SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 33
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OIUX6_SN_NR_WY S_YEP_23000003 Maintain Wyoming Number Ranges 
2 OIUX6_WY_FRM2CFG S_YEP_23000006 Maintain Wyoming Conservation Report & FORM2 Comparison Config 
3 OIUX6_WY_SOGXRF S_YEP_55000010 Maintain Tax Oil/Gas Indicator Cross Reference 
4 OIUX6_WY_TXCLRC S_YEP_55000009 Maintain Tax Class Rate Code Cross Reference 
5 OIUX7_CONFIG S_YEP_98000004 Maintain General Config 
6 OIUX7_WY_MKTXRF S_YEP_98000003 Maintain Marketing Type XRef 
7 OIUX7_WY_PDVLXRF S_YEP_98000001 Maintain Product Code/Volume Type/Product Type XRef 
8 OIUX7_WY_VLXRF S_YEP_98000002 Maintain Volume Type XRef 
9 OIUX8_NM_CTAFOVR S_XEV_76000002 Maintain Contract Type Affiliation Code Override 
10 OIUX8_NM_JC_RATE S_XEV_76000001 Maintain New Mexico Jicarilla Credit Rate 
11 OIUX8_NM_MKTXRF S_YEP_27000006 Maintain Marketing Code XRef 
12 OIUX8_NM_PDCXRF S_YEP_27000005 Maintain New Mexico Product Code XRef 
13 OIUX8_NM_STRXRF S_YEP_27000002 Maintain Special Tax Rate XRef 
14 OIUX8_SN_NR_NM S_YEP_27000008 Maintain New Mexico Number Ranges 
15 OIUXA S_EB5_05000506 Define Field Selection for Linear Data Fields in Multilevel Lists 
16 OIUXB S_EB5_05000507 Define Field Selection for Linear Data Fields for Char. in Multilevel Lists 
17 OIUXC S_EB5_05000508 Define Field Selection for Linear Data Fields in Structure Lists 
18 OIUXC_RPT_PP S_P7I_60000044 Configure Parallel Processing Parameters 
19 OIUXG S_EBS_44000164 Define Field Selection for Network Fields 
20 OIUXH S_EBS_44000165 Define Field Selection for Network Attribute Value Fields 
21 OIUXI S_EBS_44000166 Define Field Selection for Object Link Data Fields 
22 OIUXI_OB_NRIV S_P7I_60000004 Maintain System Number Range Intervals for Outbound Connection ID - XI 
23 OIUXJ S_EBS_44000167 Define Field Selection for Functional Location Fields 
24 OIUXK S_EBS_44000170 Define Field Selection for Notification Data Fields 
25 OIUXL S_EBS_44000171 Define Field Selection for Order Data Fields 
26 OIUXM S_EBS_44000172 Define Field Selection for Measuring Point and Counter Fields 
27 OIUXN S_EBS_44000173 Define Field Selection for Measurement Document and Counter Reading Fields 
28 OIUXO S_EBS_44000174 Define Field Selection for Network Fields 
29 OIUXP S_EBS_44000175 Define Field Selection for Network Attribute Value Fields 
30 OIUXQ S_EBS_44000176 Define Field Selection for Object Link Data Fields 
31 OIUXR S_EBS_44000177 Define Field Selection for Equipment Fields 
32 OIUXS S_EBS_44000178 Define Field Selection for Notification Data Fields 
33 OIUXT S_EBS_44000179 Define Field Selection for Order Data Fields 
34 OIUXU S_EBS_44000180 Define Field Selection for Measuring Point and Counter Fields 
35 OIUXV S_EBS_44000181 Define Field Selection for Measurement Document and Counter Reading Fields 
36 OIUY3_SN_NR_TX S_YEP_42000001 Maintain Texas GLO / A&M Number Ranges 
37 OIUY3_TX_GLO1_TH S_XEV_33000001 Maintain GLO1 Entire Royalty Obligation Threshold 
38 OIUY3_TX_GLO2_TH S_XEV_33000002 Maintain GLO2 Entire Royalty Obligation Threshold 
39 OIUY6_SN_NR_WY S_XEV_47000001 Maintain Wyoming Number Ranges 
40 OIUY6_WY_MKTXRF S_YEP_48000003 Maintain Marketing Code XRef 
41 OIUY6_WY_PDCXRF S_YEP_48000002 Maintain Wyoming Product Code XRef 
42 OIU_CM_FUPRO S_P7I_60000047 Maintain flow logic: OIU_CM_FUPRO 
43 OIW1 S_ALR_87007785 Maintain OIW Metadata 
44 OIW2 S_ALR_87007783 Display Standard OIW Information Catalog 
45 OIW3 S_ALR_87007781 Maintain Self-Defined OIW Information Catalog 
46 OIW_SU02 S_ALR_87007777 Maintain profiles 
47 OIW_SU03 S_ALR_87007779 Maintain authorizations 
48 OKCM_ACTIVITYGROUP S_ALR_87000081 Create Role and Assign Users 
49 OKCM_CS2EIS S_ALR_87100200 Data Transfer from SAP Consolidation 
50 OKCM_DISATTR S_ALR_87000533 Maintenance of Display Attributes (EC-EIS) 
51 OKCM_FILE S_ALR_87000405 Cross-Client Maintenance of File Names and Paths 
52 OKCM_GCT6 S_ALR_87000386 Transport of Distribution Key (EC-BP) 
53 OKCM_GRR2 S_ALR_87000050 CO Cost Center Accounting 
54 OKCM_KCA2 S_ALR_87000303 Edit Field Group 
55 OKCM_KCA5 S_ALR_87000391 Edit Characteristics 
56 OKCM_KCA6 S_ALR_87000308 Edit Basic Key Figures 
57 OKCM_KCAN S_ALR_87000445 Maintain Derivation with Data Entry and Transfer 
58 OKCM_KCC2 S_ALR_87000370 Maintain Currency Translation Key 
59 OKCM_KCCO S_ALR_87000495 Edit Comments Table 
60 OKCM_KCDR S_ALR_87000407 Reorganize Documents 
