000097 Maintain Candidate Status Profiles 
208 /MRSS/C_RM_CDRF /MRSS/92000147 Activate Refinement E-Mail 
209 /MRSS/C_RM_PRRQ /MRSS/92000148 Proposed to Requester Email Flag by Region / RM Group 
210 /MRSS/C_RM_SRCHC /MRSS/92000083 Configure Colors for Search Results 
211 /MRSS/C_RM_VALI /MRSS/92000098 Activate Validation E-Mail 
212 /MRSS/C_SGE_LOG /MRSS/92000296 Define Logging 
213 /MRSS/C_SQE_DEF /MRSS/92000041 Define Default Plant for Qualifications 
214 /MRSS/C_TOUR /MRSS/92000252 Specify Locations for Determining the Travel Route 
215 /MRSS/C_TRV_PROF /MRSS/92000163 Define Travel Profiles 
216 /MRSS/C_TRV_RES /MRSS/92000164 Assign Travel Profiles to Resource Planning Nodes 
217 /MRSS/C_TRV_SYS /MRSS/92000162 Specify Profile for Distance Calculation Type 
218 /MRSS/C_WF_ACKN /MRSS/92000150 Automatic Alerts Acknowledgement Flag by Region 
219 /MRSS/DEF_OBJ_ID /MRSS/92000132 BAdI: Set Default Object IDs in Candidate Search 
220 /MRSS/DISABLE_CM /MRSS/92000201 BAdI: Disable Context Menu Entries 
221 /MRSS/DPR_CALCULAT /MRSS/92000121 BAdI: Enhancement of cProject Calculations 
222 /MRSS/DPR_CPRO_INT /MRSS/92000055 BAdI: Integration of cProjects with MRS 
223 /MRSS/DPR_DEF_ASG_TY /MRSS/92000268 BAdI: Identification of the Default Employment Type for cProjects 
224 /MRSS/DPR_EMPPRF /MRSS/92000110 BAdI: Authorization for Staff Profile on the Web UI 
225 /MRSS/DPR_EMP_SEARCH /MRSS/92000242 BAdI: Definition of Default Values and Result Filter for Employee Search 
226 /MRSS/DPR_ENH_CPRO /MRSS/92000114 BAdI: CPro Enhancements for the Integration with MRS 
227 /MRSS/DPR_PROJECT_AC /MRSS/92000056 BAdI: Data Procurement from cProjects 
228 /MRSS/DPR_SUBSYSTEM /MRSS/92000057 BAdI: Integration of MRS as a Subsystem of cProjects 
229 /MRSS/DPR_UI /MRSS/92000058 BAdI: UI Integration 
230 /MRSS/D_RM_MBODY /MRSS/92000091 Assign Smart Forms for E-Mail Message Body 
231 /MRSS/D_RM_MDISC /MRSS/92000092 Assign Smart Forms for E-Mail Message Disclaimer 
232 /MRSS/D_RM_MSUBJ /MRSS/92000093 Assign Smart Forms for E-Mail Message Subject 
233 /MRSS/D_RM_MTRIG /MRSS/92000094 Define Triggers for E-Mail 
234 /MRSS/ES_CAND /MRSS/92000135 BAdI: Booking Type Change 
235 /MRSS/GEN_WORK_SCHED /MRSS/92000266 Create MRS Work Schedule 
236 /MRSS/MESSAGES /MRSS/35000037 BAdI: Message Creation 
237 /MRSS/MULTID_AUTOSCH /MRSS/92000282 BAdI: Filtering of Data for Multiday Automatic Resource Planning 
238 /MRSS/NN_RES_NUM /MRSS/92000391 Define Number Range for N.N. Resource Numbers 
239 /MRSS/NW_DEM_FOLLOW /MRSS/92000336 BAdI: Control of "Demand Follows Assignment" Logic 
240 /MRSS/NW_DEM_FOLLOWS   BAdI: Control of "Demand Follows Assignment" Logic 
241 /MRSS/NW_RAC_BADI_CH /MRSS/92000357 BAdI: Determination of Planning Status for PM/CS Orders 
242 /MRSS/NW_SEARCH_ALG /MRSS/92000392 BAdI: Search Algorithm for Access to Customizing Tables 
