SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 10
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OHAES_0902 S_L6B_69000220 Check calendar for cumulation 
2 OHAES_0911 S_L6B_69000221 Define special cumulation types 
3 OHAES_0912 S_L6B_69000222 Assign cumulation categories to time units 
4 OHAES_0913 S_L6B_69000223 Define cumulation periods 
5 OHAES_OPTAA S_AHR_61016668 Check optimization of IMS contributions 
6 OHAES_TCNEG S_AHR_61016669 Configure negative TCs 
7 OHAETI110 S_AHR_61005358 Define time types 
8 OHAETI120 S_AHR_61005361 Assign keywords to time pairs 
9 OHAETI130 S_AHR_61005367 Define processing types 
10 OHAETI210 S_AHR_61005371 Check daily processing call (original period) 
11 OHAETI210D S_AHR_61005374 Check daily processing call (deferred period) 
12 OHAETI310 S_AHR_61005377 Set groupings 
13 OHAETI321 S_AHR_61005476 Provide planned working time of work schedule 
14 OHAETI322 S_AHR_61005480 Import substitutions 
15 OHAETI323 S_AHR_61005489 Import absences 
16 OHAETI324 S_AHR_61005496 Import overtime 
17 OHAETI325 S_AHR_61005381 Determine breaks to be imported into tables 
18 OHAETI330 S_AHR_61005737 Adjust daily work schedule to time data 
19 OHAETI340 S_AHR_61005503 Determine breaks 
20 OHAETI361 S_AHR_61007659 Define work schedule valuation types by periods 
21 OHAETI362 S_AHR_61007668 Establish generation rules 
22 OHAETI363 S_AHR_61005514 Define groupings 
23 OHAETI364 S_AHR_61007672 Execute time wage type selection rule 
24 OHAETI370 S_AHR_61007625 Compensate overtime 
25 OHAEUM002 S_AHR_61004478 Maintain user functions 
26 OHAEUM003 S_AHR_61004486 Maintain profiles 
27 OHAEUM006 S_PH0_48000040 Define personnel payroll area 
28 OHAEUM006B S_AHR_61005394 Define personnel payroll area 
29 OHAEUM008 S_AHR_61007611 Generate payroll periods 
30 OHAEUM010 S_AHR_61007616 Maintain company addresses 
31 OHAEUM010B S_AHR_61005406 Generate calendar for cumulation 
32 OHAEUM012 S_AHR_61005386 Define period parameters 
33 OHAEUM013 S_AHR_61005411 Protect payroll calculation rules 
34 OHAEUM014 S_AHR_61005389 Define date modifiers 
35 OHAEUM022 S_AHR_61007620 Maintain processing classes and values 
36 OHAEUM023 S_AHR_61005423 Maintain evaluation classes and values 
37 OHAEUM101 S_PH9_46000023 Create wage type catalog 
38 OHAEUM102 S_PH9_46000024 Change wage type texts 
39 OHAEUM103 S_PH9_46000025 Specify wage type properties 
40 OHAEUM104 S_AHR_61005347 Check assignment to wage type groups 
41 OHAEUM105 S_AHR_61005352 Check logical views 
42 OHAEXCOM001 S_PH9_46000409 Set disadvantage compensation for change of shift 
43 OHAE_ASV01 S_AHR_61004151 Set calculation to original period 
44 OHAE_ASV02 S_AHR_61004157 Set calculation to deferred period 
45 OHAE_CC3BC S_AHR_61004245 Check adjustment variable for contribution days 
46 OHAF0001 S_AHR_61009669 Maintain Assignment of Absence Valuations 
47 OHAF0002 S_AHR_61009824 Check personnel sub-area grouping for attendance/absence types 
48 OHAF0005 S_AHR_61009637 Define Grace Period and Continued Pay 
49 OHAF0006 S_AHR_61009649 Define Continued Pay Periods 
50 OHAF0007 S_AHR_61009657 Define Procedure/Deduction Indicators for Continued Pay 
51 OHAF0008 S_AHR_61009675 Activate Absence Calendar 
52 OHAF0009 S_AHR_61009624 Define Sickness Modifier 
53 OHAF0021 S_AHR_61008760 Maintain Social Insurance Data for Company 
54 OHAF0022 S_AHR_61008937 Create Header Data for Company 
55 OHAF0023 S_AHR_61008806 Define Addresses and SI Data 
56 OHAF0023_DADSU S_L6D_84000002 Define Addresses and SI Data 
57 OHAF0024 S_AHR_61008622 Define TDS Modifier 
58 OHAF0025 S_AHR_61008544 Assign Wage Types 
59 OHAF0026 S_AHR_61008616 Define Data for "Risk Indicator" 
60 OHAF0026_DADSU S_SL0_21000059 Define data for risk indicator 
61 OHAF0027 S_AHR_61008610 Maintain Personnel Area Data 
62 OHAF0028 S_AHR_61008973 Assign "Group Indicator" 
63 OHAF0029 S_AHR_61008802 Define Company Headquarters 
64 OHAF0029_DADSU S_SL0_21000043 Define Company Headquarters 
65 OHAF0030 S_AHR_61008794 Define Sender Company 
66 OHAF0030_DADSU S_SL0_21000044 Define Sender Company 
