SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 7
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OHADBEBB15E S_AHR_61006151 Maintain Output Wage Types 
2 OHADBEBB15F S_AHR_61006326 Assign wage types for form printout 
3 OHADBEBB15G S_AHR_61006169 Copy standard form 
4 OHADBEBB15Y S_AHR_61006150 Set Up Form with HR Form Editor 
5 OHADBEBB16A S_AHR_61006313 Maintain Form Background 
6 OHADBEBB16B S_AHR_61006312 Maintain Data Positioning 
7 OHADBEBB16C S_AHR_61006320 Maintain Output Rules 
8 OHADBEBB16D S_AHR_61006318 Maintain Fixed Texts 
9 OHADBEBB16E S_AHR_61006317 Maintain Output Wage Types 
10 OHADBEBB16F S_AHR_61006316 Assign Wage Types for Form Printout 
11 OHADBEBB16G S_AHR_61006339 Copy standard form 
12 OHADBEBB16Y S_AHR_61006335 Set Up Form with HR Form Editor 
13 OHADBEBB17A S_AHR_61006371 Maintain Form Background 
14 OHADBEBB17B S_AHR_61006370 Maintain Data Positioning 
15 OHADBEBB17C S_AHR_61006369 Maintain Output Rules 
16 OHADBEBB17D S_AHR_61006365 Maintain Fixed Texts 
17 OHADBEBB17E S_AHR_61006343 Maintain Output Wage Types 
18 OHADBEBB17F S_AHR_61006356 Assign Wage Types for Form Printout 
19 OHADBEBB17G S_AHR_61006362 Copy Standard Form 
20 OHADBEBB17Y S_AHR_61006360 Set Up Form with HR Form Editor 
21 OHADBEBB18A S_AHR_61006272 Maintain Form Background 
22 OHADBEBB18B S_AHR_61006270 Maintain Data Positioning 
23 OHADBEBB18C S_AHR_61006268 Maintain Output Rules 
24 OHADBEBB18D S_AHR_61006247 Maintain Fixed Texts 
25 OHADBEBB18E S_AHR_61006257 Maintain Output Wage Types 
26 OHADBEBB18F S_AHR_61006251 Assign wage types for form printout 
27 OHADBEBB18G S_AHR_61006260 Copy Standard Form 
28 OHADBEBB18Y S_AHR_61006259 Set Up Form with HR Form Editor 
29 OHADBEBB1A1 S_AHR_61005125 Page 1 
30 OHADBEBB1A2 S_AHR_61005122 Page 2 
31 OHADBEBB1A3 S_AHR_61005116 Page 3 
32 OHADBEBB1B1 S_AHR_61007508 Page 1 
33 OHADBEBB1B2 S_AHR_61005172 Page 2 
34 OHADBEBB1B3 S_AHR_61005158 Page 3 
35 OHADBEBB1C1 S_AHR_61004232 Page 1 
36 OHADBEBB1C2 S_AHR_61004319 Page 2 
37 OHADBEBB1C3 S_AHR_61004316 Page 3 
38 OHADBEBB1D1 S_AHR_61004305 Page 1 
39 OHADBEBB1D2 S_AHR_61004173 Page 2 
40 OHADBEBB1D3 S_AHR_61004168 Page 3 
41 OHADBEBB1E1 S_AHR_61007294 Page 1 
42 OHADBEBB1E2 S_AHR_61004148 Page 2 
43 OHADBEBB1E3 S_AHR_61007288 Page 3 
44 OHADBEBB1F S_AHR_61004225 Assign Wage Types for Form Printout 
45 OHADBEBB1G1 S_AHR_61005218 Page 1 
46 OHADBEBB1G2 S_AHR_61005136 Page 2 
47 OHADBEBB1G3 S_AHR_61005131 Page 3 
48 OHADBEBB1Y S_AHR_61005128 Set Up Form with HR Form Editor 
49 OHADBEBB2A S_AHR_61007309 Maintain Form Background 
50 OHADBEBB2B S_AHR_61004473 Maintain Data Positioning 
51 OHADBEBB2C S_AHR_61004457 Maintain Output Rules 
52 OHADBEBB2D S_AHR_61004452 Maintain Fixed Texts 
53 OHADBEBB2E S_AHR_61004352 Maintain Output Wage Types 
54 OHADBEBB2F S_AHR_61004381 Assign Wage Types for Form Printout 
55 OHADBEBB2G S_AHR_61007319 Copy standard form 
56 OHADBEBB2Y S_AHR_61004209 Set Up Form with HR Form Editor 
57 OHADBEBB3A S_AHR_61004370 Maintain Form Background 
58 OHADBEBB3B S_AHR_61004367 Maintain Data Positioning 
59 OHADBEBB3C S_AHR_61006458 Maintain Output Rules 
60 OHADBEBB3D S_AHR_61006457 Maintain Fixed Texts 
61 OHADBEBB3E S_AHR_61006455 Maintain Output Wage Types 
62 OHADBEBB3F S_AHR_61006454 Assign Wage Types for Form Printout 
63 OHADBEBB3G S_AHR_61007360 Copy Standard Form 
64 OHADBEBB3Y S_AHR_61004372 Set Up Form with HR Form Editor 
65 OHADBEBB4A1 S_AHR_61006466 Page 1 
66 OHADBEBB4A2 S_AHR_61006463 Page 2 
67 OHADBEBB4B1 S_AHR_61006462 Page 1 
68 OHADBEBB4B2 S_AHR_61006461 Page 2 
69 OHADBEBB4C1 S_AHR_61006441 Page 1 
70 OHADBEBB4C2 S_AHR_61006440 Page 2 
71 OHADBEBB4D1 S_AHR_61006436 Page 1 
72 OHADBEBB4D2 S_AHR_61006445 Page 2 
73 OHADBEBB4E1 S_AHR_61006488 Page 1 
74 OHADBEBB4E2 S_AHR_61006485 Page 2 
75 OHADBEBB4F S_AHR_61006498 Assign Wage Types for Form Printout 
76 OHADBEBB4G1 S_AHR_61006453 Page 1 