61 OKCM_KCDU S_ALR_87000433 Set up summarization levels 
62 OKCM_KCDV S_ALR_87000411 Define summarization levels 
63 OKCM_KCF3 S_ALR_87000159 Change Revaluation Factor 
64 OKCM_KCKB S_ALR_87000185 Maintain calculation formulas for basic key figures 
65 OKCM_KCP4 S_ALR_87000449 Edit Data Entry Layout (EC-EIS) 
66 OKCM_KCP7 S_ALR_87000179 Create planning layout 
67 OKCM_KCPV S_ALR_87000222 Maintain forecast profiles 
68 OKCM_KCPX S_ALR_87000218 Maintain weighting group 
69 OKCM_KCPZ S_ALR_87000207 Define planning help access 
70 OKCM_KCRH S_ALR_87000465 Assign default currency translation types to key figures 
71 OKCM_KCT1 S_ALR_87000394 Reorganize comments 
72 OKCM_KCV1 S_ALR_87000168 Edit Distribution Key 
73 OKCM_KCVA S_ALR_87000440 Maintain/activate validations 
74 OKCM_KCVC S_ALR_87000437 Copy validations 
75 OKCM_KED0PROG S_ALR_87000212 Derive forecast profile 
76 OKCM_KED0SAIS S_ALR_87000196 Derive seasonal distribution 
77 OKCM_KED0UMW S_ALR_87000201 Derive revaluation factor 
78 OKCM_KP34 S_ALR_87000173 Maintain planner profiles 
79 OKCM_NAVATTR S_ALR_87000535 Maintain navigation attributes 
80 OKCM_NET S_ALR_87000518 Set up network 
81 OKCM_OKCDBC S_ALR_87000238 Maintain sender structure package 
82 OKCM_OKCDBD S_ALR_87000243 Define sender structure package 
83 OKCM_OKCE S_ALR_87000132 Standard collection programs 
84 OKCM_OKCSL S_ALR_87000102 Maintain requirements 
85 OKCM_OKCSLA S_ALR_87000108 Assign table 
86 OKCM_OKCSLD S_ALR_87000120 Create data slice 
87 OKCM_OKCSLU S_ALR_87000115 Assign user group 
88 OKCM_OKUE S_ALR_87000417 Generate database statistics 
89 OKCM_OKX1_COMMENT S_ALR_87000055 Maintain transfer rules for comments 
90 OKCM_OKX1_MASTER_HI S_ALR_87000257 Maintain transfer rules for master data hierarchies 
91 OKCM_OKX9 S_ALR_87000228 Maintain Hierarchy Directory 
92 OKCM_OKXG S_ALR_87000373 Import Delivered Settings 
93 OKCM_OKXR S_ALR_87000192 Maintain report selection 
94 OKCM_OKXU S_ALR_87000355 Prepare documentation connection 
95 OKCM_R2_DATATRANSFER S_ALR_87000502 Data transfer from R/2 
96 OKCM_R2_TR_PARAM S_ALR_87000522 Maintain R/2 transfer parameters 
97 OKCM_RKCFILE0_EVENT S_ALR_87000278 Control File Import Using Events 
98 OKCM_SF01 S_ALR_87000402 Maintain Additional Client-Specific File Names 
99 OKCM_SF07 S_ALR_87000395 Start evaluation 
100 OKCM_TKCCC S_ALR_87000453 Fix Currency Translation Type for Data Entry/Planning 
101 OKCM_TKCUM S_ALR_87000250 Conversion to Release 4.0 
102 OKCM_TR_EVENT S_ALR_87000526 Organization of data transfer with events 
103 OKCM_TR_PROGRAM S_ALR_87000524 Programming hints for user-defined data transfer programs 
104 OKCM_TR_USER_EXIT S_ALR_87000025 SAP enhancements for data transfer 
105 OKCM_TR_WORK S_ALR_87000496 Steps when setting up a data transfer 
106 OKCM_UNIT_CONC S_ALR_87000505 Units of measure 
107 OKCM_UPLOAD S_ALR_87000272 Define flexible upload 
108 OKCM_USER S_ALR_87000519 Create CPIC user 
109 OKCM_WEATTR S_ALR_87000530 Maintenance of Currency/Unit Fld as Display Attrib. (EC-EIS) 
110 OKUL S_ALR_87007394 Maintain Constants 
111 OKYI S_KA5_12000503 Costing Variant - Claim 
112 OKYJ S_KA5_12000504 Valuation Variant Costing - Claim 
113 OLI0BG00 S_ALR_87000444 Define Number Ranges for Warranty Types 
114 OLI0GM01 S_ALR_87000451 Check Warranty Categories 
115 OLI0GM02 S_ALR_87000447 Define Warranty Types 
116 OLI0GM03 S_ALR_87000436 Maintain Transaction Start Default Values for Sample Warranties 
117 OLI0GM04 S_ALR_87000432 Define Warranty Counters 
118 OLI0IK09 S_ALR_87000389 Create Number Ranges for Measuring Points 
119 OLI0IK19 S_ALR_87000455 Create Number Ranges for Measurement Documents 
120 OLI0IMRCCUST S_AL0_96000746 Make System Settings for Measuring Points and Measurement Documents 
121 OLI0OIAD S_ALR_87000135 Define Field Selection for the Equipment Master Record 
122 OLI0OIAE S_ALR_87000554 Define Field Selection for Functional Locations 
123 OLI0OIMRC S_AL0_96000766 Define Field Selection for Measuring Points and Measurement Documents 
124 OLI0OIRF S_ALR_87000427 Set List Editing for Measuring Point Lists 
125 OLI0OIRL S_ALR_87000441 Set List Editing for Measurement Document Lists 
126 OLI0OIRM S_ALR_87000294 Define Field Selection for Goods Movement Fields 
127 OLI0OIRN S_ALR_87000289 Define Field Selection for Delivery Fields 
128 OLI0OIRO S_ALR_87000284 Define Field Selection for Inspection Lot Fields 
129 OLI0OIRP S_ALR_87000363 Define Field Selection for Sales Order Fields 
130 OLI0OIRQ S_ALR_87000359 Define Field Selection for Maintenance Order Fields 
