SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 34
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OLQN-SDD S_ALN_01000482 Define Download 
2 OLQN-SDR S_ALN_01000481 Define Printer 
3 OLQN-SMF S_ALN_01000478 Define Follow-Up Actions for Tasks 
4 OLQN-SNP S_ALN_01000475 Define Partner Determination Procedures 
5 OLQN-SPL S_ALN_01000476 Define Fields for Partner Lists 
6 OLQN-SPR S_ALN_01000479 Define Priorities 
7 OLQN-SSS S_ALN_01000484 Define Selection Profiles 
8 OLQN-SST S_ALN_01000483 Define Status Profile 
9 OLQN-ST S_ALN_01000469 Define Notification Types 
10 OLQN-SWF S_ALN_01000485 Activate Workflow Template 
11 OLQN-TR S_ALR_87100660 Allocate Start Values for Transactions 
12 OLQN-WF S_ALR_87099805 Activate Workflow Template 
13 OLQN-WK S_ALR_87004498 Process Customer Repair Order 
14 OLQN-WL S_ALR_87004493 Process Return Delivery to Vendor 
15 OLQN_CH S_ALR_87100661 Allowed Change of Notification Type 
16 OLQN_CH_QM S_EBS_44000340 Define Allowed Changes of Notification Type 
17 OLQN_CL S_ALR_87100662 Overview of Notification Type 
18 OLQN_IG S_ALR_87100670 Catalogs and Catalog Profiles for Notification Type 
19 OLQN_TR S_ALR_87100659 Allocate Start Values for Transactions 
20 OLQN_V_TQ80_DS S_ACR_23000428 Specify Digital Signature 
21 OLQP_EWB_F S_ALR_87100855 Define Field Selection 
22 OLQP_EWB_L S_ALR_87100854 Define Print Layout for Microsoft Word 
23 OLQS-CPRP S_E38_98000041 Define Response Plans 
24 OLQS-IP20 S_ALN_01000458 Define Number Range 
25 OLQS-MLV S_ALR_87008994 Define List Variants 
26 OLQS-OQ05 S_ALR_87004754 Maintain Standard Text Keys 
27 OLQS-OQCI S_ALR_87004760 Define Parameters for Calculated Characteristics 
28 OLQS-PAT S_ALR_87004654 Define Text Widths 
29 OLQS-PD S_ALR_87004673 Copy Inspection Plan from External System 
30 OLQS-PG S_ALN_01000450 Define Physical-Sample Container 
31 OLQS-PL S_ALR_87004716 Define Overview Variants 
32 OLQS-PO S_ALN_01000452 Define Storage Locations 
33 OLQS-PP S_ALN_01000449 Define Primary Packaging 
34 OLQS-PROD S_ALR_87004824 QM in Production 
35 OLQS-PTYP S_ALR_87004659 Maintain Parameters for Task List Type 
36 OLQS-PVP S_ALR_87004821 Test Equipment 
37 OLQS-PVRS S_ALR_87004750 Define Reduction Strategies for Scheduling 
38 OLQS-QSL S_ALR_87008993 Define List Variants 
39 OLQS-TP S_ALN_01000457 Define Testing Schedule Category 
40 OLQS-V S_ALR_87004827 QM in Sales and Distribution 
41 OLQSGPL S_ALR_87008995 Define List Variants 
42 OLQS_BS S_ALR_87004738 Define Status of Supply Relationships 
43 OLQS_CAT S_P00_07000046 Edit Catalogs 
44 OLQS_CHAORIG S_E38_98000043 Define Inspection-Characteristic Origin 
45 OLQS_CPCM S_E38_98000042 Define Control Methods 
46 OLQS_MS_O_1 S_AC0_52000479 Define Objects for Multiple Specifications 
47 OLQS_OQ77 S_ALR_87100108 Define Work Areas 
48 OLQS_P_SFAC S_ALR_87100848 Define Field Selection 
49 OLQS_TP S_ALN_01000456 Define Testing Schedule Category 
50 OLQS_TS S_ALN_01000913 Set Up Scheduling Strategy 
51 OLQU-ALE S_ALR_87099611 Distribute ALE Master Data 
52 OLQU-B S_ALR_87004728 Define User Authorizations 
53 OLQU-B0 S_ALR_87003795 Authorizations 
54 OLQU-BG S_ALR_87004653 Define Authorization Groups and Digital Signature 
55 OLQU-D S_ALR_87004658 Define Document Types 
56 OLQU-H S_ALR_87004714 Evaluate Table History 
57 OLQU-K S_ALR_87004665 Maintain QM Order Types 
58 OLQU-L S_ALR_87004732 List Definition 
59 OLQU-SF S_ALR_87099773 Display Overview of Form 
60 OLQU-SM S_ALR_87004723 Adapt Search Help 
61 OLQU-T S_ALR_87004704 Define Text Formats 
62 OLQU-WF S_ALR_87004686 Activate Workflow 
63 OLQU_B S_AL0_96000499 Business Add-Ins 
64 OLQU_BADI S_ALR_87100735 Business Add-In for Inspection Lot Processing 
65 OLQU_BADI_AC S_AL0_96000721 Business Add-In to Change Functions in Action Box 
66 OLQU_BADI_ARC_QPR_CH S_P6B_12000185 Archiving Object QM_SAMPLE: Preprocessing 
67 OLQU_BADI_ARC_QPR_WR S_P6B_12000184 Archiving Object QM_SAMPLE: Archiving Run and Deletion Run 
68 OLQU_BADI_AS S_PL0_09000253 Business Add-In for Controlling the Changeability of the User Status 
69 OLQU_BADI_AS_16 S_PLN_16000197 Business Add-In for Controlling the Changeability of the User Status 
70 OLQU_BADI_BFG S_AL0_96000504 Business Add-In for Replacement of Node Attribute in Document Flow Graphic 
71 OLQU_BADI_BFG_16 S_PLN_16000196 Business Add-In for Replacement of Node Attribute in Document Flow Graphic 
72 OLQU_BADI_DD S_PLN_16000229 Business Add-In for Changing of Default Data (Inspection Lot IT/Stor.Cond.) 
