SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 24
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OHAU0631 S_AHR_61000163 Use SAPscript 
2 OHAU0640 S_L6B_69000182 Create tax forms for multiple tax authorities 
3 OHAU0641 S_AHR_61000162 Use HR form tables: Setting up your form 
4 OHAU0642 S_AHR_61000161 Use HR form tables: Defining the background of your tax form 
5 OHAU0643 S_AL0_96000228 Use HR form tables: Maintaining text for tax forms 
6 OHAU0700 S_PCO_36000244 Define validity dates and form parameters 
7 OHAU0710 S_PCO_36000245 Define print job split parameters 
8 OHAU0720 S_PCO_36000246 Create and edit PDF-based print forms 
9 OHAU0800 S_L7D_24000018 Maintain additional information for tax reporting 
10 OHAU0902 S_AHR_61000179 Check calendar for cumulation 
11 OHAU0903 S_AHR_61000185 Assign cumulations to wage types 
12 OHAU0911 S_AHR_61000181 Define cumulation types 
13 OHAU0912 S_AHR_61000182 Assign cumulation periods to payroll time units 
14 OHAU0913 S_AHR_61000184 Define cumulation periods 
15 OHAU0914 S_L9C_94000282 Define 'when paid' accumulation 
16 OHAU0915 S_AHR_61019364 Define cumulation intervals 
17 OHAU0920 S_AHR_61019369 Generate cumulation intervals 
18 OHAU1012 S_AHR_61000265 Check calendar for cumulation 
19 OHAU1013 S_AHR_61000209 Maintain recurring payments/deductions and add.payments 
20 OHAU1015 S_AHR_61000210 Assign processing classes to wage types 
21 OHAU1016 S_AHR_61000195 Assign processing classes to wage types 
22 OHAU10171 S_PL0_09000221 Convert processing class of deduction/balance wage types 
23 OHAU1040A S_AHR_61016451 Check personnel calculation schema 
24 OHAU1041 S_AHR_61000288 Set priorities for arrears 
25 OHAU1043 S_AHR_61000278 Maintain recovery of arrears 
26 OHAU1044 S_AHR_61000276 Maintain arrears for retrocalculation 
27 OHAU1045 S_AHR_61000277 Maintain percentage deductions for retrocalculation 
28 OHAU1046 S_AHR_61000280 Split absolute deductions into collected and advanced amount 
29 OHAU1048 S_AHR_61000287 Check wage type group 'Deduction for Arrears' 
30 OHAU10501 S_AHR_61000298 Maintain outflow/inflow wage types 
31 OHAU10502 S_AHR_61000299 Maintain deduction base wage types 
32 OHAU1202 S_AHR_61000099 Maintain posting date 
33 OHAU1203 S_AHR_61000098 Define closing date 
34 OHAU1204 S_AHR_61000096 Define wage types to be read 
35 OHAU1206 S_AHR_61000095 Set up computation of part amounts belonging to each period 
36 OHAU1206A S_AHR_61000126 Assign symbolic accounts to wage types 
37 OHAU1207 S_AHR_61000111 Activate month-end accruals and check processing 
38 OHAU1208 S_AHR_61000127 Maintain symbolic accounts for month-end accruals 
39 OHAU1209 S_AHR_61000097 Set latest document creation date 
40 OHAU1213 S_AHR_61000125 Assign accrued expense accounts 
41 OHAU1214 S_AHR_61000124 Assign accrual account 
42 OHAU1216 S_AHR_61000123 Set up delayed data entry 
43 OHAU483 S_AHR_61000035 Convert old customer form 
44 OHAUAB002 S_AHR_61000232 Assign absences to valuation classes 
45 OHAUAB003 S_AHR_61000231 Determine grouping for absence valuation 
46 OHAUAB004 S_L6B_69000731 Define Day Rules 
47 OHAUAB005 S_L6B_69000732 Create Wage Type Catalog 
48 OHAUAB009 S_AHR_61000247 Evaluate absences using 'as if' principle 
49 OHAUAB010 S_AHR_61000245 Special processing of absence evaluation rules 
50 OHAUAB011 S_AHR_61000248 Create counting classes for absence evaluation 
51 OHAUAB012 S_AHR_61000246 Evaluate absences by constants/averages 
52 OHAUAD212 S_AHR_61000119 Define period table 
53 OHAUAD213 S_AHR_61000118 Define wage type table 
54 OHAUAD214 S_AHR_61000117 Define tax/arrears table 
55 OHAUAL01 S_AHR_61000306 Basics 
56 OHAUAV001 S_AHR_61000214 Bases for valuation of averages 
57 OHAUAV018 S_AHR_61000222 Create final processing rule 
58 OHAUAV511A S_AHR_61000223 Create calculation rules for averages 
59 OHAUAV511B S_AHR_61000224 Create cumulation rules for bases for calculating averages 
60 OHAUAV511C S_AHR_61000225 Create adjustment rules for bases for calculating averages 
61 OHAUAVBAS S_AHR_61000229 Form bases for calculating average values 
62 OHAUAVP15 S_AHR_61000227 Assign valuation of averages to primary wage type 
63 OHAUAVX017 S_AHR_61000228 Create relevancy test 
64 OHAUAVXT00 S_AHR_61000226 Adjust calculation of averages within payroll run 