131 OLI0OIRR S_ALR_87000356 Define Field Selection for Maintenance Notification Fields 
132 OLI0PARTNERSCHEMA S_ALR_87000483 Define Partner Determination Procedure and Partner Function 
133 OLI0REFPLATZOIWP S_ALR_87000550 Define Structural Display for Functional Locations 
134 OLI0REFPLATZOIWR S_ALR_87000404 Define Structural Display for Reference Functional Locations 
135 OLI0T370P S_ALR_87000381 Define Measuring Point Categories 
136 OLI0V_T370N S_ALR_87000043 Define Object Types 
137 OLI0V_T370T_A S_ALR_87000542 Define Additional Business Views for Equipment Categories 
138 OLI0_AD20 S_ALR_87000374 Search Helps in Plant Maintenance and Customer Service 
139 OLI0_BS52 S_ALR_87000561 Create Authorization Keys for User Status Authorizations 
140 OLI0_CMOD S_ALR_87000241 Develop Enhancements 
141 OLI0_CUS_FLEET_01 S_ALR_87099674 Set Field Selection for Specific Fields in Fleet Management 
142 OLI0_IBIP S_ALR_87000246 Execute Data Transfer 
143 OLI0_ISOA S_ALR_87100765 Archive Serial Number History 
144 OLI0_ISOR S_ALR_87100749 Archive Serial Number History 
145 OLI0_OIFL S_ALN_01000926 Set List Processing for Fleet Management Objects 
146 OLI0_OIGN S_ALR_87100070 Set List Editing for Permits 
147 OLI0_OIML S_ALR_87000072 Define Object Information Keys 
148 OLI0_OIPU_ITOBCUST S_ALR_87000415 Activate Alternative Labeling 
149 OLI0_OIPV_IFLOALT S_ALR_87000413 Define Labeling Systems for Functional Locations 
150 OLI0_OIRA S_ALR_87000353 Define Field Selection for Refurbishment Order Fields 
151 OLI0_OIRC S_ALR_87000048 Define Field Selection for Permit Fields 
152 OLI0_OIRE S_ALR_87000349 Define Field Selection for Production Order Fields 
153 OLI0_OIRE1 S_P99_41000116 Define Field Selection for Inventory Data Fields 
154 OLI0_OIRI S_ALR_87000487 Define Field Selection for Permit Fields 
155 OLI0_OIUO S_ALR_87000492 Define Field Selection for Measuring Point and Counter Fields 
156 OLI0_OIUOR S_ALN_01002122 Define Field Selection for Reference Measuring Points and -Counters 
157 OLI0_OIUP S_ALR_87000490 Define Field Selection for Measurement Document and Counter Reading Fields 
158 OLI0_OIUQ S_ALR_87000057 Define Field Selection for Measuring Point and Counter Fields 
159 OLI0_OIUR S_ALR_87000052 Define Field Selection for Measurement Document and Counter Reading Fields 
160 OLI0_OIUX1 S_E4A_94000016 Specify Field Selection for Fields for Maintenance Items 
161 OLI0_OIUX2 S_E4A_94000017 Specify Field Selection for Fields for Maintenance Dates 
162 OLI0_OIUX3 S_E4A_94000018 Specify Field Selection for Fields for Maintenance Packages 
163 OLI0_OIUX4 S_E4A_94000019 Specify Field Selection for Fields for Operations 
164 OLI0_OIUX5 S_E4A_94000020 Specify Field Selection for Fields for Maintenance Items 
165 OLI0_OIUX6 S_E4A_94000021 Specify Field Selection for Fields for Maintenance Dates 
166 OLI0_OIUX7 S_E4A_94000022 Specify Field Selection for Fields for Maintenance Packages 
167 OLI0_OIUX8 S_E4A_94000023 Specify Field Selection for Fields for Operations 
168 OLI0_OIWQ S_ALR_87000121 Define List Stucture for Structural Display of Installed Bases 
169 OLI0_OIX2R S_ALN_01002138 Define Field Selection for Fields of the Reference Functional Location 
170 OLI0_OIX8R S_ALN_01002139 Define Field Selection for Class Data Fields 
171 OLI0_OIX9R S_ALN_01002140 Define Field Selection for Characteristic Data Fields 
172 OLI0_OIXAR S_ALN_01002149 Define Field Selection for Document Management Fields 
173 OLI0_OIYH S_ALR_87000299 Set List Editing for Serial Numbers 
174 OLI0_RISERNR9 S_ALR_87000574 Transfer of Stock Check Indicator to Serial Numbers 
175 OLI0_V_CLFT1 S_ALN_01000968 Set Reference Object Screen for Vehicles 
176 OLI0_V_T370CLC S_ALR_87100197 Define Calculation Method for Fleet Consumption Values 
177 OLI0_V_T370CONV S_ALR_87100194 Make Settings for Units of Measurement for Monitoring of Consumption 
178 OLI0_V_T370CON_TOL S_ALN_01000969 Define Tolerance Check for Usage Control 
179 OLI0_V_T370ENG S_ALR_87100193 Define Engine Types for Fleet Objects 
180 OLI0_V_T370FLD S_ALR_87100172 Define Consumable Types 
181 OLI0_V_T370FLD_GMOVE S_ALN_01000989 Define Key and Cost Object for Updating Material Documents 
182 OLI0_V_T370FLD_MAT S_ALN_01000987 Assign Auxiliary Materials and Consumables 
183 OLI0_V_T370FLD_STN S_ALN_01000988 Create Gas Station 
184 OLI0_V_T370FLT S_ALR_87100169 Assign View Profile and Equipment Categories to Fleet Object Types 