73 OLQU_BADI_EB S_AL0_96000353 Business Add-In for Valuation of Characteristic Results 
74 OLQU_BADI_EE S_AL0_96000501 Business Add-In for Display of Data for Results Recording on Subscreen 
75 OLQU_BADI_EE_16 S_PLN_16000193 Business Add-In for Display of Data for Results Recording on Subscreen 
76 OLQU_BADI_ES S_AL0_96000718 Business Add-In When Saving in Results Recording 
77 OLQU_BADI_EV S_AL0_96000347 Business Add-In for Input Processing 
78 OLQU_BADI_EVAL S_AEN_10000382 BAdI: Data Summarization when Evaluating Original Documents 
79 OLQU_BADI_EVAL_VIEWT S_AEN_10000417 Business Add-In for Definition of Views for Online Evaluations 
80 OLQU_BADI_EVAL_VTYPE S_AEN_10000383 BAdI: Definition of Views for Evaluations of Original Documents 
81 OLQU_BADI_EWB S_AL0_96000511 Business Add-In for Maint. of Customer-Specific Fields at Char. Level (EWB) 
82 OLQU_BADI_EWB_M S_AL0_96000813 Business Add-In for Menu Enhancements in the EWB 
83 OLQU_BADI_EWB_S S_AL0_96000719 Business Add-In When Saving Inspection Plan (EWB) 
84 OLQU_BADI_FV S_AL0_96000505 Business Add-In for Flexible Specification Selection 
85 OLQU_BADI_FV_16 S_PLN_16000190 Business Add-In for Flexible Specification Selection 
86 OLQU_BADI_IDI S_AL0_96000386 Business Add-In for Inspection Point Processing Using IDI and BAPI 
87 OLQU_BADI_MS S_AL0_96000720 Business Add-In When Saving Notification Data 
88 OLQU_BADI_OV S_AL0_96000500 Overview of Business Add-Ins in Quality Management 
89 OLQU_BADI_PL S_AL0_96000506 Business Add-In for Assignment of Addon Data to an Inspection Lot 
90 OLQU_BADI_PL_16 S_PLN_16000191 Business Add-In for Assignment of Addon Data to an Inspection Lot 
91 OLQU_BADI_PR S_AL0_96000507 Business Add-In for Processing of Data on Sample Tab Page 
92 OLQU_BADI_PR_16 S_PLN_16000192 Business Add-In for Processing of Data on Sample Tab Page 
93 OLQU_BADI_PW S_ALN_01000909 Business Add-In for Checking Inspection Type in Testing Schedule 
94 OLQU_BADI_QECMAPPING S_ALN_01002043 Business Add-In for Data Mapping for Copy Inspection Results Function 
95 OLQU_BADI_QEC_SELECT S_ALN_01002041 Business Add-In for Selection of Results Data for Copy of Insp. Results 
96 OLQU_BADI_QEEM_CLOSE S_E38_98000047 Additional Inspections when Closing a Characteristic 
97 OLQU_BADI_QEEM_OPER S_AEN_10000463 Functional Enhancements - Results Recording Operation Level 
98 OLQU_BADI_QI S_AL0_96000463 Business Add-In for Grouping Together of Quality Information Records 
99 OLQU_BADI_QM S_AL0_96000498 Business Add-In for Maintenance of Reference Object Screen for Q-Notifs 
100 OLQU_BADI_QM_16 S_PLN_16000195 Business Add-In for Maintenance of Reference Object Screen for Q-Notifs 
101 OLQU_BADI_QPRINT S_P6B_12000120 Business Add-In for Output Control of QM Print Report 
102 OLQU_BADI_QTYUPD S_P6B_12000178 Business Add-In for Inspection of Correction of Actual Lot Quantity 
103 OLQU_BADI_QZ S_AL0_96000354 Business Add-In for Creation of Outbound Certificate 
104 OLQU_BADI_S S_AL0_96000345 Switch for Selection of Business Add-In Implementation 
105 OLQU_BADI_VE S_AL0_96000508 Business Add-In for Display of Data for Usage Decision on Subscreen 
106 OLQU_BADI_VE_16 S_PLN_16000194 Business Add-In for Display of Data for Usage Decision on Subscreen 
107 OLQU_BADI_VE_QTY S_P6B_12000034 Business Add-In for Input Help for Quantities in Usage Decision 
108 OLQU_BADI_VQ S_AL0_96000462 Business Add-In for Comparison of QM Systems 
109 OLQU_BADI_WA S_PLN_16000238 Business Add-In for Changing Workarea for Stabi InspLot Before Calling QPL1 
110 OLQU_BADI_WP S_ALN_01000906 Business Add-In for Displaying Testing Schedule Data on Subscreen 
111 OLQU_BADI_ZV S_AL0_96000416 Business Add-In for Certificate Profile Maintenance 
112 OLQU_QEVA_ADDON_TAP S_AEN_10000465 Add-On Tab Page Within the Usage Decision 
113 OLQU_QE_SAVE_ADDON S_AEN_10000464 Add-On Functions in Results Recording 
114 OLQU_SLG2 S_P00_07000061 Delete Protocols from Application Log 
115 OLQU_SS02 S_ALR_87004672 Define Status Profile 
116 OLQU_SS42 S_ALR_87004679 Define Selection Profile 
117 OLQW-BAI S_ALN_01000465 Business Add-Ins for Stability Study 
118 OLQW-C S_ALR_87005376 Transfer Inspection Decision to Batch 
119 OLQW-DR S_ALR_87005348 Define Reference Dynamic Modification Level 
120 OLQW-EA S_ALR_87099616 Supplement Attributes of Inspection Characteristic Results 
121 OLQW-EH S_ALR_87005301 Define Origins of Results Data 