65 OHAUBI120 S_AHR_61000290 Create wage type catalog 
66 OHAUBW004 S_AHR_61000242 Constants dependent on wage types 
67 OHAUBW005 S_AHR_61000241 Constants dependent on the pay scale 
68 OHAUBW006 S_AHR_61000219 Create person-related valuation bases 
69 OHAUBW019 S_AHR_61000215 Assign valuation bases 
70 OHAUBW21 S_AHR_61000230 Calculate valuation basis for different payment 
71 OHAUBW22 S_AHR_61000213 Calculate valuation basis with higher value 
72 OHAUDEC01 S_AHR_61000285 Hourly rates with several decimal places 
73 OHAUDEX10 S_PL0_09000356 Specify External Application 
74 OHAUDEX20 S_PL0_09000357 Specify Wage Types 
75 OHAUDEX30 S_PL0_09000358 Activate Calculation 
76 OHAUDT001 S_AHR_61019120 Enable printing of Zero-Net-Checks 
77 OHAUDT002 S_AHR_61000028 Set up house banks 
78 OHAUDT003 S_AHR_61000027 Determine sending banks 
79 OHAUDT004 S_PL0_09000450 Define Text Keys for Payment Transactions 
80 OHAUDT010 S_AHR_61019121 Define void reason code for Zero-Net-Checks 
81 OHAUEDTINTERNET S_AHR_61000166 Internet link for remuneration statement 
82 OHAUEN800 S_AHR_61000168 Print out tax wage types by tax level/tax authority 
83 OHAUGR203 S_L9C_94000169 Check third party remittance for garnishment wage types 
84 OHAUIW035 S_AHR_61000233 Determine payroll processing 
85 OHAUIW037 S_AHR_61000236 Hourly wages 
86 OHAUIW038 S_AHR_61000237 Monthly wages 
87 OHAUIW039 S_AHR_61000186 Earnings factor 
88 OHAUIW041 S_AHR_61000322 Check form for time tickets 
89 OHAUIW061 S_AHR_61000240 Check payroll processing of incentive wages wage types 
90 OHAUIW063 S_AHR_61000220 Create wage type catalog 
91 OHAUIW065 S_AHR_61000221 Check assignment of wage types to WT group 'Incentive wages' 
92 OHAUIW069 S_AHR_61000337 Maintain wage types for transfer to Accounting 
93 OHAUIW082 S_AHR_61000243 Check average bases 
94 OHAUKF001 S_AHR_61000217 Create reduction factors 
95 OHAUKF002 S_AHR_61000218 Assign reduction factors 
96 OHAUKL000 S_AHR_61000190 Create wage types for cost accounting 
97 OHAUKREP210 S_AHR_61019442 Maintain wage type applications 
98 OHAUM010 S_AHR_61000255 Generate calendar 
99 OHAUMCOC010 S_L6B_69000629 Activate Multiple Checks 
100 OHAUMCOC020 S_L6B_69000630 Edit Wage Type Groups 
101 OHAUMCOC030 S_L6B_69000631 Enter Default Values for Multiple Checks 
102 OHAUMCOC040 S_L6B_69000683 Adjust Infotype Screen Control 
103 OHAUMUM102 S_AHR_61004379 Change Wage Type Texts 
104 OHAUMZ001 S_AHR_61000026 Determine units of currency 
105 OHAUNGL014 S_PCO_36000395 Note about relevance of these settings 
106 OHAUNGL015 S_PCO_36000394 Possible Solutions within the New General Ledger 
107 OHAUNGL016 S_PCO_36000393 Maintain feature for object selection 
108 OHAUNGL017 S_L7D_24000167 Determine wage types for posting the payments 
109 OHAUPART S_AHR_61000216 Partial period parameter for different time units 
110 OHAUPAY002 S_AHR_61000121 Define schedule for payroll calendar 
111 OHAUPAY003 S_AHR_61000120 Specify version for payroll driver 
112 OHAUPR100 S_L6B_69000229 Maintain ranges for Puerto Rico W-2/W-2C Control Number 
113 OHAUR0001 S_AHR_61000130 Define rules 
114 OHAUR0001B S_AHR_61000114 Modify schemas for tax remittance outsourcing 
115 OHAUR0001C S_AHR_61000113 Set transmitting tax company for tax remittance outsourcing 
116 OHAUR0006 S_AHR_61000128 Check processing class for wage types 
117 OHAUR00061 S_AHR_61000122 Maintain wage types for remittances 
118 OHAUR0007 S_AHR_61000333 Posting relevant information 
119 OHAUR00081 S_AHR_61000116 Maintain general number ranges 
120 OHAUR00082 S_AHR_61000115 Maintain remittance originator number ranges 
121 OHAUR00083 S_L9C_94000171 Maintain number range for garnishment payees 
122 OHAUR02AO S_L9C_94000170 Maintain number range for vendor subgroup 
123 OHAUR100 S_PCO_36000260 Maintain cost distribution groups for liability wage types 
124 OHAUR1013 S_PH0_48000569 Posting to company code clearing accounts 
125 OHAUR1021 S_AHR_61000203 Rename wage types for arrears processing 
126 OHAUR1024 S_AHR_61000199 Define rules for limits 
127 OHAUR1025 S_AHR_61000201 Set up wage type classes and attach limits 
128 OHAUR1026 S_AHR_61000200 Set limit modifier 
129 OHAUR1027 S_AHR_61000202 Maintain wage types for limits 
130 OHAUR1029 S_AHR_61000198 Convert wage types to be limited 