77 OHADBEBB4G2 S_AHR_61006452 Page 2 
78 OHADBEBB4Y S_AHR_61006459 Set Up Form with HR Form Editor 
79 OHADBEBB5A S_AHR_61006468 Maintain Form Background 
80 OHADBEBB5B S_AHR_61006480 Maintain Data Positioning 
81 OHADBEBB5C S_AHR_61006476 Maintain Output Rules 
82 OHADBEBB5D S_AHR_61006395 Maintain Fixed Texts 
83 OHADBEBB5E S_AHR_61006398 Maintain Output Wage Types 
84 OHADBEBB5F S_AHR_61006378 Assign Wage Types for Form Printout 
85 OHADBEBB5G S_AHR_61006493 Copy Standard Form 
86 OHADBEBB5Y S_AHR_61006474 Set Up Form with HR Form Editor 
87 OHADBEBB6A S_AHR_61006386 Maintain Form Background 
88 OHADBEBB6B S_AHR_61006404 Maintain Data Positioning 
89 OHADBEBB6C S_AHR_61006425 Maintain Output Rules 
90 OHADBEBB6D S_AHR_61006428 Maintain Fixed Texts 
91 OHADBEBB6E S_AHR_61006434 Maintain Output Wage Types 
92 OHADBEBB6F S_AHR_61006429 Assign Wage Types for Form Printout 
93 OHADBEBB6G S_AHR_61006374 Copy standard form 
94 OHADBEBB6Y S_AHR_61006373 Set Up Form with HR Form Editor 
95 OHADBEBB7A S_AHR_61006419 Maintain Form Background 
96 OHADBEBB7B S_AHR_61006416 Maintain Data Positioning 
97 OHADBEBB7C S_AHR_61006579 Maintain Output Rules 
98 OHADBEBB7D S_AHR_61006563 Maintain Fixed Texts 
99 OHADBEBB7E S_AHR_61006587 Maintain Output Wage Types 
100 OHADBEBB7F S_AHR_61006580 Assign wage types for form printout 
101 OHADBEBB7G S_AHR_61006411 Copy Standard Form 
102 OHADBEBB7Y S_AHR_61006410 Set Up Form with HR Form Editor 
103 OHADBEBB8A S_AHR_61006581 Maintain Form Background 
104 OHADBEBB8B S_AHR_61006588 Maintain Data Positioning 
105 OHADBEBB8C S_AHR_61006558 Maintain Output Rules 
106 OHADBEBB8D S_AHR_61006517 Maintain Fixed Texts 
107 OHADBEBB8E S_AHR_61006515 Maintain Output Wage Types 
108 OHADBEBB8F S_AHR_61006526 Assign Wage Types for Form Printout 
109 OHADBEBB8G S_AHR_61006561 Copy Standard Form 
110 OHADBEBB8Y S_AHR_61006575 Set Up Form with HR Form Editor 
111 OHADBEBB9A S_AHR_61006505 Maintain Form Background 
112 OHADBEBB9B S_AHR_61006513 Maintain Data Positioning 
113 OHADBEBB9C S_AHR_61006511 Maintain Output Rules 
114 OHADBEBB9D S_AHR_61006508 Maintain Fixed Texts 
115 OHADBEBB9E S_AHR_61006547 Maintain Output Wage Types 
116 OHADBEBB9F S_AHR_61006555 Assign wage types for form printout 
117 OHADBEBB9G S_AHR_61006523 Copy standard form 
118 OHADBEBB9Y S_AHR_61006522 Set Up Form with HR Form Editor 
119 OHADBEC0Y S_AHR_61004648 Set Up Form with HR Form Editor 
120 OHADBECA0 S_AHR_61004536 Maintain Form Background 
121 OHADBECB0 S_AHR_61004513 Maintain Data Positioning 
122 OHADBECC0 S_AHR_61004585 Maintain Output Rules 
123 OHADBECD0 S_AHR_61004582 Maintain Fixed Texts 
124 OHADBECE0 S_AHR_61007527 Maintain Output Wage Types 
125 OHADBECF0 S_AHR_61005266 Assign Wage Types for Form Printout 
126 OHADBECG0 S_AHR_61004662 Copy standard form 
127 OHADBECH0 S_AHR_61007421 Adjust Control Parameters 
128 OHADBECJ0 S_AHR_61006593 Customer Enhancements 
129 OHADBECK0 S_AHR_61006590 Special Features of Statements 
130 OHADBLA110 S_AHR_61007225 Define Meals Allowances 
131 OHADBLA120 S_AHR_61007228 Regulate Transportation Cost Refund 
132 OHADBLA210 S_AHR_61003943 Define Separation Allowances 
133 OHADBLA220 S_AHR_61003879 Determine Weekend Trips Home 
134 OHADBLA231 S_AHR_61003885 Define Types of Overnight Stay 
135 OHADBLA232 S_AHR_61003891 Manage Hostels 
136 OHADBLA310 S_AHR_61003901 Regulate Tax Exemption of Meals 
137 OHADBLA320 S_AHR_61003907 Regulate Tax Exemption of Transportation Costs 
138 OHADBLA330 S_AHR_61003911 Regulate Tax Exemption of Overnight Stay 
139 OHADBLA400 S_AHR_61005284 Check Distance Constants 
140 OHADBLA510 S_AHR_61005921 Define Default Values for Expenses Infotype 
141 OHADBLA520 S_AHR_61005924 Check Screen for the Expenses Infotype 
142 OHADBLA610 S_AHR_61005926 Define Triggering and Suppressing Wage Types 
143 OHADBLA620 S_AHR_61005928 Valuate Expenses 