122 OLQW-EK S_ALR_87005296 Define Recording Configuration 
123 OLQW-ES S_ALR_87005390 Retrieve Characteristic Results Via PC Interface 
124 OLQW-EV S_AL0_96000348 Define Parameters for Input Processing 
125 OLQW-EVAL_GR_TYP S_AEN_10000398 Define Graphic Types for Online Evaluations 
126 OLQW-EVAL_VIEW_TYP S_AEN_10000397 Define View Types for Online Evaluations 
127 OLQW-F S_ALR_87005392 Inspection for External Processing 
128 OLQW-I S_ALR_87005359 Define Inspections in Plant Maintenance 
129 OLQW-IDI S_ALR_87005333 Process Quality Inspections Using QM-IDI Interface 
130 OLQW-K S_ALR_87005311 Define Appraisal Cost Recording 
131 OLQW-LD S_ALN_01000464 List Definition for Stability Study 
132 OLQW-LF S_ALR_87005353 Define Variants (List View Function) 
133 OLQW-LV S_ALR_87005323 Define Variants (Without List View Function) 
134 OLQW-M S_ALR_87005378 Define Inventory Postings 
135 OLQW-OQL1 S_ALN_01000459 Maintain Inspection Types 
136 OLQW-OQL2 S_ALN_01000463 Define Default Values for Inspection Type 
137 OLQW-OQL4 S_ALN_01000460 Maintain Inspection Lot Origins and Assign Inspection Types 
138 OLQW-OQWB S_ALR_87005367 Inspection for Goods Movements 
139 OLQW-OQWP S_ALR_87005363 Inspection for Manufacturing Order 
140 OLQW-OQWT S_ALR_87005365 Inspection for Deadline Monitoring of Batches 
141 OLQW-PG S_ALR_87005319 Define Physical-Sample Container 
142 OLQW-PL S_ALN_01000451 Define Storage Conditions 
143 OLQW-PN S_ALR_87005316 Define Number Range 
144 OLQW-PNS S_ALN_01000455 Define Number Range 
145 OLQW-PO S_ALR_87005288 Define Physical-Sample Locations 
146 OLQW-PP S_ALR_87005314 Define Physical-Sample Types 
147 OLQW-PS S_ALN_01000454 Define Physical-Sample Types 
148 OLQW-QA09 S_ALN_01000461 Maintain Number Ranges 
149 OLQW-QA18 S_ALR_87005383 Plan Automatic Usage Decision 
150 OLQW-SV S_ALN_01000453 Define Bill of Material Usage 
151 OLQW-SW S_ALR_87005388 Transfer Data Via an Electronic Coupler 
152 OLQW-WF S_ALR_87099802 Activate Workflow Template 
153 OLQWOQES1 S_ALR_87004808 Define SPC Criteria 
154 OLQWOQES2 S_ALR_87004804 Define Control Chart Type 
155 OLQWOQES3 S_ALR_87004800 Define Number Range 
156 OLQW_BS S_AL0_96000464 Maintain Screen Control Key for Sample Types 
157 OLQW_CATALOG S_P00_07000034 Maintain Catalogs for Usage Decisions 
158 OLQW_EVAL_GR_TYP S_AEN_10000399 Define Graphic Types for Evaluations of Original Documents 
159 OLQW_EVAL_VIEW_TYP S_AEN_10000400 Define View Types for Evaluations of Original Documents 
160 OLQW_E_MOB S_P00_07000073 Define Applications for Mobile Recording 
161 OLQW_E_WWW S_P00_07000051 Record Results on the Internet 
162 OLQW_OQE6 S_ALR_87005338 Define Identifier for Inspection Points 
163 OLQW_OQLS1 S_ALR_87005356 Define Status Profile 
164 OLQW_OQLS2 S_ALR_87005307 Define Selection Profile 
165 OLQW_OQLV S_ALR_87005361 Inspection at Shipping 
166 OLQW_ST_CATALOG S_ALN_01000911 Maintain Catalogs for Usage Decisions 
167 OLQW_ST_FA S_ALN_01000912 Define Follow-Up Actions 
168 OLQW_V_TQEC30 S_ALN_01002040 Make Settings for Copy of Inspection Results 
169 OLQW_V_TQEC30_OC S_AEN_10000495 Make Settings for Operation Completion 
170 OLQZ-FA S_ALR_87005300 Define Condition Types for Output Determination 
171 OLQZ-FB S_ALR_87005297 Define Exclusion Conditions 
172 OLQZ-FF S_ALR_87005303 Define Access Sequences for Output Determination 
173 OLQZ-FK1 S_ALR_87005308 Edit Condition Tables for Output Determination 
174 OLQZ-FKF S_ALR_87005310 Define Field Catalog for Output Determination 
175 OLQZ-FP S_ALR_87005329 Define Partner for Each Output 
176 OLQZ-FS1 S_ALR_87005293 Edit Output Determination Procedure 
177 OLQZ-FS2 S_ALR_87005289 Assign Output Determination Procedure to Delivery Item Category 
178 OLQZ-SA S_ALR_87005313 Define Archive Link 
179 OLQZ-SAB S_ALR_87005321 Define Batch Request 
180 OLQZ-SAV S_ALR_87005324 Define Variants for Selection Report 
181 OLQZ-SD S_ALR_87005326 Set Print Parameters 
182 OLQZ-SI S_ALR_87009613 Define IDoc Processing 
183 OLQZ-SIPARTNER S_ALR_87009615 Define Partners 
184 OLQZ-SIPORT S_ALR_87009614 Define Ports 
185 OLQZ-SP S_ALR_87005318 Assign Print Program to Output Type/Medium 
186 OLQZ-ST S_ALR_87005315 Assign Sender Texts to Processing Program 
187 OLQZ-SZ S_ALR_87100700 Define Output Types with Certificate 
188 OLQZ-VF S_ALR_87005343 Maintain Form 
189 OLQZ-VFA S_ALR_87005355 Define Condition Type for Profile Determination 
190 OLQZ-VFK1 S_ALR_87005331 Edit Condition Tables for Profile Determination 