131 OHAUR1061 S_PH0_48000567 Set up fixed cost postings 
132 OHAUR110 S_PCO_36000261 Maintain base wage types override for liability cost distribution 
133 OHAUR120 S_PCO_36000458 Check availability of new posting engine 
134 OHAUR130 S_PCO_36000459 Set start date for using the new evaluation run 
135 OHAURG110 S_AHR_61000305 Page header: Set up form 
136 OHAURG120 S_AHR_61000304 Employee data excerpt: Set up form 
137 OHAURG130 S_AHR_61000301 Continuation excerpt: Set up form 
138 OHAURG140 S_AHR_61000315 Totals block: Set up form 
139 OHAURI011 S_AHR_61000327 Prepare overview of wage types 
140 OHAURI012 S_AHR_61000326 Create overview of accounts 
141 OHAURI015 S_AHR_61000160 Define employee grouping/account assignment 
142 OHAURI031 S_AHR_61000104 Define wage type posting attributes 
143 OHAURI032 S_L7D_24000058 Define wage type posting attributes (with U.S. Taxes) 
144 OHAURI042 S_AHR_61000105 Define symbolic accounts 
145 OHAURI051 S_AHR_61000103 Assign financial accounts 
146 OHAURI052 S_AHR_61000102 Assign expense accounts 
147 OHAURI053 S_AHR_61000110 Assign customer accounts 
148 OHAURI054 S_AHR_61000109 Assign vendor accounts 
149 OHAURI055 S_AHR_61000108 Assign loan postings for employees 
150 OHAURI056 S_AHR_61000101 Assign technical accounts 
151 OHAURI061 S_AHR_61000107 Set up fixed cost postings and replacement cost centers 
152 OHAURI062 S_AHR_61000106 Check Consistency in Customizing 
153 OHAURI063 S_AHR_61000100 Maintain payroll period posting date 
154 OHAURI064 S_PH0_48000568 Set up substitute cost centers 
155 OHAURI070 S_AHR_61000094 Set up line item text 
156 OHAURI071 S_AHR_61000093 Create posting variants 
157 OHAURI080 S_AHR_61000092 Create report variants 
158 OHAURI081 S_AHR_61000091 Authorizations and profiles 
159 OHAURI090 S_AHR_61000090 Set up export to R/2 System or R/3 Systems < 4.0 
160 OHAURTPR000 S_AHR_61000129 Set up HR accumulators 
161 OHAUS0615 S_L6B_69000256 Assign number ranges for tax pay dates 
162 OHAUS0616 S_AHR_61019435 Assign number ranges for form numbers 
163 OHAUS0616B S_AHR_61019437 Assign number ranges for control numbers 
164 OHAUS0617 S_AHR_61019438 Assign number ranges for log numbers 
165 OHAUS0617B S_AL0_96000471 Assign number ranges for temse files 
166 OHAUS0618 S_AHR_61000158 Create user-defined tax form classes 
167 OHAUS0620E S_AHR_61000157 Copy tax forms and assign them to tax form classes 
168 OHAUS0650 S_AHR_61000173 Define reporting tax company 
169 OHAUS0651 S_AHR_61000172 Define transmitting tax company 
170 OHAUS0652 S_AHR_61000171 Define personnel actions for transfer in/out 
171 OHAUS0653 S_AL0_96000468 Define fill job split parameters 
172 OHAUS0660 S_AL0_96000469 Specify authorization code for spool request 
173 OHAUS0661 S_AL0_96000470 Switch on Tax Reporter authorization check 
174 OHAUSAB001 S_L6B_69000730 Describe Absence Valuation Rules 
175 OHAUSAB200 S_AHR_61000244 Valuate absences using quotas 
176 OHAUSADJUST150 S_PH0_48000563 Define payroll program for the Adjustments Workbench 
177 OHAUSADJUST200 S_PH0_48000559 Define payroll variant for adjustments 
178 OHAUSADJUST300 S_PH0_48000560 Define time constraints for adjustments 
179 OHAUSADJUST400 S_PH0_48000561 Define permissibility of wage types 
180 OHAUSADJUST500 S_L7D_24000506 Maintain feature to freeze taxes during cross-year retrocalculation of NAMC 
181 OHAUSBEN0025 S_AHR_61012695 Create gross compensation model 
182 OHAUSBEN0027 S_AHR_61012696 Configure gross compensation model 
183 OHAUSBEN0029 S_PH9_46000163 Create additional cumulation model for pension plans 
184 OHAUSBEN003 S_AHR_61000294 Enter wage types for plans 
185 OHAUSBEN0031 S_PH9_46000164 Configure additional cumulation model for pension plans 
186 OHAUSBEN004 S_AHR_61000257 Assign deduction model 
187 OHAUSBEN005 S_AHR_61000259 Assign reasons for off-cycle payroll 
188 OHAUSBEN110 S_AHR_61000249 Maintain constants for insurance plans 
189 OHAUSBEN120 S_AHR_61000251 Maintain constants for savings plans 
190 OHAUSBEN130 S_AHR_61012236 Maintain constants for processing terminated employees 
191 OHAUSBEN140 S_AHR_61012237 Maintain constants for processing inactive employees 
192 OHAUSBEN150 S_AHR_61012238 Maintain constants for GTL imputed income calculation 
193 OHAUSBEN200 S_AL0_96000301 Set up catch up contributions 