243 /MRSS/OPT_ASSIGNMENT /MRSS/92000297 BAdI: Assignment-Based Functions in Optimization 
244 /MRSS/OPT_CUSTOMIZE /MRSS/92000313 BAdI: Customizing-Based Functions in Optimization 
245 /MRSS/OPT_DEMANDS /MRSS/92000219 BAdI: Demand-Based Functions in Optimization 
246 /MRSS/OPT_GEOCODE_TR /MRSS/92000065 BAdI: Determination of Geocoordinates and Travel Times 
247 /MRSS/OPT_RESOURCES /MRSS/92000220 BAdI: Resource-Based Functions in Optimization 
248 /MRSS/OPT_USER_CHECK /MRSS/92000221 BAdI: User-Based Functions in Optimization 
249 /MRSS/POT_DET_POT_ID /MRSS/92000321 BAdI: Determination of the Capacity Pot ID 
250 /MRSS/POT_DET_RES /MRSS/92000319 BAdI: Resource Determination for Capacity Pots 
251 /MRSS/POT_UPDATE_RUL /MRSS/92000320 BAdI: Update of the Capacity Pots 
252 /MRSS/PREFERRED_RESO /MRSS/92000384 BAdI: Determination of Preferred Resource 
253 /MRSS/PROF_DATA_CH /MRSS/92000130 BAdI: Profile Data Change 
254 /MRSS/RAC_NOTIF /MRSS/01000026 BAdI: Tasks for Notification 
255 /MRSS/RAL_DATA_SELEC /MRSS/92000334 BAdI: Data Selection for Resource Assignment List 
256 /MRSS/REQ_INTP_WKL /MRSS/92000215 Maintain Cons Published Worklists 
257 /MRSS/REQ_INTP_WKLK /MRSS/92000216 Maintain Cons Published Roles Worklist Keys and Description 
258 /MRSS/REQ_WKL_STS /MRSS/92000217 Maintain Cons Published roles worklist status(Broadcast & Candidate) 
259 /MRSS/RESOURCE_ATTRI /MRSS/92000387 BAdI: Determination of N.N. Resource Attributes 
260 /MRSS/RESOURCE_WORK_ /MRSS/92000080 BAdI: Set Resource Work Hours 
261 /MRSS/RES_INTEGRATIO /MRSS/92000281 BAdI: Resource Integration 
262 /MRSS/RES_SERV_AREA /MRSS/92000279 BAdI: Determination of Service Area 
263 /MRSS/RMOR_ADD_CUST /MRSS/92000129 BAdI: Addition of Customer Fields 
264 /MRSS/RMOR_CUST_ADD /MRSS/92000128 BADI: Customer Additional Fields 
265 /MRSS/RMOR_DB_LAYER /MRSS/92000033 BAdI: Enhancement of DB Layer 
266 /MRSS/RMOR_POWL_FEDR /MRSS/92000036 BAdI: Enhancement of POWL Feeder Class 
267 /MRSS/RMOR_PST_FTCH2 /MRSS/92000034 BAdI: Addition of Custom Filtering 
268 /MRSS/RMOR_SEL_CRIT /MRSS/92000035 BAdI: Enhancement of POWL Reporting Selection Criteria 
269 /MRSS/RM_ADDNL_BC /MRSS/34000039 Maintenance of additional Broadcast targets 
270 /MRSS/RM_ADD_STAT /MRSS/34000026 Maintain additional status 
271 /MRSS/RM_ASSFL /MRSS/92000157 Maintain Filters for Assignment Overview 
272 /MRSS/RM_ASSIGN_TYPE /MRSS/34000009 Maintain Assignment Types 
273 /MRSS/RM_BCCON /MRSS/34000043 Maintain countries for RM regions 
274 /MRSS/RM_BC_COUNTRY /MRSS/34000027 Maintain country broadcast information 
275 /MRSS/RM_BC_CTRY_GRP /MRSS/34000029 Maintain RM Groups for Countries 
276 /MRSS/RM_BC_OTHER /MRSS/34000028 Maintain Broadcast Information for Other Groups 
277 /MRSS/RM_BC_OTHR_GRP /MRSS/34000030 Maintain RM Groups for Other Groups 
278 /MRSS/RM_BC_VEND_GRP /MRSS/34000036 Maintain RM Groups for Vendor Groups 