191 OLQZ-VFKF S_ALR_87005337 Define Field Catalog for Profile Determination 
192 OLQZ-VFN S_ALR_87005349 Define Number Range for Condition Records 
193 OLQZ-VFS S_ALR_87005351 Define Scheme for Profile Determination 
194 OLQZ-VH S_ALR_87005346 Define Data Origin 
195 OLQZ-VS S_ALR_87005334 Define Status Profile for Certificate Profiles 
196 OLQZ-VT S_ALR_87005340 Define Certificate Types 
197 OLQZ-VZ S_ALR_87005358 Define Access Sequence for Profile Determination 
198 OLQZ_SIWF S_P00_07000243 Activate Workflow Template 
199 OMES1 S_EBS_44000355 Define Number Range for Sustainability Info. Record 
200 OMKS1 S_EBS_44000354 Define Number Range for Vendor Sustainability Record 
201 OMP0_DATTRANS_SXDA S_ALR_87005526 Data Transfer Workbench: Planned Independent Requirements 
202 OMP0_OMIE S_ALR_87005561 Maintain number range for requirements plan number 
203 OMP0_OMPO S_ALR_87005556 Maintain requirements classes 
204 OMP0_OMPP S_ALR_87005531 Define Internal Number Assignment per Reqmts Class 
205 OMPL1 S_KA5_12001046 Define Attributes for System Messages 
206 OMPL2 S_KA5_12001047 Make General Settings for Interface to iPPE Workbench 
207 OMT3B S_ALR_87099897 Define Structure of Data Screens for Each Screen Sequence 
208 OMT3C S_ALR_87099903 Create Program for Customized Subscreens 
209 OMT3E S_ALR_87099901 Assign Screen Sequences to User/Material Type/Transaction/Industry Sector 
210 OMT3P S_ALR_87099902 Define How Maintenance Statuses Are Determined in Data Transfer 
211 OMT3R S_ALR_87099899 Maintain Order of Main and Additional Screens 
212 OMT3U S_ALR_87099904 Maintain User Settings 
213 OMT3Z S_ALR_87099898 Assign Secondary Screens 
214 OM_FINR3_COSCEN S_PR0_40000230 Create and Change Controlling Scenario 
215 OM_FINR3_FINDCOSCEN S_PR0_40000231 Define Controlling Scenario 
216 OOCU_ESS03 S_AL0_96000480 Perform Customizing for Approval Workflow 
217 OOPTPT50 S_L4H_49003202  
218 OOPTPT50_N S_L4H_49003246 Define Selection Intervals 
219 OPAY_FR_DUCS_OVERVIE S_L7D_24001958 DUCS: Presentation 
220 OPAY_FR_DUCS_T5F4QA S_L7D_24001935 Maintain personnel types 
221 OPIC1 S_KA5_12000681 Change Characteristics of System Messages 
222 OPK1T S_PL0_86000068 Maintain Language-Dependent Texts 
223 OPMC S_E36_82000099 Activation of Enhancements 
224 OPM_ALLOC_BADI_PROC S_EBS_44000162 BAdI: Process Allocation 
225 OPM_ALLOC_CONFIG_CAT S_VBS_01000009 Define Configurable Quantity Category 
226 OPM_ALLOC_DEF_CHE_AN S_EBS_44000142 Define Chemical Analysis Level 
227 OPM_ALLOC_DEF_MV S_EBS_44000134 Define Metered Volume Defaults 
228 OPM_ALLOC_DEF_TCM S_EBS_44000133 Define Theoretical Calculation Methods (TCM#s) 
229 OPM_BADI_MAIN_SCLMTH S_EBS_44000318 BAdI: Maintain Scale Methods 
230 OPM_BADI_NETOBJ_UI S_EE6_85000011 BAdI: Network Objects UI 
231 OPM_BADI_OWN_CALC S_EBS_44000317 BAdI: Calculate Ownership Entitlement Quantities 
232 OPM_CONFIG_CON_MENU S_EE6_85000069 Configure Context Menu 
233 OPM_DE S_EE6_85000112 test- delete 
234 OPM_DEF_INTREST_TYP S_EBS_44000115 Define Interest Type 
235 OPM_DEF_NORNGNETMOD S_EBJ_98000114 Define Number Ranges for Network Modeler Variants 
236 OPM_DEF_NORNGNETOBJ S_EBS_44000554 Define Number Ranges for Network Object 
237 OPM_DEF_PIPE_MAT S_EBS_44000289 Define Pipeline Material 
238 OPM_DEF_PLTFRM_TYP S_VBS_01000030 Define Platform Type 
239 OPM_DEF_PPN_MSG_SEVR S_VBS_01000037 Define Message Severity for Prior Period Notification(PPN) 
240 OPM_DEF_RECLASFN_MED S_VBS_01000004 Define Reclassification Medium 
241 OPM_DEF_WELL_CLASS S_VBS_01000033 Define Well Class 
242 OPM_GIS_ATTRCON_EXOB S_BT6_28000030 External Objects Attributes Configuration 
243 OPM_GIS_CHART_SIZING S_EE6_85000168 Configure Pie Chart Size 
244 OPM_GIS_DEL_LAY_PER S_EE6_85000149 Delete Layer Personalization Setting 
245 OPM_GIS_GEOCONCONFIG S_BT6_28000021 Geo Context Configuration 
246 OPM_GIS_GEOPROCONFIG S_BT6_28000020 Geo Process Option Configuration 
247 OPM_GIS_GEOPR_CONFIG S_BT6_28000019 Geo Processing Configuration 
248 OPM_GIS_GEOSERCONFIG S_BT6_28000022 Geometry Services Configuration 
249 OPM_GIS_KPI_CONFIG S_EE6_85000079 Configure KPI 
250 OPM_GIS_LAM_CONFIG S_EE6_85000075 Configure LAM Objects 
251 OPM_GIS_LAYER_CONFIG S_BT6_28000018 Layer Configuration 
252 OPM_GIS_MASS_KEYMAP S_BT6_28000044 Create Mass Key Mapping 
253 OPM_GIS_MASS_KEY_MAP S_EE6_85000160 Create Mass Key Mapping 
254 OPM_GIS_OBJNM_CONFIG S_EE6_85000095 Configure Network Modeler Link 
