SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 29
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OHIJ0085 S_AHR_61010818 Assign residence tax collector number 
2 OHIJ0086 S_AHR_61011335 Activate customer-exit for repayment planning 
3 OHIJ0088 S_AHR_61011133 Define faculty information 
4 OHIJ0090 S_AHR_61010963 Define union information 
5 OHIJ0091 S_AHR_61010937 Define membership categories 
6 OHIJ0092 S_AHR_61011145 Define institution type 
7 OHIJ0093 S_AHR_61011132 Define school information 
8 OHIJ0095 S_AHR_61011311 Define wage type model for bonus base 
9 OHIJ0096 S_AHR_61011312 Define base amount wage type group 
10 OHIJ0097 S_AHR_61011232 Define payment factor per pay scale 
11 OHIJ0098 S_AHR_61011153 Define payment factor per appraisal 
12 OHIJ0099 S_AHR_61011154 Define wage type to be generated 
13 OHIJ0102 S_AHR_61011155 Define retirement reason category 
14 OHIJ0103 S_AHR_61011156 Define link between event, reason and retirement reason cat. 
15 OHIJ0104 S_AHR_61011157 Define reduction rate 
16 OHIJ0105 S_AHR_61011158 Define retirement calculation method 
17 OHIJ0107 S_AHR_61011159 Define wage type model for retirement allowance base 
18 OHIJ0108 S_AHR_61011146 Define base amount wage type model 
19 OHIJ0109 S_AHR_61011147 Define payment factor for basic pay base 
20 OHIJ0111 S_AHR_61011150 Define retirement allowance base wage type per pay scale 
21 OHIJ0112 S_AHR_61011151 Define payment factor for pay scale base 
22 OHIJ0114 S_AHR_61011152 Define retirement allowance unit amount 
23 OHIJ0115 S_AHR_61011160 Define wage type to be generated 
24 OHIJ0116 S_AHR_61010670 Child allowance contribution rate 
25 OHIJ0121 S_AHR_61010789 Update employee's grade of standard compensation 
26 OHIJ0123 S_AHR_61010792 Assign processing rule to branch office 
27 OHIJ0124 S_AHR_61010661 Define comment texts for SANTEI form 
28 OHIJ0126 S_AHR_61010664 Define social insurance code (number) for branch office 
29 OHIJ0127 S_AHR_61010666 Define KANA country name for non-resident employee 
30 OHIJ0129 S_AHR_61010836 Define Income Tax Modifier 
31 OHIJ0130 S_AHR_61010809 Assign Income Tax Modifier 
32 OHIJ0132 S_AHR_61011148 Define wage type model for retirement allowance base 
33 OHIJ0133 S_AHR_61011149 Define base amount wage type model 
34 OHIJ0134 S_AHR_61011636 Maintain additional data for family / related persons 
35 OHIJ0139 S_AHR_61016768 Check wage type group 
36 OHIJ0141 S_AHR_61016769 Check wage type texts 
37 OHIJ0142 S_AHR_61016770 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
38 OHIJ0143 S_AHR_61016771 Check wage type characteristics 
39 OHIJ0144 S_AHR_61016772 Define employee subgroup grouping for primary wage type 
40 OHIJ0145 S_AHR_61016773 Define personnel subarea grouping for primary wage type 
41 OHIJ0146 S_AHR_61016774 Define wage type permissibility per PS and ESG 
42 OHIJ0149 S_AHR_61016776 Define car types 
43 OHIJ0151 S_AHR_61016777 Create wage type catalog 
44 OHIJ0152 S_AHR_61016778 Check wage type group 'Commuter adjustment WT' 
45 OHIJ0154 S_AHR_61016779 Check wage type texts 
46 OHIJ0155 S_AHR_61016780 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
47 OHIJ0156 S_AHR_61016781 Check wage type characteristics 
48 OHIJ0157 S_AHR_61016782 Define employee subgroup grouping for primary wage type 
49 OHIJ0158 S_AHR_61016783 Define personnel subarea grouping for primary wage type 
50 OHIJ0159 S_AHR_61016784 Define wage type permissibility per PS and ESG 
51 OHIJ0161 S_AHR_61016785 Master data conversion 
52 OHIJ0163 S_AHR_61016786 Check tax calculation class 
53 OHIJ0164 S_AHR_61016787 Check taxation type 
54 OHIJ0166 S_AHR_61016788 Create wage type catalog 
55 OHIJ0167 S_AHR_61016789 Check wage type group 'Overseas Pay WT' 
56 OHIJ0169 S_AHR_61016790 Check wage type texts 
57 OHIJ0170 S_AHR_61016791 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
58 OHIJ0171 S_AHR_61016792 Check wage type characteristics 
59 OHIJ0172 S_AHR_61016793 Define employee subgroup grouping for primary wage type 
60 OHIJ0173 S_AHR_61016794 Define personnel subarea grouping for primary wage type 
61 OHIJ0174 S_AHR_61016795 Define wage type permissibility per PS and ESG 
62 OHIJ0175 S_AHR_61019302 Define nursing insurance premium amount per SI grade 
63 OHIJ0176 S_L6B_69000687 Character Code Check Japan 
64 OHIJ0177 S_L6B_69000688 BAdI : Maintain Acquisition of Qualification Form Data File Editing Module 
65 OHIJ0178 S_L6B_69000689 BAdI : Maintain Loss of Qualification Form Data File Editing Module 