185 OLI0_V_T370POS S_ALR_87100196 Define Special Measurement Positions for Fleet Objects 
186 OLI0_V_T370USG S_ALR_87100192 Define Usage Types for Fleet Objects 
187 OLI0_V_T377G S_ALR_87000310 Define Serialization Attributes for Movement Types 
188 OLI0_V_T399U S_ALR_87000067 Define Selection Procedure for Structural Display and BOMs 
189 OLI0_V_TITOBSUB_EQ S_ALR_87009237 Set View Profiles for Technical Objects 
190 OLI0_V_TPAER_PM S_ALR_87000478 Copy Partner Functions to Master and Movement Data 
191 OLI5N S_EB5_05000671 Regeneration of Order Costs: Tables PMCO and PMCO_OP 
192 OLIAMELDSTATUSOIBS S_ALR_87000684 Define Status Profile 
193 OLIAOIAN S_ALR_87000240 Define Field Selection for Order Header Data (PM) 
194 OLIAOIAP S_ALR_87000280 Define Default Values for Value Categories 
195 OLIAOIBS S_ALR_87001006 Define Status Profile 
196 OLIAOIM7 S_ALR_87000943 Assign Response Profile and Service Profile to Notification Types 
197 OLIAOIMD S_ALR_87000913 Define Object Information Keys 
198 OLIAOIMD1 S_ALR_87000695 Define Object Information Keys 
199 OLIAOIME S_ALR_87000921 Define Response Monitoring 
200 OLIAOIMF S_ALR_87000923 Define Service Profile 
201 OLIAOIML S_ALR_87000916 Assign Object Information Keys to Notification Types 
202 OLIAOIOJ S_ALR_87000725 Assign Object Information Keys to Order Types 
203 OLIAOIOL S_ALR_87000065 Credit Limit Checks, Sales Document Types for Service Orders 
204 OLIAOIOM S_ALR_87000307 Assign Partner Determination Procedure to Order Types 
205 OLIAOIOV S_ALR_87000699 Maintain Costing Sheet 
206 OLIAOIRB S_ALR_87000151 Set List Editing for Service Contracts 
207 OLIAOIRG S_ALR_87000821 Define Field Selection for Permit Data Fields 
208 OLIAOIRH S_ALR_87000808 Define Field Selection for Issued Permit Fields 
209 OLIAOIRS S_ALR_87000946 Define Field Selection for Sub-Order Data Fields 
210 OLIAOIUI S_ALR_87000180 Set List Editing for Service Orders 
211 OLIAOIWK S_ALR_87000147 Set List Editing for Service Notifications 
212 OLIAOIYG S_ALR_87000867 Set List Editing for Confirmations Using Operation List 
213 OLIAOIYP S_ALR_87000926 Define Field Selection for Partner Data Fields 
214 OLIAOIYQ S_ALR_87001154 Define Field Selection for Operation Data Fields 
215 OLIAOIYR S_ALR_87001146 Define Field Selection for Component Data Fields 
216 OLIAOIYS S_ALR_87001129 Define Field Selection for Confirmation Data Fields 
217 OLIAOIYT S_ALR_87001127 Define Field Selection for Production Resource/Tool Data Fields 
218 OLIAOIYW S_ALR_87000144 Set List Editing for Notification Task Data 
219 OLIAOIYZ S_ALR_87000140 Set List Editing for Notification Item Data 
220 OLIAOIZN S_ALR_87000847 Set Field Selection for Completion Confirmation 
221 OLIAOKI0 S_ALR_87000835 Define Activity Numbers for Resource-Related Billing 
222 OLIAOKKK S_ALR_87000703 Maintain Costing Variants 
223 OLIAOLPRBDE S_ALR_87000859 Planning of Background Jobs for PDC 
224 OLIAOPJL S_ALR_87000739 Define Checking Rules 
225 OLIAOQN0 S_ALR_87001131 Define Notification Types 
226 OLIAOQN2 S_ALR_87000989 Assign User Status to Notification Types 
227 OLIAOQN6 S_ALR_87000935 Define Catalog Profile 
228 OLIAOQN7 S_ALR_87001161 Define Transaction Start Values 
229 OLIAOQNA S_ALR_87001156 Define Long Text Control for Notification Types 
230 OLIAUEFAKTURA S_ALR_87001165 Edit Customer Exits for Billing Types 
231 OLIAVOP21 S_ALR_87000333 Define Partner Determination Procedure and Partner Function 
232 OLIAV_441V S_ALR_87000743 Define Scope of Check 
233 OLIAV_TCN41_PM S_ALR_87000117 Create Default Value Profiles for General Order Data 
234 OLIAV_TPEXT_PM S_ALR_87000110 Create Default Value Profiles for External Procurement 
235 OLIAV_TPMP_A S_ALR_87000090 Default Values for Task List Data and Profile Assignments 
236 OLIA_BS52 S_ALR_87000876 Create Authorization Keys for User Status Authorizations 
237 OLIA_CI31 S_ALR_87000844 Define Download Parameters for PDC 
238 OLIA_CS_ORD_HEAD S_ALR_87011754 Define Field Selection for Order Header Data (CS) 
239 OLIA_INDX_FAKTURA S_ALR_87001166 Generate Indices for Maintenance Orders for Sales Order 
240 OLIA_IOCI_FCON2 S_PLN_16000042 Convert HTML Field Values 
241 OLIA_IOCI_FCONV S_PLN_16000040 Convert HTML fields to SAP fields 
242 OLIA_IOCI_FUNCM S_PLN_16000043 Define Conversion Modules 
243 OLIA_IOCI_ORGU S_PLN_16000036 Assign Catalog to Order Type 
244 OLIA_KEP9 S_ALR_87000800 Assign Value Fields 
245 OLIA_ODP1 S_ALR_87000786 Profiles for Quotation Creation, Billing, Results Analysis 