67 OHAF0031 S_AHR_61008290 Link wage types to DADS-TDS positions 
68 OHAF0032 S_AHR_61019191 Work abroad or across borders 
69 OHAF0033 S_AHR_61019192 Identify Casual Labor 
70 OHAF0034 S_AHR_61019193 Option for Additional Deduction 
71 OHAF0035 S_AHR_61019194 Maintain Business Expenses 
72 OHAF0036 S_AHR_61019195 Special Cases for Record 130 
73 OHAF0041 S_AHR_61008353 Create Header Data for Company 
74 OHAF0042 S_AHR_61008317 Define Addresses and SI Data 
75 OHAF0043 S_AHR_61008313 Define "Job Type" Indicator (with Pay) 
76 OHAF0044 S_AHR_61008303 "Standard Professional Group" Indicator 
77 OHAF0045 S_AHR_61008241 Indicator for Employee Status in Enterprise 
78 OHAF0046 S_AHR_61008186 Define "Entry/Leaving Indicator" 
79 OHAF0047 S_AHR_61008358 Define CRC Modifier 
80 OHAF0048 S_AHR_61008179 Assign Wage Types 
81 OHAF0049 S_AHR_61008338 Maintain Personnel Area Data 
82 OHAF0050 S_AHR_61008181 Define Company Headquarters 
83 OHAF0051 S_AHR_61008180 Define Work Schedule (Full-Time) 
84 OHAF0053 S_AHR_61008308 Define "Job Type" Indicator (without Pay) 
85 OHAF0054 S_AHR_61008178 Group Employees under Modifier 
86 OHAF0055 S_AHR_61008235 Link Wage Types to DADS-CRC Positions 
87 OHAF0061 S_AHR_61008527 Automatic Update of Maximum Amounts 
88 OHAF0062 S_AHR_61008499 Maintain Assessment Thresholds 
89 OHAF0063 S_AHR_61008506 Maintain Assessment Threshold Special Cases 
90 OHAF0064 S_AHR_61011804 Update Rates and Fixed Amounts 
91 OHAF0066 S_AHR_61012712 Reintegration 19/85 
92 OHAF0067 S_AL0_96000583 Define Grouping Codes for Administrative Offices 
93 OHAF0068 S_AL0_96000584 Assign contribution funds to a grouping code 
94 OHAF0069 S_AL0_96000585 Associate Action/Reason with Grouping Indicator 
95 OHAF0071 S_AHR_61008461 Set up 'Bilan Social' type and business area 
96 OHAF0072 S_AHR_61008538 Define socio-professional categories 
97 OHAF0073 S_AHR_61008389 Set Selection Criteria linked to Indicators 
98 OHAF0074 S_AHR_61008377 Maintain 'Bilan Social' Indicators 
99 OHAF0075 S_AHR_61008495 Define 'Bilan Social' Tables 
100 OHAF0076 S_AHR_61008215 Define Social and Professional Categories 
101 OHAF0077 S_AHR_61008204 Set Selection Criteria Parameters 
102 OHAF0078 S_AHR_61008407 'Bilan Social' Indicator Tables 
103 OHAF0080 S_AHR_61008476 Verify Value of Constants (2483) 
104 OHAF0081 S_L9C_94000005 Set numeric data 
105 OHAF0091 S_AHR_61008275 Hold body codes 
106 OHAF0092 S_AHR_61008269 Hold personnel types 
107 OHAF0093 S_AHR_61008261 Assign Employee Groups to SI Contribution Models 
108 OHAF0094 S_AHR_61008255 Assign Wage Types to Employee Groups 
109 OHAF0095 S_AHR_61008250 Create Header Data for Company 
110 OHAF0096 S_AL0_96000054 Characteristics of VLU ASSEDIC 
111 OHAF0102 S_AHR_61009742 Choose Variants 
112 OHAF0104 S_AHR_61009691 Determine Cumulation of Relevant Wage Types 
113 OHAF0106 S_AHR_61009694 Prepare Payment of 13th Month's Pay 
114 OHAF0108 S_AHR_61009702 Start to Copy Wage Types 
115 OHAF0122 S_AHR_61008429 Call FC00 
116 OHAF0142 S_AHR_61008394 Retrieve /1** 
117 OHAF0144 S_AHR_61008382 Calculation of Actual Monthly Net 
118 OHAF0162 S_AHR_61008401 Generate Difference on /1** 
119 OHAF0164 S_AHR_61008415 Define Iteration Values 
120 OHAF0186 S_AHR_61008458 Maintain Social Insurance Calculation Bases 
121 OHAF0187 S_AHR_61008491 Transfer IJSS Gross for Retroactive Payroll Run 
122 OHAF0188 S_AHR_61008488 Calculate IJSS Gross Wage Type 
123 OHAF0202 S_AHR_61009104 Create Reduction Factors 
124 OHAF0212 S_AHR_61009113 Assign Reduction Factors 
125 OHAF0222 S_AHR_61009246 Create Cumulation Wage Types 
126 OHAF0224 S_AHR_61009252 Check Wage Types for End Result 
127 OHAF0232 S_AHR_61009288 Define Grouping for Absence Valuation 
128 OHAF0242 S_AHR_61009837 Access Day Processing 
129 OHAF0252 S_AHR_61008438 Check Gross Cumulations 
130 OHAF0262 S_AHR_61009525 Define Wage Type-Dependent Constants 
131 OHAF0282 S_AHR_61009423 Create Person-Related Valuation Bases 
132 OHAF0284 S_AHR_61009427 Assign Valuation Bases 
133 OHAF0292 S_AHR_61009058 Activate Seniority Calculation 