66 OHIJ0179 S_L6B_69000690 BAdI : Maintain Acquisition of Qualification Form Data File Editing Module 
67 OHIJ0180 S_L6B_69000691 BAdI : Maintain Loss of Qualification Form Data File Editing Module 
68 OHIJ0181 S_L6D_84000012 Confirm How to Evaluate Geppen Candidate of August/September 
69 OHIJ0182 S_L6D_84000013 Confirm Adjustment for SG Evals. Result b/w HI and EP 
70 OHIJ0183 S_L6D_84000018 BAdI : Calculate Family Allowance Editing Module 
71 OHIJ0184 S_AC0_52000088 BAdI : Maintain Acquisition of Qualification Form Data File Editing Module 
72 OHIJ0185 S_AC0_52000089 BAdI : Maintain Loss of Qualification Form Data File Editing Module 
73 OHIJ0186 S_AC0_52000090 BAdI : Maintain Address Change Form Data File Editing Module 
74 OHIJ147 S_AHR_61016775 Define wage type models 
75 OHIJP_ID001 S_EG4_04000010 Define Identification Types 
76 OHIJP_ID002 S_EG4_04000011 Define Residence Statuses 
77 OHIJP_ID003 S_L4H_49002795 Define Work Restrictions 
78 OHIJP_ID004 S_L4H_49002796 Define Periods of Stay 
79 OHIJP_ID005 S_L4H_49002797 Define Permission Conditions of Activities out of Scope 
80 OHIK0065 S_AHR_61011645 Province 
81 OHIK00771 S_AHR_61011385 Enter military status 
82 OHIK00772 S_AHR_61011382 Enter ethnic origin 
83 OHIK1011 S_AHR_61009486 Define payment/deduction schedules 
84 OHIK1012 S_AHR_61009349 Set pay periods 
85 OHIK1013 S_AHR_61009354 Define employee groups 
86 OHIK1014 S_AHR_61009466 Set default values for payment/deduction schedules 
87 OHIK1015 S_AHR_61019338 Generate calendar for payment model 
88 OHIK5K0Q S_AHR_61011542 Define industry sectors 
89 OHIK5K13 S_AHR_61011476 Define jobs 
90 OHIMABMFEAT S_AHR_61011282 Maintain default values for leave accounting method 
91 OHIMAGRUPPE S_AHR_61011499 Maintain accounting groups for PBS treatment 
92 OHIMAMPINST S_AHR_61010690 Define AMP institutions 
93 OHIMATPKD S_AHR_61010699 ATP (labor market addl. pension): Default value ATP code 
94 OHIMCPRC S_AHR_61019314 Set Message Type for Message when Changing the CPR Number 
95 OHIMDAPROP S_AHR_61010892 Maintain default values for DA work center codes 
96 OHIMDAWPCODE S_AHR_61011506 Maintain DA place of employment keys 
97 OHIMDAWPCODES S_AHR_61010890 Maintain official DA work center codes 
98 OHIMDKBOL S_AHR_61010874 Maintain feature for free accommodation 
99 OHIMDKC23 S_AHR_61010894 Maintain feature for temporary/permanent work relationship 
100 OHIMDKFTE S_AHR_61010898 Maintain feature for free telephone 
101 OHIMDKJUB S_AHR_61010902 Maintain feature for profit-sharing 
102 OHIMDKLON S_AHR_61010896 Maintain feature for hourly wage/piecework wage/salary 
103 OHIMDKPOS S_AHR_61010878 Maintain feature for post 
104 OHIMDKSTA S_AHR_61010900 Maintain feature for hourly/monthly wage earners 
105 OHIMDSWPCODES S_AHR_61011507 Maintain DS place of employment keys 
106 OHIMEDUCCODES S_AHR_61010702 Maintain official DA training codes 
107 OHIMFACOLLINCREASPAY S_AHR_61018907 Maintain proposal values for "assignment to wage level" 
108 OHIMFAEMPL S_AHR_61018903 Maintain "place of employment key" for FA Statistics 
109 OHIMFAINSURANCEAGENT S_AHR_61018905 Maintain proposal value for "insurance agent" 
110 OHIMFAPARTICIPATION S_AHR_61018904 Maintain proposal value for "participation in FA Statistics" 
111 OHIMFAWORKCONTRACT S_AHR_61018909 Maintain proposal values for "work contract" 
112 OHIMFAWORKTASKMGMT S_AHR_61018906 Maintain proposal values for "work function", "level of management", "task" 
113 OHIMGARREC S_AHR_61011295 Payee for garnishment types 
114 OHIMHIRINGDATE S_AHR_61018908 Maintain proposal value for "length of service" 
115 OHIMOFKFEAT S_AHR_61011240 Maintain default values for leave schema (Infotype 74) 
116 OHIMPBSFIRMA S_AHR_61011504 Maintain PBS company definitions 
117 OHIMPENSEMPF S_AHR_61010688 Define payee for pensions 
118 OHIMPENSINST S_AHR_61010692 Define pension institutions 
119 OHIMPENSTYP S_AHR_61010696 Define pension types 
120 OHIMPERSTEIL S_AHR_61011508 Maintain personnel (sub)area assignment to SE key 
121 OHIMPOSITIONCATEGORY S_AHR_61018910 Maintain proposal values for "position category" 
122 OHIMSEKEY S_AHR_61011536 Maintain SE keys and numbers (tax employer numbers) 
123 OHIMSHOFEAT S_AHR_61011241 Maintain default values for Sundays/public holidays (IT 74) 
124 OHIMSTATFIELDS S_AHR_61010880 Maintain fields for own statistics 
125 OHIMSTATVALUES S_AHR_61010882 Maintain values for fields of own statistics 
126 OHIMTAXWPCODE S_AHR_61011505 Maintain place of employment keys (tax) 
