SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index SLASH, page 5
IMG Activity - /
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 /MRSS/V_OPT_SCE /MRSS/92000213 Define Optimization Scenario 
2 /MRSS/V_PHASE /MRSS/92000309 Manage Phases 
3 /MRSS/V_PHASE_RL /MRSS/92000308 Determine Phase and Time for Release 
4 /MRSS/V_PLANSTAT /MRSS/92000393 Control Display of Planning Status Icon 
5 /MRSS/V_PN_CAPA /MRSS/92000394 Define Distribution of Demand Work 
6 /MRSS/V_PN_TEAM /MRSS/92000351 Settings to link Teams to Planning Node 
7 /MRSS/V_POT_PHPR /MRSS/92000310 Carry Out Assignment for Priority and Phases 
8 /MRSS/V_POT_PROC /MRSS/92000299 Select Scenario for the Use of Capactity Pots 
9 /MRSS/V_POT_QCAT /MRSS/92000301 Manage Qualification Category 
10 /MRSS/V_POT_SLAP /MRSS/92000307 Determine Priority for the Service Level Agreement 
11 /MRSS/V_POT_TZN /MRSS/92000322 Set Time Zones for Capacity Pots 
12 /MRSS/V_PRD_W_SD /MRSS/92000264 Manage MRS Periodic Work Schedule 
13 /MRSS/V_PREF_TECH /MRSS/92000395 Specify Preferred Resource for Second Visit 
14 /MRSS/V_RAL_DSEL /MRSS/92000333 Define Data Selection for Resource Assignment List 
15 /MRSS/V_REL_INT /MRSS/92000374 Control Integration of Relationships 
16 /MRSS/V_RES_GRP /MRSS/92000259 Manage Resource Groups 
17 /MRSS/V_RES_SLOT /MRSS/92000267 Manage Time Windows for External Service Providers 
18 /MRSS/V_RES_TYP /MRSS/92000155 Assign Time Allocation Types to Resource Types 
19 /MRSS/V_RM_ADDNL /MRSS/92000084 Maintain Additional Broadcast Targets 
20 /MRSS/V_RM_BCCON /MRSS/34000049 Maintain Broadcast Information for Countries 
21 /MRSS/V_RM_BCOAC /MRSS/92000224 Broadcast Regions - Others - Trigger Actions 
22 /MRSS/V_RM_BCOTH /MRSS/92000085 Broadcast Regions - Others 
23 /MRSS/V_RM_BCPRT /MRSS/92000199 Maintain Consulting Groups 
24 /MRSS/V_RM_BCRMC /MRSS/92000086 Countries assignment for RM groups 
25 /MRSS/V_RM_BCRMO /MRSS/92000087 Maintain others assignment for RM groups 
26 /MRSS/V_RM_BCRMV /MRSS/92000088 Vendors assignment for RM groups 
27 /MRSS/V_RM_BCVEN /MRSS/92000089 Vendors assignment to vendor groups 
28 /MRSS/V_RM_BCVGP /MRSS/92000090 Vendors group for tree hierarchy 
29 /MRSS/V_RM_BTN /MRSS/92000100 Maintain buttons 
30 /MRSS/V_RM_COLS /MRSS/92000101 Maintain Column Display for WDA ALV 
31 /MRSS/V_RM_CUST /MRSS/92000300 Maintain RM Custom Fields 
32 /MRSS/V_RM_CVUI /MRSS/92000323 Configure Consultant View 
33 /MRSS/V_RM_HTFIL /MRSS/92000102 Maintain Hard To Fill Flag 
34 /MRSS/V_RM_INTP /MRSS/92000200 Maintain Others Assignment for RM Groups 
35 /MRSS/V_RM_MDATA /MRSS/34000051 Configure Basic Settings 
36 /MRSS/V_RM_NNRES /MRSS/92000367 Configure Settings for N.N. Resources 
37 /MRSS/V_RM_ORG /MRSS/92000103 Maintain Responsible RM Organizations 
38 /MRSS/V_RM_PS /MRSS/92000104 Partner (Candidate) Statuses 
39 /MRSS/V_RM_SLA /MRSS/92000105 Exclude from SLA Tracking 
40 /MRSS/V_RM_STAT /MRSS/34000052 Manage RM Request and Role Status 
41 /MRSS/V_RM_TRULE /MRSS/92000331 Specify Default Values for Time Rules 
42 /MRSS/V_RM_UNIT /MRSS/92000106 Specify Units for Duration 
43 /MRSS/V_RM_USROL /MRSS/92000107 Button User Roles 
44 /MRSS/V_RM_WL /MRSS/34000050 Maintain Worklists 
45 /MRSS/V_SGE_NOTE /MRSS/92000360 Configure Note Management Settings 
46 /MRSS/V_SGE_PREB /MRSS/92000363 Assign Pre-Booking Status 
47 /MRSS/V_SGE_PRNT /MRSS/92000332 Activate Printing for Demand Types 
48 /MRSS/V_SGE_PROC /MRSS/92000025 Configure Basic Settings 
49 /MRSS/V_SGE_TZON /MRSS/92000359 Set Time Zone Priority 
50 /MRSS/V_SGU_ABRS /MRSS/92000355 Activate Assignment-Based Resource Selection 
51 /MRSS/V_SGU_CFL /MRSS/92000317 Define Color Legends for Item Worklist 
52 /MRSS/V_SGU_CFLD /MRSS/92000318 Define Color Legends for Item Worklist 
53 /MRSS/V_SPAREPRT /MRSS/92000256 Manage Item Category for Spare Parts 
54 /MRSS/V_SRCHHELP_D /MRSS/92000330 Define Search Helps for Resources and Demands 
55 /MRSS/V_SUMBAR /MRSS/92000288 Define Settings for Totals Bar 
56 /MRSS/V_TOBJ_INT /MRSS/92000371 Control Integration of Technical Objects 
57 /MRSS/V_WFM_TOLT /MRSS/92000156 Define Time Allocation Type for Tools 
58 /MRSS/V_W_SCD_RL /MRSS/92000265 Compile Rules for MRS Work Schedules 
59 /NFM/BADI_MV02 /NFM/12001288 BAdI: IDoc Material Master 
60 /NFM/IMGBADI_VEDA_VE /NFM/12001289 BAdI: IDoc Sales Order 
61 /NFM/IMG_CA_C_BOESL /NFM/80000209 Maintain Exchange Keys 
62 /NFM/IMG_CA_C_NES /NFM/80000206 Maintain NF Keys and Base Values 
63 /NFM/IMG_CA_C_NFM /NFM/80000207 Maintain Rate Determination Modules 
64 /NFM/IMG_CA_C_NFR /NFM/80000208 Maintain Rate Determination Routines 
65 /NFM/IMG_CA_TBASIC /NFM/80000211 Maintain Basic Settings for NF Metal Processing 
66 /NFM/IMG_CA_TEBG /NFM/80000210 Maintain Movement Reasons for Coverage 
67 /NFM/IMG_CO_C_CO /NFM/80000212 Assign Controlling Area/Origin to NF Key 
68 /NFM/IMG_INFO_EBELEG /NFM/80000230 Display NF Data for Purchasing Documents 
69 /NFM/IMG_INFO_VBELEG /NFM/80000231 Display NF Data for Sales Documents 
70 /NFM/IMG_MM_CA_BADI /NFM/12001214 BAdI: Changes to Document Data of NF Metal Processing 
71 /NFM/IMG_MM_C_KBB /NFM/80000227 Maintain Movement Types for Material Provision in Purchasing 
72 /NFM/IMG_MM_C_MM_SD /NFM/80000225 Rate Reference Purchasing Org. --> Sales Org. 