279 /MRSS/RM_BC_VNDRMGRP /MRSS/34000032 Maintain RM groups for vendors 
280 /MRSS/RM_BC_VND_DTL /MRSS/34000034 Define Vendor Groups 
281 /MRSS/RM_BC_VND_GRP /MRSS/34000033 Assign Vendors to Vendor Groups 
282 /MRSS/RM_BROADC_TGT /MRSS/34000010 Maintain Broadcast Targets 
283 /MRSS/RM_CAND_CHECK /MRSS/92000066 BAdI: Candidate Status Check 
284 /MRSS/RM_CAND_STATUS /MRSS/34000008 Configure Candidate Status 
285 /MRSS/RM_CDOPR /MRSS/92000144 Maintain CD Opportunities 
286 /MRSS/RM_CONF /MRSS/15000013 Maintain Routing for Demand Confidentiality 
287 /MRSS/RM_CONTRT_TYPE /MRSS/34000014 Maintain Contract Types 
288 /MRSS/RM_CORP_CO /MRSS/34000011 Maintain Corporate Companies 
289 /MRSS/RM_CORP_ORG /MRSS/34000012 Maintain Corporate Organizations 
290 /MRSS/RM_CRM_PROB /MRSS/34000013 Maintain CRM Probability 
291 /MRSS/RM_DT /MRSS/34000054 Maintain Default Date Ranges 
292 /MRSS/RM_EMP_DETAILS /MRSS/92000067 BAdI: Maintenance of Employee Details 
293 /MRSS/RM_ENHANCE_RES /MRSS/92000068 BAdI: Enhancement of Search Results 
294 /MRSS/RM_ESC_TYPE /MRSS/34000015 Maintain Escalation Types 
295 /MRSS/RM_ES_CANDIDAT /MRSS/92000069 BAdI: Update of Candidate Details 
296 /MRSS/RM_FD_ADD /MRSS/34000040 Maintain Flow Down Terms 
297 /MRSS/RM_HIER_EVA /MRSS/92000136 Specify Evaluation Paths for Authorization Checks 
298 /MRSS/RM_HTFIL /MRSS/34000055 Maintain Call Filters 
299 /MRSS/RM_ICON_ALERTS /MRSS/92000127 Configure Alert Icons 
300 /MRSS/RM_IMG /MRSS/92000211 Configure Settings for Web-Based Resource Management 
301 /MRSS/RM_JOB_TEXTS /MRSS/34000037 Maintain relevant Job texts 
302 /MRSS/RM_JT /MRSS/34000044 Maintain Job Texts 
303 /MRSS/RM_LEFT_LINK /MRSS/92000158 Add Links to Left Frame 
304 /MRSS/RM_LOB /MRSS/34000016 Maintain Lines of Business 
305 /MRSS/RM_MRWL /MRSS/34000053 Maintain Regional Worklist settings 
306 /MRSS/RM_NETWORK /MRSS/34000006 Assign network specific defaults 
307 /MRSS/RM_NN_RESOURCE /MRSS/92000388 BAdI: Determination of N.N. Resource per Role 
308 /MRSS/RM_ORDER_PROB /MRSS/34000017 Maintain Values for Probability to Close 
309 /MRSS/RM_ORIGIN /MRSS/34000018 Maintain Request Origins 
310 /MRSS/RM_PARD_STATUS /MRSS/34000021 Maintain partner candidate status 
311 /MRSS/RM_POSTMATCHIN /MRSS/92000070 BAdI: Postmatching for Search Results 
312 /MRSS/RM_PRESELECTIO /MRSS/92000071 BAdI: Candidate Search Preselection 
313 /MRSS/RM_PROF_VALIDA /MRSS/92000072 BAdI: PACE Profile Validation 
314 /MRSS/RM_PROJACT_TYP /MRSS/34000020 Maintain Role Activity Types 
315 /MRSS/RM_PROJ_TYPE /MRSS/34000019 Maintain project activity types 
316 /MRSS/RM_PRSRV /MRSS/92000145 Maintain Project Services 
317 /MRSS/RM_QCK_CLOSE /MRSS/92000218 Configure Quick Save 
318 /MRSS/RM_REASON_CODE /MRSS/34000022 Maintain Codes for Closing Reasons 
319 /MRSS/RM_REJ_CODES /MRSS/34000041 Maintain Candidate Rejection Codes 
