SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 17
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OHALEP160 S_AHR_61005466 Set employee subgroup grouping 
2 OHALEP170 S_AHR_61005470 Determine the seniority 
3 OHALEP180 S_AHR_61007645 Maintain the company rate 
4 OHALEP200 S_AHR_61005484 Maintain payroll calculation rule for rounding 
5 OHALEP210 S_AHR_61007653 Maintain payroll schema for EPF function 
6 OHALEP220 S_PH9_46000450 Maintain calculation rule for expatriate contract type 
7 OHALFM483 S_AHR_61005237 Convert old customer form 
8 OHALFM484 S_AHR_61005242 Copy standard form 
9 OHALFO002 S_PH9_46000489 Create draft form 
10 OHALFO003 S_PH9_46000490 Copy form 
11 OHALFO004 S_PH9_46000492 Maintain evaluation classes and their specifications 
12 OHALFO005 S_PH9_46000493 Define alternative currency 
13 OHALFO006 S_PH9_46000496 Set up address 
14 OHALFO008 S_PH9_46000497 Change addresses infotype (0006) 
15 OHALFOPA002 S_PH9_46000675 Set up payroll account 
16 OHALFOPJ100 S_PH9_46000676 Convert old form 
17 OHALFOPJ201 S_PH9_46000677 Set up page header 
18 OHALFOPJ202 S_PH9_46000678 Set up payroll excerpts 
19 OHALFOPJ203 S_PH9_46000679 Set up continuation excerpts 
20 OHALFOPJ204 S_PH9_46000680 Set up totals display 
21 OHALFORS001 S_PH9_46000665 Convert old form 
22 OHALFORS002 S_PH9_46000666 Set up remuneration statement 
23 OHALFORS010 S_PH9_46000667 Example: Cumulation wage type in single field 
24 OHALFORS030 S_PH9_46000668 Example: Using the new procedure 
25 OHALFORS031 S_PH9_46000669 Example: Using the old procedure 
26 OHALFORS040 S_PH9_46000670 Example: Leave data in window 
27 OHALFORS050 S_PH9_46000671 Example: Time quota in single field 
28 OHALFORS060 S_PH9_46000672 Example: Time quota in window 
29 OHALFORS070 S_PH9_46000673 Example: Notification in window 
30 OHALG522 S_AHR_61006599 Time quotas in individual fields 
31 OHALHF010 S_AHR_61007576 Maintain HRDF percentage 
32 OHALHF020 S_AHR_61005320 Maintain payroll calculation for HRDF 
33 OHALJW000 S_AHR_61018765 Create annual values 
34 OHALKF001 S_AHR_61005860 Create reduction factors 
35 OHALKF002 S_AHR_61005864 Assign reduction factors 
36 OHALKL000 S_AHR_61005866 Create wage types for cost accounting 
37 OHALMM010 S_AHR_61006019 Maintain payroll calculation rule for membership 
38 OHALMM020 S_AHR_61006021 Maintain payroll schema for membership 
39 OHALMYBEN001 S_AHR_61019088 Create benefits wage types 
40 OHALMZ001 S_AHR_61005231 Define units of currency 
41 OHALOC010 S_AHR_61006014 Set up off-cycle reasons 
42 OHALOC020 S_AHR_61005849 Set up report variants for off-cycle activities 
43 OHALOC030 S_PL0_09000231 Specify Default Values for Wage Types 
44 OHALOC040 S_PL0_09000232 Specify Default Values for Payment Methods 
45 OHALOC050 S_PL0_09000233 Specify Default Values for Payroll Results 
46 OHALOC060 S_PL0_09000234 Check Payment Key 
47 OHALOCPM004 S_L6B_69000069 Create Process Model for Subsequent Processing in Off-Cycle Payroll 
48 OHALPART S_AHR_61005853 Maintain partial period paramenter according to time unit 
49 OHALPAY002 S_AHR_61007723 Define schedule for payroll calendar 
50 OHALPAY003 S_AHR_61007728 Specify version for payroll driver 
51 OHALQUOTACOMP00 S_AHR_61018762 Create wage type catalog 
52 OHALQUOTACOMP01 S_AHR_61018763 Assign wage types to the quotas to be compensated 
53 OHALRI011 S_AHR_61006062 Prepare wage type overview 
54 OHALRI012 S_AHR_61008541 Obtain overview of accounts 
55 OHALRI013 S_PH0_48000059 Posting to company code clearing accounts 
56 OHALRI015 S_AHR_61007689 Define employee grouping account determination 
57 OHALRI031 S_AHR_61007669 Define posting characteristics of wage types 
58 OHALRI042 S_AHR_61007666 Define symbolic accounts 
59 OHALRI051 S_AHR_61007673 Assign balance sheet accounts 
60 OHALRI052 S_AHR_61005525 Assign expense accounts 
61 OHALRI053 S_AHR_61007677 Assign customer accounts 
62 OHALRI054 S_AHR_61005545 Assign vendor accounts 
63 OHALRI055 S_AHR_61007680 Assign customer accounts for specific loan posting 