144 OHADBLA630 S_AHR_61006642 Run Payroll for Expenses 
145 OHADBLA640 S_AHR_61016449 Customer Enhancement Expenses - User Exit 
146 OHADBLA650 S_AC0_52000513 Customer Enhancement Expenses: Infotype Tables 
147 OHADBLA700 S_AHR_61016428 Create Destinations 
148 OHADBLB000 S_AHR_61006638 General Information 
149 OHADBLB100 S_PH0_48000427 Set Up Limit Amounts and Flat-Rate Percentages 
150 OHADBLC000 S_AHR_61006628 Transfer Legacy Data 
151 OHADBLC100 S_AHR_61003453 Set Up Data Entry Form 
152 OHADBLD100 S_AHR_61003552 Maintain Employee Subgroup Groupings 
153 OHADBLD200 S_AHR_61007144 Check Names and Addresses of SI Funds 
154 OHADBLD300 S_AHR_61003590 Define Default Values for Social Fund and Assignment Infotypes 
155 OHADBLD400 S_AHR_61007149 Control Proposed Employee No. in Social Fund Infotype 
156 OHADBLE002 S_AHR_61007211 Check Constants for Thirteenth Month's Income 
157 OHADBLE003 S_AHR_61003833 Set Up Regulations for Thirteenth Month's Income 
158 OHADBLE005 S_AHR_61007212 Define Processing of Wage Types for Payroll 
159 OHADBLF001 S_AHR_61003855 Set Up Models for Flexible Working Time 
160 OHADBLF003 S_AHR_61007214 Define Processing of Wage Types for Flexible Working Time Policy 
161 OHADBLF005 S_AHR_61006644 Adjust Payroll for Flexible Working Time Policy and Overtime 
162 OHADBLF007 S_AHR_61011750 Define Rounding Rules 
163 OHADBLG000 S_AHR_61006639 Absences 
164 OHADBLH010 S_AHR_61003847 Check Constants for Wage Compensation 
165 OHADBLH020 S_AHR_61003916 Define Control Wage Types 
166 OHADBLH030 S_AHR_61003922 Define Cumulation of Wage Compensation Basis 
167 OHADBLK110 S_AHR_61003472 Define Short Indicators for Data Entry 
168 OHADBLK120 S_AHR_61003476 Group Short Indicators for Effects 
169 OHADBLK130 S_AHR_61003479 Define Effects of Short Indicators 
170 OHADBLK140 S_AHR_61003482 Adjust Entry Screen 
171 OHADBLK210 S_AHR_61003489 Define Wage Type Characteristics 
172 OHADBLK220 S_AHR_61003440 Assign Site/Team Representative 
173 OHADBLK230 S_AHR_61003445 Control Working Time Deviation 
174 OHADBLK310 S_AHR_61003449 Determine Values on the Default Entry Screen 
175 OHADBLL100 S_AHR_61007133 Copy Model Wage Types 
176 OHADBLL200 S_AHR_61003437 Maintain Wage Type Texts 
177 OHADBLL420 S_AHR_61007124 Permit Wage Types for Entry in 'Capital Formation' Infotype 
178 OHADBLL440 S_AHR_61003361 Permit Wage Types for Entry in 'Additional Payment' Infotype 
179 OHADBLL450 S_AHR_61003356 Permit Wage Types for Entry in 'Transaction Data: Construction' Infotype 
180 OHADBLL460 S_AHR_61003374 Permit Wage Types for Entry in 'Previous ER: Construction' Infotype 
181 OHADBLL600 S_AHR_61003380 Maintain Input Checks 
182 OHADBLL800 S_AHR_61003386 Cumulate Wage Types into SFP Gross Amount 
183 OHADBLM100 S_AHR_61007240 Indicate Time Wage Types 
184 OHADBLM200 S_AHR_61004013 Modify Personnel Calculation Rule 
185 OHADBLM300 S_AHR_61007245 Valuate Absence and Time Wage Types 
186 OHADBLO010 S_AHR_61003867 Set Up Contributions to Social Funds for Construction 
187 OHADBLP100 S_AHR_61003466 Define Construction Work Keys 
188 OHADBLR100 S_AHR_61003606 Define Pay Scale Area Groups 
189 OHADBLR200 S_AHR_61003395 Assign Pay Scales and Pay Scale Areas to Pay Scale Area Groups 
190 OHADBLR300 S_AHR_61003400 Assign Internal Pay Scale Type 
191 OHADBLS100 S_AHR_61003878 Check 'Type of Work' 
192 OHADBLS200 S_AHR_61007181 Assign 'Type of Work' to Construction Work Keys 
193 OHADBLS300 S_AHR_61007206 Define Pay Scale Working Times 
194 OHADBLS400 S_AHR_61003816 Valuate Wage Types 
195 OHADBLS500 S_AC0_52000118 BAdI: Account for Winter Compensation Advance Benefit 
196 OHADBLS600 S_AC0_52000119 Check Switch (Activate/Deactivate) 
197 OHADBLS700 S_L7D_24000453 BAdI: Construction: Seasonal Reduced Hours Compensation 
198 OHADBLS800 S_L7D_24000454 Check Constants 
199 OHADBLU110 S_AHR_61007248 Define Leave Types 