320 /MRSS/RM_REQ_TYPE /MRSS/34000023 Maintain Request Types 
321 /MRSS/RM_RFC_DES /MRSS/92000099 RFC destinations for IL* landscape 
322 /MRSS/RM_ROLE_TYPE /MRSS/34000024 Maintain Role Types 
323 /MRSS/RM_RTE /MRSS/15000012 Maintain Routing Class Name 
324 /MRSS/RM_SLAEX_CODES /MRSS/34000025 Maintain SLA exclusion codes 
325 /MRSS/RM_SUB_REGIONS /MRSS/34000042 Maintain Subregions for Countries 
326 /MRSS/RM_UI_ENHANCEM /MRSS/92000073 BAdI: WebDynpro UI Changes 
327 /MRSS/RM_UNSTR_TYPES /MRSS/92000063 Maintain Unstructured Qualification Types 
328 /MRSS/RM_UPDATE_BC_D /MRSS/92000074 BAdI: Update of Broadcast Data 
329 /MRSS/RM_UPDATE_REQU /MRSS/92000075 BAdI: Request Update 
330 /MRSS/RM_VEN_EMAIL_I /MRSS/92000076 BADI: Update Vendor Email Info 
331 /MRSS/RM_WF_RL_CL /MRSS/92000077 BAdI: Control Workflow Recipients After Role Close 
332 /MRSS/RM_WORKLIST /MRSS/92000151 BAdI: Enhancement of Worklists 
333 /MRSS/SCHED0001 /MRSS/92000123 Define pushbuttons for user statuses 
334 /MRSS/SCHED00040 /MRSS/92000026 Define Resource Planning Nodes and Evaluation Paths 
335 /MRSS/SCHED0024 /MRSS/92000124 Define customer exits and context menu entries 
336 /MRSS/SCHED0031 /MRSS/92000126 Define collisions 
337 /MRSS/SCHED0033 /MRSS/92000029 Define Communication Data for Resources 
338 /MRSS/SCHED004 /MRSS/92000027 Assign Object Type for Number Range Determination for Assignments 
339 /MRSS/SCHED00700 /MRSS/92000045 Set up approval workflow 
340 /MRSS/SCHED0080 /MRSS/92000031 Define On-Call Types 
341 /MRSS/SCHED0081 /MRSS/92000037 Define number ranges for qualifications 
342 /MRSS/SCHED00810 /MRSS/92000048 Define basic settings for qualification matching 
343 /MRSS/SCHED00811 /MRSS/92000049 Define weighting factors for matching criteria 
344 /MRSS/SCHED00813 /MRSS/92000050 Define fulfillment values for matching on-call types 
345 /MRSS/SCHED00814 /MRSS/92000053 Define language for matching unstructured qualifications 
346 /MRSS/SCHED00815 /MRSS/92000051 Enter RFC destination of TREX interface 
347 /MRSS/SCHED0082 /MRSS/92000038 Define number ranges for qualification catalogs 
348 /MRSS/SCHED00820 /MRSS/92000039 Define Maintenance Groups for Qualification Catalogs 
349 /MRSS/SCHED0083 /MRSS/92000040 Define system parameters for qualification catalogs 
350 /MRSS/SCHED0084 /MRSS/92000196 Define number ranges for qualification matrixes 
351 /MRSS/SCHED0085 /MRSS/92000042 Define profile settings 
352 /MRSS/SCHED0090 /MRSS/92000028 Activate Creation of Change Documents 
353 /MRSS/SCHED00900 /MRSS/92000047 Approval Workflow: Define Infotypes and Fields 
354 /MRSS/SCHED030 /MRSS/92000054 Define Classes for Determining Worklist Fields 
355 /MRSS/SCHED040 /MRSS/92000059 Define the Fields in the Worklist 
356 /MRSS/SCHED041 /MRSS/92000060 Assign Fields from Generic Demand 
357 /MRSS/SCHED050 /MRSS/92000061 Define Attributes for Date Fields in Worklist 