194 OHAUSCCR002 S_PL0_09000439 Configure feature 10CCM 
195 OHAUSCSP300 S_AHR_61016596 Check split payment valuation rules for STD/LTD plans 
196 OHAUSCSP350 S_AHR_61016597 Check absence breakdown for STD/LTD plans 
197 OHAUSDED250 S_PH9_46000540 Copy wage types for prepaid deductions 
198 OHAUSDED275 S_PH9_46000541 Link prepaid deduction wage types 
199 OHAUSEDTINTERNET S_AHR_61016649 Define Internet link for remuneration statement 
200 OHAUSEX10 S_PL0_09000355 Specify External Application 
201 OHAUSFO002 S_AHR_61016618 Create draft form 
202 OHAUSFO003 S_AHR_61016616 Copy form 
203 OHAUSFO004 S_AHR_61016617 Maintain evaluation classes and their processing class values 
204 OHAUSFO005 S_PH9_46000602 Define alternate currency 
205 OHAUSFO006 S_AHR_61016620 Set up address 
206 OHAUSFO008 S_AHR_61016621 Change the Addresses infotype (0006) 
207 OHAUSFOPJ100 S_AHR_61016650 Convert old form 
208 OHAUSFOPJ201 S_AHR_61016651 Define page header 
209 OHAUSFOPJ202 S_AHR_61016652 Define payroll excerpt 
210 OHAUSFOPJ203 S_AHR_61016653 Define continuation excerpt 
211 OHAUSFOPJ204 S_AHR_61016654 Define totals display 
212 OHAUSFORS001 S_AHR_61016640 Convert old form 
213 OHAUSFORS002 S_AHR_61016641 Set up remuneration statement 
214 OHAUSFORS010 S_AHR_61016642 Example: Cumulation identifiers in individual fields 
215 OHAUSFORS030 S_AHR_61016643 Example using the new procedure 
216 OHAUSFORS031 S_AHR_61016644 Example using the old procedure 
217 OHAUSFORS040 S_AHR_61016645 Example: Vacation in a window 
218 OHAUSFORS050 S_AHR_61016646 Example: Time quota in an individual field 
219 OHAUSFORS060 S_AHR_61016647 Example: Time quota in a window 
220 OHAUSFORS070 S_AHR_61016648 Example: Message in a window 
221 OHAUSGL001 S_PCO_36000034 Determine time for archiving segments 
222 OHAUSGL002 S_PCO_36000035 Enter requirements for the new general ledger 
223 OHAUSGL003 S_PCO_36000036 Deactivate restriction on a financial management area 
224 OHAUSGL004 S_PCO_36000037 Define type of distribution 
225 OHAUSGL005 S_PCO_36000038 Maintain wage type grouping for cost distribution 
226 OHAUSGL006 S_PCO_36000040 Activate cost distribution using Function XCODI 
227 OHAUSGL007 S_PCO_36000044 Modify account assignment types for symbolic accounts 
228 OHAUSGL008 S_PCO_36000041 Determine period for posting of payments 
229 OHAUSGL009 S_PCO_36000042 Specify bank clearing account for HR payments 
230 OHAUSGL010 S_PCO_36000043 Modify advance payment from master data for posting 
231 OHAUSGL011 S_PCO_36000045 Enter permissible values for standard accounting FM/GM 
232 OHAUSGL012 S_PCO_36000046 Set grouping standard accounting for FM/GM 
233 OHAUSGL013 S_PCO_36000039 Maintain relevant wage types for retroactive accounting differences 
234 OHAUSI091 S_AL0_96000125 Set up Customer Exits 
235 OHAUSI095 S_PCO_36000047 Allow use of TemSe files as of mySAP ERP 2005 
236 OHAUSIAC200 S_AHR_61016454 Maintain link between address change and W-4 info. IACs 
237 OHAUSL001 S_AHR_61000193 Maintain cumulation wage types on basis of temporal payments 
238 OHAUSL002 S_AHR_61000194 Maintain cumulation wage types on basis of master data 
239 OHAUSL003 S_AHR_61000177 Maintain cumulation wage type on basis of external transfers 
240 OHAUSOCA001 S_AHR_61000046 Assign absences to an off-cycle reason 
241 OHAUSOCA002 S_AHR_61000045 Set up absence valuation for off-cycle activities 
242 OHAUSOCAE001 S_PH9_46000161 Define default values for payroll results 
243 OHAUSOCAP001 S_AHR_61000044 Define default values for advance payments 
244 OHAUSOCMCP1 S_AHR_61000042 Make settings for check printing with manual num. assignment 
245 OHAUSOCPM001 S_AHR_61000030 Create process models 
246 OHAUSOCPM005 S_AHR_61019118 Create process model for mass off-cycle payments 
247 OHAUSOCPM01 S_AHR_61000043 Verify payment keys 
248 OHAUSOCR001 S_AHR_61000038 Set up off-cycle reasons 
249 OHAUSOCRP01 S_AHR_61000036 Replace checks 
250 OHAUSOCV001 S_AHR_61000037 Set up report variants for off-cycle activities 
251 OHAUSOCWA001 S_PH9_46000162 Define default values for wage types 
252 OHAUSOCZW001 S_PH9_46000160 Define default values for payment methods 
253 OHAUSPREP200 S_AHR_61012235 Maintain feature for Deduction Register/Earnings Summary 