64 OHALRI056 S_AHR_61007676 Assign technical accounts 
65 OHALRI061 S_AHR_61005597 Set up fixed cost postings and substitute cost centers 
66 OHALRI062 S_AHR_61007750 Check consistency of customizing 
67 OHALRI063 S_AHR_61005690 Maintain posting date for payroll periods 
68 OHALRI064 S_PH0_48000058 Setup substitute cost centers 
69 OHALRI070 S_AHR_61005695 Set up line item text 
70 OHALRI071 S_AHR_61005701 Create posting variants 
71 OHALRI080 S_AHR_61005706 Create report variants 
72 OHALRI081 S_AHR_61005711 Authorizations 
73 OHALRI090 S_AHR_61005714 Set up export to R/2 System or R/3 System <4.0 
74 OHALRI091 S_AL0_96000077 Set up Customer Exits 
75 OHALSC030 S_AHR_61005324 Define personnel subarea grouping 
76 OHALSC040 S_AHR_61007601 Set personnel subarea grouping 
77 OHALSC060 S_AHR_61005383 Define employee subgroup grouping 
78 OHALSC070 S_AHR_61007610 Set employee subarea grouping 
79 OHALSC080 S_AHR_61005404 Maintain payee information 
80 OHALSC090 S_AHR_61005407 Assign payee and employer reference number 
81 OHALSC110 S_AHR_61007572 Maintain payroll calculation rule for SOCSO category 
82 OHALSC120 S_AHR_61005247 Maintain recovery amount during retro-calculation 
83 OHALSC130 S_AHR_61005251 Maintain payroll schema for SOCSO function 
84 OHALSC140 S_AHR_61005257 Maintain SOCSO table 
85 OHALSL001 S_AHR_61005893 Form cumulation wage types from time-based payments 
86 OHALSL002 S_AHR_61005895 Form cumulation wage types based on master data 
87 OHALSL003 S_AHR_61005897 Create cumulation wage type based on external bank transfer 
88 OHALTI110 S_AHR_61005885 Define time types 
89 OHALTI120 S_AHR_61005898 Assign time identifiers to time pairs 
90 OHALTI130 S_AHR_61005868 Define processing types 
91 OHALTI210 S_AHR_61005862 Check access to day processing 
92 OHALTI310 S_AHR_61005856 Define groupings 
93 OHALTI321 S_AHR_61005878 Read planned working time from work schedule 
94 OHALTI322 S_AHR_61005876 Import substitution data 
95 OHALTI323 S_AHR_61005875 Import absence data 
96 OHALTI324 S_AHR_61005873 Import overtime data 
97 OHALTI325 S_AHR_61005880 Define breaks to be imported 
98 OHALTI330 S_AHR_61006074 Compare daily work schedule with time data 
99 OHALTI340 S_AHR_61005907 Determine break times 
100 OHALTI361 S_AHR_61005945 Define valuation classes for period work schedule 
101 OHALTI362 S_AHR_61005942 Define generation rules 
102 OHALTI363 S_AHR_61005944 Define groupings 
103 OHALTI364 S_AHR_61005940 Execute time wage type selection rule 
104 OHALTI370 S_AHR_61005939 Compensate overtime 
105 OHALTM010 S_AHR_61005012 Define infogroups 
106 OHALTM020 S_AHR_61005013 Create customer-specific status 
107 OHALTM030 S_AHR_61007488 Set up personnel actions 
108 OHALTM040 S_AHR_61005033 Create reasons for personnel actions 
109 OHALTM050 S_AHR_61007493 Change action menu 
110 OHALTX030 S_AHR_61005450 Define personnel area grouping 
111 OHALTX040 S_AHR_61005416 Set personnel subarea grouping 
112 OHALTX060 S_AHR_61007618 Define employee grouping 
113 OHALTX070 S_AHR_61007622 Set employee subgroup grouping 
114 OHALTX090 S_AHR_61007623 Define tax office grouping 
115 OHALTX100 S_AHR_61005429 Set tax office grouping 
116 OHALTX110 S_AHR_61005434 Maintain payee information 
117 OHALTX115 S_PH0_48000246 Maintain employer reference and details 
118 OHALTX120 S_AHR_61007628 Assign payee and employer reference number 
119 OHALTX125 S_PH9_46001147 Determine umbrella reference number concept 
120 OHALTX140 S_AHR_61005445 Determine tax category 
121 OHALTX150 S_AHR_61007497 Define school type 
122 OHALTX160 S_AHR_61007499 Define tax relief information for school type 
123 OHALTX170 S_AHR_61005059 Define tax relief for child type 
124 OHALTX180 S_L7D_24000569 Determine Cumulation of Carry Forward Amount 
125 OHALTX190 S_AHR_61005062 Define different tax information for CP38 
126 OHALTX210 S_AHR_61005065 Maintain payroll calcu. rule for add. tax for regular period 
127 OHALTX220 S_AHR_61005068 Maintain payroll calcu. rule for add. tax for special period 
128 OHALTX230 S_AHR_61007502 Maintain payroll schema for tax function 