358 /MRSS/SCHED060 /MRSS/92000062 Create Worklist Profile 
359 /MRSS/SCHED070 /MRSS/92000064 Define Classes for Performing the Checks 
360 /MRSS/SCHED080 /MRSS/92000109 Define Check Profiles 
361 /MRSS/SCHED090 /MRSS/92000115 Define Alert Types 
362 /MRSS/SCHED100 /MRSS/92000116 Define Alert Profiles 
363 /MRSS/SCHED110 /MRSS/92000117 Define User Interface Profiles 
364 /MRSS/SCHED120 /MRSS/92000118 Define Planning Board Profile 
365 /MRSS/SCHED130 /MRSS/92000119 Define Determination of Planning Board Profile 
366 /MRSS/SCHED140 /MRSS/92000137 Define Planning Horizon 
367 /MRSS/SCHED190 /MRSS/92000052 Define Status for Resources 
368 /MRSS/SCHED_CAG_CUST /MRSS/92000139 Include Capacitive Assignments During Slot-Based Availability Determination 
369 /MRSS/SCHED_C_ABROLE /MRSS/92000022 Define Abstract Partner Roles 
370 /MRSS/SCHED_C_ABSTAT /MRSS/92000024 Define Abstract Status 
371 /MRSS/SCHED_C_HCMD /MRSS/92000001 Specify RFC Destination of HR System 
372 /MRSS/SCHED_C_SQE_PS /MRSS/92000010 Define Preselection Modes for Free Employee Search 
373 /MRSS/SCHED_DWS_VAR /MRSS/92000179 Use Daily Work Schedule Variants for Varying Working Times 
374 /MRSS/SCHED_MOB_ABS /MRSS/92000181 Define Abstract Assignment Statuses for Integration with Mobile Devices 
375 /MRSS/SCHED_PLBOMGR /MRSS/92000142 Define Settings for Manager Planning Board 
376 /MRSS/SCHED_SGE_HMCI /MRSS/92000178 Define Function Modules for HR Integration 
377 /MRSS/SCHED_SMS_DEST /MRSS/01000036 Define Permitted Communication Types for Short Messages to Resources 
378 /MRSS/SCHED_SQM_CH /MRSS/92000032 Activate Creation of Change Documents for Master Data 
379 /MRSS/SCHED_STAT_PRG /MRSS/92000138 Assignment in Process: Define Status 
380 /MRSS/SCHED_TRV_TIME /MRSS/92000159 Assign Travel Time Mode 
381 /MRSS/SEARCH_DEF /MRSS/92000131 BAdI: Setting of Default Object Types in Candidate Search 
382 /MRSS/SGD_BUNDLE /MRSS/92000369 BAdI: Bundling of Demands 
383 /MRSS/SGE_ADDRESS /MRSS/92000385 BAdI: Determination of Team Address 
384 /MRSS/SGE_APP_OFFER /MRSS/92000283 BAdI: Customer-Specific Extension for Appointment Booking 
385 /MRSS/SGE_ASGN_RELAT /MRSS/01000023 BAdI: Determine Related Assignments and Demands 
386 /MRSS/SGE_ASG_FROM_T /MRSS/92000335 BAdI: Creation of Assignments for Demands with Time Rules 
387 /MRSS/SGE_ASG_MOD /MRSS/92000238 BAdI: Change Assignment before Save 
388 /MRSS/SGE_ASS_SHF /MRSS/92000108 BAdI: Intelligent Shifting 
389 /MRSS/SGE_AUTH_CHECK /MRSS/01000022 BAdI: Authorization Check for Resource Planners 
390 /MRSS/SGE_AUTO_ASG_R /MRSS/92000018 BAdI: Change Resource During Automatic Assignment Creation 
391 /MRSS/SGE_DAY_ALLOCA /MRSS/92000386 BAdI: Change of Staffing Data 
392 /MRSS/SGE_MOBILE_PS /MRSS/01000024 BAdI: Sending Assignments to Mobile Devices 
393 /MRSS/SGE_RESOURCE /MRSS/35000028 BAdI: Anonymize resources 