255 OPM_GIS_OBJ_TYPE S_EE6_85000125 Maintain Object Type 
256 OPM_MEAS_MAP_ERR_LOG S_EBS_44000319 Map Data Integration System ID to Measurement Error Log 
257 OPM_NEOBJ_GEN_TYPES S_EBS_44000502 Define General Types 
258 OPM_NETOBJDEFPIPEMAT S_EBS_44000288 Define Pipeline Material 
259 OPM_NETOBJ_GEN_TYPES S_EBS_44000503 Define General Types 
260 OPM_OWNERSHIP_ROLE S_EBS_44000068 Define Ownership Role 
261 OPM_OWNSHP_DEFAUTHGP S_EBS_44000129 Define Authorization Groups 
262 OPM_OWNSHP_SCMTH_TYP S_EBS_44000123 Define Scale Method Type 
263 OPM_OWN_DEF_NORNGDOI S_EBS_44000383 Define Number Ranges for Division of Interest 
264 OPM_OWN_DEF_NORNGTRO S_EBS_44000384 Define Number Ranges for Transfer of Ownership Document 
265 OPS_SE_001 S_E38_98000125 Activate Decentralized Warehouse System 
266 OPS_SE_002 S_E38_98000126 Activate Service-Based Communication 
267 OPT_BADI_WTY_RCL S_EE7_66000002 BAdI: Optimization for Warranty Claim Processing 
268 ORDERLIMITPRUF_FX S_ALR_87009310 Define Order Limit Checks 
269 ORDERLIMITPRUF_SE S_P99_41000182 Define Order Limit Checks 
270 ORDNERVERWLOGFELDER S_ALR_87003715 Define Logical Fields 
271 ORDVERWTRANSAKTIONEN S_ALR_87003844 Define Transaction Functions 
272 ORDVERW_FUNK_REG_PFL S_ALR_87003853 Assign Functions to Register 
273 ORD_VERW_REGIS_PFLEG S_ALR_87003722 Define Register 
274 ORFA_445 S_ALR_87009165 Define Weighting of Periods 
275 ORFA_ABG_SPEZ S_ALR_87009024 Determine Posting Variants 
276 ORFA_AFARFO S_ALR_87009164 Calculate Ordinary Depreciation before Special Depreciation 
277 ORFA_AIB_KOSTART S_ALR_87009103 Determine Cost Element for Settlement to CO Receiver 
278 ORFA_AIB_NUMMERN S_ALR_87009098 Maintain Number Ranges for Documents for Line Item Settlmt 
279 ORFA_AKTIVIERUNG S_ALR_87099873 Activate Workflow 
280 ORFA_ALTDATUM S_ALR_87009072 Specify Transfer Date/Last Closed Fiscal Year 
281 ORFA_ALTDAT_EXCEL S_ALR_87099667 Legacy Data Transfer using Microsoft® Excel 
282 ORFA_ALTD_REIHENF S_ALR_87009071 Specify Sequence of Depreciation Areas 
283 ORFA_ALT_FREMDW S_ALR_87009062 Transfer Foreign Currency Areas 
284 ORFA_ANKL_AFAPL S_AL0_96000211 Deactivate Asset Class for Chart of Depreciation 
285 ORFA_ANKL_CHECK S_AL0_96000240 Check Asset Classes 
286 ORFA_ANLKASSE_EQTYP S_ALR_87099871 Specify Conditions for Synchronization of Master Data 
287 ORFA_AS81 S_ALR_87009083 Create/Change/Display Legacy Group Asset 
288 ORFA_AS91 S_ALR_87009066 Create/Change/Display Legacy Asset 
289 ORFA_AUFW_BEREICH S_ALR_87009174 Determine Depreciation Areas 
290 ORFA_AUFW_KONTEN S_ALR_87009176 Maintain Accounts for Revaluation 
291 ORFA_AUFW_KONTEN1 S_ALR_87009189 Specify Accounts for Revaluation of Accumulated Depreciation 
292 ORFA_AUFW_NEU S_ALR_87009061 Recalculate Replacement Values 
293 ORFA_AUSS_KONTEN S_ALR_87009131 Assign Accounts 
294 ORFA_BEREICH1 S_ALR_87009146 Specify Transfer of APC Values 
295 ORFA_BEREICH_FREMD S_ALR_87009166 Define Depreciation Areas for Foreign Currencies 
296 ORFA_BEREICH_FREMD_N S_EEI_69000143 Define Depreciation Areas for Foreign Currencies 
297 ORFA_BEREICH_PARA S_ALR_87009157 Specify Transfer of Depreciation Terms 
298 ORFA_BER_RUECKL S_ALR_87009199 Determine Depreciation Areas 
299 ORFA_BER_SOPO_BN S_ALR_87009196 Specify Gross or Net Procedure 
300 ORFA_BESTANLKL S_ALR_87009003 Specify Asset Class for Creating Asset from Purchase Order 
301 ORFA_BEWEG_AUFW S_ALR_87009191 Define Transaction Types for Revaluation 
302 ORFA_BEWEG_AUFW_NEW S_EEI_69000155 Define Transaction Types for Revaluation 
303 ORFA_BEWEG_AUSSER S_ALR_87009122 Define Transaction Types for Unplanned Depreciation 
304 ORFA_BEWEG_AUSSER_NW S_EEI_69000151 Define Transaction Types for Unplanned Depreciation 
305 ORFA_BEWEG_RUECK S_ALR_87009201 Define Transaction Types for Transfer of Reserves 
306 ORFA_BEWEG_RUECK_NEW S_EEI_69000153 Define Transaction Types for Transfer of Reserves 
307 ORFA_BEW_ALT S_ALR_87009063 Define Transaction Types for Transfer of Open Items 
308 ORFA_BEW_FOERDER S_ALR_87009212 Check Transaction Types for Investment Support Measures 
309 ORFA_BEW_FREMD_PAR S_ALR_87009167 Specify the Use of Parallel Currencies 
310 ORFA_BEW_GJAHR_VAR_A S_ALR_87009148 Specify Other Versions on Depreciation Area Level 
311 ORFA_BEW_GJAHR_VAR_B S_ALR_87009147 Specify Other Versions on Company Code Level 
312 ORFA_BEW_GJAHR_VAR_H S_ALR_87009158 Use of Half Months in the Company Code 
313 ORFA_BEW_MEHR S_ALR_87009025 Define Transaction Types for Write-Up Due to Gain/Loss 