254 OHAUSPROS001 S_PL0_09000437 Configure Payroll Outsourcing Features 
255 OHAUSREP205 S_AHR_61019429 Maintain feature for wage type selection options 
256 OHAUSREP210 S_AHR_61019428 Maintain wage type applications 
257 OHAUSREP305 S_L9C_94000006 Modify standard schema used to process claims 
258 OHAUSREP310 S_L9C_94000007 Modify standard Payr. Driver variant used to process claims 
259 OHAUSREP315 S_L9C_94000008 Modify standard feature used to process claims 
260 OHAUSREP_MDS1_005 S_L7D_24002894 Define Long Text Descriptions for Dynamic Form Layouts 
261 OHAUSREP_MDS1_006 S_L7D_24002895 Define Addresses in Address Management 
262 OHAUSREP_MDS1_010 S_L7D_24002896 Define Various Texts for and Assign Addresses to Dynamic Form Layouts 
263 OHAUSREP_MDS1_024 S_L7D_24002897 Define Logical Form Names for U.S. Master Data Sheet 
264 OHAUSREP_MDS1_025 S_L7D_24002898 Create and Change Forms for U.S. Master Data Sheet 
265 OHAUSREP_MDS1_026 S_L7D_24002899 Define System Form Names of U.S. Master Data Sheet 
266 OHAUSREP_MDS1_028 S_L7D_24002900 Define Variants and System Form Names of Logical Form Names 
267 OHAUSREP_MDS1_030 S_L7D_24002901 Define Dynamic Layout of Forms 
268 OHAUSREP_MDS1_042 S_L7D_24002902 Assign Wage Types to Cumulation Wage Types for NY State Labor Law 
269 OHAUSREP_MDS1_044 S_L7D_24002903 Set Up Trigger for New York State Labor Law Notice and Acknowledgement 
270 OHAUSRI092 S_PL0_09000093 BAdI: Controlling the Posting of Payroll Results 
271 OHAUSSTD100 S_AHR_61016593 Establish and define short/long-term disability plans 
272 OHAUSSTD200 S_AHR_61016594 Assign STD/LTD plans to organizational units 
273 OHAUSSTD300 S_AHR_61016595 Assign hire date type to organizational units 
274 OHAUSTAX345 S_AHR_61016433 Display/change taxability model 
275 OHAUSTAX360 S_AHR_61016434 Define tax modifiers 
276 OHAUSTIPS200 S_AHR_61011751 Define minimum and cash wages for tip credit 
277 OHAUSTIPS350 S_AHR_61011806 Record adjusted gross receipts 
278 OHAUSTIPS370 S_AHR_61011807 Activate tip processing in schema UT00 
279 OHAUSTPR010 S_AL0_96000679 Create wage type groups for third party remittance 
280 OHAUSTPR020 S_AL0_96000680 Assign wage types to third party remittance wage type groups 
281 OHAUSTPR030 S_L7D_24002954 Determine tax types for custom wage types 
282 OHAUSTPR100 S_PL0_86000185 Define remittance rule limit 
283 OHAUSTX003315 S_AHR_61011803 Activate 'Tax area' field on Time Evaluation infotypes 
284 OHAUSTX036B S_AHR_61018960 Tax companies for Tax Reporter 
285 OHAUSTXCE100 S_PLN_16000198 Distribution of US taxes 
286 OHAUSTXCE200 S_PLN_16000207 Maintain schema UTAC 
287 OHAUS_PM_CREATE S_PH9_46000621 Create Process Model 
288 OHAUTI110 S_AHR_61000197 Define time types 
289 OHAUTI120 S_AHR_61000196 Assign time identifiers to time pairs 
290 OHAUTI130 S_AHR_61000211 Define processing types 
291 OHAUTI210 S_AHR_61000207 Access day processing 
292 OHAUTI310 S_AHR_61000183 Set groupings 
293 OHAUTI321 S_AHR_61000178 Retrieve planned working time from work schedule 
294 OHAUTI322 S_AHR_61000192 Import substitution data 
295 OHAUTI323 S_AHR_61000191 Import absence data 
296 OHAUTI324 S_AHR_61000189 Import overtime data 
297 OHAUTI325 S_AHR_61000180 Define breaks to be read 
298 OHAUTI330 S_AHR_61000323 Compare daily work schedule with time data 
299 OHAUTI340 S_AHR_61000188 Evaluate break data 
300 OHAUTI361 S_AHR_61000187 Define valuation classes for period work schedule 
301 OHAUTI362 S_AHR_61000238 Set generation rules 
302 OHAUTI363 S_AHR_61000239 Define groupings 
303 OHAUTI364 S_AHR_61000235 Generate wage types 
304 OHAUTI370 S_AHR_61000234 Compensate overtime 
305 OHAUTPR001A S_AHR_61000132 Set up HR payees for regular remittance 
306 OHAUTPR002A S_AHR_61000131 Set up HR payees for tax remittance 
307 OHAUTPR003A S_AHR_61016698 Maintain HR payees for benefits 
308 OHAUTPR004A S_L9C_94000165 Maintain garnishments and child support payees 
309 OHAUTPR005A S_L9C_94000164 Maintain payees per ZIP code 
310 OHAUTPR006A S_L9C_94000166 Maintain payees per organizational assignment 
311 OHAUTPR007 S_L6B_69000739 Maintain HR payees for membership remittance 
312 OHAUTPR007A S_AHR_61016699 Maintain HR payees for membership remittance 
313 OHAUTPR010 S_L9C_94000168 Maintain wage type link to HR payee for other remittance 