394 /MRSS/SGE_RES_FILTER /MRSS/92000276 BAdI: Definition of Non-Relevant HR Persons 
395 /MRSS/SGE_SCHEDAUTO /MRSS/92000046 BAdI: Utilization-Based Automatic Resource Planning 
396 /MRSS/SGE_STAFFING_V /MRSS/92000376 BAdI: Staffing View 
397 /MRSS/SGE_TEAM_CHECK /MRSS/92000222 BAdI: Check Team Before Save 
398 /MRSS/SGE_TEAM_WC /MRSS/92000044 BAdI: Determine Work Center for Team 
399 /MRSS/SGE_TECH /MRSS/92000030 Technical Settings for the Resource Selection 
400 /MRSS/SGE_TECH_OBJEC /MRSS/92000372 BAdI: Determination of Technical Object Type 
401 /MRSS/SGE_WC_SCHED /MRSS/92000373 BAdI: Determination of Demand Sequence 
402 /MRSS/SGU_ASSGN /MRSS/92000173 BAdI: Determine Graphical Element for Assignments 
403 /MRSS/SGU_ASSGN_LIST /MRSS/92000306 BAdI: Extension of the Assignment List 
404 /MRSS/SGU_ASSIGNMENT /MRSS/92000290 BAdI: Addition of Assignment Details to the Planning Board 
405 /MRSS/SGU_ASSIGNM_UI /MRSS/92000291 BAdI: Additional Customer Fields for Assignments 
406 /MRSS/SGU_CAPA_LIST /MRSS/01000035 BAdI: Enhancement of capacitive assignments list 
407 /MRSS/SGU_COLOR_PN /MRSS/92000324 BAdI: Determine Color for Capacity Planning Nodes 
408 /MRSS/SGU_DEMAND_GE /MRSS/92000125 BAdI: Determine Graphical Element and Quick Info for Demands 
409 /MRSS/SGU_DEMAND_UI /MRSS/92000292 BAdI: Additional Customer Fields for Demands 
410 /MRSS/SGU_DESC_DETER /MRSS/58000038 BAdI: Determine Description and Quick Info for Assignments 
411 /MRSS/SGU_EQUI_AUTH /MRSS/01000025 BAdI: Equipment Check 
412 /MRSS/SGU_GIS_MAP_DE /MRSS/92000354 BAdI: Default Values for GIS Map 
413 /MRSS/SGU_RES_FILTER /MRSS/35000050 BAdI: Resource filter - selection screen 
414 /MRSS/SGU_RES_LIST /MRSS/92000314 BAdI: Extension of the Resource List in the Gantt Chart 
415 /MRSS/SGU_RES_MESSAG /MRSS/01000027 BAdI: Send Messages to Resources 
416 /MRSS/SGU_RFILT_PLBM /MRSS/01000040 BAdI: Filter Resources in Manager Planning Board 
417 /MRSS/SGU_SUMBAR /MRSS/92000315 BAdI: Determination of the Remaining Assignment Duration for Totals Bar 
418 /MRSS/SGU_WORKLIST /MRSS/35000032 BAdI: Change field catalog for operation worklist 
419 /MRSS/SGX_BADI_IL_PL /MRSS/92000293 BAdI: Extension of the Web-Based Planning Board 
420 /MRSS/SGX_DEMAND_FIE /MRSS/92000389 BAdI: Additional Fields in Demand List 
421 /MRSS/SGX_GANTT_VIEW /MRSS/92000368 BAdI: Creation of Gantt View Variants 
422 /MRSS/SGX_RES_FILTER /MRSS/92000294 BAdI: Definition of Filters for the Resources in the Gantt Chart 
423 /MRSS/SOFTBOOK_EXP /MRSS/92000120 BAdI: Setting of Soft Book Expiration Date 
424 /MRSS/SORT_RESOURCES /MRSS/92000141 BAdI : Sorting of Resources 
425 /MRSS/SOS_SHIFTS /MRSS/92000182 Determine Standard Shift Schedule for Organizational Units 
426 /MRSS/SQE_MATCHING /MRSS/35000040 BAdI: Qualification matching 
427 /MRSS/SQE_QUALRESULT /MRSS/35000033 BAdI: Display of Additional Resource-Related Fields 