129 OHALTX240 S_AHR_61005051 Generate tax checklist 
130 OHALTX250 S_AHR_61005095 Maintain tax rates 
131 OHALTX260 S_PH0_48000331 Maintain tax constants 
132 OHALTXF000 S_L7D_24000419 Determine Income Tax Return Form Type 
133 OHALTXF001 S_L7D_24000420 BAdI: Configure Calculation Method for Section B of EC Form 
134 OHALTXF002 S_L7D_24000421 BAdI: Determine Description for Position of an Employee 
135 OHALTXF003 S_L7D_24000544 BAdI: Determine Data for Section 1A of CP22A Form 
136 OHALTXF005 S_L7D_24000584 BAdI: Determine Hash Total Value for MBB Format 
137 OHALUM002 S_AHR_61005662 Maintain authorizations 
138 OHALUM003 S_AHR_61005667 Maintain profiles 
139 OHALUM006 S_AHR_61005985 Check payroll accounting area 
140 OHALUM008 S_AHR_61006000 Generate payroll periods 
141 OHALUM010 S_AHR_61005959 Maintain employer addresses 
142 OHALUM010B S_AHR_61005999 Generate calendar for cumulations 
143 OHALUM012 S_AHR_61005994 Define period parameters 
144 OHALUM013 S_AHR_61005963 Protect personnel calculation rules 
145 OHALUM014 S_AHR_61008211 Define date modifiers 
146 OHALUM022 S_AHR_61005971 Maintain processing classes and their specifications 
147 OHALUM023 S_AHR_61005969 Maintain evaluation classes and their specifications 
148 OHALUM061 S_AHR_61005975 Modify standard calculation schema L000 
149 OHALUM062 S_AHR_61008172 Modify customer-specific calculation schemas 
150 OHALUM063 S_AHR_61005990 Modify customer-specific calculation rules 
151 OHALUM101 S_AHR_61006011 Create wage type catalog 
152 OHALUM102 S_AHR_61006013 Change wage type texts 
153 OHALUM103 S_AHR_61006018 Check wage type characteristics 
154 OHALUM104 S_AHR_61006027 Check assignment to wage type group 
155 OHALUM105 S_AHR_61006032 Check logical view 
156 OHALWT010 S_AHR_61005720 Check valuation bases 
157 OHALWT020 S_AHR_61005682 Check averages 
158 OHALWT030 S_AHR_61007705 Check processing classes 
159 OHALWT040 S_AHR_61005621 Check evaluation classes 
160 OHALWT050 S_AHR_61007717 Check cumulations 
161 OHAL_AV_1 S_PH9_46000696 Basics of valuating averages 
162 OHAL_AV_2W S_PH9_46000697 Create bases for calculating average values 
163 OHAL_AV_ABCR S_PH9_46000698 Create calculation rules for averages 
164 OHAL_AV_P S_PH9_46000699 Assign primary wage types to average calculation rules 
165 OHAMAB003 S_AHR_61004419 Define Grouping for Absence Valuation 
166 OHAMAMBPROZ S_AHR_61004144 Employment market contribution-percentage for rem. statement 
167 OHAMAVBAS S_AHR_61004455 Create Bases for Calculating Average Values 
168 OHAMAVXT00 S_AHR_61005159 Adjust Calculation of Averages Within the Payroll Run 
169 OHAMBR000 S_AHR_61004670 Check Gross Cumulations 
170 OHAMBW004 S_AHR_61004481 Define Wage Type-Dependent Constants 
171 OHAMBW006 S_AHR_61004490 Create Person-Related Valuation Bases 
172 OHAMBW019 S_AHR_61004496 Assign Valuation Bases 
173 OHAMDADSDEMAND S_AHR_61003414 DA/DS statistics requirements, special payment days 
174 OHAMDV001 S_AHR_61004690 Set Up Transfer from Last Payroll Result 
175 OHAMEDTINTERNET S_PH9_46000479 Provide remuneration statement (ESS) 
176 OHAMFIMRVARSETS S_AHR_61004673 Maintain Company Variant Sets 
177 OHAMFK001 S_AHR_61003813 Create reduction factors 
178 OHAMFO002 S_PH9_46000464 Create Draft Form 
179 OHAMFO003 S_PH9_46000465 Copy form 
180 OHAMFO004 S_PH9_46000466 Maintain evaluation classes and their specifications 
181 OHAMFO005 S_PH9_46000467 Set Up Alternative Currency 
182 OHAMFO006 S_PH9_46000468 Set up address 
183 OHAMFO008 S_PH9_46000469 Change Addresses Infotype (0006) 
184 OHAMFOPA002 S_PH9_46000480 Set up payroll account 
185 OHAMFOPJ100 S_PH9_46000481 Convert Old Form 
186 OHAMFOPJ201 S_PH9_46000482 Set up page header 
187 OHAMFOPJ202 S_PH9_46000483 Set up payroll excerpts 
188 OHAMFOPJ203 S_PH9_46000484 Set up continuation excerpts 
189 OHAMFOPJ204 S_PH9_46000485 Set up totals display 
190 OHAMFORMDOKU S_AHR_61005380 Special forms for Denmark 
191 OHAMFORS001 S_PH9_46000470 Convert old form 
192 OHAMFORS002 S_PH9_46000471 Set Up Remuneration Statement 