314 OHAUTPR100 S_PCO_36000262 Maintain tax wage types for posting 
315 OHAUTX001 S_AHR_61000270 Maintain tax-related processing classes 
316 OHAUTX0011 S_AHR_61000275 Maintain payroll calculation rule for unemployment 
317 OHAUTX0012 S_AHR_61000264 Maintain payroll schema for withholding information 
318 OHAUTX0013 S_AHR_61000267 Maintain payroll schema for tax functions 
319 OHAUTX0014 S_AHR_61000253 Maintain payroll schema for override methods 
320 OHAUTX001A S_AHR_61000272 Maintain gross up wage types 
321 OHAUTX001B S_AHR_61000273 Maintain non-cash income wage types 
322 OHAUTX001C S_L7D_24000139 Maintain distribution payment wage types 
323 OHAUTX0021 S_AHR_61000282 Delete/insert tax table entries 
324 OHAUTX0022 S_AHR_61000256 Maintain states of operation 
325 OHAUTX0023 S_AHR_61000268 Update tax authorities 
326 OHAUTX00311 S_AHR_61000262 Check tax authorities 
327 OHAUTX00311A S_AHR_61000254 Check sort number for authority 
328 OHAUTX00311B S_AHR_61000258 Check W-4 and exemption limit indicators 
329 OHAUTX00311C S_AHR_61000292 Check status of territories 
330 OHAUTX00312 S_AHR_61000291 Check tax authority mapping 
331 OHAUTX00313A S_AHR_61000289 Define valid filing statuses 
332 OHAUTX00321 S_AHR_61000296 Check tax types 
333 OHAUTX00322 S_AHR_61000295 Maintain tax types per tax authority 
334 OHAUTX003311 S_AHR_61000062 Maintain residence-related tax areas 
335 OHAUTX003312 S_AHR_61000061 Maintain tax authorities per residence tax area 
336 OHAUTX003313 S_AHR_61000060 Maintain zip code ranges per residence tax area 
337 OHAUTX003321 S_AHR_61000284 Maintain work-related tax areas 
338 OHAUTX003322 S_AHR_61000283 Maintain tax authorities per work tax area 
339 OHAUTX003323 S_AHR_61000176 Maintain zip code ranges per work tax area 
340 OHAUTX00341 S_AHR_61000067 Define tax authority model 
341 OHAUTX00342 S_AHR_61000058 Define taxability model 
342 OHAUTX00343 S_AHR_61000059 Define tax type combinations 
343 OHAUTX00351A S_AHR_61000066 Define tax ceilings and tax rate 
344 OHAUTX00351B S_AHR_61000065 Define unemployment worksites 
345 OHAUTX00352 S_AHR_61000064 Define BSI tax company 
346 OHAUTX00353 S_AHR_61000063 Define BSI tax company experience rates 
347 OHAUTX00360A S_AHR_61000057 Define tax companies 
348 OHAUTX00362 S_AHR_61000051 Assign tax company to personnel area 
349 OHAUTX00362A S_AHR_61000050 Define tax identification numbers by BSI tax company 
350 OHAUTX00363 S_AHR_61000049 Define federal/state/local employer ID number 
351 OHAUTX00371 S_AHR_61000048 Define employee group 
352 OHAUTX00372 S_AHR_61000307 Define employee overrides 
353 OHAUTX00373 S_AHR_61000308 Define override formulas 
354 OHAUTX00374 S_L7D_24002504 Specify additional tax reciprocity attributes 
355 OHAUTX00375 S_L7D_24002913 Specify default tax reciprocity attributes 
356 OHAUTX00376 S_L7D_24002917 Define retrocalculation based on payroll tables BAL/UNB 
357 OHAUTX00377 S_L7D_24002922 Specify taxable wages calculation version 
358 OHAUTX00382 S_AHR_61000047 Define new mapping wage types 
359 OHAUTX00384 S_AHR_61000056 Define mapping rule 
360 OHAUTX00385 S_AHR_61000055 Activate symbolic account split in UTX0 
361 OHAUTX004 S_AHR_61000054 Maintain priority of tax wage types 
362 OHAUTX00400 S_L7D_24000745 Configure assumed hours for Supplemental Pension Tax 
363 OHAUTX00410 S_L7D_24002889 Check Additional Codes for Tax Authorities 
364 OHAUTX3301 S_ALN_01002618 Tax Locator 
365 OHAUTX3302 S_ALN_01002619 Add addresses for personnel subareas 
366 OHAUTX3303 S_ALN_01002620 Add states where BSI TaxLocator is active 
367 OHAUTX3304 S_ALN_01002621 Determine source address location 
368 OHAUTX3305 S_ALN_01002622 Activate BSI TaxLocator BAdI 
369 OHAUTX3306 S_ALN_01002625 Specify location of BSI TaxLocator executable 
370 OHAUTX3307 S_ALN_01002626 Specify level of messages to be returned 
371 OHAUTX3308 S_PLN_62000150 BSI TaxLocator - General Information 
372 OHAUTXBSI050 S_L7D_24002502 Specify BSI TaxFactory version for customizing settings 
373 OHAUTXBSI070 S_L7D_24002503 Specify BSI TaxFactory version for master data and tax calculation 
374 OHAUTXBSI100 S_AC0_52000086 Specify location of Tax Factory executable 
375 OHAUTXBSI200 S_AC0_52000087 Specify level of messages to be returned 
376 OHAUUM002 S_AHR_61000112 Maintain authorizations 