127 OHIMTPRFEAT S_AHR_61011283 Default values for days per accounting period (IT 74) 
128 OHIMVACCODES S_AHR_61011497 Maintain leave payment codes for PBS leave treatment 
129 OHIMVACCODES2 S_AHR_61011281 Determine leave schema codes for leave administration 
130 OHIMX111 S_AHR_61010940 Create Wage Type Catalog 
131 OHIMX121 S_AHR_61010942 Verificar texto CC-nóminas 
132 OHIMX122 S_AHR_61010943 Verificar admisibilidad de entradas por infotipo 
133 OHIMX123 S_AHR_61010945 Verificar propiedades de CC-nóminas 
134 OHIMX301 S_AHR_61010949 Asignar Registro Patronal IMSS a División/Subd. de pers. 
135 OHIMX302 S_AHR_61010947 Definir la dirección del Registro Patronal del IMSS 
136 OHIMX303 S_AHR_61011403 Verificar los Municipios y las Delegaciones 
137 OHIMX304 S_AHR_61011408 Verificar la asignación de las zonas económicas 
138 OHIMX311 S_AHR_61010964 Asignar núm. expediente INFONAVIT a División/Subd. de pers. 
139 OHIMX320 S_AHR_61010972 Asignar número FONACOT a División/Subdivisión de personal 
140 OHIMX330 S_AHR_61011229 Define reasons for personnel action 
141 OHIMX340 S_AHR_61011534 Datos adicionales de la Sociedad 
142 OHIM_CARDK_MAXMIN S_AHR_61012703 Define Maximum and Minimum Records for Calculation Base (DK) 
143 OHIM_CARDK_USEREXIT1 S_AHR_61012705 Customer enhancement: calculate own payment (DK) 
144 OHIM_DK_CAR511K S_AHR_61012704 Maintain Tax Record, Reduction Factor, Rule Change (DK) 
145 OHIM_GRP_ABS_PBS_PAY S_AHR_61019112 EE Grouping: Print absence on PBS payslip 
146 OHIM_READDAWORKPLACE S_PH9_46000215 Import DA workplace codes from disk 
147 OHIM_READDSEDUCATION S_PH9_46000226 Import DS education codes from disk 
148 OHIM_READPOSTALCODES S_PH9_46000229 Import postal codes from disk (DK) 
149 OHIM_SPECIPBSPAYSLIP S_AHR_61018918 Customer-specific information for PBS payslips 
150 OHIM_VAC_PAYOUT S_PH0_48000432 Maintain Vacation Payout (IT 74, subtype 2) 
151 OHIM_VAC_SUPP_PAYOUT S_PL0_09000434 Maintain Default Values for Additional Leave Bonuses (IT74) 
152 OHIN0001 S_AHR_61016806 Determine default values for search help 
153 OHIN0076 S_AHR_61011386 Create application types 
154 OHIN0090 S_AC0_52000115 Determine default values 
155 OHIN0185 S_AHR_61010566 Define Illness Types 
156 OHIN0350 S_AHR_61014313 Maintain addresses for executive authorities [uitvoeringsinstelling] 
157 OHIN0351 S_AHR_61011107 Create SI groups 
158 OHIN0352 S_AHR_61011108 Check special indicators for industrial insurance boards 
159 OHIN0354 S_AHR_61011109 Create premium classes and PKV premiums for employee 
160 OHIN0355 S_AHR_61011050 Determine calculation methods for ER PKV contributions 
161 OHIN0356 S_AHR_61011053 Record health insurance fund data 
162 OHIN0357 S_AHR_61011056 Adapt default values 
163 OHIN0400 S_AHR_61010717 Maintain premium indicator pensions 
164 OHIN0401 S_AHR_61010720 Create Addresses for Pension Funds 
165 OHIN0402 S_AHR_61010714 Create pension types 
166 OHIN0403 S_AHR_61010684 Check default values 
167 OHIN0425 S_AHR_61010913 Check speical employee groups 
168 OHIN0427 S_AHR_61010933 Check marital status indicators 
169 OHIN0428 S_AHR_61010919 Adapt default values 
170 OHIN0429 S_AHR_61010915 Check income indicators 
171 OHIN0430 S_AHR_61010917 Check special tax indicators 
172 OHIN0431 S_AHR_61014318 Create addresses for tax authorities 
173 OHIN0440 S_L4H_49002860 Hide Special Tax Indicators in Yearly Statement 
174 OHIN0494 S_AHR_61011343 Check transport type indicators 
175 OHIN0495 S_AHR_61011344 Define default values 
176 OHIN0496 S_AHR_61011345 Define input validation 
177 OHIN0497 S_AHR_61014296 Create loan conditions 
178 OHIN0498 S_AHR_61014297 Assign payment types 
179 OHIN0499 S_AHR_61014298 Create loan types 
180 OHIN1001 S_AHR_61011110 Check SI laws 
181 OHIN1002 S_AHR_61010909 Check calculation periods 
182 OHIN1003 S_AHR_61010906 Check calculation tables 
183 OHIN1004 S_AHR_61010931 Check tax classes 
184 OHIN1006 S_AHR_61010911 Check conversion rules 
185 OHIN1007 S_AHR_61011396 Add decisions 
186 OHIN1010 S_AHR_61011040 Create premium classes and premiums PKV for partners 
187 OHIN1011 S_AHR_61011043 Create premium classes and premiums PKV for children 
188 OHIN1012 S_AHR_61011632 Create premium classes and premiums PKV for students 
189 OHIN1099 S_AHR_61011046 Create premium classes and premiums PKV for students 
190 OHIN1771 S_AHR_61011512 Define countries of birth WBEAA 
191 OHIN1772 S_AHR_61012502 Change feature for job grade classification 