193 OHAMFORS010 S_PH9_46000472 Example: Cumulation identifier in single field 
194 OHAMFORS030 S_PH9_46000473 Example with new procedure 
195 OHAMFORS031 S_PH9_46000474 Example with old procedure 
196 OHAMFORS040 S_PH9_46000475 Example: Leave-data in window 
197 OHAMFORS050 S_PH9_46000476 Example: Time quota in single field 
198 OHAMFORS060 S_PH9_46000477 Example: Time quota in window 
199 OHAMFORS070 S_PH9_46000478 Example: Notification in window 
200 OHAMIW035 S_AHR_61005295 Define Payroll Control 
201 OHAMJW000 S_AHR_61003668 Form annual values 
202 OHAMKF002 S_AHR_61003820 Assign reduction factors 
203 OHAMOCAE001 S_AHR_61019310 Determine Proposal Values for Payroll Result 
204 OHAMOCAP001 S_AHR_61019307 Determine Proposal Values for Payments in Advance 
205 OHAMOCPM001 S_AHR_61019311 Create Process Model for Subsequent Processing 
206 OHAMOCPM004 S_AHR_61019312 Create Process Model for Subsequent Processing for Off-Cycle Payroll 
207 OHAMOCPM005 S_AHR_61019313 Create Process Model for Mass Off-Cycle Payments 
208 OHAMOCR001 S_AHR_61019305 Create Off-Cycle reasons 
209 OHAMOCV001 S_AHR_61019306 Create Report Variants for Off-Cycle Activities 
210 OHAMOCWT001 S_AHR_61019308 Determine Proposal Values for Wage Types 
211 OHAMOCZW001 S_AHR_61019309 Determine Proposal Values for Payment Method 
212 OHAMPBSCONRECV S_AHR_61003880 Set up link for receiving net payroll data 
213 OHAMPBSCONSEND S_AHR_61003924 Set up link for sending gross payroll data 
214 OHAMPBSORG S_AHR_61004702 PBS Payroll Organization 
215 OHAMPU1200 S_PH9_46000462 Interface Toolbox: Connection to Third-Party Systems 
216 OHAMPU1200_1 S_PH9_46000463 Interface Toolbox: Connection to Third-Party Systems 
217 OHAMRI091 S_AL0_96000018 Set Up Customer Exits 
218 OHAMRPDKC S_AHR_61004682 Payroll Tax.: Check Payroll Runs for Deletability 
219 OHAMSENUMBER S_AHR_61004694 Maintain Employer Tax Number 
220 OHAMTI210 S_AHR_61004511 Check Access to Day Processing 
221 OHAMUM103 S_AHR_61004371 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
222 OHAMUSERVARSETS S_AHR_61004676 Maintain User Variant Sets 
223 OHAMXAB200 S_PH9_46000362 Valuate absences according to quota deduction 
224 OHAMXEDTINTERNET S_AHR_61000771 Make remuneration statement available on internet 
225 OHAMXFO002 S_PH9_46000371 Design form 
226 OHAMXFO003 S_PH9_46000372 Copy form 
227 OHAMXFO004 S_PH9_46000373 Maintain evaluation types and their values 
228 OHAMXFO005 S_PH9_46000374 Install alternative currency 
229 OHAMXFO006 S_PH9_46000375 Set address 
230 OHAMXFO008 S_PH9_46000376 Change Addresses infotype (0006) 
231 OHAMXFOPA002 S_PH9_46000386 Create payroll account 
232 OHAMXFOPJ100 S_PH9_46000387 Convert previous form 
233 OHAMXFOPJ201 S_PH9_46000388 Create page header 
234 OHAMXFOPJ202 S_PH9_46000389 Create payroll excerpt 
235 OHAMXFOPJ203 S_PH9_46000390 Create continuation excerpt 
236 OHAMXFOPJ204 S_PH9_46000391 Create display of totals 
237 OHAMXFORS001 S_PH9_46000377 Convert previous form 
238 OHAMXFORS002 S_PH9_46000378 Configure remuneration statement 
239 OHAMXFORS010 S_PH9_46000379 Example: Identifier of totals in individual fields 
240 OHAMXFORS030 S_PH9_46000380 Example with the new procedure 
241 OHAMXFORS031 S_PH9_46000381 Example with the previous procedure 
242 OHAMXFORS040 S_PH9_46000382 Example: Vacations in window 
243 OHAMXFORS050 S_PH9_46000383 Example: Time quota in individual window 
244 OHAMXFORS060 S_PH9_46000384 Example: Time quota in window 
245 OHAMXFORS070 S_PH9_46000385 Example: Notification in window 
246 OHAMXGU100 S_AHR_61016766 Define deductions for calculation 
247 OHAMXNGL008 S_PCO_36000227 Define date for posting payments 
248 OHAMXNGL009 S_PCO_36000228 Enter bank clearing account for HR payments 
249 OHAMXNGL010 S_PCO_36000229 Adjust advance payment from master data for posting 
250 OHAMXNGL010MX11 S_PCO_36000236 Adjust advance payment from master data for posting 
251 OHAMXNGL010_MX11 S_PCO_36000235 test 
252 OHAMX_0902 S_AHR_61000805 Check calendar for cumulation 
253 OHAMX_0903 S_AHR_61000822 Set cumulation categories for wage types 