73 /NFM/IMG_MM_C_NES_EK /NFM/80000221 Maintain Different NF Key Data on Purchasing Org. Level 
74 /NFM/IMG_MM_C_NFS /NFM/80000224 Rate Determination Key for Purchasing 
75 /NFM/IMG_MM_C_NKTYP /NFM/80000222 Assign Condition Category/NF Key to Condition Types in MM 
76 /NFM/IMG_MM_C_NORG /NFM/80000226 Maintain Coverage/Provision Settings in Purchasing 
77 /NFM/IMG_MM_C_TOL /NFM/80000228 Include NF Metal Rates in Invoice Verification Tolerance 
78 /NFM/IMG_MM_STRPREIS /NFM/12001473 Pricing Control 
79 /NFM/IMG_SD_C_KBB /NFM/80000219 Maintain Movement Types for Material Provision in SD 
80 /NFM/IMG_SD_C_NES_VK /NFM/80000213 Maintain Different NF Key Data on Sales Org. Level 
81 /NFM/IMG_SD_C_NFS /NFM/80000217 Maintain Rate Determination Keys for SD 
82 /NFM/IMG_SD_C_NKTYP /NFM/80000214 Assign Condition Category/NF Key to Condition Types in SD 
83 /NFM/IMG_SD_C_NORG /NFM/80000218 Maintain Coverage/Provision Settings in SD 
84 /NFM/IMG_SD_SPERRGR /NFM/80000220 Define Blocking Reasons for Billing Document/Invoice 
85 /NFM/IMG_SD_STRPREIS /NFM/80000215 Pricing Control 
86 /OLC/BADI_OPR /OLC/53000540 BAdI: Assignment Data Determ. f. Operation PM/CS OLC Order 
87 /OLC/OLCCUST /OLC/53000538 Define Cost Settings 
88 /OLC/REBUILD_COSTS /OLC/53000539 Regenerate Order Costs 
89 /ORM/CATM /ORM/31000030 Set Up Structure: Expert Mode 
90 /ORM/GOAL_ASGN /ORM/30000045 Maintain the Goal-Risk Assignmet mode 
91 /ORM/MIS /ORM/31000003 text 
92 /ORM/ORMT_ILD_ATTR /ORM/71000100 Assign Incident/Loss Attributes to Organizational Unit 
93 /ORM/ORMT_LV /ORM/31000019 RFC Connections for SAP List Viewer 
94 /ORM/ORMT_MNT_INT /ORM/31000021 Maintain Number Range for Incidents 
95 /ORM/ORMT_MNT_WF_SEQ /ORM/31000018 Maintain Workflow Sequences 
96 /ORM/ORMT_MS_SUR /ORM/31000016 Maintain Mail Settings for Survey 
97 /ORM/ORMT_OOCR /ORM/31000014 Set Up Transport Connection 
98 /ORM/ORMT_PER_SET /ORM/31000022 Perform Segment Settings 
99 /ORM/ORMT_RRFREQ /ORM/31000027 Risk Reassessment Required 
100 /ORM/ORMT_SNRO /ORM/31000029 Specify Number Ranges 
101 /ORM/ORMT_SPEC_NO /ORM/31000024 Specify Number Ranges 
102 /ORM/ORMT_SYNC_WF_BU /ORM/31000017 Synchronize Workflow Buffer 
103 /ORM/ORMT_TLWAFS /ORM/31000026 Three Point Analysis 
104 /ORM/ORMT_TS_CUST /ORM/31000015 Task Specific Customization 
105 /ORM/ORMV_ACT_TRIG /ORM/31000008 Activate Event Triggering in Workflows 
106 /ORM/ORMV_ASN_AGNT /ORM/31000005 Assign Agent for Workflow Tasks 
107 /ORM/ORMV_CR_TNODE /ORM/31000013 Create Top Nodes 
108 /ORM/ORMV_IMP_LT /ORM/30000021 Impact Levels 
109 /ORM/ORMV_PDF /ORM/31000020 Enabling PDF Connectivity 
110 /ORM/ORMV_PRBDEF /ORM/30000049 Maintain Probability Level Matrix 
111 /ORM/ORMV_PROB_LVL /ORM/30000047 Maintain Probability Levels 
112 /ORM/ORMV_PRRITY /ORM/30000014 Maintain Risk and Opportunity Priorities 
113 /ORM/ORMV_RISK_PM /ORM/30000015 Risk Priority Matrix 
114 /ORM/ORMV_RSK_LV /ORM/30000019 Maintain Risk and Opportunity Levels 
115 /ORM/ORMV_RSK_LVS /ORM/31000007 Risk Levels 
116 /ORM/ORMV_RSK_PM /ORM/30000016 Maintain Risk and Opportunity Priority Matrix 
117 /ORM/ORMV_RSP_CM /ORM/30000022 Maintain Response Type Combinations 
118 /ORM/ORMV_RSP_TY /ORM/30000023 Maintain Response Types 
119 /ORM/ORMV_RS_L_D /ORM/30000018 Maintain Risk and Opportunity Level Matrix 
120 /ORM/ORMV_TIMEFR /ORM/30000017 Maintain Speed of Onset 
121 /ORM/ORMV_TLWAFS /ORM/31000028 Define Three-Point Analysis 
122 /ORM/ORMV_WRK_CUST /ORM/31000025 Perform Automatic Workflow Customizing 
123 /ORM/ORM_CR_TP_NODE /ORM/31000012 Create Top Nodes 
124 /ORM/ORM_GOAL_ASGN /ORM/30000046 Set the mode of Goal assignment to risks 
125 /ORM/ORM_MAIL_SET /ORM/31000011 Maintain Mail Settings for Survey 
126 /ORM/ORM_MNT_WF_SEQ /ORM/31000010 Maintain Workflow Sequences 
127 /ORM/ORM_SYNC_WF_BUF /ORM/31000009 Synchronize Workflow Buffer 
128 /ORM/VC_ORM_CLSF /ORM/59000002 Maintain Incident and Loss Attributes 
129 /OSP/ID_APPL_FLWBVRA /OSP/68002417 Define Application Behavior Settings 
130 /OSP/ID_APPL_FLW_BVR /OSP/32000026 Define Application Behavior Settings 
131 /OSP/IMG_ACT_CAN_SC /OSP/32000019 Cancel Budget Monitoring Scheduler Settings 
132 /OSP/IMG_ACT_CLT_CP /OSP/32000024 Copy Reports to Productive Client 
133 /OSP/IMG_ACT_CTXMAP /OSP/68002405 Define Context Variable Mappings 
134 /OSP/IMG_ACT_CTXVARA /OSP/68002404 Define Context Variables 
135 /OSP/IMG_ACT_CTX_GRP /OSP/80000008 Define Context Groups 
136 /OSP/IMG_ACT_CTX_MAP /OSP/80000009 Define Context Variable Mappings 
137 /OSP/IMG_ACT_CTX_VAR /OSP/80000007 Define Context Variables 
138 /OSP/IMG_ACT_ERLOG_A /OSP/68002409 View Error Log 
139 /OSP/IMG_ACT_ERR_LOG /OSP/80000016 View Error Log 
140 /OSP/IMG_ACT_LOGPOT /OSP/32000017 Define Logical Ports 