428 /MRSS/SQL_CAT_MIGR /MRSS/35000058 BAdI: Transfer of Qualification Catalogs 
429 /MRSS/SQL_QUAL_MIGR /MRSS/01000039 BAdI: Transfer of Qualifications 
430 /MRSS/SQM_CAT_EXIT /MRSS/01000028 BAdI: Enhance Catalog Options 
431 /MRSS/SQM_MAT_EXIT /MRSS/01000029 BAdI: Enhance Matrix Options 
432 /MRSS/SQPP_NUM /MRSS/92000043 Define Number Ranges for Requirements Profiles 
433 /MRSS/SQP_DEM_EXIT /MRSS/35000054 BAdI: Extend requirements profiles 
434 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_EXIT /MRSS/35000055 BAdI: Extend employee profiles 
435 /MRSS/VC_CSG_WNDW /MRSS/92000209 Define Date Types for Demand 
436 /MRSS/VC_LN_SGR /MRSS/92000383 Map Abstract Statuses to Status Groups 
437 /MRSS/VC_LOG_RFC /MRSS/92000212 Configure Multiple Back-End Systems 
438 /MRSS/VC_SGX_GRAPH_E /MRSS/92000240 Define Graphical Elements for Web-Based Planning Board 
439 /MRSS/VC_SGX_PROFILE /MRSS/92000239 Define Profiles of the Web-Based User Interface 
440 /MRSS/V_AIG /MRSS/92000245 Define Appointment Interval Groups 
441 /MRSS/V_ANON_RES /MRSS/92000326 Specify Names for Anonymous Resources 
442 /MRSS/V_APPOINT /MRSS/92000244 Define Settings for Appointment Booking 
443 /MRSS/V_APPT_STG /MRSS/92000272 Determine the Search Strategy for Appointment Booking 
444 /MRSS/V_APPT_TYP /MRSS/92000270 Determine Appointment Booking Type 
445 /MRSS/V_APP_CANC /MRSS/92000249 Set Status for Appointment Cancellations 
446 /MRSS/V_APP_HOLD /MRSS/92000250 Set Status for Service Areas 
447 /MRSS/V_APP_MAT /MRSS/92000251 Determine Resource Weighting for Appointment Booking 
448 /MRSS/V_APP_NOTE /MRSS/92000254 Set Notes Function 
449 /MRSS/V_APP_PROC /MRSS/92000358 Make General Settings for Appointment Booking 
450 /MRSS/V_APT_TRVD /MRSS/92000271 Determine Travel Times for Appointments 
451 /MRSS/V_BAS_TA /MRSS/92000154 Define Time Allocation Types 
452 /MRSS/V_BP_ROLE /MRSS/92000260 Assign Role Type to Business Partner 
453 /MRSS/V_BRK_SHDL /MRSS/92000262 Manage MRS Break Schedule 
454 /MRSS/V_CAG_EXCU /MRSS/92000337 Exclude Demands from Capacity Calculation by Status 
455 /MRSS/V_CAG_PROC /MRSS/92000375 Configure Planning Node Capacity Calculation 
456 /MRSS/V_CAP_DATE /MRSS/92000295 Carry Out Date Settings for Capacitive Assignments 
457 /MRSS/V_CAR_CAL /MRSS/92000348 Specify First Weekday for Capacity and Demand Overview 
458 /MRSS/V_CAR_UNIT /MRSS/92000347 Configure Day Unit Conversion 
459 /MRSS/V_CHNG_FRM /MRSS/92000152 Define Classes for Additional Activities 
460 /MRSS/V_COLL /MRSS/92000370 Configure Settings for Collisions 
461 /MRSS/V_CRM_ASG /MRSS/92000397 Set Up Assignment Status Integration 
462 /MRSS/V_CSG_CTRL /MRSS/92000208 Determine CRM Service Orders for Resource Planning 
463 /MRSS/V_CSG_LOC /MRSS/92000210 Determine Usage Site of Service Order 