254 OHAMX_0911 S_AHR_61000813 Define cumulation types 
255 OHAMX_0912 S_AHR_61000816 Define cumulation types in time units 
256 OHAMX_0913 S_AHR_61000819 Define cumulation periods 
257 OHAMX_483 S_AHR_61000588 Convert previous form 
258 OHAMX_AB001 S_AHR_61006755 Describe absence valuation rule 
259 OHAMX_AB002 S_AHR_61001030 Group absences for absence valuation 
260 OHAMX_AB003 S_AHR_61006757 Set grouping for absence valuation 
261 OHAMX_AB004 S_AHR_61000880 Define day-dependent rules 
262 OHAMX_AB005 S_AHR_61000885 Create wage type catalog 
263 OHAMX_AB009 S_AHR_61006735 Valuate absences according to "as if" principle 
264 OHAMX_AB010 S_AHR_61000874 Special processing of absence valuation rules 
265 OHAMX_AB011 S_AHR_61000893 Form counting classes for absence valuation 
266 OHAMX_AB012 S_AHR_61000903 Valuate absences according to constants/averages 
267 OHAMX_AB020 S_AHR_61011728 Additional information for absences 
268 OHAMX_AB110 S_L9C_94000074 Create wage type catalog 
269 OHAMX_AB111 S_L9C_94000075 Check wage type text 
270 OHAMX_AB112 S_L9C_94000076 Check assignment to a wage type group 
271 OHAMX_AL01 S_AHR_61001462 Bases 
272 OHAMX_AV_1 S_AHR_61001356 Bases for average valuation 
273 OHAMX_AV_100 S_PH9_46000113 Define basis days for averages 
274 OHAMX_AV_2W S_AHR_61000926 Create bases for calculating average value 
275 OHAMX_AV_ABCR S_AHR_61000929 Create calculation rules for averages 
276 OHAMX_AV_P S_AHR_61001072 Assign valuation of averages to a primary wage type 
277 OHAMX_BEN001 S_AHR_61000461 Create wage type catalog 
278 OHAMX_BEN002 S_AHR_61000465 Set current benefit area 
279 OHAMX_BEN003 S_AHR_61000470 Pay in wage types by plan 
280 OHAMX_BEN004 S_AHR_61000474 Assign deduction model 
281 OHAMX_BW004 S_AHR_61000946 Set wage type-dependent constants 
282 OHAMX_BW005 S_AHR_61000958 Set pay scale dependent constants 
283 OHAMX_BW006 S_AHR_61000933 Form valuation bases by person 
284 OHAMX_BW019 S_AHR_61000911 Assign valuation bases 
285 OHAMX_BW21 S_AHR_61001237 Determine valuation basis for different payment 
286 OHAMX_BW22 S_AHR_61001240 Calculate valuation basis with highest value 
287 OHAMX_DE1040B S_AHR_61000490 Check payroll schema 
288 OHAMX_DE1041 S_AHR_61000494 Set priority for deductions 
289 OHAMX_DE1044 S_AHR_61000454 Maintain arrears deductions for retroactive accounting 
290 OHAMX_DE1046 S_AHR_61000458 Divide uncondit. deductions into amount paid and advance payt 
291 OHAMX_DE1048 S_AHR_61000492 Check deduction wage type group for arrears 
292 OHAMX_DL021 S_AHR_61000840 Activate calculation 
293 OHAMX_DL022 S_AHR_61000844 Store additional values 
294 OHAMX_DL024 S_PH0_48000281 Adjust Value Date 
295 OHAMX_DL031 S_AHR_61000803 Create loan type 
296 OHAMX_DL032 S_AHR_61000830 Assign repayment type 
297 OHAMX_DL034 S_AHR_61000834 Create loan conditions 
298 OHAMX_DT002 S_AHR_61000615 Define house banks 
299 OHAMX_DT003 S_AHR_61000621 Set issuing banks 
300 OHAMX_DT004 S_AHR_61000626 Check text keys for payments 
301 OHAMX_DT009 S_AHR_61001479 Consider several payment processes per period 
302 OHAMX_DV001 S_AHR_61000478 Set transfer of last payroll result 
303 OHAMX_DV100 S_AHR_61001314 Transfer of payroll data from another system 
304 OHAMX_EVAL000 S_AHR_61006799 Time evaluation classes 
305 OHAMX_FA001 S_AHR_61011805 Maintain investment periods for savings fund 
306 OHAMX_FA002 S_AHR_61018811 Check payroll constants for savings fund 
307 OHAMX_GU000 S_AHR_61016765 Define wage types for guaranteed net amount types 
308 OHAMX_GU210 S_AHR_61018644 Create wage type catalog 
309 OHAMX_GU221 S_AHR_61018645 Check wage type text 
310 OHAMX_GU230 S_AHR_61018646 Form relevant wage types 
311 OHAMX_IM110 S_AHR_61000537 Tax tables 
312 OHAMX_IM120 S_AHR_61000539 Assignment of tax tables to employee group/subgroup 
313 OHAMX_IM130 S_AHR_61000541 Check exemptions for income tax calculation 
314 OHAMX_IM140 S_AHR_61000543 Maintain fiscal tax subsidy (obsolete) 
315 OHAMX_IM150 S_AHR_61000496 Review payroll constants for Income tax 