141 /OSP/IMG_ACT_LOGPRT /OSP/32000021 Maintain Logical Ports 
142 /OSP/IMG_ACT_MDR_DP /OSP/32000013 Deploy Application Metadata 
143 /OSP/IMG_ACT_MDR_LD /OSP/32000023 Upload Application Metadata 
144 /OSP/IMG_ACT_MDR_MT /OSP/32000012 Define Application Metadata 
145 /OSP/IMG_ACT_MDR_UI /OSP/32000018 Deploy Application UI 
146 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RFC /OSP/32000027 Create Logical RFC Destination 
147 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RFC_A /OSP/68002403 Create Logical RFC Destination 
148 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RFC_DT /OSP/32000022 Define Target Systems 
149 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RPTPR_A /OSP/68002408 Schedule Reports for Time Points 
150 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RP_CAT /OSP/32000014 Create Report Catalogs 
151 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RP_DC /OSP/32000029 Define Data Change Events 
152 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RP_DC_A /OSP/68002407 Define Data Change Events 
153 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RP_RLV /OSP/32000015 Assign Rule Violation Reports 
154 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RP_SEND /OSP/80000006 Resend Unsent Reports 
155 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RP_TP /OSP/32000028 Define Time Points 
156 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RP_TP_A /OSP/68002406 Define Time Points 
157 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RP_TP_R /OSP/32000030 Schedule Reports for Time Points 
158 /OSP/IMG_ACT_SCHDLR /OSP/32000016 Read Budget Monitoring Scheduler Settings 
159 /OSP/IMG_CHKTOOL /OSP/80000020 Run Duet Check Tool 
160 /OSP/IMG_CHKTOOL_ATL /OSP/68002425 Run Information Worker Check Tool 
161 /OSP/IMG_CUST /OSP/80000021 Customizing Cross System Viewer 
162 /OSP/IMG_CUST_A /OSP/68002412 Customizing Cross System Viewer 
163 /OSP/IMG_ENH_A /OSP/68002413 Implement User Exit for Reporting 
164 /OSP/IMG_LPCNFG /OSP/80000018 Configure Logical Ports 
165 /OSP/IMG_LPCNFG_A /OSP/49000007 Configure Logical Ports 
166 /OSP/IMG_RFCDST /OSP/80000019 Maintain RFC Destinations 
167 /OSP/IMG_RFCDST_A /OSP/68002410 Maintain RFC Destinations 
168 /OSP/IMG_SLDRFC /OSP/80000017 Maintain RFC Destinations Using SLD 
169 /OSP/IMG_SLDRFC_A /OSP/68002411 Maintain RFC Destinations Using SLD 
170 /OSP/IMG_WSR_TIME /OSP/32000034 Read Time Management WSR Settings 
171 /OSP/I_MDR /OSP/32000009 Delpoyment 
172 /OSP/SCH /OSP/32000008 Scheduling 
173 /PLMB/FRW_FLDTYP /PLMB/38000095 Define Field Types 
174 /PLMB/FRW_MAPDTL /PLMB/38000094 Define Mapping of Data Elements to Parameters 
175 /PLMB/FRW_MAPFLD /PLMB/38000093 Define Mapping of Structure Components to Parameters 
176 /PLMB/FRW_PRM /PLMB/38000092 Define Parameters for Parameter Mapping 
177 /PLMB/GOS_SGRP /PLMB/38000103 Assign Services to Service Groups 
178 /PLMB/RFC_DEST /PLMB/38000099 Define RFC Destinations 
179 /PLMB/SPI_ACCESS_MET /PLMB/38000089 BAdI: Adjustment of Data for Service Provider Access Methods 
180 /PLMB/SPI_METADATA /PLMB/38000090 BAdI: Enrichment of Node Definition 
181 /PLMB/SPI_TRANSACTN /PLMB/38000091 BAdI: Steps After the Save and Clean-Up Process 
182 /PLMB/VC_NAV /PLMB/38000076 Make Settings for Object Navigator 
183 /PLMB/VC_NAV_XS /PLMB/53000173 Define Cross-System Access Settings for Object Navigator 
184 /PLMB/VWR_INST /PLMB/53000175 Define Viewer Installation 
185 /PLMB/V_GOS_OTYP /PLMB/38000083 Define Generic Object Types 
186 /PLMB/V_GOS_SDEF /PLMB/38000101 Define Generic Services 
187 /PLMB/V_GOS_SGDF /PLMB/38000102 Define Service Groups 
188 /PLMB/V_RFC_LSYS /PLMB/53000203 Assign Logical System to RFC Destination 
189 /PLMB/V_SPI_ABB /PLMB/38000100 Define Application Building Blocks 
190 /PLMU/EX_FRW_CONSUME /PLMU/53000176 BAdI: Consumer Application Controller 
191 /PLMU/FRW_CTXM /PLMU/38000096 Define the Context Menu 
192 /PLMU/FRW_NAV /PLMU/38000097 Assign the Navigation Target 
193 /PLMU/FRW_NAVTG /PLMU/38000098 Define Navigation Targets 
194 /PLMU/FRW_PREVW /PLMU/38000106 Define Preview for Object Type 
195 /PLMU/UI_FRW_ACTION /PLMU/38000086 BAdI: Context Menu 
196 /PLMU/UI_FRW_CONTEXT /PLMU/38000087 BAdI: Context Menu 
197 /PLMU/UI_FRW_PARAMTR /PLMU/38000088 BAdI: UI Framework Parameters 
198 /PLMU/UI_FRW_SIDEPNL /PLMU/38000084 BAdI: Side Panel Settings 
199 /RPM/AUTHORIZATION /RPM/36000004 BAdI: ACL Authorization for Portfolio Management 
200 /RPM/CLASS_ROLLUP_BA /RPM/36000060 BAdI: Modification of Classification Rollup Factor 
201 /RPM/CP_CUST_FIELDS /RPM/47000052 BAdI: Custom Mapping of Portf. Mgmt Item to Base Fields 
202 /RPM/DECISION_POINT /RPM/47000075 BAdI: Decision Point Object 