200 OHADBLU120 S_EG4_04000072 BAdI: Payroll Function DBAU URLG - Date for Reading Leave Regulations 
201 OHADBLU210 S_AHR_61007230 Specify Leave Policy 
202 OHADBLU220 S_AHR_61003957 Propose Entitlement 
203 OHADBLU231 S_AHR_61003970 Check Leave Policy 
204 OHADBLU232 S_AHR_61003973 Check Leave Types 
205 OHADBLU233 S_AHR_61003977 Encode Absences 
206 OHADBLU241 S_AHR_61003987 Check Gross Leave Amount 
207 OHADBLU242 S_AHR_61007272 Check Adjustment Amounts 
208 OHADBLU243 S_AHR_61003982 Check Leave Policy 
209 OHADBLU244 S_AHR_61004092 Check Adjustment Amounts WC/RHC 
210 OHADBLU310 S_AHR_61004095 Additional Leave 
211 OHADBLU320 S_AHR_61004098 Default Values for Start and End of Deduction 
212 OHADBLU330 S_AHR_61004104 Deduction Sequence 
213 OHADBLU341 S_AHR_61004125 Check Leave Type for Unpaid Leave 
214 OHADBLU342 S_AHR_61007253 Rule for Leave Deduction 
215 OHADBLU343 S_AHR_61004058 Rule for Leave Distribution 
216 OHADBLU350 S_AHR_61004059 Manual Correction of Deduction 
217 OHADBLU410 S_AHR_61004069 Check Leave Policy 
218 OHADBLU420 S_AHR_61006636 Leave Valuation with Averages 
219 OHADBLV100 S_AHR_61004078 Define Employer's Contributions 
220 OHADBLV200 S_AHR_61007269 Determine Employee's Contribution, Reduction Amount, and Maximum 
221 OHADBLV300 S_AHR_61003852 Define Processing of Wage Types for Payroll 
222 OHADBLW100 S_AHR_61003409 Maintain Attributes for Construction Sites 
223 OHADBLW200 S_AHR_61003413 Maintain Attributes for Teams 
224 OHADBLW300 S_AHR_61003417 Maintain Attributes for Employees 
225 OHADBLX110 S_AHR_61005908 Assign Company Numbers 
226 OHADBLX120 S_AHR_61005909 Define Occupational Groups 
227 OHADBLX130 S_AHR_61012710 Check Totals Formation in Statement of Contributions Paid 
228 OHADBLX140 S_L7D_24001042 BAdI: Complete Check of Enmployee Number 
229 OHADBLX210 S_PH9_46000948 Check Totals Formation in Notification Procedure 
230 OHADBLX220 S_PH9_46000949 Set Up SAPscript Form 
231 OHADBLX230 S_PH9_46000950 Create Standard Texts 
232 OHADBLY000 S_AHR_61006629 Remuneration Statement 
233 OHADBLZ100 S_AHR_61003462 Indicate Wage Types for Calendar, Time Leveling, and DAV 
234 OHADBV005 S_AHR_61006506 Set Up Payee Key 
235 OHADBV006 S_AHR_61006514 Define Permissible Payee Keys 
236 OHADBV900 S_FAD_62000073 Statements 
237 OHADBW004 S_AHR_61006261 Wage Type-Dependent Constants 
238 OHADBW005 S_AHR_61006262 Pay Scale-Dependent Constants 
239 OHADBW006 S_AHR_61006263 Create Person-Related Valuation Bases 
240 OHADBW019 S_AHR_61006264 Assign Valuation Bases 
241 OHADBW21 S_AHR_61006341 Determine Valuation Basis for Different Payment 
242 OHADBW22 S_AHR_61006342 Calculate Valuation Basis with Higher Value 
243 OHADDL021 S_AHR_61006481 Activate Calculation 
244 OHADDL022 S_AHR_61006482 Store Additional Values 
245 OHADDL023 S_AHR_61006475 Check Payroll Constants 
246 OHADDL024 S_PH0_48000053 Adjust Value Date 
247 OHADDL030 S_AHR_61018927 Maintain Loan Types 
248 OHADDL031 S_AHR_61006477 Maintain Loan Types 
249 OHADDL032 S_AHR_61006478 Control Allocation of Loans 
250 OHADDL034 S_AHR_61006479 Adjust Screen Control 
251 OHADDL036 S_L6B_69000408 Set Up Customer Payment Types 
252 OHADDL037 S_L6B_69000412 BAdI: Program Processing Logic of Payment Types 
253 OHADDO3200 S_AHR_61005499 Maintain Cost-of-Living Allowance for Official Housing 
254 OHADDO3210 S_AHR_61005586 Set Up 15% Clause for Employee Accommodation 
255 OHADDOHST0 S_AHR_61005616 Statistical data 
256 OHADDOKNT S_AHR_61006107 Assign Feature for Service Type 
257 OHADDOPST03 S_AHR_61005632 Statistical data 
258 OHADDOS03 S_AHR_61005627 Assignment of Person Subgroup to Variable Key 
259 OHADDOS04 S_AHR_61005606 Assignment of Person Subgroup to Variable Key 
260 OHADDOS0503 S_L7D_24000271 Assignment of Type of Collective Agreement 
261 OHADDOSZU02 S_AHR_61005793 Group Together Personnel Areas/Subareas 
262 OHADDOSZU03 S_AHR_61005629 Grouping of Personnel Areas 