246 OLIA_ODP2 S_ALR_87001595 Check Profile Settings 
247 OLIA_ODP3 S_ALR_87001603 Define Apportionment Reasons 
248 OLIA_ODP4 S_ALR_87001605 Assign Conditions to Sales Document Types 
249 OLIA_OIAJ S_ALR_87000398 Define Field Selection for Data Screen for Reference Functional Locations 
250 OLIA_OIAL S_ALR_87000152 Set Field Selection for Notifications 
251 OLIA_OIBY S_ALR_87000770 Set List Editing for Goods Movements for Orders 
252 OLIA_OICV_IMGDUMMY S_ALR_87000780 Check Consistency of Value Category Assignment 
253 OLIA_OID6 S_ALR_87000882 Activate Printing in Online Processing 
254 OLIA_OIK1 S_ALR_87000774 Maintain Value Categories 
255 OLIA_OIK2 S_ALR_87000777 Assign Cost Elements to Value Categories 
256 OLIA_OIKS S_ALR_87000274 Define Version for Cost Estimates for Orders 
257 OLIA_OIM1 S_ALR_87099774 Set Workflow for Maintenance Notifications 
258 OLIA_OIM2 S_ALR_87099775 Set Workflow for Service Notifications 
259 OLIA_OIMX S_ALR_87000940 Define Follow-Up Actions for Tasks 
260 OLIA_OITA S_ALR_87000019 Define Investment Profiles 
261 OLIA_OITB S_ALR_87000022 Define Assignment of AuC Classes per Source Assignment 
262 OLIA_OIUB S_ALR_87000148 Field Selection for Usage List 
263 OLIA_OIUK S_ALR_87000822 Define Field Selection for Goods Movement Fields 
264 OLIA_OIUL S_ALR_87000838 Define Field Selection for Relationship Fields 
265 OLIA_OIUN S_ALR_87000832 Define Field Selection for Revenue and Costing Data Fields 
266 OLIA_OIUN_OP S_EB5_05000503 Define Field Selection for Revenue and Cost Data at Transaction Level Flds. 
267 OLIA_OIW1 S_ALR_87000136 Set List Editing for Notification Activity Data 
268 OLIA_OIW3 S_ALR_87000863 Set List Editing for Completion Confirmations 
269 OLIA_OIYV S_ALR_87000208 Define Field Selection for Cause Fields 
270 OLIA_OOCU_WORKFLOW S_ALR_87000761 Set Workflow for Orders 
271 OLIA_OPKB S_ALR_87000907 Parallelized Confirmation Processes 
272 OLIA_OPKC S_ALR_87000885 Define Execution Time for Confirmation Processes 
273 OLIA_OPLI S_ALR_87000879 Schedule background jobs confirmation processes 
274 OLIA_RIAUFM00 S_ALR_87001164 Reorganization of List for Goods Movements for Orders 
275 OLIA_VC_IWOT_PROF S_AEN_10000133 Define View Profiles 
276 OLIA_VC_TMW03 S_PLN_62000211 Define Catalogs 
277 OLIA_V_160_M_PM S_ALR_87000758 Message Control 
278 OLIA_V_CK05 S_ALR_87000706 Define Valuation Variants 
279 OLIA_V_IOCI_ORGU_TL S_PLN_62000210 Assign Catalog to Task List Type 
280 OLIA_V_IWOT_LNK S_AEN_10000132 Assign View Profiles to Order Types 
281 OLIA_V_T003O_DS S_EAC_24000046 Define Digital Signature for Order Types 
282 OLIA_V_T003O_SC S_EAC_24000047 Define Status Control for Shop Papers 
283 OLIA_V_T350E S_ALR_87000113 Define Access Sequence for Determining Address Data 
284 OLIA_V_T350W_K S_ALR_87000772 Assign Default Values for Settlement Areas to Order Types 
285 OLIA_V_T350_BEZZT S_ALR_87000127 Define Proposed Reference Time for Technical Completion 
286 OLIA_V_T350_HE S_ALR_87000122 Settlement Rule: Define Time and Creation of Distribution Rule 
287 OLIA_V_T350_IMZS S_ALR_87000085 Assign IM Assignment Key to Order Types 
288 OLIA_V_T350_IV S_ALR_87000046 Indicate Order Types for Investment Measures 
289 OLIA_V_T350_NOTDAT S_ALR_87000100 Define Notification and Order Integration 
290 OLIA_V_T350_PAGE S_ALR_87000751 Assign Standard Texts for Short Messages to Order Types 
291 OLIA_V_T350_PZ S_ALR_87000105 Define Transfer of Project or Investment Program 
292 OLIA_V_T350_RSORD S_ALR_87000070 Indicate Order Types for Refurbishment Processing 
293 OLIA_V_T399X_MB S_ALR_87000767 Define Documentation for Goods Movements for the Order 
294 OLIA_V_T399X_QP S_ALR_87000042 Assign Inspection Types to Maintenance/Service Order Types 
295 OLIA_V_T418V S_ALR_87000285 Define Default Values for Component Item Categories 
296 OLIA_V_TCMFUL S_ALR_87099615 Set Screen Templates for Completion Confirmation 
297 OLIA_V_TCOKO S_ALR_87000290 Define Movement Types for Material Reservations 
298 OLIA_V_TCOKT_PM S_ALR_87000297 Define Account Assignment Cat. and Document Type for Purchase Requisitions 
299 OLIA_V_TPMIM S_ALR_87000080 Define Relevant Fields for Assignment of IM Program 
300 OLIA_V_TQ07 S_ALR_87001000 Define Follow-Up Actions for Tasks 
301 OLIA_V_TQ80_PAGE S_ALR_87001163 Assign Standard Texts for Short Messages to Notification Types 
302 OLIA_V_TQ85 S_ALR_87000995 Define Action Box 
303 OLIA_V_TQSCR S_ALR_87001144 Set Screen Templates for the Notification Type 