203 /RPM/EX_BUCKET_BADI /RPM/47000046 BAdI: Definition for Bucket Enhancement 
204 /RPM/EX_CALCULATION /RPM/36000048 BAdI: Calculation of Portfolio Item Alerts 
205 /RPM/EX_CAP_B_PLAN /RPM/47000071 BAdI: Definition for Bucket Capacity Enhancement 
206 /RPM/EX_CAP_PLAN /RPM/47000072 BAdI: Definition for Capacity Enhancement 
207 /RPM/EX_COLLECTION /RPM/47000070 BAdI: Definition for Collection Enhancement 
208 /RPM/EX_CO_DOWNLOAD /RPM/36000072 BAdI: SAP ERP Transfer to PS WBS Elements 
209 /RPM/EX_FIN_B_PLAN /RPM/47000073 BAdI: Definition for Bucket Financial Enhancement 
210 /RPM/EX_FIN_PLAN /RPM/47000074 BAdI: Definition for Financial Enhancement 
211 /RPM/EX_ITEM_CHNG_PR /RPM/36000022 BAdI: Change Process for the Item 
212 /RPM/EX_OBJ_CONSISTE /RPM/51000070 BAdI: Object Consistency Check 
213 /RPM/EX_PFSFORM_BADI /RPM/51000082 BAdI: Print Fact Sheet Forms 
214 /RPM/EX_PORTFOLIO_BA /RPM/47000047 BAdI: Definition for Portfolio Enhancement 
215 /RPM/EX_REVIEW_BADI /RPM/47000048 BAdI: Definition for Review Enhancement 
216 /RPM/EX_WHATIF_BADI /RPM/47000069 BAdI: Definition for What-if Enhancement 
217 /RPM/FIN_CAP_PLAN /RPM/47000049 BAdI: Financial and Capacity Planning 
218 /RPM/IDENTITY_MAN /RPM/36000006 BAdI: Identity Management for SAP Portfolio and Project Management 
219 /RPM/ITEM_API /RPM/36000049 BAdI: Item/Decision Point API 
220 /RPM/MSP_CUST_FIELDS /RPM/47000051 BAdI: Custom Mapping of Portf. Mgmt Item to MS Project Fields 
221 /RPM/OBJECT_SERVICES /RPM/36000050 BAdI: Support Services for Portf. Mgmt Object 
222 /RPM/PERSON_CUST_FLD /RPM/47000059 BAdI: Resource Customer Fields 
223 /RPM/PLMPS_CUS_FIELD /RPM/47000054 BAdI: Custom Mapping of Portf. Mgmt Item to PS Project Fields 
224 /RPM/VC_CP_MAP /RPM/51000065 Map Item Type to Project or PS 
225 /RPM/VC_DASH_FIELDS /RPM/36000024 Define Fields for Dashboards 
226 /RPM/VC_DASH_PERS /RPM/36000025 Define the Personalization Options for Dashboards 
227 /RPM/VC_FIELD_TAB /RPM/51000073 Assign Fields to Views/Subviews 
228 /RPM/VC_FINCAP_UI /RPM/47000027 Define Financial and Capacity View for Front-End Configuration 
229 /RPM/VC_ITCT_MAP /RPM/51000071 Map Item Template to Project Template or PS Project 
230 /RPM/VC_ITEM_TYPE_ST /RPM/36000018 Make Settings for the Status Mapping For Items 
231 /RPM/VC_LTXT_FIELD_C /RPM/36000027 Define Custom Long Text Fields 
232 /RPM/VC_PORT_FIN_CAP /RPM/47000030 Define Financial Capacity Settings for Portfolio Types 
233 /RPM/V_ACT_GRP_C /RPM/36000039 Maintain Activity Groups for Complex Column Chart 
234 /RPM/V_ACT_GRP_G /RPM/36000038 Maintain Activity Groups for Complex Gantt Chart 
235 /RPM/V_CHANGEDOC /RPM/51000076 Activate Change Document 
236 /RPM/V_CR_SETTNG /RPM/36000008 Configure Collaboration Room Integration 
237 /RPM/V_DB_SCOPE /RPM/36000026 Define Dashboard Scopes 
238 /RPM/V_FI_HIERAR /RPM/51000012 Financial Object Link Types for Hierarchical Processing 
239 /RPM/V_OBJ_FORMS /RPM/51000074 Define Print Forms per Object Type 
240 /RPM/V_REP_FIN_M /RPM/36000059 Define Xcelsius Chart View Mappings 
241 /RPM/V_SCENCLASS /RPM/47000032 Define Scenario Classification for What-If 
242 /RPM/V_SCENTYPES /RPM/47000029 Define Scenario Types for What-If 
243 /RPM/V_SUBST_OBJ /RPM/47000026 Maintain Objects for Substitution 
244 /SAPCEM/DISPOGRU /SAPCEM/12000560 Define Planning Group 
245 /SAPCEM/MESSPUNKT /SAPCEM/12000446 Measurement Document Entry in PBE Document 
246 /SAPCEM/PIBLART /SAPCEM/12000438 Document Types per Activity Settlement Type 
247 /SAPCEM/PIVARLV /SAPCEM/12000436 Activity Settlement Types per Variant 
248 /SAPCEM/PSPBUKRS /SAPCEM/12000447 Assign WBS Element per Company Code 
249 /SAPCEM/SD_MATERIAL /SAPCEM/97000065 BAdI: Choose Material for SD Settlement 
250 /SAPCEM/VARPI /SAPCEM/12000437 Variants for Price Information 
251 /SAPCEM/WF_EQUI /SAPCEM/12000439 Activate Workflow from Equipment 
252 /SAPCND/APPLICATION /SAPCND/43000003 Set Up Application 
253 /SAPCND/ARCH_CHECK /SAPCND/89000018 Enhanced Checks for Archiving of Condition Records 
254 /SAPCND/CONTEXT /SAPCND/43000005 Set Up Condition Maintenance Context 
255 /SAPCND/CON_CONT /SAPCND/83000118 Define Maintenance Groups for Context 
256 /SAPCND/CON_FELDPR /SAPCND/68000184 BAdI for Field Checks, Default Values, Input Help, and so on 
257 /SAPCND/CON_KONDART /SAPCND/68000405 Create Condition Types 
258 /SAPCND/IMG_FEKA /SAPCND/68000637 Create Field Catalog 
259 /SAPCND/IMG_TAB /SAPCND/68000636 Create Condition Tables 
260 /SAPCND/IMG_ZUG /SAPCND/68000633 Create Access Sequences 
261 /SAPCND/KOMPATIB /SAPCND/68000406 Compatibility Check 
262 /SAPCND/MNT_CHECK /SAPCND/68000635 BAdI: Maintenance Authorization 
263 /SAPCND/SYS_CONFIG /SAPCND/43000001 System Configuration for Condition Technique 