192 OHIN1773 S_L6B_69000105 Limited Self-Identification for Employees 
193 OHINL_B2A_LA_000 S_L7D_24000122 Determining Legal Person 
194 OHINL_UWV001 S_L6B_69000342 Body Implementing Employee Insurance Schemes [UWV] 
195 OHINL_WGV002 S_PH9_46000785 Employer Insurance Statement 
196 OHINL_WGV003 S_AHR_61019171 Contract Types 
197 OHINL_WGV004 S_AHR_61019172 Employer Data 
198 OHINL_WGV005 S_AHR_61019173 Health Insurance Companies 
199 OHINL_WGV006 S_AHR_61019174 Data by Executive Authority 
200 OHINL_WGV008 S_AHR_61019175 Employer Insurance Statement Form 
201 OHINL_WGV009 S_AHR_61019176 Employer insurance statement form for standby workers 
202 OHINL_WGV010 S_AHR_61019177 Employer insurance statement form for temporary work relationships 
203 OHINL_WGV011 S_AHR_61019179 Linking events to personnel actions and reasons for personnel actions 
204 OHINSV01 S_AHR_61011103 Maintain ZW premium indicator 
205 OHINSV02 S_AHR_61011104 Maintain WW premium indicator 
206 OHINSV03 S_AHR_61011105 Maintain WAO premium indicator 
207 OHINSV04 S_AHR_61011106 Maintain ZFW premium indicator 
208 OHINSV1A S_AHR_61011112 Maintain premium indicator for supplementary SI 1 
209 OHINSV1B S_AHR_61011113 Maintain premium indicator for supplementary SI 2 
210 OHINSV1C S_AHR_61011114 Maintain premium indicator for supplementary SI 3 
211 OHINSV1D S_AHR_61011115 Maintain premium indicator for supplementary SI 4 
212 OHINSV1E S_AHR_61011116 Maintain premium indicator for supplementary SI 5 
213 OHINSV1G S_AHR_61011111 Maintain Additional SI Texts 
214 OHIPT_025 S_L9C_94000420 Maintain educational level 
215 OHIPT_CA010 S_AHR_61011609 Create wage type catalog 
216 OHIPT_CA020 S_AHR_61011615 Check wage type group "Christmas Allowance" 
217 OHIPT_CA031 S_AHR_61011617 Check wage type texts 
218 OHIPT_CA032 S_AHR_61011610 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
219 OHIPT_CA033 S_AHR_61011611 Check wage type characteristics 
220 OHIPT_CA040 S_AHR_61011612 Define wage type permissibility per PS and ESG 
221 OHIPT_CA110 S_AHR_61011585 Maintain payment methods 
222 OHIPT_CA120 S_AHR_61011586 Maintain payment wage types 
223 OHIPT_DA100 S_AHR_61011389 Maintain disability levels 
224 OHIPT_DA10A S_AHR_61011391 Maintain legal entities for issuing disability docs 
225 OHIPT_IC005 S_AHR_61010868 Determine default income category 
226 OHIPT_IC100 S_AHR_61010870 Tax offices 
227 OHIPT_ID005 S_AHR_61011537 Maintain types of identification 
228 OHIPT_LA105 S_AHR_61011624 Create wage type catalog 
229 OHIPT_LA110 S_AHR_61011626 Check wage type group 'Lunch Allowance' 
230 OHIPT_LA130 S_AHR_61011635 Define wage type permissibility per PS and ESG 
231 OHIPT_LA1A2 S_AHR_61011620 Check wage type texts 
232 OHIPT_LA1A4 S_AHR_61011633 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
233 OHIPT_LA1A6 S_AHR_61011634 Check wage type characteristics 
234 OHIPT_MD015 S_L9C_94000081 Map legal reasons for events/reasons 
235 OHIPT_MD105 S_AHR_61011227 Create reasons for personnel actions 
236 OHIPT_MD110 S_L9C_94000082 Define reasons for changing infotype 
237 OHIPT_PC000 S_AHR_61011404 Postal codes 
238 OHIPT_PC005 S_AHR_61011532 Maintain professional categories 
239 OHIPT_PC010 S_AHR_61011533 Assign professional categories 
240 OHIPT_PC015 S_L9C_94000066 Maintain IRC code of professional categories 
241 OHIPT_PC020 S_L9C_94000067 Maintain functional structure 
242 OHIPT_PC025 S_L9C_94000421 Keep education level 
243 OHIPT_SE005 S_AHR_61011652 Define maximum values of seniority bases 
244 OHIPT_SE06 S_L9C_94000080 Determine entry date 
245 OHIPT_SE105 S_AHR_61011643 Create wage type catalog 
246 OHIPT_SE110 S_AHR_61011654 Check wage type group 'Seniority' 
247 OHIPT_SE130 S_AHR_61011651 Define wage type permissibility per PS and ESG 
248 OHIPT_SE1A2 S_AHR_61011656 Check wage type texts 
249 OHIPT_SE1A4 S_AHR_61011649 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
250 OHIPT_SE1A6 S_AHR_61011650 Check wage type characteristics 
251 OHIPT_SS100 S_AHR_61010645 Maintain Social Security institutions 
252 OHIPT_SS200 S_AHR_61010648 Maintain Social Security regimes 
253 OHIPT_SS300 S_AHR_61010651 Determine default Social Security institution and regime 
254 OHIPT_TI0021 S_AHR_61011591 Maintain titles 
255 OHIPT_VA010 S_AHR_61011553 Create wage type catalog 
256 OHIPT_VA020 S_AHR_61011557 Processing Variant (New Version of VA) 
257 OHIPT_VA021 S_L9C_94000629 Assign employee to processing variant 
258 OHIPT_VA031 S_AHR_61011555 Check wage type texts 