304 OLIA_V_TRUG S_ALR_87000841 Define Causes for Variances 
305 OLIIOIAK S_ALR_87000029 Assign Value Categories to Maintenance Cost Key Figures 
306 OLIIOIAW S_ALR_87000035 Define Currency for Maintenance Statistics 
307 OLII_TPMCKF S_ALR_87000021 Define Customer-Specific Key Figures 
308 OLII_VPMMRCKF S_PL0_09000430 Configure Measurement Document Update 
309 OLII_V_PMCOCKF S_ALR_87000017 Value Categories and/or Accounting Indicators for Internal Key Figures 
310 OLIP_OIBC S_ALR_87000060 Make Field Selection for Equipment Data Fields 
311 OLIP_OIBD S_ALR_87000053 Make Field Selection for Functional Location Fields 
312 OLIP_OIR0 S_ALR_87000178 Make Field Selection for Task List Inspection Characteristic Fields 
313 OLIP_OIRT S_ALR_87000064 Make Field Selection for Task List Header Data Fields 
314 OLIP_OIRU S_ALR_87000068 Make Field Selection for Task List Operation Data Fields 
315 OLIP_OIRV S_ALR_87000156 Make Field Selection for Task List Sub-Operation Data Fields 
316 OLIP_OIRW S_ALR_87000160 Make Field Selection for Task List Relationship Fields 
317 OLIP_OIRX S_ALR_87000164 Make Field Selection for Task List Component Fields 
318 OLIP_OIRY S_ALR_87000169 Make Field Selection for Task List PRT Fields 
319 OLIP_OIRZ S_ALR_87000174 Make Field Selection for Task List Maintenance Package Fields 
320 OLIP_OIS3 S_ALR_87000183 Make Field Selection for Task List Service Package Fields 
321 OLIP_OIS4 S_ALR_87000188 Make Field Selection for Task List Object Dependency Fields 
322 OLIP_OIW5 S_ALR_87000219 Set List Editing for Maintenance Item Dates 
323 OLIP_OP5 S_AL0_96000774 Define Field Selection 
324 OLIP_OP5A S_ALR_87000301 Define Field Selection 
325 OLIP_OP7B S_ALR_87000306 Set Parameters 
326 OLIP_V_PVBE S_ALR_87000271 Define Production Supply Areas 
327 OLIP_V_T399G S_ALR_87100085 Define Sort Fields for Maintenance Plan 
328 OLIP_V_T399J_M S_P6B_12000050 Configure Special Functions for Maintenance Planning 
329 OLIP_V_T399W_I S_ALR_87000254 Set Maintenance Plan Categories 
330 OLIS008 S_ALR_87000948 Perform Setup - Retail 
331 OLIS009 S_ALR_87000959 Perform Setup - Warehouse Management 
332 OLIS010 S_ALR_87000889 Perform Setup - Warehousing & Shipping 
333 OLIS_ACTI S_ALR_87000823 Define activities 
334 OLIS_ALE S_ALR_87000809 Generate message type 
335 OLIS_ALE33 S_ALR_87000886 Generate Message Type 
336 OLIS_ALE34 S_ALR_87001124 Determine Version for Comparison 
337 OLIS_ALE35 S_ALR_87001012 Define ALE Settings 
338 OLIS_ALE36 S_ALR_87000884 Schedule Data Dispatch of Information Structures 
339 OLIS_ALE_BCO S_ALR_87001123 Set Scenario for "Inventory Controlling" 
340 OLIS_ALE_EKS S_ALR_87001001 Set Scenario for "Purchasing Information System" 
341 OLIS_ALE_VIS S_ALR_87001009 Set Scenario for "Sales Information System" 
342 OLIS_COPA1 S_ALR_87000806 Transfer LIS / CO-PA 
343 OLIS_COPYP S_ALR_87000825 Maintain copy profiles 
344 OLIS_CUSTEX1 S_ALR_87000749 Perform authorization check: standard analyses 
345 OLIS_CUSTEX10 S_ALR_87000789 Add texts to fax symbols 
346 OLIS_CUSTEX11 S_ALR_87000757 Process external hierarchies: standard analyses 
347 OLIS_CUSTEX2 S_ALR_87000760 Read External Data: Copy Management 
348 OLIS_CUSTEX3 S_ALR_87000745 Determine characteristic texts 
349 OLIS_CUSTEX4 S_ALR_87000741 Perform statistical update: PP-IS - production orders 
350 OLIS_CUSTEX5 S_ALR_87000771 Perform statistical update: INVCO 
351 OLIS_CUSTEX6 S_ALR_87000753 Display key figures: standard analyses 
352 OLIS_CUSTEX7 S_ALR_87000763 Perform statistical update: SIS - sales documents 
353 OLIS_CUSTEX8 S_ALR_87000769 Perform statistical update: PURCHIS - purchasing documents 
354 OLIS_CUSTEX9 S_ALR_87000785 Define exceptions for certain characteristic values 
355 OLIS_EKS_OLIB S_ALR_87000678 Assign Update Group at Header Level 
356 OLIS_EKS_OMGO S_ALR_87000675 Assign Update Group at Item Level 
357 OLIS_GROBLAST_VLLV S_ALR_87000733 Control Rough Workload Estimate (RWE) 
358 OLIS_KEYF S_ALR_87000828 Maintain key figure assignment profiles 
359 OLIS_KOMM3 S_ALR_87000933 Maintain Self-Defined LIS Inbound Interface 
360 OLIS_KOPP1A S_ALR_87000864 Obtain master data texts 
361 OLIS_KOPP1B S_ALR_87000866 Obtain data from Inventory Management 
362 OLIS_KOPP1C S_ALR_87000837 Obtain data from Purchasing 
363 OLIS_KOPP1D S_ALR_87000840 Obtain data from Production 
364 OLIS_KOPP2 S_ALR_87000843 Transfer data to the R/3 System 
365 OLIS_KOPP3 S_ALR_87000846 Process data in the R/3 System 