314 ORFA_BEW_NACH S_ALR_87009093 Define Transaction Types for Post-Capitalization 
315 ORFA_BEW_NACH_NEW S_EEI_69000164 Define Transaction Types for Post-Capitalization 
316 ORFA_BEW_TRANFER S_ALR_87009100 Specify Gross or Net Transfer Method for Manual Transfer 
317 ORFA_BEW_VORSCHLAG S_ALR_87009114 Specify Default Transaction Types 
318 ORFA_BEZUG_IND S_ALR_87009145 Specify Asset-Specific Base Value Percentages 
319 ORFA_BEZ_DAT S_ALR_87009116 Specify How Default Asset Value Date is Determined 
320 ORFA_BILDAUFBAU S_ALR_87009209 Create Screen Layout Rules 
321 ORFA_BKRS_NUMMERN S_ALR_87009172 Specify Number Assignment Across Company Codes 
322 ORFA_BUCH_ZEIL S_ALR_87009117 Define Line Item Schemas 
323 ORFA_BUSCHL S_ALR_87009124 Specify Posting Key for Asset Posting 
324 ORFA_BWA_AIB S_ALR_87009102 Allow Transfer Transaction Types for Asset Classes 
325 ORFA_CMOD_ABG_KONT S_ALR_87009015 Develop enhancement for account determination 
326 ORFA_CUSTOM_AFAR0004 S_P99_41000078 Develop Enhancement for Calculating Proportional Values 
327 ORFA_CUSTOM_AINT0001 S_P99_41000077 Develop Enhancement for Checks during Posting 
328 ORFA_CUSTOM_AINT0003 S_P99_41000083 Develop Enhancement for Repayment Amount 
329 ORFA_CUSTOM_AMAV0001 S_P99_41000086 Develop Enhancement for Asset Value Date 
330 ORFA_CUSTOM_USERFELD S_P99_41000035 Develop Enhancement for User Fields in Asset Master Record 
331 ORFA_CUSTOM_WFOB0001 S_P99_41000082 Develop Enhancement for Revenue Distribution for Mass Retirement 
332 ORFA_DATUMAFA S_ALR_87009073 Specify Last Period Posted in Prv.System (Transf.During FY) 
333 ORFA_ERW_BUCH S_ALR_87009118 Develop Enhancement for Changing Line Items 
334 ORFA_ERW_INVENT S_ALR_87009000 Develop Enhancement for Autom. Assignmt of Inventory Number 
335 ORFA_ERW_TRANS S_ALR_87009099 Develop Enhancmnt for Determining Company Code Relationship 
336 ORFA_EXIT_ZUORDNUNG S_ALR_87099874 Develop Enhancement for Field and Class Assignment 
337 ORFA_EXP1_DEPRAREA S_P99_41000169 Check Depreciation Areas 
338 ORFA_EXP2_REAL_DEPAR S_P99_41000170 Check Real Depreciation Areas 
339 ORFA_EXP3_COMPCODE S_P99_41000171 Check Company Code 
340 ORFA_EXP4_DEPAR_CODE S_P99_41000172 Check Depreciation Areas of Company Codes 
341 ORFA_FELDST_ABG S_ALR_87009121 Change the Field Status Variant of the Asset G/L Accounts 
342 ORFA_FELDST_VAR S_ALR_87009097 Change the Field Status of the Asset G/L Accounts 
343 ORFA_FELD_ZUORDNUNG S_ALR_87099872 Assign Master Data Fields of Assets and Equipment 
344 ORFA_FIAA_RAJABS S_ALR_87003306 Close Previous Fiscal Year 
345 ORFA_GESUMB S_ALR_87009009 Specify Time-Independent Management of Organiz. Units 
346 ORFA_HAUPT_KONT S_ALR_87009125 Assign G/L Accounts 
347 ORFA_IND_AFAMETH S_ALR_87009136 Develop Enhancement for Depreciation Method 
348 ORFA_IND_ALT S_ALR_87009065 Define Enhancement for Direct Data Import 
349 ORFA_IND_ANLNR S_ALR_87009069 Define Enhancement for Output of the Asset Number 
350 ORFA_IND_AUFW S_ALR_87009190 Develop Enhancement for Revaluation 
351 ORFA_IND_BEZ S_ALR_87009135 Develop Enhancement for Determining Base Value 
352 ORFA_IND_KLASSEN S_ALR_87009171 Enter Index Series in the Asset Classes 
353 ORFA_IND_KONTEN S_ALR_87009179 Specify Accounts for Indexing APC 
354 ORFA_IND_KONTEN1 S_ALR_87009180 Specify Accounts for Indexing Accumulated Depreciation 
355 ORFA_IND_SCHL S_ALR_87009068 Define Enhancement for Output of Key Descriptions 
356 ORFA_IND_UMR S_ALR_87009090 Define Enhancement for Currency Translation Methods 
357 ORFA_IND_UMST S_ALR_87009137 Develop Enhancement for Changeover Method 
358 ORFA_IND_WB S_ALR_87099770 Develop Enhancement for Depreciation 
359 ORFA_JAHR_RUECK S_ALR_87009081 Reset Year-End Closing 
360 ORFA_KLASS_BEW1 S_ALR_87009152 Determine Depreciation Areas in the Asset Class 
361 ORFA_KLASS_KOMPL S_ALR_87009170 Specify Asset Classes for Group Assets 
362 ORFA_KLASS_LEAS S_ALR_87009051 Modify Asset Classes 
363 ORFA_KLASS_SPEZ S_ALR_87009206 Specify Chart-of-Dep.-Dependent Screen Layout/Acct Assignment 
364 ORFA_KLASS_SPEZ1 S_ALR_87009052 Make Chart-of-Deprec.-Specific Entries in Asset Classes 
365 ORFA_KLASS_SPEZ2 S_ALR_87009043 Make Chart-of-Deprec.-Specific Entries in Asset Classes 
366 ORFA_KLASS_SPEZ3 S_ALR_87009008 Enter Chart-of-Deprec.-Dependent User Fields in Asset Class 
367 ORFA_KLASS_SPEZ_ALLG S_ALR_87006475 Enter Chart-of-Deprec.-Dependent User Fields in Asset Class 