316 OHAMX_IM161 S_AHR_61000437 Create wage type catalog 
317 OHAMX_IM172 S_AHR_61000441 Check wage type text 
318 OHAMX_IM180 S_AHR_61000444 Determine tax-exempt parts 
319 OHAMX_IM210 S_AHR_61000448 Maintain state tax percentage 
320 OHAMX_IM221 S_AHR_61000418 Create wage type catalog 
321 OHAMX_IM232 S_AHR_61000421 Check wage type text 
322 OHAMX_IM240 S_AHR_61000424 Form relevant wage types (previous version) 
323 OHAMX_IM250 S_AC0_52000132 Specify grouping for payment breakdown 
324 OHAMX_IM251 S_AC0_52000133 Assign wage types to form state tax basis 
325 OHAMX_IM252 S_AC0_52000134 Specify special tax categories 
326 OHAMX_IM253 S_AC0_52000135 Specify special taxes for state tax 
327 OHAMX_IM254 S_AC0_52000136 BAdI: Specify state for state tax 
328 OHAMX_IM255 S_AC0_52000422 Tax table for the state of Chihuahua 
329 OHAMX_IMPSU1 S_AL0_96000754 Maintain percentage 
330 OHAMX_IMPSU2 S_AL0_96000755 Form relevant wage types 
331 OHAMX_JW000 S_AHR_61006728 Form annual values 
332 OHAMX_KF001 S_AHR_61001225 Form reduction factors 
333 OHAMX_KF002 S_AHR_61001228 Assign reduction factors 
334 OHAMX_KL000 S_AHR_61001292 Form cost accounting wage types 
335 OHAMX_MZ001 S_AHR_61006701 Set currency units 
336 OHAMX_NGL001 S_L7D_24002566 Specifying the moment for activating segment 
337 OHAMX_NGL002 S_L7D_24002567 Including the segment as another Controlling object 
338 OHAMX_NGL003 S_L7D_24002569 Deactivating delimitation to one FM area 
339 OHAMX_NGL004 S_L7D_24002570 Defining the distribution class 
340 OHAMX_NGL007 S_L7D_24002578 Adjusting account assignment types for symbolic accounts 
341 OHAMX_NGL008 S_L7D_24002575 Specifying the moment for posting payments 
342 OHAMX_NGL009 S_L7D_24002576 Enter bank clearing account for HR payments 
343 OHAMX_NGL011 S_L7D_24002579 Entering allowed values for FM/GM fixed account assignment 
344 OHAMX_NGL012 S_L7D_24002580 Setting the fixed account assignment grouping for FM/GM 
345 OHAMX_NGL014 S_L7D_24002571 Note for relevance 
346 OHAMX_NGL015 S_L7D_24002565 Possible solutions in the new general ledger accounting frame 
347 OHAMX_NGL016 S_L7D_24002568 Maintaining feature for object selection 
348 OHAMX_NGL017 S_L7D_24002577 Entering wage types for payment posting 
349 OHAMX_NGL105 S_L7D_24002572 Activating cost distribution through function XLIDI 
350 OHAMX_NGL106 S_L7D_24002573 Distribution of debt wage types and input stream principle 
351 OHAMX_NGL107 S_L7D_24002574 Distribution connected with debt wage type costs 
352 OHAMX_OCA001 S_AHR_61006805 Assign absences to a reason for off-cycle payroll run 
353 OHAMX_OCA002 S_AHR_61001305 Create absence valuation for off-cycle payroll run 
354 OHAMX_OCAP001 S_AHR_61001207 Set proposed values for payments 
355 OHAMX_OCMCP1 S_AHR_61006774 Define check printout with manual numbers 
356 OHAMX_OCPM001 S_AHR_61006778 Create process models 
357 OHAMX_OCPM01 S_AHR_61001115 Check payment keys 
358 OHAMX_OCR001 S_AHR_61001269 Create reason for off-cycle run 
359 OHAMX_OCRP01 S_AHR_61001126 Replace checks 
360 OHAMX_OCV001 S_AHR_61001275 Create variants for off-cycle payroll run activities 
361 OHAMX_PA111 S_AHR_61000774 Jurisdiction 
362 OHAMX_PA112 S_AHR_61000777 Category 
363 OHAMX_PA122 S_AHR_61000783 Create wage type catalog 
364 OHAMX_PA123 S_AHR_61006723 Check wage type text 
365 OHAMX_PA124 S_AHR_61006724 Check assignment to a wage type group 
366 OHAMX_PA125 S_AHR_61000799 Payable 
367 OHAMX_PA126 S_AHR_61000752 Model to determine gross and net basis 
368 OHAMX_PA127 S_AHR_61000755 Personel calcul. rule 
369 OHAMX_PA130 S_AHR_61000757 Omission values in the infotypes 
370 OHAMX_PA201 S_AHR_61000764 Control wage type process 
371 OHAMX_PA202 S_AHR_61000767 Check wage type priority 
372 OHAMX_PART S_AHR_61001221 Partial period parameters in different time units 
373 OHAMX_PAY002 S_AHR_61006765 Define schedule for payroll calendar 
374 OHAMX_PAY003 S_AHR_61006788 Specify version for payroll driver 
375 OHAMX_PE110 S_AHR_61001078 Determine modifier for annual bonus 
376 OHAMX_PE111 S_L7D_24001289 Determine Marital Status 