366 OLIS_KOPP4A S_ALR_87001007 Define settings in the R/2 System 
367 OLIS_KOPP4B S_ALR_87000857 Define settings in the R/3 System 
368 OLIS_MC38 S_ALR_87000629 Define number range for events 
369 OLIS_MC60 S_ALR_87000606 Set planning plant for SOP 
370 OLIS_MC70 S_ALR_87000632 Configure scheduling parameters 
371 OLIS_MC79 S_ALR_87000834 Set user parameters 
372 OLIS_MC7A S_ALR_87000658 Define proportional distribution across plants 
373 OLIS_MC7F S_ALR_87000601 Set parameters for info structures and key figures 
374 OLIS_MC7M S_ALR_87000815 Define user methods 
375 OLIS_MC80 S_ALR_87000818 Reset generation time stamp 
376 OLIS_MC8A S_ALR_87000812 Maintain planning types 
377 OLIS_MC96 S_ALR_87000641 Maintain forecast profiles 
378 OLIS_MC97 S_ALR_87000638 Define number range for SOP orders 
379 OLIS_MCNR S_ALR_87000610 Define number range for combined characteristics 
380 OLIS_MCU S_ALR_87099861 Maintain Units 
381 OLIS_MP90 S_ALR_87000644 Define number range for forecast parameters 
382 OLIS_MP91 S_ALR_87000820 Define number range for forecast values 
383 OLIS_OLIQ S_ALR_87000955 Perform Setup - Quality Management 
384 OLIS_OLPA_EXIT1 S_ALR_87000775 Import external data to the planning table 
385 OLIS_OLPA_EXIT2 S_ALR_87000791 Develop functional enhancement to calculate a macro 
386 OLIS_OLPA_EXIT3 S_ALR_87000794 Develop functional enhancement to define a function code 
387 OLIS_OLPA_EXIT4 S_ALR_87000797 Develop functional enhancement to create own header info 
388 OLIS_OLPA_EXIT5 S_ALR_87000799 Define additional authorization checks 
389 OLIS_OLPA_EXIT6 S_ALR_87000802 Edit EXCEL header information 
390 OLIS_OLPA_EXIT7 S_ALR_87000778 Create F4-Help for self-defined characteristics 
391 OLIS_OLPA_EXIT8 S_ALR_87000779 Extrapolate sales for Open-to-Buy (OTB) 
392 OLIS_OLPA_EXIT9 S_ALR_87000782 Set order warning for Open-to-Buy (OTB) 
393 OLIS_OPEB S_ALR_87000635 Define routing selection 
394 OLIS_OV7Z S_ALR_87000647 Create characteristics for remainder allocations 
395 OLIS_PPIS_MCRG S_ALR_87000661 Define Performance Settings 
396 OLIS_REORG_METHOD S_ALR_87000997 Methods Maintenance 
397 OLIS_SE11 S_ALR_87000936 Maintain as Dictionary Structure 
398 OLIS_STRDANA_DATA S_ALR_87001120 Data Enhancement 
399 OLIS_STRDANA_LIST S_ALR_87000998 Maintain List Enhancement Methods 
400 OLIS_TRAN S_ALR_87000831 Maintain transfer profiles 
401 OLIS_WE30 S_ALR_87000939 Maintain as IDoc 
402 OLMEML90 S_ALR_87001978 Define Screen Layout 
403 OLMEML91 S_ALR_87001962 for Client 
404 OLMEML94 S_ALR_87001754 Call up Service Overview and Limits Directly 
405 OLMEOME6 S_ALR_87002165 Set Up Procedure Without Classification 
406 OLMEOMGQ S_ALR_87002179 Set Up Procedure with Classification 
407 OLMEOMGS_2 S_ALR_87002190 Define Release Procedure for Purchase Orders 
408 OLMEOMGS_3 S_ALR_87002144 Define Release Procedure for Contracts 
409 OLMEOMGS_4 S_ALR_87002243 Define Release Procedure for Scheduling Agreements 
410 OLMEPFCG-1 S_ALR_87008381 Maintain Roles and Assign to Users 
411 OLME_V_T16CA_B_DCM_A S_AL0_96000313 Set Up Version Management for Purchase Requisitions 
412 OLME_V_T16CA_DCM_A S_AL0_96000242 Set Up Version Management for External Purchasing Documents 
413 OLME_V_T16CC_DCM_A S_AL0_96000243 Define Reasons for Change 
414 OLME_V_T16CE_DCM_A S_AL0_96000244 Set Up Change Displays 
415 OLME_V_T16CR_DCM_A S_AL0_96000245 Version-Relevant Fields of Purchase Requisitions 
416 OLMK008 S_ALR_87001809 Maintain Authorizations 
417 OLMK009 S_ALR_87001771 Create Profiles 
418 OLMKALE S_ALR_87008382 Distribution with ALE 
419 OLMRBARC S_ALR_87099701 Maintain Bar Code Entry 
420 OLMRIRREAS S_PR0_40000356 Maintain Reasons for Invoice Reduction 
421 OLMRIRTAX S_ALR_87100620 Tax Treatment in Invoice Reduction 
422 OLMRLIST S_ALR_87100139 Define Item List Variants 
423 OLMRLOGO S_ALR_87099730 Define Start Logo 
424 OLMROMR2 S_ALR_87014489 Maintain Default Values for Tax Codes 
425 OLMROMR4 S_ALR_87012647 Maintain Number Assignments for Accounting Documents 
426 OLMROMRA S_ALR_87099694 Define Subsequent Debit/Credit Key for PO History Category 
427 OLMROMRD S_ALR_87099744 Maintain Authorizations 
428 OLMROMRDC S_ALR_87099726 Set Check for Duplicate Invoices 
429 OLMROMRJ S_ALR_87013324 Maintain Number Range Intervals for Invoice Documents 
430 OLMROMRMC S_ALR_87015063 Configure How Unplanned Delivery Costs Are Posted 
431 OLMROMRY S_ALR_87099743 Enter Program Parameters 
432 OLMRSACHMAT S_ALR_87100686 Activate Direct Posting to G/L Accounts and Material Accounts 