264 /SAPCND/TASK /SAPCND/43000004 Set Up Task 
265 /SAPCND/USAGE /SAPCND/43000002 Set Up Usage 
266 /SAPCND/VC_ASSGN_IMG /SAPCND/98000006 Define User Exits and Assign Formula Numbers 
267 /SAPCND/VC_CTLST /SAPCND/68000927 Define Determination Procedure 
268 /SAPCND/VC_GROUP /SAPCND/68000744 Define Condition Maintenance Groups 
269 /SAPCND/V_CNT_GR1 /SAPCND/68000747 Condition Maintenance Context and Group 
270 /SAPCND/V_GROUP /SAPCND/68000688 Groups of Condition Tables and Types 
271 /SAPCND/V_UERANG /SAPCND/98000005 Display Number Ranges 
272 /SAPDII/DPCAPPID /SAPDII/71000009 Maintain ID 
273 /SAPDII/DPCAPPROP /SAPDII/71000010 Maintain Application Properties 
274 /SAPDII/DPCAPPSET /SAPDII/71000012 Maintain Application Settings 
275 /SAPDII/DPCDOCPROF /SAPDII/71000015 Maintain Profiles for Documents 
276 /SAPDII/DPCDOCPROT /SAPDII/71000016 Maintain Descriptions for Document Types 
277 /SAPDII/DPCEXINTID /SAPDII/71000013 Maintain IDs for Interfaces to External Systems 
278 /SAPDII/DPCEXTINT /SAPDII/71000014 Maintain Details for Interfaces to External Systems 
279 /SAPDII/DPCIMGMANT /SAPDII/71000020 Add Images 
280 /SAPDII/DPCPRSYSM /SAPDII/71000018 Assign Dealer to Logical System 
281 /SAPDII/DPCUSPRMAP /SAPDII/71000019 Assign User to Dealer 
282 /SAPDII/DPCWTYSTAT /SAPDII/71000007 Assign Status 
283 /SAPDII/DPCWTYWBST /SAPDII/71000008 Create Descriptions for Status 
284 /SAPDII/DPSYSRFCM /SAPDII/71000017 Assign Logical System 
285 /SAPDII/DPVMSCDWBAC /SAPDII/71000002 Assign Dealer Actions to Actions in the DI System 
286 /SAPDII/DPVMSCDWBACC /SAPDII/71000006 Select Action for "Changed Vehicles" 
287 /SAPDII/DPVMSCDWBACM /SAPDII/71000011 Maintain Dealer Actions 
288 /SAPDII/DPVMSCDWBACT /SAPDII/71000003 Create Descriptions for Dealer Actions 
289 /SAPDII/DPVMSCDWBDS /SAPDII/71000004 Assign Status for Dealer to Status in DI System 
290 /SAPDII/DPVMSCDWBDST /SAPDII/71000005 Create Descriptions for Status 
291 /SAPF15/BEWIRT /SAPF15/82000019 F15 Bewirtschafter Stammdaten 
292 /SAPF15/F15GJW /SAPF15/82000024 F15 FI Belege mit Geschäftsjahreswechsel 
293 /SAPF15/F15GJWVP /SAPF15/82000025 F15 VP Belege mit Geschäftsjahreswechsel 
294 /SAPF15/FIPO2BW /SAPF15/82000022 Finanzpositionen -> F15 Bewirtschafter 
295 /SAPF15/FMITBACT /SAPF15/82000032 HHM Summenbeleg Betragsarten 300/350 
296 /SAPF15/FMITFIPO /SAPF15/82000026 HHM Summenbeleg F15 Relevanz 
297 /SAPF15/FMITWRTY /SAPF15/82000007 HHM Summenbeleg aktive Werttypen 
298 /SAPF15/TABLT /SAPF15/82000005 F15 allgemeine Einstellungen 
299 /SAPF15/TAO2VSL /SAPF15/82000001 F15 relevante Belegarten AO's 
300 /SAPF15/TAZV /SAPF15/82000023 F15 Kontonummern der Korrespondenzbanken 
301 /SAPF15/TBA2VSL /SAPF15/82000004 F15 relevante Budgetbelegarten MD's (BCS) 
302 /SAPF15/TBU2VSL /SAPF15/82000003 F15 relevante Budgetunterarten MD's (FBS) 
303 /SAPF15/TFLDMAP /SAPF15/82000008 Feldzuordnung SAP -> F15 
304 /SAPF15/TKZNKR /SAPF15/82000020 F15 Kassenzeichen Nummernkreise 
305 /SAPF15/TKZNKRH /SAPF15/82000021 F15 Kassenzeichen Nummernkreise Historie 
306 /SAPF15/TMAHNKZ /SAPF15/82000006 F15 gültige Mahnkennzeichen 
307 /SAPF15/TMV2VSL /SAPF15/82000002 F15 relevante Belegarten FL's und VP's 
308 /SAPF15/TRMBLART /SAPF15/82000018 Belegart Barzahlung 
309 /SAPF15/TRMBUTYP /SAPF15/82000017 VSL -> Buchungstyp 
310 /SAPF15/TRMKFA /SAPF15/82000013 Klärungsfallarten 
311 /SAPF15/TRMKFAF /SAPF15/82000014 Buchungstyp -> KFA 
312 /SAPF15/TRMKFAH4 /SAPF15/82000015 HKR4 Fehlercode -> KFA 
313 /SAPF15/TRMKFAZ9 /SAPF15/82000016 ZÜV900 Fehlercode -> KFA 
314 /SAPF15/TVSL /SAPF15/82000009 F15 Verarbeitungsschlüssel 
315 /SAPF15/TZAHLSTA /SAPF15/82000029 Zuordnung Anordnungen 
316 /SAPF15/TZAHLSTB /SAPF15/82000030 Zuordnung Bewirtschafter 
317 /SAPF15/TZAHLSTL /SAPF15/82000028 Zuordnung Konto 
318 /SAPF15/V_T015L /SAPF15/82000010 LZB - Kennzeichen 
319 /SAPF15/V_T015W /SAPF15/82000012 Weisungsschlüssel 
320 /SAPF15/V_T015W1 /SAPF15/82000011 Weisungen S.W.I.F.T. MT103 
321 /SAPF15/ZAHLSTL /SAPF15/82000027 Master Data 
322 /SAPF15/ZAHLSTLS /SAPF15/82000031 Initialisieren 
323 /SAPHT/DRM_DR1 /SAPHT/64000013 Define new transaction codes 
324 /SAPHT/DRM_DR10 /SAPHT/64000022 Define DRM Relevant condition types (Sales and Distribution) 
325 /SAPHT/DRM_DR11 /SAPHT/64000044 Define Default Condition types and Document types for Agreement Negotiation 
326 /SAPHT/DRM_DR12 /SAPHT/64000066 Define DRM Profile 
327 /SAPHT/DRM_DR13 /SAPHT/64000073 Simple Rule Definition for Price Protection 
328 /SAPHT/DRM_DR14 /SAPHT/64000072 Complex Rule Definition for Price Protection 
329 /SAPHT/DRM_DR15 /SAPHT/64000071 Schema Definition for Price Protection 
330 /SAPHT/DRM_DR16 /SAPHT/64000077 Condition Table Definition 