134 OHAF0294 S_AHR_61009069 Calculate Pay Seniority 
135 OHAF0300 S_AHR_61009227 Use NCALE to Split Absences 
136 OHAF0322 S_AHR_61008444 Check Data Copied from Previous Payroll 
137 OHAF0332 S_AHR_61009259 Calculate Annual Values 
138 OHAF0342 S_AHR_61008435 Check Special Processing for Recurring Payments/Deductions 
139 OHAF0352 S_AHR_61008753 Adjust Wage Type Assignment for Payroll Account 
140 OHAF0362 S_AHR_61008866 Adjust Wage Type Assignment for Form Printing 
141 OHAF0382 S_AHR_61009815 Calculate Annual Leave Entitlement 
142 OHAF0384 S_AHR_61009803 Count Leave-Related Days and Activate Calculation 
143 OHAF0402 S_AHR_61008453 Activate Loans 
144 OHAF0462 S_AHR_61008450 Statement of Work Force Movements 
145 OHAF0463 S_L9C_94000405 Maintain Form Order Number 
146 OHAF0464 S_AHR_61009044 ASSEDIC Statement 
147 OHAF0465 S_L9C_94000324 Define Qualification of Employee 
148 OHAF0466 S_L9C_94000325 Set the executive / non-executive status indicator 
149 OHAF0467 S_L9C_94000326 Set 'reason for ending contract' Indicator 
150 OHAF0468 S_L9C_94000327 Define weekly work timetable 
151 OHAF0469 S_L9C_94000328 Set data for complementary retirement funds 
152 OHAF0470 S_L9C_94000329 Set Work Contract Type 
153 OHAF0471 S_L9C_94000330 Define particular employment category 
154 OHAF0472 S_L9C_94000331 Define Status and Employment Category of Employee 
155 OHAF0473 S_L9C_94000332 Maintain Periodicity of Bonuses and Allowances 
156 OHAF0474 S_L9C_94000411 Choose French Screen for Infotype 0004 
157 OHAF0475 S_L9C_94000412 Relate Both Categories of Challenged Persons 
158 OHAF0476 S_L9C_94000413 Determine the staff subject to tax liability assessment basis 
159 OHAF0478 S_L9C_94000414 Maintain Data Concerning DDTEFP 
160 OHAF0479 S_L9C_94000415 Set Constants 
161 OHAF0480 S_L9C_94000503 Set Company Address 
162 OHAF0481 S_L9C_94000504 Maintain Data Concerning DDTEFP 
163 OHAF0482 S_L9C_94000505 Set work contract type 
164 OHAF0483 S_L9C_94000506 Define Specific Employment Category 
165 OHAF0484 S_L9C_94000507 Determine special action type and category of reasons 
166 OHAF0485 S_L9C_94000550 Set Contract Types Defined in Enterprise 
167 OHAF0486 S_L9C_94000551 Maintain Electoral Domains 
168 OHAF0487 S_L9C_94000552 Set Electoral Colleges 
169 OHAF0488 S_L9C_94000553 Identify employee organizational assignment section (labor court) 
170 OHAF0502 S_AHR_61008455 Maintain Constants 
171 OHAF0503 S_L9C_94000431 Associate Localization Modifier with Domain/Sub-Domain 
172 OHAF0504 S_AHR_61008420 Maintain Calculation Constants 
173 OHAF0522 S_AHR_61009377 View Maintenance Table T512W 
174 OHAF0524 S_AHR_61009361 Processing Classes and Values 
175 OHAF0526 S_AHR_61009350 Evaluation Classes and Values 
176 OHAF0604 S_AHR_61009709 Copy Lunch Coupon Wage Types 
177 OHAF0606 S_AHR_61009716 Modify Constants 
178 OHAF0608 S_AHR_61009721 Copy Lunch Coupon Calc. Rules and Schema 
179 OHAF0610 S_AHR_61009731 Modify Feature FTIR1 
180 OHAF0802 S_AHR_61009614 Enter Continued Pay Modifier by Personnel Area/Subarea 
181 OHAF0804 S_AHR_61009548 Enter Continued Pay Modifier by EE Group/Status 
182 OHAF0806 S_AHR_61009555 Enter Continued Pay Modifier 
183 OHAF0808 S_AHR_61009751 Determine Grace Period for Continued Pay 
184 OHAF0810 S_AHR_61009608 Define Payroll Period 
185 OHAF0812 S_AHR_61009598 Define Absence Quotas 
186 OHAF0814 S_AHR_61009566 Check Personnel Subarea Modifier for Absence Type 
187 OHAF0816 S_AHR_61009575 Enter Absence Types for Continued Pay 
188 OHAF0818 S_AHR_61009588 Assign Absence Type to Absence 
189 OHAF0819 S_AHR_61009789 Activate Continued Pay in the Payroll Schema 
190 OHAF0820 S_AHR_61009760 Implement Subrogation 
191 OHAF0822 S_AHR_61009785 Maintain Quota Values When Modifier Changes 
192 OHAF0824 S_AHR_61009774 Calculate Social Insurance Per Diem Indemnities 
193 OHAF0825 S_L9C_94000353 Define Payroll Wage Types 
194 OHAF0826 S_AHR_61012239 Convert Absence Calendar 
195 OHAF0827 S_L9C_94000354 Enter Values for Constants 
196 OHAF0828 S_AHR_61012240 Update Absence Quotas before First Payroll Run 