377 OHAUUM006 S_AHR_61000269 Assign new payroll accounting areas to period modifier 
378 OHAUUM008 S_AHR_61000271 Generate payroll periods 
379 OHAUUM012 S_AHR_61000274 Define period modifiers 
380 OHAUUM013 S_AHR_61000266 Protect personnel calculation rules 
381 OHAUUM014 S_AHR_61000263 Define date modifiers 
382 OHAUUM022 S_AHR_61000252 Maintain processing classes and their specifications 
383 OHAUUM023 S_AHR_61000250 Maintain evaluation classes and their specifications 
384 OHAUUM101 S_AHR_61000261 Create wage type catalog 
385 OHAUUM102 S_AHR_61000260 Change wage type texts 
386 OHAUUM103 S_AHR_61000297 Check wage type attributes 
387 OHAUUM104 S_AHR_61000281 Check assignment to wage type group 
388 OHAUUM105 S_AHR_61000279 Check logical view 
389 OHAU_CE_DEX30 S_PLN_16000264 Activate Calculation 
390 OHAU_DL025 S_XC0_18000143 Specify Interest Calculation Method 
391 OHAV483 S_AHR_61004975 Convert old customer form 
392 OHAVAAREG001 S_L9C_94000061 Check job code catalogue 
393 OHAVAAREG003 S_L9C_94000063 Check assignment of job code to positions 
394 OHAVAAREG004 S_L9C_94000064 Check source of entry date 
395 OHAVAAREG005 S_L7D_24000608 Map TMA Codes to Employee Group and Subgroup 
396 OHAVAB001 S_AHR_61007709 Describe absence valuation rules 
397 OHAVAB002 S_AHR_61007712 Assign absence types to absence valuation 
398 OHAVAB003 S_AHR_61005634 Define grouping for absence valuation 
399 OHAVAB004 S_AHR_61005638 Define day rules 
400 OHAVAB005 S_AHR_61007706 Create wage type catalog 
401 OHAVAB007 S_AHR_61012644 Classify absence types 
402 OHAVAB008 S_AHR_61012645 Define absence evaluation rules 
403 OHAVAB009 S_AHR_61007641 Valuate absences according to 'as if' principle 
404 OHAVAB010 S_AHR_61007626 Special processing for absence valuation rules 
405 OHAVAB011 S_AHR_61005460 Form counting classes for absence valuation 
406 OHAVAB012 S_AHR_61005421 Valuate absences by constants/averages 
407 OHAVAB013 S_AHR_61012646 Check Constants Defining Length of Evaluation Segments 
408 OHAVAB014 S_AHR_61016419 Get overview of all Norwegian used absence types 
409 OHAVAB100 S_AHR_61016884 Specify wagetypes for reimbursement due to absences 
410 OHAVAB200 S_AHR_61007671 Valuate absences using quota deduction 
411 OHAVABEGE S_AHR_61012665 Set up feature for self-declared illness reporting 
412 OHAVACCD S_AHR_61005813 Assigning accounts for company code 
413 OHAVALLC S_PH9_46000457 Copy all customizing table entries from client 000 
414 OHAVAPAD S_AHR_61005010 Cumulation classes for additional Payment and Deduction 
415 OHAVAREM_001 S_L9C_94002005 Check Inputs for Absence Types 
416 OHAVAREM_002 S_L9C_94002006 Assign Wage Types to Cumulation Wage Types 
417 OHAVAREM_0025 S_L9C_94002048 Assign Wage Types for Absence Reimbursements Basis 
418 OHAVAREM_003 S_L9C_94002007 Assign Additional Wage Types for Absence Reimbursements 
419 OHAVAREM_0035 S_L9C_94002046 Define Date Type for Start of Sickness and Sickness MAX Date 
420 OHAVAREM_0037 S_L7D_24001355 Maintain Period for the Average Reimbursement Basis Calculation 
421 OHAVAREM_004 S_L9C_94002008 Feature: Maintain Go-Live Date 
422 OHAVAREM_005 S_L9C_94002009 BAdI: Override the Data Maintained in the System 
423 OHAVAREM_006 S_L9C_94002010 BAdI: Maintain Data for Three Months Prior to the Absence 
424 OHAVAREM_007 S_L9C_94002011 BAdI: Maintain Data for One Month Prior to the Absence 
425 OHAVAREM_008 S_L9C_94002012 BAdI: Modify Absence Data as per Additional Position of Employee 
426 OHAVAREM_009 S_L7D_24000234 Maintain Subtypes for Child Data 
427 OHAVAREM_010 S_L7D_24000425 Define Company Type of an Employee 
428 OHAVAREM_011 S_L7D_24000427 Define Absence Evaluation Rules 
429 OHAVAREM_012 S_L7D_24000430 Valuate absences by constants/averages 
430 OHAVAREM_013 S_L7D_24000429 Classify absence types 
431 OHAVAREM_014 S_L7D_24000462 Check Constants Defining Length of Evaluation Segments 
432 OHAVAT001 S_AHR_61016834 Check tax codes 
433 OHAVAT002 S_AHR_61016835 Categorise wage types for tax reporting 
434 OHAVAT003 S_AHR_61016836 Assign tax codes to wage types 
435 OHAVAT004 S_AHR_61016837 Contract type for annual tax reporting 
436 OHAVAT005 S_AHR_61016838 Check constant amounts for annual tax reporting 
437 OHAVAT006 S_PH9_46000082 Link EE grouping and travel taxkey to tax code granularity 