263 OHADDOSZU1 S_AHR_61005612 Grouping of Personnel Areas 
264 OHADDT002 S_AHR_61006437 Set Up House Banks 
265 OHADDT003 S_AHR_61006438 Define Sending Banks 
266 OHADDT004 S_AHR_61006439 Text Keys for Payment Transactions 
267 OHADDT005 S_AHR_61006635 Note Several Payment Runs per Period for Garnishments 
268 OHADDU100 S_L6B_69000159 Request Permission for Automatic Reporting Procedure 
269 OHADDUA01 S_AHR_61006182 Activate Master Data Checks in Personnel Areas 
270 OHADDUA02 S_AHR_61006201 Maintain Default Values for Occupational Code 
271 OHADDUA03 S_AHR_61006203 Maintain Assignment of Nationality to Country 
272 OHADDUA04 S_AHR_61006204 DEUEV-Permitted Name Prefixes: Check for Completeness 
273 OHADDUA05 S_AHR_61006205 DEUEV-Permitted Name Affixes: Check for Completeness 
274 OHADDUA06 S_AHR_61006207 Define DEUEV Start 
275 OHADDUA07 S_AHR_61006630 DEUEV-Permitted Title: Automatic Check 
276 OHADDUA08 S_AHR_61006202 Maintain Default Values for Person Group Key 
277 OHADDUA09 S_AHR_61006183 Maintain Sender for DEUEV Notifications 
278 OHADDUA11 S_AHR_61006530 Maintain Person Group Key 
279 OHADDUA12 S_AHR_61006200 Assign Payee Funds 
280 OHADDUA13 S_AHR_61006199 Initialize DEUEV File Counter 
281 OHADDUA14 S_L7D_24000307 Conversion of Non DEUEV-Permitted Character String 
282 OHADDUA15 S_L7D_24002444 Maintain Assignment of License Plate Number to Country 
283 OHADDUA16 S_L4H_49001645 Set Up Occupation Input Help per Company 
284 OHADDUA17 S_L4H_49001646 Prepopulate Input Help with Occupation Information 
285 OHADDUA18 S_L4H_49001647 Prepopulate Input Help with Occupation Names 
286 OHADDUA19 S_L4H_49001648 Edit Input Help 
287 OHADDUA20 S_L4H_49001650 Set Up Default Values for Current Position and Occupation 
288 OHADDUA21 S_L4H_49001651 BAdI: Default Values for Occupational Code 2010 
289 OHADDUA22 S_L4H_49001652 Conversion of Master Data to New Occupational Code 2010 
290 OHADDUB01 S_AHR_61006192 Maintain DEUEV Relevance of Personnel Action Reasons 
291 OHADDUC02 S_AHR_61006195 Define Sender Address 
292 OHADDUC03 S_L6B_69000097 Assign Administrator for Cover Letter 
293 OHADDUC04 S_AHR_61006197 Maintain Short Address of Employer 
294 OHADDUC05 S_AHR_61006198 Define Receiving Offices 
295 OHADDUC06 S_PH9_46000359 Maintain EDI Parameters for Each Sender and Payee Fund 
296 OHADDUD01 S_AHR_61006627 Master Data 
297 OHADDUE02 S_AHR_61006539 Maintain Occupational Code 
298 OHADDUE03 S_AHR_61006540 Maintain Professional Status 
299 OHADDUE04 S_AHR_61006541 Maintain Education 
300 OHADDUE05 S_AHR_61006542 Maintain Pensioner/Pension Requester 
301 OHADDUE06 S_AHR_61006529 Maintain Nationality Key 
302 OHADDUE07 S_AHR_61006531 Maintain PI Area Numbers 
303 OHADDUF00 S_L4H_49001698 Company Data Maintenance - Overview - 
304 OHADDUF01 S_L4H_49001693 Define Reporting Personnel Area 
305 OHADDUF02 S_L4H_49001694 Assign Reporting Personnel Area Directly 
306 OHADDUF03 S_L4H_49001695 Maintain Address Data for Place of Work 
307 OHADDUF04 S_L4H_49001696 Maintain Communication Data for Contact Person 
308 OHADDUF05 S_L4H_49001697 Enter Data on Reporting Personnel Area 
309 OHADDUF06 S_L4H_49001779 Exclude Company Numbers from Notification Creation 
310 OHADDV001 S_AHR_61006509 Define Insurance Types 
311 OHADDV002 S_AHR_61006510 Create Insurance Companies 
312 OHADDV004 S_AHR_61006512 Create Wage Type Catalog 
313 OHADDV051 S_AHR_61006500 Change Wage Type Text 
314 OHADDV052 S_AHR_61006501 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Group 'Company Insurance' 
315 OHADDV053 S_AHR_61006502 Define Wage Type Characteristics 
316 OHADDV054 S_AHR_61006503 Change Permissibility of Wage Types 
317 OHADDV055 S_AHR_61006504 Check Payroll Procedure 
318 OHADDV056 S_AL0_96000483 Specify Wage Types Permitted for Each PSG and ESG 
319 OHADEDTINTERNET S_AHR_61004181 Internet Connection for the Remuneration Statement 