197 OHAF0830 S_L9C_94000355 Set Maternity IJSS 
198 OHAF0902 S_AHR_61008485 Check Cumulation Calendar 
199 OHAF0903 S_AHR_61008474 Define Cumulation Types for Wage Types 
200 OHAF0911 S_AHR_61008464 Define Cumulation Types 
201 OHAF0912 S_AHR_61008467 Assign Cumulation Types to Time Units 
202 OHAF0913 S_AHR_61008470 Define Cumulation Periods 
203 OHAF483 S_AHR_61008222 Convert Old Form 
204 OHAFAB001 S_AHR_61009273 Describe Absence Valuation Rules 
205 OHAFAB002 S_AHR_61009280 Assign Absences to Absence Valuation Rules 
206 OHAFAB004 S_AHR_61009184 Define Day Rules 
207 OHAFAB005 S_AHR_61009192 Create Wage Type Catalog 
208 OHAFAB009 S_AHR_61009208 Valuate Absences Using 'As If' Principle 
209 OHAFAB010 S_AHR_61009233 Special Processing for Absence Valuation Rules 
210 OHAFAB011 S_AHR_61009214 Create Counting Classes for Absence Valuation 
211 OHAFAB012 S_AHR_61009217 Valuate Absences by Constants/Averages 
212 OHAFAB100 S_AHR_61009928 Paid Leave Valuation 
213 OHAFAB200 S_AHR_61009920 Valuate Absences after Quota Deduction 
214 OHAFAB305 S_AL0_96000268 Implementation of specific criteria processing 
215 OHAFAB306 S_AL0_96000273 Presentation of possible extensions 
216 OHAFAB307 S_AL0_96000274 Illustration 
217 OHAFAD002 S_AHR_61009366 Transfer Payroll Account 
218 OHAFADP001_1 S_AHR_61019292 Set up RFC Connection 
219 OHAFADP001_2 S_AHR_61019294 Create RFC User 
220 OHAFADP001_3 S_AHR_61019293 Load TEDC Tables 
221 OHAFADP001_4 S_AHR_61019295 Create User Profile and Customize PAC 
222 OHAFADP001_5 S_AHR_61019296 Test Installation 
223 OHAFADP001_7 S_L9C_94000528 FADP Constant 
224 OHAFADP00_6 S_AHR_61019315 Define Communication Scenarios 
225 OHAFAL01 S_AHR_61010026 Bases 
226 OHAFASSINTERM01 S_AC0_52000028 Enter the agreement number of the UNEDIC 
227 OHAFASSINTERM02 S_AC0_52000031 Define the reason for the termination 
228 OHAFASSINTERM03 S_AC0_52000032 Define affiliation to the entertainment sector leave fund 
229 OHAFAV001 S_AHR_61009436 Bases for Valuation of Averages 
230 OHAFAV511A S_AHR_61009120 Create Rules for Calculating Averages 
231 OHAFAV511B S_AHR_61009128 Create Cumulation Rules for Average Bases 
232 OHAFAV511C S_AHR_61009134 Create Adjustment Rules for Average Bases 
233 OHAFAVBAS S_AHR_61009440 Calculate Average Bases 
234 OHAFAVP15 S_AHR_61009150 Assign Valuation of Averages to Primary Wage Type 
235 OHAFAVX017 S_AHR_61009450 Create Relevancy Test 
236 OHAFAVX018 S_AHR_61009454 Create Final Processing Rule 
237 OHAFAVXT00 S_AHR_61009144 Adjust Calculation of Averages within the Payroll Run 
238 OHAFBRC020 S_SL0_21000037 Define fields and sources 
239 OHAFBRC026 S_SL0_21000038 Define data sections 
240 OHAFBRC028 S_SL0_21000039 Assign fields to sections 
241 OHAFBRC100 S_SL0_21000031 Hold body codes 
242 OHAFBRC102 S_SL0_21000032 Hold personnel types 
243 OHAFBRC104 S_SL0_21000033 Assign contributions to bodies and personnel types 
244 OHAFBRC106 S_SL0_21000034 Maintain company / institution details 
245 OHAFBRC107 S_SL0_21000035 Maintain URSSAF office details 
246 OHAFBRC108 S_SL0_21000036 Maintain ASSEDIC office details 
247 OHAFBW005 S_AHR_61009418 Define Pay Scale-Dependent Constants 
248 OHAFBW21 S_AHR_61009167 Determine Valuation Basis for Different Payment 
249 OHAFBW22 S_AHR_61009177 Calculate Valuation Basis with Higher Value 
250 OHAFCOTIS_CALCRULE S_XC0_18000058 Define calculation rule for the conditions 
251 OHAFCOTIS_T5FC3 S_XC0_18000052 Maintain modifier for floating rate contributions 
252 OHAFDAD001 S_SL0_21000047 Define form 
253 OHAFDAD002 S_SL0_21000051 Define fields and sources 
254 OHAFDAD003 S_SL0_21000048 Define wage type grouping 
255 OHAFDAD004 S_SL0_21000049 Check wage type assignment to wage type groups 
256 OHAFDAD005 S_SL0_21000050 Add customer assignments to existing wage type groups 
257 OHAFDAD006 S_SL0_21000053 Define field groups 
258 OHAFDAD007 S_SL0_21000054 Build field groups 
259 OHAFDAD008 S_SL0_21000055 Define form sections 
260 OHAFDAD009 S_SL0_21000056 Assign fields to form 
261 OHAFDAD010 S_SL0_21000057 Define conditions 