259 OHIPT_VA032 S_AHR_61011556 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
260 OHIPT_VA033 S_AHR_61011604 Check wage type characteristics 
261 OHIPT_VA040 S_AHR_61011605 Define wage type permissibility per PS and ESG 
262 OHIPT_VA110 S_AHR_61011607 Maintain begin of leave period and latest payment date 
263 OHIPT_VA120 S_AHR_61011600 Maintain earliest date and minimum leave days for payment 
264 OHIPT_VA130 S_AHR_61011601 Maintain payment method 
265 OHIPT_VA140 S_AHR_61011602 Maintain leave payment wage types 
266 OHIR5R13 S_AHR_61011477 Define jobs and job categories 
267 OHIRAF001 S_AHR_61007118 Maintain contribution rates for additional funds 
268 OHIRAN001 S_AHR_61011529 Maintain alternative name types 
269 OHIRAO001 S_AHR_61003835 Maintain CSN and UEN number 
270 OHIRAP002 S_AHR_61011518 Maintain ethnic origin 
271 OHIRAP003 S_AHR_61011517 Maintain military status 
272 OHIRAW001 S_AHR_61011309 Maintain award types 
273 OHIRAW011 S_AHR_61011316 Create wage type catalog 
274 OHIRAW012 S_AHR_61011317 Check wage type texts 
275 OHIRAW013 S_AHR_61011319 Check wage type characteristics 
276 OHIRAW014 S_AHR_61011306 Check entry permissibility per infotype 
277 OHIRAW015 S_AHR_61011307 Define permissibility per pers. subarea and EE subgroup grp. 
278 OHIRAW016 S_AHR_61011308 Define wage type models 
279 OHIRAW017 S_AHR_61011318 Check wage type group 'Awards' 
280 OHIRAW020 S_AHR_61011310 Check entry permissibility of wage types for infotype 0015 
281 OHIRID001 S_AHR_61011500 Maintain types of identification 
282 OHIRID002 S_AHR_61011503 Maintain residency types 
283 OHIRID003 S_L6B_69000468 Set Error Message for ID Number 
284 OHIRLS010 S_PH0_48000300 Maintain information for Labour Survey Query 
285 OHIRN0604 S_AHR_61011498 Maintain employment verification data 
286 OHIRRT001 S_AHR_61011358 Maintain profile types 
287 OHIRRUP_DAQ_FLD_SRCE S_L7D_24000854 Display Field Source 
288 OHIRRUP_DAQ_FORM S_L7D_24000849 Define Forms 
289 OHIRRUP_DAQ_GROUPS S_L7D_24000845 Enter Groups and Parameters for Organization 
290 OHIRRUP_DAQ_OVERVIEW S_L7D_24000848 DAQ: Overview 
291 OHIRRUP_DAQ_RU_VC S_L7D_24000850 Define Fields and Conditions in Forms 
292 OHIRRUP_DAQ_WT_ADD S_L7D_24000853 Add Customer-Specific Assignments to Existing Wage Type Groups 
293 OHIRRUP_DAQ_WT_ASSGN S_L7D_24000852 Check Assignment of Wage Types to Existing Wage Type Groups 
294 OHIRRUP_DAQ_WT_SPECI S_L7D_24000851 Specify Wage Type Groupings 
295 OHIRRUP_GEN_33IND S_L7D_24002445 Determine Detached Subdivisions of Organizational Unit 
296 OHIRSI001 S_AHR_61003364 Maintain institutions of social provident funds 
297 OHIRSI002 S_AHR_61003369 Maintain social provident fund indicators 
298 OHIRSI003 S_AHR_61007126 Maintain contribution rates for Central Provident Fund 
299 OHIRSI004 S_AHR_61003316 Maintain types of foreign workers 
300 OHIRSI005 S_AHR_61003321 Maintain rates of levy for foreign workers 
301 OHIRSI006 S_AHR_61003324 Maintain conversion rates from FWL to CPF 
302 OHIRSI007 S_AHR_61003327 Maintain contributions for SDF 
303 OHIRSI008 S_PH0_48000301 Maintain information for CPF Survey Report 
304 OHIRUBPPT_SICKLNK_01 S_AC0_52000320 Create Time Units 
305 OHIRUBPPT_SICKLNK_02 S_AC0_52000321 Define Absence Types 
306 OHIRUBPPT_SICKLNK_03 S_AC0_52000322 Specify Version for Payroll Driver 
307 OHIRUBPPT_SICKLNK_05 S_AC0_52000323 Determine Screen (2033) Control for Infotype 2001 
308 OHIRUBPPT_VACLNK_001 S_AC0_52000315 Create Time Units 
309 OHIRUBPPT_VACLNK_002 S_AC0_52000316 Define Absence Types 
310 OHIRUBPPT_VACLNK_003 S_AC0_52000317 Specify Version for Payroll Driver 
311 OHIRUBPPT_VACLNK_005 S_AC0_52000319 Screen (2033) Control for Infotype 2001 Russia 
312 OHIRUBP_002 S_AC0_52000318 Hide or View Infotype Screen Control 
313 OHIRUBP_RC_PB10_001 S_AC0_52000374 Determine Fast Entry Dialog Module 
314 OHIRUMDPA_002 S_AC0_52000314 Hide or View Infotype Screen Control 
315 OHIRUMDPA_0048_0001 S_L7D_24000780 Set Retroactive Control at Infotype Level 
316 OHIRUMDPA_0048_0002 S_L7D_24000781 Set Retroactive Control at Field Level 
317 OHIRUMDPA_0048_0003 S_L7D_24000782 Determine Fields Relevant for Retroactive Accounting 
318 OHIRUMDPA_0048_RETRO S_L7D_24000260 Perform Retro Calculation 
319 OHIRUMDPA_0048_SCR S_L7D_24000259 Hide or View Infotype Screen Control 
320 OHIRUMDPA_ACTSRCHLP1 S_L7D_24001102 Activate Russian-Specific Employee Search Fields 
321 OHIRUMDPA_ACTTYPE_01 S_L7D_24001689 Assign Action Types for Hiring and Leaving 
