SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 35
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 ORIP_OK11 S_ALR_87003578 Define Number Ranges for Planning Line Items 
2 ORIP_OK11X S_ALR_87003589 Define Number Ranges for Budgeting Line Items 
3 ORIP_PLANVERSION S_ALR_87003566 Define Versions 
4 ORIP_PLAN_ART S_ALR_87003563 Assign Program Type to Planning Profile 
5 ORIP_PROGCOPY S_P99_41000289 Copy Programs 
6 ORIP_PROG_DELETE S_R99_53000001 Copy Programs 
7 ORIP_RUECKSETZEN S_ALR_87003576 Delete Programs 
8 ORIP_STATUS_ART S_ALR_87003573 Assign Status Profile to Program Type 
9 ORIP_STAT_SCHEMA S_ALR_87003527 Define Status Selection Profiles 
10 ORIP_STAT_SCHEMA_ANF S_ALR_87006350 Define Status Selection Profiles 
11 ORIP_SU01 S_ALR_87003541 Maintain Authorizations 
12 ORIP_SU02 S_ALR_87003540 Define Authorization Profiles 
13 ORIP_UMWELT S_ALR_87003585 Define Priorities 
14 ORIP_UPLOAD S_ALR_87003549 Upload/Download of Program Structures 
15 ORIP_USER S_ALR_87003564 Define User Fields 3 and 4 
16 ORIP_USER_INFO S_ALR_87003520 Develop Enhancement for User-Defined Value Fields 
17 ORIP_USER_KURZ S_ALR_87003565 Enter Short Descriptions for User Fields 
18 ORIP_VERD_CUST S_ALR_87003554 Export Customizing Settings 
19 ORIP_VERD_EINZEL S_ALR_87003555 Choose Characteristics for Detail Display 
20 ORIP_VERD_LOESCH S_ALR_87003543 Delete Report Data 
21 ORIP_VERD_LOESCH2 S_ALR_87003542 Delete Investment Program from Summarization Database 
22 ORIP_VERD_VERS S_ALR_87003525 Define Summarization Versions 
23 ORKA_IM_BILD S_ALR_87005006 Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data 
24 ORKA_IM_BUDG S_ALR_87004945 Maintain Budget Profile 
25 ORKA_IM_GROSS S_ALR_87004967 Define Scale 
26 ORKA_IM_INVGRUND S_ALR_87005045 Define Reasons for Investment 
27 ORKA_IM_KONTEN S_ALR_87005037 Determine Accounts for Nonoperating Expense 
28 ORKA_IM_PLAN S_ALR_87004948 Maintain Planning Profiles 
29 ORKA_IM_SELEKT S_ALR_87005049 Maintain Selection Variants for Settlement 
30 ORKA_IM_STATI0 S_ALR_87004985 Flag FI-AA Transaction Types as Budget-Relevant 
31 ORKA_IM_STATI1 S_ALR_87004980 Create Statistical Cost Elements 
32 ORKA_IM_STATI2 S_ALR_87004976 Change the Field Status of the Asset G/L Accounts 
33 ORKA_IM_TOLERANZ S_ALR_87004992 Define Tolerance Limits for Availability Control 
34 ORKA_IM_UMWELT S_ALR_87005042 Define Environmental Protection Indicator 
35 ORKA_IM_WORKFLOW S_ALR_87004997 Assign Workflow Task for Incomplete Assets 
36 ORKK_ACT_FEHLER S_P99_41000283 Define User-Defined Message Types 
37 ORPM_ACTIVATE_WF S_XSD_23000074 Activate Workflows 
38 ORPM_ACTIV_BC_DATASR S_XSD_23000021 Activate Business Content Data Sources 
39 ORPM_ALE_SETTINGS S_XSD_13000005 Setup ALE 
40 ORPM_BASIC_SETTINGS S_XSD_13000003 Basic Settings 
41 ORPM_BW_UPLOAD_DATA S_XSD_23000057 Uploading Data to BW 
42 ORPM_CONFIGURE_ALE S_XSD_23000023 Configure ALE 
43 ORPM_CONFIGURE_BP S_XSD_23000027 Configure Business Partner 
44 ORPM_CONFIG_BP S_XSD_23000030 Configure Business Partner 
45 ORPM_CONV_IDOC_TYP S_XSD_23000059 Map IDoc Types 
46 ORPM_CONV_MSG_TYP S_XSD_23000058 Map Message Types 
47 ORPM_DEFAULT_ROLES S_XSD_23000006 Create Roles 
48 ORPM_DEF_QUAL_PROF1 S_XSD_23000061 Distribute Data to Portfolio Management by ALE Customizing 
49 ORPM_DEF_QUAL_PROF2 S_XSD_23000062 Distribute Data to Portfolio Management by Client Comparison 
50 ORPM_DEF_QUAL_PROF3 S_XSD_23000063 Distribute Data to Portfolio Management by Direct Entry 
51 ORPM_DISPLAY_IDOC S_XSD_23000064 Check IDoc Status 
52 ORPM_FI_IMPORT S_XSD_23000039 Customize Organization Type 
53 ORPM_FI_INBOUNDPARAM S_XSD_23000077 Change Inbound Parameter of Partner Profile 
54 ORPM_HR_INBOUNDPARAM S_XSD_23000101 Change Inbound Parameter of Partner Profile 
55 ORPM_INBOUND_PROC S_XSD_23000065 Check Inbound Processing 
56 ORPM_LOGSYS_SM59 S_XSD_13000001 Set up Logical systems 
57 ORPM_MAINT_DIST_PATH S_XSD_23000024 Create Evaluation Paths 
58 ORPM_PERMITTED_RELAT S_XSD_23000010 Define Permitted Relationships 
59 ORPM_PROJECT_CAT S_XSD_23000033 Define Portfolio Item Categories 
60 ORPM_PROJECT_STAT S_XSD_23000038 Define Portfolio Item Alerts 
61 ORPM_RFC_LOGSYS S_XSD_23000067 Maintain the Mapping between RFC destination and Logical Systems 
62 ORPM_SUBPROFILE_BP S_XSD_23000011 Assign Subprofiles to Business Partner 
63 ORP_SD_ANLY S_EBS_44000500 Overview: Operational Reporting 
64 OSD5_ODP1 S_ALR_87007119 Profiles For Resource-Related Billing/Quotation Creation 
65 OST_TRANSPORT S_PNC_50000014 Web Services Tool: Transport Service Objects 
66 OTMA S_ALR_87006910 Structure Report Selection 
67 OUTPUT_SHIPMENTREQUE S_E38_98000132 Basic Settings for Sending 
68 OVACT S_EB5_05000135 Activate SD Functions 
69 OVELO00 S_ALI_97000082 Define Global VMS Parameters 
70 OVELO30 S_ALI_97000083 Define Profile for Calculation Sheet 
71 OWTYSC01 S_ALI_97000020 Maintain Workbench Tree View Types 
72 OWTYSC02 S_ALI_97000021 Maintain Workbench Relevant Document Types 
73 OWTYSC03 S_ALI_97000022 Maintain and Assign Warranty Profiles for Users 
74 OWTYSC10 S_ALI_97000086 Map Fields Between Source and Traget Documents 
75 OWTY_REJCD S_KA5_12000786 Define Decision Codes 
76 OXT_IMG_2 S_PAB_25000005 Maintain System Landscape 
77 OZCMLST S_AX7_68000145 Maintain Settings for Displaying Milestones