320 OHADEDTINTERNET1 S_AHR_61016845 Provide Remuneration Statement on Internet 
321 OHADEG21 S_AHR_61006051 Encode Wage Types for Deferred Payment 
322 OHADEG23 S_AHR_61006063 Maintain Personnel Actions 
323 OHADEG24 S_AHR_61006064 Maintain Absences 
324 OHADEH001 S_AHR_61005879 Define Trade Tax and Workers' Compensation Association Gross Amount 
325 OHADEHA01 S_AHR_61007160 Set Up Statistics Area 
326 OHADEHA02 S_AHR_61003507 Set Up Statistics 
327 OHADEHB01 S_AHR_61005915 Check Classifications of Severe Challenges 
328 OHADEHB02 S_AHR_61005914 Check Special Cases for the Severely Challenged Persons List 
329 OHADEHB03 S_AHR_61005912 Define Companies (Old) 
330 OHADEHB04 S_AHR_61005910 Define Employer (Old) 
331 OHADEHB05 S_AC0_52000144 Group Companies 
332 OHADEHB06 S_AC0_52000145 Maintain Company Data 
333 OHADEHB07 S_AC0_52000146 Merge Employers 
334 OHADEHB08 S_AC0_52000148 Maintain Employer Data 
335 OHADEHB09 S_AC0_52000149 Maintain Contact Person 
336 OHADEHB10 S_AC0_52000147 Convert Employer Data 
337 OHADEHC01 S_AHR_61005936 Check Special Cases for the Survey of Earnings 
338 OHADEHC02 S_AHR_61005933 Separate Pay Scale Indicators 
339 OHADEHC03 S_AHR_61005931 Valuate Wage Classification Using Benefit Groups 
340 OHADEHC04 S_AHR_61003859 Specify Reporting Companies 
341 OHADEHC11 S_AHR_61005919 General Valid Wage Type List 
342 OHADEHC12 S_AHR_61003897 Wage Type List for Salaried Employees in Monthly Survey 
343 OHADEHC13 S_AHR_61007219 Wage Type List for Industrial Workers in Monthly Survey 
344 OHADEHC14 S_AHR_61003938 Wage Type List for Salaried Employees in Annual Survey 
345 OHADEHC15 S_AHR_61003932 Wage Type List for Industrial Workers in Annual Survey 
346 OHADEHC16 S_AHR_61003927 Create New Wage Type List 
347 OHADEHC21 S_AHR_61003819 Group Together Companies with the Same Earning Limits 
348 OHADEHC22 S_AHR_61003873 Define Constants for Earnings Limits 
349 OHADEHC23 S_AHR_61003863 Maintain Amounts for Earning Limits 
350 OHADEHD01 S_AHR_61003962 Check Special Cases in the Chemical Industry Remuneration Statistics 
351 OHADEHD02 S_AHR_61007251 Separate Pay Scale Indicators 
352 OHADEHD03 S_AHR_61007246 Valuate Wage Classifications Using Remuneration Groups 
353 OHADEHD04 S_AHR_61003458 Define Reporting Companies 
354 OHADEHD05 S_PH0_48000472 Maintain Pay Grade Groups 
355 OHADEHD11 S_AHR_61004000 General Valid Wage Type List 
356 OHADEHD12 S_AHR_61003992 Wage Type List for Salaried Employees 
357 OHADEHD13 S_AHR_61003683 Wage Type List for Industrial Workers 
358 OHADEHD14 S_AHR_61003464 Create New Wage Type List 
359 OHADEHE01 S_AHR_61003467 Separate Pay Scale Indicators 
360 OHADEHE02 S_AHR_61003676 Specify Reporting Companies 
361 OHADEHE11 S_AHR_61003485 Renumeration Groups Statistics 
362 OHADEHE12 S_AHR_61003469 Labor Value Statistics 
363 OHADEHE21 S_AHR_61003351 Valuate Wage Classifications Using Remuneration Groups 
364 OHADEHE22 S_AHR_61006643 Classify Employees According to Labor Values 
365 OHADEHE31 S_AHR_61003405 General Valid Wage Type List 
366 OHADEHE32 S_AHR_61003602 Wage Type List for Salaried Employees 
367 OHADEHE33 S_AHR_61003548 Wage Type List for Industrial Workers 
368 OHADEHE34 S_AHR_61003544 Create New Wage Type List 
369 OHADEHE40 S_PH0_48000473 Maintain Pay Grade Groups 
370 OHADEHF11 S_AHR_61005894 Maintain Headers for Wage Statement 
371 OHADEHF12 S_AHR_61005846 Postion Fields in Wage Statement 
372 OHADEHF13 S_AHR_61005830 Assign Wage Statements to Individual Workers' Compensation Associations 
373 OHADEHF21 S_AHR_61005869 Change Time Constraint of Workers' Compensation Association Infotype 
374 OHADEHF22 S_AHR_61005867 Set Up Alternative Hazard Pay Areas 
375 OHADEHF23 S_AHR_61005859 Valuate Alternative Hazard Pay Areas with Percentages 
376 OHADEHF31 S_AHR_61007884 Wage Type List for the Total Gross Amount 