368 ORFA_KOMPLEX S_ALR_87009169 Specify Depreciation Areas for Group Assets 
369 ORFA_KONS_BEW1 S_ALR_87009053 Specify Consolidation Transaction Types for APC Transactions 
370 ORFA_KONS_BEW2 S_ALR_87009054 Specify Transaction Types for Proportional Value Adjustments 
371 ORFA_KONS_TRANSFER S_ALR_87009055 Specify Group Depreciation Areas 
372 ORFA_KONT_TYP S_ALR_87009002 Define Account Assignment Category for Asset Purch. Orders 
373 ORFA_KOST_UEBER S_ALR_87009010 Specify Cost Center Check Across Company Codes 
374 ORFA_LAENDER S_ALR_87009173 Check Country-Specific Settings 
375 ORFA_LAYOUT S_ALR_87009046 Specify Tab Layout for Asset Master Record 
376 ORFA_LEAS_FELD S_ALR_87009058 Define Screen Layout 
377 ORFA_MIT_BEREICH S_ALR_87009134 Define How Depreciation Areas Post to General Ledger 
378 ORFA_MIT_BEREICH_NEW S_EEI_69000124 Define How Depreciation Areas Post to General Ledger 
379 ORFA_NACHRICHTEN S_AL0_96000205 Maintain Message Types 
380 ORFA_NORM_BEREICH S_ALR_87009159 Determine Depreciation Areas 
381 ORFA_NORM_KONTEN S_ALR_87009160 Assign Accounts 
382 ORFA_OA01 S_ALR_87009027 Determine Asset for Gain/Loss Individually (Substitution) 
383 ORFA_OAKB S_ALR_87009026 Determine Asset for Gain/Loss Posting per Class 
384 ORFA_OARC S_ALR_87009012 Specify Retention Periods for Archiving 
385 ORFA_OATR S_ALR_87009119 Define Report Selection 
386 ORFA_OAVC S_ALR_87009005 Define Validation 
387 ORFA_OAWF S_ALR_87009086 Assign Workflow Tasks 
388 ORFA_ORD_SCHL S_ALR_87009049 Change Key Words in the Evaluation Groups 
389 ORFA_PER_GEN S_ALR_87009141 Generate Period Controls 
390 ORFA_PER_ZEIT S_ALR_87009140 Define Time-Dependent Period Controls 
391 ORFA_RECHENMETHODE S_ALR_87015147 Define Base Methods 
392 ORFA_RECHENSCHL S_ALR_87015146 Calculation Method 
393 ORFA_RESTW S_ALR_87009074 Specify Entry of Net Book Value (No Accum. Ordinary Depr.) 
394 ORFA_RM_DEGRESSIV S_ALR_87015154 Define Declining-Balance Methods 
395 ORFA_RM_HOECHSTBET S_ALR_87015161 Define Maximum Amount Methods 
396 ORFA_RM_PER S_ALR_87015164 Maintain Period Control Methods 
397 ORFA_RM_STUFEN S_ALR_87015162 Define Multi-Level Methods 
398 ORFA_RM_STUFEN_KALE S_ALR_87015163 Define Multi-Level Methods in Calendar Years 
399 ORFA_RM_ZUORDNUNG S_ALR_87015165 Maintain Depreciation Key 
400 ORFA_RUECK_KONTEN S_ALR_87009200 Assign Accounts 
401 ORFA_RUMPF S_ALR_87009150 Define Reduction Rules for Shortened Fiscal Years 
402 ORFA_RUMPF_RECH S_ALR_87009151 Maintain Depreciation Key 
403 ORFA_RUND S_ALR_87009154 Specify Rounding of Net Book Value and/or Depreciation 
404 ORFA_SE71 S_ALR_87009112 Define or Assign Forms 
405 ORFA_SELEKTION S_P00_07000320 Process Selection Criteria 
406 ORFA_SIMU S_ALR_87009113 Define Simulation Variants for Depreciation Reports 
407 ORFA_SONDER_KONTEN S_ALR_87009197 Assign Accounts 
408 ORFA_SOND_BER S_ALR_87009163 Determine Depreciation Areas 
409 ORFA_SOND_KONTEN S_ALR_87009128 Assign Accounts 
410 ORFA_STATI0 S_ALR_87009095 Define Budget-Relevant Transaction Types 
411 ORFA_STAT_KONT S_ALR_87009096 Create Statistical Cost Elements 
412 ORFA_S_ALTPAR S_ALR_87001331 Specify Parameters for Data Transfer 
413 ORFA_S_BEREICHT_TYP S_ALR_87001347 Specify Allowed Depreciation Types for Depreciation Areas 
414 ORFA_S_FOERDER S_ALR_87001322 Define Investment Support 
415 ORFA_S_KLASSEN S_ALR_87009177 Generate Asset Classes from G/L Accounts (1 to 1) 
416 ORFA_S_KLASS_KOP S_ALR_87001377 Copy Asset Classes from Reference 
417 ORFA_S_KLASS_OBJ S_ALR_87001374 Enter Default Values in Asset Classes 
418 ORFA_S_MUSS S_ALR_87001383 Specify Required Entries for Asset Master Data 
419 ORFA_S_USER S_ALR_87001380 Define Allowed Entries for User Fields 
420 ORFA_S_VERM S_ALR_87001306 Define Net Worth Valuation 
421 ORFA_S_VORSCHLAG S_ALR_87001340 Enter Default Values in Asset Classes 
422 ORFA_TRANS S_ALR_87009059 Define Transfer Variants 
423 ORFA_TRANS2 S_ALR_87009019 Define Cross-System Depreciation Areas 
424 ORFA_UEBERNR S_ALR_87009006 Define Asset Super Number 
425 ORFA_UMB_VAR S_ALR_87009017 Specify Posting Variant for Retirement Transfers 
426 ORFA_UMSTBETR S_ALR_87009155 Specify Changeover Amount 
427 ORFA_UMWELT S_ALR_87009028 Define Environmental Protection Indicator 
428 ORFA_VERM_ANHALT S_ALR_87009038 Define the Cutoff Value Key 
429 ORFA_VERM_FELD S_ALR_87009041 Define Screen Layout 
430 ORFA_VERM_INDEX2 S_ALR_87009040 Maintain Index Series 
431 ORFA_VERS_FELD S_ALR_87009034 Define Screen Layout 