464 /MRSS/V_CSG_ORG_UNIT /MRSS/92000398 Determine Origin of Organizational Unit Information 
465 /MRSS/V_CSG_SL /MRSS/92000246 Define Time Frame as Equivalent of Orders 
466 /MRSS/V_CUP_RT_E /MRSS/92000390 Define Residence Time for Deletion Objects 
467 /MRSS/V_DAG_CALC /MRSS/92000346 Control Options for Total Demand Calculation 
468 /MRSS/V_DEF_FRZN /MRSS/92000274 Determine Blocked Period 
469 /MRSS/V_DEM_GRP /MRSS/92000352 Demand Group and PM Activity Details 
470 /MRSS/V_DISTRBTR /MRSS/92000269 Manage Spare Parts Suppliers 
471 /MRSS/V_DLY_W_SD /MRSS/92000263 Manage MRS Daily Work Schedule 
472 /MRSS/V_DM_ABROL /MRSS/92000356 Specify Partner Types for Assignment-Based Resource Selection 
473 /MRSS/V_DPR_ACCL /MRSS/92000241 Define Color Code for Assignment Calendar 
474 /MRSS/V_DPR_FORM_N /MRSS/92000378 Form for Communicating via E-Mail and Groupware 
475 /MRSS/V_DPR_REJ_N /MRSS/92000380 Define Rejection Reasons for Candidates 
476 /MRSS/V_DPR_ROLE_N /MRSS/92000377 Make MRS-Relevant Settings for Project Role Type 
477 /MRSS/V_DPR_STAT_N /MRSS/92000381 Maintain Status for cProjects 
478 /MRSS/V_DPR_UI_N /MRSS/92000379 Configure Interface Elements in cProjects 
479 /MRSS/V_FIL_UPLD /MRSS/92000311 Carry Out Settings for File Upload 
480 /MRSS/V_GEO_MAP /MRSS/92000223 Define Map Profile 
481 /MRSS/V_GIS_ACT /MRSS/92000287 Define Active Geographical Information Systems 
482 /MRSS/V_GIS_CONN /MRSS/92000286 Define Connectors for Geographical Information Systems 
483 /MRSS/V_HR_ACTI /MRSS/92000339 Define HR Subtype for Hiring and Termination 
484 /MRSS/V_LN_ATTR /MRSS/92000350 Logical Node Attribute 
485 /MRSS/V_LN_OBJ /MRSS/92000349 Logical Node Objects Names 
486 /MRSS/V_MAT_CHK /MRSS/92000273 Define Profiles for Part Availability Check 
487 /MRSS/V_MIMETYPE /MRSS/92000327 Define Permitted MIME Types 
488 /MRSS/V_MULT_RES /MRSS/92000284 Make Resource Settings for Automatic Scheduling of Multiday Assignments 
489 /MRSS/V_NW_ABS_A /MRSS/92000230 Permit Abstract Assignments 
490 /MRSS/V_NW_AFD /MRSS/92000316 Activate Assignment Follows Demand Function 
491 /MRSS/V_NW_AVAIL /MRSS/92000231 Partial Concretization Stretched; Check Assignments in Non-Availability 
492 /MRSS/V_NW_CAP_A /MRSS/92000229 Control Capacitive Planning 
493 /MRSS/V_NW_MAPRO /MRSS/92000225 Assign Partner Roles for SAP NetWeaver 
494 /MRSS/V_NW_MAPST /MRSS/92000226 Assign Status (to Use Demands from SAP NetWeaver) 
495 /MRSS/V_NW_STCTR /MRSS/92000227 Control Assignment Processing Based on Order Status 
496 /MRSS/V_NW_STR_A /MRSS/92000228 Permit Stretched Assignments 
497 /MRSS/V_NW_SUPVI /MRSS/92000261 Determine Site Supervisor Assignment for Specific Order Types 
498 /MRSS/V_OPT_FIL /MRSS/92000298 Filter Demands for Optimization 
499 /MRSS/V_OPT_LOG /MRSS/92000214 Define Logging of Optimization Runs 
500 /MRSS/V_OPT_MSG /MRSS/92000275 Override Message Type for Individual Optimization Messages