331 /SAPHT/DRM_DR17 /SAPHT/64000076 Define Access Sequence for Price Protection 
332 /SAPHT/DRM_DR18 /SAPHT/64000075 Define Condition type for Price Protection 
333 /SAPHT/DRM_DR19 /SAPHT/64000074 Procedure Definition for Price Protection 
334 /SAPHT/DRM_DR2 /SAPHT/64000014 Map Sales Document & Item Category to transaction codes 
335 /SAPHT/DRM_DR20 /SAPHT/64000078 Define Default DRM Profile 
336 /SAPHT/DRM_DR21 /SAPHT/64000083 Define individual validations 
337 /SAPHT/DRM_DR22 /SAPHT/64000084 Assign Individual Validation to Manufacturer/ Distributor 
338 /SAPHT/DRM_DR23 /SAPHT/64000085 Define Validation Rules 
339 /SAPHT/DRM_DR24 /SAPHT/64000086 Assign Validations to Validatation rules 
340 /SAPHT/DRM_DR25 /SAPHT/64000087 Assign default validations to transaction codes 
341 /SAPHT/DRM_DR26 /SAPHT/64000088 Define Ship and Debit Rejection Reason 
342 /SAPHT/DRM_DR27 /SAPHT/64000089 Define Inbound, Staging & Due list Validations for a DRM Profile 
343 /SAPHT/DRM_DR28 /SAPHT/64000092 Mapping of cancellation transaction codes to transaction code 
344 /SAPHT/DRM_DR3 /SAPHT/64000015 Map Purchasing Document & Item Category to transaction codes 
345 /SAPHT/DRM_DR4 /SAPHT/64000016 Map Goods Movement to DRM Transaction Code for Assembly process 
346 /SAPHT/DRM_DR5 /SAPHT/64000017 Define DRM Relevant condition types (Materials Management) 
347 /SAPHT/DRM_DR55 /SAPHT/12001066 Assign Condition types for cond. rec. creation from Agreement Negotiation 
348 /SAPHT/DRM_DR6 /SAPHT/64000018 Sales Document Type 
349 /SAPHT/DRM_DR7 /SAPHT/64000019 Purchasing Document Type 
350 /SAPHT/DRM_DR8 /SAPHT/64000020 Convert External To Internal Partner Numbers 
351 /SAPHT/DRM_DR9 /SAPHT/64000021 Assign Customer/Vendor To Sales Organization Data 
352 /SAPHT/DRM_MS1 /SAPHT/64000002 Define new transaction codes 
353 /SAPHT/DRM_MS10 /SAPHT/64000011 Convert External To Internal Partner Numbers 
354 /SAPHT/DRM_MS11 /SAPHT/64000012 Assign Customer/Vendor To Sales Organization Data 
355 /SAPHT/DRM_MS12 /SAPHT/64000023 Define fields associated with error code 
356 /SAPHT/DRM_MS13 /SAPHT/64000045 Define Dropship relevancy for Order types 
357 /SAPHT/DRM_MS14 /SAPHT/36000004 Simple Rule Definition for Sample Processing 
358 /SAPHT/DRM_MS15 /SAPHT/64000046 Complex Rule Definition for Sample Processing 
359 /SAPHT/DRM_MS16 /SAPHT/64000047 Scheme Definition for Sample Processing 
360 /SAPHT/DRM_MS17 /SAPHT/64000048 Condition Table Definition 
361 /SAPHT/DRM_MS18 /SAPHT/64000049 Define Access Sequence for Sample Processing 
362 /SAPHT/DRM_MS19 /SAPHT/64000050 Define Condition type for Sample Processing 
363 /SAPHT/DRM_MS2 /SAPHT/64000003 Map Sales document & item category to transaction codes 
364 /SAPHT/DRM_MS20 /SAPHT/64000051 Procedure Definition for Sample Processing 
365 /SAPHT/DRM_MS21 /SAPHT/64000052 Define DRM Profile 
366 /SAPHT/DRM_MS22 /SAPHT/64000053 Define Inbound, Staging & Due list Validations for a DRM Profile 
367 /SAPHT/DRM_MS23 /SAPHT/64000054 Prepare Agreement Negotiation 
368 /SAPHT/DRM_MS24 /SAPHT/64000055 Assign Agreement Status 
369 /SAPHT/DRM_MS25 /SAPHT/64000056 Simple Rule Definition for Resale Matching 
370 /SAPHT/DRM_MS26 /SAPHT/64000057 Complex Rule Definition for Resale Matching 
371 /SAPHT/DRM_MS27 /SAPHT/64000058 Scheme Definition for Resale Matching 
372 /SAPHT/DRM_MS28 /SAPHT/64000059 Assign Resale Document Match Scheme to Profile 
373 /SAPHT/DRM_MS29 /SAPHT/64000060 Simple Rule Definition for Duplicate Check 
374 /SAPHT/DRM_MS3 /SAPHT/64000004 Define DRM Relevant condition types 
375 /SAPHT/DRM_MS30 /SAPHT/64000061 Complex Rule Definition for Duplicate Check 
376 /SAPHT/DRM_MS31 /SAPHT/64000062 Scheme Definition for Duplicate Check 
377 /SAPHT/DRM_MS32 /SAPHT/64000063 Assign Duplicate Match Schema to Profile for Resale / Drop Ship / Return 
378 /SAPHT/DRM_MS33 /SAPHT/64000064 Assign BillUp Document Match Scheme to Profile 
379 /SAPHT/DRM_MS34 /SAPHT/64000065 Assign Duplicate Match Schema to Profile for Claims 
380 /SAPHT/DRM_MS35 /SAPHT/64000067 Define Default DRM Profile 
381 /SAPHT/DRM_MS36 /SAPHT/36000007 Simple Rule definition for Price Protection 
382 /SAPHT/DRM_MS37 /SAPHT/36000006 Complex Rule Definition for Price Protection 
383 /SAPHT/DRM_MS38 /SAPHT/36000005 Schema Definition for Price Protection 
384 /SAPHT/DRM_MS39 /SAPHT/64000082 Condition Table Definition 
385 /SAPHT/DRM_MS4 /SAPHT/64000005 Sales Document Type 
386 /SAPHT/DRM_MS40 /SAPHT/64000070 Define Access Sequence for Price Protection 
387 /SAPHT/DRM_MS41 /SAPHT/64000069 Define Condition type for Price Protection 
388 /SAPHT/DRM_MS42 /SAPHT/64000068 Procedure Definition for Price Protection 
389 /SAPHT/DRM_MS43 /SAPHT/64000079 Simple Rule Definition for Bill Up Matching 