377 OHAMX_PE112 S_L7D_24001290 Deregistration cause 
378 OHAMX_PE113 S_L7D_24002932 Set periodicity of basic wage in report 
379 OHAMX_PE120 S_AHR_61001084 Determine annual bonus days to pay for seniority 
380 OHAMX_PE131 S_AHR_61001094 Create wage type catalog 
381 OHAMX_PE142 S_AHR_61001104 Check wage type text 
382 OHAMX_PE143 S_AHR_61001187 Check admissability of entries by infotype 
383 OHAMX_PE144 S_AHR_61001195 Check wage type attributes 
384 OHAMX_PE211 S_AHR_61001198 Create wage type catalog 
385 OHAMX_PE221 S_AHR_61001201 Check wage type text 
386 OHAMX_PE222 S_AHR_61001204 Check admissability of entries by infotype 
387 OHAMX_PE223 S_AHR_61001185 Check wage type attributes 
388 OHAMX_PE230 S_AHR_61001161 Form relevant wage types 
389 OHAMX_PE311 S_AHR_61001174 Create wage type catalog 
390 OHAMX_PE321 S_AHR_61001183 Check wage type text 
391 OHAMX_PE322 S_AHR_61000506 Check admissability of entries by infotype 
392 OHAMX_PE323 S_AHR_61000508 Check wage type attributes 
393 OHAMX_PE410 S_AHR_61000513 Determine modifier for vacation premium quotas 
394 OHAMX_PE411 S_AHR_61018961 Determine modifier for leave quotas 
395 OHAMX_PE415 S_AHR_61018810 Check payroll constants for severance payment 
396 OHAMX_PE421 S_AHR_61000519 Create wage type catalog 
397 OHAMX_PE432 S_AHR_61000498 Check wage type text 
398 OHAMX_PE433 S_AHR_61000500 Check wage type attributes 
399 OHAMX_PE440 S_AHR_61000501 Form relevant wage types 
400 OHAMX_R1021 S_AHR_61000486 Rename wage types for the advance payment process 
401 OHAMX_R1024 S_AHR_61000433 Define rules on limits 
402 OHAMX_R1025 S_AHR_61000482 Activate wage type categories and apply limits 
403 OHAMX_R1026 S_AHR_61000451 Activate limit modifier 
404 OHAMX_R1027 S_AHR_61000484 Maintain wage types for limits 
405 OHAMX_RC110 S_AL0_96000278 Create wage type catalog 
406 OHAMX_RC120 S_AL0_96000279 Check wage type text 
407 OHAMX_RC130 S_AL0_96000280 Assign wage types to calculation of gross difference 
408 OHAMX_RC140 S_AL0_96000281 Assign derived wage types for calculation of gross difference 
409 OHAMX_RC210 S_L6B_69000241 Maintain data relevant to the retroactive accounting calculation 
410 OHAMX_RE100 S_AHR_61019197 Define rounding rule for amounts payable 
411 OHAMX_RI011 S_AHR_61006854 Prepare wage type overview 
412 OHAMX_RI012 S_AHR_61001459 Provide accounts overview 
413 OHAMX_RI013 S_PH0_48000205 Post to intercompany clearing account 
414 OHAMX_RI015 S_AHR_61001296 Set employee grouping account determination 
415 OHAMX_RI031 S_AHR_61001245 Specify wage type posting properties 
416 OHAMX_RI042 S_AHR_61001219 Define symbolic accounts 
417 OHAMX_RI051 S_AHR_61000923 Assign balance sheet accounts 
418 OHAMX_RI052 S_AHR_61000918 Assign expense accounts 
419 OHAMX_RI053 S_AHR_61000937 Assign customer accounts 
420 OHAMX_RI054 S_AHR_61000870 Assign vendor accounts 
421 OHAMX_RI055 S_AHR_61000857 Assign customer accounts for loan-based posting 
422 OHAMX_RI056 S_AHR_61000941 Assign technical accounts 
423 OHAMX_RI061 S_AHR_61000890 Maintain fixed cost accounting 
424 OHAMX_RI062 S_AHR_61001022 Check customizing for account determination 
425 OHAMX_RI063 S_AHR_61001057 Maintain posting date for payroll periods 
426 OHAMX_RI064 S_PH0_48000206 Assign alternative cost centers 
427 OHAMX_RI070 S_AHR_61001050 Define line item text 
428 OHAMX_RI071 S_AHR_61000972 Create posting variants 
429 OHAMX_RI080 S_AHR_61000963 Create variants 
430 OHAMX_RI081 S_PH0_48000207 Authorizations 
431 OHAMX_RI090 S_AHR_61000996 Configure export to R/2 system or R/3 system prior to 4.0 
432 OHAMX_SI110 S_L9C_94000054 Create cumulation base for union dues 
433 OHAMX_SI111 S_L9C_94000058 Assign valuation basis for union dues 
434 OHAMX_SI112 S_L9C_94000059 Maintain union dues wage types for limits and retroactive accounting 
435 OHAMX_SI210 S_L9C_94000055 Create wage type catalog 
436 OHAMX_SI211 S_L9C_94000056 Check wage type text 
437 OHAMX_SI212 S_L9C_94000057 Check assignment to a wage type group 