377 OHADEHF32 S_AHR_61005874 Wage Type List for Workers' Compensation Association Gross Amount 
378 OHADEHF33 S_AHR_61005906 Wage Type List for Paid Working Hours 
379 OHADEHF34 S_AHR_61005905 Wage Type List for Paid Non-Working Hours 
380 OHADEHF35 S_AHR_61005904 List of Absences 'Time Lost Due to Accidents' 
381 OHADEHF36 S_AHR_61005901 Create New Wage Type List 
382 OHADEHGA0 S_AHR_61006646 Master Data 
383 OHADEHGB1 S_AHR_61004074 Activate Subschema DGW0 
384 OHADEHGB2 S_AHR_61007259 Define Calculation of Contributions 
385 OHADEHGB3 S_AHR_61007284 Maintain Administration Number 
386 OHADEHGB4 S_AHR_61004094 Maintain Company Number 
387 OHADEHGC0 S_AHR_61006637 Reporting 
388 OHADEHH11 S_AHR_61008082 Wage Types for Ancillary Payroll Costs and SI Accounting 
389 OHADEHH12 S_AHR_61005960 Wage Types for Vacation Pay 
390 OHADEHH13 S_AHR_61005917 Define and Set Up New Wage Type List 
391 OHADEHH14 S_AHR_61005976 Wage Types Exclusively for Certain Person Subgroups 
392 OHADEPLZ010 S_L7D_24000143 Settings for Extended Postal Code Check DE 
393 OHADEPLZ050 S_L7D_24000144 Define Field Check: Indicator City File Active 
394 OHADEPLZ060 S_L7D_24000375 Activate Check for HR Master Data 
395 OHADFO002 S_L7D_24001437 Create Draft Form 
396 OHADFO003 S_AHR_61016839 Copy Form 
397 OHADFO004 S_AHR_61016840 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Their Specifications 
398 OHADFO005 S_AHR_61016841 Set Up Alternative Currency 
399 OHADFO006 S_AHR_61016842 Set Up Address 
400 OHADFO008 S_AHR_61016843 Change Addresses Infotype (0006) 
401 OHADFOMA01 S_L7D_24000456 Configure Form Control for Print Output 
402 OHADFOPA002 S_AHR_61016854 Set Up Payroll Account 
403 OHADFOPJ100 S_AHR_61016855 Convert Old Form 
404 OHADFOPJ201 S_AHR_61016856 Set Up Page Header 
405 OHADFOPJ202 S_AHR_61016857 Set Up Payroll Excerpts 
406 OHADFOPJ203 S_AHR_61016858 Set Up Continuation Excerpts 
407 OHADFOPJ204 S_AHR_61016859 Set Up Totals Display 
408 OHADFORS001 S_AHR_61016844 Convert Old Form 
409 OHADFORS002 S_AHR_61018637 Set Up Remuneration Statement 
410 OHADFORS010 S_AHR_61016846 Example: Cumulation Identifier in Single Field 
411 OHADFORS030 S_AHR_61016852 Example with New Procedure 
412 OHADFORS031 S_AHR_61016853 Example with Old Procedure 
413 OHADFORS040 S_AHR_61016848 Example: Leave-Data in Window 
414 OHADFORS050 S_AHR_61016849 Example: Time Quota in Single Field 
415 OHADFORS060 S_AHR_61016850 Example: Time Quota in Window 
416 OHADFORS070 S_AHR_61016851 Example: Notification in Window 
417 OHADFO_EBESCHR_010 S_L4H_49001315 Set Up Cumulation Wage Types 
418 OHADFO_EBESCHR_020 S_L4H_49001316 Classify Wage Types 
419 OHADFRI S_XC0_18000020 Overview - Period Calculation 
420 OHADIW035 S_AHR_61006361 Define Payroll Control 
421 OHADIW037 S_AHR_61006363 Hourly Wage 
422 OHADIW038 S_AHR_61006364 Monthly Wage 
423 OHADIW039 S_AHR_61006340 Earnings factor 
424 OHADIW041 S_AHR_61006595 Time Ticket Form 
425 OHADIW061 S_AHR_61006358 Check Payroll Procedure 
426 OHADIW063 S_AHR_61006372 Create Wage Type Catalog 
427 OHADIW065 S_AHR_61006357 Check Assignment to 'Incentive Wages' Wage Type Group 
428 OHADIW069 S_AHR_61006592 Maintain Wage Types for Transfer to Cost Accounting 
429 OHADIW082 S_AHR_61006359 Check Bases for Calculating Average Values 
430 OHADJW000 S_AHR_61006443 Form Annual Values 
431 OHADKF001 S_AHR_61006344 Create Reduction Factors 
432 OHADKF002 S_AHR_61006345 Assign Reduction Factors 
433 OHADKL000 S_AHR_61006346 Create Wage Types for Cost Accounting 
434 OHADKNGL008 S_PCO_36000156 Determine Time for Posting the Payments 
435 OHADKNGL009 S_PCO_36000157 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
436 OHADKNGL010 S_PCO_36000158 Adjust Advance Payment from Master Data for Posting 
437 OHADKRDAR S_AHR_61006597 Note: Service Types 
438 OHADKRURD S_AHR_61006097 Convert Existing Payroll Results 
439 OHADKRVWA S_AHR_61006095 Activate 'Org. Assignment' and 'Cost Distribution' Views 