262 OHAFDAD011 S_SL0_21000058 Build conditions 
263 OHAFDAD012 S_SL0_21000040 Maintain sending reference of sender structure 
264 OHAFDAD013 S_SL0_21000041 Fill company/institution data 
265 OHAFDAD014 S_SL0_21000042 Create Header Data for Company 
266 OHAFDAD015 S_SL0_21000063 Recodify work contract code 
267 OHAFDAD016 S_SL0_21000064 Recodify employment/contract 
268 OHAFDAD017 S_SL0_21000065 Reencode employee's company status 
269 OHAFDAD018 S_L6B_69000273 Recodify the employee's collective agreement group status 
270 OHAFDAD019 S_SL0_21000067 Provide data on places of work 
271 OHAFDAD020 S_SL0_21000068 Determine special action type and category of reasons 
272 OHAFDAD021 S_SL0_21000069 BAdI: DADSU 
273 OHAFDAD022 S_L6B_69001673 Recodify the employee's AGIRC-ARRCO group status 
274 OHAFDAD5F1B_B S_L6D_84000020 Associate domain/subdomain to the DADS-U modifier 
275 OHAFDADSU_COMPL S_L6D_84000544 Set suppl. or special plans or BTP paid leave fund 
276 OHAFDADSU_ERCODR S_L7D_24000562  
277 OHAFDADSU_FDAD6 S_L6D_84000434 Set compulsory illness risk plan indicator 
278 OHAFDADSU_FDAD6_NEW S_L4H_49001435 Set compulsory plan illness risk indicator 
279 OHAFDADSU_FDAD7 S_L6D_84000435 Set compulsory work accident plan indicator 
280 OHAFDADSU_FDAD8 S_L6D_84000436 Set compulsory pension plan indicator (employer part) 
281 OHAFDADSU_FDAD9 S_L6D_84000437 Set compulsory pension plan indicator (wage part) 
282 OHAFDADSU_INVALID1/2 S_L6D_84000428 Set 1st and 2nd category invalidity 
283 OHAFDADSU_MAP_CC_GC S_L7D_24000561  
284 OHAFDADSU_OFFCC_GC S_L7D_24000560  
285 OHAFDADSU_OVERVIEW S_L6D_84000424 The DADS-U standard 
286 OHAFDADSU_T5F1AF S_L6D_84000426 Maintain the official organization indicators 
287 OHAFDADSU_T5F1S S_L6D_84000425 Define tax liability on salaries 
288 OHAFDADSU_T5F99FAM S_L6B_69001696 Recodify marital status 
289 OHAFDADSU_T5FDA2 S_L6D_84000432 Define the period start reason indicators 
290 OHAFDADSU_T5FPBS4B_I S_L7D_24001796  
291 OHAFDAFDADSU_F_FDADB S_L6D_84000431 Recodify collective agreement indicator 
292 OHAFDAFDADSU_T5F1A S_L6D_84000427 Set pension organizations 
293 OHAFDEX10 S_PL0_09000203 Specify External Report 
294 OHAFDEX20 S_PL0_09000204 Specify Processing Types 
295 OHAFDEX30 S_PL0_09000205 Activate calc. 
296 OHAFDL021 S_PH0_48000483 Activate Calculation 
297 OHAFDL022 S_PH0_48000486 Store Additional Values 
298 OHAFDL023 S_PH0_48000485 Check Payroll Constants 
299 OHAFDL024 S_PH0_48000484 Adjust Value Date 
300 OHAFDL025 S_PH0_48000526 Specify Interest Calculation Method 
301 OHAFDL030 S_PH0_48000488 Maintain Loan Types 
302 OHAFDL033 S_PH0_48000487 Adjust Screen Control 
303 OHAFDL035 S_PH0_48000489 Control Allocation of Loans 
304 OHAFDL036 S_PH0_48000528 Set Up Customer Payment Types 
305 OHAFDL037 S_PH0_48000529 Program Processing Logic for Payment Types 
306 OHAFDT002 S_AHR_61008480 Set Up House Banks 
307 OHAFDT003 S_AHR_61008363 Define Sending Banks 
308 OHAFDT004 S_AHR_61008198 Text Keys for Payment Transactions 
309 OHAFDUCS_BADI_BRC S_L7D_24001713 BAdI for DUCS application 
310 OHAFDUCS_BADI_EDI S_L7D_24001714 BAdI: customer-specific processing of DUCS-EDI 
311 OHAFDUCS_HR_FR_DUC S_L7D_24001711 Maintain number range for DUCS EDI 
312 OHAFDUCS_T536C S_L7D_24001716 Define address key and communication data 
313 OHAFDUCS_T596M S_L7D_24001717 Maintain data linked to roles 
314 OHAFDUCS_T596NV S_L7D_24001715 Assign roles to places of work 
315 OHAFEDTINTERNET S_AHR_61008930 Provide Remuneration Statement (ESS) 
316 OHAFEMPSTATEMENT001 S_AC0_52000030 Define the personnel category 
317 OHAFEMPSTATEMENT02 S_AC0_52000027 Assign account no. to the entertainment sector leave fund 
318 OHAFEMPSTATEMENTFR05 S_AC0_52000029 Set order number of the statement 
319 OHAFFO002 S_PH9_46000554 Create Draft Form 
320 OHAFFO003 S_PH9_46000556 Copy Form 
321 OHAFFO004 S_PH9_46000557 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Values 
322 OHAFFO005 S_PH9_46000560 Set Up Alternative Currency 
323 OHAFFO006 S_PH9_46000562 Set Up Address 
324 OHAFFO008 S_PH9_46000563 Modify Address infotype (0006) 