433 OLMRWORKFLOW S_ALR_87100126 Activate Workflow Template 
434 OLMR_T169BP S_XDE_56000010 Define Partner Role as Allowed Payee 
435 OLMR_V_169P_RET S_XDE_56000009 Define Control Parameters for Retention 
436 OLMR_V_T169RETENTION S_XDE_56000008 Define Tax Handling for Retention 
437 OLMR_V_T169RETTIME S_XDE_56000007 Define Default Due Date for Retention 
438 OLMTLIST S_ALR_87100170 Maintain Item List Variants 
439 OLPA_EXIT5 S_ALR_87001792 Define additional authorization checks 
440 OLPA_EXIT6 S_ALR_87001795 Edit Excel header (exported for planning table) 
441 OLPA_EXIT7 S_ALR_87001801 Create F4-Help for self-defined characteristics 
442 OLPA_MC80 S_ALR_87001728 Reset Generation Time Stamp 
443 OLPA_MC9V S_ALR_87001948 Assign MRP elements to a key figure 
444 OLPA_VERFUG1 S_ALR_87009214 Maintain Checking Groups for Availability Check 
445 OLPA_VERFUG2 S_ALR_87009215 Maintain Checking Rules for Availability Check 
446 OLPR_CLAIMCOD S_ALR_87100675 Codes for Detailed Long Texts 
447 OLPR_CLAIMPAR S_ALR_87100676 Partner Roles for Codes for Detailed Long Texts 
448 OLPR_IM_BADI_PSP   BAdI: Field Transfer from WBS Element to Fixed Asset 
449 OLPR_IM_BILD S_ALR_87003868 Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Records 
450 OLPR_IM_BILDPS S_ALR_87003934 Define Field Selection 
451 OLPR_IM_BUDGPROF S_ALR_87003739 Maintain Budget Profile 
452 OLPR_IM_GROSS S_ALR_87003788 Define Scale 
453 OLPR_IM_GRUND S_ALR_87003906 Define Reasons for Investment 
454 OLPR_IM_PLANPROF S_ALR_87003747 Maintain Planning Profiles 
455 OLPR_IM_SELEKT S_ALR_87003915 Maintain Selection Variants for Collective Processing 
456 OLPR_IM_STATI0 S_ALR_87003824 Flag FI-AA Transaction Types as Budget-Relevant 
457 OLPR_IM_STATI1 S_ALR_87003815 Create Statistical Cost Elements 
458 OLPR_IM_STATI2 S_ALR_87003807 Change the Field Status of the Asset G/L Accounts 
459 OLPR_IM_TOLERANZ S_ALR_87003841 Define Tolerance Limits for Availability Control 
460 OLPR_IM_UMWELT S_ALR_87003901 Define Environmental Protection Indicator 
461 OLPR_IM_WORKFLOW S_ALR_87003850 Assign Workflow Task for Incomplete Assets 
462 OLPR_TRMNG_COMPLNETW S_PL0_86000012 Define Levels for Networks 
463 OLPSCFMENUPPE06_PD S_ALN_01002197 Create Model Assignments 
464 OLQB-L S_ALR_87004742 Define List Variants 
465 OLQG-E S_ALR_87003784 First Steps 
466 OLQG-O S_ALR_87003790 Establish Organizational Units (Plants, ...) 
467 OLQI-OQI4 S_ALR_87004362 Define Update in QM Information System 
468 OLQL-MK S_ALR_87004354 Activate Reference to Related Notifications 
469 OLQL-PL S_ALR_87009629 Define List Variants 
470 OLQL-STI S_ALR_87005336 Define Evaluation Method for QM-STI Interface 
471 OLQL_I S_P00_07000071 Quality Management Information System 
472 OLQL_LIBE S_P00_07000072 Vendor Evaluation 
473 OLQN S_ALR_87100665 Activate the Workflow Template for the General Notification 
474 OLQN-AB S_ALR_87004345 Define Action Box 
475 OLQN-BSM S_ALN_01000472 Define Screen Templates 
476 OLQN-DS S_ACR_23000427 Digital Signature for Notifications 
477 OLQN-IW20 S_ALN_01000471 Define Number Ranges 
478 OLQN-MDD S_ALR_87004292 Define Download 
479 OLQN-MF S_ALR_87004337 Define Follow-Up Actions for Tasks 
480 OLQN-MLB S_ALR_87004326 Define Nonconformity Costs for Vendor Evaluation 
481 OLQN-MLF S_ALR_87004406 Define Variants for Single-Level Lists 
482 OLQN-MLFM S_ALR_87004398 Choose Fields for Multiple-Level Lists 
483 OLQN-MLFM1 S_E4E_66000209 Choose Fields for Multilevel Lists 
484 OLQN-MPL S_ALR_87004432 Define Fields for Partner Lists 
485 OLQN-MPN S_ALR_87004490 Define Standard Messages to Partners 
486 OLQN-MSS S_ALR_87004414 Define Selection Profiles 
487 OLQN-MW S_ALR_87004423 Define Response Monitoring 
488 OLQN-OCMP S_ALR_87100525 Define Partner Determination Procedure 
489 OLQN-OQN6 S_ALR_87004469 Define Catalog Profile 
490 OLQN-OQN8 S_ALR_87004321 Define Costing Parameters 
491 OLQN-OQNFB S_ALR_87004372 Define Report Type 
492 OLQN-OQNFM S_ALR_87004389 Define Notification Type 
493 OLQN-OQNFR S_ALR_87004378 Define Confirmation Profile 
494 OLQN-OQNN S_ALR_87004448 Define Number Ranges 
495 OLQN-OQNP S_ALR_87004441 Define Partner Determination Procedures 
496 OLQN-SAB S_ALN_01000477 Define Action Box 
497 OLQN-SAF S_ALN_01000480 Define Shop Papers, Forms, Print Programs 
498 OLQN-SCC S_ALN_01000473 Maintain Catalogs 
499 OLQN-SCN S_ALN_01000474 Catalogs for Notification Type 
500 OLQN-SCR S_ALR_87004456 Define Screen Templates