390 /SAPHT/DRM_MS44 /SAPHT/64000080 Complex Rule Definition for Bill Up Matching 
391 /SAPHT/DRM_MS45 /SAPHT/64000081 Schema Definition for Bill Up Matching 
392 /SAPHT/DRM_MS46 /SAPHT/36000008 Define Ship and Debit Rejection Reasons 
393 /SAPHT/DRM_MS47 /SAPHT/36000009 Map Credit Memo Req Rejection to Ship & Debit Rejection 
394 /SAPHT/DRM_MS48 /SAPHT/36000010 Define Validation Types 
395 /SAPHT/DRM_MS49 /SAPHT/36000011 Assign Validation Types to Manufacturer / Distributor 
396 /SAPHT/DRM_MS5 /SAPHT/64000006 Billing Document Type 
397 /SAPHT/DRM_MS50 /SAPHT/64000090 Assign logical system for Agreement Negotiation 
398 /SAPHT/DRM_MS51 /SAPHT/64000091 Mapping of cancellation transaction codes to transaction code 
399 /SAPHT/DRM_MS52 /SAPHT/12000838 DRM Partner relevance 
400 /SAPHT/DRM_MS53 /SAPHT/12000840 MS/DR setting 
401 /SAPHT/DRM_MS54 /SAPHT/12000841 DRM Partner Relevance 
402 /SAPHT/DRM_MS55 /SAPHT/12000842 Reference Customer for End Customer Aliasing 
403 /SAPHT/DRM_MS57 /SAPHT/12000845 Define Error Classes 
404 /SAPHT/DRM_MS58 /SAPHT/12000846 Assign Validation types to Error Classes 
405 /SAPHT/DRM_MS59 /SAPHT/12000865 Define Text ID for ship and debit pass through data 
406 /SAPHT/DRM_MS6 /SAPHT/64000007 Define Reroute Condition and Assign Rejection Reason 
407 /SAPHT/DRM_MS7 /SAPHT/64000008 Define Validation Rules 
408 /SAPHT/DRM_MS8 /SAPHT/64000009 Assign Validations to Validation rules 
409 /SAPHT/DRM_MS9 /SAPHT/64000010 Assign default validations to transaction codes 
410 /SAPHT/SW_CTRCT_AVLB /SAPHT/12000555 Assign availability period to sales document type 
411 /SAPHT/SW_PRC_PRTCT /SAPHT/12000552 Define default price protection period for sales organization 
412 /SAPHT/SW_SMP_CFG /SAPHT/12000553 Assign organizational areas 
413 /SAPHT/SW_SMP_REJCOD /SAPHT/12000554 Assign rejection codes to SMP document types 
414 /SAPHT/SW_VERS_CHG /SAPHT/12000551 Assign upgrade path procedure to sales document type 
415 /SAPMP/CAMERKMALE /SAPMP/12001273 Assign Characteristics for SAP for Mill Products 
416 /SAPMP/CAMERKMALE1 /SAPMP/12001461 Copy Characteristics for SAP for Mill Products from Client 000 
417 /SAPMP/IMG_BADI_RC /SAPMP/12001290 BAdI: Change Reel Calculation 
418 /SAPMP/LESHPLBA1 /SAPMP/12001221 Shipping-Point-Dependent Activation of DTUC 
419 /SAPMP/LESHPLBA2 /SAPMP/12001222 Set Movement Types for DTUC 
420 /SAPMP/LESHPLBA3 /SAPMP/97000078 BAdI: Enhancements in DTUC Processing 
421 /SAPMP/LESHPLBA4 /SAPMP/97000079 BAdI: Cutting Processing 
422 /SAPMP/LESHPLBA5 /SAPMP/97000080 BAdI: Customer-Specific Checks for Cutting Processing 
423 /SAPMP/LESHPLBA6 /SAPMP/97000077 BAdI: Customer-Specific Screen for Split/Quantity Distribution 
424 /SAPMP/LESHPLBA8 /SAPMP/36000002 BAdI: DTUC and WMS 
425 /SAPMP/LO_RC_CONTROL /SAPMP/12001171 Set Plant Data 
426 /SAPMP/LO_RC_RESULT /SAPMP/12001172 Define Result Control 
427 /SAPMP/MIG_PROD_VERS /SAPMP/97000001 BAdI: Migration CS: Create Production Versions 
428 /SAPMP/OB_OC_ALLOW /SAPMP/97000004 Permit Original Batches for Combined Orders 
429 /SAPMP/PP_FHM_WC /SAPMP/97000045 Permit Assignment of PRTs to Work Centers 
430 /SAPMP/SDLEIHGUT /SAPMP/12001267 Define Control Paramters for Returnable Packaging Processing 
431 /SAPMP/SDLEIHGUTALLG /SAPMP/12001269 Make Basic Settings for Returnable Packaging Processing 
432 /SAPNEA/J_SC_BUYBACK /SAPNEA/10000677 BAdI: Deductible Payables 
433 /SAPNEA/J_SC_GL /SAPNEA/85000001 BAdI: Additional Data Posting to Accounting Documents 
434 /SAPNEA/J_SC_PSY /SAPNEA/60000001 Specify When to Charge Subcontractors for Shrinkage 
435 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_001 /SAPNEA/01001906 Make General Settings 
436 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_002 /SAPNEA/01001951 Activate at Valuation Area Level 
437 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_003 /SAPNEA/01002111 Activate at Client Level 
438 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_004 /SAPNEA/06000189 Assign SAPscript Forms to Reports 
439 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_005 /SAPNEA/06000203 Create G/L Account 
440 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_006 /SAPNEA/06000204 Exclude G/L Account from Automatic Payments 
441 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_007 /SAPNEA/06000205 Define G/L Account as Alternative Reconciliation Account 
442 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_008 /SAPNEA/06000206 Display Valuation Class for Special Stock at Vendor Field 
443 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_009 /SAPNEA/06000291 Create Valuation Classes 
444 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_010 /SAPNEA/06000292 Assign G/L Accounts to Account Key 