438 OHAMX_SL001 S_AHR_61001300 Form wage types cumulated from time payments 
439 OHAMX_SL002 S_AHR_61001283 Form wage types cumulated from master data 
440 OHAMX_SL003 S_AHR_61001264 Form wage types cumulated from external bank transfers 
441 OHAMX_SS110 S_AHR_61000504 Display contribution types 
442 OHAMX_SS120 S_AHR_61000505 Maintain company and employee contributions 
443 OHAMX_SS210 S_AHR_61000546 Check exemptions for wage integration 
444 OHAMX_SS220 S_AHR_61000525 Determine modifier for vacation premium quotas 
445 OHAMX_SS310 S_AHR_61000553 Check IMSS Industrial Risk 
446 OHAMX_SS400 S_AHR_61000556 Check payroll constants for the IMSS 
447 OHAMX_SS501 S_AHR_61006682 Create wage type catalog 
448 OHAMX_SS512 S_AHR_61000528 Check wage type text 
449 OHAMX_SS520 S_AHR_61000531 Classify wage types for calculating integrated daily wage 
450 OHAMX_SS600 S_AHR_61019117 Create process model 
451 OHAMX_SS710 S_L9C_94000077 Define rule to calculate subsidy paid by the company 
452 OHAMX_SS711 S_L9C_94000078 Identify incapacity subsidy wage types 
453 OHAMX_SUEL110 S_AHR_61006803 Salary calculation indicator 
454 OHAMX_SUEL120 S_AHR_61001211 Salary-based valuation 
455 OHAMX_TE100 S_AHR_61000866 Check overtime payroll constants 
456 OHAMX_TE210 S_AHR_61000860 Overtime payment indicator 
457 OHAMX_TE220 S_AHR_61000863 Identification of double overtime and worked holidays 
458 OHAMX_TE310 S_AHR_61018761 Assign daily work schedule types 
459 OHAMX_TI110 S_AHR_61001001 Define time types 
460 OHAMX_TI120 S_AHR_61001006 Assign identification to time pairs 
461 OHAMX_TI130 S_AHR_61001010 Define processing types 
462 OHAMX_TI210 S_AHR_61000985 Check daily processing call 
463 OHAMX_TI310 S_AHR_61000967 Set groupings 
464 OHAMX_TI321 S_AHR_61006738 Arrange planned working time from work schedule 
465 OHAMX_TI322 S_AHR_61006740 Read substitutions 
466 OHAMX_TI323 S_AHR_61001012 Read absences 
467 OHAMX_TI324 S_AHR_61001044 Read overtime 
468 OHAMX_TI325 S_AHR_61000977 Set work breaks to be read 
469 OHAMX_TI330 S_AHR_61001378 Equalize daily work schedule with time data 
470 OHAMX_TI340 S_AHR_61006758 Determine break times 
471 OHAMX_TI361 S_AHR_61001061 Define valuation types of period-specific work schedule 
472 OHAMX_TI362 S_AHR_61001039 Set generation rules 
473 OHAMX_TI363 S_AHR_61001066 Define groupings 
474 OHAMX_TI364 S_AHR_61001016 Execute generation of time wage types 
475 OHAMX_TI370 S_AHR_61001020 Compensate overtime 
476 OHAMX_U1011 S_AHR_61018647 Define payment / model deduction 
477 OHAMX_U1012 S_AHR_61018648 Determine payment periods 
478 OHAMX_U1013 S_AHR_61018649 Define employee groups 
479 OHAMX_UM002 S_AHR_61000855 Maintain authorizations 
480 OHAMX_UM003 S_AHR_61000953 Maintain profiles 
481 OHAMX_UM006 S_AHR_61001121 Check payroll accounting area 
482 OHAMX_UM008 S_AHR_61001280 Generate payroll periods 
483 OHAMX_UM010B S_AHR_61006809 Generate calendar for cumulation 
484 OHAMX_UM012 S_AHR_61001110 Define period parameters 
485 OHAMX_UM013 S_AHR_61001215 Protect personnel calculation rules 
486 OHAMX_UM014 S_AHR_61001155 Define date modifiers 
487 OHAMX_UM020 S_AHR_61006794 Consult minimum wages in economic zones 
488 OHAMX_UM022 S_AHR_61000950 Maintain processing class and its special features 
489 OHAMX_UM023 S_AHR_61000907 Maintain evaluation class and characteristic values 
490 OHAMX_UM030 S_AHR_61018987 Assign legal person to personnel area 
491 OHAMX_UM104 S_AHR_61000992 Check assignment to a wage type group 
492 OHAMX_UM105 S_AHR_61000989 Check logical view 
493 OHAMX_VAL000 S_AHR_61000914 Application category of valuation bases 
494 OHAMYCOM001 S_PH9_46000642 Set up shift change compensation 
495 OHAMYDEX10 S_PL0_09000394 Specify External Application 
496 OHAMYDEX20 S_PL0_09000395 Specify Wage Types 
497 OHAMYDEX30 S_PL0_09000396 Activate Calculation 
498 OHAMYDV001 S_AHR_61018670 Make settings for transferring last payroll result 
499 OHAMYEDTINTERNET S_AHR_61005821 Internet connection for the remuneration statement 
500 OHAMYNGL008 S_PCO_36000150 Determine Time for Posting the Payments