322 OHIRUMDPA_IT0002_001 S_AC0_52000351 Check Personnel Subareas 
323 OHIRUMDPA_IT0002_003 S_AC0_52000375 Create Countries/Countries of Birth/Nationalities 
324 OHIRUMDPA_IT0002_004 S_AC0_52000352 Check Region/Province Entries 
325 OHIRUMDPA_IT0002_006 S_AC0_52000353 Create Marital Status 
326 OHIRUMDPA_IT0002_007 S_AC0_52000354 Create Religious Denomination 
327 OHIRUMDPA_IT0002_008 S_AC0_52000355 Create Forms of Address 
328 OHIRUMDPA_IT0002_010 S_AC0_52000356 Create Name Affixes 
329 OHIRUMDPA_IT0002_011 S_AC0_52000357 Conversion Table 
330 OHIRUMDPA_IT0004_001 S_AC0_52000215 Hide or view Infotype Screen Control 
331 OHIRUMDPA_IT0004_002 S_AC0_52000216 Challenge Groups 
332 OHIRUMDPA_IT0004_003 S_AC0_52000217 Challenge Types 
333 OHIRUMDPA_IT0006_001 S_AC0_52000204 Determine Special Parameters 
334 OHIRUMDPA_IT0006_002 S_AC0_52000207 Check Region/Province Entries 
335 OHIRUMDPA_IT0006_003 S_AC0_52000208 Enter Region Data for KLADR 
336 OHIRUMDPA_IT0006_004 S_AC0_52000206 Enter County Data for KLADR 
337 OHIRUMDPA_IT0006_005 S_AC0_52000209 Enter City Data for KLADR 
338 OHIRUMDPA_IT0006_006 S_AC0_52000210 Enter District Data for KLADR 
339 OHIRUMDPA_IT0006_007 S_AC0_52000211 Enter Street Data for KLADR 
340 OHIRUMDPA_IT0006_008 S_AC0_52000212 Enter Short Names for Address Elements in KLADR 
341 OHIRUMDPA_IT0006_009 S_AC0_52000213 Enter House Data for KLADR 
342 OHIRUMDPA_IT0006_010 S_AC0_52000214 Load KLADR Data 
343 OHIRUMDPA_IT0006_011 S_AC0_52000218 Check Personnel Subareas 
344 OHIRUMDPA_IT0006_012 S_AC0_52000358 Delete KLADR Data 
345 OHIRUMDPA_IT0006_013 S_L7D_24000266 Check Infotype Data with KLADR Data 
346 OHIRUMDPA_IT0006_015 S_AC0_52000359 Enter Communication Types 
347 OHIRUMDPA_IT0006_017 S_AC0_52000360 Create Address Types 
348 OHIRUMDPA_IT0006_019 S_AC0_52000219 Hide or view Infotype Screen Control 
349 OHIRUMDPA_IT0009_001 S_AC0_52000220 Infotypes 
350 OHIRUMDPA_IT0009_002 S_AC0_52000221 Hide or view Infotype Screen Control 
351 OHIRUMDPA_IT0009_003 S_AC0_52000222 Determine Payees (All) 
352 OHIRUMDPA_IT0009_004 S_AC0_52000223 Determine Payees (Russia) 
353 OHIRUMDPA_IT0009_005 S_AC0_52000224 Payee Authorization for Infotypes 
354 OHIRUMDPA_IT0016_001 S_AC0_52000253 Determine Special Parameters 
355 OHIRUMDPA_IT0016_002 S_AC0_52000254 Maintain Number Range Intervals for Contract Numbers 
356 OHIRUMDPA_IT0016_003 S_AC0_52000255 Determine Defaults for Contract Number Ranges 
357 OHIRUMDPA_IT0016_004 S_AC0_52000256 Check Employee Groups 
358 OHIRUMDPA_IT0016_005 S_AC0_52000257 Check Employee Subgroups 
359 OHIRUMDPA_IT0016_006 S_AC0_52000258 Check Personnel Subareas 
360 OHIRUMDPA_IT0016_007 S_AC0_52000259 Determine Notice Periods 
361 OHIRUMDPA_IT0016_008 S_AC0_52000260 Define Contract Types 
362 OHIRUMDPA_IT0016_009 S_AC0_52000261 Create Corporation 
363 OHIRUMDPA_IT0016_010 S_AC0_52000262 Check Infotype 0016 Properties 
364 OHIRUMDPA_IT0016_011 S_AC0_52000263 Hide or view Infotype Screen Control 
365 OHIRUMDPA_IT0021_001 S_AC0_52000225 Check Personnel Subareas 
366 OHIRUMDPA_IT0021_002 S_AC0_52000226 Create Countries/Countries of Birth/Nationalities 
367 OHIRUMDPA_IT0021_003 S_AC0_52000227 Create Education Establishment Types 
368 OHIRUMDPA_IT0021_004 S_AC0_52000228 Maintain Family/Related Persons' Employer's Address 
369 OHIRUMDPA_IT0021_005 S_AC0_52000229 Define Family Characteristics 
370 OHIRUMDPA_IT0021_007 S_AC0_52000230 Create Name Affixes 
371 OHIRUMDPA_IT0021_008 S_AC0_52000231 Conversion table 
372 OHIRUMDPA_IT0021_009 S_AC0_52000232 Define Family Types 
373 OHIRUMDPA_IT0021_011 S_AC0_52000233 Hide or view Infotype Screen Control 
374 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_001 S_AC0_52000298 Determine Special Parameters 
375 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_002 S_AC0_52000299 Enter Facet of OKIN Classifier 
376 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_003 S_AC0_52000300 Determine OKIN Classifier 
377 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_004 S_AC0_52000301 REMOVE: Determine OKSO Classifier 
378 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_005 S_AC0_52000302 REMOVE: Define Relationship Between OKSO and OKIN 
379 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_006 S_AC0_52000303 Enter Schools and Colleges 
380 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_007 S_AC0_52000304 Define Relation School to OKIN 
381 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_008 S_AC0_52000737 Check Region/Province Entries 