325 OHAFFOPA002 S_PH9_46000590 Set Up Payroll Account 
326 OHAFFOPJ100 S_PH9_46000591 Convert Old Form 
327 OHAFFOPJ201 S_PH9_46000592 Set Up Page Header 
328 OHAFFOPJ202 S_PH9_46000593 Set Up Payroll Excerpts 
329 OHAFFOPJ203 S_PH9_46000594 Set Up Continuation Excerpts 
330 OHAFFOPJ204 S_PH9_46000595 Set Up Cumulations Display 
331 OHAFFORS002 S_PH9_46000574 Set up Remuneration Statement 
332 OHAFFORS010 S_PH9_46000577 Example: Cumulation Identifier in Single Field 
333 OHAFFORS030 S_PH9_46000578 EXample Using New Method 
334 OHAFFORS031 S_PH9_46000579 Example Using Old Method 
335 OHAFFORS040 S_PH9_46000580 Example : Leave in Window 
336 OHAFFORS050 S_PH9_46000583 Example : Time Quota in Single Field 
337 OHAFFORS060 S_PH9_46000587 Example : Time Quota in Window 
338 OHAFFORS070 S_PH9_46000589 Example: Message in Window 
339 OHAFI064 S_PH0_48000522 Assign Substitute Cost Centers 
340 OHAFIJSS01 S_L7D_24000236 Activate Social Insurance Compensation in the Payroll Schema 
341 OHAFIJSSIJCPA   Manage constants 
342 OHAFINGL008 S_PCO_36000264 Determine Time for Posting the Payments 
343 OHAFINGL009 S_PCO_36000265 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
344 OHAFINGL010 S_PCO_36000266 Adjust Advance Payment from Master Data for Posting 
345 OHAFI_0902 S_FID_08000162 Check Cumulation Calendar 
346 OHAFI_0903 S_FID_08000114 Define Cumulation Types for Wage Types 
347 OHAFI_0911 S_FID_08000111 Define Cumulation Types 
348 OHAFI_0912 S_FID_08000112 Assign Cumulation Types to Time Units 
349 OHAFI_0913 S_FID_08000113 Define Cumulation Periods 
350 OHAFI_1016 S_FID_08000095 Assign Processing Classes to Wage Types 
351 OHAFI_AB001 S_FID_08000045 Describe Absence Valuation Rules 
352 OHAFI_AB002 S_FID_08000046 Group Absences for Absence Valuation 
353 OHAFI_AB003 S_FID_08000047 Define Grouping for Absence Valuation 
354 OHAFI_AB004 S_FID_08000048 Define Day Rules 
355 OHAFI_AB005 S_FID_08000049 Create Wage Type Catalog 
356 OHAFI_AB009 S_FID_08000051 Valuate Absences Using "As If" Principle 
357 OHAFI_AB010 S_FID_08000053 Special Processing for Absence Valuation Rules 
358 OHAFI_AB011 S_FID_08000050 Create Counting Classes for Absence Valuation 
359 OHAFI_AB012 S_FID_08000052 Valuate Absences by Constants/Averages 
360 OHAFI_AB101 S_FID_08000233 Maintain Attributes for Absence Splits (Illness) 
361 OHAFI_AB200 S_FID_08000054 Valuate Absences Using Quota Deduction 
362 OHAFI_AIR001 S_PL0_86000059 Assign OA absences to absence reporting group 
363 OHAFI_AL01 S_FID_08000069 Bases 
364 OHAFI_ATS000 S_FID_08000236 Annual Tax Statements 
365 OHAFI_ATSCOLCR S_L7D_24000657 Configure Wage Types for Capital Tax 
366 OHAFI_ATSCOLCT S_L7D_24000658 Maintain Capital Tax Rates for Resident Employees 
367 OHAFI_ATSCOLPT001 S_FID_08000244 Payment Types (ATS) 
368 OHAFI_ATSCOLRI001 S_FID_08000238 Record Identifiers (ATS) 
369 OHAFI_ATSCOLTC001 S_FID_08000237 Tax Codes (ATS) 
370 OHAFI_ATSCOLTC002 S_FID_08000240 Tax Code Assignment to Record Identifier (ATS) 
371 OHAFI_ATSCOLTC003 S_FID_08000241 Wage Type Assignment to Tax Codes (ATS Data Collector) 
372 OHAFI_ATSCOLTE001 S_FID_08000242 TE Tax Keys (ATS) 
373 OHAFI_ATSCOLTE002 S_FID_08000243 TE Wage Type Assignment to Tax Keys (ATS) 
374 OHAFI_ATSCOLUS001 S_FID_08000246 Payer ID Assignment to Contact Persons (ATS) 
375 OHAFI_ATSPREPT001 S_FID_08000245 Payment Type Cumulation (ATS) 
376 OHAFI_ATSPRETC001 S_FID_08000239 Assign Structure Fields to Tax Codes (ATS) 
377 OHAFI_AV_1 S_FID_08000063 Bases for Valuation of Averages 
378 OHAFI_AV_2W S_FID_08000064 Create Bases for Calculating Average Values 
379 OHAFI_AV_ABCR S_FID_08000065 Create Calculation Rules for Averages 
380 OHAFI_AV_FROZ_ANNUAL S_FID_08000256 Schedule Relevance Periods for Annual Frozen Averages 
381 OHAFI_AV_FROZ_QUAR S_FID_08000255 Schedule Relevance and Validity Periods for Quarterly Frozen Averages 
382 OHAFI_AV_P S_FID_08000066 Assign the Valuation of Averages to a Primary Wage Type 
383 OHAFI_AWT000 S_FID_08000250 Annual Working Time 