438 OHAVAT007 S_PH9_46000083 Define granularity for mapping of wage types to tax codes 
439 OHAVAT008 S_PH9_46000453 Overview of complete annual tax reporting customization 
440 OHAVAV001 S_AHR_61005816 Bases for valuation of averages 
441 OHAVAV511A S_AHR_61005716 Create calculation rules for averages 
442 OHAVAV511B S_AHR_61007754 Create cumulation rules for bases for calculating averages 
443 OHAVAV511C S_AHR_61005645 Create adjustment rules for bases for calculating averages 
444 OHAVAVBAS S_AHR_61005698 Create bases for calculating average values 
445 OHAVAVP15 S_AHR_61007730 Assign the valuation of averages to a primary wage type 
446 OHAVAVX017 S_AHR_61005705 Create relevancy test 
447 OHAVAVX018 S_AHR_61005712 Create final processing rule 
448 OHAVAVXT00 S_AHR_61005649 Adjust calculation of averages within the payroll run 
449 OHAVAWTP S_L7D_24000607 Assign Wage Types to Cumulation Wage Types 
450 OHAVBEMO S_AHR_61005037 Attach subtype to payee 
451 OHAVBESK S_AHR_61005474 Description of Attendance and Absence 
452 OHAVBETM S_AHR_61004969 Check payment method 
453 OHAVBW004 S_AHR_61005782 Define wage type-dependent constantsgen 
454 OHAVBW005 S_AHR_61005785 Define pay scale-dependent constants 
455 OHAVBW006 S_AHR_61005809 Form person-related valuation basesen bilden 
456 OHAVBW019 S_AHR_61005806 Assign valuation basesuordnen 
457 OHAVBW21 S_AHR_61007770 Determine valuation basis for different payment 
458 OHAVBW22 S_AHR_61007772 Calculate valuation basis with higher value 
459 OHAVCALC S_AHR_61005486 Absence Calendar control 
460 OHAVCARO S_AHR_61005163 Maintain Calculation Rule 
461 OHAVCBANK S_AHR_61004944 Create banks 
462 OHAVCCCC S_AHR_61005070 Check calculation rule for company car 
463 OHAVCGCU S_AHR_61007484 Check processing of Gross cumulations 
464 OHAVCNCU S_AHR_61004941 Check net cumulations 
465 OHAVCSTG S_AHR_61005769 Check statistic types and connection 
466 OHAVCVAL S_AHR_61007473 Check wage types and calculation of loans 
467 OHAVDL021 S_PH0_48000294 Activate Calculation 
468 OHAVDL022 S_PH0_48000297 Add Additional Values 
469 OHAVDL024 S_PH0_48000295 Adjust Value Date 
470 OHAVDL025 S_PH0_48000296 Maintain calculation method of interest rate 
471 OHAVDL030 S_PH0_48000298 Maintain Loan Types 
472 OHAVDL033 S_PH0_48000455 Adjust Screen Control 
473 OHAVDL035 S_PH0_48000461 Control Allocation of Loans 
474 OHAVDL036 S_PH0_48000458 Set Up Customer-Specific Payment Types and Wage Types 
475 OHAVDL037 S_PH0_48000459 Program Processing Logic of Payment Types 
476 OHAVDT002 S_AHR_61004923 Set up house banks 
477 OHAVDT003 S_AHR_61004896 Define sending banks 
478 OHAVDT004 S_AHR_61007469 Check text keys for payment transactions 
479 OHAVEAB201 S_AHR_61000899 Maintain absence category attributes 
480 OHAVEAB202 S_AHR_61000902 Maintain absence quota type attributes 
481 OHAVEAB203 S_AHR_61000944 Maintain processing cl./cumul./eval. cl. for vacation WTs 
482 OHAVEAB204 S_AHR_61000940 Valuate absences according to quota deduction 
483 OHAVECM1101 S_L7D_24001047 Define new currency 
484 OHAVECM1102 S_L7D_24001633 BAdI: Treatment of cluster tables before monetary conversion 
485 OHAVECM111 S_L7D_24001064 Check personnel calculation rules using operation MULTI/DIVID 
486 OHAVECM112 S_L7D_24001063 Check amounts in personnel calculation rules 
487 OHAVECM113 S_L7D_24001046 Delete entries that overlap in time 
488 OHAVECM114 S_L7D_24001045 Check currency customizing 
489 OHAVECM115 S_L7D_24000949 Check currency definition for the Bolivar Fuerte (VEF) 
490 OHAVECM116 S_L7D_24001062 Check customer tables and infotypes 
491 OHAVECM117 S_L7D_24001061 Adjust customer reports 
492 OHAVECM121 S_L7D_24001050 Translate collective agreement currency 
493 OHAVECM122 S_L7D_24001049 Translate rate-independent planned remuneration 
494 OHAVECM123 S_L7D_24001048 Translate payment plans 
495 OHAVECM130 S_L7D_24001052 Translate other master data 
496 OHAVECM141 S_L7D_24001056 Translate payroll currency 
497 OHAVECM142 S_L7D_24001054 Translate wage type 
498 OHAVECM143 S_L7D_24001055 Check non-translatable statutory amounts 
499 OHAVECM151 S_L7D_24001057 Currency translation for benefits 
500 OHAVECM152 S_L7D_24001327 Currency conversion for benefits (other master data)