440 OHADKRVWG S_AHR_61006096 Create View Indicator for Existing Personnel Numbers 
441 OHADKRVWZ S_AHR_61006094 Assign View Indicators 
442 OHADKT030 S_AHR_61006098 Assign expense accounts 
443 OHADKU110 S_AHR_61004588 Create Planned and Actual Remuneration 
444 OHADKU111 S_AHR_61003512 Create Valuation Basis 
445 OHADKU116 S_AHR_61003516 Check 'Overtime Basic Remuneration' Assignment 
446 OHADKU120 S_AHR_61003521 Indicate Overtime Wage Types 
447 OHADKU131 S_AHR_61004521 Indicate Substitution Types for Reduced Hours 
448 OHADKU133 S_AHR_61004530 Set Up Substitution Type for Payroll 
449 OHADKU141 S_AHR_61007394 Create Wage Type Catalog 
450 OHADKU142 S_AHR_61004559 Check Assignment to Wage Type Groups 
451 OHADKU143 S_AHR_61004564 Define Wage Type Characteristics 
452 OHADKU144 S_AHR_61004634 Check Permissibility of Wage Types 
453 OHADKU145 S_AHR_61004641 Check Payroll Procedure 
454 OHADKU149 S_AHR_61004552 Check Wage Type Text 
455 OHADKU151 S_AHR_61007430 Create Wage Type Catalog 
456 OHADKU152 S_AHR_61007438 Check Assignment to Wage Type Group 'RHC/SRHC: Entries for IT14, 15' 
457 OHADKU153 S_AHR_61007504 Define Wage Type Characteristics 
458 OHADKU154 S_AHR_61007414 Check Permissibility of Wage Types 
459 OHADKU155 S_AHR_61004595 Check Payroll Procedure 
460 OHADKU159 S_AHR_61004668 Check Wage Type Text 
461 OHADKU160 S_AHR_61004601 Indicate Absences 
462 OHADKU170 S_AHR_61004607 Create Payroll Form 
463 OHADKU180 S_AHR_61004613 Maintain Wage Types for Cost Accounting and Financial Accounting 
464 OHADKU200 S_AHR_61003511 Modify Calculation 
465 OHADKU210 S_AHR_61003498 Define Allowance Period 
466 OHADKU220 S_AHR_61003500 Define Employees Affected 
467 OHADKU230 S_L7D_24002199 Specify Period for Flat-Rate SI 100% Refund 
468 OHADKU23B S_AHR_61003504 Define Work Break Schedules for Reduced Hours 
469 OHADKU23C S_AHR_61003506 Define Daily Work Schedules for Reduced Hours 
470 OHADKU23E S_AHR_61003508 Define Period Working Times for Reduced Hours 
471 OHADKU23G S_AHR_61003632 Define Working Time for Reduced Hours 
472 OHADKU23H S_AHR_61007169 Generate Monthly Working Times for Reduced Hours 
473 OHADKU240 S_L7D_24002202 Select Reference Numbers for RHC Transfer 
474 OHADKU301 S_AHR_61003529 Check Values for Supplement Variants 
475 OHADKU302 S_AHR_61004620 Check Values for Supplement Variants 
476 OHADKU310 S_AHR_61003535 Determine Allowance by Gross Comparison 
477 OHADKU320 S_AHR_61003540 Determine Allowance on Basis of Lost Hours 
478 OHADKU330 S_AHR_61003492 Set Up Allowance Using Net Comparison 
479 OHADKU331 S_AHR_61004627 Set Up Allowance Using Net Comparison 
480 OHADLG401 S_AHR_61006605 Create Draft Form 
481 OHADLG402 S_AHR_61007366 Set up form background 
482 OHADLG403 S_AHR_61004339 Set up text modules 
483 OHADLG405 S_AHR_61004344 Set up data in fixed positions 
484 OHADLG406 S_AHR_61007348 Set Up Window 
485 OHADLG407 S_AHR_61004445 Set up initial and final group texts in window 
486 OHADLG408 S_AHR_61004350 Set Up Line Layout in Window 
487 OHADLG409 S_AHR_61007375 Set up wage types in window 
488 OHADLG410 S_AHR_61007380 Set up special processing rules 
489 OHADLG413 S_AHR_61004400 Set up address 
490 OHADLG414 S_AHR_61007372 Set Up Leave Data in Fixed Positions (Old Procedure) 
491 OHADLG415 S_AHR_61004417 Set up leave data in a window 
492 OHADLG416 S_AHR_61006451 Copy standard form 
493 OHADLG417 S_AHR_61007391 Set Up Wage Types in Fixed Positions 
494 OHADLG418 S_AHR_61007373 Set Up Time Quotas in Fixed Positions 
495 OHADLG419 S_AHR_61004422 Set up time quotas in a window 
496 OHADLG480 S_AHR_61004404 Change Subtype for Address Formatting 
497 OHADLG481 S_AHR_61006589 Summarize Wage Types 
498 OHADLG482 S_AHR_61004463 Cumulate wage types 
499 OHADLG483 S_AHR_61006442 Convert Old Customer Form 
500 OHADLG484 S_AHR_61004431 Set up notifications in window