384 OHAFI_AWT001 S_FID_08000251 Define Main Groups for AWT Reporting 
385 OHAFI_AWT002 S_FID_08000252 Assign Subgroups to Groups for AWT Reporting 
386 OHAFI_AWT003 S_FID_08000253 Assign Time Wage Type to Subgroups for AWT Reporting 
387 OHAFI_AWT_TTY_001 S_FID_08000257 Assign Time Type Class to Absences/Attendances 
388 OHAFI_AWT_TTY_002 S_FID_08000258 Create Time Types for AWT 
389 OHAFI_AWT_TTY_003 S_FID_08000259 Modify/Copy Time Management Objects 
390 OHAFI_BW004 S_FID_08000059 Define Wage Type-Dependent Constants 
391 OHAFI_BW005 S_FID_08000060 Define Pay Scale-Dependent Constants 
392 OHAFI_BW006 S_FID_08000061 Create Person-Related Valuation Bases 
393 OHAFI_BW019 S_FID_08000062 Assign Valuation Bases 
394 OHAFI_BW21 S_FID_08000067 Determine Valuation Basis for Different Payment 
395 OHAFI_BW22 S_FID_08000068 Calculate Valuation Basis with Higher Value 
396 OHAFI_BW23 S_FID_08000224 Identify Parake Structure by Internal Pay Scale Type '02' 
397 OHAFI_CA0001 S_FID_08000264 Assign Absences to an Off-Cycle Reason 
398 OHAFI_CA0002 S_FID_08000265 Set Up Absence Valuation for Off-Cycle Activities 
399 OHAFI_CMP3531 S_FID_08000229 Select Payscale TVR-Relevant Groups and Levels 
400 OHAFI_CMP3533 S_FID_08000223 Set Up TVR Hours Cumulation 
401 OHAFI_COM001 S_FID_08000012 Carry Out Shift Change Compensation 
402 OHAFI_CR0001 S_FID_08000262 Set Up Off-Cycle Reason 
403 OHAFI_CUMUL001 S_FID_08000014 Check Cumulation Calendar 
404 OHAFI_CV0001 S_FID_08000263 Set Up report Variants for Off-Cycle Activities 
405 OHAFI_DL021 S_FID_08000101 Activate Calculation 
406 OHAFI_DL022 S_FID_08000105 Store Additional Values 
407 OHAFI_DL023 S_FID_08000103 Check Payroll Constants 
408 OHAFI_DL024 S_FID_08000102 Adjust Value Date 
409 OHAFI_DL025 S_FID_08000104 Specify Interest Calculation Method 
410 OHAFI_DL030 S_FID_08000107 Maintain Loan Types 
411 OHAFI_DL033 S_FID_08000106 Adjust Screen Control 
412 OHAFI_DL035 S_FID_08000110 Control Allocation of Loans 
413 OHAFI_DL036 S_FID_08000108 Set Up Customer Payment Types 
414 OHAFI_DL037 S_FID_08000109 Program Processing Logic for Payment Types 
415 OHAFI_DT002 S_FID_08000115 Set Up House Banks 
416 OHAFI_DT003 S_FID_08000116 Define Sending Banks 
417 OHAFI_DT004 S_FID_08000117 Check Text Keys for Payment Transactions 
418 OHAFI_DT009 S_FID_08000118 Several Payment Runs per Period (Advance Payment) 
419 OHAFI_DV001 S_FID_08000010 Define Settings for Transferring Last Payroll Result 
420 OHAFI_EDTINTERNET S_FID_08000134 Provide Remuneration Statement (ESS) 
421 OHAFI_EDT_ELETTER S_FID_08000219 Remuneration statement as electronic letter (eLetter) 
422 OHAFI_ERSCR_001 S_PL0_86000052 Set up ER contribution handling for accruals in payroll 
423 OHAFI_FHIC S_L7D_24000668 Maintain Wage Types for Foreign Health Insurance Contributions 
424 OHAFI_FO002 S_FID_08000119 Create Draft Form 
425 OHAFI_FO003 S_FID_08000120 Copy Form 
426 OHAFI_FO004 S_FID_08000121 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Their Specifications 
427 OHAFI_FO005 S_FID_08000122 Set Up Alternative Currency 
428 OHAFI_FO006 S_FID_08000123 Set Up Address 
429 OHAFI_FO008 S_FID_08000124 Change Addresses Infotype (0006) 
430 OHAFI_FOPA002 S_FID_08000135 Set Up Payroll Account 
431 OHAFI_FOPJ100 S_FID_08000136 Convert Old Form 
432 OHAFI_FOPJ201 S_FID_08000137 Set Up Page Header 
433 OHAFI_FOPJ202 S_FID_08000138 Set Up Payroll Excerpts 
434 OHAFI_FOPJ203 S_FID_08000139 Set Up Continuation Excerpts 
435 OHAFI_FOPJ204 S_FID_08000140 Set Up Totals Display 
436 OHAFI_FORS001 S_FID_08000125 Convert Old Form 
437 OHAFI_FORS002 S_FID_08000126 Set Up Remuneration Statement 
438 OHAFI_FORS010 S_FID_08000127 Example: Cumulation Identifier in Single Field 
439 OHAFI_FORS030 S_FID_08000128 Example with New Procedure 
440 OHAFI_FORS031 S_FID_08000129 Example with Old Procedure 
441 OHAFI_FORS040 S_FID_08000130 Example: Leave-Data in Window 
442 OHAFI_FORS050 S_FID_08000131 Example: Time Quota in Single Field 
443 OHAFI_FORS060 S_FID_08000132 Example: Time Quota in Window 
444 OHAFI_FORS070 S_FID_08000133 Example: Notification in Window 