382 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_009 S_AC0_52000306 Determine Currencies 
383 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_010 S_AC0_52000307 Determine Permissible Certificates for Education Type 
384 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_011 S_AC0_52000309 Create Education Establishment Types 
385 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_012 S_AC0_52000308 Create Educational Certificates 
386 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_013 S_L7D_24000779 Set Relationship Between Education Type and Documents 
387 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_014 S_L7D_24001309 Set Up OKSO Data 
388 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_017 S_AC0_52000310 Assign education/training to education/training categories 
389 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_019 S_AC0_52000311 Determine permissible branches of study for education type 
390 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_022 S_AC0_52000312 Create Time Units 
391 OHIRUMDPA_IT0022_026 S_AC0_52000313 Define Education Types 
392 OHIRUMDPA_IT0048_001 S_L7D_24000258 Determine Subtypes for Russia 
393 OHIRUMDPA_IT0290_001 S_AC0_52000234 Enter Data for Military Card Catalog 
394 OHIRUMDPA_IT0290_002 S_AC0_52000235 Maintain Ethnic Origin 
395 OHIRUMDPA_IT0290_004 S_AC0_52000236 Define Document Types 
396 OHIRUMDPA_IT0290_005 S_PR0_40000190 Set Age Limit for Military Service 
397 OHIRUMDPA_IT0290_006 S_AC0_52000237 Enter Separator in Official Document Numbers 
398 OHIRUMDPA_IT0290_007 S_L7D_24000863 Enter Official Document Codes 
399 OHIRUMDPA_IT0294_001 S_AC0_52000238 Check Infotype 0294 Properties 
400 OHIRUMDPA_IT0294_002 S_AC0_52000239 Hide or View Infotype Screen Control 
401 OHIRUMDPA_IT0294_003 S_AC0_52000240 Set up Screen Number for Fast Data Entry 
402 OHIRUMDPA_IT0294_004 S_AC0_52000241 Determine Details for Seniority 
403 OHIRUMDPA_IT0294_005 S_AC0_52000242 Enter Territorial Working Conditions 
404 OHIRUMDPA_IT0294_006 S_AC0_52000243 Enter Coefficients for Territorial Working Conditions 
405 OHIRUMDPA_IT0294_007 S_AC0_52000244 Enter Parameter Descriptions for Seniority 
406 OHIRUMDPA_IT0294_008 S_AC0_52000245 Enter Codes for Calculated Seniority 
407 OHIRUMDPA_IT0294_009 S_AC0_52000246 Determine Additional Conditions for Calculated Seniority 
408 OHIRUMDPA_IT0294_010 S_AC0_52000247 Determine Types of Labor and Other Activities 
409 OHIRUMDPA_IT0294_011 S_AC0_52000248 Enter Codes for Long Service 
410 OHIRUMDPA_IT0294_012 S_AC0_52000249 Enter Employers 
411 OHIRUMDPA_IT0294_013 S_AC0_52000250 Specify Details About Reasons for Personnel Actions 
412 OHIRUMDPA_IT0294_014 S_AC0_52000251 Determine Special Parameters 
413 OHIRUMDPA_IT0298_002 S_AC0_52000264 Determine Defaults for Personnel Order Number Ranges 
414 OHIRUMDPA_IT0298_003 S_AC0_52000265 Determine Number Range Intervals for Personnel Orders 
415 OHIRUMDPA_IT0298_004 S_AC0_52000266 Specify Details About Reasons for Personnel Actions 
416 OHIRUMDPA_IT0298_005 S_AC0_52000267 Set Parameters About Reasons for Personnel Actions 
417 OHIRUMDPA_IT0298_006 S_AC0_52000268 Determine Authorizations to Sign Personnel Orders 
418 OHIRUMDPA_IT0298_007 S_AC0_52000269 Determine Print Output Programs for Personnel Orders 
419 OHIRUMDPA_IT0298_008 S_AC0_52000270 Determine Variants for Print Output Programs 
420 OHIRURP_OM_T3_001 S_AC0_52000612 Determine Special Parameters 
421 OHIRURP_OM_T3_002 S_AC0_52000613 Organizational Management 
422 OHIRURP_OM_T3_003 S_AC0_52000614 Auhorities Addresses - Russia 
423 OHIRURP_PA_AWARD_001 S_PR0_40000538 Assign Standard Texts to Infotypes 
424 OHIRURP_PA_AWARD_002 S_PR0_40000569 Create Award Groups 
425 OHIRURP_PA_AWARD_003 S_PR0_40000570 Enter Award Types 
426 OHIRURP_PA_AWARD_004 S_PR0_40000571 Determine Status Attributes 
427 OHIRURP_PA_AWARD_005 S_PR0_40000625 Determine Special Parameters 
428 OHIRURP_PA_AWARD_006 S_L7D_24000982 Migrate Awards Data 
429 OHIRURP_PA_ORD_001 S_AC0_52000570 Determine Variants for Print Output Programs 
430 OHIRURP_PA_ORD_002 S_AC0_52000769 Personal Administrative Order Number (IT0298) 
431 OHIRURP_PA_ORD_003 S_AC0_52000770 Number Range of Administrative Order 
432 OHIRURP_PA_ORD_004 S_AC0_52000771 Specification for Reasons of Action 
433 OHIRURP_PA_ORD_005 S_AC0_52000772 Report Customizing Data 
434 OHIRURP_PA_ORD_006 S_AC0_52000773 Personnel Number of responsible person for signing the order 