432 ORFA_VERS_INDEX2 S_ALR_87009033 Maintain Index Series 
433 ORFA_VERS_NEU S_ALR_87009060 Recalculate Base Insurable Values 
434 ORFA_VORG_ABG_FRZ S_ALR_87009020 Post Net Book Value Instead of Gain/Loss 
435 ORFA_VORG_ABG_FRZ_NW S_EE7_91000011 Poat Net Book Value Instead of Gain/Loss 
436 ORFA_VORG_INT S_ALR_87009115 Determine Transaction Types for Internal Transactions 
437 ORFA_VORG_TABWI S_ALR_87009021 Allow Down Payment Transaction Types in Asset Classes 
438 ORFA_VORG_ZUG S_ALR_87009001 Define Transaction Types for Acquisitions 
439 ORFA_VORG_ZUG_NEW S_EEI_69000158 Define Transaction Types for Acquisitions 
440 ORFA_VORSCHLAG1 S_ALR_87015175 Propose Values for Depreciation Areas and Company Codes 
441 ORFA_VORSCHLAG2 S_ALR_87015176 Propose Acquisition Only in Capitalization Year for Company Codes 
442 ORFA_VORSTEUER S_ALR_87009132 Assign Input Tax Indicator for Non-Taxable Acquisitions 
443 ORFA_ZINS_BEW S_ALR_87009193 Determine Depreciation Areas 
444 ORFA_ZINS_KONTEN S_ALR_87009183 Assign Accounts 
445 ORFA_ZINS_SCHL S_ALR_87009184 Maintain Depreciation Key 
446 ORGANIZATIONAL_UNITS S_ALN_01002114 Define Organizational Units 
447 ORGANKREDIT_GP S_ALR_87009505 Define Recipients of Loans to Managers (Germany) 
448 ORGUNIT_TO_COMPCODE S_PLN_62000520 Assign Organization Profiles to Company Codes 
449 ORG_PERIOD_DETERMINE S_BY3_13000019 Period Determination 
450 ORIM_BUDG_PROF S_ALR_87003587 Define Budget Profiles for Investment Programs 
451 ORIM_OIB1 S_ALR_87003562 Maintain Planning Profiles 
452 ORIM_OIT1 S_ALR_87003571 Special Character 
453 ORIM_OIT2 S_ALR_87003572 Coding Mask 
454 ORIM_OIT3 S_ALR_87003584 Define Program Types 
455 ORIM_OPS6 S_ALR_87003580 Define Person Responsible 
456 ORIM_STATUS S_ALR_87003577 Specify Status Profile 
457 ORIP_BUDGETART S_ALR_87003533 Define Budget Categories 
458 ORIP_BUDG_ART S_ALR_87003588 Assign Budget Profile to Program Type 
459 ORIP_BUDG_AUF1 S_ALR_87003561 Specify Program Type in Budget Profile 
460 ORIP_BUDG_AUF2 S_ALR_87003534 Specify Budget Profile in Order Type 
461 ORIP_BUDG_ERW S_ALR_87003531 Develop Enhancement for the Allocation of Actual Values 
462 ORIP_BUDG_IST S_ALR_87003532 Assign Actual Values 
463 ORIP_BUDG_PROG1 S_ALR_87003582 Specify Program Type in Budget Profile 
464 ORIP_BUDG_PROJ2 S_ALR_87003581 Store Budget Profile in Project Profile 
465 ORIP_BUDG_VERT_ART S_ALR_87003583 Specify Budget Distribution 
466 ORIP_CMOD_AAIP0003 S_ALR_87100671 Develop Enhancement for User-Defined Characteristics 
467 ORIP_FELD S_ALR_87003579 Define Reasons for Investment 
468 ORIP_GENEHMPLAN1 S_ALR_87003567 Assign Version to Approval Year or Program Type 
469 ORIP_GROSS S_ALR_87003586 Define Scale 
470 ORIP_IM24 S_P99_41000127 Generate Inv. Programs from Org. Units 
471 ORIP_IM25 S_P99_41000128 Generate Programs from Profit Center or Cost Center Hierarchy 
472 ORIP_IME1 S_ALR_87003536 Define Drilldown Reports 
473 ORIP_IME1_VERD S_ALR_87003551 Define Drilldown Reports 
474 ORIP_IME4 S_ALR_87003537 Define Forms 
475 ORIP_IME4_VERD S_ALR_87003552 Define Forms 
476 ORIP_IMEO S_ALR_87003535 Transport Reports 
477 ORIP_IMEO_VERD S_ALR_87003560 Transport Reports 
478 ORIP_IMEP S_ALR_87003529 Transport Forms 
479 ORIP_IMEP_VERD S_ALR_87003559 Transport Forms 
480 ORIP_IMEQ S_ALR_87003519 Import Drilldown Reports 
481 ORIP_IMEQ_ANF S_ALR_87006341 Import Drilldown Reports 
482 ORIP_IMEQ_VERD S_ALR_87003550 Import Drilldown Reports 
483 ORIP_IMER S_ALR_87003528 Import Form 
484 ORIP_IMER_ANF S_ALR_87006345 Import Form 
485 ORIP_IMER_VERD S_ALR_87003544 Import Form 
486 ORIP_IMET S_ALR_87003521 Translation of Drilldown Reports 
487 ORIP_IMET_VERD S_ALR_87003556 Translation of Drilldown Reports 
488 ORIP_IMEV S_ALR_87003538 Maintain Global Variables 
489 ORIP_IMEV_VERD S_ALR_87003553 Maintain Global Variables 
490 ORIP_IMEX S_ALR_87003522 Delete Reports 
491 ORIP_IMEX_VERD S_ALR_87003557 Delete Reports 
492 ORIP_IMEY S_ALR_87003526 Delete Report Data 
493 ORIP_IMEY_ANF S_ALR_87006355 Delete Report Data 
494 ORIP_IMEZ S_ALR_87003523 Delete Forms 
495 ORIP_IMEZ_VERD S_ALR_87003558 Delete Forms 
496 ORIP_INF_UMSCHL S_ALR_87003524 Define Conversion for Investment Program Names 
497 ORIP_INST1 S_ALR_87003574 Specify Automatic Assignment of Program Positions 
498 ORIP_INST2 S_ALR_87003575 Define Assignment Key 
499 ORIP_KONS1 S_ALR_87003539 Maintain Group Shares Manually 
500 ORIP_OIT6 S_ALR_87003530 Define Report Selection