445 OHAFI_GAR001 S_FID_08000166 Define Garnishable Net Components 
446 OHAFI_GAR002 S_FID_08000167 Copy Garnishment Correction Wage Type 
447 OHAFI_GMD001 S_FID_08000168 Define Payees 
448 OHAFI_GMD002 S_FID_08000169 Define Payees for Garnishment Payments 
449 OHAFI_GMD003 S_FID_08000206 Adjust Screen Control 
450 OHAFI_HPAAVA001 S_FID_08000249 Assign Annual Vacation Averages to Wage Types 
451 OHAFI_HPAVBH001 S_FID_08000247 Define Vacation Bonus Handling 
452 OHAFI_HPAVQT001 S_FID_08000248 Assign Vacation Quota Types to Wage Types 
453 OHAFI_JW000 S_FID_08000013 Create Annual Values 
454 OHAFI_KF001 S_FID_08000071 Create Reduction Factors 
455 OHAFI_KF002 S_FID_08000072 Assign Reduction Factors 
456 OHAFI_KL000 S_FID_08000009 Create Wage Types for Cost Accounting 
457 OHAFI_LD001A S_FID_08000170 Define Membership Fee Types 
458 OHAFI_LD001B S_FID_08000171 Define Default Union/Local Payee 
459 OHAFI_LD002C1 S_FID_08000172 Create Wage Type Catalog 
460 OHAFI_LD002C2 S_FID_08000173 Check Wage Type Group 
461 OHAFI_LD002C2A S_FID_08000174 Check Wage Type Texts 
462 OHAFI_LD002C2B S_FID_08000175 Check Wage Type Permissibility per Infotype 
463 OHAFI_LD002C2C S_FID_08000176 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
464 OHAFI_LD002C3 S_FID_08000177 Define employee subgroup grouping for primary wage types 
465 OHAFI_LD002C4 S_FID_08000178 Define Employee Subgroup Grouping for Primary Wage Types 
466 OHAFI_LD002C5 S_FID_08000179 Define Personnel Subarea Grouping for Primary Wage Types 
467 OHAFI_LD002C6 S_FID_08000180 Define Wage Type Permissibility per PS and ESG 
468 OHAFI_LD002D S_FID_08000181 Define Union/Local Payee Details 
469 OHAFI_LD002E S_FID_08000182 Maintain Allowed Payees per Membership Type 
470 OHAFI_LD002F S_FID_08000183 Maintain Payroll Processing for TUM Fees 
471 OHAFI_LD002G S_FID_08000184 Define Trade Unions/Locals for Reporting 
472 OHAFI_LD002H S_FID_08000226 Define Maximum Values for Membership Fees 
473 OHAFI_LD003A S_FID_08000186 Define Reason for Change 
474 OHAFI_LD003B1 S_FID_08000187 Create Wage Type Catalog 
475 OHAFI_LD003B2 S_FID_08000188 Check Wage Type Group 
476 OHAFI_LD003B3A S_FID_08000189 Check Wage Type Texts 
477 OHAFI_LD003B3B S_FID_08000190 Check Wage Type Permissibility per Infotype 
478 OHAFI_LD003B3C S_FID_08000191 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
479 OHAFI_LD003B4 S_FID_08000192 Define Employee Subgroup Grouping for Primary Wage Types 
480 OHAFI_LD003B5 S_FID_08000193 Define Personnel Subarea Grouping for Primary Wage Types 
481 OHAFI_LD003B6 S_FID_08000194 Define Wage Type Permissibility per PS and ESG 
482 OHAFI_LD003B7 S_FID_08000195 Maintain Payroll Processing for Supplementary Pension Contributions 
483 OHAFI_LD004A S_FID_08000196 Define Reason for Change 
484 OHAFI_LD004B1 S_FID_08000197 Create Wage Type Catalog 
485 OHAFI_LD004B2 S_FID_08000198 Check Wage Type Group 
486 OHAFI_LD004B4A S_FID_08000199 Check Wage Type Texts 
487 OHAFI_LD004B4B S_FID_08000200 Check Wage Type Permissibility per Infotype 
488 OHAFI_LD004B4C S_FID_08000201 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
489 OHAFI_LD004B5 S_FID_08000202 Define Employee Subgroup Grouping for Primary Wage Types 
490 OHAFI_LD004B6 S_FID_08000203 Define Personnel Subarea Grouping for Primary Wage Types 
491 OHAFI_LD004B7 S_FID_08000204 Define Wage Type Permissibilty per PS and ESG 
492 OHAFI_LD004B8 S_FID_08000205 Maintain Payroll Processing for Sickness Fund Contributions 
493 OHAFI_LD005A S_FID_08000207 Define Reason for Change 
494 OHAFI_LD005B1 S_FID_08000208 Create Wage Type Catalog 
495 OHAFI_LD005B2 S_FID_08000209 Check Wage Type Group 
496 OHAFI_LD005B3A S_FID_08000210 Check Wage Type Texts 
497 OHAFI_LD005B3B S_FID_08000211 Check Wage Type Permissibility per Infotype 
498 OHAFI_LD005B3C S_FID_08000212 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
499 OHAFI_LD005B4 S_FID_08000213 Define Employee Subgroup Grouping for Primary Wage Types 
500 OHAFI_LD005B5 S_FID_08000214 Define Personnel Subarea Grouping for Primary Wage Types