435 OHIRURP_PA_ORD_007 S_AC0_52000774 Determine Print Output Programs for Personnel Orders 
436 OHIRURP_PA_ORD_007A S_L7D_24002512 Make Content Repository Settings to Archive Personnel Orders 
437 OHIRURP_PA_ORD_008 S_L7D_24000860 Assign Payment Wage Types to Wage Type Groups in Orders 
438 OHIRURP_PA_ORD_009 S_PR0_40000567 Assign Standard Texts to Infotypes 
439 OHIRURP_PA_PUNIS_001 S_PR0_40000554 Set Up Offenses 
440 OHIRURP_PA_PUNIS_002 S_PR0_40000522 Assign Standard Texts to Infotypes 
441 OHIRURP_PA_PUNIS_003 S_PR0_40000724 Add Standard Texts to Output Forms 
442 OHIRURP_PA_PUNIS_005 S_PR0_40000535 Enter Status Values 
443 OHIRURP_PA_PUNIS_006 S_PR0_40000536 Set Up Disciplinary Measures 
444 OHIRURP_PA_PUNIS_008 S_PR0_40000539 Determine End Dates for Disciplinary Measures 
445 OHIRURP_PA_PUNIS_009 S_L7D_24000976 BAdI: Add Texts to PDF-Based Forms (Create Disciplinary Measure) 
446 OHIRURP_PA_PUNIS_010 S_PR0_40000746 BAdI: Add Texts to PDF-Based Forms (Cancel Disciplinary Measure) 
447 OHIRURP_PA_PUNIS_011 S_L7D_24001283 Determine Special Parameters 
448 OHIRURP_PA_T11A_001 S_AC0_52000595 HR RU Forms 
449 OHIRURP_PA_T11A_002 S_AC0_52000596 Report Customizing Data 
450 OHIRURP_PA_T11A_003 S_AC0_52000597 Award Type (Russia) 
451 OHIRURP_PA_T11A_004 S_AC0_52000598 Variant of Printing Order Report RU 
452 OHIRURP_PA_T11_001 S_AC0_52000591 HR RU Forms 
453 OHIRURP_PA_T11_002 S_AC0_52000592 Report Customizing data 
454 OHIRURP_PA_T11_003 S_AC0_52000593 Determine Award Type 
455 OHIRURP_PA_T11_004 S_AC0_52000594 Variant of Printing Order Report RU 
456 OHIRURP_PA_T1A_001 S_AC0_52000575 HR RU Forms 
457 OHIRURP_PA_T1A_002 S_AC0_52000576 Report Customizing Data 
458 OHIRURP_PA_T1A_003 S_AC0_52000577 Variant of Printing Order Report RU 
459 OHIRURP_PA_T1_001 S_AC0_52000571 HR RU Forms 
460 OHIRURP_PA_T1_002 S_AC0_52000572 Report Customizing Data 
461 OHIRURP_PA_T1_003 S_AC0_52000573 Determine Nature of Work 
462 OHIRURP_PA_T1_004 S_AC0_52000574 Variant of Printing Order Report RU 
463 OHIRURP_PA_T2_001 S_AC0_52000600 Determine Special Parameters 
464 OHIRURP_PA_T2_002 S_AC0_52000601 Determine Employee Subgroup 
465 OHIRURP_PA_T2_003 S_AC0_52000602 Activate Date Display 
466 OHIRURP_PA_T2_004 S_AC0_52000599 Infotypes Used in Form T-2 
467 OHIRURP_PA_T2_019 S_AC0_52000603 OKIN Facet 
468 OHIRURP_PA_T2_020 S_AC0_52000604 OKIN 
469 OHIRURP_PA_T2_021 S_AC0_52000605 OKSO 
470 OHIRURP_PA_T2_022 S_AC0_52000606 OKSO-OKIN 
471 OHIRURP_PA_T2_023 S_AC0_52000607 Education School 
472 OHIRURP_PA_T2_024 S_AC0_52000608 OKIN-Education Document 
473 OHIRURP_PA_T2_025 S_AC0_52000609 Enter Marital Status Codes for OKIN 
474 OHIRURP_PA_T2_026 S_AC0_52000610 Enter Link Between OKIN and Standard Nationality Codes 
475 OHIRURP_PA_T2_027 S_AC0_52000611 Authorities Adresses 
476 OHIRURP_PA_T5A_001 S_AC0_52000582 HR RU Forms 
477 OHIRURP_PA_T5A_002 S_AC0_52000583 Determine Special Parameters 
478 OHIRURP_PA_T5A_003 S_AC0_52000584 Variant of Printing Order Report RU 
479 OHIRURP_PA_T5_001 S_AC0_52000578 HR RU Forms 
480 OHIRURP_PA_T5_002 S_AC0_52000579 Report Customizing Data 
481 OHIRURP_PA_T5_003 S_AC0_52000580 Enter Text for Organizational Reassignment Type 
482 OHIRURP_PA_T5_004 S_AC0_52000581 Variant of Printing Order Report RU 
483 OHIRURP_PA_T8A_001 S_AC0_52000588 HR RU Forms 
484 OHIRURP_PA_T8A_002 S_AC0_52000589 Report Customizing Data 
485 OHIRURP_PA_T8A_003 S_AC0_52000590 Variant of Printing Order Report RU 
486 OHIRURP_PA_T8_001 S_AC0_52000585 HR RU Forms 
487 OHIRURP_PA_T8_002 S_AC0_52000586 Report's customizing data 
488 OHIRURP_PA_T8_003 S_AC0_52000587 Variant of printing order report RU 
489 OHIRURP_PI_ADV11_001 S_PCO_36000012 HR CIS Form for ADV11 
490 OHIRURP_PI_ADV11_002 S_PCO_36000014 Enter Additional Amounts for Form ADV-6-2 
491 OHIRURP_PI_ADV11_003 S_PCO_36000025 Define Auhtorities Addresses 
492 OHIRURP_PI_ADV11_005 S_PCO_36000033 RU-Form Fields Initial Values 
493 OHIRURP_PI_ADV123_01 S_L7D_24002525 Enter Special Birthplace on Forms ADV-1, ADV-2, and ADV-3 
494 OHIRURP_PI_ADV123_02 S_L7D_24002526 Determine Sort Mode for Forms ADV-2 and ADV-3 
495 OHIRURP_PI_ADV1_001 S_PCO_36000021 Define Auhtorities Addresses 
496 OHIRURP_PI_ADV1_002 S_PCO_36000048 Infotypes used for ADV1 Form 
497 OHIRURP_PI_ADV1_005 S_PCO_36000029 Determine Initial Values for Form Fields 
498 OHIRURP_PI_ADV2_001 S_PCO_36000022 Define Authorities Addresses 
499 OHIRURP_PI_ADV2_002 S_PCO_36000049 Infotypes used for ADV2 
500 OHIRURP_PI_ADV2_005 S_PCO_36000030 RU-Form Fields Initial Values