445 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_011 /SAPNEA/06000293 Create Account Key 
446 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_012 /SAPNEA/06000318 Create Account Key 
447 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_013 /SAPNEA/06000319 Assign G/L Accounts to Account Key 
448 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_014 /SAPNEA/06000320 Create Billing Types 
449 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_015 /SAPNEA/06000377 Configure Automatic Postings 
450 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_016 /SAPNEA/06000321 Define Copying Control 
451 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_017 /SAPNEA/06000380 Define Condition Types 
452 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_018 /SAPNEA/06000382 Define and Assign Pricing Procedures 
453 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_019 /SAPNEA/01002509 Set Up Message Types 
454 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_020 /SAPNEA/01002510 Set Up Output Types 
455 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_021 /SAPNEA/60000003 Assign G/L Accounts to Account Key 
456 /SAPNEA/SUBCON_022 /SAPNEA/60000002 Create Account Key 
457 /SAPPCE/BADI_JVA1 /SAPPCE/06000010 BAdI: Simplified JVA Master Data Maintenance 
458 /SAPPCE/BADI_PNV01 /SAPPCE/24000005 BAdI: Construction Progress Report 
459 /SAPPCE/BADI_PNV02 /SAPPCE/12001121 BAdI: Contract Values and Remaining Plan 
460 /SAPPCE/BADI_PNV03 /SAPPCE/24000008 BAdI: Reading Data for Valuation 
461 /SAPPCE/DCPASSESMENT /SAPPCE/12001097 Define Additional Cost Categories 
462 /SAPPCE/DCPCHAIN /SAPPCE/12001093 Define Chain Types 
463 /SAPPCE/DCPDEPOSIT /SAPPCE/12001095 Define Retention Amount Categories 
464 /SAPPCE/DCPPENALTY /SAPPCE/12001098 Define Contractual Penalty Categories 
465 /SAPPCE/DCPSHB /SAPPCE/12001099 Define Special G/L Transactions 
466 /SAPPCE/DCPVERIFY /SAPPCE/12001096 Define Verification Categories 
467 /SAPPCE/DPCCHAINNO /SAPPCE/12001094 Define Number Range Intervals 
468 /SAPPCE/DPC_ BASE_AC /SAPPCE/50000230 Define Base Amount for Additional Cost Calculation 
469 /SAPPCE/DPC_ DCUTP /SAPPCE/50000229 Define Additional Cost Categories 
470 /SAPPCE/DPC_AC_DEFAU /SAPPCE/50000234 Default Values for Additional Cost Categories 
471 /SAPPCE/DPC_BADI1 /SAPPCE/12001113 BAdI: Editing Payment Chains 
472 /SAPPCE/DPC_BADI2 /SAPPCE/12001114 BAdI: Menu Enhancement for Down Payment Chains 
473 /SAPPCE/DPC_BADI3 /SAPPCE/24000011 BAdI: Standard Postings for Down Payment Chains 
474 /SAPPCE/DPC_BADI4 /SAPPCE/63000036 BAdI: Controls for Down Payment Chains 
475 /SAPPCE/DPC_BADI5 /SAPPCE/50000134 BAdI: Posting the Down Payment Chain 
476 /SAPPCE/DPC_BADI6 /SAPPCE/50000137 BAdI: Customer-Specific Tab Pages in Contracts 
477 /SAPPCE/DPC_BLART_VT /SAPPCE/50000244 Assign Document Type to Transaction Category/Document Category 
478 /SAPPCE/DPC_CUSTTAB /SAPPCE/50000138 Edit Sequence and Titles of Tabs 
479 /SAPPCE/DPC_DEFTAX /SAPPCE/50000226 Define Reporting Time of Deferred Taxes 
480 /SAPPCE/DPC_INV /SAPPCE/50000223 Assign DPC Transaction type to SD Billing Document 
481 /SAPPCE/DPC_INV1 /SAPPCE/50000260 Assign Transaction Category to Billing Type 
482 /SAPPCE/DPC_INV_1 /SAPPCE/50000259 Assign Transaction Category to Billing Type 
483 /SAPPCE/DPC_MESSAGE /SAPPCE/24000012 Change Message Control 
484 /SAPPCE/DPC_MSG_CLAS /SAPPCE/50000139 Change Message Control 
485 /SAPPCE/DPC_PO /SAPPCE/50000132 Assign Chain Type to Purchase Order Document Type 
486 /SAPPCE/DPC_RET_DEFA /SAPPCE/69000002 Default Values for Retention Amount Categories 
487 /SAPPCE/DPC_SEC_RET1 /SAPPCE/50000225 Define Calculation for Security Retention Amounts 
488 /SAPPCE/DPC_SGL2RA /SAPPCE/50000140 Assign Special G/L Indicator to Retention Amount Category 
489 /SAPPCE/DPC_SO /SAPPCE/50000222 Assign Chain Type to Sales document item category 
490 /SAPPCE/DPC_SO1 /SAPPCE/50000258 Assign Chain Type to Item Category for Sales Documents 
491 /SAPPCE/DPC_UPD_AC /SAPPCE/50000228 Define Update of Additional Costs 
492 /SAPPCE/DPC_VERIFY1 /SAPPCE/50000227 Default Values for Verification Categories 
493 /SAPPCE/JVA_ACTIVATE /SAPPCE/01001764 Activate CA-JVA-PRC for Company Code 
494 /SAPPCE/JVA_MSG /SAPPCE/06000014 Change Message Control 
495 /SAPPCE/JVA_ROLE /SAPPCE/06000013 Define Partner Role 
496 /SAPPCE/KWF1_BUKRS /SAPPCE/69000174 Customizing for Deferred Tax 
497 /SAPPCE/KWF1_REPEAT /SAPPCE/69000175 Settings: Repeat Run for Deferred Tax 
498 /SAPPCE/ORG_01 /SAPPCE/12001152 Define Category 1 
499 /SAPPCE/ORG_02 /SAPPCE/12001162 Define Category 2 
500 /SAPPCE/PNV01 /SAPPCE/12001101 Assign Cost Elements for Construction Progress Report and Remaining Plan